Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 13, 1897 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1897
Page 13
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IP.A.OBB BEob3sri> STERLING, ILLINOIS, MAY 13, 1897 : ^tt t —William S^rope and son.of south of Harmon, were Jinniing corn ta thfe city snatkej Thursday. —Frank Walzer has sold his band- Bome btown horae to Capt. William * Tarker, of the Bock Fajls News. —A young tailor In this city was seen buying stoves Monday, Does this mean a wedding in the near future? —Mn and Mrs. J.;W. Wodtmann are " the proadiiaTents of a little' girl, born Saturday .morning, May 8, at Milan, 111. ' •• '—Will Watson, of the First National Bank, is enjoying his annual vacation. He expects to spend the time in Rock Island and Chicago. V'' —Miss Mary A. Tuttle hao been tendered the Gap Grove school for another year. Her school will .close for the sea- aon in four weeks. —The stone work has been begun on • the new Congregational church and 1 will be.pushed through to completion BB rapidly as possible. . —A local iceman says that the business ia especially-good for this time of - the year, There is a greater demand for bis congealed stock in trade than ever before. Miss Emma Walls, of Deer Grove, was in Sterling Sunday morning. > Supervisor A. N. Abbott, of Ustick, was In the city on business Friday. A. S. Brewer, of Lyndon, visited his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Osborne.over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Frances D. Myers, of North Jordan,'.were Sterling visitors Saturday. - _ • _ s Simon MatthewsVof Round Grove,' spent Sunday with bis brother, Ezra, n this city. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Walzer returned Saturday night from a .brief visit In Chicago. . Mr,' and Mrs. Frank MillhouEe, of ?enrose, visited at the home of Cyrus Miller Saturday. * Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Talbott, of San- fordvllle, were visiting and trading in Sterling Saturday. Thomas Lawson, from the vicinity of Harmon, was viewing the sights of our big city Thursday, George t Jennie, of Prophetstown, brought some grist to. Lew Reitzel's eed grinder SaturdaV William Meakins, of Cofota, drove *,. J ' f s ' f I ^ .*•• — Thlf faTffieis prcr greatiy^encourag- 1 ed over the rye crop. Some time ago they thought that it had all been killed, but now it is coming up and will be as large as it e"ver was. , ' . —The Marquette Club, of Dixon, gave an' elaborate party Friday evening. Among the guests, were Misses Mamie ifArcy and Hannah Mooney and E. TF. Rourk, of this city. ;'; —John Ahrens and Will Toddhadia bicycle collision on West Third street Monday 'evening, which resulted in a general downfall- of both and a dei mollsnment of the former's wheel. '. ^-The supply of fruit cans for the various stores in the city .arrived this morning, " There are; two freight car .loads— 2,800 cases of jars; 'The work of unloading and delivering was done today. .";,, . '/''• I- : '.\.'. .'.'. for Hauger & Burkholder. s William Quest,.of Hazelhurst, left name of his bard«earned cash with Sterling merchants Saturday. M.P. Graham returned Monday from ajtrip of several days through Wisconsin. 'He reports an excellent time. Mrs. Steel and daughter, of Dixon, were In Sterling Sunday, guests at the lome of Mrs. Elizabeth Gait'. John P. Furry, an old settler of Jordan, visited friends and transacted nisiness in Sterling Saturday. William Hill left Monday 7' for Danton, Kas., for a visit with his son. He. expects to be absent a month. Joe Kanally, of Arcola, is expected n the city this week for an extended visit with bis mother on West < Third street. , - ', -i"_^-* .. teenth lllinbiB Infantry will be held in /Dixon Tuesday, ;May 26, to celebrate the' thirty-sixth anniversary of its muster into Jbg 6ervice_of the United •3v" t ~> *• TI v —Not for years in the history of Northern Illinois has the ground been BO completely saturated with water as •at present. Ponds and sloughs are full and water covers all low and marshy places, •, —An exchange undertakes to tell bow far a bell may be beard. It depends on circumstances. A school bell _may_not be_heard by a boy in the next lot, whe~n he would hear the dinner bell two blocks away. —Edwin S. Johnson,, a , student -at the University of Illinois, has accepted a position at Sheffield, 111., under Capt, L, L. Wbeelerl. He will begin his duties Monday, Ned will not come home . during the eummer vacation. ^.! -;, : —CharlesBensinger, Leo Philips, ,N G. Van Bant and Lester. Wetzell, ail members of the Y,M?C. A., conducted a meeting at Como Sunday night, They were greeted with a good crowd and a profitable time was en joyed. $?' sn" • Band Monday evening a committee of three was appointed to investigate the Bftcred concert matter and arrange for music and a date. It is .thought that the opening concert will be given the first Sunday in June. ' —The handsome mastiff, belonging to Dr. E.' ,-W/ Pollock, ^»s poisoned THtirsdsy night and was found this, morning near the residence of George Getz. The animal was a valuable one, the doctor baying paid 025 for him when be was six weeks old, —Col,'and Mrs, Moses Dillon entertained with ft differ aifHawthorn Villa Sunday Bey, and W4-! f>b»W and Paul and Arthur, of Oakland, Calj jjrl and Mrs. F. A. Griraen and Helen, Mr. and Mrs, £, E. Brenpeman, and Mr, and Mrs, John G. Wetzel. —The graduating exercises of the Sterling School this year will be a departure from any 'given by Sterling iehool graduates for a number of years. - The class' will deliver, their orations, and the musical ownbera-of the program will be given by the celebrated Sherwood Quartet, of Chicago, • —Tbere are two young men in the eity who take a unique manner of doing their Sparking"', to «ay the least, Saturday night the "old folks" forbade them to some in, so they waited until liter ta It* evdalof, *hen "they mp- witb »ladder. XatW* way they ito •" A»I>1TIOKA1, PEKSOflALS. iedgeville, were down Saturday.' They made an unsuccessful effort to hire a man. i The Jordan TownsbipSunday School Association the East Jordan White church Sunday, May 30. ' ;"• ^ •' • '• , ; • • . George Frazer has gone to Cleveland, Ohio, to assist in special work being done by .the Salvation Army Corps in that city. . ; .'•;•• The Rev. and Mrs. S. S. Palmer and Miss Isabella Manaban visited Hev. and Mrs. J, W. Skinner, of Morrison, Monday afternoon. James F. Miller, from the Winnebago Swamp country.was in Sterling early "MVndajTJiiorliingTTHe already has eighty acres of corn planted.. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thomas and Mrs. Mary Waddleton drove to Tampico Saturday and visited over Sunday wither. Thomas' father. ' A. O. Rouse returned from Chicago Sunday to take charge of a field party under L. L. Wheeler. He will begin to describe the right-of-way on the western section. • '••-' Aaron Heck~man,of-Jordanroame-to town Monday,be baving>ecured a poet- tion with Mr. Ramsdell, who is doing the stone work on the new Congrega tional Church. - ' Fred Hubbard and family arrived from Rockford Friday and will reside in Sterling.. Mr. Hubbard Bays he will go into business here its soon .HB he can arrange to do so. •••',-.. .^ Miss Mattie Krohn arrived in Sterling from Chicago Thursday for a visit at the borne of her "parents. She came tOjbe present at the Kratz-Krohn wed ding on the nineteenth, j jt^arry Daly and his sister, Miss Jen ni$ Daly, are expected i» the city this wqejk for a Visit at the home of Mrs. Kannliy. . They" have mRny friends here who will be see them. Mrs. John P, Lawrie and daughter, Helen, will leave Friday m,orning for Boston, Mass., where they will spend the summer with Air. Lawrie, wjionow haa the supervision of the manufacture of the Union racing bicycle. Mrs, George Hyde arrived in the city Saturday evening from Chicago, , Mr. and Mrs. Hyde will remain here dur iug the summer, and will reside ia Mr. end Mra. J.T. Lawrle's home during their absence io Boston, Maes. Jauies McClynuoot *od bis sister, Jtjseie, tif SftDfordville, were io the city Saturday. Mr, McOJymotU has returned from a ¥i»i« to Scotland. H#B8,y?fo# ^'a^.,oa the wat«-r tb« *fetato trip, »»d COMMItTfcES ARE Knight* of the Olobt Get to .Work onple- '-,''•'.' : .nlc Arrangements. At the meeting of the K. Q. Garrison Monday eve there was a good attendance and a Spirited time was had. John D. Davis was initiated into the mysteries of the order, receiving the first four ranks. Several applications were received and there will be work at their next meeting receiving other new members I ;iThe garrisonIdBearing the time when the 100th badge will be given out and the interests of the garrison will now be energetically pushed. The plan for the appointment of commit- lees proposed by the Joint Committee of Union and Sterling garrisons was adppted^and members of ,the several committees were appointed. The names of the comraitteemen are held until all appointments are made and the committees properly organized. , The >lan adopted is unique, but organizes .he forces in a business-like way for success. The Rank Staff consisting of J. L. Janssen, S. J.Harvey, J. M, Fen' rose, U. S. Evans,.D. J. Seeley, D. W, Hurphy go tonight to DeKalb, where ;hey will Institute a new garrison. A TALK WITH MR, DETRICK., Be Tells of Ills Observation* White In Louisville, Ky. M. H. Detrick, .who has been in Louisville, Ky,,for the past few months jutting in boilers for the Babcock & Wilcox boiler firm, bas been home lover Sunday with his family. In Louisville he got acquainted with Billy Smlth^ from our city, who has charge of the; Salvation Army in that ity. Mr.' TJetrick says Mr. Smith 'is doing a good work there; that he is well liked and that bis personal exertions have added at least a hundred soldiers to the Salvation Army, Mr..Detrick further says that be be- ieves that Bryan will • be our next President. Bryan is going over the country making silver speeches and he says openly that last fall the newspapers defeated him, and now, he, .Bryan, jT-werk-rruprrhiftTrcause- and to establish silver newspapers all over the country. Business, Mr. D. says, is doing better in the South than here, but money Is TO BE A MAY BRIDE. Albert \V.. Young and Lnulse Brunnenkaut to be Married, 1 Mrs, Ge'sina Brunnenkaut has issued invitations to the marriage of her daughter, Miss Louise Sophie Marie, to Albert W. Young, of Algon«, la., which will take place Wednesday eve- ningrMay li*j at her home. About sixty guests will be present and a reception will be glven-the-bride and groom. The couple, will depart BOOH for Algo- haj la,, where they will • reside. They will be given a reception upon their arrival at that place, -. ' , • ^ Miss Brunnenkant in well known to rnauy in .Sterling andu.l who know her love her. ' The groom is known to a few, and nothing but words of praise can be said of him. He is to be congratulated in taking from this city one of its fairest daughters. — In advance of-the-happy-event -the STANDARD tenders Its congratulations to the couple And wishes for them a long and prosperous journey through • ••• 'AItADK - ' An excellent program w&a by the little tots of Room /, '2 and 3, Wallace Scbodj, Friday night, Every number WRB siJttiirBbljf g iveu and wal well received by the large audience of the parents and friends of tht young performers. The program opened with « chotus, "The Little Soldiers," which was sung heartily and well by the entire school. Bessie Kerevan followed this with a clever recitation, "Children," and was heartily applauded. . A solo, VThe Star," by Edward Kelly, was highly enjoyed and the "Little Housekeeper," by! Harriet, Barto, was capital. Joe Metcalf B Bolo l "Barcaroie," wasBweetiy given, as was the "Song of Spring" by the pupils of No. 2. , The recitation, "We Are Seven," by Jessie Wilcox, was prettily given and the solo by Opal Marsh, "0, Look at the Moon," was charming. "Nancy," a recitation by William Mooney, took well and bis reception was flattering. "Fjilry Circles," by sixteen little girls was well Bung, after whicn Helen Williams recited sweetly "The Daley." ThJ5 pupils of Room 3 then sang two pretty choruses with good effect. Edmond McCarty sang"The Dream" In an attractive way, and the wee little ones of Boom 1 followed with two ihqruses, "Pussy Willow" and two •Little Kittens." "The Smack In School," was cleverly given by. Laura Harmon and a sweet and pretty danc- Ing Bbng ELGIN'S FAME. All the Medical World TalklfiR About the • Latest Wonder. Dr. W. A. Sbepard has been conv pelled to atop his laboratory Work in Elgin and give bis entire time to laymen and physicians who have come to eee for themselves hia work with con- sumptlvea. He contributes $he Information for the good of humanity and is so anxious that his discovery become of general the practice that be la inviting the moat careful examination by member? of the, profession. " Elgin already boa.sta a consumption elub. . It ia compose^ ot men , and wpmen* who have graduated from the cure and gone back tp wprls in sound health. There is barely a train that does not bring a patient or an inquir ing HIGH SCHOOL BOARD MEETS. Coupou lloitiis to be lasutsil uuil UuU The Botfrd of Education of the Townabip High School met in J. W. otiice Monday evening voted to iseue coupon bosda and thu Board will r«ceiviJ sml- e4 bids'for lh« aims up to tb« hour of 8 o'ely«fe p. to. of Juiw 1. Mo fefteasHcted. Ton? total will WALLACE SCHOOL ...CHILDREN ENTERTAIN. IPtlplU Of IfOOfJl 1, 2 filtfl '.', Jtr.l'l-.r nil Ex- <?$HKMC Program at. the .**t.'hmil llftuM. tlie JH*y J'o!e n fine FP ;ituie- Mttle Ones H» Welt. rle. Both of these numbers were enthusiastically received. "pChe Doll's Cradle Song," was sung by Grace Fowler and after the lullaby by seven little girls, the feature of the t evening took place. It was the winding of the May pole. The little ones were prettily dressed and went through the movements without a mistake . ,' The entertainment was highly enjoyed and it reflects a great deal of credit upon those who had it In charge. 'SACRED BAND CONCERTS. Movement ou*Foot to Give Them Sunday 'i •••"• "• '• Afternoons. ' .The matter of sacred bnnd concerts by the Keystone Sixth liegituui.t Bund afteruoon is now being talked up in musical cliclfB. The plan U to give the concerts t»t an hour that will conflict with no v religious meetings— say 4 to which there could be no possible objection. An admission fee of ten cents is thought to be sufficient to pay the expenses of the concerts. It is not the idea to make thu occasion one of hilarity, but to give the public an opportunity of enjoying the music of our excellent baud, and, at the same time, encourage the musicians in their efforts to present the finest class of music;—In case the movement-carries successfully, Manager Ward will equip tha Academy with electric fans, which will keep the air cool during the concerts. ! . . " ' DISTINGUISHED VISITORS. Through Sterling for Washington to j See 1 President MoKlnley. Three members of a committee from Utah passed through Sterling over the North Western railroad Friday on their way to Washington, where, with the remaining member a, they will invite President McKinley to attend the Utah jubilee July 24. They were George P. Cannon, George W. Bartch,of the State Supreme Gourtvand-GaptrPr-Hr-Lan nan, editor of the Salt Lake Tribune. They were accompanied by Qeorge W. ,E. Dorsey, of> Nebraska, The other members are United States Senators Gannon and Rawllns and Congressman King. It will be fifty years July 24 since the little party<pf pioneers entered in wagons the Salt Lake valley, and the people of Utah, and adjoining States and Territories propose to fittingly celebrate the anniversary. BOOZE ON TAP AGAIN. Saloon Door* TUrf wo Op»u at 1 O'clock : TbU Afternoon. The saloons opened Tuesday after noon at 1 o'clock. The various own' ers and keepers thereof paid their license fees of $1,000 eapb, filed accepta ble bonds and made all arrangements for a rush. of trade this afternoon! They had the rush, too, though it was by no means overwhelming. A meeting was held this morning, All real ized that the tight for the reduction of the license was lost, but there were several who wished to keep their places closed until June J. There were two disaeutera, however, ami it was finally agreed that ail $aloops would be opened at 1 o'clock. their brief vacation and are tottiftuu&e the!* 1 work* <>a tbj» \ aM *» Made to ord^r, and all ; kinds of Porch Work and Brackets turned out on- short notice at ray flan- ling Mill. Try our ;: : ; CARPET PAPER, j Nothing better for lay- • ing under carpets. When lyou want anything in : : Posts, Shingles "Lumber i " • iof any kind, I can fit you Telephone No. 19. Vc.«, We'are stil! here, and doing buslneS at the old stand. • * Anythinf lo - * Staple or Fancy (Jfdceri?^ . can be found at thiw storf. Prices are as low as anywhere, quality considered, Fresh Vegetables and Strawberries re'eefved daily. (^iTSrwoob, JheWeit End Grocer. \ Wonders in Offerings arc winners of recognition.' The theme uppermost in my mind now is to round your dollars with a bigger circle of value thaa> | ever possible before. TVade at the Spot Gash Grocery I AJNT> BE CONVINCED OP THIS FACT. Fora limited ^ time. I ..will. . BgjJL » wgjj ™^j e , j>"foot._. ^Step-ta^delF^ Baking Powder for 50 cents. This offer is made to introduce the Baking Powder, that is guar- an teed to give perfect Batisfactlon. Extra Honey Syrup ; 25c 10 Ibs. best Oat Meal 25c Fancy California Sliced Peaches » 10 and IDc a can 3-lb. Canned Pears 10 and 15c Solid Packed Tomatoes.......... 8c Canned Corn............. 5to8c California Dried Peaches... '. .3 Ibs. 25c Evaporated Apples.' 5 to 7o White Beans 3 to 4c a qt Raisins. —5c a ib Butter Crackers.,, .3%c to 6 Ibs. for 25c 3-lb. can California Apricots...... 12c Large Sour Ploktes ............ Sea doa Coffee's ..... i .: ............ .' — 15c up Best Gltes Starch ....... 5 and Co apkg Japan Tea.... ............... 25 to35c Fine Cut Tobacco _____ . . .26c, wortb 35c Spear Head Tobacco ............. 35c Ginger Snaps. ': ....... • ....... ,4 Ibs. 25c Lewis Lye.... ................. .".. 10 Nice Lemons . . ....... f ..... 12»£c a doz Qt. bottle of English Mustard .... 15c Choice Dairy Butter ............. ' 15c Pastry Flour... .:. .... ....... '..... 90o 2400 or 12 Boxes Silver Seal matches best matches made. The Best Fancy Patent Flour at IO to Iflc less than you can buy its equal at any other place on time. Marshall's Best Js acknowledged the best by the leading bakers of Sterling. POSITIVELY NO GOODS SOLD ON TIME. R.L.KIMBRO. Big May Sale • » • * l\ 1 • • • • CU.' SEE OUR BILLS-- QREAT-BAHQAINS. ' * ! ' ~"* ' Choice of our; large stook .of ' • CALICOES, Spring Jackets and Capes at Q-reatly Reduced trices. •.•-.,•'.'.•'•*'•' 200 pairs. Ladies' KM Slioes, 75C Fruit of tlie Loom Muslin v yard £„ •wide, BleaGhed, only "v. 10 bars Santa Glaus Soap, - -M .4-lb, box G-old Dust, - - '..-'-.--. • .- '•''*•''*' 21 Ibs, Granulated Sugar, $1* Best Butter, - - - only ISC Bargains in Clothing '-h* Bemember the placia to

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