The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS- MQNQAY, JULY 16, 1923 get wm Ti2 FAIR NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT ?! " AWAY EGGS FOR WINTER USE Several Co! tie Herds Already Billed to Come - (nquiiics Are Numerous. A lumber nf entrlej fer Pic v-trlous departments ;it the Stale I'.iij- iiav-o been received (ilp'.Tly, nci' o. dim: to officials Ml th"-Statu "air offkron. Most of the entries received co fiir are for the Cattle department and include an entry in' r; milklnr; Shorthorns from Hie Donald Woodward arm at Iv Hoy, New York; H head of llolslelris from thn Fort I<eavenwoiih farm at T.eaveir.vorth, Kart.. as well net a number of cn'ri'-a in tiio Hereford classes from Mis'-nu:!, the Angus fr .M; Illinois nnd the U"<\ Veiled from Imva and IteMdes the various of tbo classes in tho other slates, oniric-; in all Btali.. i.-.'iuii i ; -« are daily beliifc received for Informal Ion rt'jrani'.i);-' entile* in nil other derailment:!. Much interest. In nho i'"iio:: shewn in tho Poultry epari Mi" on ; fliOl lo ti nddod. Tin' try il<-p ;ti -tlil. d"mnlistr.a t io Will lot , ol.d!>' a ij.tren! 1t l":nllr>- oviilbi' hni'elin.n Slate Fair is Iho first rue h rii 'MioiiKtnitions ami 1'rien inde .tlioa.7 tin: iii'a is a mighty OH". The Pri-,. I. la! of (be Kink v.Mrh ne-v avai'atde fer f!<- trihlttien . onlaitis -.el pac..- a) eludes a ronipb H«t of l>ir i-c'end in al! H'la rt nif-ais a ro :apl<' f '.' i a format io:l on h<e.\ oxhilti; r >Nardil]., calnpinc tit" fair, . t,' ran copy el I'rbe l.iM. liy t <-i i>:>:i or addrersini? a postal ll'lea- Iteeu where "stra •ys and canon lew fealure of tho I'.ottl- nt i hU year v. ill bo 1 he t ; and lecture* - which O'tM.i in a larr.e trait ini­ tio 1 recular '1'1-Oi Kau.-ais .1 ir to siaKO oat Iv rood Fair rlis- Now that eggs am very abundant an'! reasonable in price, It would bo wise for many pr-.ople to prefii.'rvc sotno oRKs tor winter u»o wlmn prlcfa urn | muifh blnber. Ftoali i'B£r< properly proHcrvoit may bo liepl for from «!K I >1 to 12 munlhu in axot'iOoit condition. I K KR.I wlii.'b nrn to bo pri'KTveil | flionld i)o fri'sh, clean and Infertllo. I B KBH that final w'non pluocel t» Hits solution aro r .ot fro?h and thorutorn ran- uot 1)0 I 'la -ui.Tved. Whati an ORg lit only liliRlitly Bollorl, a cloth damjionftd with vinegar tan ho lined to roniovo !*nch tOainM. fndor no conditlitny !.<)ionl(L badly noilod or cracked u(r[;i ho nt.rai Tof jiri'r .i 'rvln/ : r. A final nirtiiod for tho preporvation of ogKfl In tlo> n^o of wntor Klasa oi ' Hodlnin ^llloattt. If llot prico of ^vatcr glasr.lii tLhont .10 ctriitii a quart, OK^B mtiy ho I'loanm d at a. (aiat of np- proxltiiHtoly 2 rcniB a dozen. U la not di.Btrabl.' to una tbo water-Elans solution a yocond time. T 'ao 1 iiuEirl of sodium Rilcale to H (inarta of watpr that ha* boon boiled and ooolod. i'laco I ho mixture In R i.-pallon i-rork or jar. Tuts will hit t liifiOclit. to priau -rv- 15 dozon I'I'ftt' tind will aorvr aa ;i KUIIIO for tbo qu .iil- tity nor.iod to proser'.o laixcr nunib- ttif; of er^t;. I til Solct a ri-t :allon crook and clean it lIuiroilKbly. aitt -r ivbli-li It eliould bo Hcaldr'd ntid allowed to dry. (Ill Uoat. a ((tiantity of tvaldr to ih»-^ bollluK point and allow It to cool. IS) Wlooi cool, nv-a.oiro out II (itiartc of wntor, plsirw it in tlm crock, and ;oid I .|iiiirt of silicate, stirring ilio icixturo th.o;\>Mf!|ily. til 'i'ho ' (-)" a tsl'-ouid be placed in I ho aolutiott. If «utfici«nl eggs are th" 1 late' .•t -. M .n Katisa « fhe oeideilib.' M ( t V. eli a:' to Inak'' out a: jdioninir e;rd to • Fair, he I9?.S not obtalnabls •when tno solution le flrat mado, additional egga may bo added from tlmo to time. Be very careful to allow «L least two Jnohos or the (Solution to cover the cBt;!i at all tltnes. j 15) Placo tlio crook contali)ln(r the pro.aervecl opus In n cool, dry place, well covered to prevent evaporation, j Waxed paper eoverfd over and tied around tho top of tho crock will ans- ; wer the purpose, j Llmo Method. When water |;lass cnnnot ho oh' tallied, tho following uuttbod may bo \ ii.-ied In Its stead. Many consider this ; method entirely oatlsifactory, though Inataaces aro known where egga ao i preserved he.vetaated allKlttly o< lime, i DlKHolvo 2 or S poundR of unslaked ! lime In 5 gallonn of water that lifts 1 previously boon boiled and allowed to [ enol, ami allow the mixture tr> stand until tbo llmo f.eltlos an iltlio liquid! la clear. 1'lace clean, fresh osga In' a clean earthenware crock or jar and pour tho clear llu.t? water Into tbo vessel until the eggs are covered. At leant 2 Inches of the solution Bhould cover the top layer of e^gfi. Sometimes a pound of salt la need with the Unif, hut experience has shown that In neneral tho lime without the salt la more satisfactory. Using Preserved Eggs. Fresh, clean ofctgs, properly pre- r..-r\od, can be used satisfactorily for all puruoses in cooking and for the table. "When etffra preserved in water clard aro boiled, a small holo should be mailu in tho shell with a pin at. tbo largo end before placing them in the waier. This Is done to allow the air 1n the egg to escape when heated so J3 to prevent cracking. afta devoloprnent of fcoys'' ana 1 KlrW OaK ctulm In tho county, according to A. J. Sehoth, poultry irpeciallst from the extension department of the KansaB State Agricultural College Thu next thinly which tho Chamber of Commerce Is going to do for tho benefit of tho boys and glrlo cluba la to entertain tholr mombors on tho evening and night of the first day of the two days' picnic which will ho held here August 14 and 15. *. LINGERING DEATH, IF ANY, FOR JAZZ MUSIC HUTCHINSON I-IiGII IN RECRUITING Navy Officer in Charge of the WGr!: Here Complimented by Con.'.rviP-ndin£ Officer. T. I'. D -uui, 11. r>. Siwy rocruitlnff 6fi' .cor !:«-;'i> hus rt-rx'ivtM! a c .oiMint ;ii(]- fi .1 imi fnun liiii ctuii inn mi i njx off tcur fur IIIM siincvrtu In *i *s 'itrin^ rmrrulta J:t ilntf:hIns«»u. }Io h ;i :t hold f;fi :ond Vl :tf*i In ilio nt;uh!lng for iJu- nuinber of HM niits scrurr-tl in tht; Kiin.^:i:i CIty district U*r i\u* iirnU itjoruli. Mr. Imun shiiM'fii f'»nr nu-ruitH out Tr \)in Uoi 'K- S;iUird«iy. Tlu'y won\ Kurr« I!H!L-1'.';K ! uml V .'arrcii Krv of lU.-.u:!.!')! U\, Knv ;i; John Uaniul of hu- .iiiu.r P Aik., uml K. Brviiiit of Nuviulo. Texto.. "Tit t'vv IITC nprnini^ In tho navy 7if^v Itw men wi^li :<-jH-oi;tl c|u;il :!'it::i- tUm••. at p'-Uv ot't'h .'iT nain ?.-s,'* Hlul-.-d Mr. I '<>,;. i. " 1'(in:.!•:• ."ti'vic.- mt -ti ai - » { ; j'c.'tj!;-. ]•• • V •(•MI i.lllV Tie tlmt club will civn tlio m^niborii of lh« Havi-n Culf Club sonio dte'ong conn ;tj- tlt!ou this v «'-;ir. . SAYS GREAT AMERICAN SIN IS EXTRAVAGANCE COLLADAY WIU GIVE OBSERVATIONS OF CITY f '-rrei! lor t;: are ;-, itumlet' in toe -e po- f opeii- '. ton :ire fer nta- l oppel:- tieiatus DEMONSTRATION TEAM , COMING TO THE FAIR Thn I .amnion Poultry Club will have It (lmjii'iist:I Inn li'iun to cuitiptite ;it. tho Suite K:ilr this year. The -.h.-niDn- ivtrntiod they will put on vf 11 ho on tho Hiihjeft (>f poultry nian:t!.e:ni'nt. Twt-'lvt'i indlviiluftla In the Hub ttro <:ompotiuK lor u Haco on tho team nvhJch will r'-'prer.ent tho entire club at tho St.-Ue i-'iilr. Tlio Pretty Pnilrio Pip Club v/Ul «I 1 KO huvn *\ fl.eUiimtUratlitn i- : =-'•. ,^;;red nt tho SiatTiValr. It vriiuilustnitG fettil uxpluin pnu:th*ul brood *ow itian- Bt?t'ini;nt.. The inembftra of the. Pn -uy lYuirio Calf (Tib will nil show thoir i-nh-pti ;it the Stu(o Fttir. They luive Borne lino ciilvou and 'the meinbora of "U r^lun-rion. .July l(i."The grra'. -Anie ru 'dii :n is oMrav:i; r Jinc'.!," sayn William A. Our. iiti'icr iecj-'jtary ut" stui-A vvHl-travi-led Ulmlu is Vtv rui-tetl to iijive K:H'J . in rocounlinjf hi;» iuipivssiony. Umt oi all Uio lands lie Initerl StHtoa is tlio (>u!y one where tho inuldo of ft slleo of bread la *. ateti ami tbo crust j Is thrown awny. i Amorieana have j tMiii" to beliovy luxuries noi^ssi- lie.'j. We C4innot ioni; wuUow in !\ix- ury nnd prodis'al- iiy and endure. Ev- idontly onr -ft-ar- tlnn* efforta tn LOHlll liablts of WH. W- OA^ \hv\n anii B avink' Inn e. ai :eoii;;e:,-!ie .l Imt little pt'rman- ont goud. An ex: ra a;i(l permanent i HTort nii^h 1 . profit.thiy he niado to 1 ehock (he cxtranriliniiry wasttil'illno^s of uuv peo-pi,. iiitiivi.iua'iy and col 'err- ivejy. Tin- nin i lirer oi" pei>oiui "\\ 1m Mve-up to * v,-ry cnif (-r t.h:-ir inooni"s Inen ;t>.,-:; (htiiy. The dvstro for hijjij 'ivin;; i.-, tile inceii' ive." RFCORr- Er ;T[\Y EXPECTED FOR HORSESHOE: PITCHING CONTEST fir- v eland. .July 1 f;. • - - '3 o v o rn 1 hundred entrant:; arn c>'d in the Nu.- tional Hors-hluifj .Pii<-Hf-.ra' Tourua- ni'-ut to bo bold bore AURUHI 30 lo Keptcinber 2. an Lho rc-iuilt of an- nouiKv-'inent by lovai to^sevs In charge of arrang-euK 'iULt that any fitato and county l'airf tluuti^hout tho country aro to hur.^t;;;ho(! tournaments to dotennlno entry in tlio national contest. HnroM Falur, lS-yearold boy of A^tron, O., will defend -his tide as world's champion pitcher, ho has announced. Newspaper Man Dead. New York—Prof. Thompson Brook Maury, for 35 years member of the New York Herald adUortal »ta £f, mnteorologteu! export, and one of the founder** of tho present weather bureau, died suddenly of heart dlaeaBO. Former Hutchinson Man, Now a Capital Resident, Speaker at WeAesday Luncheon. Tin* coming of Edward Colladay, president of the "Washington, D. C. Chamber of Commerce just at this time when the plan of keophis Hutch- ilison to the front us a h<»rno, IIUUIR- trial and commercial city ia bi-lnjr de- volopod by the publicity conunittee of tho Chamber of Conmieroe of Hutchinson, is moat oppoUuuo. He will lalk beforo the Chamber of Commerce Wednesday noon. Mr. Colladay is a former Hutchinson ynuntr man, a graduate of the schools of Hutchinson, having flnisli- ed in the class of 1S9-I. Hhortly aftcr- wardH he wont to Washington, D, C, where he attended tlio law college there and decided to olay in the capital citv. Ho will be able to tell tlio Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce of the advance tho city has made and nun give *:i>od pointers which will b^ effective in u Ptlil greater growth. From present indications thr* AVetlnesilay moiii- bond'ip diunor will bo tlio larnent attended of uuy during the suniiiier inoiuhti. LOCAL C. OF C. ALONE HELPS BOYS AND GIRLS The Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce is tlu, only organization of Its kind in thu state which Una taken a rear) active part in tbo organization Jam music may "bo dying out hut It Is ft lingering death if tho opinions of many local phonograph dealers may bo taken as a criterion. Although Jazz records aro not ao popular as thoy. formerly were, there aro still quite a few of tliem being made. However, as proven by the best selling roeords during the past few days, peoplo are •beginning to demand other music he- Htdes jazz. -Tlio following have been the most Vopulav sellers during the past week according to local dealers: Louisville Lou. Yes, We Have No Bananas. Barney Google. Oulf Coast Blues. » I Love Me. . iMi Bebe. " Bill Gill always prided himself on speaking his mind, hut lrts enfettered tongue finally ran away with him, nnd Dill took a spill.-Atchison"Globo. "Farewell Blues" There's * fnlt floor and mryboity emlline " hc » till* lively fox-trot U played. For the last trickle o! •yncopated ecstasy, act the Columbia Record of it played by Th« "Snako'a Hipa" nil the other Jjld^ will grip you Hire a boa-con- itilctor. N At Columbia Dealer* A-38S4 75c L IBIRTV THSATRI J. A brilliant spectacle of a»- cicty's extravagance —- a vivid compelling domestic ttrama—p r o d u c o d by- George Melford, director of "ITie Shiek" and "Behold My Wife." MONDAY— FOOL YOUR WIF It takes you behind tb« scenes of reckless social revels, and beyond the doore of certain private homes, revealing secrets that will dazzle and surprise fou. LEWI S. STONE NITA NALDA LEATRICE JOY PAULINE GARON Today—For 3 Days "A THERE 199 A Dramatic Masterpiece. Also"OUT OF PLACE" An Al St. John Comedy. PROGRAM CHANGED DAILY Yesterday, you remember, the policeman was trying to find which way XJllly and N.mny went. 'Seeing the gardener at work a Uttlo •way down tbe path, tho -policeman •walked over to htm und uaid; "Have you seen two gouts around hero lately?" "Hiiro I linvn, only half an hour ago, and as thoy were bothering norne llttla arirls, I drove them out ibat gate," and .the gardener pointed to tho south gate. "Oil, no. my man! You did nor drive <h«m out that gate! You are mistaken." "Mistaken nothing! O UGHS I know .which gate I drove them out of! What 'do you know about it?" "I know this. That a boy told me ho #aw thn goats go out the cast gate, flomo little girls told mo they went out tho west gate, and now you point to ihe south gate Now sonic of you aro crasy or seeing things, and I should |Ike to know which la wrong, tor I 'am very anxious^to catch those particular gonts." , "Well, you can rest assured that I know what I am talking about! And who would take the word of a stupid Jboy or three silly little girls la prefor- «uce to that of a man?" Tho policeman walked on, ehaklng his head in porploxlty as he want, for be could not account for It. "I'll Just ask, one more person in thin park, and if he iella me ho saw those goattt go out tho north gate, I •Thai! conclude that all who enter this £>ark have a spell cast ovor them and »eo thlugs crooked. I bettor get out nxyiielf, or I'll be gottiag nutty too." Bo ho walked over toward the north gnte, where he saw another gardener at work. "Good morning." said the policeman to him. "Pine weather we're having. Did you chance to see two goats in tho park this morning?" "I certainly did! And bad luck to 'uml I got a badly bruised knee all on account of 'um. Tho first I see of 'um was when they was making a breakfast off one of the choice roses. There the two of 'um wws standin' right in tho middlo of tho bed ateu me flnost buds as fust as they could. I honored to 'um, hut they kept right on and thou I throw «tonea at "um all the time I was runaia' after 'um." (Don't you wonder if the policeman ttotMg found Billy and NtuurtfU Evening 10c Matin** 5*—10* TODAY WILLIAM DESMOND ^ —In— •The Phantom Fortune" Chapter 6. REGINALD DENNY —In— "The New Leather Pushers" Round 1 "TORCHY'S FEUD" Comedy With Johnny Hlnes. TOMORROW WM. S. HART —In— "THE MAN KILLER" A new presentation of "The Gun Fighter," the wildest end most thrilling of Hart's pictures. Produced by Thos. H, Ince. "Fresh From the Farm" Comeay I MEET ME AT THE IRIS I One of the Biggest Features of the eYai-— Robinsons yncepators "The Greatest Jazz Band on Earth" Dally at 3:30—7.20—9:30 In a Musical Melang that will delight and entertain you. Direct from Newman's Theatre, Kansas City. 4 ADDED— A Christie Comedy , "A Good Scout'' W ' [ With f Jimmie Adams rO^l^ve'ToT^Oc 118 laWy ° f thU band com ^ h U8 to »Ktf»tly Increase the price. Mat 11AM M^jlflol AMIE1 HERE AT LAST A Syncopated Sensation—A Riot Of Mirth and Color! DE, LUXE TODAY Prices, Afternoon 10o-Evening 10c-20crf Shows Continuous 1:15-11:00

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