The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1975 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1975
Page 10
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TMI MCT$ , TljUt. TUMMY, MCtMBBR J, )»T$ ILA ru//ng (Continued from Page i> "And based on my limited experience, a ruling in 60 days is very prompt action by the court, he said. "I think the case is significant enough to ask the court to reconsider Its decision not to review the case." "This will take months. I imagine our clients would instruct us to file for a rehearing before the Supreme Court first of all. Local longshoremen, if the action is affirmed, a hiring hall plan and classification system will have to be formulated." the case would then go back to U, S. District Judge Rcynaldo G. Gam of Brownsville for a final order incorporating a formula, he said. Gana's 1973 ruling led to the appeals court decision. Once Garza's order is entered, both sides have the right to appeal if either feels the formula is inequitable. Urock said Wells said his 980 member local opposed the merger originally not because of "intergrntion per se, but because of the type of economic structure that would be required." "We opposed the merger originally became we had established our own procedures and thought there would be some conflicts," said Young, whose local claims 1,000 members INSURANCE PROBLEMS? COME TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS. FOR MORE THAN 55 YEARS WE'VE BEEN SOLVING PROBLEMS ON HOMEOWNERS AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FOR THE BRAZOSPORT AREA. NOW WE ALSO HAVE EXCELLENT FACILITIES FOR WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, LIABILITY AUTO FLEETS, MARINE COVERAGE AS WELL AS BONDS. FOR ALL TYPES OF BUSINESSES. SAVE MONEY ON QUALITY COVERAGE CALL 233-5252 JG. C. HARDMAN, JR. LARRY R. FARLEY, CPCU FREEPORT INSURANCE AGENCY (Continued from Pago I) merger case was th«t, despite division of work on a 50-50 basis, black longshoremen generally make less since their locals have more members. Watson said the pay is the same in Freeport to black and white longshoremen. He saul membership in the two locals here varies from lime to time, so that sometimes his local has more members and sometimes the white local has more. In response to the government argument that black stevedores make less. Amtell *:>id "fiich local has the opportunity to make the Hours" aiul tluit it's "up to the individual" to earn a ^»xl level of pav The dual, segregated hiring hall system here and at all mm* other Texas ports is bnstnl on tin- system of seniority HoJh Angell and Watson said they didn't know how a new hiring hall and seniority a r ran gem en! would bo worked out Forging a !»:•'* system "would bv a big IIICM.' Angcll said, indicating hi* local to satisfied with the current set-up Watson said of n new system that "to foe fair to anyone, it would lake quite some lime" to work out One snag could arise from the (net that the white local was started in IW, and members have built up seniority since then Blacks could not work at the port until 1964, wht-n I-ocal 1818 was charterwl. Watson pointed oul. "I haven't the leiisl idea how long a merger would take," W.itson *<«ul and Angrlt I'uncurri'd "If the ordtT stands.' Angell said, "it would jus! In' a court (inter that we haw to liv<- \uth thul -AC dofi't want TACB rules.. • i-'iintiJ'.uttl irons }'ag<- I- liu'hidr 'he imhiiSn.H nt-artr, M-st-lrm.v plating notices in public building*, rftvufi^ .» % ifcji* t'\pijiirtu}>( the nru, Ku'ilily A' !,'!<• rOMMl'MTYIIOSI'TIAI.!!!- ' HKAZOSI'UKT MOMIAY .t«t»i WnlUirc Armstrong 111, S\>«t C Aaron I,w Hobta, Dirkc'i-soji Mrs W <) ijt-rrii- ^'j1yf" I'liictv X<»da Hat' Sli'vvjtrt, Anjili'lfiei Mrs Jtitnt'H yumiuim ii,tri<la U>ti , Mrs Leonard J,ttiifH itionnu* Su<*i t'iirh-iisrli.i, Cluh- Infant injured t c I.AKK JACKSON Year old Malthew Harrison of Rkhwood rt<le«M*1 after room treatment when h»- wa» a in a car thai collided BbOUt H « B or thr wholr f .Miff GIFT GIVING SALE! SALE SENDS DEC. 20 Give You May Win a Frc« Zenith Color TV * FURTHER DETAILS S This Year-Th* family gift that kteps on gfvlnq. ** •* O5fc Ik lA bk A c& <>. *•*. f^ I-K i i& awe- <jatiei 350 /iot*M> a y,eti/i fa da male fot and FRIGIDAIRE DISHWASHERS RATED TOPS AMONG OWNERS "It's Just Great 1" is typical of comments. ptojlly »ni«y >| iioq rtw |jrt 4m] i "i didn't renltte tutf now eonventent a aithw*$h*r could be until I 901 one, I uni clean all the utu, pel ttie dithe-t in tn« dnh.-riintr am) ine a<\tmnhtr clo»l the waihmg II is mil ?r«ai." "While lh« Ouhn are washing, I have enlra lim« lot t myself ana my Babies." "I replaced our 13 ,ear old with t new mod*I The new dishwasher does not require a prerm**« of dishes. I am impressed." "I would ship * meal and wear m » old <lo<h«t a year long, bttor* I'd oi«e up my dishwasher " "I do cjke Tne OiUiwavhtr ,1 mjr (t ., lor cleaning up my greaiy d.irwi Irom lh» Irotlmg • t <ov<d ^ij^.d V) '*«» 4'-• "fcF't ^i '"-'it ^<4»^'j* "M, hu i\ cu* if h.«i( SAVE DISHWASHER OWNERS LIKE. •The fact that dishwashers really do wash dishes clean. •8(9 Capacity •Pot Cleaning Ability •Rinse Hold Feature SALK PRICE FHKK r>u Mri>iiuld's Hamburger;, with every .Mobil* or Built-in dinhuaUier. 'Dial's our gift U> you. Frigidaire ilautUe* big laaiif witb Super Surge Washing Action, normally soiled dubtk tome titan wUhout prt-rius»»g. littoks up in second*, Kegular Wash, Short Wash. Rinse and Dry PlaJe Wanner, Ilinse and Hold Cycle* plus l'r«-Wa*b and Hold Option By-paw Button ieU yOM«»««b<? faucet while dishwasher is hooked up. May be built Ui later U desired. FOOD 1^ DISPOSER "Ihe IVrfwi Malt" $89.95 ftiod*l FDR S> »|g DEUVERV NO CHARQE FOR COLOR 3fl CfRCLE WAY LAKE JACKSON HOURS: SAT. tits I29W. 2NU FREEPORT 7334611 HOURS: SAT. , ItH'hartt F'lio Huri-s, I'lu .'vitiiiin Hay Johivson .Ir . Uilu- . Mr* Ira llttriM-u il)a!«* Kl.iim-i Ha-n-o, Lak Mrs UiriwU William itlr«i«i(iuit llmfeiui Jr , mi Mf* Hh'Siiud l^iml ihiulwirrt Ann- V.uu-c JilcksOII Mfs Willi.irn Kuvk-rtck, Jiiwu .MildrH' l»it-!,'. Javkiiw 'I nut \l,-irtf \'<ii>-!!ti. [''rvt-porf I'.uiu'l Ui'ilcs drrcni' f'n'*"|j»»f( Mi^ n.-Um! rrttl N.ititiuv MtVstir!. Krrvfi.jf! <.!•<• i i \',IK IlivhuiiU Frct-jusr! N!r^ Mu-iMvl KiiKrtu- • Mrfiwlii Jinn." M. Hr,uunii H'liihy S.jha.ii Hi it ;<>( ;,.t Mf-v t'ai!iii«r Siti.uti lv!..w,)h n ititrrrs!«"d fR'fwjju in tKr C'inif ruction art-,) i mild al.w* r»» !u-(j< bv thf air Ivard i'ainriiiOiblifi. »ur N.uni I'hu-f o.'<m«f! ijui thai, urtijrr thi** rviifs, ii 4 » citimi 'Aji ri-kuftfotj on i* jioriint hcarii'.g bv it\t to h«>!-l a ta'jnsy; cti ;?-,»• f \f.; lit; v .. •hri-i.-Jnr s I'olice rejwrled accident t<x>k place South fwlar and Wan- latino Drivr The baby »«• in OH* 19«* IHilck JdvttJ b% l>uw M Uarriwjfl when is t-olhd«i with the Kord LTU driven by Anol* M , W«|ie« of Kr(*|**l The f i r * m * 0 ' I CTiHTUency car look tbj*« baby tu (."ommimlqr" ft« Wf MOMttfT IMT EIER & SONS SELF STORAGE r " .• ..••-.. \ SELECTED StOCKS \rnrr Sat 1 |n-» \wr TAT ( tirvtirr lv,i* t !.*J Mo«.w I .» \ rinklln 1 ilr Inc Kr «•<•(«.-.<•? Ntiiii-rxU 'irorrjl ^t>.-(«r« f.ulf nil ll»u 1.451 A I'wr losj Njl l,j« Krafitr ^ ^IjrriM SiK-o ) ( 1'ctlMV 'lillllp^ f'r{r<jj<-un» M-Jft •<-<Jro .'.« nun fruco • •• j *i<) 15 * *-, >.?'., >0 •»', «-", IV, ;i«, w. -'*=« V * , *•« i «-, * • • :.i--, :-»H «»'•-. s *' i ;»s -'. *i>. w, -• • . G & T LUMBER 8HWOSPOOT VILLAGE SHOPPING CENT SANTA'S COMING TO MONTGOMERY WARD Thufsdij and Fnd^ 0« 4 jnd S 6 pm !o 9 JJ.T! Come Oflf Ccme . i CONSCICNCE !?• WHAT HURTS WHCN EVERYTlunO iLSF: FEELS, SO GOOD \c ~V7> v ,>^ I] /•y v/1/' fc CONSCIENCE says "pay those bills" but the weather is miserable, That's when you most appreciate your Checking] Account. You can pay a dozen monthly bilk in 15 minutes - by check. We have a checking account for your exact needs, First State Bank. ,STATE BANK ClUIE MEMBER F.O.I.C. liilill C

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