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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, October 21, 1930
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A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER »Mr;f?^^^ .['I,.-: UA^-;.'-: ;'; .^ iW^'.,.;:/ , y; . A..;-. · ". ^vv-^^^^/^vv,^^ · *·. Iiil'jrtkvbt ·· w' ; .am- : - ·" :rifewKjau£ti'r ..· ! -M YEAR 20 Paget Decatur, Iffinok. T U E S D A Y E V E N I N G October 21, 1930. THREE CENTS r ero, Fed · I'riclllfAtllllitlgl Grtbort, wb» : their world series Miss Grace Haftr. ·ere present, tier* ie church nfter (/:· in New York City te! in a free-tor-all the board of oflti- ^onally menaced » , red i* being aided ob (violently and) Campus ·'V ck-and-wlng d»nc» iw York, »on of *"· , Tom O'Callnban, n university prop, its. George hwn * t of school, but »f tion on the school e Photw IM.) Political Scene Shifts; Chicago k Battleground Torchlight Parades Brought Back By Lewis (/([/ . CHICAGO. Oct. zi.--Th« campaign ^ centrflMd and jiorsonitlltluti in which a niwn IN ufittllnft two women /or th« Illinois wmatoralilp fc ilhli wei'k In Chli'ujto with the (Ifliiondlnj; upon th« HI] of on (UI fuMhloned torchlight Id offset lh« chtirniB of his i i r* i i ii *'···»·· \i I « Lake County Authorities Nab Name Slain Mystery Witness Links Four In Garrison Case er As Peoria Killer UN, Ruth Ilnnnit McCoriuiek, Ho. iibllwn, H-«K In ih* «Hy Tuwuluy nd was brlnKlntt into u«e all moil-' im enmpiilKn method*, ns well an rinny of these nhf Iwned from her fi(h*r. the late Murk Mfinnh of Ohio, i twr effort t« win the'jilarfl tn tho I. a. 8ttin\n held a few years ftgo fctwr hunbnnd, the lain Mwllll MtT-c, iCormli*. ^ she wtnn, nhc will be thi first woman *v«r elected to tho Defends Self A Uolnrfnl J, Jtsmlllon Lewis, DemocrwLlo ««r-llm» m-nator. firry orntor, niul «M of the moat colorful fhyurm in IBInirf* pelJHoa, will brtnjf his :ain- p*l(n Into the city wwlnwdiiy night. Hi »HI o|*« tit" final drive In tin old fonhloncd w«y. with ft towhllKhl purjide anil rally, btit wilt innko line M*r of Hio modern methwlx otn- I ileywl by 'Mr*. Me Cot 1 in ink. 1 lii*. tattle Mtilninn O'Nnlll, who o( j(nt«»d the rimiprtiicn, nt n n . she thought both. | ind ItTM, Mrttormkk too unfavorable jlo prohibition, will continue her ^amptLlgn for ft few jbut «tpwla to mitkti It (i ihrc before tliw o | th* w«*ft. BH- "Wi.f I'MwIii l» runnlnfl us a wet, Mm J JMM11 an a lry sml Mrs. McConnli;k lui'the promise that xho will ho *Hn*r | wit or dry Kceorillnjc lo the result · prohibition poll to h« hold iwU Nth. Sho la, -personally, n dry, but IMYI the will vute wot If tho state * ' t«_ t that way. · his pnmpnljcn Into ., '* horn* town, Roci · it*\i Montlny nljthl Int.roiJucnd one | olth* few feminine'noire heard dur: th« rstie whkh til* two women nrf cftrrylnK on HKd vet- Theory That Attempted Kidnaper Was Fatally Wounded Strengthened STARTS CLEAN-UP A (to r (fongsl.ors opened fire on him with a machine gun, killing Ills wife, Clyde darHson. (above), reputed Pvorln gambler returned fire with his pistol, fa- hilly wounding OIHI of hw th«i Lawlt' rrf(rnnftn wnti to Ing. kill hf didn't mnUn It In tin c f - fdft to hc!|i cllhflr Mr». M«f!«rinlrk a Mrx. O'Neill. T^wl» Alltic-kw Iliith'* Htiitiri "My rtftmtilknn «iip«il»nt llfla llp(l|t mwht In Hie condition of her n w n embroidery." he wtlil, nhui'K- thdl Mm. MoCm-mlr-h Und tnk.-o jitnnilx «n fo mmiy thing* e eonliln't tell whsthcr .«be or ilry, for the Woriil Court er ift*ln*t It. or for or Hjtulnst «er- tain tariff nchedtitex, Th« flHht In CMitiun between now M# Plcotloti tiny, w i t h initny rtilllcii dnlly for (inch onfldldiitn. to hit the most h i t l e r ntul (he moit IrttrrPtillnff Mtyor Wtllhm Mnlc hnwitw "Americn flvnl" cnmpftlKn f f 1 1 tow y*nf(t KK'i, Blttor I'kht Both I.i-wtn niul Mi-it. am notnil for their w h U l t y to ifttfr nntim tn tlielc iKldre-jwflii nnt it (ew of thesf fttrendy ti«v« i for Institncc, hn» ASK COURT ORDER TO OPEN DRUGGAN CACHE U, S. Agent Says Securities In Deposit Box . Ocl. a i - - A court Hont;lit Tunaiiny. to permit tf lh« mifety duposlt box of Ter ry lirugjfiiit, after Mrs, Myrtle Tanner Blticlilldge, collector of Interim! rovcnuo, filed atlachtnent [it'ticoodlnKM nKtiltut him, Mm. WtiflillitMc olnlmotl lliat Drug- Civil, rvported recovering In u hos- (iltnl f n m i an Hindus, owed the gov- (irnmcni S-l7li.M'" Income Ux. Robert B, Necly, chief field deputy, who obUlncd tho tax lien, said h« bfllicved the deposit box will ra- vuiil wcurltlfts nnd other vnluublea, lh« nullonnl party · «(ptettlnK to "Htenl" the clocllon for Uri MrfJonnlrk In the unnw num. wr h« myn Mm. McC'cnnlctt'ii ftith.'i 1 In eWlltix Wllllnni i Ktnlcy Prpnltlnnt. Mnt, MK'ormleh Man Who Killed Wife Draws 14 Year Term ( M y l,*ni« ffttn.t ' OTTAWA, Oct. 21--William Bandor, 35, laborer, wan sentenced to 1-1 yewrs In prison Tuesday, by Judge (··nink 11. Hayes Tor the murder of hln rommcn-luw wife, Mrs. Maggie on Sept, 1 Mender ronfcswil he killed th* ; kM remnrkPil that fhe ' T.iwl»i woman n f L e r IL di'lnltlns party In other thinKFi flint crmld not he | wn«l(«*l j A* for Mrs. O'Neill, she contend* f,U»tj In toi wet. anil too demorrfHlo to IIP elM'tM nml thnl If Mrs, Mr- h elected she wttl wvfr he WMtH bi(Aiiiii rf tnrce miinfi shr ' *»« chnrxctl wlih ; '*» prtmnry. TO REST SECRETLY |[» I -Ml,.I J ' f r . . Oft. 21 HI Vulrrlttnn fNtiiiHM F![mn(«li "ilillHty lend. - I . ««* btirlt'il Tta*lnj- in ihf IUTWIH-C vf a (fntp of fthoiit -10 t,f (he InflutllnK were |trwi tut u-h«n thr crffin wan titivnc from nii (nlcn to Sun «««M»ry. iviicrc thn B hurlnl, lender THE WEATHER TOBMJAST I'OH I "*»lr tonight and tomorrow. %htly cnld»« r itt extreme Month Dillon tml K hi with \wu\y Iron. TKMl'KRATUHE.S m. yMterdny ........ 39 40 *· ». toildjr 21 ............ *·*··*· ................. 6:lT their home. According to hi* Hlory. she hit, him. nrtd h« knocked her iiKftlnsl thn kitchen stove, fracturing her skull. He then threw tho body lit Ihe minols-Mlchlpin ewnnl half n mile from his home, where. It was found rive week* later by uollco. Mother Jones Surprises Medics; Condition Better H]I I'ltitnt l'rna.1 WASHINGTON, 0«t, 21-ilolhiT him survived unolher crisis In ..,,, uirbdlcnt cnreer nnJ. tilthoii(fli tiiuiT ttiun lfl(l yeut'si old, has foiifiht off thfl flings wlileh thrnnU'iied to end hrr llfo, U. II, [I. Hnwl"tt unnounoed thai liiljtn' lender hud liikcn fi turn for Ihe. better and Ihn In cnndllton for the nornwl Itiflrmlllps ot her ngn. Even Dying, the Breaks Go Ajainst^a Fat Man (tiv Ifndfil /VMS.I LOS ANGKLES. Oct. 31-DecidlnB tn commit suicide, R. L, Dunn, who weighs 2W pounds, ll«d a rope nroimtl hl« nocK, tlio olhcr end to a ll«ht flxliirp. und itimpcil off a chftlr. All ho did wns [nilt out the fixture, Man kilis~"Wife7Fow ' Children, Suicides ttiv VnlttHl frwS.) WASH8UHN, Wls.. Oct. 21.0 sorgo Froreth. assistant postmaster ot Wiiohbtirn for 20 yeors, murdered his wife and four children Tuesday nnd Ili^n committed suicide. The bodies werst dlscnverrd shortly b*fors noon when Postmaster W. A. Robinson went to the Froseth home when he did not appear for work. IIIU Uiiilcil J'rf.1.,.) PEORIA, Oct, 2 1 , -- A "mystery witness" was kept under police guard Tuesday after he had identified four East St. Louis men in connection with the kid- naping warfare among Peoria gamblers which has taken four lives in the last few months. The wltnc.tu ulao \s-as imported to huvo identified the body of'Charles Phaycr, another (tumbling resort proprietor, as n man he auw lurking ntmr the hoint: of Clyde GnvrlHon Inst I'rlclny, A few hours later three opened fire wltti a machine kllUng Mra, Garrison and wounding her huabunil, a wealthy Biim bier. Identification of Pliayer ened tho police theory th«t hfl tho man wouniled whan fired back ut tho gangste: ftvon In Ifntcl The four Enst St, Irfidfl men, Who wero brought hurc ut midnight Mon day night, were said to have bwm neon by the "mystery witness" with Ptmyer in a Fcortn hotel a few hours before the gun battle at thn'Garrison home. Phayer's.. body .-^aii.^.frlii"' near ZdwaMsv'Ule;·Jit., ^he'ro'. It'ap. parentty had .been Ihrown from an milotnoblle. Pollen said Ihe four brought here from Enst St, L.oiila are Thorn us O'Connor, 33; John Brllt, 29; John Movftn, 33. and TbonuiB Wllilnra, 30. Camhllny Joint* Clognt Peorlii's lureer gambling reaorti wore reported closed Tuesday ot Hie order of State's Attorney Harrj Pritlt. Horso rnce belling, footbo.1 pools nnd slot machines were re porled still operating, however. Criticism of Rambling condition* find rumura of alllonKCs between of ficluls nnd gQmbleTM h»vs been voiced here Blnco the murder of Mrs Cora C. Garrison dui-tnfr fin nltempt- od kldnaplnB of h« husbuntl, OyJe ownnr of n. gatnlillti),' house. City offlclnls began to dean up Ihn gnmblinp; si tn at Ion when Ihc rumors ot cmoUed nlllances won- heard. Pralt said that he had issuci his "11 d down" orders to silence rumors that he wua financially In In Rambling resorts. Official action enniii from ofhet quarters, when Mnyor Edward M Woodruff ordered Chief of Police J,'Udwavd Womtmchor to confiscate slot machines. "I don't know what to do," Woodruff saltl, as he explained tlw 1 he had devoted ht« IS yearn In office to reform. "I drove out light dlntrlct. II u-as the rot so that people »ald I hnd Ji.n Interest !n tho resni-t.i. Tf 1 were lo wma n '"t on n reform platform nt Ihla lime, the pooplfl would think J was a great humorist." Believe Friends Killed Fatally Wounded Gambler EAST ST.' LOUfS. del. 21--The four m«n identified In Ihe Carrlaon murder wcro tinesled hero Monday in tho Investigation «f phayei's Uenth. H, Hill, county pollcenmn o 1'sorla, mode the Itlnnllflcullon and thn men were taken lo Puorla. A possibility Ihtit Plinyer was one ot Hie men who killed Mrs. (Jarrlson during an attempt to kidnap ht;r husband and lhat h« was shut tiy (tnrrlmn was exjiresued by Hill. Po lice hare bcllovc Phnyer may have been kilted by his own friends uvottl talcing him to a hospital i trcalmont of his wounds, Tho men Idi-nllfldd hy Hill In Mrn (larrlsnn'a death were Thomas O'Connor, .Tftek Brltl, Jnhn Mornn nnd Thomas Wlldei-s. Brllt, who Is aald lo he a follower of Searfnce A Cupone ot Chlcngo, Is tindor indict ment In connection with the dentil o; John Hoinhardt.'here In 1928, Pour women and one norco also were he ln« held In Ihe invcslltratton of the two deaths, Kfforts were being made Tuesday to bring: out finger prints on a b)oo stained package of clgarets found near Phoyer's body. The cluarc' package was the only clue which police discovered In Ihe IveSTTgatton of phayer'a dealh. '·*·'·· BOBBERS FOILED iKU nnltfit PrMJ.I BOCK GROVE, Oct. 31.-An un .. n t l ' m p t t\'ns made b thieves to blow^op^n the vault nf lh» Rock Grove atftc bank early Tuesday. Tivo Killed In Mid-Air Crash m^yf^'^ miM^M MINE EXPLOSION BURIES 300 MEN; 35 FOUND DEAD Fear More Than 70 Miners Die In German Pit AfterJUast TEARFUL SCENES bargaiiiwl- for, 10.000 personit watching an sir m«et afTreo- too, N. J., saw the above mid- th«"»fWi 'ot B/W, MatVit. of Vallay 3lre*m, U I., nd Gtotgt ZJnn, ot Ptilladttphls. , . ALERT DETECTIVE SQUAD FRUSTRATES KIDNAPING ATTEMPT CHICAGO, Oct. 21--Sni-Rt., Gcorffe Schulpulsky and his'squad.of detectives were out Uvst night looking for KanRaters,-. racketeei's or whatever lawbreakers might come their way. Suddenly a black sedan rated punt. The curtains were drawn hot the sergeant has a sharp eye. 'I think that's a kidnaping," he salt!. The police automobile speeded vJottf- the trall-of the black sedan. The sersennt leaned forward with hla ylslol ready. Then there fluttered through the rear window of tho sodun a filmy, lacy, pink something. It had shoulder straps on It, More speed brought the police ««r nearer. Out fluttered, another of the flimsy, lacy, pink somethings. ,Tt. too, hnd sliouldor sirups. Then the police overtook the sedan, Sergeant Schupulsky opened tho roar door of the sedan. He moved a slop nearer and snw an unclothed department store dummy, The two men in the sednn, Al Bernstein and Joe Miller were arrested for having burglar tools, Foresight Assures Needy Poor Relief ffly IJnf[mf I'rd^fl,) VALPARAISO, ind., 1'ho forenlpht of fflo laic Herman Knnwischer hna assured the poor of this city $25 a day from his $12,000 estate. Predicting thai hard times were coming, Kanwiacher willed the es- tale to the needy, and ordered that each ot his ]nll bent-era and hud; drivers' be given $10 find A keg of be* r. CHICAGO APPEALS FORJINEMPLOYED Major Attention Given To Job Provisions CHICAGO, Oct. 21-Appeals went out to the 3) millions of Chicago Tuesday lo give food, shelter, clothing, money or work to the thousands ot unemployed, many of thorn hungry and ill ot exposure, ' Mnjor attention was given to pro. vldlng Jobs, temporary or permanent, to destitute men and women. Two newspapers lurned their resources toward providing employment. "A job a minute" wns a logs n of the Chicago Dally News, The Chicago Tribune speeded up Its free employment bureau. Both newspapers urged use of their sy* terns lo. obtain cither permanent 01 temporary help. Hundreds of men were turned away from Ihe shelter houses ope net by charitable organizations ant philanthropic business men. Many of the down-ewl-outers walked the street* last night or slept In .doorways, with the temperature near freestlnff when charitable afreneles proved Inadequate to mccl the demands, German Diet Kills Dissolving Motions (By United fruit.} g BERLIN, Oct. 21-The Prussian Diet, scene of stormy pol(t!cal scene; for Ihe last woek, volod 3«J to IS! Tuesday, to defeat a motion (or dls solution of the Diet The mollon was made by member of the Economic parly. The Fascist repeatedly had demanded thst tn Diet be dlftsolvcd and n«*v election: held, but Premier Ollft Braun, a So- ulallKl, had i*f«fted. x CENTRAL ILLINOIS VISITED BY SNOW FLURRIES; COLDER tltii Unite* Prn.) SPRINOFIELD, Oct 21-Snow urrlfls In various parts rf Central Illinois late Monday added ft realistic touch of winter to the cold weather which has forced thermometers below the freezing mark for several days. SllRhtly warmer and fair Tuesday and Wednesday .-was ths government's forecast. . MERCURY HirTNEW LOWS i till Prcm, i CHICAGO, Oct, 21--Winter's advance guard, an unseasonable storm that swept out ot Canada and across most of the United States, was most severe Tuesday In widely separated sections, the far East and the Southwell. . The entire northern half ot the country, from this Rocky mountains oust, continued In the grip of the wave which sent the temperature lo new low records tor so early in t.h« fall and brought suffering to count- led thousands. ' In north central states there was little *now, but 4he mercury at Chi csgo dropped to 24 degrees, o, frac tlon over the oil time record tor Oc tober SO, and it was predicted iha It would be little warmer Tuesday, REOPEN HIGHWAYS iVv'I/DIM PI-MS;) BUFFALO, N. Y.,. Oct 21-Llnes ot traffic again were moving : parts of the Western. New York lake shore region Tuesday and a complete reopening of , snow blocked highways was expected before nightfall Snowplows and crew» ot men wlU shovels had succeeded tn opening double-ear lane through the deep showdrlfta between here and Dun kirk. . I Hamburg, where hundreds nt motorists slept in the Jail and tire its lion when hotels,, rooming house and private homes were (Ul«A.fl(JI WM Isolate/ from highway i AACHEN, Germany, Oc$. tl --An official muster -nf workers »t the Wllholm twJ pit wlileh WM wrecked by MI explaiilAn «*rly TncFday «how*d that IMS men were mtMlntr, An official juuwoaoftment said « other* barf perished In Ibn dlsaslttr. (JTv 'Jn«c» t'reit.) AACHEN, Germany. Oct. 2I.-A errlflu explosion entombed Mvcral hundred nicn tn the Wllhetm conl mine Tuesday. Tho police chief of Alsdort, eight miles northeast of litre, said 35 bodies had been recovered and that he estimated 300 miner* were ill 1 1 entombed. Ot those, It was feared 70 were dead but it waa hoped to rescue the remaining 230. HI* cmimslc would make an unofficial preliminary death list of 100. Police estimated 200 were Injured, Pump Air ' Air was being pumped to the entombed men, The mines stretch between here an* Alidortfi ttot shaft* rurmtoK "Public Enemy" Appears Crestfallen At Hoover Committee Starts Immediate Welfare Surveys , iBv Vnttrt ftmt.1 WASB7NGTOK. Oct. 2I~Indlvl. dun I (differing l.hl* winter will b* prevented by administration m«M- ure* now under w»y to relieve un employment, It w»* Mid at tb* White House Tn«nd*y on beh»)t ot Pros Went Hoover It ws* cotimat'ed ·pproximately 3,800,000 persons am Idle. The immtdliiie program, H w »* stcd. U for a survey ot th« problem looklnK toward eo-operatitm ot municipal, slate ' and federal ·gind*». Welfare bodk* and similar owanfMUon* will be dnrwn Into the plan*. Selection of Col. Arthur Woods, former police commissioner of New Vork to lake ch»me of the develop- me lit ot an organisation to handle the unemployment problem UiU winter wa* announced, These developments toe* place Tuesday Immediately following the Irst meeting of President Hoovtr's p*els) cabinet committee »ppolDt*d lo deal with unemployment YOUTH SHOOTS MAN TAKENJOR ROBBER School Board Member In Critkal Condition ; . - enTrom alTUw sutrouttdmr tow*s concentrated at the seen*. Thousands of trantl« relatives ot the miners fathered around the shaft mouths, The explosion was so great that 11 was attributed to a a tort of 4yna mite. Accumulated gits wss advanced as another cause. It wrecked the out let of the Wtlhelm shaft, wlilch is l»rt of the Anna mines of Alsdorf. The elevators fell down the shaft, trapping the miners far underground, Communication K»UbU*hed Communication was established with the entombed men by telephone snd with fresh air being pumped, to them, high hopes were held of res cuing many alive, , The shaft has communicating gal lerles with other parts of the Anna mines, ant! rescuers were seeking to penetrate to the trapped men from several shafts, ' Many ttariMl Alive . The men entombed were (n Ihe lowest senni of the mine pit and there was danger of water entering, The work ot getting lo the men wttn proceeding slowly because of debris and gas. Many miners were believed burled among the debris and it wan feared they were dead. Tbc total cnsvmltks still were only a matter for cat I ma to. The official figures were lower than the estimate of the Alsttorf police, but a doctor at the. scene nald they would mount Many of the injured wci* mifforlnft from burns and gM poisoning. Au Ihoritics were trying to obtain ftn Idea of the number of men who es raped by sending out rndlo appeals for men who were working lit report Heart rending scenes occurred m Iho pit hand, where the weeping 01 women vein lives mingled wllh cries from the injured. Thoutmnd* of people nnd hundreds of automobiles arrived st the scene. Fortunately, med leal aid and hospital ·ccommoda tlons were plentiful. BLAST KILLS EIGHT cfl* UnllM J'rtM.) BERLIN, Oct. 21,-Elglil person! were (tilled and many were injured In an explosion in a monitions fae tory In Pressburg Monday, It was ro- porled here Tuesday, · GANG^iTVAGRANT GIVENJUtr TRIAL Chicago Hoodlum P u t s Prosecution To Test {ttli Uirilurt Pi'wl.) CHICAGO, Oct. «-Th« first triit by jury Accorded Chicago gangsl«M churgtMl with vagrancy, got under wny Tuesday with the prosecution ot Joe Condi, one of the city'* no torlous "public enemies," in the court of Judge Harry Fisher, When Condi was arrested under the charge, which haa been Widely resorted to recently In a vigorous at tempt to harass hoodlums to the point 6f leaving 'Chicago, he pleaded not pillly and instated upon a jury trial. member, shot Monday nlthtft youlh who apparently nhtMk -or a robber, wej In t critical ouidt- tlan In * hospital here Tusedty, Trocklcr was preparing to tove tin home with another member ot Uie school hoard. Htniy Menehlnf when another automobile WM driven nlo the driveway, .blocklnr thetr exit from Ihe Trochltr ffar*R«, White MenchlnR remained In the garage Trockler approached the Mrked automobile. He carried * flashlight In one hand and a revolver n the other. A boy and girl occu pled the automobile. When Troeokltr asked them what they wanted the youlh opened fire with a pistol. The assailant drove nlo a field, circled outbuilding*, re- urned to within 75 feet of where Troeekler lay, and fired several more diots, none of which hit thtli mark. · MencMnit brought Troeckler to » hospital here, where the latter Mid he believed th* youlh had shot him when he mistook him for a robber. ADMrTS~SH6OTINC I Ft I/ 1,'nll** I'm*. I ST. LOUIS, Mo., 0«. 21-H«rt»rt P Wyman. Peoria, paroled cftnvkt, admllled here Tuesday he »hot and nerlously wounded Joseph Troeckkr Mitchell, hoard of education clerk Monday ntffhl. but Mid h« mUtook JroeeVler for a hondll. Steps From Behind Motor BM; KiUed BU v»Hei rrtxt.t SPRINGFIELD. Oct 21-W, J Williams, 61, was killed Monday night when he stepped from behind a motor bus, Into the path of on automobile on the state highway t«venl rnito east of tvere, -- 0*rg* ·Burs" Hnrmn, "IkMtac*" Al Ct- pone's chl*f rival for the upolU of crime iri Chlca«o't underwwld, WM muted and ewtt to J»ll Tut»diy u * common v*cram, ' Immediately th« wheels nt Juitkt were Mt In motion l» m*k* It Mr- lain .that he would b« »t ibi com* mind of Chicago ·uthorltlei to oof* rlbute whet could bt txutat (roai him inward solution ot such unsolved crimes M the St. jVtUntl«ri luy, lh», musMr* ot wven ot bli ellow^rt. and the murder of Alfred . Ling)*, Chicago Tribune reporter TMhnk*HU«» AveMrt Col, A. V. Bmtih, iut*'» iitorn*y it Lake county, swept atld* wehnl- allUu and pr*p»red to *urr*nor Uoran to Pairkh Itochn, chief In(or th* Coefc cowtV »ttorBev*i ottke, Smith tiled an InformkUon In Lake county court chifflnf HorMi with vagrancy and with carrying concealed weaponi »nd ordered th* r ·r»l«n»d without «trc- mony, and tum«d over to two »t Roche's Investigator*. Trapped By AmMUon n'* irr*«t In *n Antloeh f** sort by Smith'* privet* lhvMtl|f torn occurred ·· » remit M hli mv to return to nilnoli Bud »!· tempt to nfftl* MM ot th» fow*r · " mrUd IB iw ·ttilr** : tr rtL«g)f.4ft. * BRAZILIAN REBELS . PREPARE FOR MAIN OFFENSIVE IN WAR Oci. 21-- Brazilian rebels were ready TiHHklay for their main drive In the itlly of Sao Paulo, reports received by revolutionary headquarters here Indicated. Col, Jono Alberto, commanding the rebel advance column Mir th* Pflr»na-Sa» Paulo fronl.leir, Itiued · proclamation addressed to the poopl of the city ot Sao Paulo Assuring them that "the liberal army h«» Inlenllon of bombarding open clltei.' Tie said that rebel airplanes would fly over the city for tnlllUry neon nalmnce, but ihat Ihe InhablUnt had nothing lo fear. BANKS CLOSED RIO DB'MTt «-Th, IS day suspension of bftnklnt d«ere«d by the government soon after the outbreak of the BrulllM revolution has been extended until Nov. SO, The government announced today however, Urn* bMiRs will b»lp«rmtt. ted to reopen Wednesday (or bv I ness on a limited bitti. RocWord MM Found D«d; Tbiok Suicide son county otrtelnli continued day an InvMtHmtlon ato th* --- teriou* death o( a man btUmd to bo Martin Johnwn, Boekfont, SU whose body WM to»M aJonf 'th railroad tnoki betwfci WlWet tnt Window by tectlon hejidi. Coroner M, A. Btom, who tM» (ned tlw body report** »' kut)*t wound IB Ihe twad, but touM no powder bum*. A rtvolver wti (mini beside lh« body, »nd police admitted the possibility «t either ttunUr e ·uldtli, ·untcr Va; Cwrty Cw'l "W Fr«td»» RUNS INTO TRAP ___._ tarn bed keen a will O l th» Wlip rind tta Un|l* murfltr.' Hi was reported to bo i**tlnc »t various MlnnewU retorts, w»ttln» for in opportunity U slip back to Chi- M«O, mvnd nil fenmi »nd return to th« beer runnlnf racket. Ptanwtd 84, Prnul G**f One report hid It that h WiS tnnlnc to omnlM th» liquor v llviUeji «t St. Ptul and Ulnneapolli ftantster* under hli own dlrteilon, Tor the taut mvtnl weetti, h« h»d been MM Bemldjl, tn the Ulnnwoti lake country. , A week »to, Kmlth received word that Moran had decided tho ttm* wii rtpe, Bmllh WM tal* Mw»» WM pncUlnit up hli »utemoMI* for » i«conAniMBnce f trip Into E*k« county, Just north of Chicago, prior to returning to Chicago. Arnwt Kwy As it remit, when Morwi Jr*v« hl« sutomoWfe WB before Mrs. Bllw- bftih J. ·CiMidy'i rnort it Antlocb, Monday nlftbt, Oeorji* lUrmvei head of a deuctlvn offenty, tnd tlve other men were wilchln* trom tn» shadow*. Worm dtd not reitit M- r«*t »Hhou«lt * revolver WM .tound it hli side, The Kanff Iwder wi* cwttf»H«« the e«i? wllh whkh h« h»4 !«· l«n tnlo tmllh-i trap end nwdydi*- perat* efforts to rwcK »on\« (ri*nd who would provide bond, nut w« not-successful,' Moran IS llit«d M-num1»F three ot the "iMiblie «n«nlM" Mown Is MM M Ctnon'i ·nut Md^MMW nnd h«a b««n » itunvblltigc Moefc in i.h« psth ot ih* Clcwo |Mpttr on many of th* hltw'i ,»chcmH to «r*ln more million* trom th* wtder- world. ^ ________ F1CDKBAL TOD* SBA» SM» Amnv WcOdcoCK, *·«»·--· r/ T --"ri^" air«cur, |taii» t« cenclud* Inipwtlon rf «fe(orcomont unlU h«r» VM i» M. Louis by W«drtudky, and nnuM hli IniiMctlon lour, folns to SprlnifliW, 111, then to Indlin* a»4 Chk*|«. Feature lida . JAKIW fcABTON MlnU out m IntftrwllBB *tet fwt l«rthm who have the coarne food fttllh, PM«^ ANOBbO PATM wniWiW tttt can of the utoleicent two nyBNTit vow cMvoludoi u i ·tory of a woimn'i U*t In Ptnll · . - . ' · AMDBEW . OAmmn women to bob thrtP *".» ·go. fctt UW.UIW oTikid* OM of · Hritf * IntwMMAt ,by KMtor M P*«t btMlotw. ftn IT, OLWASWIW pathrtl* figure. homiwotk «Ml \. . y»th*r dol«f Ml «^t probUM. ft«» ;'· .'·' ',. f", 'v- ^ ^ ;.·· .-·;·, NjEWSPAPJERflRBHIVE®-.

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