The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 9, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1859
Page 4
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•»- .rrf 5^ r >_*£••** i trstgrt »t«- W4DB66..-SA wtl?-? a&nm-s*® Robert Bell, ' - BtfamS.TnimbalUa,! , whtch ha« conMquwceottUg- na&t«at«rantflUULU)eno4aaa tit* uaoont letop- "TieMonaUen»J4S»«^b»tj the name ot the tattle off „ OffloUl Austria) oTJaneoonttlnal Liverpool on bo«?dfor' jri' later *a«r pi», otited «nthe29fli " ' tOTATOfiB-«oi»toa dianK Sooelpts « bus. 100 bus common at CO; ^400 dfl'di^at*^.-- 41 •' M 41- BOT«tt-4>rice» nnco*n$*d, bat mirket dunj Jlrtji' of •& wcident to An- propeller, and was to Bail 1 from Bremen oa fbe »Btli nit. . ' :, tto»lw»t»a» to BMmanw»t8TS!Ki.rted by. the ttlli» v «iDoe tfie battleof the 24lhT D A*jl B -flw^otton have Tjot^bwn leodved. Tto lnlttn accounts wpoft extra. Tt» dispatches trom ,«i6 Emperor Napoleon ; «»prtti»,'-**p*tt» of *,XHW ;priB<mera, S flagi «ad* MMon. ' ?3ie,AnBtriap troops havell- erosBed the Mlnaio. ,-Oeneral H*sa has been Appointed wmBMffld^.inohief of the Austria* ion*. -> ^ ':-; " -; k ,, ' _ • • 'Mazdas, Jane SS)<•The latest despatches from the Best <of war, with ?00 volntateera hid »rrived h ftt yer«»«irl advanced toiwaids Bonnto atthe ,,. , „ , -A despatchlroia VIentwwyifthat the'attaok of the French on Venice, and faglemeato— *bontforty.fiv4milesnortheas"tof|Venioe-;wa8 a declining tendeno». ull/ ,/ f ' , Consols are quoted At 92 l-8i92 S-4. ,'-. <; v The New York Democracy. ' •' • . * - S«w YORK, July 8 ._, , The Tammany General Committee last eve- Jttlng adopted * NBolntioa expressing their disapproval of the reported attempt to indooe the u. 8. Government to contract with private parties for the receipt, storage and delivery of - goods aeat to the public atores.therehy throw ing many persons employed for .that purpose, oat of employment. A committee was ap- ' pointed to draft resolutions condemning the spirit of the letter of <Jen. Cass, with regard to the rights of naturalized ottfzsns abroad. The .committee will report next I'aesday : erenbg. •: R, K. Accident, _ - ' • i - ' - Albany, Jnljr 8. ~* TWo passenger cars on the N. Y. 0. E. B., ran of the track near Oneida yesterday.' injuring € or 6 persona. There wer» none killed. *mt one of the direetors of the road was badly hurt. _- . " - EVENING'S REPORT. ed to take pUco on the 28tft of J? Auwtriang jbavftsnnfc Ore jnnaHTv, a large-frigate;"ar<d three steamers in the port of JJalMroeco', to^nwentf thej'passmgB of tha French squadron.',' - r ' >i ' -Prince Eugene, of'Savoy, had issned a decree erteridingihe forced cnrrenoy of the National Bank. ' • , i i DlDBS-ttriaer tnd b«U er, jrero,, T®8; dryfllnt-trimnied JjBOIlta. BaJwTOOIbt' t' United iOt-Ut v WOOI^EtcelpU light, ^IdpmcoU 78 biles. 100 Ib. Jf bloo4 *tS«r » *> X at S8X; Wdi Jf WO 3o »( Moodata«,W4 do Jf do, T«y clear, Tof»l «t!ci 738 Ibs-Aretige price S3. . It atlronil natter*. B»onris »T f5 bb'i flour, _ .''" ' \ " ";Xt»e VeryLateit. I PAEIS, .Tuesday— Generals "Anger. - Forey, JHen And Ladmelranlt, werealighUy wounded - * - , , , . - There will be a Te Deism next Sunday in all the churches of France, in celebration ot the victory, - - i • ••' .The Empreatandall thegre&t bodies of state attend at Notre Dame. j j '\"-- • " •' - • " T0BIK1 Tuesday,' , An official bolletin to^ay'oontatns some de. tailg.of the battle of the 24th. j t ' , The Piedmontese were principally engaged «t San Martino. and Derformed; prodigies -of valor, and took ( formidable positions, hot oonld not hold them, owing to a fearful -tempest _ i • •The Piedmontese deceive the! Anstrians from Ban Martino, retaining 3 of their cannon. Serious loss is admitted. "• - '' The Sardinian ambssador at Pjuis is repotted to have complained to the Euglish Government against the Secretary of ;the British Embassy at; Paris, for 'anti-Sardinian manV lestations. '",.,- . . ,' , . l , ^London— Wednesday.— It is stated that Mr. Lever. Is atTienna, trying to negotiate wlft Austria lor the aale of the^ght , steamship* lately belonging to the. European and Ameri- oan steamship Company. ] Additional-Torelffn Sevrs. A despatch dated 25th Jane, faom Napoleon to tha Empress Engenie, says that the enemy Wtflidrew last night, and that he slept in the room occupied in the morning by the Emperor of Anstria... - Q<n. Nell has been appointed, Marsha 1 of fiance.' The Austrian troops crossed the ll!m-io for the purpose of attacking the French with their whole force, bat were obliged to abandon their position, and withdrew to (ht It-ft bank of the river, after Wowing up the orideea at QosU. The Emperor alaosays we took 30 cannon and 7,000 prisoners. A private despatch says that the Anstrians h»fl 35,000 placed hors da combat, and lo st 36 flags and 75 cannon s »There has been no circomstantial account of the battle published at Paris. Private despatches intimate that the French army has snflered eo severely "as to be nnable to resume ihe offensive. - 1 "F^ 08 ramo 'B also pit the French loss in MUea ana wounded at 12,000. The battle -was fought Salferino/ The Austrian* arc preparing for another great battle tinder Gen. Hess r who has already displaced General Schleck as commander-in- ohief. The Emperor Napoleon issued a stirring address loathe army after the battle of Salferino. •~ The Austrian despatches acknowledge that -they were obliged toTetreat, after suffering extraordinary heavy losses. Tie-Time City article Bays In the absence of dettll- ed accounts otthe battle of Salfireno'io unable the public to Judge otltt probable effect on predestinate J ' - PaiMOE.—The news of th» victory onjthe" 25th 1m- pprted much buoyancy to' the Paris Bfiurse and the rentes advanced nearly one per cent. On the 27th.— There was a relapse of ^ of the advance belngJost on 2Slh. Thejnarket opened with, a still farther decline, but rallied, closing steady at 12,30. Trade In Paris was tolerable. The .corn market was dull' on account of favorable harvest.- ' % despatch from .Borne announces tkat Ferrara, Ea venda, Fott-, Ancona, end other towns, bare been replaced under the anthorlty of the Pope by Intervention of the Ponttficlal troops, - .1 fhe officers who commanded the Swiss troops In the affair at' Peragta Is said to hare been promoted. iat, 11M Ibi WJes, 240 do buti ler.K i do !»rcf,250 do tallow. »'bblseggi. Sgfcead hogs (IIve),^0 tons ttooe, Sift Ibi sundries. " ' Bioama IT It Oaowi *-«iawioi«» 49 bash potatoes, SI tons pglron, 4,000 ft lumbu, 31? Ibs blOei, 6,890 do sundries Trade and Atrrtcnitural. i •laEaBcFsuo* Taittt—The following are the.ttatls- tics, of this trade for the month of Jane, prepared by 8', P. Mead, Esq., Superintendent of tha St. Mary's Fail Ship Canal, for the Board of Trade In this city: «5»- 18B8. . No. st«am vessels passed 45 • si No. sail .vestels passed.,./ 9S ,. w No. tugs pused.......... .... 33 SO > „ ' Total............. ,...IM m { Total tfioage passed both way?, 67,955,. _ , The following table shows the prlscipVl articles passed:, ' , >«ocsjp BOW»; Value. ' Iron ore. tons .12,744 176.493 •' Iron bare, tons 1,803. 89,395 ; Copper, ton»............... .1,476 787,718 '• 9,013 , <lertr(> bj Meg filled sopdiat to abate tfie nal«»Bc«,! • - ^ 3 9- nld ^KANOIBMcOOi iOOlI, . '$108,00 ' SI 26 n _ t~ * - orrrjOoWTioujit'sOmo*.» , Oontraof Department, Mtt^anVse, July T,U6». f fTlHS Common Conn en by «sdlntlon of June 20.1S49 JL having adcptcd the rteiOBrandation of thtgtreet Commissioner* of the 6tb WinJet U ordered: That the north and south «nefr In block 28,-Cih Vard of th»ffltjr of Milwaukee, wlrwjed to the-established grade, according to the estimate of the City Engineer, oa file In the office of the City Comptroller. Owners »r ueenu of property-: situated oath«aiova alley, are hereby notified t4 njafce the said Improvement withto twenty-two day* from'this date or the St. Commissioners of the Clh Ward-Will e»nse U» same to be done and charged to the irasectlve loU< according to law. ' . - * ' Jyg-d6t _. _ K.L'H.6ABpni-EB', Comptroller. _. _ --. ' The ec lOoner Clurt«y 1Mb. bard, h*r boat*, Uekle, appafJ and /araltar*. i»Y Tirtiie of awrlt of Veatltlocl JSipoaaJ, luarf oat J> of and under the ie«l of the Dutrlct Coutt of «w Onlted S(«t«» for the DUtrlct of WlKotuln, I Wall ex- poie for tale and >eU at Public'inetlon, to ttiehlghejt and belt bidder, lor out, on Monday, the elerecth day of July,1859, at two o'clock Inihe afternooo, on board of the Nhoooer Charley Hlbtard,'lying la the »ll<ran- kee • Iyer, South of.lhe Oneida itreei bridge, at the foot of Oneida itreet, In the'City of UiH«utee, hi the aald DUirlct, the iald Schooner Charlie; Hibbmrd, her boats, s ta«kle, apparef and farnltare, »3 »he now !.«, coa- dem&ed at the »mt of *Andre» Johwos and others. M anhal'» Office, Mllw.ttfeee, Jane S9,1?S». ' H.. J ...2,889 |1C,O2 Grain, bua if&t 1,759 Beef and pork, bbU . figs IJ^IO •' Oatlle, head, 873 18,600 Coal,tons... ,.... 1,475 I.S7I the total ralae of freight pine t both irayi has been M.09M9S. * ' , NOTICE, . ' Cm CoMCTxautt's Omens, I Contract Departmat, Milws,okee, July B, 1859, f T HE following la. a schednl^ ot lots in the 3rd Ward, City of MUuaukee, that will be beneBUed by grading to the tstablUihed grade, 2u&lo street from Jack- ton street to Beach street add sidewalks, to grade to establlihedigrade and planked and curb sidewalks, te, j, i JOITS UoORATH, , V. McCORMIOK. Stregt Conunmlsslonen. Lot. Block. BeneflU. 'tot,- Block. Betteflts, 8 ~i .886,50 ' & 19 2SJM 4 79 188,80 : 1) 80 1489,6) 23io_ t 8j £_. Vi7 jy$-d3t E.L'H.0 B, Oomptroller. NOTICE. I Crrr CoirtraaLi.ta'B Omo,» Oontiaet Depaitmfiit, July 8,18E9. estimate of the Plly Engineer- jy8-d8i : r E,L'H. MARINE RECORD. ' BOAKDING.i T WO gentter«h:wlth thelri lafces can be accommodated with first class board «t j ' . 8«conil door Berth of OnledaJ also five or sli gentlemen can have rooms, and flora slit to ten day boarders can be accommodated on reasonable ttnai. j MSB. WILLIAMSON. Je86-dlm CORNEri SAi,E. Port of Milwaukee. 8 The Emperor ITapoleon was oonstantly ia the notttest part of the battle, and den. Larrey, who accompanied >im, had h!» low killed under Win. Tie London Advertiser .i«8Tls that Louis Napoleon has made up his miud, at the firW favorable opportunity, to make a descent On the shores of Ireland. <ien. Teils corps covered themselves with glory. The Sardinians, fought with great fury . against superior numbers. The Emperor of Anstria is to return to Vienna on important business. The Paris correspondent of the London Times says that another battle fs expected and is considered as inevitable iefore the Seine operations can comtnenoe. Large reinforcements are constantly leaving Eraritfe. The attack on Venice was expected to commence on the 28th. • One "hundred and seventy five thousand troops from the, Austrian reserves were on tnelr way to Italy. They are called ther flower of the Austrian army, every man bavin* served upwards of eight years. Five French Generals were wounded at the battle of Salforino. < , It is rumored that an Englisn fleet of twenty-five vessels were arriving off Venice. The Gazette de Prance says fhat preparations are being made to raise withm'two months an army of 460,000 men. - ' Great naval preparations are gotoe.on at ChesboOTg, A despatch received at Paris from Ciarni, on the 29th nit., uays that the French troops passed the sunoio without interruption the enemy having withdrawn ^therefrom, On the 25th nit. Prussia made a proposal to the federal Diet to place an army of observation on the Ehine, under the superior orders of Bavaria,- TUe proposal-was referred to the military committee. > It was reported that the Emperor of Austria would eoon have an interview with the Prince Regent of Prussia The Atlantic Telegraph Co. ins issned proposals for subscriptions to th» new capital of £600,900. The directors pledge themselves to enter in to contract, <withonl seeking the ad vice of the highest scientific, authorities of England and America ' - '" :, The following Telegram wilb/what has been ' sent, contains all that is known in regard to - ihe-great tattle on the 24th of Jnne: ' Tneloss of the tmemy is vary considerable. We have taken 30 cannon, more than 7,000 prisoners and three nags. The Sardinian army inflicted graat loss on tne enemy after having contended with great fury against superior forces. • Tne following is* the order of the day publiili- ed by the Emperor ifapoleon -afterthe battle of Salfornia. , Thajmemy who briteved themselves able to repulse us t>om tsre C&la, have re-crossed the Juneio.* Yon have worthiiy defended the honor of France. Salferino surpassed the recollection of Lonato and Castfgllone, "In twelve hours you have repulsed the efforts of one hundred and fifty thon&nd men Four enthusiasm did •not rest there. The numerous artillery of the 'enemy occupied formidable positions' for over three leagues, which yon carried: Tour conn- try (hanks yon for your courage and perseve-^ raaoe, 1 and laments the iallen. We have taken three flags, thirty cannon, and six-thousand .prisoners. The Sardinian armyJbugTitwith the same valor against superior forces, and worthy is that army to march beside you, .Blood has not been -ehed in Tain for the glory of France -and the happiness of the i—The French comspondent of the London Timo *sj>Tts4i »l fnr the last ten yew», matters have iweo istenili'y in smanngcd fin An'trla that It will be *ltnp»t ralraculmjlf Uif tmplreescapeadliloluUoa.! I- *• Holograph letter, the Emperor Francis Joseph has'ciiHtd the firdlnanon, relative to the Protejtaots In Austria,, to be laraed without waiting for thereTliIon or,tbe Conncl! of State- 1 ' SiPLC^June S8.—Uy a decree jurt Iiroid, oneinn- drel and thirty'Seven refogeu are permitted to ret«rn and- all other filcIUaoa hoktlnc r perminlon,by- promlilng obedience to the laws. Shipping intelligence arrived trgta Rcw Orieant. COMMERQ1AJ.. OBO. OODFEET, IDITOE. OFflCE OF TJ£E DAltV NEWS, l ' Milwaukee. Joly 8,1869. ( MosCTiKT.—We have nothing new to report about money mittera to day, a»ve that exchange 1» growing a little more plenty. Currency Is also a shade easier, ibat still may may be termed«tlght." Mon'ey matte-* In other cities are easing pp «oiae»hat. E channels settling' somewhat at Chicago, and -we think a hope might be Indulged In for an abatement here shortly. Nrw roir Mostr MACCST.—The Herald says that Wall street waa very dull on Tuesday, wilh|the market quite easy for borrowers, with call loans; at six per cent; s me of the brQkera had money left with them at five. The Imni.E are apparently penning a safe conservative course; the apparent Increase In Uieir3oans is due, not to discounts of rarrctntile paper,' bnt to advances t>n Treasury noter. At the discount broken, first class long paper is quoted at T per cent; short paper, prime CsG#,second islaas names 8a9. : Exchange on England Is lower, and the! amount of business doing Is moderate. The corretpxmdenta of the EBthichlias have reduced Ihelr rates to itOX fer CO days andllO<£ net for bills at short sight; thbs: are the highest market rates. [ -•Thefollowing 7 dividends have been declared:—The Martnera f £aring Bank, a- ecmi-aoDoal dividend of 8 per cent, on air rams of $500 and under, 2>i on larger janu, payable 20Ih Snrt., the jEtna Insurance Company, a semi-annual dividend of tec per cent, payable on demand; the Third Ave ue SaviEfS Bank, aix per cent, - Theatoolc exchange was more lively and at better prjces, wilh an increased demand for state Blocks and first dais bonds, Indicating that the money paid out for dividend* Is seeking investment In that direction. CouflizMzit MiBar—Beware of Bank notes with the foilowl&g vignette : AJman feeding twine: [portrait of Henry Clay on the upper loft corner; man carryfog a basket of com on lower left corner.' ' Phillip's Money Reptfiter, of the 17th says rj" We haw seen, within the last two days, three alterations of (his note, which Is the plate ot the Thames Bank of Indiana, a fraudulent concern, altered to 5s on the' Vermont Bank, Uontpeller; 5'a on the Eiteulng Bank, Pine Plains, N. V.; S't on North Bank, Kockland, Maine. The only safety will be In making yourselves familiar with the design and appearance of this not, and refuse all notes bearing such description." - nuitrocun Butts.—Wlaconsln Miner's Sank, Pec- wecowa, Wia. , l Is, Tlg.-farm scene, blacksmith onj'ower left, on each upper comer Oomptroller'sfdie on right end.'| Ss, mining scene, 2 on each upper corner, Comptroller's UK on left end, TWO below, temale on lower right comer. , ° ^ I fie, .rig. train of carl, S on each upper con cr, sailor boy on lower left, Comptroller's die en right e id, tnx below. Ss, mining scene, furnace In distance, 6 on 1 pper left corner, female bust on npper right corner, sibelow it. The bank ofMetropolu, III., hu gone to protest. TheAttoreey General of Mliseuriha* decided that ABKIVtTO.. fichr Nelle, Edwards, Jlanltowoc, T5 m lum. . Star .City of Cleveland, Bquler, Brand Earen, 16 tons mdz^ 71 pkga aundrics; Prop Renosha, Hathaway, Gblexgi>, Bchr Industry, Hacket, — - Prop Oriental. Brlegs, BtuT»ln, 1 C3 tors m 1;. Bchr Jamea Ctiristte, Joys, Ketnper>s Pier, 100 cords wood. Barqus Grace Greenwood, COO U>nf coal. Stmr Cleveland, Dongal, Orand Ilaren. -» Prop Evergreen City, Chamber'in, ChltSbo, 60!bblt hlgbwlnes, 7 do vhbikey. ' ' gtmrOateUe, BuUm, Two Hirers, 103 eacksbalr, 15 rolls leather, 2S pigs sand lei.- Btmr Oily of Cleveland, Hauler, Grand Ha-vcn, S3 loos mat, 5 kegs, 4 bWa and 1 pipe liquor. Stmr Traveler, Sweeny, t.'hlcaco' l hhd sugar, 1 thrashing machine, flbbls pears, JO apples, Idpkga sundries, 2T past : '•:--•••-/:.••-•, .- .. : Schr Farmer, Tbornseo, iluskegon, C5 m lumber, 12 m shingles. -..' -.-...-•". • .--- ... " ;'. ..-': : DEP.t 11TC .IES. ,"•''' ^'* Stmr.Traeveler, Sweehj, Chicago. -. Stmr City of Cleveland, «qnler, Grand Havea? Prop Free State.'Roumi!, Chicago. Prop Racine, Brett, Ch r .go; ' ' Ba«tne Grace Qreenwo^i, Stark, Chicago. 1 ' Btmr Qaielle, ButUn, Two Elvers. . ; PropfKenosha, Hathaway, Irnfla'e, 100 bbls flanr. Btmr Clrfeland^Douga', ittand Haven. I" Prop Evrigreen City, «u bbls flour, .TS bale*, « kegs baiter, 8 bbls potcjh. ;, A VERT desirable: lot -of Itrjdj-corner of Lyoaand Marshall street, In the First. .Want of the- City of MUwaukee,,wlil be sold at a great tacrHce. Per terms apply to Ko. 327 Main street. J ";' . : A BIG PILE &E 60QDS ; '-•„",..-,. ' ?».; • ) ! . ',' ' . For a Small PHe jof Moneys OALL AND EXJAMINB ITIVITEIJ STATES MAKSHAI.AS Jamta Buchanan, ' - .. , .. fl(< ... .. The PropcIUr or 'Steamboat Seneca, her engines, mseWne ' In Admlrallty, ry, boats, tackle, apparel and furniture. .. '. ; . B Y virtue Of a writ of vendltloni exponos Issued out of and under the seal of 1h» Dtsulct Court of the united States for the Dis't- let iof Wisconsin, I shall expose for sale anSsell at Public Auction to the highest bidder for cash, do board' of the said propeller or steamboat Seneca, lying*t Snperiorin said district, on- friday, the eighth day of July, 1S5», at four o'clock in the afternoon, the propeller or steamboat Seneca, her engines, machinery, boats, tackfcT apparel and furnl- tnra, as she now lies In the harbor of Superior, In the County of Douglas, In sild District of Wisconsin, condemned at the suit of James Bud ansn. - f J »« h * I '«Offl«.Mllw4ultfe, Wis.. June 16,1559. Je2S-dSt : SI. J. IllOMAS, Dl S. Marshal. ; NOTICE. : - Crrr CoxnaoLtia'a Oirics, I Contract Department, Jim, Jaly 1,1859. f T HE following described lots la the 2nd Wsrtl, of the City of MBwankee, 'by resoluUon of the Common Council, adopted June27, ISiS, were declared public nuisances by reason of filth and stagnant water thereon; and said nuisances ordered to be abated within 20 days from this date, viz: Lot9, block 162; lot*2, 8, ?, 14,15 and 16, blocklfB; lota 4 and «, block 45; lot 14, block 42; lot 4. block S3; lots4, 6, r,SX'113, block37; lots 9, 10.-11,12 and 13, block 44; lot 10, block 43; lot 1, r B ft of 2, B, 8 and E 33 ft of W M ft nflS «nd IB, l.locM6; 9 20 ft of lot 5 and lot 8, block 86;r lot« 2,8.9,10, 3 4 of 11.13 and M, block 117; W 100 ft of lot 2; -W 100 ft of 3 7. U and N 10 ft of lot 15, In block 25. . , ' Owners and aueritr i f the above described proper y areherebyBflllfleil to abate said nuissneeiwithin the Umenameil above or the Street Commissioners of the 2d ward, will cause the ssma to be done and charged to the respective Iota aceoriTmr to taiv . JyldSt : t. I.'IU.»AKUINEK, Comptroller DE, HOOPLANiyS SEMIAN BITTERS NOTICE TO CO'NTRACTOBS. --•- ,. • Crrr ConrnioLL*«'3 Omor, i . Contract Department, June SO, 1853. f A LL proposals for city work must be directed to the nnde'slgned, and particular care taken to stale upon tne envelope the Ward In which such work la located, snd th£ nature of the work to be let. Je30-dlOt . E-L'H GARD1NEB, Comptruller. i ClotMng ko HOUSE. ! LOST Oil . fflHK following Street Commllsltiiera Certificates 1s- i-JL sued and payable to Daniel-Keller-. : .Lot], Block29, 6th Ward, No.;S99,'dated ISM, $I07,O> MABUVF, I'- Ouvx. BiLOHiT-Tbc BubtuavhU ..2am*» says this steamer Is laid u ,> in-- tka eeason. She was jammnl S3 M to tajurc li.-r a gu id deal- tp attempting to past throngh the^Rallru i IBrilge at Mill Point. PiSiniiu BCHOOsia.— TM j achr Tan Raalt, 0»pt. p Evans Is roD&lng between 8ra-d Havca and Gran g Traverse Bayt'carrylng families, with their furniture, cattle, tc. She Is a mlntn ntlal craft of CO tons burthen and has bwn fitted not expressly for this butlnesi. iSr-The rigc^DE j'.ctr up by the propeller Bockeye •i- vet to b: -ill ti of diet rk Norman, who had all her niftin; b'own aw»y near i he Traverse. ASEIVO AT BcrrALOj^Crn^^Propcller Kile, Collins; from Milwaukee, 1,099 ,bbl«. .. CLUIKD rao« BorrAU), Cro— Propeller Bocka, Eice, Chicago; propeller Pitlsbnrs,, Deckwlth, Chicago. SSy The following Is a llsl of'vcisels which paued DetroU yesterday : . '_• "i -. • . . . Bound Up— Propellers Montgomery, Machattan , schooner Arab. Bound Down— Propeller* Northern IJghi, Queen of tee Lakes, Bnckye, Cuyohoga'. Etoanra'rotrsi —The proptlltf Buckeye, of the Korth. em Transportation Co., brought down yesterday the rigging of a vessel, whl eh was- found near Grand Tra verse on the morning of the 4th, Soatlng in the watet- The top-sail yard, top-mast) tills and standing rigging •ere picked up, and evidently belonged to a larjre ver sel, as the yard was fifty-six feet In length. It Is asp- posed the veasel was dismasted- !a the eqnall of Its batorday.anil u may be possible that abe was lost, 'as nothing was aetn either of her or of the crew.— Det. free frets, "ft. ; .:-.'•'• - - . Tan BCEoun HAIOTKR.— The schoonsr Hanover pissed up yesterday. It was this .vessel which went to the rescue of theB. A. Btannard, which was capsized on Saturday above Port Stanley, and laved, the lives of seven of the crew. The cook and captain's son were Imprisoned In the cabin for two noun of the bark had capsized. .Her span giving way she again righted, when they, were rescued from their perilous situation.— The Hanover lost her jib during the same squall.— ptt- free Prest, 7tt. -. ••-••; •fc •:•« l, •j" 3, - 55, •t Noj W, NoilM, 159^0 S3 8th ward, No.'-lOJ, " No.'lM, " No.) CT, *'. No.; 75, No.- Td, . No.'10«, No.iTt, No.? i. .1 isei. 193,50 862,08 42,00 16,60 84,60 21,50 24.80 20,00 E2,C6 20.00 ROS,00 2-1,60 4C.16 The subscribers troaM warn persdits from purchitlng Jo* jnegollatlng'any of Ihe abort "meiitioned QertlDratcs *» payment Is stopped; The person Hiving them will re- rtlve a reward of t5 by relarning tfiem to this office or to ! •'•• ' ' PAKIKLEEf-LEU, Corner of Cook and KVlker jtreeu, 8th Ward. jyr-dlw " j ;' , ; NOTICJBJi': > Cirv CovpTOf 1U8'* Omnv I Contract Department, July-^$£.97 f rfflHK Common Council, by relolution, 'of lane ^Oth JL-1SI9, having adopted the Ctcoomendation of the Street Commissioners of the Cut W*rd, it Is onjered: i ,That Earmann street from third sreet to ?evenlh Itreet, In the €th Wftd, be graded to the established C»d3 and the sidewalks curbed andrp'aaliedJ Ownen or agents of property; orj the above named street ai e hereby notified to mite paid Improvements within twenty-two days from lhi« date, or the Street Commlsil^nersof thefilh Ward wllli cause the same i 0 bo done and charged to the respective lots according Wilaw. E.U,'B. GARDINER,^ jJyr-dSt .'it' Oomptroll er. i CRT cbxrraoitn'a Orrtcx. 1 ; v Contract Department, SlILiJuly T.1S59. ( mug Coinmon Council, by rc^olnUon Jnne 20, ISK), if. having adopted the recomcttndatloo' of the Street Commissioner* of the 4th War'illb 'ordered: j That a fewer Deconstructed through block IS, In tht Ctlk Ward ofjUie CHy of; Ullwaakee, In accordance with the plan and'specifications of th4 City Engineer, on file In the office of the City Comptroller; : : Omen or afcnU of property iltoated In Ibe above named block sare [hereby notified U6 cboitnic'. the abt>Tc «ewer irlthln twfenty-two "i days from date, or tic Street OommUlslonen of !n«6ti Ward will cause aatdwork to bei done, and chirtetl to the rejpective lots, according to ls»; : f ; ! '. fcL'H. GAHDIHKR, Comptroller. BY TELBO-RAPH. ., :;! New York . Market. -' •-" ''-••; ••:'• "'. Hair Toar, July 7. yLOUB-market less active but prices without change- sales 7.000 bbli at fi,?0®C,00 for jnperflne state: C.OOa «,80 for eitra state; S.70136,00 for wperfln^ western-, 6,10£W,60for common to good extra western; G.WaWO for old; 6^5 ;0,SD for fresh ground round hoop Ohio— cloilng heav , ,. , WHEAT— market Is dah-and unchanged. • Bales 8,000 bush nnirnnd ll.ira^o spring at 85; ftoall sales southern" 166 for red; J70 i ... while. 'EmE-dnnat9. : : •' ' - ' - BARLEY— qelet. - • CORN-scarce and a shade firmer; sales 5,900 bus at 85 fnr old mixed wertein In atora *t 8S«Q,90 for roi nd yellow; 90 for Jersey yellow. . OATS— firmer at 4*@4S^ for itate; 48^67 f»r Canadian. • , . - - -. - ; . WHlSKinr— flrraer, sales StObbU at 2»>ia27. STOCKS— 2nd Board— dull; Hudson 1st morteaee 104X; Gal A Chi 2nd mortgage 85; Qoshen Branch bonds CO; Dd i Hudson Oal S9; Pac mall 63V; N "? 0 ' Stt Louis Sugar (kivd Uani.t. I .AM constantly receiving a supply of these celebrated Ilams, Uto btst In the0nlted States. Those who Jove good things In mj line would do well to call and examine my .stock. . .' -•••••• -'•-.• JOHfl W. LKDTARD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, 161 East Water street. NOTICE ' " •TS HEREBY given thit a meeting of the StockboMeri A f ,k J. ** J"? C<»°P»ny, will be he d at Its of- flee In the City of Milwaukee.lon Tuesday, the second day of August n«t, at 2 o'clock r. n., for the purpose of tlecUng Directors for the ensuing year, in pursuance . i Stockholder's call, and of a resolution of the Board of Directors of said Company. .„,' H. COWL£3, Secretary. Milwaukee, June 23,15S9. jeSS-doaw/w ~ BUTTER. ~~ I WOULD call the atfettion of families to mvselee Uons of • "ijinee CHOICE BUTTER. 1 am daily'receiving by Express, choice lots of Butter from the best Dairies In the State, which for quality and flavor Is unsurpassed. Prices always to correspond with the "market rates," and quality warranted. Order* solicited and sent to ail pjrta of the city free. JOBS W. 1,EDT»ED, Grocer acd Wine DeslSr, 161 Eut Water street. NOTICE. ~ | ' Crrv Coimgou-Ea's Orrici, ( Contract Department, July 7,1SS& f npHE Common Council by resolution of June 20, !Si9 _•_ having adopted therecommtndatioa of th»atrert Commissioners of the 6th Ward, it is ordered : That Hannann street from 2a street eatt to Hubbard street, la the «lh Ward, be graded to the established £rade In accordance with the estimate of the City Engineer, on flic i. ih« oiac a O f iha city Comptrol er Owners or agents of property s;tu\te<J in "i.Vboy. named street, are hereby notifled to make the said Improvements within twenly two days from date or Ihe Street Cemmijjioner* of the 6lh Ward will cauie th* sam« lo be done and charged to the resutclTre lots, ac ccrdinjr to law. E. L'n. GABDIHEB, Comptroller. ClTT COAIPTHOU.S»'3 OlPICl, t_ Contract Department, Jaiy 7,1SS9. ( .ropoiaJs will be re'elved at this office until Saturday July 9,139, at 10 a. H , for abating the nuisance on Lo^l, block SS, ana lot 6, block «, acoord- lORto the estimate of the City Engineer, on file In the office of the City Comp' roller. - JjS-dtt E. L'H. QASP1XER, Comptroller. NOTICED" T HE Board of Bevlew of the City of Milwaakee, will meet at Common Council Boom, at 9 o'clock A. u., un the ICth day of July Inst.,for the purpose of hearing objection! of parties or persona deeming themselves aggrieved,by Uu Assessment of the taxable property : ln said city for the year, 1SJ9, and after the hearing the parties; will make such alteration as justice and equity require; and supply omissions and equalize the Assessment tuts u to the several Wards or any part or portion thereof, and will continue from day to ,iav until their duties shall he completed. Milwaakee, July i, 1S5». J«*--l" IIEnsiAJ? L. PA6E, Mayor. OOOFLASD'S ,•!..•' ;• - CORDIAI,, The great ifandttrd medicines of the pr?.icnt age, have acquired their great popularity on'.i/ through ytart of trial. Unbounded aalitfac-. fi'on it rendered ty them in all cases; ami tlti- people Rtve pronounced them icorthy. Liter Complaint, Dysjpepsla, Jaandke, DebQHyof the Xeryous System, .; Diseases ortfie Kidneys, and att diseases arising from a dimrthrci! liver or' weakness of the stomach and diyestitia cryant, are speedily and permanently eurtil by : the GEKJIAN BITTERS. t The Balsamic Cordial Inn acjuind a reputation STtrpatfiny that of tin;/ similar preparation; extant. It will cure, wiTiinrT F.UT.. tht most severe and lony-slanilin>i Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, In• flnenza, Croup, Pneamoaia, Incipient -, : Consumption, and has performed the most a.itnnishinij cures ever knotm of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses irill ahrfat one, 1 «'»v£ and cure the .most severe Diarrhoea prM-fHmi ; from COID is THE BOWET.S. Thisi medicines are prepared Li/ f> r/ 0. M. 'JACESOS;& Co./iA'o. 418 An-h fttri-rt. I'hua- delphia, jPa., end are sola" 4y dnK/gisu ./;../ dealers jjj medicines frenjiohfTi'. at T-"' '•,•;//» per-bottli. ThesiynatxrtofC. M. ,lvrK-ios> IciU be on the outside wrapper of tech >,onls. ' In the Almanac published annually 4y i!,? proprietors, called EV-EETBOBY'.-I AI.MA.VAC, you will find testimony and -camni""'"!"''" noticc.1 frsm all parts of the wintry. /"'..• . Almanacs are given atca;/ by nil nm- ." /-•,•< , C. HARRINGTON, and H, BOSWOSTir* SON3, AgenU for Hooffand'3 German Bitter?, Milwmkoe [mayl3-dAwdly 1TECOM ll'« -1.1 < ntiar -Onc-i.l-i at., ,Mii« ••< the tr-t.-uriicnt anil" siieolt.-* of Pr!v:iE'.! ll : ',. out th-3 iljt! of" morcury. . . lint mruw t v: -hi .< av-rj !rrj:n fa; f,ir .1 -t i by ra'fil-lr In yp.ntruL pr'Hti thestmly and rnanaj-smrnt of thVi.':"c'>nii.!'iini tunt anil succofisful in tluiir inrxperltincetl ^ pr^c! portunlty nor time to raako !Mn!s»lf3ui1i:-i L -n:iv ed with their ]rat)',olo^y, L'ninrnonly |mr«ti.,(,,, of trtf^tnlcat, in mogt ca5:a nial;jii:, r ir. in.IN use of the anticiurUecl anil ila.M.^croua iveip'in, More caution, howev»r, ahoulil ho ujivl i.y •! ticpaticnt in CODSUltlnlJ -jnnnintil pfiy;jifniM vertUiDi? dftuff, aa nlnL'-tc-nt'^ rif [hem \n' any cl,vm.i to fenowli'ilOT. Th,-.,- ,:, calainfi'st all larcecitlf], »n:l i>y in,':i:ji,,r • advertisements Anil pn.^i.-n, ih^y in^iiu-.- •!, to enter their Peter Funk 3hop'j,w! uinr..T. :h: and poison Lhytn -villi :n<'rrury. - Persona iivin;; at .1 rllH"a:l:-^ in thi; i-,mntry apt to he dupiJ by 'Nt- lynu: atitiot.-! ,1' i: citizens.. Dr. J. TJTOXHON has rcceiv- i meiJicnf r.Mir-i,- his fathcr r Dr. Vv'm. Thrrni:i:>n, uf ',hh-.m..>, ,,, n.13 practiced ov.'r : !D j'eQr:), .1:1.1 mii;!.- vjr-i failures of she best I'h.r3ii;i:tns ia Kur'ip,-. respectfully advise the public aot io >>• "I'erloilical fill" Iiuml)U',',i ul :i|<p'-.' rit >i i:lan wh-> can treat .nich t:r- r it.-3 .iciL-!itifK--ill fully. Hpsrmntorrhci'anrSeminal Km-.^-n luenco of lelf--abuse, Jr-r.tu.l -,.-ith '"n -wlthnnt Iho uaoof munlfrnus nri;nnn,,nl:i AlUllliensM ; nciil,,ntal t.. i-m-Uin iri-,u- The- now ?ri;nch 8hlcld r^c.-ntiv mv conatantly on hari'i. T^,nan be hud by .nMrcnlnz 0 70 ^ n( . l)r INVIG H OK T ATO PBEPAEED BY DK. SANFORD, Compound Entirely from 1 3 ONE of the best .Purgative and I.iver Medicines now before the publio. i'nfr.i-riia i . Win. rr, M i., BfihATEST SC01/ER7 OF THE AG E. iiojoary, 1:1 Tho vvurat 3croml:i :owu n i i?, - , i ••. <. ' H:.*ai.'n •"' •-' : t 1 ,1 COTH.' :-.n.lri-,| • haa 3:)w In h>.- of ita value, \ll.w.; ^;ir;- Ojitf to thr^c ies on the rv, Two or ihr.i? Two b(,tr!,-.i .i iia.I *jf Ou-i t Ult eyr These frtinu remove all morbibor bad matter n* from the system, supply- »• ing in their, place a> -, healthy flow of bile, in- f" vigorattas the stomach,! causing ' food , to digest,' mm well, purifying t A t: £ blood, giving tbne andt.^ health to-Uie whole roa-i ^ chinery, removing the'^j eauae of the disease— •• effecting a radlcaf cure.i ^^ BiSlo-M atiuct» ire /•s cured, and, what Is bet- 1 ^^ ter, prevented by the oc- -^ casional use of the Liver, L~ On** dose arter eating' 'a riilisitat to relieve the stomach and prevent thi/ foO'I from r^inj^ and, Only one io»<r uien, before retiring, prevent One dose often repeat. I is a sure care for a J//>r/ju*', and preventive of c"^o»>»,. ' Only one oot:te n ML* : ed to throw out ui LU system the p'Jecta o medicine a/ler a lonr slckne-3. ' One o:»tr:e takcu .^. sallowness or unnatu.i color from the akm. One doaelaken a short time before eating t;ivt-6 vlmr to the Appetite ar.u r^akea the food ili- ; i?es; well. ! One dose.often reptfat- •ed, cures Chronic l>l^rrhttt: In its worjt'forni, rliiie . Summer ~a ?t </ Oil-; •. I'...; liilll J T VO al.i. V ! 10:1 -\ ty is Only one df.s-i- t.ik.LT at alght, loosens i.-.abowel; gen'Jj, and csr-s Coi- f(jr,f Jose teken after 1 each pcM will cure L^j9~- Oi-t lose of two tea! spoonfuiiwill always re- 1 llev* i--;ct ffeadaeJu. > Onl) n"e IOP^ lining- diatel-, r.u-vr: i ,.u. while ' All-ifl ustitare ay in i'* f>iTw. lfian..ltr , i 'Id m./ur.i vfli tilt fnvigarator, ' almost to Uie lirst A few bottlej will curr absorbents. , We take pleasure in ra oin-; as a preventive .'ti ffreranil Ayus, 6A» ^Vrer, and all Fevers us type. It op- -t with certainty, thousands are wtll- L-i testify to tt3 iron- ui virtues. Oil Disc, iiU'i&iir, J \u In the m^ It a<:!ti:>l.i -.-• ,, 10 the- car-jj ..f , ....Tour Konnch is ''--'^ fc * V your food i'i3tr'.-«]se3 Uic c , and - nourishmen n c,f 'Ji. B Y A K Of Ihe Condition of the Mutual Inturanet Company of Buffalo, on the 3d of February, 1SI9. Hade to the Secretary of Stale, Wlsconsir, pursuant to tha Statutes of that State. . AID LCCiTIOS. .., .- • Crrr CovrTaJtua'a OFKCB, I ^Contract Departmsbt, UUrankee.tfuly ~, 1S59. { rfillE Common Council, by rcsointlTO of June 20, 1859, JL having adopted the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of the <H!l Ward, if U ordered h • ! That the north and south alley En Wock ?9,!d the 6lh Ward, Degraded to the established .grade, iceording to theestlmateofthf City Conrptrol!er.v; i Owners or.ageats of-properiy sltnited on Said alley are hereby noslfled to make said i Iniprovemrnt within twenty-two diys from this date, or the Street Commissioners of the 6th U ard will ciuss th* same to be done and charged to the respective lotsj according to law. ' jy7-d6» E. L'H. OAKD1NEB, Oomptrollfr.- the bank, of th»t Btate can legally redeem }» ninr »Urer cola ta the «moBat.ot *Tedol!ara on each aaderery note. ' "" treaanry -reeelpta lot ,he week ending /sna, -were »2,e38,000; drafts j>aia, nearly three minions, draftt Issued,- auorelwo BDPTALO ' .-.••'-'.• BWFlM»,Jaly6. . V mt "*5« openlngi bit closed buoyant nates 2 200 bbl • »t 6,00 for extra for ' state from Chlca- i n Ji, wh S i J;i JaS^for''"-; ««SaB,S7« for extra 6,62Xa».78 for extra Micli., fnd. and Ohio; 7,00 '-' Che following IB the Austrian" official ar> oonm of the battle : . '^J .-, ,Jnne 35. i The day Wore y«rterday onr hj the enemy. , , ' -AoolUgton took place between thelwo in.* . tartar armies at 10 a, m r jresterday. ' Our 16ft, under Qen.^'Weoipea, Adranoed as r*s.Cbiej, In -tht tAernoon tljere wwa xwasefltrated «a»nU on the, Jiflr6|oaUy de. fended town at .Stlfsafao - Our rfglit Trfng w-' , pnlaed tba PiedmonteBe,- bnt on tlte other Breadstuff* and ProtUtm. • The market opened to-day with af f t!r degree of «nl. nation", te wheat, and sales ware pretty good at yester- dor's prke*.' 7he,totai transactions being apWrds of 10,000- tmsheto, ihowlng the most active da| of "the week- "*rhe vivacity however was not sustained and the market closed dull and drooping. ' ' Flow fcirdly * ventured to show Ita head, merely enough feelc? done to swear by,. Dealers teem to be (by of the article. Pi Ices remain' ths same with a arooplng djipotltlon. ",'""' j Corn and OaU Were steady, with moderate rtles. •Potatoes are still declining but with the light r*< celpts, it will not be Jong Before they are (n demand for home consumption" .> ~ » - j . Batter and Eggs are In good supply sn3- rather dnl alqnoUttffns. Egypirtlculariy, which go besglng at , Hlghwfael »h»»r» desline of 3f to Jo whtie Htdei are it *ringl*«* t * r « b * ln « » K»»<1 wtlcle of frade, - > j Ths Wool trade Is ilwlndllng, ^the sale* being much , , fflUliraaliee T*/boIciate ntarket. , ,-* ',,'"''' rUuwurjetWHo./)!*/*. unchanged; very light shipments. .-,. o 7^8 for double extra., , . , . ... Wheat— good demand and steady; tales 8,000 has No. 2 fjrimixed red winter III. at l,li; 1,800 bus No. 1 do *,' l' 82 .¥« 1 W?5 Bi a!j* B - dluri|; - ow; 'Prtng, 1,908 Mil- club at l,llaI,12X; 800 red Ohio from atore atB 000 f OP amber Ky. at 1/18. : '- . i ' . , ' Crrr CoKWEoiiKR'B Orrrof , I • J :' Contract Department, ItUwankeei July f , ?S9. f :itUE Common Council by resolotlori adopted JUDO 20 JL 18i9, having adopted the ,'recbmmendallon of the j Street Commissioners of th« Cib Ward, It Is ordered: .. - . . • - . • . ' !- ) ! i -I That the East and West ailey lablbck 2$,inlh36lh Ward of the City of Milwaukee, be traded to tie established grade, and In accordance with the estlmat* of .the City Engineer onflle In theeffiee <if the City Comptroller. '•••• • . .-.,-• .j- M '• • Ownen or.agents of properly on sa^J street jare hereby notified to make said improvtnjenl* within twenty twtjdays from date, or the Street Commissioners of the.eth Ward .will cause the same £ to ba done aud charged to the respective lots, according to law; J?M6t B. L'H. OABDIKIOJ, Comur -Her. 1. The name 6j the Company Is Th» Mutual Insur- ant Company of Buffalo. Located In Buffalo, State of New Xork. P'Hiug ONi DOLUIE PZ3 BOTTLl. DS. 8.UJFOBD, Proprietor, No. 3-15 Broailway. Sei Torn* Bet»l!ed by all Druggists. Sold also, by JOUS aiCS, lyl Wholesalesale and Retail, Milwaukee , W . j. NKW "TREAT M'E N T Jay 'n none, ' becomes loose become rt-,'-^Ml the Mcilicai •••.a ;:. >ou, ,rri-^ t moat e3i-n;c:atir.i' : Confidential A3D Medical idvke It cirri u. 2. The araoat of authorized .capital.......... ..... -._. J. .The amount paid up ...... <• . ! II. 1S3ET3. t5<x>,ooo 13T,M1 37 I 4,315 S7 19,000 OATA-qnlei; Barley dull. Bye lower. v . Vessels passed Port .Cfllboirne Lock from 4 o'clock P.*, on 7th on 6th: : . , •• - < ' Bound TVest-JUi.Propeii^ Prairie Btatej bark H, 8. falrcblld; on »be 8th, prop. Akron. : •-, Bound East— i chra, tsabeli«, Austral la. 1210] SHEBIFFM „ BTATB OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Clayton Harrington, ,.'-' [New.. ^' "* » Judgment rendered ' - ' '•}' ;•"•• ; NOTIOIiL j : ;- : j -:.- • • ji ;•'• ;';Crrr Co»PTJioiiia'8 Oirici, l > (Contract Departmenl, Mllwauk»e,;July T, !i9 f mDE Common Council, by resolpttja of Wne 20th, X .1K9) having adopted the reconrfaeniUlon of the Btrett Commlsiionert of the Sixth Ward, it Is ordered • That Sixteenth street, from Walnut :to Barman, be graded and graveled W th! established] grade, the sidewalks planked and gutters paved In iaccordance with Uwestlmate of toe- City Engineer ion file IntheClty Comptroller's office, i : -. • j --j f ; i ; 0»ners or agent! of property Interrtted In ! 4h« above Improvementst are hereby; notlOed; to maks the same within twenty-two days from this idats or Lihe Street OoJatnlBsIouers of the Sixth Ward will «»n»e -said work to faj done and charged to the respective! lots'actordlng toJ»w. .-..- ;,- . - -- ', .-> I •: • : ^Jy7i-d6t. '- : E.^L'H. MAP OB' THK SBA'J? OF [WAii TVJEW Map of Kortharn and Central Italy, showing i.\ the Beat «f the War, Posltlonipfahe Armies etc" to which it attached a small Hap ofiiEiropc-f-all for 26 centa/ - :• .-,• ' : ,'•- . •. .-i '|. . i. • '.. AI«o,A fine Map of the Theatre erf tho European War,wtth Portrait* of the BnlsrslnEurope,etc.,-pr|" e 3Qeeni«,»t BTEICKtAUb 4 CO'B. Je2Sj:f.- ;:-:••._./; :/ -• 1 IMEast'WatelStreet. Great Wood tuffid tb« order ( • »tor«d,asifjoarl The Aeydopn ' «u«iyi ' ' *f 16j r'flnr centre .oonld .»ot be re- and the Jlrst Ward, of &ttSSS^T*3zrxvsi to the said nortt csst half of iotHo7one m. In block one hundred and alne-elght, lathV RrstWard.of the Cltjr of Mllwa»kee> fumt, naru, 01 rae Ull ISthdayofMay, 16S9. 1 Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwauk OHIOTIJI i HIOIOOX, i A. j. i AU'ys. f ' ',1859. 'IToult'toBttOWoiac; to New Fork 60a52c; wheat to Bafiiloic; -to Oswcjo 6)(. -Froptller Kenoaha took ipo bblsfiotrtb fioffalo. .Evergreen City 400 bbla-ito'Col-' ' Wanted to Purchase. rium I THE BIGEST MARKET IN TOlWSieira Baled Hay, 8,0^0 Opris )3eaioned Wood, each delivered to order In quantities to suit j cheap, 1 at corner West Wale* ana Clytxjarn streets. Offlot wlthiUbbett t Breed; •: • i ' 1st. Cash on hand: 2d. In the hands of and 'due from - aeenta: t others 3d. No real estate, 4lh. Bonds held by theCo.:7«. 1. M. 8. B. B, bonds, 12,000 Z.Toledo, Nonralk t Cieve. bonds.. 4,fiOo S. N. I. E. B. bonds, 3,000 4. Stocks: . D. S. 6s 10,000 worth 10,437 50,1 D. 8. 6s S.OOO worth 9,15596, §. N.Tork5j6,tOO do 6*1^,600 '•worth 26.90375 — ' "~~^~—^— 46547 21 5. .Debts due to tht Co. se- ' . cured,by mortgage on unencumbered real, estate, worth double the amount of mortgage "per sche- • - dule" bearing? percent, interest, 6. Debts otherwise/ secured bystockj,.mortgagesanij • ' insurance scrip of this and other companies, and Interest on same. ' 7. Debts for premiums, consisting of bills receivable, 8. All other securities ana claims due the Co , lalva- . WJ, vessels, ic. G0,6»t 87 9. Personal'propertr'owned p by the Co , Steam Tue, fun>r3,*c ........". 20,630,71 TotalAiaets............. 4W.S85 C9 .; III. LUIIUTOJ. C. The amount of liabilities due to banks and other creditors. None, excepting what is contained m '• ~ ' No. 10. 6. Loue* adjusted and due. None. J. 'do do and not due. None. S. Losses unadjusted. Supposed to be at the eitent about.ri,. ............. 9, Losses. In suspense. Same- • , asNo.8. 10. All other claims against the company, Individual , balances, unclaimed dividends, ani redemption of . Scrip uncalled for... V U8,€ST 13 84,913 T4, 33,324 78 4JWH 6,357 73 - _• .•• • Crrt CoMPTBou»'8 Onior. ) OoBtract Dfpirtjnent, MO., J^;T, 1869.' f ' T HS Common Council by' reaolutlbrl iof •J<rne!20tbl *Tli> ' raeommendadon 'flf tbe Street ltl«»rd«red:; ' T.»e. ««e: . That Ihe east and w«at alley In bldck* '29, In the «lh r wu«, ilUwaukee, be -ferided to tie es- Sj, 0 '»*«aEradev»ecordlii«to ; the esttoatu of :theClty "eer, on file u» the office of the City Oompljroller. . ' ; *r» or ajtents •- of : above deicrlWo', P' oplerty are »»ef. ecej>» 2S shipment. 600 1*!*./,^ 60 bbls *prtes; extra . An«trf»n «orr»poDd8Doe-<ioiittUJs ' liefons fol- flw iCnclo owne npotf tbo sopeiaor force After «nobetln«4e oaitraif wlthdww • »«elpta AUsa JW toB.srMt.. winter extra spring ail^E; 91; 800do ostrt, at 1,16; 805 <»<, 2,12*; 420 do extra «tl,12^; 4,600 da Ko, 1 atS«; 450 doertraMo, latiai; JliOitoHoilat 96; 600djj-extra «t 1^0; 2,700 do Ho. Ion private terms, Toi*l»alei - .w«... C .s M, rulCUaBf. ^*™*Z^~«'towi^mFW$ir e .THB »4TerM«er wishes to purchase a Boose »nd tot I {"^JotlfletJio nake:«ald ImprovenjerJi within twen- *-*+»«* !._•. ^th^. 4^ jSggg?^ **f£ 2tf£S±SSl co«Eid to the respective lots, according to la* i.>L«, . ' - *.tPH.BABDIH: -anairerthepatipote. Aatri<t Wr«w«r«9 with location " J " Team§ aod Mfu Wanted, , fe A «E*HB kriJ 900 Men Wanted to Wort on tte' -«H/ Obieago fod SorU«r«slan Ballroad, about W City C<«nptroller. JyS-dtf NOTICE Tft given, Hi»t the Ordinance fn relation to JMllir»nke«,jjrjrT,188». „' Crrr CcxrT»oi4.«'B Orric», OOWKAOT e received «> ihls offioiun at 11 ATif.^or Hanking on A,tor «tt««< froS Plea»: jr Mreet and <on Marshall stire^t. from tyou 1 * 0r ' t h * Tl ° K been ' Jy8-dK Total liabilities ' •^':'/. : IV The greatest amount Insured In one risk. $5,009, of fire risks Is the usual limit; but In some cases of short risks$10,000. 'On vessels and cargoti »15,000 u the usual limit, Including both. 18. Gross amount of premiums received In State of Wisconsin for the current year, endlag February 13; The market value of,'U stock. The Company has no stockholders, the scrip Issned J on the Mutual ••'. plan by Ita charter constitutes. Its capital and tho value of scrip varies according to Its priority of Issue. " ' . 1C Dividend, 7 per cent on its outstanding scrip. 15. Th« charter or act of Incorpoitlon. of said Company. Sent herewith. , ; ;_"-'"• .JAMES C. KTAN3, President. • A. A. fttattratc-r*, Secrttary. •;-."•/; STATJE i; Of: WISCONSIN, ". - . - UaySl,lS59~ Satisfactory evidence hiving been furbTsind to me Lft±K±^^2S*53S£'5!!t °f a *™°>-&>°* A T the. Buffalo Private Hospital— established for the cure of Syphilis, Seminal Weakness and the Secret Infirmities of Youth, and Maturity, by Dr A.MO3 i SON, Buffalo, N, T. Office, corner of Slain and Quay streets, (up stain.) A MOST SCIENTIFIC INTENTION. An Instrument for the curs of Genital Debility, or Nocturnal Emissions, moro'properly known u Seminal weakness, Ac.— can be permanently cured in from tuteen days to two man'hi by the use of this Instrument, whtn used con]ol=tly ; with medicines. YOCNG MEN TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICS. Dr. AMOS i SON take pleasure In announcing that they have invented a most Important instrument for the care of the above diseases. It has- been subjected o° *, ' C nJ ? y the ' rao " eminent physicians to London, Paris, Philadelphia and New Tork; it has been declared the only useful Instrument ever Invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the genital or- sans, caused ty the secret habit of youth. Price ten dollan by mail or express. A CURE WARRANTED. Dr. A5IOS A SON have devoted their attention ei- C « i y to "** P** 011 " class of maladies, and the relief they have consequently been enabled to render their fellow creatnrejj, is fully te-jtifled and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patienta anil others daily arriving In town from ail paru of tha country for the express purpose only of consultations, while their exertion* have been crowned with the moat signal advantages; yet from what they have- experienced In en- qulrlnir into the, cinJes of those infectious complaints, (from t! eir mast simple ccnililiun to that of the most dangerous and Inveterate,) they have always entertained ihe possibility of their prevention and lemoual, and likewise invariably found that the most horrible and ma itfnam forma of dlsiMse could almost invariably be UaceU la one of -tli,, following causes: Ignonnce, neglect, or the ill effects of uukillfui anil improper treatmrat; therefore, DE. Aaoa & Sos have succeeded In discovering, In the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual and cautious course; omitting all combination of remedies which bear an equivocal charic- if' ^? as those whoso premature or injudicious application mlghebe productive of bad consequences ia the hands of private individuals. In short, the laudable end of their remedies ia the lessening of a "r. mass of humanftmlsery by the alleviation, relief an prevention of those grievous afflictions that »ro i reality the secret foes' r of life, ami which, whllo they s eitensively surround us, call aloml for our skill an Interference In their extermlnatioa. C00NTRT INVALIDS. • , .7*?^ '? ""I?" °* ">• "orU ""y be succe-sfully treated by forwunlmg a correct detail of -their case with a remittancs for Medicines, ie. . rfAd . dr ^VH r ' A ^ 103 * SOS ' corner Main -ana Quay street,Bnlfalo, N.Y. jaul-diwly ,, Mow p.:r.ny from '..Ms lui.- their lii-T! i<r., to iru ( '.-^s^ >p ounce of iir-v- In '.he you I- - n..-1-.jht.!.- 3) Ever OiAu noru by A BKALTUUL HEAD A ua.vfTiycii UK.VO A Bt;AUTl?l ;i - 11KAO A BKAl'TlVl'l, n:\(! NATL'ltK'S N ATI. UK'S N vri iti.'s CAN Bii t>HK.Siir.Va.) I.NIfAU.ii-I.V CAN US CAN BK C.»N a*. PIIS.HKSV>:U I.NKli.LIHI.Y rsi:-: TUX THi'. 110 fli Bul'Il • i, •• I'D tl'.K llRKAThST Ali!' TO TlJK UliK.jTKST »(,;. TO TliK GiihLVi'KaT v(_i i-' TO TUiS ORSATES1' A(i.- UY L'.^ISli \\ui.-l. BY l:SIM, V,,i.)i, UV C^l.Mi \Mjun ay I:SINO \vuui. IT ALfO HKiTuIlS5» itHAV IT ALSO KK.HTU::.-..S i,;t \v IT \LtO RrSTulliS »iil\V IT ALSO SWTO'lES (iR\V ru TO ANGUS SMITH- & CO., Storage, Forwarding^ €omniis.sidH Proprietor* of the • LABOR EtEVATOU XVAliEHOUSE, At the terminus of the Milwaukee t Mississippi and the Milwaukee, Walertown t ttiraboo Valley Railrc-nds. • ff~ Liberal advances made on property in store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets. oct23-dtf M1L.\VAUKEE BAZAAK. C.DELOBME&OUENTIM 159 Sail Water Strut, NEXT DOOR TO MESSBA BHADFOKD BRO'3, Fancy Goods, Toys, Willow Wars and, ?art!jee NotioB. Also.Kmbrolderj Goods and Zephyr Wonted. mySO . . i.. "An act to regulate In* nrance Compa- incorported by tha state of PAPER WAREHOUSE! Hanford^Blackmarr& Co., (LATB HAaaiao.v, HASJOSD & co.) : Connected with HAKKISON, HANFOKD & CO., PSXVf:.NT3*IT» t'ALLiriM PR:-:Vi£ST3 iTa i'.\ci.i:.», PltKVK.NTS If.-l J.-ALI.I.-H,. SO.KKS riiw si:.!i.i' KRO.M AI.I. yilEM TUM rfCAi.r Fitn.-ii ALL F.ltEKS TIIS JH.'ALl' KliU.M ALL FRKftf Tli.K .^CAI.I' i'HOM AI.I, UlS SOLD av .»i,r. uitrijiji SOLi' ilY AI.I. !)iii'(i(i!.- SOLfl- HY ,\L1. UK l.l.i; i.i i-OLD IiV ALL !>«•[;«( -l.NO 11V O. J. '.ViJOU AM) 1'V AND IlY O. 114 3IABK.V.T oT., ST. I of!.-: Il-l .MAKKST ST., 3'1\ LOUIS. It MA1JKKT ST., ,ST LOI'l.-: 114 MA3SST ST., 3T. LOUIS. A.NU :;u UiW.lDW IV AND irj UHOAD'.VAV' 1- ill£O.VI)\V.\Y' The Restorative -J put up m Doitu-n .„• I'Vi"' "'•'' ars^, mediam, .aa.r.-miall; th;; ;ui;:ill iml.u u , ,"',,',' '"'' etallsforonc dollar per bottle; !>„• „„ Im.r',' ,'l'" east twenty pur coal, uors in pro,,ort;.,n tt , i e'.aila for two dollars per UotilV- t'-,. i aa , W per ceut. more ia itrnpuriim 'in.i r . ." .' ''l","- ottlc. - ' "" "-••^i,' i»r ! :,,;" 0-J.WOOD4C».,Sr 0 ,,ri..t.,r, ; i , u, . , N • Sold 6y <J. . and Fancy QocJs 1)^.^1 J. J. M'0"UTa..> UA-NDFACT0RSRS, .. <> ffja Colors TIR OWTINQ • - ln ' lhe ' 8t « leof Wl , rs per report of said Cumpany.— Non, r there6>re,ln pnrsuawfe'of the act arorSahl, 1, Uavld W. Jones, Secretary of State of ths Stateof Wls- cons In, do^ertby etrtlfy that W; r. Hu-d; ofMUwau • ee, if he be dnly authorize by ,,id Cumpiny, may take ricks, receive premium* and transact the boWsa ? f «».{"»»"«» 4«n>t fors4ld OompAnylnthl, S ate, fronvthls date, until the first day of Janujiv iSflO la wltnesj whereof I have hereunto set my hand Soot, Which will ba sold very low. Constant additions wil "JSSti" r e Itol?k to "^ e «t the wants of the trade. »" Printers and others are Invited to call and ex- amtoeourstockjmdjirlces. aprla BOAKJDINO. ^ A FIBSX Floor. Parlor and Bedrosm adjolninit suitable for » gentleman and. wife, and several rooms for single gehtlcmerr, can be had, together jvith board, by applying at 320 Jefferson st. A few d»v boarders can also be accommodated. • i»i<i „ ;' J.D.KO80LES, 4)tlltaat Becntary of state. *ood artlcle-to store,f ATTON 4 PUNKISTOV. I.A1 COOK WANTED. J. , 21,. •Paper Hangings, Window Shadas, cic. Competent'iirto -ill p.iri,] nf thi- •••iiv 'n 1 Country for Decorating *i).I I':ip cr il.ini'ui!. ,n *n 7ii branches,all work warrante,I. ' f,t.-o JOBS W. CAHf OAKY ^ pi Attorneys iijiu Couuuullor. Offlca In Youns'j Dljck, Corner M AT E x t; i Tha ben iwsortuiont of NUv,-r Ware, .FANCY- Ever brought to MirwaaSe.". J u , Jay presents. Just r-c e ,r,.,l v-ry . Jtnvplj-y , ,,

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