The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 17, 1966 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 10
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It Thursday, March 17. 1966 Noon Call Stock Quotes (Courfoy of Dempsey-Tegeler & Co.. Inc.) Music -- (Continued From Page 1) This is the first time the coa- 23'i cert and sigbtreading contest Allis Chalmew 34?ti£l Paso Nat Gas Store 2tH4|EU>yl Corp »1 58 {Ford Anaconda 82% Foremost Dairies • 22 & erhase said. Space Shot Aborts — (Continued From Page 1) Scott an Air Force major, to- dav were aboard the USS Leon- destroyer from the F. Armeo 62% Ashland OH ............... 51V* Bendix ........... Beth Steel Carrier Corp Celanese Chrysler Delta Air Diamond Alk 35% 52% 33*1 Douglas Aircraft •- 85% Dow Chem 7! Dresser Ind 32 Du Pont - 209« Gen Elec 109 Motors 96 Gen Tel & Elec Cen Tire that Masoa. the them sing two num-Uvestern Pacific early today. ! TK~ Mason was due in N; Each choir « from prescribed lists and'i one other number of their choos-; Okinawa, ing. They will then sightread • today. The astronauts number. Each choir will ' WJWW - „:?: given a rating fcr concert an Gordons Jewelry lb ^i a «,«„.. far siphtreadinsr. Greyhound 20 Gulf StateUti.. Halliburton Hoffman Electr |a rating for sightreading. of serve as guides for the vis- ciais. I What they have to say will Steel - have an important bearing on the future of the U.S. space program. The whole concept of hooking up with another satellite might have to be changed. The trouble cropped up only half ari hour after they achieved the first linkup with another satellite. At 6:30 p.m. EST. command pilot Armstrong climaxed a brilliant space chase by gently (nudging the Gemini 8 nose into a funnel-like docking collar of a 26-fcot-long Agena space vehi- DPS Denies Men Are Working At Connally Ranch AUSTIN (AP) — The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety ssys Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stanley Woods is wrong— there are 47% j king isiij The All-City Junior High Band, j 49^1 whose members have been S (Continued From Page 1) 37HJ practicing in sections for the j proc ess developed by U. S. Steel 500 I past few weeks leading up to j researc h — now nearing the Jones & Laugh 63^ j the concert, will perform at S| start o | or eak-in operations in Intertake Steel IBM cle. "It is really a smoothie," Armstrong said when the dock- jing was completed. County Prisoner Here Slashes His Wrists A 19-year-old Harris County prisoner in city jail slashed his wrists with an open can Wednesday afternoon. Dispatcher Alvin Soileau and Sgt James Lankford, alerted b> another inmate rushed into the cell to stop the action. He was taken to a Baytown hospital where he was given a tetanus shot — no stitches were required — then shortly afterward transferred to the Harris County Jail Court Refuses Convict's Plea For Court Trial AUSTIN (AP) — The Texas Supreme Court Wednesday refused, in a 5-4 decision, to order a speedy state court trial for a correctional institution at Tex-,tional rights? obviously not," arkana. Cooper claimed his rights under the state and federal constitution have been de- man now serving a term in a,nied said the majority opinion. The four-man minority opinion, signed by Chief Justice Rob- the Galveston ert v,'. Calvert and three asso- because federal correctional institution, i court refused to order himi~^ te j ust i ce s. disagreed, li said Specifically the court denied!brought to Galveston from the the undisputed facts of the case " - - - ,v.«<-»»i->i :« r *;»...;~r. *~* trivsi "" s how "the state has the power to afford the relator a speedy trial. and no valid excuse has been of- the request" of Samuel Harold i federal institution and tried Cooper that the 56th District j the state charge. Court in Galveston be forced toj The five man majority opinion try him speedily on a mari-i todav noted that prisoners taken fered as to why that power huana possession charge or dis-j from ' federal institutions for trial should not ** exercised. in Houston. Kerr-McGee 67%] p.m. Ung-Temco-Vought 60 l 4|um. Suirday in the audilori- not three uniformed highway patrolmen performing menial tasks at Gov. John Connally 's ranch near Floresville, Tex. Woods made the charge Tues- the East. A new 84-inch hot strip mill in the Chicago area and improve- Magnavox 92% Marathon Oil 2 s Monsanto "9 Nat Dairy ~SH Nat Dist 32-% _ New York Central "plunder the direction of Brown j substantially. Peiin RR 62M: j Saturday at Lee College. j New lines for the production Pepsi Co!a s Pet Guest conductor will be Leon Bro\vn of North Texas State jments to a hot strip mill in the University in Denton. The first [South — when completed in 1966 combined rehearsal will be Fri-| O r early 1967, the availability of day with additional rehearsals j sheet products will be increased Raytheon Schlumberger Sears - -,... Shell 57%! main day. He also said radios had been installed in cars belonging to the governor's brother, Merrill, and his ranch foreman. s Sperry-Rand lived. Mission directors at the control center in Houston, Tex., suddenly were jolted out of their seats when tracking d;>ta indicated the joined spaceships were rolling. "It took off in roll and yaw," Armstrong reported. This quote was passed on to by Flight Director and other could not let reporters hear the full tape because the tone of the voices am , Other important projects in- what the astronauts said might features ofU^e those aimed at capturing j be misinterpreted. xnch ithe advantages of technological I "Until we know what the se•The i improvements in steelmaking quence of events are. we don' The Caribbean Sea, the largest of the world's seas, next to But his elation was short he Malay Sea, has an area of W\ ,, j mem bers are se-!<* galvanized sheets - an addi- newsmen fay Fligh 2£ tested bv auditions from allltional unit for the South and the John Hodge But he s ! nior hih rades in the i company's first such unit in the officials said they cc „ I three junior high grades in the j company's -~ ifive schools participating, Bay-1 East are now under construc- =- a; j lands, Horace Mann and Car-jtion. 3 Sta- Cal ............. T2Vi!Four Homsmen" by David Ben-|ana pro. . „ "'Tnd •" ' n ett with band accompaniment.;steel: {*••• /""^x~ fi*^ * solo instrument tri£ Ln5inoonc» j *-*•%, &*-** t ilSn vJilIO -...••••"•••-••'• i "* "~ i _ _ , , AT»*iTirtn i land production of semi-finished -;" •- • v nerp ............. 47% I'm a special number. basic started op- 'jeration in the Chicago area late i in 1965. Another such three-furn- Director Homer Garrison Jr. Stauffer told newsmen that since the Sun Oil . assassination of President JohnjSunray ;*''H Tor . said other selections of un-, d const ruction, wounding Svntex 96-^i usual appeal for the audience;^ — want to release the tape," said Operations Director Christoph C. Kraft. "Just because the> said there was a problem with the No. S thruster does no mean this is so. We want to loo Fred Parker, HM band ^^ | a ce " shop _ U.S. Steel's third —'at all the data and then try t also F. Kennedy and the w of Connally. one uniformed offi- the ranch of Public cer has been at around the clock. "The Department Safety has always been charged with the responsibility of providing security for the governor j and his family," Garrison said Technicolor Tenn Gas Texaco Texas Eastern ............ 20Vi Texas Gulf Sul ............ 108% include "Holiday in Spain" i and "The Second American Folk • pdn - v Rhapsody." Parker said the All-City Band in the Chicago area. The com- that more will fol- j low "in the future. U.S. Steel's first high - capa- Hear DR. ROBT. GOODRICH MAR. 27-30 ST. MARK'S METHODIST CHURCH Tidewater Union Carbide •• Union Oil of Cal United Air Lines Upjohn Drug U. S. Steel Western Equities Westinghouse . -. Xerox 44 .......... 63 .......... 49% .......... 116 .......... 71 ........ 49% is primarily to give recognition i no " v to the more capable students | uled t{J ' city, continuous casting unit, construction, is sched- operation in 1966. who earn the right to partici-' It w ^jj pro( 3 Uc e large steel slabs pate in a select group of 67 million square miles. miss the charges. Court records show was indicted May 24. 1962. in be accompanied at _ imust Cooper; itimes by a deputy U. S. Mar- not be exercised. ,,» This is especially true since the state is not required to surrender any of its sovereignty in W O^ JU.HJJLV.l*.v* »<u* j — - • »--j - ,• — —. Galveston on the state charge jshal. 'If a state regards the order to give the relator the re- and released on bail. On Feb.!federal charge for guard, trans-[lief requested," the dissenting 20 1963, he was convicted On a'portation or other services as!opinion said, na'rcotic's charge and sentenced exorbitant, should a determina-i without the conventional opera- 60*i 228K i kind. "The youngsters usually ] ^ on& of ^g^ teeming, stripping, work toward this for several reheating and rolling, months," he said. j^ y^ a^a o f research, U.S. Th e sixth year for this event, steel reports that its research it is done with the cooperation I exDen ditures have tripled in the ol all the respective junior high In addition to are Douglas Wallace. Cedar Bayou; Elmer band directors. Parker, there New President MRS. C. E. LEACH is the new | president of the DeMolay Moth-jHargis, Baytown; Jim Cunning- jers Club. She succeeds Mrs. J.jham, Highlands; and Gene Cart!A. Dinwiddie. -• . . . ~ . ... expenditures last 10 years. New steels from research have competitiveness enhanced of steel the and have provided customers with a more efficient cost - saving material in their manufacturing processes. Some examples of these new steels are as follows: A new high - toughness, weld- able steel with a minimum yield strength of 140,000 pounds per sauare inch has been developed for use in deep - diving underwater vehicles. A new Ni-Cr-Mo steel, highly resistant to radiation, has been developed and approved for use in today's higher capacity nuclear vessels. Steel foil is now being made available in tissue - thin form from the first rolling mill designed exclusively for the production of wide, ultra - thin steel. A program previewed during 1965, aimed at promoting steels for rapid transit systems, is receiving widespread attention. It features unique and efficient uses of modern steels in components such as tunnel liners, aerial structures and passenger stations and includes a full-scale model of th e SCOT — Steel Car Of Tomorrow — a strong, lightweight transit car employing decide what went wrong." Here's what the data now available indicates: Armstrong and Scott wen preparing to make some ma neuvers, using small Agena control jets to yaw the coupled craft. Purpose was to study resulting vibrations and their effect on the joined vehicles. For some reason, there was a violent sideways movement, then the spaceships started to spin at a rate of about once every 10 seconds. During this period, Armstrong's heart rate pulsed up to 150 beats a minute and Scott's to 135. Both normally register in the ~0s. Armstrong managed to ontrol the craft sufficiently to disconnect and back away from the Agena, which carried about :,000 pounds of potentially dangerous fuel. The Agena then stabilized, but the Gemini resumed its rolling motion and went out of control. Armstrong was unable to operate his main engines to stop the motion. He activated a set of 16 thrusters that are normal- y used only for re-entry and was able to stabilize after wrestling with the problem for 30 minutes. Gemini mission rules make i mandatory that the spacecraf return to earth as swiftly as possible once the re-entry jets are used. This is because continued use would deplete the fuel supply of the only system availabe for controlling the space ship during the vital reentry The trouble occurred during the fifth orbit, as Gemini 8 was entering a series of global revolutions that would take it awa\ steel and glass. large expanses of get AGAIN AMERICA'S FAVORITES... CHEVROLET TRUCKS 566,664* NEW CHEVROLET TRUCKS WENT TO WORK LAST YEAR. THAT'S A RECORD FOR CUSTOMER ACCEPTANCE..-EVEN FOR CHEVROLET! Last year more people bought Chevrolet trucks than ever before. Stands to reason. Chevrolet makes a truck for almost every kind of job. So many components are offered you can set up a Chevy to do your special job the way you want it done. Cost is low. Resale high. Chevy's been the No. I truck since 1937. Put a new '66 model to work. It's bound to be No. 1 on your job for years. Housing — (Continued From Page 1) not need to be in there, them out. "We are not fighting the housing authority. What we want is the high income people out and hhe low income in a proper housing,'' Dr. Finney stated. The housing authority director told the group at the Frida> night meeting that according to he files there are no high income people living in the ect. Taylor said that the housing authority has to rely on the information given them pertaining to incomes by the tenants themselves. Dr. Finney told The Sun that the people were not satisfied with the answer to a complaint on cutting off utilities. This pro- 'Source ft. L. Polk & Co., Detroit. Bet a Ho. 1 buy on the Ho. 1 truck during Double Dividend Days CHEVROLET 42-053! BUCK TURNER CHEVROLET CO. 115 H. MAIN ST. 1AYTOWN, TEXAS from main recovery areas. Recovery officials decided that a landing in the Western Pacific during orbit No. 7 would offer the fastest recovery. Computers calculated the time to fire the retro-rockets, and Armstrong fired them without a hitch as Gemini 8 sailed high over Africa. Then began a suspenseful 32- minute period during which the astronauts made a fiery dash back through the atmosphere, skimming over Arabia, India and Red China. There are no Gemini tracking stations within range of this path and thus no communication with the pilots during the descent. Recovery forces steamed toward the landing zone 500 miles east southeast of Okinawa. An Air Force C54 rescue plane was over the area when Gemini S floated down on its red and orange parachute splashdown at 10:23 p.m. or 12:23 p.m. local time, in calm seas. Because of communications difficulties, it was an hour later before the world knew whether cedure is followed when a ten- ^ astronauts were safc _ ant is late in his rent. Dr. .Finney said Taylor admitted to the group that this was not a Public Housing Administration policy but was "a means to an end" used in collecting rent. "Why then charge a person late charges and also cut off utilities?" Dr. Finney aswed. Dr. Finney said the letter sent by the Housing Authority on notification of late rent does not state specifically what will be done (such as cutting off utilities) but just says that some action will be taken. "When they cut off utilities, they are cutting off the livelihood of the individual," Dr. Finney said. "This also involves a health hazzard." Dr. Finney referred to the water as particularly hazardous to sanitation, "We were not satisfied with the meeting (Friday night) in toto,'' Dr. Finney said. "There is much room for improvement. "We certainly are willing to do everything in our power to settle this thing locally. If this is not done, it will become nec- essery to contact the Public Housing Administration regional headquarters in Fort Worth." Concerning the recent eviction of an Archer Courts resident, Dr. Finney said this action was not being protested. He said that resident had only caught up with her rent twice in six years and deserved to be evict- PH. 582-8207 **" The destroyer Mason picked up the astronauts at 1:30 a.m. EST. The capsule was retrieved a few minutes later. Armstrong and Scott were reported in good physical condition by a medical technician aboard the ship. NASA officials said that until they have a chance to compare telemetry data and talk with the astronauts they will not know what caused the violent Gemini actions. Gilruth said that preparations would continue as planned for the Gemini 3 night, now set for May, "while we are expending every effort to find the cause of the Gemini 8 occurrence. So when the results of this flight become available we'll be as far ! along as possible with Gemini 9." The four remaining flights in the Gemini program call for hookups with an Agena. This is a technique that must be perfected before man goes to the moon. If Gemini 8 should show that there are major problems in joining two spacecraft, major changes might have to be made. Wiped out by the sudden return to earth was Scott's planned record space walk. He was to have stepped outside for a record 2Vi hours today to determine how well man can maneuver and work while functioning as a human satellite. The flight was to have lasted three days, covering 44 orbits. five years by a U. S. district i tion of excessiveness be taken! Wild birds do not sing more jrt. 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