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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1859
Page 3
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»iiWMMwwMKt»sfea>»w^T«^ . ! !,• \:• P i . *.• LEGAX ADVERTISEM] The I* Cross* * Mil~ wauke* Eaflread Oo. j TN pursnaaoe and by Tirto* of a iwrlt • . Jl jjggefl ,«».»...**!.]. Yhi_^i_. ^....71 " .. i by the judgment tt the aald District Court, tested the twenty-second day of October, A. D. 185T,io Sue directed, I hate levied npo» »nd>hall *ell at Pnblio Auction, on Tuesday, the Sto day ot December next; atthe Dblte4£tat<iiJa ~—— «-«i--•*».—..•.•• w/aukce, at io otdookin -me ivramuii«i «*ia nay, *B* fflllowlpg prupeity, to wit: The IA Orosse it Milwaukee' Railroad and all aielnterestof the laOrosse4 Mil waakee BaUro^Coo3»ny therewith an the franchises', rights .and privflegti thereunto belonging and appertaining^ including roads, roadways, righa of way and real «s ute of srery description, road beds, tracks, dee, rails, station houses and bunding; and grounds,'sheds ana grounds," engine houses and grounds, shops and grounds, '. water houses and grounds, cars and appurtenances, lo- comatlrc engines and apttertenauoe*. more psrtica- larly described In the folio wing echednle (marked A.) Also, all that portion of the lACrosse and Milwaukee Bailreaa,fcftown as the Watertown Division of said Eailroad, and alltheinterest of the laid LaOrosse and Milwaukee Eailroad Company therein, with all tfe franchises, rights and .privileges thereunto appertaining, Including roads, road ways, rights of way and real estate of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, station houses and buildings (ad KranndTanona and grounds, water bouses and groonds, engine houses and grounds, oars and appurtenances, locomotives -and appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand tan of Eailroad iron, more particularly deecribed In thefol- owlng schedule (marked B.) «wwf Also, lots fl, !0 and 11, to Hock. 8, and lots 1.2. S. to Mock 47, In the Fifth Ward of the City of MUwaukee,— iots land *, In blotklM; -Jota 1,8, 4yS, «,T,8, 9,10,11, 1,18,14, in bloofc 155; )f of Mock 1ET, except lot land ' - \ , - ) . * - , •• * - ^ta^Ki^taim^yev^ ^ '* ^-""- f.'^pZ*--''-^ IRTISEMENTS :B»«les«f jSinroa4 iron mentioned In schedule ich are adloumed.rea>BcUyely to BaturdS*. Jute -— --• 3 ~'--. n4w*TBesday,Jalya^l8 9, thjs respective placet mentioned > franchise* .and Other corpon ' ' 1 satisfy theexeoutli thereon, and shall JS3SSF 4 CIBCUITCOCET,) ,-Milwa:ukMOoiaity. f against , v >8nm.mons for 5 .^-^5» t .f l f?4jn A J IracJ. (Com. not serveZ) jBtate of Wtocpnsto,^o;Angj»t fredln: *O*fattmfi8Hlfy smnmoned add reoulred to .-.,„ JL.*» cpnMi&tt to thtt^ctioirwbTcir»M filedTto the office of.the Clerl <jf tbe fflrcu't Court, County of Mil- ]l>S'J)!t'U!l?. Ol *A t * <! 5 t ' r ' fl 'M l d *T «f Jaanary,,J8o», ^ n ^*5t*>o»P>.*r'»urUJWer to the aato torn; platot, on At mBseriberj. at their offlee, Mos 6 and *'Albany Biding, MUwaukee, wlttiln twenty Says wier uieaerviceof thisamamonsoDyou exoluslve-of the day of taoh service; snd If you fall to answer the said *°?P'*5*.»l'hto tbe time aforesaid, the plaintiff InthU •otlon-wlU take Judgment against yoo for. the sum of- five hundred.dollars, with interest from-the <lxtn day °' July, one thousand tight hucdred and fifty-eight, bteldes the c:re of this action. I ~»« 1 Witness tbe flon. ACETHUE MoAETHUB < Bttt J. Judge of said Court, at 'MUwkukee, this t—*—J 2S* day of January, In the y<ar one thousand tight hundred and fifty-nine. 1 r .. 4 ^ ' *INOHBS,WNDB*MlJiEB. ' '-'*- '—*~ ' " ' Plaintiff's Attorneys. . AX, ADVERTISEMENTS; LEGAL ABVBKTISEMENTS. suEmri^s SALE. ' . BTATB Of WISOOHfflK. 1 Circuit Court, Milwaukee CoSty. f [New. " I N virtue of and pursuant to * judgment Tendered to «. *^ d ^™ rt 5 ln *^ A 11 *** Sif*? •* W9 "' ***** »ie twelfth day of May, 18p9, I shafl, expose for sale and sell at publla auction, at the Tost-Offlot, totte01hroflBlwankee,-on Satturdar> tbe I at day of Aclobert 1869, at the hour of 2 ».«. of that day, the Jollorlng described TnortgagwlTireml- ses or so much thereof as may ^ejscwsary to raise ihe amount of »aid Judgment, Interest and costs, together w)thtbeexpen«sof sale,«owlt: "All that certain piece or lot of land sltuatediu the Oounty of Milwaukee and State of Wiscon-" ' sin, and known and wit-' '- Tbe north one-half'of the middle one-third of quarter WockNo, t Bfty-e!ght to tue east half of sooth »est quarter of section Ho, twenty «n* '(81), IB the first Ward of the City of Mllwau- kee, in laHOuunty and State." * SDatedSherUTs Office, Milwaukee, June 24, 1869. Pit»«a 4 BriKr, I • --•——-'—-- H'n» AUfys. - j ,Je25-3)n-lto8w u » 404'J; •- -'•-, SHEBIfPS SAXE. ' [H<jw» Oourt, Mlwattkee Oo. uroBa voan,jumvfve uo. } • Obrisffta Wlmearied,- Johannts Schzauia, Predfirick rSetmut. and Christian BchmtiU. ^^' "*"?"" Joseph:R. Treat, James WVatearm Tho President of the Jarmers A JudRaientPorecIosnre. L TN virtue of and pursuant to • JL said Conrt, In the above eutitl tlon^dt , ;I •hall, einoat for tafc.and iell »VPnbfl« t the Po»UOfflc4 OB the corner of Wi*»n»l •^vjent rendered in I action, dated Uareh. ' ' aVPnbllt 4ne- Wi*»n»lriand ^ e corner o *»n MUwatikee utrteti. In the City of Hllwatttee. on .., all of lots 12,18 and U; X of lots 16 and U and X « of IB, In block lES,la the fourth Ward of the Olty of MUwaukee. . : -.'-:.(Schedule A., referred t« above.) One passenger depot, one store house, two freight depots,«ralnplatform and died, blacksmith shop, three teak houses, machine shop, stationary engine house,patat shop, lumber house, AxuwauEe9;^anEAou«eonaeo(iou*.weiveoz jsaig Jtaii-. road; one ditto on section «£; passenger and freight depot, at Kichficld; one turn table, and passenger and freight .depot,'atSohl<*Men(reCTjllej engine house, tank house and passenger and freight depot at Hartford- passenger and freight depot at Enblcom passenger and freight depot and tank house at WoodiandTdltto at Iron ildge; tumitable, passenger and freight depot. fngine house ,and tank .boose «t Horicon; passen- eer and freight depot *t Junction: ditto at KolUnj? Prairie; turn table, engine nomnsi tank house and passenger and freight depot at Beaver Dam; paaxnger and 1 freight depot and tack bouse at Fox Lake; passenger and freight depot at Cambria; passenger andfrdghtde- pot, turn table, tank house-and engtoe • house at Midland; passenger and freight depot, turn table, engtoe bouse and tank house at Portage Olty, together with the grounds upon which euch house* and buildings are . situated and which are appurtenant thereto.. Twenty. one locomotive engines, ten first clan passenger can, two second class ditto, four baggage can, lit house freight cars,120.platform cars, «0 gravel cars aad IT handcars. (Schedule B.,reterred to above.) One engine house to the City of Milwaukee; one station bouse at the Junction; one ditto and wood-vhed at Pewaukee;oue station bouse at Hartland; onc4itto'at Pine Lake station; oneiraterhouse, one woodshed, and out station house at Oconomowocj one station house, frame abed, machine shop, car shop, blacksmith shop, two water houses, engine house and wood shed at Watertown; sta- ,tion house and water house at Lowell; station house, engine and water house at Columbus, together .with the grpands upon which such houses and buildings are situated and which are appurtenant thereto. ^ Seven loco motive engines, C7 box cars, 85 rack cars, 10 handcars, our passenger cars t two baggage can, 20 dump cars A about 42,612 bars of Eailroad Iron, which 1 shall, sell of the same day,at two o'clock p.m.,De*r the La Crease Bail- coad Depot,on blocks 4u and 41,tot«e city of Milwaukee, and about 423 bars ol Railroad Iron, which I shaU sell • at four o'clock P. M., the same day, at Douunan A Co's dock in the City of Milwaukee, and "about 2,000 bars of Eailroad iron which I shall sell on the 17th day of December, 1857, at three o'clock P. M, on the west bank of the Wisconsin Hirer, to SsukCounlf, on the line of the La Crossc and Milwaukee Eailroad. The property enumerated to the foregoing schedule B. will be sold subject to .an execution Issued out of the aali Court and previously Jevted thereon in favor of Selah Chan i berltin. i MarshaTs Office, Milwaukee, OctoberST, 185T. -'•• • M. J.THOMAS. octSl-doawaw D.S,Marshal. B*~-The above sale is hereby adjourned to Monday, the4th day of January, 185S, at 10 o'clock A. »f., atthe n. S. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except; the sales of Eailroad -Iron mentioned to Schedule D- which are adjourned respectively to Monday, January 4, 1858. at S o'clock MI., and 4 o'clock t.ti., and Wednesday.Janu- ary6,185S, at 8 o'clockr. M., at the respective places mentioned above. ', /: r cpl »v« Marshal's Office, Mnwaukee.December 15,1851. ' i.Mf^1a«i M. J.THOMAB, . _ aeciv-aiawtt . * rj s g^ Marshal* 1 6iJ~ The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Monday, the 15th day of Pebruarj, 1858, at U o'clock A. u., at theD. s. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Eailroad Iron mentioned to Schedule B, which are adjourned respecUvely to Mendsy, febi 16,185S, at 2 o'clock p. ic., ind 4 o'clock*-*Wednesday, February IT-ISSB.^**'.' ****rKTi^ atthe respective Placg«- M ''* <fp n fea ^at>ove. : -- ,»i-^s*«l8ce7MiIwaukee,January tflSK,' j-Ji-lMKi M. J. THOMAB, D. 8. Marshal. 43?" The above sale is hereby further -adjourned to Thursday, the 15th day of April, 1SSS, at 11 o'clock a. >., tt the U. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Eailroad Iron mentioned In-Schedule B, which are adjourned respectively to Thursday,-April 16,1658, at S o'clock P. "Jt, and 4 o'clock r.i^ «d Satarday, April 17, 1853, at 8 o'clock p. K., at the re- cpeetive places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, MUwaukee, feb. 15,1853. feblO-dlawtt M.J.THOMAS, U. J. Marshal. Cs^ The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Tuesday, the 15th day ot June, 1S58, atn o'clock i. M., at,the V. S. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, exceptthe sales of fiaUroadlron mentioned to Schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Tuesday, June loth, 1858, at 2 o'clock,p.m. and4 o'clock, p. mu, and Thursday. Jane 17, ISiS, at 8 o'clock r. *., at the respective places mentioned above. ' Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April 15,1553= • • aprl&Alawtt, . M. J. THOMAB, O. S. MarsbaL gar The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 14th day of July, 1858, at 11 o'clock JL, K., ttt the rj. 6. Marshal's .Office; Milwamkee, except the sales otEailroad Iron mentioned to schedule B which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday. Jul? 14, lS5S,at S o'clock p. n n and Friday, July '16, 188L-' at S o'clock P. M., at the respective places mentioned above. • •' • " • • • . .... .-.- -..: Marshal's Office, MUwaukee, June 15,1858; ' H • jel6-lawtt M.J.IHOMAS,a.6.Marslial. tST" The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the llth day of August. 1S5S, at 11 o'oldck A.K.,-at the DnitedStates Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee except Hie sales of railroad Iron mentioned to schedule B^-whlchare adjosirned respectively to Wednesday, August 11,1858, at 2 o'clock c, «-, suid Friday, August :, IS, 1858, at £ o'clock i.n^ut the respective .places mentioned above. : ! •-. . Marmhal's Office, MQwauVce, July 14,1B58. ' jylS M.J. THOMAS, C. 8. Marshal. fSf The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 15th day of September, 1858, at 11 . o'clock X.K., at the U.B. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the Bales of Eailroad iron mentioned to achedaler B^ which are adjourned respectively t« Wednesday, - September 15,1858, at 2 o'clock p. M., and Friday, September 17,1858, at 8 o'clock p. »t., atthe respective places mentioned above. .. : Marshal's Office, MUwaukee, August 11.1858. ; .auglS-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, 0.8. Marshal. ' EkT" The above ssle is hereby further adjotunedto Wednesday, the 29th day of September, 1858, at 11 o'clock *.. K« ;at the U. S. Marshal's Office, 'Milwaukee, except the sales of £atlroad Iron mentioned to schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, September.^, 1858, at 2 o'clock r. u-and friday.Octo- lier 1,1858, at 8 o'clock p. u., at the respective'placet ': aienUoneAabove. - , , Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Sept. 16,1858. '-' :. -i- • septlO-lawtt M. J. THOMA8, fJ. B. Marshal. GP~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Monday, the ulrth day of December, 185S, at 11 o'clock A.*., at the C. S. Marshal's office, MUwaukee,except ,the sales of Ilailroad iron mentioned In schedule fc -which are adjourned respectively to Monday, DeCem- »er 6,1S5S, at 2 o'clock p. *u, and Wednesday, Decem- .bcrfi, 1S5S, at :8 o'clock p. n., at tte respe«Ivc placet mentioned above. ••>" .-/:- Marahal'soffice,Mllwaukee,Sept.28,1858. •-.-".'.:• > sept30-oag6w •:.-; M.J, THOMAS, U. H. Marshal. 1834] SHliBtFF'S SALE. BTATK OF WIflCONStN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oounty. / George W. Peckham, 1 agitost >• -I sasffK.^^ *.«-«««-. Nathaniel Xompklna.^- j L " JB T T * r iH 6 ° f * B execuUon utu « 11 *"*» *»Id Court, to 1013} SHERIFF'S BALE. '[WOW* STATE OP WISCONSIN, I ' Circuit Court—Milwaukee Oonnty. /,' Stephen i. Harrison, and 1 William ClaMre, - ' ' . • ' against ' Mechanic's Lien. George H. Green. j """'"' pursuant to a judgment . '-• action, dated 19th of . wae. o the iVtl. day of SepieSTtor, tttteAour of 8 F. «., of that day.thefolloirlng detcrlb- edaolr^i{«dpremfieiorfomaoh]theTe*f uo» bin*. cewary to raUetheamoant of aald jurfgrnentTintoreit de<ntUtJia't " • 877] SHERIFF'S SALE. fNein STATB OF WISCONSIN, I L«««« Circuit Cejurt,Milwaskee Co. r < Andrew Mitchell, j , John'Cooper aod f foreclosure and Sal*. Marlon Cooper. ' J - ' I H Thtae of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered fafctltt ab«e entWed action, dated April SO, 1SB, I sballexposefor sale and sell at PobliaAuction, at " e > 'n th» City of Milwaukee, on tile 2Oth LE&AI. ADVERTISEMENTS. '"tEQAL on umer. teen 115]* In towoihlp namber aereij ra, north ~ ofj range number twenty-oneT21]»ut. except- InglitaeteenaBdfla-Ktt.Mreherttoferaaow'by: ChrliUan.: Wauenrted 'ind wlfe-to Thbmai iL^S BWde; «aldpreml«eab«lnR Htuate'lnMUwM^" 1 " :kte County and State of WUcotoln." 5 J : • Dated; 8nertff'« Office, Mil»ankee, Mifoh:iO, 185S..' toAS^MBBW.! ; : - A. J; tANOWOBTOT," ~ ,, , e ao ermry 1869, 1 0on e»po«e tortOe and tell atpuojle »nctloa, at iBoPcit-OmcB In the OByV>f Ifilm&ee, on Sat- unlar, tbe 834 day of July. 18S9, at the S?"^^ '• *• of *•* **'» Ponnant to chapter ISO, of the HeTtaed Statutes, entitled " Of the Jlen of Mtchmn- ta»'d other*," the followtog dacrtted preml«e», to Certain bulldlnp tltnated on loU eler«n (II) In Pl'ffllAtt'r.-: , -.,,..-.•..= marlQ-lamtm-iait twlaw SHERIFF'S Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. ' f .. ilorthe<JityofmUhrniilcee,Ooua- ty of HUw»nke«,*itd State of Wtteonitn, to. Better with »11 the right, title »nd interest tt« IhaVe selied an i levied ?*** fourteen [li], block sixty-one; lott'fonr ty,or mZSZZSi'S&i 'vmSSaZS* all the right, title and interest which the said defendants, or either of them, had in and to. jaid premises on the S4th day of October, 18ST. 1 or have since acquired thereto." Which said property, ss aforesaid, I shall expose for sale, and sell at public auction, at the Oourt Houle In t ?'W**«*»«»*o»SATDBDA»-, THK 80ra DAT 1 *}! 88 ** •* "" noar °^ 2 T - *• of that day, to satisfy eaid*ieiutlon aad coita. , Dated-BherUPd office, Milwaukee, November 1,1858. FtsoHiSj LTKDB A MIUJEB, (' HERMAN L. PAGE, Plaintiff's Attorneys* „(..- fiherlff Mil. Co., Wls jeli"-<w-oawflrBt8w-8awlMt3w. June 6th. 1859. AHowoarar. fiherKrMU. Co., Wli. 463] 81 AH, vr wiawn&ut, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County., Joseph E. Treat, . against [New , , The Praldent of illers* Bank, Dexter B. Brlttonj E, W, Wheelock, Horac eJH. foeeman and Hltabetb.hls wife and Caleb H. Patterson. ^^ ' Judgment Foreclosure.- ' TN virtue of and pursnant to a Judgment rendered in M * 1 l d « 0 ,°^ > i n v t ^ e * bOTe e ' natle< » action, .dated March6,18S9,1 abaU expose for sale arid sell at pub-, lie auction, at the Post-Office oh the coroer of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streeia, In the city of Mflwaukee,'on iSo "?!?!> «ke.«*b dayiof September, • j**!if * thehour of S r. ic. of that day, the following descrlDpd., mortgaged premisiBs, or so much thereof as may^eoecesaary to raise the amount of said j '''* Tat south west quarter of fectlon rfnnberflf-"* ' teen {I5J, to township number seven [T], north \ • Oi range number twenty-one [21] east, except- ; Ing nineteen and 82-100 acres heretofore sold to i Thomas W. Biddle by Christian Winzenried and ' :••• wife: said jiretobes beta j situate to the County ;•-' of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." i ;- Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March IK 1S&. SrisratSBrao,) : :.'A.'J.LANSH'ORTHr, j f^arl(WUun6m-lastUw6w [ .: Shtfl % M ? 1 - Co-. W^ ~« — • . _«.^ n . •. - fm axm a»»saJ» llYCflVB 8TATKO» WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oounty. f . Sidney flhepard, \ agaton Christian Henry Meyer, and Margaret, his wife, James £ B K!2,',, D *Z?", G - P S w ?' Ehr « d Btne > WlUlam P. Merrill Kelson Webiter, Charles, A. Xoeffler Dettter Fttcbbaek, B. Eoddis and A. W.Qriswold Administrators of the estate of John. 0. LeEoy, tie- ceased, Ormand f. Crane, Charles r. Bode, Administrator of the «ft»te of Charles «. Schreiner.cleeeas- ed, James W. Areiell and UeimanO. O. Kempen TN virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered to X laid Oourt to the above entitledactlonJdated February 8,1559,1 «han expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Offloe, In the Olty of Milwaukee, on samrdnjr, the 1BU» eloT of JTnir» 1S69, at the hour of 2 T.X., of that day, the lollowlog described mortgaged premises or to much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, to- terett and coitsy together with tin expenses of isis, to t^Lotnumber sixteen O«) and the east half of lot '••••: _jannberflfteen(l6),ta block forty.five<4£VIn the Second Ward of the Olty of Mdwatdceevfe. SLJ*- '"»«'«<* street, between yifth and - fflxfliitr<ett,all In tbe County of MUwsnkee and State of Wisconsin." -\ - •- • : - ; Dated Sheriff'* Offlee Milwaukee, April 8,1859. .. [New* ^ uu .u. Dresen, flharlesfeyers, Adolph M. Neyraan, - Bmll'H.»eyman,: EmU Welsldreh, JohaJ. CsiselV Frederick Oentner, Blmon Levy, Josip^ H. Cordes ^and HbelH. Oainp. , j ";-'".--.: ; '.'" ,- 1 sj i .-..• , •Ju'dgnientofForeslbsgre; ;: "•'",-•• '•: , -\. >i j' ; i •' jfNvirtue of and pursuant to* judgment re'ndcredi in JL saw Court, to the above entitled action-dated December 31,1853,1 shall expose for sale and itll at pab- llo auction, at tie Post-Office on tbb corner. 6f Wisconsin ana Milwaukee all., In the Olty of llllwankee, on MaturdaWtlie istlt day of AAcmcti 1SS9. at the hour of 2p.m. of that day, the following described" mar) gaged: premises, or somucn thereof, AS may; be necessary to raise the amounfof said judgment, Inttr- st and^ costs, together with the: expenses; of sola to Wit r ^ -..-.-. ' ~ ; - -. i . j 'E j: ' | - 5 ; "AH that piece .or parcel of, land situate in the i "Conuty of Milwaukee and State of iWiscontin •'• - known and described as that part of the ean !; five chatoiofj the-yest fifteen chilfaj ;« tbe •' loath- west 'quarter i of section fourteen 1141, i . town seven [71, range, twenty-one [21], bound- • ed ta follows: Beginning at'Jhe Junction of i : tba centra of the Ndrth Madison and Fond du -; ' , > Lao.,Boads; and running thence; slbae ths : cento of the said Madison Boad north 61 and j 1-123 degrees,-west,four and K3-10P chains: : ttence north 5 and-USO degrees, weit font and i -70409 chains to the centre of the said Pond da i Lac Boad: thencqaloatr the centre oTtSe said ' ^nd da ; LacEoad south 85 degrees, eistS and • Dated Bheriff 's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. Ij, IBJji ' C mSlSni3 ^ ^''^S?Wis| J ,— i-*--—- ••- — •• «•• v* feu*syu*j)f tiifj luUOWiUK -.-,.. ,«uimortgsged premises, or so much thereof as aaybd necessary to raise tte amount of said judgment, interest and ccsts,. together with expenae* of sale, the "An.thal plete'ir pareel of land situate In the County of Unwaullee and State of Wisconsin, .known-and described asthe wat half of the north- west quarter of section-113], town six ' [«], range twenty-one t«J, containing, ninety. two acres, according to the. Uulted States stir. , vey, etcepUng one.half acre leased by John .and Marlon'Cooper or one of them to fchaol District No.sir 14], in the Town of Greenfield,' ''Milwaukee County.'. . , -Dated Sheriffs Office, MIlwaukee,Msy 14,1SS9. C1SCTJIT C00ST,) Milwaukee County. f SansomKlce, 1 agaiDSt 1 David P^HuO, Harlan A. fcull, B.L. Mnlford, Robert B,Bell, Byron W. Clarke t Charlis 9. Clsrke. l Summons^-?or Relief. J SUUi of Wisconsin, to the defendants »bovo named: ^ 00 are hereby summoned and required to i f- tte complaint in this action, which was I 18T8] ' SIIEKIPr'S SALE.' fIVeiVB . STATE Of WISCONSIN, f Atjf " IWewsj Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f I •.--•----••• BoBert Haneytnd JohnDeDow.9 S ' - • •• "!-:• '-.- .- .against - - - ' *• Dennis Nugent and James Nugent. .Execution; -.- - •-••-• ; B Yrlrtne of an execution issued from said Court, to the above entitled action, to me directed andlle- llvered against tha.goods, 'chattels and real estate of Dennis Nugent »nd James Nngent r I have seized and taken the following described real estate astheproper- ty of tbe defendants or either of them, to wit- -•• ' t"tot number four (4), block one hundred and; tUrty.ronr<ia»)to'theKrst Wardof tieOlty of Milwaukee, County- of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin, and all the right, title and Interest > - which the said defendant* or either of them had : In and to-said premises at the date of the filing . ':- of a certain warrant of attachment heretofore - Issued to the action, to wit: On theSth day of ^ June, 1B58." Which property, a» aforesaid, I will expose' for sale and seUaj Public Auction, at the Court House; to tte City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, (be 25th day of September, ,1558, at the hour of 2 r- K .of that day to satisfy said execution and costs. . Dated Sheriff's, Offlce, Milwaukee, August 9,1859 BUTLH, BnTTBior t Conani, 1 HERMAN L. PAGE answer -—!- --—*•• —"- — w.u» aw»«uu, wuicn was filed in -— office of ihe Clerk of ihe Circuit Court, of Milwaukee County, on U.I; thirteenth, gy of June, 1SS9, and of wweh a copy Is herewith served upon you, and to answer to the said com——- -»• at ihelr cluce-, Nos. o und 'f, Milwaukee, within ninety days ;i b S eo . f !_*S! Iu . lT » of «"> J^ °< the mitl serve a " . *" r Dated June i.t«-i. /• JeI«-lawOw. LYNDE 4 MILtES. Piaintirs 4 Attorneys. 020] SHERIFF'S SAI.E. STAT8 Of WISCONSIN, J Clrcnit Court, Milwaukee Co. f William tenz m tenz, 1 TuWe'aW f. rF. Tuttlei J MaryTuttleai Wllber F. ~ I N'vlrtue^of and pursuant Io a judgment rendered in said ,ourt,;'in the,»bove entitled action dated the,»bove entitled action, dated sell at Public 1 Auction J at the^oiYoffle'e, l5 theCilv o*f Mllwanket, < n , K..tur<£vy, tbe aetb. adV of NoTembcr. 1869, at thThoqjr of J p. M ., O f thaiday the following described mortgaged- premises, to wit"The east thirty feet of lot number ihree [3}, in block number one hundred .and sixty-three [1C3], In the. Second Ward, of the City and -County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, with the buildings and Improvements thereon " -Dated Sherfff'1 pake .M'lwankee, May 20,1359. i,)W™»{. A. J. LANOWOKTHY. Pl'ffs Att'y./ Shlf. Mil. Co., [>Sir '-— •- • - - ' - m»y21>fini-lum-la3t Bwlaw 1075] J SHERIFF'S HALE. ! STAtE OP 'WISCONSIN, ; I •;' Circuit Court-Milwaukee County, f ' John Jacob Laubenhelmer, , » agatost; • '• - , , Korsten'Sothe,'and Sophia Eathe, his wife, Carl August. Delehmacn; 0««.M* ixr> m.^» • Judgment of foreclosure and Sale, i ; : r „„ , ^_ apr8-8m-lln2w , , . A.J.LAN(.WOETBr, flheriff Milwaukee Co.,Wls. CircuitOonrtj-Milwan eeOonri^y.f ••; •..-• ; ; ;• liOottaH.Brtgtit, . ; •''..' 'agafost • ' •" ' :. ' Hra ry Shew, William Shew and KUotbeth Shew, his wife. ThomasCarrille, Jamei Porter,The Farmers*Mll- a«enleaf D. :Norris and OhrUWpheT Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale. -, : . TIC virtue of and pursuant to ajudgment rendered In " n °' to * - 1 —' -^ ne female andaeu'ttpl^^u^ onse, to the City of Milwaukee, on tj«- tbe 9ib day ol jrnij> 18S»,at mortgaged premises vor so much thereof as may bi sufficientto raise the: amount of said judgmehtTinter. ^&SKXSS^3iS!P^iaei^asrr t™Z:J^iS£<!«Be1riu follows, to srlts fflty • "-^fSTTfo,' two (S), to 'Mock No. iBtty-flve (55), ' Walkers Point, Fifth Ward, City of Milwaukee, • Oounty of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin." • Dated Mllwaukee,Apra«,18». 1 ^Jcosi i GiocLrr, J HERMAN L. PAGE, i : .pdg4^- ','fj ;- .:^«-'«-«".Oo.^.| 1058] SilEKIFF'S HALE. STATE OF WISCOSSIM, / '. Circuit P.cnrt, Milwaukee County.' f Jobann Oeorgfclnd,' ? and Jacob Kier. Mflwaukee, on Saturday, tbe 83d Of JltUy. 1859, at the hoar'of Z " ^ of Sat d !572S. t iSl??* p - te . r i tiSof tt » Devised Statutes, enU- tled "Of the Lien of Mechanics and others," the following described premises to wit : ' "A certain building situate on lot No. twelve In b!ockNo.ithlrty-fonr. In Walkert PoJnV In the "Fifth Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, County " . .of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, and aljfl all the right, title and Interest of the defendant , Jacob Her in and to said premises on fbelTtb ' day of Mar, 18S9." , , ^Dated Sheriff** Olfice, Milwaukee, June 10, 18E9. H ? OK ^SA B f A «« lan '».l A.J.tANOWOKTHY, Eobert W. Pierce, Napoleon p. Casweil, Bauruel D Luscobe, Edwin inliirer, and ' George B.Bhigham. " J i - ; E Tlrtne of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered hi aldCoartrta the above entitled action, dated the -^•J&P 1 June> 18S9 > l ih * u expbseiforiale and sell at Publ o Auction, atthe Post Office to thq City on Milwaukee,?on Saturday the ITtss daw! or September, 1859.-attb%h6nrof 2r.»"ofthat diy, the ^following -described mortgaged preinllci, or so much thereof as may-be necessary to raisei tb* amount 2xp^e^f^» ta wt" rt "* C01U ' t ° ge * W - rtl ' 1 "^ : ^'%^'^^3S^& S £&& '"DateilSheriff's.Offlce, Milwaukee,August25JS58 i :: .„„ - HIEMANL.PASE, «S^«. ...... ' Bh'ff.Mfl.Co.,W]s: ..BJTTJie above salets further postponed to Saturday, the 20th day of November, 1553, at the same- place and hour as above named. "- Dated Bhtriff S Office, MUwaukeerOct. 23,1358 " .^' :• "- i '••_ •: ; HEBMANL. PASE, £S2ri? r ^ J '"' Sh'ff.MILCo.,Wls. _ EP~TB6 above sale Is furtherpostponed to Saturday, Feb. 19, 1859, rat the same place and hour as above named. :: • , •. > - . Date riff's Offlce, Milwaukee, Nov. 20.1853. __ HEEMAN L; PAGE, " nt>T?1 Sh'ff. Mil. Co^ Wls • »^~The above sale Is stilt further postponed to Saturday, August 20,1359, at the same place and hour as above named. •'•'•• '• HKSMANL.PAGE. feb20-lawtt - Late Sh'ff. Mil. Co, wu. InTEquity. . Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, June li, 1859 A. j. LANG WORTHY; UNITE D STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. Mary Ann Adams, admimstra-l i trix. of FrederickWViAdams, I • ' deceased, . " ' 'i ' - ( = David P. Hull, : ' Marion Alton Hall, Edwin Palmer, Trustee,Michael Conghlin, Joshua Hathaway, Byron W. Clark, > OaarlcsS, Clark, ,:'.. ,-.Eobert B. Bell. ' Toe Farmers t Millers Bank, In the U. S. District Oourt for the District of Wisconsin^ " In Equity. Henry L. Palmer, Herman Schwarttog and An- gustQreallch, Ajsignees of the People'* Bank of HaerteL Greenleaf * Company, • IMward O. Tyler, ' -. . Jabex H. Foster, ..*,',..; Horace H.Hunn, -,•-.]'•'"'-' Jasper X. Goodr ch, and Andries Domex aad William J_Abrams. "- . . . ..., TN pursuance and by virtue <rf a decree made by the JL District Court of the United. States for the District! of Wlsconste, on the eighth day of April, 1859, tothe' above entitled. caa*e,lknallsell at Public Auction at the United State* Marshal's office to the City of Milwaukee/ on Wednesday, the tenth day Of August, 1859, at three °'««<«*ln the afternoon; the folIowIngdescrJbed pro" BtyttO-wlt!--" •.-;-• .- l: •'•-••-.-•" '•---. :. ' . ."Lot number,{61 and .the west fifty [50] feet of lots nembered aeven £7] and eltfit £8], to Hock twenty-flve S?l' 1 ?^^ m 5"^ lIdiUon '*» *« 8IxthWard5 th? uity of Milwaukee." . ,- , Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May 7,1889. ; : ' „ L. -„ M: J. THOMAS, U. 8. MarshaL A-OiMAT, Compl'a Bollcitor. -mayS-ltoSwSm SMEKIFF'S HALE. STATE OF WISOOHSIN, J Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Joetph ¥toton, - - v : mi. , i?^J?** I Judgment of Foreclosure Theodore K.CecUcr and f and Bale Elizabeth J.KecUer. J MUB " e I N virtue of and punuabt to a Judtrment rendered In aald Court, to tue abore entitled action, dated the 3d day of June, 1BS9,1 shall expose for sale and i*U at Public Auction, at the PosWJfflcVJn toe ClS of Mil- Saturday, ihc loth dar of «-»••«•«— 1S5». at*the hour ir«r j?, of that mortgaged prem u-j'o-«" raise the au.M.1,1 1030] j SHEHIFF'S SALE. [Wew«. 8TATS:OFWISOCNSIN, J ' • ' ! Circuit Cport, Milwaukee Co. f ; Bobert Armstrong 1 - • Daniel Driaoelly, I Jadgnient and Bale. ; i , --y>?lS* I Mechanic's Lien, Louisa O.J Sinclair. J • i r • IN Tlrtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered li JL said Wurt, In (he above : entitled action, dated tbe JJth-day of March, 1SS9, 1 shall expose for sileandselJ 2L2ff*jtt?S2!!*.*«*ft<»«&.«»««• W.« MU I vVS. David P. Hull, Marian Alton Hull, Edwin Palmer, Trustee, Joshua Hathaway, Byron W. Clark, Charles S.Clark,' Eobert B.BiJJ, 'The Farmers'* Miller's Bank Henry L. Palmer, Herman Schwarttog and August Qrealleh, Assignees of the People's Bank of Haertel, Greenlesf A Co., Edward O. Tyler,. : Jabex H. Foster. Horace H. Hnnn and Jasper E. Goodrich. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court of the 0nlted States for the District of Wisconsin, on the eighth day of April, i..a, 1S69, in the above entitled cause, 1 shall sell at Public Auction, « the United States Marshal's Offlce, In ths City of Milwsttkee, on Thursday, tbe Slst day of July, 1359, at 3 o'clock r. M., the following described property, to wit: The east one hundred (100) feet of lots numbered i'^? n ^) mnd «'«'" W In block numbered twenty-five (25), In Sherman's Addition, In the Sixth Ward of tbe City of Milwaukee. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April 13, liia aprl9-lln2w3m M. J. THOMAS-n_ a. M«~>— SALF.. 878) SIIEttlFF'.S STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f JobnKerliir, • 1 agahist f ^SlSdl..' I V-losureandSa,, AdamOrth, I Toepfer Wenzel. J I N' irtua of and pursuant to » judgment ren.lercil in stld Court, In .tho above entltleil action, dated December 31,1353,1 shall expose for sal» and sell at Public Auction at the Pest-Office on the corner o/ tVIscon. sin aad Milwaukee streets, to tha city of Milwaukee on Saturday-; tbe 2Olh day of Ansavt.' 1859, at the hour of S P^TJI ol thai day the following deserlr.ed mortgaged premises or 30 much ihtre- of as may be necessary to ralsp the amount of said •judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, the following real estate* to wtr: "All that piece, or. parcel of land situate to the County of Milwaukee and 3 ate of State of Wisconsin, known and described ai the south past quarter of the north east quart-r of section ; thiity-slx [M], town eight 13], rangetwenty- oue [ZJJ, containing fcity acrejmnre or less " Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 14,1859 CPHIJI t QIUIU*, » A. J. LANGWOaTHY, Pl'Sft Att'ys. ' f Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Win. mayl5-2m-lln2w 1817' SHERIFF'S • MAliE- f.tow» STATE OJ WI3UOS31S, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ' Heel H. Camp, •) .against | DanlalH. Elchards^ I Garrot Vliet, f Jesper Yllet and |" John B. Smith. ' J B IT virtue of au execatiou iasued'from aaul Coart in therabovo entitled action, to mudlrecteif iii'l -le- llveretl against the personal and real property of 'lit; above named defendants, I liavu aelseil mil levied in thefollowinsraal estate, to wit: •> Deglnnlng *t a point In- tho llnabotween JectloQ 19, »nd a), l!JS7.feet north of the quarter section corner, ninnini; Ihunce west 899,'i fi'et. to tho mat lino of ?onr!<?enlh street; tbance with said aastllne of ?ourtcontli atree't, tiortli JW feet to Beaublan stwct, or tho sxtt'nuicm .if tbatstreetis rapreseiKe.i in the plot of Vllet'i : Addition to tho jlty of Milwaukee; thenco ulth 1 tha south' Una of iaki street, ea»t 5u4 fee', thence with the southerly line of .wiJ .-Ur-:et. northeasterly about 'ilCI Ci'etto an :in;;le ia «lii street; thence/wish the .louth lino of inlil itr.-t east about SO feet to the point whom the j.rath westerly lino of the land conveyed to Abriin Vliet by deed recorded in County la vol Olofdecd»atpi»i;oau>, oroases :iald jouth Huo ofsald street; thence with juhl <ou'.h7/"3ti:r- ly line of Abram Vllet's land aoutli 17 d\.'CTe"'i, east about 609 feet ttt g, poin: on HlevcntJi street, whero said line ia interacted by :hu -.n-it line of Abrara V'let'a land, soconlln:; to Jteil recorded lav-olSl, of Jeeila at paj.iSid; them:i south wltliaald we3t line of Vllet'j ia:i,i '13J8 chains to a corner; tlience west -.tlth bouu- ary of said Abram Vliet'j land a chains; thane- south with aald boundary iil5 \f f;. c t to north line of Sherman Jtreet; tlienca vrlth <»l.l ourts line, west 5.93 chains to seotlun' lin tha plac- icr--3, -st li.'i!-in i,,wn ..r Mil- J, the following described premise* to.wit: ; i : • _ j . -' . ' ;> • U A certain bulIdlDg^ltuatf on lot number four- teen (H), in block number slxty-nine (6»a in i : tte Fourth Ward of: the City of Mawauiee : County of Milwaukee and State ofWls«onsto' together with 'all the jright, UUe, and interest: : the laid defendant, Louisa C. Sinclair, h«d In and to said let number fourteen (14), ia block • number slxty:ntoe (6?), In the Fourth Wari of i the City of Milwaukee." : - Dsted Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, June 7, lalj B>-K- AxUUB, \-. A " " "" —' Pl*Cs Attmney. f 3c8-dla*Cw - J HlKOFWI3CO;mS; S *f tT - £NCW> Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f . " ' ' Matilda Foote, - against H SSS I ;.^ e i,H"2;, fl ;, M »." o ^ 0ir " t L u -_ i '«-- o,.. "AUUatpieeeor parcel of land situate In the ; County of H-lwankee and State of Wlsconiln, •J 10 * 11 '_•?* described as the north half of lot e !Sr e ?.i?.V'. Ul i ocEon * bUBdrea « J111 ninety. ^*M&UatfitaX(>gci> t Addition, In the Jlrst •Ward, of the City of Milwaukee/" • - •-• Datedaheraf?JO(Bee, MUwaulrte. Jun»7,1859. Foreclosure .17MITJEO STATES MAnSlBLiX'S SAI-E. . Moses Chanberlalh; Jr., 1 , ;.' '.-.""?• _>. .'''TB; ,:'..... V In UicU. 8. District Court 5?J?r < ?Sir aUn - i,. -. »-. for «he Disteict of Wisconsin. |?x Virtue of n3d Pluries writ of Fieri Facias Issued ih?rr °^ ^? ^" ""* ' eil "ttbe District Court of the United States for the District of Wisconsin, In the iS«S!, l! ff5J r ? c ^ d ' Icomm8ndln 8 mB of *&ego'odsaS cnatteur, lands and tenements of the abore named defendant to cause to beinade a certain sum of money ttereto spedfied.1 havelevie*"npon- and shall sell at PunUc Auction,tothe 'nighest bl-ider. on'-Wednesday, ''J^ft fST of & rU > 1859. »« 8 o'clock p. S., it the TJnlted States Marshal's Office, to tbe City of ^SS?.?V^ J ^ ISSO >•"**? rto l c? I ac^l?ed, t to ^?Si tt *i fo S?*S (f described real estate, aitnate, lying and being to the Oounty of Marqnette and State of Wls* 1020} SHERIFF'S gALE. . STATE OF WISCONSIN,- » Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f JohnS-Bcyd, " "against . : John Jennlcgs, S',t m i i JE-5 e * re ' I Judgment of gilbert W.Bae, and 8al«. Percy fcUham, • - - • ' , WlUiaai, Patten and I - . Edward G. Black. J ' j TNylrtne of and pursuant to ajudgment renderM to JL aald Court, to the above entitled action, dated the .80 day,of June, ISM, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Offlce, in the City of Mil- wankee, on Saturday, tbe lOtb'daT of September, 18S», at thihour orap"i"brS«df/, the following described mortgaged ^remlsfs or so much thereof as may be necessary - to^ raise the amount of said judgment,Interest and costs/together with the expenses of sale, to wit: - - - . "All that piece or parcel, of land -situate In the County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, known and described :a» the south half: of lot two fS], to block slxty-two {«2J, to the Seventh Ward, of the City of Milwaukee." ^ ' Dated Sberiff's Offlce,aniwauke<j,Jane7.185». n *S£* 8 ¥ a **'t A.J.1VANOWOBTHY, H'ffl. Atfjs. f — 1003 ] SHERIFF'S SALE. - STA*li OF WiSOOHSIN, I Circuit Court, MUwaukee County. ( AnsonJTJdrea, l ' : agstart Benjamin P. Arnold, Jonathan laylor, Lyman Xlnibre, JosephHalin, . . f judgmant- of Peter KneUler, • and Sale JohnPrJen, • . . Samuel B. Coast, Morgan B.Coltman, Herman L. Page, and" John i " fVcw. . the above . ,. i Bd * B «a' "renjJetid in Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale. TN -virtue of and pursuant to a Judgavntrcnder- T v ,, ln ** M ^ort, to the above entitlett n.-tlon, l shall expose for sale and seltat public auction, it the Oourt House in tbe city of Milwaukee, on Saturday, Uie igfi, aaj- of June, ISi9, »t u t e hour of 2 p. «. of that day, the following Jeseribe.1 mortgaged premise*, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount due to the said plaiutur. .igtther with Interest and expensesof sale to wit- "Cuarter block twentymo- [23], in tueeut half" of the south west quarter of section No. twenty-one [81], in township No. seven 171, north of range twenty-two [MJeast, In the First Warj, of the City of Mllwiakee, in the County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." . Dated Coroner's Office, Milwaukee, Ore 16 13M Fiino * Onv, I KOBEHT WASON, Jr '. p ] M Att'ys. / Coroner UH. Co., Vtii deel8-€m-flrsM^mlain-oextSwlaw-lastSw2aw fP~ Tht above sale is postjoaed to Monday, the 1st d ay of August, 18i9, at the hour of 3 p. *., same place Dated Milwaukee, June 18,1SE9. H ' ROBERT WASON, Jr., Jel9-dlawtt -LateCoroner MUwaukee. Co •C1BCTJTT C00BT, > Milwaukee County, f Ransom B1<S, ) . against i David P. Hull, f Summons for Relief. Marian A. Hull, and I John M. Woodruff. J State of Wisconsin, to David P. Hull, Marian A. Hull and John M. Woodruff. Y OD are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint to this action, which was flled lathe office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. of-Mllwau- kee County, on this thirteenth day of June, 1359, and of which a copy Is herewith served upon you, and to erve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office, Nos. 6 and 8 Albany Build- tog, Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service; and If you fail to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this actio will apply to Oie court for tile relief demanded In th complaint. Dated June 13th,1359. , FINCBE3, IA-NDE i MU.L2R, je!6-law8w Plaintiff's Attorneys. , . la , tiraftWnlne(9),toblock number sev&ti- seven my, to the Fourth Ward of tte City If MlIwauKefrand State of Wisconsin." T DatedBherlff'*Offlce,Mllwaukee,JBn«io,lSS9. .SL*""** I AiJ.LAN&WOBTHT S89) . .SHERIFF'S SALE. -•- .-STAX* OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Conrt, Milwaukee County, i Bobert Mantles and ) Bobert W.McC!e!lan, I Borvl.Ing partners of ( Jujgmeut ai.n the firm of; Menzlej, La rchanirs Uen. Due 4 Co., Me- CMITJGD STATES TIARSllir'S SALE Joshua Hathaway and Ann J. Hathaway, ir«iimore C. Pomeroy, Admlnls trator of tbe Estate of i Thomas J. Dngrfan-, .leeeaseJ, I Fanny Duggsn, r John Dutrgan, j Walter Duggan, i Miry Duggan and i Philip Daggia, infant helu of Thomas J, Uugjan, deceased. J I N pursuance anJ by virtue of a decree made by the l-jtrict Court of the United 8UU» for U,e District ii Wisconsin, on the seventh day of June, 1SS9, In tn ibove entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, at the Cnited States-Marshal's Offlce, In the City of Mil- waufep, m slid district, on Thursday, the twenty-ninth d»y ol September, 1SW, at three o'clock In the afternoon: "Tho foUowln? tract, piece or parcel of land, jiMa ed io tl)« Rrst Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, ia the State of Wuconsln aforesaid, and designated as lots flre (5) and si* (6), of Block "K" of Usthawij'a snodiruion of the- north part of west half of south west ? J 1» r J et .°/ a<:Cti ° n Iw «"r-< ul e(21): said lots being forty (40) feet front, each on Jackson street and extendini •^ " D " " UQllrpJ "nd twenty-seven and seven-tenths (1-. .-10) fe«t, according to a plat of aald subdivision m -?K e ,v y ) ,,, S - Trowbrldge and soon to be recorded, with the dwelling house standing thereon." Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, June 25, 1359 IT-J.THOMAS,U.S. Marshal. si Oopn, Complt's Solicitors. '-3m, ' . „ lo Mnity. . . . against .Clemens Kamschullr. . r HTr. rs;** ' o< >* *"«* of Hcshkora, with the mill thereon sitnaled, with all Its ' iiower connected; therewith. ' *. .^ »i we u. o. jaarsnai-* omce, Milwaukee, except the sales of Eailroad Iron mentioned to the schedule iL wMchare adjWned respectively to Wednesday^ Jaw- ary 12,1859, E.I •••£ ^t:' t ^k p. ji» and Friday,'January li, 1858, at8 o'clock*. *..«theresneotlveplaces jnen' ipned above, *•—•«• «™u Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Deo. C.lSoS. dtci-oawtt * M.J. THOMAS, P.R. Marshal. liSSI^h*.^'? 1 " U , l S 1 ? by further «dioa»eo to uonuay, the 14th -day of February 1SD9, at li o'clock A. K«, at tbe TJ. S. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except tb<iales of Eailroad iron mentioned to the schedule ""*"•*• — -SJoarnedrespccUvelyrto Monday, Febru g o'clock P:»_ »nd Wednesday, FeV . ouu o 1n said village of NeshkoraV AlsoTlotJoie ?n rt X'2\- t*t -f.l« M L A. l«». ^(_.yfl\ --^1 . 7.-. V' [Wew. Judgment of Foreclosure and gale. . Marshal's Offlcs, Milwaukee. Jan, 12. J8i9. '••- -'-. ' janlS-jiawB M.J.XHOMAS,ir. 8. Marshal; .OT »»•«»''« •»»« »s hereby further adjourned to ITniniSay, the 24th day of February, IBM, at10 o'clock *.«., atthe O B.;Karshal'B Offloe, Milwaukee, except tfc« sales of Eailroad iron mentioned to schedule B_ x which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, Febru. • «ri2fcb t .lS59, at Z o'clock p. u., and Saturday, Febrn- «ry 26th, J85D,. at 3 oVock'«. B., at tte respective places mentioned above. ' ". '••-•"- '••"• • Marshal's Office,'Milwaukee. Feb. IS, 1859. : febl&oawtt . :'M; J.THOMAS'if. S. Marshal. ' . aT"The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, tb* 23d day of March, I85», atlOo'Clocs; to *beforenoon, atthe D. 8. Marshal's office, JUllwan- Kee,excep» the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned to echednle B., which are adjourned -respectively to Wed- neadai-.March 5B,185ff, at2 o'clock ».«., and Friday. »areh 25.18S9, «t 8 o-doclcT.»., at the respecHve places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, KIlwaukee,Pen.2«, 1869. WMfr-Uwtt M.J. THOMAS, 0.B. Marshal, o 1?7 \ ^I^** 1 ' to '"ereby further adjourned to Satarday, ihe 24 day of April, 18SS, at 1J> o'clock A. »u, at the Dotted States Marshal's Office. Milwaukee, e:r7 cept* e .»» 1 esoj ! aaaroadiron mentioned In schedule B., which tn-e adjourned respectively to Saturday, April C o'olocfc * M , at the respecil veplaces'owntiohed above! Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Sta-ch 58.1^ mar2i-lawtt M- J. XHQMAB, 57a. »nrs'is'. ^P~ The above eale Is hereby further adjourned to Saturday, the 7tu day ot May, 1869, at 10 o'clock A. at.. at tbe United States Marshal's Office. Milwaukee, except the sales of luulroad Iron mentioned to schedule B., which are ndjoumW respectively to Saturday, May 7,1850, at 2 o'clock r. *, and Monday, • May *, 180*. *-o'clock °P. HO. at the respective placet mentioned above. r stanhal's Office; Milwaukee, April 8,18S9. , sprS-lawtt Jt J. THOMAB, O. S. Marshal. fgr The aWrve tale IB hereto further adjourned to Monday, the fit* day of June, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. «., at tJieBnltei States MarsbaTa Office, Milwancee,>«t- cept tit aalet of .Railroad Iron' mentioned to lehedule JB» vhlcbs>r* &fyQQfM& respectively to Bto&dayt June 6,-186S, at S o'clock f. «... and Wednesday, Jane*. 180,«i8o¥lockJ'.«., at tbe respective place* mentioned aatove. ' ^ - . , nS-ebsl'4 Office, Milwaukee, May T> 1859. > — 'tar-Tht alHivc sale Is hereby further adjourned to " e»wraay,tlu:»6tb. day «f July, 185»-/« 10 o'clock *. «., at t£i Cnited States Marshal's Offlce, Mflwankee, tt*j^Mr&8&^ffi^\z'j& one a); •Mock-It, and nilll'lots two (S), ^elfS), fon7 <4),-lve(6),'i«xt6)«d .even^ (TX.fronttogionlCUi" Also, lots two, four, flvei Ox, il&t, nine, ten, Seven, twelve, thirteen land fourteen, InSioek JC, and thetonth half of lot one, all of lotsaeven, and a certain pleceM landlylngtetween lotil andi, forty,feet>teSt m Main atreet ana *stenainjp; west ioihe pond in block. Blots four, five, Ox', aeven, eight, nine, ten, '• eleven.' twelve,thlrtee» and fourtSn,In block tf; l«i one,two. four, five,«even,elghtintoe,t«n,eleven, twelve, thlr- teen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, to block B: lou one. two, three, fourand flve,in Block 0; theno^b half ol lotonetewoctri Also,lot ntoe,to1)Ioclc R Tots four, £™-,»?'."«n.»*^'* ;east; balf ;of: lots We and eight, all in block*, and :mnn»t Ko. 6. All of the -^ „. „• , ota ^^ ln ^e Trlllage-ofiS.Skora.- . .. t .^... t-the nortlieait ._.-»..»»... west Quarter of ^f^.-^ to towMblp " '"•"*' . SHEBIFsVS SAI.E. STATE OF WISCONSIN, » ' Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co.{ ..'••' A William Ooett, against. . Charirs Tank* and Juliana Tanke, his wife, FransHebel, ---;. David Adler, , Samuel ahoyer,. . ; Isodore Hockstadsr, and Ucrman L. Page. , TNTlBTtTEof andpnnuanttoa Jndsment rendered i A toaald Oourt In ihe above «ntia«l action, <Uud tte i«hoay of June,18», I shall expose for sale and sell at ^Public AncUoir. at the P.ost Offlce, ito the city of MU. waukee, on Saturday, tbe tOtlv dar of Sepiembcir, tfiVhour of,S ».li7of ttat d?/ jthe following^escrlbed mortgaged premises, or 50 much !™« re <rf«ffla7 be necestary to raise;the amount of said 1078J SHERIFF'S SAAE. BtABjOJP WJ8CONBIN, 1 Circuit Court, MHwaake» County, f .James B. Brown, i . ThomaaL. Ogden and Joshua Hathaway/ ', '. ' '. agailnst ': i A. Patterson fimlth,' : Charles Bchley and- Harrlethls wife and otbeis. . . - , TN virtue of and pursuant toajndgment rendertdln -Si.-'jSiSfMSbSAfe.S'SS. enUUe<1 « Uon .. d M<* the I Judgment of Porecldsnre and Bale. . '.-IT . AacUon Ott for ' > o t e Uon.-at tte Post-Offlce, In theiCl SATOBDAY.THE ITTH DAY OF ljyof j. 8EP4 raBBEB,i859, attbehonr of 2 r.*r, of that da* the folluwmg described mortgaged, premises :or sd much thereof ss may be necessary to raise toe amount of, I N virtue of and pursuant to ajudgment rendered in said Conrt, to the above entitled action, dated F«b- ;;ruary.B,lSJ», I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction at the Post-Offlce, on the corner of Wlscon- aln and Milwaukee streets. In the City of Milwaukee lSXB Sa , t V,! r<lajr » !% e 14th day of May,' 1SJO, at the hour of'S r. «. of thai day, pursuant : to Chapter 120 Eevlsed BtatnUs, entitled of the lleTof ^^r.Tr*?".* 1 " 1 Oll ""'«" * u «>e right, title and Interest : of tte above mmed"deftndant in and to the followlnz ^Totw.«.r,n ,K.~V 1t y? 0 f Fetesary, 1SS9, to wit: >g situate on Int No.-tweaty- r"™ °S* bnuilred a- <1 thirty eight v—TJ, — i Week/s subdlilaton \o vhe north west charter of section flvo [5] «.!• hth V?art of th« City of Milwaukee. Also the interest ol i: th^sald defendant In and to the salili^i No j: 133, on the Cth day of February. 1S5'J,> ;_Daled Sheriff's Offlce, Mil wauke, April I, J i;0 •Fracni^LTirpiJkMitua, l \. I UNilWOKTII? Pl'miAtl'yi. f «l-'-M'l. aprl-lawCw e sale Is hereby postponed to Saturday [QIJIJ 1559 •* -**•* ••—— _>-.^_ » •»_ * IT. iVU . Block nslnbeted ttlrty-flve (?5), to Clark-c ddlUoB^in tbe Sight Ward of tte City of MlI-. ! wankee, County of Milwaukee and atate'of • " ' ; - - - •• •: • c*. . - - -. - - •• . .^ : f -.Dated .Sheria'a Office, Milwaukee, June M, 1859. ';'" ATOBOOMit,! .-,. A.J.LAKGWOOTHY.S Dated Sheriff's Offlce, Milwaukee, May 14, 1SJ9. ... "' A^J.LANOWoaTHY, 8h.'ff.'HU. Co., Wls. ftrther STATE!* IWABSHAr.'S SALE. Morgan Carpenter, - i vs. I llfohael Hanrahan, { Mary Hanrahan, f John Banrahan and I Bridfet Hinrahsn. J I N purauan« andVhy virtue of a decree made by the „, .g, utrict , Coa rt of the United States for the District of Wisconsin, on the seventh rfay of Jnne,13J9, In the above fntlUed eaase, I shall sell at Public Auction, at tie Dnljed States .Marshal's Office, In the City of Milwaukee, to said district, on Thursday, the twerity-ntath day of September, 1S5», at three o'clock. Ia .the after noon, the following described property, to wit • "The west half of tfie south east quarter of section number fourteen (14). In township number eight (8), north of (SO^acres 0 "" tJ " >nt y' ttni '( 2J > eas!,-containing eighty Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, June 25,1559. M. J. THOMAS, .P. S. Marshal. A'jaailcitors. with saitlon lino north <j:ft feet Co beginning, 'containing :il>out ^i).7( bein«'situated In the east half ttt !! quarter of section 13, anil In the -. the north west nuartcr of aeotlim rings 2'J. Alao lots'},ID, 11, is, blorli-J. LoU 2, 3, 4, », fl anil 7, Mnak : lot 8, blocjc. -1. Lot C, block i. Lot-U, block 111; All In VUet's Addition to Itlie elly waukee, beinu in tho enat bair or th, 5 -jut- i east quarter of section 1'J smd the ivoat Sair ,i N W %• of .section iO, town T, ran^e 23 eai!.- Also the following real estate he^in-iL'iif -it i DQint in section lino between section.-! l-t m.i iQ at north aide of Shersjiva utruc*. -in<( .V2 L > '.•.•> north of the quarter section corn-T-, Oieiu-.- wlth section lino north 55D feet; th»m-,j JI--H 599,'i feet to cast side of ?ourtei.-n;ih i;r •—•, thenca with eadt aide of 5aiil Hriut, joutb Ivj feot to north -side of aa alley; ihuuco S;L>. north side of said alley south easterly Jiii :n-:: to north slda of Sherman street; ^I-.TC-J ,?!t! iajd north Hao ir'f Sliefman strjet Ml fee'. :„ place of beginning, coisaialnit li>s' -ic.-.-j .^or.- or less, being situated In the aa« iair >r :na ncrth cs« quarter of section !'), :.3\rn 7. r«j.< '13 east. Also Lot 4;Mock33. Second Wur.i. North >j lots, block 33. docoml W»r.l. Also tho following rual »siat3t>.;in^ :n the.nitrt.-i east quarter of lection 17. t,)^a ,' ran>{= il beginning »t m point in tho wrat u no )f ,, u ,' qa trter section 10.0S chains of mo jouti west comer ofsalu quarter joc'.ion a: -.ho nor-.b west corner of lands co.iv.jv.*! by o,-:»i If Richaids to one John P. Shoi'macW -hiin-- »lth said west line of i»M ,|unrter ji-ctiun nor;!.! chains south of the aorih -.7.^1 corner of jaid iiuarter auction, -.hem-ii 'a.i: 14.70 chains to cuddle .if Gr^uii u.»/ -.>v! tlience along midd^a of said road jomh -D .I..-K 10.08 chains north of tin? south lin.j ( ,'', \'.,t quarter section; Uiencu 14.7t) :hat:n place of beginning, contalnlcK lUout te i.-. - , and ou the woat siile .>f t!.j iir-m u * .road. Which said property, IU aforesaid, I ihiji iala and sell at Publlo Jmctlon at the i'nurt tl City of Milwaukee, ou Saturday, Jho of Tlarch, ISG9, it the hour >r •> r. a.. to satisfy said execution, toigrthi-r -TH;I'i^..--i sale. Dated SheniTs Offlce, Milwaukee, ?..-!>. I, D.-/J. yrscssa, LT^DS i, (A. J. l.ANQ'.voi'.T'i c Pl'tb Att'ys-. | Sh'3. Mil. Co IV jan25-dlawfiir l^T" The abov • aalo is tiurtiDy '>o^t'M»-i--,i -i J- day, the 20th day of March, l:»s>, kt 'the I'. it-o'-!/.-' tha hour of 3 p. ». Sheriff's Otflce, Milwaukee, March [•}, 1-r.j. A. J. L.VMi'.V'OJTHT further u ,-,t April, -,t ; Day i lay e »buv.> neiday, the tiih day time of day. Dated 2her!iT'i o:a,-e, Milwaukee, Mir-:i :•> : •• A. J- I.».N(;'.V.)!1T!J -,- 25J2 9 ih-nj Mil , feST'The iljove 3«Ia 13 farther postpone.! -u - Uay, the Jljt Jay or May, 1^, it :h« l'-.,t ij ;a . tba hour of J r . »., of that day. ^ The above 1*1,. " - sth jay Dated Sherllf ShenlTMIl-.Tvj , = re!,y farther ^,.,: M 1 iv, Mil-.vsi, 1 A. J aheritr Mil.' Cn - •—. — -sbovo jale ,3 'isreby furlhcr pojtiv Saturday, the llth Jay of June, I'M i- t'... , .„ and time of day. Dated Shoriir'a Offlce, Milwaut,-.' •.: tv N m». N Saturday, the 2d iay of July ' and time of da.. DateJ Sheriff'5 Oilier. Iflbraui.,- . ., A. J. L.Uii>Vv , i^ -p., Shc-rilf Mil Oo.. W! , 1&~ T!l0 above sale is hereby further aoit&m.. Saturday, the JOtli j sy u f j u j y , , 35 .j lt ^ v . ., nd ioze of Jay. Dated 3-ienu"! Oillce, Milwaukee, July '1 Ww , A. J. La.xi5'.vo:iT:jv W 3 Sheriff Mil. Oo '.V- 1 '' 'in idld C.MII :, • U property ,t \] belnif in the c ty . JohnDahlman, Timothy Doer, Edward O-Seli, Robert Dathe, and WUlIam Dummer. ** "The Tollbwing real estate; idng and 'the connty of Milwaukee and State orwiscon- sin, and described as lot* mannered three and' four, (8 and 4),-In block Q, of ftht tuMlrli-' tpnintoflty lots of the Kast .forty acres of the • f°« h ;'fmqnarterof ieetton. Dumber seven-' teen, (IT) In town number seven, (TJ North of range .number twenty-lwo, (82,y last to tte axth irard of the city cfMnwaukee." " Dated SberilPi Office, Milwaukee, June T, 1859. JB -*m--^S8ffiSS*"Y i *- tK *^" Circuit Court, Milwaukee Con?ty.f. ••'. '• "!I>a^ldM.MIsner, A«lgnee,*c., -i j- [''•- '•-'' ' Against • '!•••- JamesfflerltT..*Christian Sherlir, his wlfij Hatiantel Tompktof, Oiarles Etoor, John Sheriff, Toicano Iron Oonrpany.Jamef Smith, Pardon Bennett, Mather • ' HtUt -ftnnffA^tlwn^frt T^tT. • -ot—**—. ««rstti_ _~ ~~~ " . :. Dat«f Hherirs Offlce, Milwaukee, June 11, is39. . A.J.LANOWOaTHY. ' . BberuTMaco. Wls. Plalntlir»Att'yf. jeS-dtaota2w SherUMU. Co.',Wl». . eeas aocmded eTfllaaeplarof thevlUa«eofMaSkora. Also, the easthaWof thewuth westqn»rter of secaon number eight (S), in township numbei seventeen <17)norUi. of range Ho. eleven ai) east,- All of the above property being situated In the County of JMarqttette and State of •Wlsounsln. Marshal's Office, HliwaulceE,Mar,ch 2,1859. mar&4aw8w M. J. THOMAS, Marshal. taf~ She above sale Is hereby adjourned to Mondar, July 11,1569, at the same hour and place M above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April 27,1859. apr29-la»2t H. J. THOMAS, .0.8, Martha]. 1021] SItEBIFF'S 8AJLE. [Howtt. ' BTATEOP W1800M8IH, '} Olrenlt Court, Milwaukee Co. f JohnS.Boyd, i «galnst John W.Jones, Sidney i. Bood, Jasper £. flood-rich, Phillip Trezls*,. &*?£%??* ' 1 'fS^ 1 ** of foreclosure Clock Company, - andfiile. AlfredO. fectham, William H. Merrill, Dennis M. Jltch, George A. Alien, and Charles E. Bale. j I ^J^A ?l V*.P Driutnt *» » JndPMut" renderedln said Court in th« above entltledlaeUoc, Sated the £^£T£ 1 !»i I< g** ] * 8 »«ft' «"« indTell at w, *"""-- —ihe Post Office In tie cHy-oT Mil- 1074] aOEBIFfS SJJLX, •y STATK OF WI800H8IH, I . Circuit Court—Milwaukee Coaaty. f i" .JohnB. BaaseD. , l i - 'against John Henry Ellen, " 1 Anna KohlmanBleT§,bl» wife, William W.Colemann, HearyStenn, HermanBterm, Henry Ennkel, and Frederick Krueger. ift" [Newa Judgment of foreclos- "nre and Bale. • nu at Publlo AncttonjAt the Post Offlce In the at/of MD- T M .P«™iane»juidby Ttrtneof a judgment reaaehed JL to this action, and entered to the office of the Clerk of this Court on the l»th day of April 1859,1 shsll ex* pose for sale aad sell at public auction at the Post Of. flee, to the city of MUwaukee, on Satarday 'the £3dslay of anly next, at the hour »f S o'clock p.m. of that ftf, the following describes mortgaittd premises, of ao touch-tiereof as may be necusiry to rail t the amount of said Judgment, Interest aad cortV tugethef wJtBth4-«tpense» of tali sale, to wit:: T™' - -"Ail-that certain pl«ceot parcel of land known- ^ and designated as city lot anmber nine rj), i a : : block number fourteen (14), Walk.r'j Point, •• rirthWafd;«lty6f Milwaukee, county pfMllT "= waukeeatid; State of Wisconsin. ' 'Dated SherJff* Offlce, Milwaukee, April 2otb. i .- o—^»o IA.J. LANQWORTHTi T Bh'tt.Mn.Oo^wiJ |J87]•-.:• SHERIFF'S SATE7 UU STATE OF WI800SSIK. Oreult Court, Milwaukee County. , Zelotus A. Cotton, -1 '; . agalnrt .1 Christian Wand. ] f>r virtue of an execuUon issued from said Court In Hv^5 e ,^ >T l. ( l ntrUe<ll 'f U , on ' to me <Ur«^ inV'de 0 IIVMWll.^I—t.lupj,.,^^.,,,^ re> j pro . I I le and Interest of the said Cb is' ln * nd '" w u » foUowlng described ' real eitate, on the 9tb day of aeptember, ISol: or h«s since; acquired thereto, to wit: Two acres in the west half of south wsst quarter of • section seventeen Q.T), town, seven iT), ranra twenty-two (22) ean, In the Ninth Ward of the : : City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee anJ i :; Stat^of Wlscouttn."- " i WUch said property, I shall'expose for sale and s'll at Public Auction, at the Post-office, la the City or Milwaukee,; on Saturday-* tbe 9tli day of •Tnlf, 1SS9, at the hoar of 2 e. u., of that day. to satisfy stld execution, together with the • expenses of fiale. _-- — •: - • - - ' Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 27,1S59. ' B^ L. La. > A. J. LAN&WORTHY. iH'&Att^. { Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. i mayZT-lawfiw: -..-; :- • ; • ' . l-NITEE STATES MARSHAL S SALE. Armand de MaCirty, ) vs. i Jsme» Ooggla, - laEn 7irtoB "f a decree made by th of the United States for theDlstrlc of Wisconsin, on tte lib. day of June, 1359, In the abov entitled cause, I shtll sell at Public Auction at the Onl In. s . l ;'« M » rsh « 1> ' °a«, in the City of Milwaukee S ' a !l? utrlc *' oa fM*y, the thirtieth day of Septem ber, 1SS9, at thre« o'clotk, in the afternoon, tbe follow ing described property, or so much thereof is may b necessary to satisfy said decree, to wit : "Lots five [5 «- .1 v (,,| in block thirty.four [31 j m the North Eis ihi.'iiiti' r ,»«- 1 ' a ^ rr ' 7 '' two l 32 'J Ia lh8 KfUj w «<« ° tbe, City of Uiwaukee, and also the North West frac .ir^ii q ^ lrt 5 r ^ f Mc " on ttlrty-aU [3B,] in township six IS,] ttorth of range fwety-two I23T East." Marshal's Offlce, Mll»auke«, Juie 23, 1S59. M. J. THOMAS, P. S; Marshal. ! Oona, ComplalnantVSotlatora. m-lln3w 734] SUEUUF'S SAiE. STATS OF WISOOSSIN, 1 Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ( Michael Bin and J." William Tunbrldgf, (. M . . ., sgalnst f Mechanics tlen. Thomas B- RodiSi. ) • TN virtu* of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered m A said Court, in the above entitled action, dated April ' J '"I? 11 eI P°«e for sala and sell at Pnbuo Auc- "" Post-Offlce, In the City of Milwaukee, on -•--—-—y. tlie 83d day of July, 1359, at the hour of 3 f. a., of that day, pursuant to Chapter 153 of the^ Eevlsed Statutes, entitled: "Of the Lien of JJ^f 1 ^ tn , d ?^ e ?" »« ^»"8l». ««• ami interest the defendant had In and to the following described £fter^i»° day or April, or at anytime there-- ^ l jaSS±r,r*fe? 1 S3!S5^ & ^« on 'ourt.MIIwankeeCount'y. Tha Globe Bank,' i against )ani«l H. Richards, I larret Vliet, f '••"'cut asper Tllct and i ohn B. Smith. j B Y virtue of »n eiecut'on \.in-.~ the above entitled action, t.. ., ercd against the personal ami , above named Jefendanu, 2 ha 1 . the following real estate, Ijun^ aiia oeinif in Milwaukee, County of MllwiuHee anil 3tat,- ,,r -,v sin, to wit: "Situate in the north eaat (martyr j( J ( ..-M,,P •- towo ..range'22, befinnini; it the wuth '•j.ii corner of said quarter gection; runnin • .11 ,'„ . tho east lino «f said quarter section north . , "; point OJJ4 chains south of tha north east i-u-i-.- of said quarter section, aeini; rte south '•'.,• corner of land conveyed by slid SlcliarJa ,., one Christopher S.-loepf; thence with «> u -|. Una of said land eonveyed toSchloe-jf TOS- •„ . point 380 feet east of middle of «re«," ij.iv road; thence aouta 100 feet; thence ircjs :i},< feet to middle of Qreen. Bay road; thunct- iio-. • the middle of laid road south to the south li'i," of said quarter section; thence west non - ii'i.i south line of said quarter section to beirlnnin- containing about 34 acres, lieins on th,. .-kji side of the Qreen Bay road. Also the following real estate jitute.a ;!.,• aald north east quarter: of.jection li, town : rungs 23, beginning at north east corner ,i said quarier section; thence west with aorr, d! 8 f a * qailrter Jectlon 23>2i chains to mi.i- oi 9 llnd* 1 c l o r0ad 4:S8 ^""""rt'h i^-st'loS er Chrlstoph Schloepf; thenco "west alo^'ao'rt'',' line of said laud to ««t Una ot said Tiusr-^r section M.24 chains; thence north 1 35 •ij.i'ni to beginning being about li »cr-s, iml "ill -h . right, title and interest of tic said duiVndani or either of them in anil to the said pri-uij-i and appurtenances on the tenth day oi bcto- bar, ttu.,or since acquired thereto." sale and sell at Publlo Auction, it* tjiB"T I n«t'?)In i .^ T.' toe- City of Milwaukee, on Sa° nrtay, tho I l\£ aay of May, 1SS», at tba hour of -j ? " of that satisfy sai.l e.vecutloc, tojelherwlta^xpense, *r "«ed ^^IT^Offlce, illlwaultee, March,i3, IMJ. ' 3n'!f" Mil. Co., Wj., heraby _ Si3, at tfio same Dlaco day, abovo Dated Saerlir'j OOce, Milwaukoo, May 1-1.1330 A. J. LA.Ni - sh'ir.: , Mil«ra:i'.-oo, May I3.1S33 DitedSherUTs'l maySB . «f E'of^atttay. lM» orVo%, " ! amount of saiot county and W " — f '• ^M •^»wy *nti* Mk>Mlivt9 -V excepting to .much of lot numb* aforesaid at sold by the aald: Joa and Anna, bU wife, by deed of Ing O 1865, to August Quenther and, C, . I ate In the County of WaitTngioo. and State'of Wisconsin, in the north-east onarter oP "' -| K TOBOTAHCJa of an order of. tbe Clstrlct : Oonjt iif XtheOolttd^Sates, for the District orwiseosslii made on v&e.ln&day of May, -A.D.,,iW^ 9 ^* H, Blchardi, A«Mgnee,Jn bankruptcy of Joslan n Olnre, win ie» ',* iSbUo AueUon, at the OonrtBoafn joj**-^ oWwaukee, on the «U» day of Jnly.nbxli, between thebou?» «f nine and ten,-to the forTpooac! ttsrtday, all th» rigbt, UUeajidinterelt, which! the said JoslahB. UcClure had at-tie Unnof 'Bltog •>«* petition to"biniruptcyi to and to the followtog norm naif (XJitu nesctnau ^i O f Kart Jfertb Westqua'rtw (X) of section tblrty.slx toe,] towit ttlrty-nlne, l»OiNorth rang» ftiurteeo; (Jl,)l.«. fat fK-s^^j^jaft^w^f^r?* 7-nIne,(8B,)ra 9 g»j; CNITED STATES IlIAUSHAL'S 8AXE John A. Page, executor of the last will and testament <* Bezekiah H. Reed, de- CilBed.; .."•;• • , -_ . ; Bsivlip. Hall,' Marian Alton Hull, Wwlil Palmer Trustee, • Joihaa Hathaway. BrtenT. Olarlc, Claries S, Clark, Rooert B. ^BeH, In Chsincerv -Tbe7»nnet J s*Mlller > sB'k - * - HenryL.Patoer, •'-• Htrtaann Bchwartlng.ana Aqgtatui : Oreullch,' ''As- «gaee«M6f : Us» People-s Banfc^ of Haertel, Qrsen- eoanun>B«red twen fourfM), la township numbered nine I9)7norlh of range numbered twenty, east, desertbe4»i i tsonoenclng at the norUrt.S^om« ofsVS ?, ee ~£i'55 hlDf ttenoe «o«ft on thestctlon ltae#Jgbt48)«)<lsrninnlnK thence west on a , line parallel with tte nortlf line of laldaeotton -rods; thence west on a - ne wes on a ne paralltl w ' north Uneof said section forty^nrtdfi - north o a i Dated'SherUTj Office, Milwaukee, Jnne7, 1859 ' Crux * OujIAV, f A. J, tiNQ WOBTHT, > ' ^aUd Bheriff Oo 3aturday, the llth day of Aiie, 1859, a? 3 't P r,?» place and. time of day. Date;l Sheritt'.i Oiltce. MlhrauUe,-, Jui,,v,| 133., ,- A.J. LASaWORTilY, -"-—--«--,.. -u» .u«uvuiuuc« xuver, to iho City and Oounty of Milwaukee, Statiof Wisconsin, and claimed by .tho defendant together with a certain loap and candle factors sit- uted thereon. ** • Dated Shttiff'sOfflc»,Milwaukee, May24,1S59 '-""""», I - , A.J.LANQWOETHY, may^awflw' - I '' : . ^ «". 0.. Wl,, Dated Sherill'j Office, Milwaukee, Jane 11, Jab^~H.lFojte"' : Eoraie K. Hunn and \ : fwP5™" n c»and by virtue of a decree madebythe ' JL jJKatriet Court of the Unltett States for the District of -Wlseonsln> on the twelfth day of March, t. D., 1S59, to «"ffi»«e entitled cause, f liall sell at labile Ancnoi ' at0»United States MtrsbaTi Office, in the City of Mn«nkee, on Monday, the ninth day of May, 18B9, at ft?^?<*.*-.»-.r,n«fin?wtag reafestate^toTand SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OP WISCONaiW, 1 CIrcuft Court, Milwaukee Co. f Hans Henry Jargeni,) Daniel E^on. " f S^"' " Foraclosar8 « J I N virtue of and punuant to.a judgment m said Court, to the above entitled action, dated N<vr«mh»T. 10, ISSr, I shall expose for saleind"ell| K P\ibUc S" Dated SherllTj Otliee, Uilwaqkee, July •-• m»j . ,_, ' A. J. LAN8 WORTHY 'l" s Sherlir Mil. Co., WU. J077] STATS, Off WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court— llilwaukeei County. | [Sew* Henry 3. BroTva, and Miriam Holroa Brown, asalnst J»me»P. Whitney, and iu wBUBiup Duuuwr esven li}, nortn of range number J»*P*f.-»wq (28) «ast;ne»f the south east quarter betoe -teal il« aeres of the aboro described ua" ofjSSf wWob Is ctee^tedand reserved." ****•*•"• OSes, Mliwanfae, Match •now* •aaiBon, H> VIUD«KU, ia saia uonnty of OooK* ^Uid, the folio wing omltled to be scheduled In lot nlne'teinf WBHn. Mwk4W«y, (30,) school section addltlonto Chicago, In saiif County of Oookj also lot one (1} In icioorticUon aSIOflfn to^^u'oo'jnii^ll 61 f*tttS^^^ T ^?? S *,^^ oura '^^°"^ Dated ttMBwi«»ee,«ayl8t|,,18». )M1 '-• 1SJ ( SS?M*' of Jql '' 18B *» at »e{wtme hour and i.-^,^-{. rgA «H.H.BW,lARD8,.f i*l£S8K^* M ^ llv » l 1M. may20-dl»w6w j ii3iZ" t S •"""'»' • vwce,«uiwansae. may », i.ioa. ,A*slgneeii 5 m»jfl<Wawit M.V. THOMAS, 0. a Marshal. 1 . o being in the County of Milwaukee and Mate of Wisconsin,: and being a part oftlM north west quarter of section IT, In township T, north of ranee 23 east, and being the JC. AI of ' those certain 26 acres, convtysd to John Adam Mueller and Martavhls wlfe.sud Frederick Mueller and Charlotte WUheimlne, his wife, by James .HrKugers ana wifp, • by- warranty de«d, dated . March 11, IMS, and., recorded in th» Offlce^ of Register of. eeds of aiilwaukee County, in Vol. B. of Deeds, pages Ttt and TT; bounded on the north andsouUj by the respective north and south lines of said north west quarter a seatlon IT, on the east by : the west lln» ^b^^opartoFsaiTnoTS'rt^ &^£SZS,£^££ - less. 1 \ - \ ~ r 1 ^ r O • .AttWOBTHY, Sh'ir.Mll.Co. > WU, •3, I I mw IIffv MM ^ {. - Keury OaoirelL L "*"* J I N s.Td C 'c^ a ^hTrbove^\»SV a ^ ^^K^^f*&£®,}« Commencing twelve feel south of'thn north- r anl of tho City of 'Milwaukee' CT ^.^**WM 613 toil A Hue Uft &lt?l wit^ tlif* north linS of said lot to 'ts 0 -Lt iSof^itt lot; thcnte south on (ae aast Una of sold lot twenty fonr (21) ftet;. thenco west on a line parallel with the soulh lln* of said lot ta the west line Of aald lot, and tfienco north ivr»nty- foar (34) feet to the. place^f lieginnins,-, ami tfie buildings thereon." - T ton« e< B?!S;fl*r? mM ' V 11 "^^'. J»°° ".!»»• uQDxy, Baow^i OGOS.V, J A J t- iM'GWQjfcTUy Pl'tT 1 * Att»y,j. f ^ Shtff iff AW. 2o. t WU. jaJ-i- ;

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