Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 16, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
Page 5
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a.-; .^&_tsasss r=.=v^i^ Bick Case .and Dicl&'iof, lOscepla-sty ^«^4att!»^$$j W. H. Madden. They were ac- aniep- to/ Des ..-. Moines -by , Madden ; , anil Miss , Carrie ' Tudor joyd" Davis, Lenox, Ti Blunck; Ben tori, Tu- Joe Matthews; ' Win- boupe; A. Johnson, J Tudor' sedan. Dale Martindtale and E. Davidson of Clarinda > Lenox Saturday. Mrs. ale visited with her par•. and Mrs. Harry Cheese, ig home that ieveniri'g. vidson and children ; V!ST til Sunday aftern.obrt parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cheese. ; id Mrs- R- E - McClintock Idren of Car oil spent with Mrs. McClintock's Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wal- 1 Mrs. Karl McCullouch Karl of Des Moines mday with Mrs. McCul- and Mrs. Laughlin,'.whp viflted .there iin ^..V^edn^day ,ajternoo.n and Were aqcqmpanied home by -Mrs. McCuilouch and son. ..; Mrs.-H. G, .Dougan, who 'has been iU for ?. about two weeks,ire. turned Tuesday; •< from - a •, few days/iVisit ; w4th her,;parents, Mr. and; Mrs>,Henr.y, Williams at Bol_ ckow, Mo.- Mrs, Williams came home with her daughter and will remain here until .the last of the week. .; ] •• Mrs. Ralph Hurley of Winterset spent Saturday here in the J. L. Hurley home. Ralph came down that evening and they went on to .Clearfield, where they spent Sunday in 'the Li H. Andrews home/ and Mrs. Torn Ford at Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Andrews of Clarion visited Sunday afternoon and evening hi Lenox, at the Ben Wurster and Ivan Carey homes. They came to attend the funeral of Mr. Andrews 1 uncle, Mr. Elliott of Creston. Miss Annola Toler is in Des Moines this week attending a meeting of the State Childrens Work Committees of the Church of Christ^ "Miss Toler is chair- ihan of the Southwest District. Mrs. Toler accompanied her daughter, arid while in Des Clej*rfieltf Events tlieir (ftefit of jtl|ose taxesjsto^^lf' •side$ .^ftnVrs and -.'«jfp>)fa- ^j^llib^laa'-'not qpnt^t&!?;to The as follows: Moines will, visit with relatives. | Reading, Easter, and From They plan, to .return today. J Wifse Mien's Pens, Mrs. Frank Mr. ahd.jVlr.s,. Fred Holben Green. visited from..." Thursday until | Poem, Souls Spring House- Tuesday in Des Moines with cleaning, Mrs. Mary Slattery. their daughter and family, Mr. 1 Duet, The Old Rugged Cross, and Mrs. A. L. Higbee. Mr. and Mrs. Shoenhair and Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Higbee have recently moved from Ft. Des Moines to their home at Ingersol Place. Ladies Auxiliary Meet - .-^s^> .-,-, ..-., --.i*-w••;> ; it The Ladies Auxiliary of the On account of the ill._. i nVmrfliv TOPI- nt th*» ! of Mrs. Arthie-Calkin, a belated,i ... «<.«c»»u»^w'»» B «. ,..-~«--—-~ ChUr6h shXhnalr; dinner, was-held;, at the Archie Moines, wh.q.ls now ; a,qandidate| ' out Eddie Friemal, Sunday, April 5' ; years , twice voted .against u biusi | Those present were Mr. and that provided, respectively, ,taxi Piano selection, Mrs. Ralph Mrs. Leland Calkin and Margar Deductions ^S^a: Baker. et Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Edward i As a,result of Easter Thoughts^-Devotionals, Mrs. W. A. McKinstry. Prayer, Mrs. John Hepperly. Solo, The Beautiful Garden of Prayer, Mrs. Harry Shoenhair. the Song, Jesus Loves Me, little Harriet Shoenhair. Business session. Social hour of - visiting and fol- Mrs. Victor Palmberg of Nortonville, Kansas, returned home various amusements was nuicwo nuiiiu. Wednesday after spending sev- lowed by refreshments of whip- Mr, and Mrs: Jordon Clapper eraal . d with her mo ther, ! ped cream, cake, fruit and cot- •iH family nf flr-nofrvn on&tif . . .... .. fan emMmrl mr t.nP P.nmmittefi. and family of Creston spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Clapper's father, Dan Stanger. Geo. L. Goodale will attend the Iowa State Optometrists convention at Des Moines Wed_ nesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. He will be accom_ panied on the trip by L. B. Robinson of Glenwood and W. B. Ankeny of Corning. Miss Edith Cox returned last week from a visit in Des Moin- inned out winter oil in e s with her sister. While there Moore's doll fee, served by the committ.ee, Mrs. W. A. McKinstry, Mrs. Ar_ O. E. Bricker thus Lourie, Mrs. Ralph Baker •who has been ill for the past week. Mr. and !Mrs. w. ^. u * *»«.*.. spent Sunday in Greenfield with and Mrs. Harry Shoenhair. their daughter, Miss Elo'iise Easter Cantata Bricker, church Leach was Lela her marriage. ner guests mother. _ „_ tor, drive in and we will | S he saw Colleen out and refill it with a I house, grade of summer oil. | Mrs. J. J. Walter went to Os- sponsored this program and Mrs. Ed Madden of Bedford there were singers from all three visited from Saturday until churches^ A number^ sang solo Wednesday at the home of her This Pogram was en Calkin of Des Moines, Mr. and Senator Wilson voted against' Mrs. Archie Calkin, Henry and and that were passed by Repub,- Thelma, and Miss Eunice Frame. ! Ucan legislatures, taxes were re- Paul Brock of Richland cen-iduced in Iowa from $110,000,000 ter, Wis., spent a few days with'in 1930 to., $85,000,000 in 1033, ., his sister, Mrs. Linn Stephens,) The effectiveness of that leg- who is ill. At present Mrs. islation has since been nullified Stephens is better. j by the clique of impracticable Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach of Des Moines politicians that has Creston are the proud parents been in control of Iowa's gov- of a son, born April 7. He will ernment. Increased expendi. be known as Phillip Witter. Mrs. tures by this group have in. Witter before creased Iowa's taxes to $119,000- o _. I 000 in 1935. Taxes for 1936 will ~Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Witter be from 10 to 35 percent higher, arrived from their home in Vir- j the increases varying from ginia last week to visit his county to county, and it is safe mother, Mrs. Stella Witter and' to say that not less than $135,other relatives/Leonard has' 000,000 will be collected from been in the navy service for • Iowa's citizens to conduct a^ goy- some time and has not home for eight years. Mrs. Ida Jenkins and her son George Clarey have moved to her farm southeast of town. Mrs. Blackman is slowly improving from her recent fall. Mrs. Rena Swartwood, Mrs. B. A. Herring and children, Rupert, Hazel, Pauline, Rollie and Don spent Sunday near Bedford with Mrs. Herring's brother and fam- daughter, M, and Mr, Jay also time to get the Hughes. i Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Bender Mrs - Beue spent Sunday in Des Moines P iano Iceola last Thursday, visiting, with Mr _ Bender ' S sis t e r. n?r«f Wur trlnsmE until Tuesday at the h ,° me ° f i Mrs. S. Cox of Hastings, Iowa out of your transmis- her daughter and fami i V) Mt...L M a guest over the week end and Mrs. R. K. McGee. Mrs.;L t the home of her daughter McGee accompanied her mother j and . family) Mr and ms _ R E . d to replace it with the grade. that spring is here, why to Lenox Tuesday. _ U «* ca* washed and «*»^Nixo^an^sjstgs| ,^ Mrs. Gene word Sunday was at the Baxter received that her aunt, been ! ernment that cost $85,000,000 three years ago. Some will say that relief costs have increased taxes. Our governor in his address to the 1935 legislature stated that "not more than $3,000,000 of Iowa tax. payers' money went for re- ily. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Baxter Mrs. not,have the grease and their ,horne on North; Main: street. Poindexter. Dlinton Wells and son, . jr., of Des Moln'es, came: Sunday afternoon, visiting until Monday afternoon with Mrs. Maude ' and rela _ bed off,your motor? .Wet;! Mrs. E. P. Brightwell of Oma- water and sufficient; ha spent Wednesday ; .of last week with her sister;: MES.< Mary; j . Rev w A Thompson and Leckliter and niece, Mrs. Marto win (. Bennison went to Red Oak Sluss. •' ' • * "•'" '''_'' , '; Mrs. Gail Richard and daugh-, ^ a ys attending the spring meet- ter Virginia : Lee : of dmah'aiand! ing O f the Co ii e ge springs Pres- Mrs. Robert Nelson who is stop-! bvtfery. • : Jane Hall of Benton had She had been ill for several years. Mr; and Mrs. ChasA.King and son Merrill of Mt. Ayr visited at of their daughter arid C. J. Swan and family, Sunday. They also attended the Easter program at the auditorium in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Hender- attended the funeral of Mrs. Baxter's aunt, Mrs. Jane Hall of Benton, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Lucy Carlson spent Tuesday in the Tom House home vith her friend, Mrs. Chas .Lydon. B. A. Herring was operated on tooday morning at the State niversity hospital in Iowa City. *' WmV Bennison went to Red^Oak ™- Qrd attended the . i.Mbhday, where they spent three ^ on £ m Sunday e ven- "'days attending the spring meet- ™ a ° v ^ * °.. . . ittl • _.a i.\_ j» ^TH!! n»A Civ*«*i«*i rvn "QT«ne*_ lil&t ' ' __ _ _ . ping for a.short tim.eJn,pma^a,! ! : v^ ne j^ ller Chevrolet Co. re- came,-to Lenox Iast, : ^;e,dn§sg3,3f,! |,^ s the sale of new cars as visiting u'ntU,Friday, ..jphe.fp^' fniinws: Wm. Dev Ermand. Len- i <y • came,-tb Lenox last, : ^i!:e,dn§S!d^,| visiting untU, Friday, .^he ; . fp^-' mer at the home of her par_ ents,'-Mri ahd Mrsi',I|. "iJCJ. '(Jattter.i and the latter, with' feer parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, Davis, | Mr. and Mrs. 'Francis Folcey were in ; Stuart .Sunday -•> afternoon, calling on Mr. and Mrs. . Ray Potts, former Lenox people. Miss Mary Barber of Maryville visited from Friday until Monday at the home of her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Barber. • Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnson spent Sunday with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Tip Lucas, near Nodaway. ! Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ford spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. thur sport sedan; J. Bruce Hagadon, Orient, 'master sport coupe; Stanley Vicker, Cromwell, master 1 town sedan; Perry V. Dunn, Jonway, master town sedan. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. McMahon of Kansas City and their dau- I ViiU LOOKING GOOD TIRE- CHICKEN DINNER The Ladies of the Catholic Church are serving a dinner in ST. PATRICK'S HALL Sunday, April 19th i Begin Serving at 12 o'clock bshowyoutheworld's poice economy tire e than a match for ' highest-priced i in long 'safe mile, ad grip, blowout jttion and looks. A I we give you because >ear builds the most jby millions. OVER IILLION SOLD— HOW GOOD MENU Scalloped Chicken Mashed Potatoes Gravy the "sale of new cars as Wm. Dey Ermand, Len- tbwn", seiSan; , Ar- Bivens, Lenox, standard Reynolds of Mount Ayr is visiting at : the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lester Little arid family. : ..".'"' ""'".. Miss Jessie Tall^y, of Diagonal spent Sunday with her niece, W. C. Hei Msr. Ralph Hurley of spent Sunday with parents, MX,, and Mrs. L. H. Andrews. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hurley, Harvey and son Cliff- RIMES OF OSCEOLA ATTACKS GOV'T SPENDING John M. Grimes of . Osceola,, Republican candidate for :gov_ rnor in a statement .issued; at his headquarters today said: I .m pledged to the reduction of taxes by decreasing state governmental overhead. I am in "avor of applying the proceeds from sales and income taxes to the reduction .of. taxes:\on.home- steads rather than giving the mi.- an" iriio. i. *. — Mrs May Harvey ana son uim- of Kansas City and their dau- • Sunday afternoon ghter, Mrs. L. Petersen and little Harvey's parents, Mr. daughter Shirley of Menominee, Mich., visited Saturday and Harvey's parents, Mr « • u ghort near Con . jna «u*. * Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. *: Mar iorie Shoenhair and H. Madden and Mr. and Mrs. • Fred Childs. Mrs. McMahon is ,£ Q sister of Mrs Madden and Mr. _ Childs Marcella and Karl friendfi and old neigh . and near Conway sun_ Mr and Mrs. Ralph C. Jones, ^^Ts are now located in the property Clyde Spicer of ated in the property < g^^Ve'callers at the home icupied by Mr. and Qf her daughter , Mrs. Gene l° Ved Baxter Sunday evening, and al_ fr ° m so attended the Easter services at the auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Carlson o formerly oc . Mrs. Harry Walter. They moved here about a week ago Washington, Iowa,. Mr. Jones bought the late Walter Van Houten law business. Mrs. Roy Long, Mrs. LeVerne Roll and Mr. Tulley were in Creston Tuesday afternoon at_ tending the funeral of George McFee, who died Sunday. Noodles Creamed Corn Buttered Peas Pickles Rolls Jelly Pie Coffee Price 35c and 25c . CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for the many kindnesses received during our recent bereavement. Mr, James Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Gustin, Mrs. Clara Wood. Diagonal, Mrs. Lucy Carlson and Jas. Beatty were Sunday dmnei guests of Mr. and Mrs. Johr Beatty. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Flowers o Des Moines spent Easter with her mother, Mis. Laura Rood and family. Miss Wilma M|KelVey cam down from Des Moines an spent Easter with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McKelvey. Miss Jean Rood returned from a short visit in Des Moines Sat PRICED Bros. Walter Dr. W. E. Crousei B.C. D.D.T. PILES SPECIALIST will give FREE EXAMINATIONS to all people suffering from piles, THURS., FRI., & SAT., APRIL 16, 17, & 18. He will also explain his method of obliterating piles which involves no drugs, no surgery, no anesthesia, no injections, up blood, and no hospitalizatipn. This is your opportunity to find out about your case without cost* Come early Open till 10 p.m. Sat. Agnew Bldg. Phone. 878 Creston, Iowa beftween. Is the logC^n^'F^rn'BuiJeau lounch- ed a campaign to increase the membership''ih the County. Fifty farmers"' 'representing e very township- In the ! county have vblilnteered their' services. .Etn^ est Wi"ay of MfitfyVUle, Mp.j <ha? been secured as Organization Director and will spend three w.eeks itt ttte county woriaing with local farmers : in ^each township. ;' ••:••'.•'.* '••.',•.;,! Monday evenirig,"April 13,.volunteer workers met in the'Meth- odist, church basement •. where plans were made for conducting: the campaign., In addition' to Mr. Wray, ftarold Teachout, farmer from : Fremont cotiiity r was. present. ' Mr. Teachout'!is a Director of the' i :Iowa;' Farin. Bureau Federation. _...;--, r ; '•••^' Both Mr. Wf ay'..-and .Mr.. Teachout pointed out that..the only way to secure" 'equality for" agriculture is by organized action and that every farmer 'who is interested in his business'attd welfare should belong ,.tc> ; somfe constructive farm organization..' Protect Your Chick Investment WITH JERMITE JERMITE in the drinking water protects your CHICK'S HEALTH, insure greater VITALITY and STURDIER GROWTH. This protection can be obtained for a very small additional cost. ' : . 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Inc., Det>- Moines, Iowa ..W;•/• ; .-.vi!f 1933 CHEVROLET TRUCK — Equipped with good, heavy duty tires. This truck is in good condition and'is ready to go. If you are looking for a real value in a truck here !s$ 265 You can save at this great spiring clearance sale of Every car a real bargain! 1929 DURANT SEDAN—This car looks good and runs fine and you can drive it away J. \J L -. - • - - • — — — — Mrs. Zeta Kay and daughters, Leah Blanche and Lois Marie of Clarinda, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Hidlay. Mrs. Kay returned to Clarinda Sunday evening while the girls remained a day or two with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Rood came down from Des Moines to spend Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Hidlay. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Steward and children, Edgar and Melba, took their aunt, Mrs. Josie Montville, to Council Bluffs Sunday, where she took a train for her home in Pipestone, Minnesota. Mrs. Montville had spent the past six months here visiting relatives and friends. Tom House Is in the sanitarium in Savannah, Mo., where he is taking treatments. Mrs. Lester Owens had the misfortune to fall at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lester Levi, and sprajn her ankle. She has just recently returned from the hospital in Iowa City. The Social Upioiti. o|.the United Presbyterian church will hold .„_.. CHEVROLET MASTER COACH— Original Duco finish, clean upholstery, tires that show little wear, thoroughly reconditioned and backed by "an O.K. that counts". Completely equipped, including heater __ Remember — these cars Guaranteed O.K. 1928 BUICK SEDAN —This car has new tires and runs fine. You won't find any cheaper transportation anywhere than this at only SMALL PAYMENTS Easy Monthly Tenas 1927 BUICK TOURING—Has winter enclosure and the,motor is in good condition. This car is a real bargain at only Lowest Prices—Most Convenient Ternts 1927 FORD COUPE — This car is equipped with a Rucksteel transmission. It has new tires and will give you a lot of good service and satisfaction. Priced at only 1930 CHEVROLET COACH —Read that , price and then see, this car. Compare its v appearance and performance with otheYS" and you'll see JwHat $' bargain is, QJJier^j,, Thjs car is equipped;' with good tires, has* good upholstering isinA-1 $< condition All vital parts carefully reconditioned. AH Popular Makes and Models! 1927 NASH COACH —This car has been used for several yea'ite but it really has the, stuff in it and will give you wonderful service. It is clean and nice. Priced at only ____^___ SEE US FOR BEST VALUES-TODAY! ) •, . ; ' ' Miller Chevrolet Co. Lenox

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