The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1973 · Page 21
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 21

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 21
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Treof e/ecfric/fy with due respect Tim BHAWMJPOHT FACT* s n^rn H> HAH HA It A A Cl'KKY r*a&on , , Ih* in a $»,*!; un't Sl»Mi "«* * »* *» trip or it won't work lt'» atwaye in th# wjr« OutM* f<j*n(>}kated sml fwjlche* are (imply tw>- K V<Mir ffittmiiv i.tihi v ««« v«tiiMit "interruption*" ... ^nu^lJmLVm: «tot I* ™ U-R «**.! ft«l to your turn* w ft|>srt ymir ul * w fli^ftl (JftC^ |IM¥ CttfffWl fE^ 1 *-^ |JJ«? t"tllff* Whfrfi f *ay "treat Ihrr*, H it tp|« !«?/»imaiWr, $ i«rtfirjil wwk in eny *J**"trk-sl t u cults ^y ftfta, torn off iu *:«jr- jew (UM? bui t«r twtwit ler ii fU }*,|y fi | the Jtts*- bo* MT rirtuit w**k*T For ploK' A W«k *jr« t*me» the •* gadfHjt ..,»ppU»rtt*», t u r t «• ft t lu outlets »»ile}wt, sr*d U o m P 1 1 tn f s i «r«i i Ut« oU*«rr, look cm lh« to u *mall m«Ui d'Xir that'i Ksuaily either pa)nl/ed c-|'««l *o it wwi't op*n, or »(**fl to It wwi'l clf/i'f In &n apart- iti^fit it can bfr ajtywrsMt, u a u n 1 1 y trw''j | nvfnif!il tn a hmiM?, Hi almost always in tht Tli* Ixtit arm) 0.* r: I f (. » ) 1 i» the (t>ecttuf« of a ibort circuit fn «n »w\utnti! f/r morft oft«fl too many t h i n « » operating on Ihr tam<r linn which more current than if»f jhwld haM>«, the "bliviri" &r !h* circuit flip* IU swllch to <i/Vft current from (o that area. You can u*u- ally »pol the bwrn*d r/ot fairly «a*ily, unl**», cw/rw, it control* the where lh« tu*t box i«. . Rip* to Naturally, (hi* U alrmwrt alwayi the caw, to have a flubiight handy. Alwayt have extra fui«« en hand, ftkatiy, allh^oRh you probably won't, yw should label what each fui* cofttrott- jrfog is c slk«J IJ tiie uhjt* lh* lit*' ••hich f SUM? a i IK* plain oM light 'I"h<?y have a lilil* wln- « through which ^o« can a rnelal tab 'Ah^fl ttw t tun i* <*v«r'«aiAt4, thii <i»J «*«• Irifs, or circtr.3, which (Ai Ih* frk Ifefurc rcmovtng th« (xdl the main switch if poi^ slbl* If not, carefully wn- th« fu«4S with the fin- touching f>nly the Th*» circuit i* a new bre*d, » lot tew lro«t>te an<J a M *af«r. You can't monkey with H DEAR ABBY «v«n if ymi'r* When iw w«fl the twlich »«V«lir*4 Uw "«rr potftion. N««««* to «F, H ifoww'l make ««ftM to replace • lust or Hip back the *irtteh h#- fort you find oat wh»t caui«4 tfic problem. ADC* M are very itubborn fit prot«tlng jriva, they'll blow a(ja>n. Most Ukery, you've lurned em one too many heating appUaiKtt* »t the Mffl« If yoa have one lti»« that continually blown and some putting a penny or a piece of ! Foil behind the fu*« *o ft f won't bl«»w—don't do rtf « r lOOxtra TOP VALUE STAMPS With purchase of $10 or more (excluding bce(, wine and oga»«!t<n) GOOD AT KHOGCB THRU SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1973 Security guards safer than guns By Abigail Van Buren Clip this valuable bonus coupon! nil • t. tt*m 1«M., M. ABBV V.y hoibinrf «nd I own a inuO m » v*ry rr«g)s nMjjhfaorfiood, We h*»« bwn bent tot many }*»-n xui m,*Jte a gp»l Ii»fef. T»o ye*r> afo we held a? tvvtt m £ manthti. The robbers tied o* «p and <rat !hc r«%»ter. but rw r»*J harm caa« 10 M, Afw? th»j, my tesrfufid html a **eority gnand, SStnec tften tnk) my htahond he ip«r«}-he should tet the H fo i-irf 'ir*p i hi.>r) jf-jn under the counter, Abby, bu»6irjd bis r<-»<rr firtt) a pin -.r. !iii Ufc— but be look ! 1 :.'/« mj f« itty: «•* (p dais"! rw*id a*. ><a.'i. 1 «s Jsstft isd r<A4*r oxnet us my lor U* gua *«! ti* *}-«•*>•» Am go in tib« «tore ax (004 aa I csuid stay hotae — be «r by rjd« »sth Wm for JS ! sm »o ifraid that tf a wj'JI g«t exdi«rf *nd reach •«ia kifl hsm. That's the way it ess a (>* »;<**» Or as I nghT WORRIED HORR1KI}. VIM are ri«M. SUUstir. UQ Bt»f ttt&wf«-ct pr«?4f Uua fsWx-n Aa4 la ulriur » f»r ABBV Da )^w; t« iBjttesg wrosjt ittth eottr- Uaiuaj a t-n «r«r^ ts ?i»r fjcrfrxwoi' 1 t am 15 ind Mike is 17. t,-*i I «ta«rux fcya ic ET berfrwini beeata* that'* •mtirrt li* iScrto si »:*J jli w* do a L««5 u> records and US* Betxiw, t tas* tw» teite bfiii for brcUsen and if Mii.<- i.-ji i dxte l k.,-i cs t>* txrfTtsom tteie kkb awuftj us ird i»s *r«i ^uJberu^g ua tsy suxiw !cc=«i raj bcdrooa ck-or toduri with h«3 a con. W« »<erea'l dotoj acythtcc fey A* «Jo*«a'l tnwt eae. Tv< taever ilo is? Uwtat w-4ij c>jd»» il'i Trrocg *•''•* laitrafts ui fwcordj in my fcedrixHa? suit v«sr uui««r thort Neeaia* I doo'l like Song bans* *s**«r». OKAY GIRL DKAR OK\Y A itr^rwxB li MM u> af^nprUte yUcc IB raterUia ivur bffj Irtra^ Vl»»c ;o^r item la ia»«Wr loci taj ttan. tjtt tU yw Get up to 750 xtra Top Value Stamps with these coupons MARGAtME TOP VALUE STAMPS rx n<«» COUTON k nw*c«A; OS OR l«0«t Of VtLLOK* Ol ONIONS GOOD AT HHOCIB THRU WJN JMNC 74. If71. DEAR ABBV ! aoa a Rronre *x«ua but t am to aafcju&td S ju« cisl UeD the tnitfe abixrt *Maethja^, cod Ui»* u my p«ifc4ea The daugMtr al a (narcd was recently CirroJ arid ! jest her a hAcixcia c!oth afid "tilfttfn^ (or * w«id%g pit. She ciUed cae and totd me the to with ber d«cor»iia^ sci*nx aad she'd like to rtiiirs is (er aoxher wfcsr Abl'y l to'j^M si oc> &a> aad «ai toid it was not rrt«rsa.t»!e So nhai ii»aid 1 l*il her* ASHAMED Dt-KR ViHAMKt); Trfl k*T Uw jUi b HX fU»T ,\*4 4*B'l b« aOLieanJ. Tkcrv U MMl C\)S>"IDEVTlAt. TO "DUMB CTTV KID—AGE »4": A •uk o tb« */!t|>rt«t •< a m»l* au aad a Itmai* Wrw. A »«ir fc» alB*M at«a;t rtrrtV kin; b aba Bv*»l); Mcritr. Ac a.u b a *»«**». A ja<kats b iyeci5eaUy a Bale •• ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~ —| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^kI r 100 i I XTRA I KX> XTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS wtu n«u couro* * n»«CM*.st o* t ma if AMU Y PAKI or CIKHCI MINUTI STIAKS UOOO AT UROOIH TMBO »UN AWt J*. «tn TOP VALUE STAMPS 1H Tt«S CXKrON t fVHCANX '4CT ttOX Or 5AWTAMV HAMill MODESS oooo AT KHOCin nmu SUN AMI 24. I*M Xtro low discount prke/ pki/Top¥cJue Stomp/ TOP VALUE STAMPS >MTM THIS COUPON ft K1RCMAU Of I PAIR Of UOLV OUCKLING PANTY HOSI COOO AT KROCfH THRU SUN JUNE 24. K«r AMy-t hMfcki, 4 II U A*fcy. KM (tt o* to Ra« * U* Aa«tk«, A lUtttk. hunuruig Mrs Mole vJ in MtlXaubl U Cunt I ii^t>S«k, Ha **> h«W rwvntl) «i ihe hunt* u< Mr». L<wr> l.\ix-»i uuh inciiiU-r-s ui Ihc .Vlptu LVlU Phi Alutr.iue .VvxjCtJUun ut Lakf Jjftiuil JM hoattto*!. Abu\t IruJII ilu' IvH, the tha^fr i»r«*itiMU, Mrs l-«ffy Scuii*, »«rvt* ,\tt> \\.irmi St»u» ui Lit* Jaciioti And Mr5 MclXnuW ,Vit> MvlK-iruilJ aivd Mn> ix-ifx vttvu d/i- iiatfrs, 'A ill tm siieiKijJig !(«• NaiKsitiil AJjiia tMu Ht" L'unveniiuo in Jui'.i'inAtUuitii, Ud Mrv Mi'lKtcalti is (wUVHKC prei>id«it ui c'UU-nijiv Al^id tviu Hu Chapter* ui KUtrkUt, itxi .Ur> Stars U tbv Tr**» Male prt&Kfeot ul

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