Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1959
Page 4
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4 TOE PAHH»A MAftCH 3, 1959 Yeaf DEAR ABBY.., 8y Abigail Van Burin fcfiAR ABBY; T am th« sitter ifl had hef boyfriend over whiles Itt *nd lh« mifiuli th« people drove GEAR CURIOtf'S: The long arm r>f eoneldene* ha* reached several thousands of miles. The guilty sit- th« lights went ott when he came ter lives In Elizabeth, New. Jer. In and the minute the people drove »ey U£» the lights were turned on i<pxin. This tfl ft. dirty lie! The DEAR ABBV: I would like to 'No Hiding Place' To Be Enacted By Presbyterians A one • act play, "No Hidingi place" will be presented VVpdnes-' day morning in the Education Building of the first Presbyterian Church at the regular Presbyterian Women's Organization meeting. Coffee will be served at 9 a.m. with ths program beginning omen at §:30. Mrs. Ranald Hubbard and Mrs. Doris E. Wilson Dally New$ Women 1 * Editor First MethodistChapel Scene Of Cleveland-Craft Marriage Service CANADIAN (Spit —• Miss Joyce [the bride wore a sheath suit dress Stanley Brandt are in charge of Caroline Cleveland and Pfe. Trultt the presentation with Mrs. Dudley! Steele assisting In the direction of the cftst, which includes Mir*is. lights wer« ON almost all the time|tell my side of It. The reason my, : Bill Lemmons, Kirk Duncan, Tom he was here. We turned a few lights off to watch television. And boyfriend ran out. the back door when the people came home was Braly, Able Wood and Donald G. Craft exchanged wedding vows in the chapel of the Pflmpa First Methodist Church on February 7 fit u p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Cleve- Dunham; Messrs. Al Bell, .Tim land of Canadan are the " the i-Ss-on he ran out the back;because he was too bashful to Brown, George Yoe, and Ed Hub-' O f the bride door was because his hair neaded meet them. We weren't doing any- bard. Make-up will be done by B nH are R .. . t .... ...... t .1*. 11. f: „ ,1 H *KJ »»• ...*...*.~ •^i_»i.fc-__j,_ 1 - _. . *1 •> winn die ix comVing and we couldn't find a thing wrong. 1 wish the neighbor* comb. CINDY (Cleveland) DEAR ABBY: I am very glad that I do not have to worry about would mind their own business. Mrs. G. W. Long for the play which will dramatize the attitudes SALLY (Oklahoma City) 'Shown toward persons usually out- For a personal reply, write to ABBY in care of this paper. En- side "our own personal circles/' ent are Rev and Mr« T O Craft of Baird. Double-ring services was of black Italian Silk with whit* Accessories. fhe rouple will be nl home at 2500 N. Robinson, Oklahoma. City, Oklft., while tfia birdegfoom is stationed at Ft. 8111, Okla. The bride was graduated from Canadian High School; attended Texas Tech in Lubbock and Is now ,w»<M^ a.« «. j. attending Capitol Business College read j In Oklahoma City. The bridegroom by Rev. T. G, Craft, father of thejwas graduated from Abilene High bridegroom, before the nltar flank- School; attended the University of the neighbors who claimed they| c j ose a se i( . addressed, stamped saw my boyfriend going out the back door because when my people come home they always put their car in the garage behind the house and THEY come in the back door. So if I did have a boyfriend visiting me he would have to go out through the FRONT I door or else he would bump info; the people. ANNE MARIE (Asheville, N.C.) DEAR ABBY: Would you please print this as soon as possible: Will j neighbors who witnessed thej Everyone Is invited to come and ed by white stork. Tom Atkln.JQregon in Corvailis, Ore,; 'Me- bring their friends, There will be pampa church organist, played'Murray College In Abilene; and fl nill'Sprv nrnviHo^ fnr ai-viatlci* ' *« n ..llt: n .~..t _...,i.j(~_. «..«:« O**TT i« Tt«u_.. a nursery provided for smaller I children. Mrs. W. D. Waters Attends Biennial Convention oi MTNA In Kansas City Mrs. W. D. Waters, 1224 Christine, private piano teacher, has returned from the Music Tea.chers National Association biennial convention at the Muehlebach Hotel Kansas City, Mo. At the four- William Shuman of Julliard School of Music. Other speakers and artists, included such names as traditional wedding music. The bride, given, in marriage by her father, was gowned in ballerina-length white Chantilly lace fashioned with an elgonated bodice, sabrina neckline, and long sleeves tapering to points over the hands. The full skirt was scalloped at the hemline. Her Veil of Illusion fell from a headpiece made 6MU in Dallas. Out of town guests were Mrs. George Cleveland, bride's grandmother, Mr. and Mrs. G, W. Cleveland of Plains; Mrs. C. A. Eliott, bride's grandmother; Mr. and Mrs. Buford Elliott of Stephenville; Mrs. H. B. Loyd and Dickie of Seminole; Mrs. Chance Sterling of Clairotte; Mr, and Mrs. Jim of embroidered Alencon lace trim- .Erin of Gatesvllle; Mr. and Mrs. med with seed pearls. She carried!R. F. Katenberger of Dallas, Mr, Grant Johanneson, Karl Kiiestein-' 4 of white roses. (and Mrs. Roy Langford and Betty e sitter's boyfriend leaving hurriad- da -y meeting over 250 teachers and ?v by therear^ exit while we"aU^ers '" ™"" lc B PP earert °" the prop-am Included a presentation n the frontole^e contact u, with program of lectures and prefer-1 of Honegger's "King David" by er, E. Power Biggs Elia Sieg-1 The bride's only attendant was i of Canyon; Mr. and Mrs. James meister, and Joseph Szigetti. her sister, Miss Jean Cleveland of T "- ! J --"-•-- ' "-' In the front, please the facts? We have suspected that our sitter was entertaining her boyfriend in our home for a long time but have never been able to prove it. Thank you. , MRS. G; G. F. (Beverly Hills, Cal.) DEAR ABBY, The people who live next door to the lady I ait for are trying to make trouble for me. My boyfriend went out the back mances. Approximately 2,000 musicians attended according to 8. Turner Jones, MTNA executive secretary. MTNA, now in its 83rd year, Is the oldest natioonal organization in music and the only one which Musical highlights heard on the Canadian, attired In an aqua lace dress of princess line with a taffeta fold at the hips extending Into a bow at the back. She wore a matching hat and accessories and the Second Presbyterian Church Choir of Kansas City and the op- brtnr. together- c^.geT un v« B -|-«^ry of Music Opera Depart m " " eras, "The Taming of the Shrew" j carried a_ nosegay of white feath by Glannini, by the University of Kansas City Opera Department and Kurt Weill's "Three Penny Opera" by the Kansas City Con- ity, conservatory and private "Ml«ourl Day" featured teachers In every American String Teachers Ass'n , , f branch. The j celcbrltles and programs of the door because the lady who I sit neld it s convention simultaneously for told me if I had company they would have to use the back door. My boyfriend did not RUN out the back door — he was going anyway. DOTTIB3 (Duluth, Minn.) with MTNA. Among the speakers heard atj the convention were Howard Han-' son of Eastman School of Music, DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend has rot been asked to be a sitter since column telling about me visiting that letter showed up in your her on the job and leaving by the back door when the folks came home. I would liUe lo say it Coronation Service Presented By GAs Concerts were presented by more than 25 music organizations during the convention, Including the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra, ths Morse Family Sing- ered mums, Dick Kantenberger of Dallas served the bridegroom as best man. David Cleveland, brother of the bride, was groomsman. For a wedding trip to Dallas, Jennings and Kathleen from Abi lene. Messrs, and MITTJS. J. L. Cleve land, John D. Glenn, Dale Nix, Lee George, Ben Parnell and jean ne, Ed Meek, John McMordie, Frank McMordie Jr.; Pat Meek, Carolyn Job, Gayle George, Elsie Craig, David Cleveland, Polly Cleveland and Mary Cleveland, all of Canadian, Canadian Students Give PTA CANADIAN fSpl) — The regular meeting of the Canadian Par. ents Teachers Association was er», Ptttsburg New Firends of! held ir, the high school auditorium Music and choral and Instrumental groups from University of Illinoise, University of Kansas. Louisiana State University, University of Tulsa. University of Missouri, recently with Mrs. W. R. Hext, president, presiding. Devotional WHS given by R e v. Vernon Cline of the Central Baptist Church. Mrs. Burr M o r r I s, Makes Friends A young man shouldn't wait until the last minute to ask a girl for a date. If he 'lo>j.j and she says she is busy, he doesn't know whether she really is or just doesn't want to go witli Him, Washington University, Kansas, program chalman introduced the 1 City Conservatory of Music, Un- Girls Auxiliary of Central Bap-,'versity of Kansas City, Joplin Churrh re<!Biilly presented n.Mui)ior (.'ollejie ami University of all"my fault. I don't know wh'y Ij foi mill impressive Coronation j Wichita, ran. She asked me to stay and [Service during the church's i meet them. If the house looked dark it must have been because all the shades were drawn. The lights were on and we were listen- Ing to records and dancing. Hon- Wednesday night service, Americans pay a. total of five The OA' hymn was aung by the^ 11 ' 0 " vislt - s to tne movl * s annual- congragatir- Mrs. R. E, Calla- ' Vl han, GA < or, was the presiding officer. ..a. Ralph Prock of-1 nfiad _^« N ew» Classified <Vds. program. Childivn of the 4th, ,Mh und 6th griidfH luck part in the prog rum under Hio direction of their t«n<jh- ers, Mrw. VVoodle Beene. and Mr. Hub Hext, sixth grade; Mrs. Jack Sultan and Mrs. Leroy McDnnlels, fifth grade; and Mrs. Boyd VVil- minute -- perhaps because the Hams and Mrs. Rex Kennedy, young man tried to ipt a date with TUESDAY 2;<M -••--IPftmpa Art Club, Gtieitt Day f*K, bnvan Memorial Library with Mrs, Arnold Petitfil* us guftst speaker. 2:30 — Twentieth Century Co- tilliOTi Club with Mrs. Gene Barber, 180? N. Surnher. 2:30 -- Twentieth Century Allegro Club with Mr». Vsrnon L. WatklrtS, 1112 Charles. 2MB -— Parent Education Club with Mrs. H. C. Federer, 2211 Aspen. t:3o -- Father's Night. Robert E, Lee PTA, school auditorium, "Education For Citizenship 1 ' led by Mrs. James Evans; moderated by Jon Jones, minister. 7:30 — Pampa Rose Society with Mr. and Mrs. D. A, Caldwell, Sr,, 1100 E. Kingsmill with Mr. and Mra. E. A. McLellan assistant- hosts. T;30 -^-Spanish 2, Adult Education. Class, Lovell Memorial Libra ry. 7:30 — Royal Neighbor Lodge, Carpenter's Hall, West Foster. 7:45 - - Treble Clef Club, Guest Night, Borger Music Club as guest artists, Lovett Memorial Library. 8:00 — VFW Auxiliary, VFW Hall. WEDNESDAY 6:30 --Circle 1, First Methodist, with Mrs. D. M. Lawrence, 1114 Christine. 9:30 -- Circle 2, First Metho- dist, with Mrs, Travi? Lively Sr., 521 E. Ifilh. fl:30 • - Circle 3, First Methodist, .with Mrs. L, H. Hicks, .1008 Mary Ellen, 9:30 — Circle 4, First Methodist, with Mm. Bob McCoy, 210 |W. Harvester. 9:30 -- Circle 5, First Methodist, with Mrs. W, R, Campbell, 1200 Mary Ellen. 9:00 -- Presbyterian Women's Association, Educational Bldg. 10:00 - - Episcopal Women's Auxiliary, Parish Mall. 7:30 -•- German, Adult Education. Lovett. Memorial Library. 8:15 - Women of the Moose, Moose Home. THURSDAY 9:30 — Goodwill Home Demonstration Club with Mrs. W, E. Autry, 1416 N. Russell. ft:30 .- Council of Clubs, City Club Room, ' 9:30 -- Circle Two, Ha r rah Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall. 10:00 -- Morning Duplicate Bridge Club with Mrs. E. J. O'Brient, 82S N, Somerville. 2:30 --- Senior Citizens Center, Lovetl Memorial Library. March Birthday Party. 5:45 — Business Women's Circle, First Baptist, in church. 7:30 -- Pampa Rebekah Lodge, IOOF Hall, 210 W. Brown. 7:30 •— Circle One, H a r r a h Methodist Church, Fellowship ***•:, niary, City Cluft Rot*. 8:OtJ 'St. Margaret Gulf*, '8t" <f Matthew'* Episcopal Parish House. ' 3:30 .- Central Baptiftt WMS, executive board meeting, In church. 10:00 — Central Baptist WMS, general business meeting; In church. 10:30 -- Royal Service Program, Central Baptist WMS, in church to be followed by luncheon. .12:00 — Altrusa Club, executive board luncheon, Pampa*HoteI, 2:30 — Worthwhile. Home Demonstration Club with 'Mrs. Dewey Johnson, 622 1ST. Sumrter. 7:30 --- DMF Auxiliary, Production and GftSOline, City Club Room, Bruised and battei'ed dollies need care just as their mistresses do when they have a scratch. One doll hospital reveals how it heals woulds with "shellac and sun* shine," Cover a doll's scratch with white shellac and she'll wear no scars. Advertisement Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer be annoyed or feel lll-Rt- Cflse becfluflft of loose wohblv fnlAA teeth FABTEETH, an Improved1 (ilka* line (non-acid) powder, sprinkled on your plates holds them firmer So they feel more comfortable, Avoid «mb»r. "<""-»"> -nused by loose plates. Oat today at (iny drug counter. FOR BOYS FOR EDUCATION ft FO.R FUN ft FOR EXPERIENCE TROJAN RANCH Boys & Girls Summer Camjv—Boulder, Colorado INVITES YOU FOR GIRLS To ace the Movies of our camping activities which Include: Riflery, Horsemanship, Crafts, Archery, Frontier for younger campers, Gymnastics, Fishing, Hiking, Trampoline tables, Snow sports, complete water front program—water skiing, sailing, motor boating, swimming, canoeing. Pack tri ps, Photography, etc. • Cool, Healthful Climate • No poison Minkes, vines, Insect* • Elective program for your child • 82 Years of Operation • Leadership Training program • Edwintlonal trips • Separate programs for Boys & (ilrls • Supervised Co-Ed activities • Supervised Travnl from Amarllln • Limited to 75 boys nnd 75 girls • Trip to Cheyenne Kodco • Two four week Sessions Four Weeks $300.00 Eight We.nks $350.00 .Show Time Vnmpit, Texas—Tuesday, March 3rd 4:3(1 p.m. * 7:30 p.m.—Stephen F. Austin School—IROfl Duncan —1'nrents, Children & Their Friends Invited If you iHldN (In- show—wrl(« Trnjnn Ranch, H milder, Colorado. For Inforinntlon Besides, no girl wants lo think that she la being asked at the last fourth several other girls fiisl, «»t. ' fered opening prayer. i DON (Houston, Texas! i Mrs. Chraley Thomas, WMU| . .^ , president, presented awards to thej DEAR ABBY; When I read that item in your cohimn- about the sitter who hustled her boyfriend out the back door when the husband following girls: receiving "Maidan" awards were Misses Janie Prock, Suzie Thomas, Joyca Waters, Carol Gates, Sherrie Horton. and wife came home it started me!Linda Bevel, Pamela Armstrong, to' thinking. Which night was HJ Wanda Fae Long, Jaynea Hull, and did the people live on Pacific Luanna Bird, Linda Broxson, and Street in San Francisco: When my Helen Joan McClendon, husba--] and I came home one! Miss Janie Prock was present- Saturday night our Bitter had the ed the "Lady In Waiting" guiltiest expression on her (ace I The Westerner" 'Princess" awards were given to have ever seen, So far none of'Ann Quails nnd Joyre Prock. ! our neighbors have mentioned a Candlelighters were Mlkeyl word to us about anything, 'Thomas and Joretta Baird. Mrs.! CURIOUS L, B. Paden was pianist. GA counsellors are Mmes, R. E. Bradford, Geoige Wing, J. P. Adam*, W. C. Bass, Jack Phillips and Miss JeanetU Smith. Four Candidates To Be Initiated Women of the Moose, 11611 Aux -'MrS. lllary, met in regular session on , . — , . . i , Wednesday evening; with Mrs. lla r/OS L/fC/6 /Vie6?t Arthur, senior regent, in charge. Durlnf the business meeting, Doris Smith Circle of Highland plans ware made for the Chapter Bnpti.«t Church met Tuesday in NIsM program and initiation of the home of Mrs. Herman Lincy- new members on Mar. 4. ifomb, 304 Lowry, for mission Mrs. Ruby Lard, recorder, an- study, Wanced thftt ther* were four can- i Mrs. Henry Maples conducted a dldates for membership. j short business meeting and led in MM. Otmella Hlakarnore, <;hap. j the slutly of the book, "Ways Of Jain, gave the cloning prayer, j Witnessing," Meotin-* closed by forming 'the! Mrs ' Herman Lincycomb gave Pefendin" Circle. i tne devotional. Prayers were of. Thojrs "present! In addition to f" r3C l b >' W' -s - J° hn Sawes and 01036 already mentioned were' Mrs - M - Stroud. Mmes, BertU Brown, Nadeanj Jl wns announced that the next Morse, lone Wallace, Elsie Hall, i meeting will be Week of Prayer Jo Cook, Louise Wells, Bernicej 1 " lne l ' h «rch. Carnep »nd Mi3» Addle Fern Lick. ' Six members were present. 1 Imperial 10% Powdered Sujfar carton full of fitted flour I teaspoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon vanilla r A spinster is a gi rl who has been k!»sed goodby more often than «»»• "WHftS tfJUfff^ W,t"V. THE NBW MORGE T, V. Appliance & Stmei Center MO i *7M From— HAZLEWOpD'S Farm Dairy BIG Cake ...little time Mix in 11 minutes with Imperial 10 x Powdered Sugar "WESTERNER" CAKE 3 sticks (% Ib.) margarine or butter 1 1-lb. carton Imperial 10x Powdered Sugar 6 eggi Have eggs and margarine at room temperature. Cream margarine; add Imperial lOx Powdered Sugar; beat till fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time; beat well after each addition. Sift /jour 3 times; add gradually to batter. Add flavorings and mix well. Bake in 10" greased and floured tube pan at 325° F. !'/£ hours. Cool 4 minutes, then invert pan. Wonderful served plain, with whipped cream, fruit or ice cream. Or, frost if you wish. BANANA WESTERNER Omit lemon juice and gently blend in at last, 3/4 cup mashed, ripe banana and 2/3 cup extra finely chopped pecans. STRAWBERRY WESTERNER Omit lemon juice and gentry blend in at the last, one box sweetened frozen strawberries, thawed and well drained. PINEAPPU WESTERNER Omit lemon juice and gently blend in at the last, one No. 1 flat can crushed pineapple, well drained. %%XfrS&'''-'*&*-W-#&&%'M'& i &fa> Pure - Whole MILK 'Nothing Removed' Horn $ tie«, Ideal 1 & Miller's Food Store Boston*! Grocery food far your rtclpt lilt: Clip in4 pnt« on Fregh-taiting, homemade pound* cake to please your family. Delicately flavored and generous in size. You make it by a quick, new- fashioned recipe. Clue to auick mixing is Imperial 10* Powdered Sugar, Alwayg fluffy and fresh! Imperial silk test prove* thit, Imperial 10* i* luday'i finttt pow- de«*J fugir,.. fittest for faceting*! 421 EAST FREDERIC & / 1 Gee OPEN 7 DAYS ! A WEEK PHONE MO 4-8531 Prices Effective: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday SHURFINE Young Mother Hubbard SALE Continues! Come In, SAVE! PORK TENDERLOIN Ib Skinless Wieners 2-Lb. Pkg. Cudahys Thick Sliced 2-Lb. Pkg. Country Style SAUSAGE Ib. FRESH GROUND BEEF 3lbs.$100 Pork Chops KM) CUT LB Back Bones Country •Style U> Pork Chops Center Cut U*. 59 l Grade A EGGS DOZ. 39 € Wt Give 6 Pride Thrift Stomps Double'Stomps vVednesdqy on L5Q or mort purchase! California Large Tomatoes Ib, Avocados ea, IQc Potatoes Cello Pkt?. CARROTS Eactr

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