Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 16, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1898
Page 4
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i\r WTELVIN, STEELE A. JOHNSON. V' 1 EDITORS A N D P R O P R I C.TOR3. "· SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 1G, 1898. DISEASE OF-THE BEET. i\!LW LIFE FOR TREES. From Kxpprlmeiits uc tlio Now Jur- ( eoy Affm ulturul Sta:iou. , \ Conceruing some experiments with beets carried ou m the plane lic^ .,f - tho oxpeniucnt station ot' Now Jersey * Professor B. D. ILilstud \vritefa to Aiucr- ipan Gardening as follows: .- ' The leading i'ungous trouble of tho ·· boec throughout the e.i'-ccni Brutes is -f?--th'- loaf sjiot, duo to the lim-joi;-, Cor- bocicola This jKiiusire, us its nauii, indicntcs, pi minces spots itho foliagts^hat aro veiy t Tni: BEET r.F.A? STOT. Much of the striking apj»"araiice is duo to tho (Ji.Tcolr-ivi 1ion of Hio lo;if, aud this varies prcc.tly with tho kind of br-et. "With tho red sorts, for oxaiu- ^ JjHw deepness ot tho lert, and :ih the spott- _ ~ mature aud Locoaie ashy white their c -bor(l\-r is reel for -xmio distance avoniid 'Iu- hti-icUy si-eon fohage of sorts wirh 'Vf white 01 colorless roots there is very , ' · htrj|^f_the colored bordei The spot*. ^··"Tire us bhcwii la the accompanying engraving. 1 . ,, It goos without further Baying that · v;hen the foliayu of :i beet is us spotted ^as tho one .shown iii fho picture the /'plant mntt suii'or greatly from tho ill* ' roads, of the fungus. As the leaves get older the ccutev:i of the spots fall away, ., leaving the foliage full of holes, and Inter - ou the leaveh may Ixjcome reduced to ' '_ shreds, tho main veins only remaining. Ill 1894 oue-fiftlr of mi acre in the plant hospital was devoted to beets with . a view of finding bouie method of ohccl;- iuj; tlio leaf sptit th^r h:w become a sari- ous pct in many parts of Hie country. Several substances were used as sprays, but uouo of them equaled the bordeaux mixture. As the season progressed tho "tows that received the bordeaux could be distinguished from all others because of tho better foliage. Two rows, one " , epraj-ed i:nd tho other, adjoining, with,;, ^out treatment, \veroharvestedby\veigh- ;.-- £iug both the roots and leaves separately '; . with the following ~~-», . ~ . Sprayed, v pounds. Boots.... Leaves A 2t'u\r York Farmer's Finn For Renewing tho Unrk on Fruit Trees. A correspondent writes from Ouon- Jagu county, N. Y., to Tho Rural New Yoikor as follows: Back in tho fifties I viBitucl a large orchard in tho town of Cl.vy, this county, and was surprised to find the trees, althongli they wero very- old, loaded with tho finest of fruit of various kinds, neaily ripe for picking. Tho owner stated that five yems before tho trees, being very old, were nearly valueless, bnt by a new treatment tho wliolo orchard had been restored to the then present condition of tho most per- tcot tiuit.igc. I loiind his treatment to consist in cuuh year in removing three strips of old bark from tho body of tho tree, each strip about three inches in width, the niii^t essential point being tho right time of doing it. This time ho found to bn when tho bark would peel easiest, divl boing when tho materials for form- ir» the now grain of wood wero in a condition of a soft pulp under the bark. H- had removed the strips Juno 15 to -0. During the remainder of the season the grooves inado by removing the strip ot b;uk wore filled with new bark, tho hidebound condition of tho tree was relieved, and tho new grain of wood was doubled in thickness entirely around tho true. This permitted the sap to flow freoly, and the first autumn tho fruit was greatly improved. Tho nest season it was large and of the most perfect quality. Tho stripping had been continued five years, tho old bark had all been replaced by a new aud tender bark, and the fanner said that his orchard paid bi'ttcr than any other part of his farm. Spitzeuborg trees and other kinds wero ifitoml to tho finest fruitage. Tho tree body should be scraped with · a hoe to lemove tho loose bits of hard j bark Then with a sharp, strong knife niakn two cuts for each strip through' tho barii from the top of the body down to the ground, holding tho knife a little skmtiug, so as to make the inner surface of the strip narrower than the outer to fucihtato its removal. Let tho cuts run together at the ends. They may be extended-out upon the large limbs as far us they can be reached. From tho upper end of each strip extend single knife cuts through tho bark so far as the old bark is rough and hard. CURE ALL VOUK PAINS WITH Pain-Killer A Medicine Chest in Itself. Simple, Safe and Quick Cure for ' CRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS, COLDS, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA. 25 and 5O cent Bottles. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS BUY ONLY THE GENUINE. PERRY DAVIS' i PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7JLBERT C. TOWERS, ATTORNEY- AT-I.A W Denton, Maryland. T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, l ) K i I ( I N . I I I ) . E ni. NOI;I,I LAND SURVEYOR, Work done in any part of the counU at short notice. Charges very reasonable QSCAR CLARK. Attorney-at-I-aw, DENTON, MAISYLANIJ. Collections and nil prol' business promptly attended to. T71TILMER EMORY, ATTOR N EY-AT- LAW, Will pr.ii.tico also and K e n t cmmtv. ei-NU Itl'.VII.l.i;, Ml) iii Can-line, Tullioi Temporary Fencing. The zigzag plan of building temporary board -fences is recommended by a correspondent of Home and Farm, who EAJ-S : If tho boards are 16 feet long, set the pobts 7)£ feet apart and in a straight lina Put the boards on as shown in sketch, nailing one panel on piie side of tho post and the next one on the other, with the post in the center of TIT ALKX. HUTSON, ' ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, IIENTOST, MAKYI,AM. Will practice is the courts of Caroline and adjacent counties. rr\ P L I N Y F I S H E R , A TTORNK Y-A T-LA 1C, DKNTON, MD. All business entrusted to receive prompt attention, claims a specialty. my care will Collection ol JTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, DJEIV'TOJf, MAKVLAN1). Close attention will be given to all business entrusted to niv en re. ri PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DKNTON, MAltKLAKD Reference Dcnton National Bank Unsprayod, pounds ·19 -Total -. 480 This is a total increase 830 of fully one- quarter, or, for example, from 9 tons to 13 tons per acre. Clean Culture of Raspberries. · · , , A majority (316 out of 340) of New · Jersey fruit growers, qnestioned as to their^cultivation of raspberries, appear, according to a report from the agricultural station of that stnto. to practice "clean culture--generally meaning that n--,^the cultivator IB used every two or three ·weeks or after every rain. Sixteen cultivate three or four times a season, four grow truck between rows two or three years and four do not cultivate and report/frail growing unprofitable. The practice of many growers is to plow a shallow furrow to tho row in - v /the fall and turn it away in the spring. -*' Others cultivate till lato iii the fall 'i.. and in spring turn a light furrow to ·j the row, working it away during the .j. summer with the cultivator. The station boHetin, however, advibes: Culti- , _'-i vatibn should bo stopped by tho middle T " . to latter-part of August, since it favors , ' ' late growth, which doos not fully ripen, - -'and hence is liable to injury during tho winter. When the plow is used, care -mast be taken that it is run shallow, or severe injnry results, since the roota of the raspberry Ho very near tho sui; v ·' face. Many growers object to tho plow ?"{· for this reason, using tho cultivator en-- \ tirely. The surface should be loft level I ^ and well fined, and whether plow or ;^£- cultivator is used it is well to follow _ffi- with some tool, such as the harrow '·',--?. tooth cultivator. Tluuuiuc Out VL'KUtablea. ^- Beete, turnips, carrots, salsify, par- ·"~snips and snch things should be thinned oat as' soon as the plants ure large enough to handle. If left to attain si/6, tho thinning operation will prove hurtful to the plants that aro left through being loosened ami disturbed. Fro- i quent stirrings with tho hoe, besides keeping dowu the weeds, help to retain the moisture in the soil and thus materially assist in promoting more vigorous growth.--American Gardening Agricultural lirovitiud. · So far as soil and chmiite are con: cerned, it seems to bo settled that New York state is well adapted to the commercial growing of sugar beets. A western New York horticulturist who has sprayed his orchards IKS numy OH five times in n, --easou expresses tho opinion that, commercially speaking, it · does not pay to spray more than three times--first, when . tho buds begin to swell; second, just after tho blosouis have fallen, and third, when the frnit is ebout pea size. The Horticultural society of Vermont bus recommended the Baldwin, Rhode Island Greening, Fameuse and Northern Spy as tho best apples for market in that state. Rural New Yorker says sawdust and thavings contain considerable acid and should not be used fresh ax manure. When well mixed and wet in tho manure pile, tho acid is neutralized: by the ammonia, and when this has happened no harm will result from their use. Now is the time to keep the hoe bnsy "in the garden. No weeds aud a well ·tirred soil that will conserve moistm* Mnt *o abcoeu. ZIGZAG BOARD FENCB. the board on the opposite side of the board. This method of putting on boards bends them slightly, and tho boards are inclined to hug to the post. In case an animal pushes a board loose from tho post if it is not broken it will spring back to its place, making it appear tight, thus presenting no inducement to stock to jump. Yon will hardly realize how much time will be saved 1:1 putting up a long string of fence by not having to cut off the boards. Just think of building a fence without a handsaw! Water Crew Grown In Shmde. When the spring season is bright and snuuy, as in America, water cress soon becomes bitter. Its best season is in the early spring mouths, when it first commences to grow and before many of the leaves have spread over the surface of tbo water, but some have had great suc- ces in cultivating it in boxes. Though it is usually found in water, it grows fairly well oat of it, and a box of water cross growing in a comparatively shady place is devoid of a hot, peppery character, which, even when the plant is grown in water, it sometimes acquires. --Meehan'a Monthly. POTATO CULTURE. . JOHN W, CLARK, JR. -A.ia.ction.eer, BoxSS. Oeqioq, Will sell property in Caroline or any of the adjoining counties. HENRY R LEWIS. WILLARH r. wrsT. LEWIS t£- WEST, ATTORNEYS-AT-LA W, DENTON, MD. "Will practice in the Courts of Cnrr.line Talbottmd Queen Anne counties. DR. ENOCH GKORGF, DR. P. R. l"!snrn Practical Direction* Abont Cultivating, Weeding and Spraying. Tho cultivation of potatoes must begin just as soon after planting as a crust forms on the surface of the field.- Break up with some kind of a harrow or a weeder. Keep the surface loosened from then until the plants stop growing late in summer. After cultivating as long as possible with the harrow or weedor, use an ordinary com cultivator, taking caro not to run it too deep or very close to the plants. The character of the sea- sou will determine the frequency of cultivation. Whenever weeds begin to appear or tho surface of the soil becomes compacted, go over the field with the cultivator. Keep this up until the crop is matured. While good cultivation, will keep down many of the weeds, it will be necessary to do some hoeing while the plants are small and a little hand pulling Jater. Much has been said and writ'tea concerning the comparative merits of ridge and level culture for potatoes. After sifting all the'evidence it seoms clear that level culture is best for root crops, just as it is for corn, notwithstanding the opinion of some practical grqwers to the contrary. It may scorn a radical departure to those who have always ridged their potatoes, bnt give a small part of the field this treatment and see for yourselves. Potato vines are subject to two serious pests--viz, beetles and blight By careful attention and timely spraying theso can bo held in check as a rule. ·Whenever beetles appear, spray with paris green mixture, a pound of tho green to 100 gallons of water. Should fungous diseases attack tho potatoes also uso a compound made by adding par- is green to bordeaux mixture. This compound is made by first preparing the bordeaux as follows: Dissolve C pounds copper sulphate in water. Slake 4 pounds quicklime and filter. Pour the milk of lime injo the copper solution and add water to make 50 gallons. Add a pound of paris green to every 176 or 200 gallons bordeaux, and the compound, is ready for use. Spray when the plants aro about six inches high, then as often thereafter as necessary, usually every 10 or 16 days. Special spraying apparatus can be purchased for use in potato fields where enough are raised to war- lant tho expense. For small patches the ordinary cheap knapsatsk sprayer can be utilized. Tho foregoing practical information is given by The New England Homestead. GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynaecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office'at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. JAMES SWANN. RSPRESENTINU The Best Life Fire I nsurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. war. n. DBWEKSK. FRED n. OWENS DEWEESE OWENS, DENTON, ilD. Office in tho Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, ustntcs settled and prompt attention given to all business en trusted to us. "Will practice in the State and Federal Court. WM. H. DEWEESB, State's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . .' DENTON, MD., Has had ten years' experience in tho cities of "Wilmington, Philadelphia and Now York, and is now ready to make contracts and guarantees skillful work, fair prices and entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, : DENTISTS: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, MARYLAND Will prantice at Preston on Mondays; Denton on Tuesdays; Fodernlsburg;, second and fourth Thursdays; East New Market, first and third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gas administered. B. KINNAMON A f u l l l i n e of fresh confectionery rilwilys on h a n d , :it REASONABLE PRICES. FRESH BEEA PIES, ETC. I WILL H A V E A IN SEASON. Ladies' and chilclien's patronage solicited, and the children especially looked a f f r r . Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. Also ,i f u l l l i n e ol CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hand at, The Old Bakery. Groceries* T.TAVING restocked my GROCERY DEPARTMENT, I ;un now prepared to supply my customer-- a n d the public generally w i t h e v e r y t h i n g 1 in thsit l i n e , fresh and oE iiit 1 best qusU- ity. Pannnjl MKATS. unnea j jjj^ n " NSi AMD Dreys My stock of tliP. latter is very complete, and my lady friends w i l l do well to call and examine my jroods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton. Gloves and Hosiery, and in fact a general line of Notions. Drop in and see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream,' For ,1 good Oyster Stew give us a call. Ice Cream will also be sowed in season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied for family use when desired, at short notice. A\R5. JULIA DAY, Successor to Jn)«s WILL BB FOUND A GOOD STOCK -OF-- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BE AVEN'S, HILLSB0110, J\fD. Larqe StocK of GROCERIES AND CUEENSWARE You can also find at the I-UMBER Y A R D Full supply of all kinds of Lumber. Sawing and Planmg- clone at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on hand. BUILDERS TAKE NOTICE 1 1IAVK I'OK SAT.K AT DENTON BRIDGE 250,000 CYPRESS CEDAR DIFFERENT GRADES. TRICKS TO SUIT. T. F. W. REDDEN. W. V. MURPHY REDDEN MURPHY, DKALKES IN KlItST-CLASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS, -- A N D -- DR.ANNA GIERING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. .Specialist in Diseases ol Women ily. Private Sanitarium of high ,.oput(.'. Absolute privacy aflord- ed. Female Regulative Pills J2.00 ***~.r:~ per boat. Advice by mail, iG03 E.ST BILTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me % A f ILLIAM E. GKEENLEY'S BARBER SHOP, (Siewart Building, next door Brick Hotel) First-class furniture and appliances, mid competent workmen insures satisfiutoiy service to all customers. Popular pi ices. CONTEACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON. M A R Y L A N D . Prices on nil goods warranted to bo as low as those offered by city dealers Mr. Murphy, a builder of long experience, will have charge of the piaoticnl work, and satisfaction guaranteed j,, every particular Prank C. Bolton. Lee B. Bolton. Would Be Suitor--Good morning, Miss Brown. Quite an opportune meeting, indeed. I have been waiting for a chaiico to ask when it would be agreeable for me to call on you, Miss Brown.--Oh, you are at liberty to make your own selection. Would Be Suitor--Thanks. By the way, I see that you have been getting a now horse and carriage. Miss Brown--Yes. Come around soon and pa'll take great pleasure in driving you out. --Richmond JOHN vJ. BARNES, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shall constantly kc.ep on hand a full assortment of Iron and Steel for all kinds of Farm and Wngon Work. I ctm furnish you nil sizes of new wheels and axles, and best classes of horse-shoes at short notice. I guarantee all material and work at lowest prices to suit the linrd times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Stable. Give me a trial. JOHN J. BAKNES. BOLTOTs BROS. PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL '5KES PAINTS, A Pleased Customer is The Best Advertisement. A little money does the busiiics; ,111(1 0111 UMsurp.icsod l i n o of NEW lioie, it. roiuly for your inspection. Why look clspwhoip wiien you can buy jn-t what you want in the way ef Men's, Boys' and Youth's Clothing, HaU, Caps, yhot-s, -ind the most modern patterns in Shirts, Collar-, ami Neckwear at prices much LOWER THAN THE LOWEST Wo nNi e.ivryn full and complete line o f l J i y Goods 111 this lati'bt designs urul eolois. :ii welt a^ a vciy l.irgc n^siirlniont of ladio-' Dress Skirts, made of st^lisli and durable which me mateiial. We with Bargains. beg in this season will end iliis season wilfi Bargains. Wild 1 in tu-c'il nf aiiytlmur in our lino a call %ull convince yon. You he i on KAMI ut-.s. THE BALTIMORE BilRGAIN STORE "JProp. K 1 D G K L Y , iLU. Cut this out for Future Reference, Buy Your H O K S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARB, AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the ycnr. We doixl in all kinds, from the very host to the very chcnp- ett. 400 HEAD of Horses. Mures nnd Mules, always on hand Visit us, it will pay you. PUIVATE SALES EVE11Y DAY. FITI.L 1,1 N K OK gi«Si Gartj o«l H*rpRSS V«ry cheap. JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8,10,12,14 16 N. HIGH STREET, Nenr Baltimore St., one square from Bal tinioro Street hrid-o. BALTIMORE, MD- seoud jaqStq ^ sep-BJO ud||9oxa 94e spooo JULOTIU HOHI sau¥o 'JH¥HM ±33d±S ±HOH PAINT . SOLD UNDER OUA.RANTEH. 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U., and at Cambridge with the Cambridge Sesiford K. K Keturnins; will leave Hillsboro Mondays, Tuesdays, AVcdncsdnys, Thursdays an-J Fridays at 10 ft. in.; Covey's 10.30 Coward's I I ; "VVilliston 1 p. in.; Ganey's 1.30; McC.»itj's2; Kingston 2 15; Dover Bridge 2.30; MeclfouVs (Choptank) 4 Clark's 4.1S; Sccrctnr^v, 5; Cambridge 7 Trnppe 8.30 ,\nd Oxford 10. stopping at intermediate landings, arriving in Baltimore early the following mornings. SUNDAY SIBAMKR VO'R BALTIVOKK. Steamer will leave for Baltimore on Sundays as follows: Wayman's, 4.30 a. m Covey's, 5.00; Coward's, 5.15; "WillUtonj G.30, Gnncy's, G.-J5; Kingston, 7.15; Dover 1)ridge, 7.30, Clioptnnk, 8.00, Secretary, 9 30; Cambridge, 10.30; Trappe, 11.45; Oxford, 1.00 p. in., arriving in lialtimorc at G.OO p. m., tho tamo day. Freight received until 5.30 p.m.daily for nil landings. E. E. WHEELED, Agent, Pier 5 Light St., Baltimore. B. B. COIIEK, Agent at "VVilliston. 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This is one of the best stands in the county for business and the stock is in good condition. An elegant store room, sixty feet long and located on corner ol Main street. Has a glass front. A first-class opportunity. Call at once. N. FLOWERS CO., ' Hillsboro, Md. Chester River Steamboat Gomp'y Change of Schedule, TMteainer Greensboro (CAPT. D. S. BKOCKWA.Y, MASTER,) short notice. J. B. K, EMORY CO (KMOTCY NKAVITT.) --GENERAL-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STREET, Baltimore. Will ply between KKENS1JOKOUOH and UALTIMOKE Weekly, touching at all landings between Gioonshor- ougli nncl Dcnton. On and after J u l y 'J, stcnmcr will lenvo for Baltimore every .Monday PREIG UT« J1O.U K U AT 15, CAPACITY AMPLE The patronage of our mciciinnts and farmois solicited thnl this lino may bo made n success. Full infoiniation by inquiring of GEORGE F. DILL, AOENT, D.S UKOCKWAY.MASTKR, Grcciibborougb, Md. Or HAKUY A. ROE, AQKNT, Dcnton, Md. ·Large granaries always ronJy to ro- ceivo IJpginnins; June 1st, 1807, tlio steamer Emma A. Ford, will leave Chcstertown at 7 00 .1. in., dailv, except Sunday, stop- pins; at Rolpb's, ]Jookcr's, Quaker Neck, and Qncptisto-Mii. Lea\e Quncnstown at 8 45 a. in., arriving in Baltimore about 11.15. Returning, leavo Baltimore'at 3.15 p. m , arriving at Queenstown at 5.45, and Clicstcrtown at 7.30. Stcnmcr JJ. S. Ford will leave Centro- villo daily, except Sunday, at 7.00 n. in., slopping at landings on Corsica river, Bo- glo's, Jackson Creel;, nnd Kent Island, mid arriving in Baltimore at 11.00 a. m. Returning, Icnvc Baltimore at 3.30 p. m., arriving nt Centre'ville at 7.30 p. in. Steamer Orilitiidc- will leave Rock Hall daily, e.xccpt Sunday, nt 8.00 a. m., arriving in linlliinorc at 10.15. .Returning, leave Haiti more at 4.00 p. in., arriving tit Rook II.ill at U.15. GKO. WAHFIBLD, President, J. K. TAYLOR, General Agent. Eastward. Loav P . M . 500 Ar'iv P.M. 7 4 5 Leave P. M. 320 Arrive P. M. C 10 BALTO.PERRII Westward. BALTIMORE TO QUEENST'N. Arrive A. M. 1045 Leave. A. M. 800 A iv A.M. 1045 Leav A.M. 800 Railroad Division. Lcav P.M G 2 5 f 0 3 f 6 3 8 f 0 4 A051 651 f 055 055 f 702 707 7 1C 723 f 7 2 7 f 7 3 1 7 37 1*744 f 7 4 7 f 7 6 5 75f f 8 0 C 811 f 8 l 9 f 8 2 2 f 8 2 G 8 SO Leave A. 835 f 8 4 3 85: 901 913 91G 92: 926 f 9 3 5 956 100; no 10 "10 1C 110 26 · 1 0 4 ) '1048 '1054 ell 15 f 11 21 11 30 11 3S 11 41 11 45 1150 STATIONS. A.M. Qucenslown lilooiningdale Wye Mi'ils^ "\Viilousthby D O June. Queen Anne Uillsboro Downes Tuckahoc Dcnton Hobbs Uickman Adamsville lihincliard Greenwood Owens jinnmng Depulv EllemlKle Wolfe Milton Whitehboro, Drawbridge, Jturloii, Lewes. Arriv A. M 7 5 f 7 5 f 7 4 f 7 3 A 7 2 7 2 f 7 2 7 2 f 7 1 ! 7 l: 7 0 0 5 f 6 5 ( f 6 4 b (54C f G 32 f 6 2 8 f G 2 4 C I S f G06 COO f 5 5 2 f 649 f 5 4 5 540 A. M. Arrv. P. AT. 000 f 6 5 1 6 4 2 533 523 621 6 16 t'6 13 505 450 439 f 4 3 3 f 4 28 E420 f 3 5 7 f 3 5 3 f 3 4 9 3 4 3 f 3 3 0 320 3 12 309 305 300 CONNECTIONS. ·A" connects nt D. C. Junction for joints on tlie Delaware Chcsnpcako lailway--Eastou and O.\ford. v 'B" connects at Greenwood with Delaware Division of the Philadelphia, Wil- nington Baltimore liailrond. O" connects nt Ellcndalc with the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Knilroiul ·"OK Georgetown. Sunday only, boat leaves Haiti more at LOO a. m., and Queeiistown at 5.30 a. in. ,nd 4.30 p. m. I. W. TRO.YBL, Gon. Manager. 0. C. WAM.KK, Gen. Fr't Pass. Agt. Douglass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL OPEN JUNE lOth. This Hotel is situated 100 foot from ocean front, and ono-fourth of a mile from Reboboth Bay, in tbe rear. Good Bathing. Gunning, Fishing Boating. Special rates for June and September. Preo Hack. Bar attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. Is your Home, Furniture, Grain, Live Stock, or other Property Insured Against Loss by FIREORLIGHTNING? If not, if you will apply to one of tb» · Agents of the OF DOVER. DEL you can obtain insurance nt low rates. The Company is Mutual, and you -will only pay what the insurance costs, ns any amount in EiccssofCost Villbe Returned in Mends or nt termination of policy. ·VVM. DENNY, Secretary. R. PLTTMMER, Agent, Greensboro. J. B. FLETCHEK. " . Preston. »- . NFWSPAPFKfl! v;

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