Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1959
Page 3
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Launching Crew Lives It Up Good pi % KtdfAtttt United Per** thJefnailonnf Mainly About People •indicate* Paid Adv«ftt*iftf B. M. fiakef Scffft'ri? will have the men were too bitsy cele-' ! l8 PTA program on Mar. 6 at brating the success of a project 2 P' m - in lne $eh,ool auditorium 1 CAPE CANAVERAL, ' Fla. conceived In the living room ofi in observance of Texas Education Trvrx The moon which was their the hoyish engineer In their midst I Week> Tfle program will be pre- target peeked through the motel room window in the small hours today but the nucleus of the Pio- the day after Russia's first Sput-! nik \vent into orbn. And they were toasting the par- Flamboyant Play Continues Tonight Sabiim was a g\r\ who knew her front puls this story of the human SOVIET 51st Wffi PAMPA DAfLV NBWS , MAKCM s, will take about a yea? foi* each ! trip around the sun. ; NASA scientists said U.S. ground stations may he able to track the fadio-eqiMpped robof fot a distance of 300,000 to 400,000 by the Baker School Band given by ABC's and last night 8ecky Gray Ms Sabina. Miss Gray plays eiJiry Inch of Lily Sabina tn the School revival of "The Skin neer IV launching crew seemed! UP! fulfillment of a dream which not. to notice. ALLISON (Contlhiied fc'rohl Page 1) co«, Robert Reed of Groom, and j her once caused the flaxen • haired scientist leaning back in the wicker chair to be clapped in jail by Adolph Hitler. His tie slightly askew, Dr. Jack Bob Hamilton. James Veale of Pampa. E. Frochlich beamed at Dr. Wern- von Braun and they took lifted 26" bikp., $18. MO 4-fi6Tt.* Maxlne Hodgd* t Charles Morehead, Animbelie Loulher, Barbara Lewis, Jim Clins, Mary Jones and Mrs. A. S. Jackson, sponsor, all of Canadian are planning to attend the state Future Teachers of America meeting to be held in Heavyweight, shown by: W.yn*'* Jhe ,h»! turns trading jokes as the tension Dp nton on Mar. 6-7. Briscoe, Oeorge Flke of Perryton, Dale Veale of Pampa and Don Schollenbarger of Perryton. Otbcf lirce<ts juid Cross Rrocds Lightweight, shown by: Gary Cook of Booker, Butch Brown of Groom, Billy Lard of Miami, Ji;r> South of Miami and Floyd Morris of Perryton. wo o f were the two men who >foti Jones, minister of Ihe Mrtrj- Forty High School seniors made stage history Monday night when they threw themselves into their parts in Wilder'S Pulitzer Prize winning comedy. The play continues lonighl under Miss Helen Shafcr's direction. Wilder has a lot to say and he says It through some fascinating race In its focus Then like life ' |,, m)les Ellen-Harvester Church of Christ, I characters. In the first act. Rich- for the Cana. ard Newberry establishes himself spearheaded the development of wil1 be ^ ucst the Juno II launching- vehicle and dian Texa ' 9 public Schdo1 Wc ek| as «eprge Anlrobus the Bohemian the gold-plated probe which win activities to he held On Mar. 6 . lf:avemal1 wh <> invents the alpha- find its place in orbit around the | Superintendent of schools, Woodie! bfit * n <* the multiplication table the play starts all over again, with Sabina. "The Skin of Our Teeth" will be presented for the Jast lima at 8 tonight. Tickets ftfe on sale at the door: '75 cents for adults, 30 cents for students. fotoot's ipected to last about So hours after parsing the moon, 221,000 miles ! away. ftotf BUTTON (Continued I ttdn. I) feet away triggered fin )n £ alarm, and the entire plant evacuated. But in the Seconds be- DaghliSii died 24 in an the history t>! thf . I atomic project dftly tottr dffctffrl had Men killed fey "criltealtty earth, - *jf 0re that batteries are e*- ^was running tiirough a door cry- W he done; Kelley j ceiving- a dose of 800 Rftentg'en* M ing that he was "burning up." That was significant. You can take killing amounts of radiation dose thftl Kelle y to <SM5 Roemtgems without September, 1945. tn 1048, Bn leuli B. Slotin died afier being eSpes®: to something likfi one-sixth tntf Cafes Services Set Wednesday For a brief period this morn- feeling a thing. But Kelley, It was |ing. from 5:47 to 6:02 n'.m.. three established later, had 'received I of the biggest tracking stations in j 12,00^ Two colleagues who ran toj :the world were locked onto Pio-jhelp him got sizable doses but notj neer IVs radio signal. The sla-| enough to sicken them. They felt! ^tions were Mayaguez in Puerto nothing. The violence of the'burst.' Read the flew* Classified Acts. Rico. .Jodrell Bank in England and Goldstone at Camp Irwin in plus the diluting effect of the stirring had destroyed the critical sun. • "It was a team effort all (Sph ..- Funeral serv ices for John Daniel Cales, long lime resident of McLean, will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. In the First Methodist Church with Rev. Jack Riley, pastor, official jthe Mojave Desert in California, assembly and stopped the j-eac- Dr R, E, Thompson CHIROPRACTOR Hours by Appolnfmi?.«t 8 to 12—1:30 f« 5:30 f hursday-Sat. « t«s 12 309 N. Ballard MO way," said Fn^hlich, pointing lo| wi " inr *l llr!e vocal solos by Jim the 30 Army and Jet Propulsion: ciine of tnc Canadian High School Laboratories' rocketeers lining the i ancl a rornc t trio composed of Heavyweight, shown by: Jamesj w?J!s of thc small ro K Jtldy j acks on, Carolyn Sutton and ' oTSu^^'^Sorsi^^r,^,, „,- ,,. Per,,,™, ^_ mm i. „.„_, „, M™\, m ^"^*£^t"£.*l Earl Rhea Jr. Miss and Butch Brown of Groom. Canadian Scho °' SCIli " r - ls onp of Uie «n« i« • /n winners m order follows. P flVe Von Brstin, who was pul behind ! fina " sta for the 1058-59 National JE. Been?, will be master of cere-l de *P ite his wifp . Barbara Ltins-! ing 'f,^ isted by Rev Jessie , flf)T1 — ~ — the program, which *™*. Mr*. ,^"j™.»New Eng- \ ^ Mr. Gates, retired' farmer type, is the perfect to«j dled Monday at 10:45 p.m. Me was born May 14, 1880 In land for Sabina. , Enough cannot be said about i Alma, Ark. and on July 4, 1900 the children. Gladys and Henry, I was married to Ada Blake who played by Judy Baer and Douglas, survives him. He moved to Me Redman. Henry i a a litlle juvenile | Loan from Maud, Okla. in 1911 deliquent and Gladys is another and was affiliated with the Metho- Sahina. Idist Church. Germany because "the* Merlt Scholarship, it has been' The first act Is devoted to the 1 Survivors, in addition to his in wants to go to the |announcet1 hv Stml - Woofl| e E. tee Age and the refugees thereof, (wife, include four daughters, Mrs moon," was jubilant along with' Bficne - Miss Jackson, daughter of-A very appealing mammoth and! Claude Hinton of McLean, Mrs. the rest of thc group. But "he al-j' Mr - an(1 Mrs - A - s - - Jac kson of (dinosaur, played by Linda SkewesjPete Chilton of Amarillo.' Mrs' f\ na j . , » ii-n^ tt,-.--i. '.H uiu jsfuuiJ. nut JIG ai-1 -••-•*. "-. M. ,..---. ,.j~,, ../. j ....... — ..,., ,..—., ^ v , ~j J^L.U^ ^^^ v» G^ t j-c L f. Vviiiuon 01 Amariuo All's Snk of pLvZ W 0,5; PP !^ rea ^ ™* 10RW ^ l " the future. Canadian has been awaked a>and Betty l^u Smith have to beiClyde PoweM of Craig, Colo., Mrs! iiornf,,i-,i a P r °J ect of mine ever since it IILTI nirii i . - . ., Heavyweight, shown bv: Marve!- B l. . . la Forrest of Canadian! Hemphill .. Th f wa ? f barRk on Oot - s - " County 4-H; George -Davis of i " n ° ,f y .. a . fl ^ f u f' a sUlnned Shamrock FFA; Raymond MrGar W ° r W ' """ raugh of Perryton, Ochiltree Coun- «f a1 Opens Revival The Salvation Army opened a youth revival Monday and it will , - . . , yuu u, i B v,v», « lo ,,u« y ^ ty 4-H; Ma rvella Forrest of Cana- nrig '. JPL director, gn hcrert his ; nln lwo more daya wllh l*An l/OTriOfa t« i**+-r\n It^K *™ !:.«:__ • •> * dian and Richard Kiker of son, Wheeler County. 4-H. Alii- rocketeers in Froelich's living! | room and said, Fot to r Gentlemen •^jand 7 p.m. sessions. 4 p.m. ard Kiker of AlHson i- Capp of Dallas, the. j People's scc- : Fletcher of Perryton, Ochiltree ' 4-H; Lem Greene of Pampa, Gray _^_ „ County 4-H; and Leonard Kceton of Canadian, Hemphill C o u n t y SPACE PROBE Lightweight, shown by: Jane GOLD PLATED Fletcher of Perryton," Ochiltree j WASHINGTON I UPI) [rotary for the state he guest speaker. Today the SA had an audit, and young people's and senior inspec- „ , he Antrobuses God Speed as ( i r\r\ A4nr-.n»*4Vi.iC*Ati.«l,i:4_...... ._ . ' prea ^grandchildren. Act II takes place in Atlantic! Interment will be in Hillcrest City, N. J., where Antrobus hits!Cemetery under the dircrtion of his stride n a the newly elected and iRicherson-Lamb Funeral Home speech-making president of the j Ancient and Honorable Order of|^% i Mammals. Possibly Mrs. A's LAmllP^P prompting proves too much for ***» l *«i«vJv him for he adjourns to Sabina's beach cabana. But when thc water rises, Antrobus straightens out. Judy Wells llgm up tnc board-j NEW YORK (Spl) — Directors jof Celanese Corporation of America today declared a dividend of 25 cents a share on the common stock, paya.blfi March 25, 1959, to shareholders of record March fl, 25 Cent Dividend .r TRY OUT & SEE ABOUT IARK BYsrVDEBAKBH OODLES OF OOMPH ON A HATFUL OF GAS ""Sfc 1 ..-•^^ —regular, low-cost economy gas! A mere sprinkling of it take* Tlie Lark for miles and miles with peak performance, •whether you drive the spirited six or thc super-responsive V-8. ^3**" And you drive it so easily, park it so tidily, turn it so neatly—because it's a sensible three feet shorter outside than conventional cars. (But plenty of room inside for six.) ^&" And with all its economy (cms insurance, repair and maintenance costs), it's so richly, rightly styled, it's fashion approved by Harper's Bazaar. Ancl beautifully engineered. This is common sense on wheels, folks—and about time \ou tried it, You can—today. Do it! A iilnmtilic Tra rw/i i.»ions available on all models drunken convention delegates never make the Ark. Esermald wish- tion. At noon the SA held its an-j they ride the waves to a new life i 1950 nunl board meeting at the Pampa; Thc lnird act finds us ,„ |he | Th , Boim) a , Hotel with Col fcrncrsl P.ckcnng | aftermath of a war. Sabina makes j quarterly dividends of $1.12'. per the mam speaker. , ner cntra nce in the brown uniform ! share on the Preferred Stock, Ser- County ,H; Charles ofPan-j-paco probe launched toward the^or Ciey ^p^'S^ ^ £?£ KpeKi w^ ^^^7 S^d^^" handle, Carson County 4-H; Frank-1 moon early today was gold-plated; al auditor from Dallas. • ! aecono ren.i tea SIOCK. lin Baggerman of Groom, Gray,to eliminate thc need for radio! — County 4-H; and Franklin Bag- 'antennn.s protruding from the-INSl'fJ.A.VCK TORf'fn.HiffTS — Thc- years in the camps. It is all very I Both preferred stock dividends are choice, especially when Gladys j payable April 1, 1959, to share- appears with a baby. The world j holders of record March 9, Bur-1 seems to have gone to the dogs' •• --• — o - i r, - ^" .,,,., ..,....,,,,-, appears witn a nabv The world holder^ of i-prord Min-h P ma 8erman. cone-shaped instrument package. VVAVCROSS. Ga. (UPI) Bur-| S ecms to have%onc l o th/doc^ — Scramble Calves Gold is an excellent rnnduHor^lnra who appnrrntly forgot their (when H-nry r-omes home gunning TK^KKTIXfJ IIOMI)\V One class shown by: Jim my • of, waves. \V,tl, the thin-fln.«hl, K l,t.s broke- into nn insur-1 for hi, f,,.l,,r. Hut il is nof in th, C'HICAfiO in- , HiUlKon of J..i;o(iin I-1- A, O r p li ii ,-rplntui^ sui ruiiinliiig HIP prole's, am-c firm lit-iv uiul KOHI.-|H><| tin-: ft,:i-ipi for to BO ilown U)(.mli| ' C'o.V I- I ' III Tate of ;\tul,ean l''KA Hiiil Jerry-, fibei'glasa i:ov ei mg, its \s iu)le shell ottii.e u.-siivjf 1'lainiiiif iiiiiuiaiiL'e pol- • A r h l< i rlii • •»••-, • • ' ' ii" M.-iy UJDlduton of.'.MuL^nu. JTKA. 'served us an anlunria. , icit'.s, police reported. 'hour Antr bin h' '^ ° •> U " 'i'j||>. /•'itn drive the LARK today at GIBSON MOTOR CO. F]ast Brown- —Paul pa, Texas IS! Double Stamps On Wed BUDDY'S Super Market Sturgeon Bay, 303 Can Maryland Club Coffee IIKKEFORD KIUSPY Eatmor Steaks Lb. Box TASTK O' SKA CODFISH KOUNTY KIST PEAS 16-0z. Pkg. HONKV BOY SALMON Tall Can PRIORITY WHITK 2 303 TIDE Giant Size 12 OZ. PACKAGE TOMATOES (TUNA FISH ^ Cin PINTO BEANS 4 Lb , 39c TISSUE Delsey 2 Rolls Ea. Him bells Pure Vegetable SHORTENING ROSAKITA, 1'J O/. PK(J. ENCHILADA DINNER 49c 19c MINITK MAID GRAPE JUICE 6*0*, Can CHILI Kimbcll's No. 2 Can

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