Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 16, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
Page 4
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"ill ts B.V Mak Badgett Family J Entertain Relatives and TFrlends Mr. and Mrs. Max Badgett of Present' entertained' fifty two relatives and'friends on Easter Sunday. At noon a bounteous pot luck dinner was served, "' ' ' of. Thursday; April 16 The Woman's Missionary Soc- cafeteria styie< iety of the, United Presbyterian the day were horse shoe games, church willVbe held this after- visiting, stunts and music; also inoon at the home'of Mrs. O. D. a mock trial; The children en. •Tyler. ^ : joyed an Easter egg hunt in the i---;— • afternoon. .The Missipnary Society of the The even t also honored the Presbyterian church will meet we dding anniversary of Mr. and this afternoon at the church. .'M^. chas. Reynolds of Corn. Chapter' FW, P. E. O., meets T 'hose present were: Mr. and this evening at the home of j^g gi iery i Woosley and Shir- Mrs. T. J. Killion. ,ley of Creston, Mr. and Mrs. j Lewis Watkins, Guy and Marguerite, Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Mr. and Lloyd Chandler and Paul Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chandler, Marjorie and Velda, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown and UNITED PBESB5TEBIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W; A. Thompson Bible School, 1.0 a.m. preaching, 11:00. a.m., 8 p.m. " Y.P.C.U., 7 p.m. Thursday, April 16 The Womans missionary society will be held at the home of Mrs. O. D. Tyler. Friday, April 17. The Social Union will meet in the church today. The hostesses are Mrs. Mae Bennison, Mrs. Jeanette 'urner, Mrs. Mary Turner, Mrs. ennle Case, Miss Verlee Layne. THE PREACHER SAYS: The aster season has certainly left eep spiritual impressions Friday, April a guerne, mi, anu « The Social Union of the U. P. Scudder and family, church meets this afternoon at the church. The hostesses are Mrs. Mae Bennison, Mrs. Jean, ette Turner, Mrs. Mary Turner, Mrs. Jennie Case and Miss Verlee Layne. .„ «. on I daughter Jeanne were shopping ur hearts. The splendid gospel [in Creston Saturday, nessages by the ministers of | Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reese ther denominations during the were in Des Moines on business, Holy Week has impressed us Friday. DeUmar, T.. J, Chandler, Miss Norma Boone, Misses Helen and Evelyn Sickles and Clyde Oshel, The L. F. G. club meets to- ^^m, m _ and Mrs. Mor- night at the Hotel Lenox Mis. ^ R& &nd Bonni6i Leo Hale and Mrs. Harry Haynes -itire the hostesses. Tuesday, April 21 Salome Chapter, ily, Mrs. Roy Fine and fam- Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Brown and family, Don meets Schweers and Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Lila of Kent, Mr. ^ ^^^^ and Miss Wilma Fry of toni"g"ht in the* Masonic hall. Re. Brown freshments wilM^served. | ^.^ and Wednesday, April 22 j Corning. Mrs. Mary Leckliter will be • ~ hostess at the meeting of the,Meeting o MR C. ladies this afternoon Priscilla Circle at the home of her daughter, I Mrs. Harold Ethington, Mrs. Mrs. Mark Sluss. Pot luck re. E. R. Pennebaker and Mrs. Pearl freshments will be served. Reynolds were hostesses at the regular meeting of the Priscilla Mrs. Anna Walnwright will be circle at the Methodist church Jholstesls this afternoon to the Thursday afternoon, April 9 with, thirty .two present, and two guests, Mrs. Dorothy McKay \f.l\Jf3V\stJ+J VAUK< «™—— — tenox Fortnightly Club. . Mrs. Gfeant Bryant hostess this afternoon •meeting -of 'the Harmony Reading Circle. • ; ! ilrs, • 'How'ard Riley will be liioitess to'the H. S. Club at Ho- teLLeriox this evening. will be and Msr Carrie Bunn. One new at the ( mem ber was enrolled. The pro. The G. C^W. Club this afternoqn 'with \Mrs.. Edith ..... ' .......... ——-- Women's gram consisted of a vocal duet by Mrs. Fern Hale and Mrs Gertrude Bruington. A reading was given by Mrs. Hale. Refreshments were served the -hostesses.: M. F. O. Club Sharpsburg w. c. T. q., The •Sharpsburg by The M!. F.' O. Club 'ladies en tertained .their, -husbands -at i seVen o'clock dlnhei 1 at Hote Lenox, Tuesday evening. There were thirty -two present. evening was spent *. LL *^ •«»»*-- £*~ --- o . ----,, AilC" \SYCi.\***t3 VFtMa w^%-*.»w -» Christian _ Temperance .JJniqn playin g,,42.. Mr. and Mrs.,.K...,C ' - _ . pay ,,.. . .,...., 'met Wednesday at the home of Burster received^he high scor- Mrs. •Came- Pinney: Bessie Un, was. assisting hostess. Strinsrtown ...$3to.;ft _ Mrs; Lura Bush and.LeVerne arid Donald ¥oung visited at the Judson Caskey home In Bedford Sunday. . Miss'Helen Austene and Gladys Bush went to St. Joe Sunday and visited Irwin Bush. • _JJs Helen Morris of St. Joe spent Easter vacation here at the home,.of. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Morris. . Mrs. G. C. Gibson brought a beautiful, .blooming gloxania to church Sunday for Easter decoration. The plant had several of the velvety blossoms on it. -Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schafler of Urbana, 'Ind., came last Saturday for a weeks visit with rela- «bme nt&r: Blocfctofl. Suriday Ttoeodofe Round and Merle Ferguson attended -the banquet at the Lenox hotel Monday nlght> given in. honor of the basketball ,boys and. girls. : ; The 4«« , meeting' held at| Prairie Gem,, jpriday night :was well attended..; ^abel Ferguson; is leader, of the group. Mrs. Geo.; Ferguson, assistant leader; Rho-, da Baker, president; . Nina Nel r son, yice .president; Thelma Nelson, secretary and treasurer; Jeane riarvey,-, historian; Merle Ferguson, reporter. The first meeting will be, at the "home of nl ___ i _ T*_ I- _ — "' rJtl^ _ _ i_l _ ««.t v> en members and several present' • ••••.•'•' «':<:!>!•• .-.:>f Bhoda Baker. is poin- tives here. Mrs. Geo. McGregor and dth the deep identities of Am- rican Protestantism. CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15, Church School 11:00, Morning Worship 7:00 Christian Endeavor 8:00, Evening Service. A truly loyal Christian comes o church as he tends his stock daughters Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Miller entertained the 500 club at their home Friday evening. Mrs. Fred Olson had all day aid meeting at her home last Wednesday. Several were ill and unable to attend. The next meeting will be with Mrs. W. J. Fair, April 22. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Case and attended a family ing the group beVaiies. the above officers are Leona^'Herbst, Mariorie Ferguson, Betty Black and Alice Mae Harvey. Mr 1 ,, and Mrs. Frank Nelson and family were shopping in Creston Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Herbst were Shenandoah visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wurster entertained the following guests at dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brady of Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wurster and son and Mr. Wm. Wurster and George. or goes to his job regularly and Dinner Sunday at the Neal home punctually. Easter attendance near Corning The dmnerw^ Prairie Star Events Ray Hewitt and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Chas. Hewitt home. Those who .._. •ana~Mr& : W; were dinner gtiestS'' MrsV'Alvin-L^ac Sunday. qftier ^ftiL. _ Gfe'nh' Leach' antf'-ffo&nV'b'f . ' : • -' ' ''.'' ''-<"'*! l'V'."> ' HU . '' -'A ' ton. .. _ j Chasr Hewitt -was able ^;.be{ out doors Eastdrr %h"e %r'st''time: •for several weeks; :^'>' ; -' : ' •"''•• j Mr,: and Mrs; Lloyd- Chandler; and son were"entertaTh0d 2 'at the : Max Badgett-' h0me near Prescott, Sunday. They also called in Prescott to See Mr. and Mrs. John Warbington and F. M. Leach. ; Roy Fine and family, Thomas Chandfcr and family, OUie Scudder and family and Lewis Watkins and family were dinner guests at the Max Badgett home Sunday. Miss Esther Morley visited the Lenox school last Wednesday. Helen Hewitt was on the sick list last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach received an announcement of the arrival of a daughter at the Ear: Leach home in Creston on April 7. She has been named Patricia Anne. Mrs. Edith Morley of Lenox betokens a nodding acquaint, ance with Jesus—a warm and vital relationship demands a week by week renewal of friend, ship. Our "Padlock Service" Sun. day night i£ a bit unique. Prizes for largestj, smallest, (rustiest and oldest padlock. Bring it and see if it will fit some soul. in honor of Mrs. Neal's birthday. Janet Stoaks is the name of the baby daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hanson at the Greater Community hospital Saturday morning. prize. *****v**T^,*«"7 . ' "TT—. ,— .-.- : TllC ' nCXt **&t*V J U+^*£ti -»T*« . r*w v* Mauty'Underwood lead devotions. the home of :^|\*H. G. Killion Roll call was~answered with, cur- Qn Wednesday,'Mjfy Q. rent events. Plans were' dis. cussed,,for starting,the L. T. L. Mrs> T> j Work.. . Hostess Elizabeth Pennebaker : a.n d j^; Ti , J( .Killiorr was .hostess Carrie AramV are t hostesses for at the mee ting of the Ladle the'next meeting,May 13, when Aid society and the missionary members are to bring home. mee ti n g at her home last Fri- made cookies to send to soldiers day afte rnoon, with Miss An- atid sailors. All who are inter- nola T O i er ^ assisting hostess, ested^e urged to attend these At tnis mee ti n g the Missionary meetings. You need not be a society observed.the Easter hour member to be welcome. Dainty or pra y e ' r . poems and articles refreshments were served by the were read concerri i ng each day «.__j „ .n.u.3 A n>\nii-i1 V^rMlT* XirQS . _ . . _..«•.. v* _ _. i hostesses and a social hour was enjoyed. . ._.. ,V-,V.L. '- ••'. : Meeting of H. S. Club The H. S. club was entertained at Hotel Lenox Thursday evening, April 9, by the following hostesses: Mrs. Francis Folcey, Mrs. Rollie Bender, Mrs. Orval Walter, Mrs. George Trost and Miss Mildred Wilson. Invited guests were Mrs. Warren^Gaer, Mrs. Fred Cronkite an4 Mrs. Hugh Tyjer. The evening was spent in playing bridge. At the close of the play each guest received a table fprize. Mrs. Howard Riley will be hostess at the next meeting at the hotel, Wednesday evening, April 22. of the seven proceeding Easter and the program was intersper- ! sed with vocal music by Rev. Randels. Miss Etta Shaffer was the leader. This was followed by the regular business meeting of the Aid Society. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Killion, assisted by Miss Toler. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.ni. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Young People's Society, 6:30 The Missionstay' SocV.ty will meet; at the church .Thursday] afternoon.:-?,; :•':-: : . , . , On Friday -evening, at 7:30, j there will: be. a meeting of .the officers and teachers of the Sunday School at the manse.: ML E. CHURCH. '. ."• ^Thomas Kelly, Pastor io:.0.0. a..m.^Simday.. School, . ; 11:00 a. m." Morning Worship •-- 7:00 p. m. Epworth League . 3,:00 p. m. Evening Worship- At the morning worship, service! the pastor will.preach on-, "The Forsaken Christ." The subject for, the .sermon hi the evening will be "The Leaven of the Pharisees." •We extend unto you a- cordial invitation to attend our.. ser. vices. " When a man commits a moral sin he will readily listen to those who would help him, but the man whose greatest sin is indif. ference and carlessness goes on his way refusing to heed what is for his own benefit. —T. K. CHANGE OF TIME. Please note. Our evening services will start one half hour later com. mencing with Sunday, April 19. League will meet at 7:00 p.m., and the evening worship service at 8:00 p.m. Prairie Gem The Prairie Gem Ladies Aid, held an all day meeting at the home of . Mrs. Ralph Round Thursday, April 9. There were vfsited at the Artie last Thursday. T. J. Chandler spent s a t,« night with his daughters Roy Fine and family Mrs. Edwin Butler was a business caller one dav Week. ' Ira Campbell was caDbl Corning last Thursday. * Mr. and Mrs. Willatd « bell and son visited Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Ira ~ four members, and four, guests present. The day was. spent quilting for the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wurster and family spent Tuesday even. ng at the Geo. Ferguson home. Mrs." Glenn Barnhill and son visited Thursday with her par_ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Thep, Reimer. Mr. and, Mrs. Geo. Ferguson and family ;spent Wednesday evening at the Ed Bake? horn?. . Mrs, ,'(Jhe$|er., •Pljy&on . ,.^rid. children left''Thursday for their ( home -in- Neliawka, Neb. Mrs. L. A. White left Friday for her hohie in Texas. The ladies have 'spent ''the past week visiting the home of ;he'ir parents, Mr. and Mrs'. Ed Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ' Rourid and family were dinner guests —Time Table want ads are inexpensive and produce big results. called in ; the afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Gearhart Stick- ens and children and Ed Oshell of Nevinville, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Shawler and Margaret Ann, Robert Shawler and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Butler. Mrs. Hugh Clipson and Phyllis went to Blue, Springs, Nebr., Saturday, called therte by the illness of .her mother. They re.- turned home Sunday. , Donald Denhart of Creston spent the week end at the Ray Hewitt home. ,*<•/:: Mr. and Mrs. Leland Campbell and family visited with; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Campbell on Easter. ' ; Mr., and Mrs, .Lester , Dotsqn and son. and ; t Jean Saunders called on Mrs.. Artie Morley, and f amily,; Sunday.... :, ,"..."..^ Miss Doris Denhart and Mrs. Ray Hewitt and. daughters, w.ere Creston victors over end, . :••;..•.••:;•:;!.'-.;•!•..! -\:'k \^-,;\ ;; : Mrs.. Mary Scofield and dau,. u 'ter' :|^)ent' •"'•^-'^• i ' : ^"^ ft ^ : or a DO YOU HAVE CONFIDENCE feeling of! Uneasiness? When you go to parties or other public gatherings do you have au feeling of confidence that your' hair looks as good from the back as it looked in your mirror? You get that confident feeling, only when your hair is properly , Jj»y someone who knows ' ' ' noch ^. Roy . _ Mf. arid Mrs. W. H.,Leach. arid Mr. and ,Mrs). Lloyd Chandler and son .were called .to Fpntanr ''• M' ; y^u 1 'waihi something new, aJifl'different, in the beauty line, "& ' irivite you ; tb visit our shop. ^THELMA'S' BEAUTY SHOP Phone 19 for appointment Improved SEMES«(| seed, corn treatment has hei/ expensive. But now it is taa than ever! At its new reduceiiiii you can treat corn this year forl an acrel With most seed low in vitam™ good seed scarce, you can't pal •'the benefits of this widely-used! recommended dust: It usu trols seed rotting and | stands. Reduces .seedling .uyj and stalk rots.' And' geneh proves crop quality and ' yields. Illinois Circular 444, Topping; jl.l average yield iricredse in I "One,-^ of '-the ••best '.{lijilil^™ seed corh now on the markelull '•n/jfocerf Sepiesan Jr.'';, Smoother; will not i t-'onv-pz., ,3,.._., S4.7ff.-'-Asfc-to Pamphlet-. Pharmacy^) "EAf SEE«n, EVERY.YEAR-ll Floyd Clark, George Bubin, Thomas Griffith of Steubenville, O., were arrested for stealing a funeral wreath from the door of a home. - Richard Shea of Holyqke, Mass., 'loaned $100 to William Durthey some 60 years ago. The men parted and Shea heard no more of Durthey until he recently received the $100 from him. Rev. Joseph Earth of Newton, Mass., spoke only a five-word sermon at an evening v service. Se said: "Why hast Thou forgotten me?" The rest of his sermon was interpreted by dancers. Lenox Fortnightly Club Meeting Mrs. Oliver Turner was hos. less at the meeting of the Lenox Fortnightly Qlub Wednesday afternoon, April 8, at the home .of Mrs. Archie Turner. Invited guests were Mrs. Mary Turner and Mrs. E. A. Douglas. . Mi-s. Jay Hugties read an ar- iicle, "Crime i prevention No. 1." Mrp. Anna Wainwright, the contact woman for the club, gave an interesting report. The remainder of the afternoon was speijt Playing bridge, Mrs. W. H. Madidfli jrefeeived, ttie high score. Mrs, ,R. A. Douglas the guest we?e received the guest prtee. Ro-r 'ireshpienjts, we?e, ^s^jrye^by the "h.ostess, assisted,^: Ml& jieona The next nieetijig will lA^r^a Wainwright,, April 82. Entertain With Bridge Party Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Pennebak. er and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ethington entertained at bridge ast Friday evening at the home of the former. Three tables -were arranged for the play. Mrs. O. E. Bricker received the ladies high score prize and Clark Barteau received the mens prize. O. E. Bricker received the traveling prize. Refreshments were server by the hostesses. G. C. W. Club Met April 9 Mrs. Pearl Nixon was hostess to the G. C. W. club Thursday, April 9. A potluck dinner was served at noon and }.! members answered roll call. . Mrs. Ray. mond Miller was;i.a.o$sitor. The next meeting wUJUbe,, April 23 with Mrs. Edith MiMer. It will be an afternoon meeting. B. C. Bak4f, wftf;^shaving a customer in his shop.in Lepanto, Ark., when, .the customer gave so lusty a .sneeze that Baker suffered broken ribs when he toppled to the 'floor. ' The Better Way to Health Chiropractic offers the better way to health. It is the modern, scientific way of regaining health or of regaining lost liealth. It is simple and perhaps the very simplicity of the system makes it hard for some people to understand it. Those who have tried it, however, are sold on Chiropractic. Chiropractic is the system that recognizes that body ills are caused by pressure on nerves, the nerves that lead from the spinal cord, through the segments of the backbone, to the various organs of the body. When there is pressure on any of these nerves the organs to which the nerves lead are affected. _The Chiropractor removes the pressure on the nerve, using only his hand, and nature takes care ; of /the return of health. A Chiropractic adjustment is painless and does not take long. If you ,are vinced, investigate it. ' X-ray and Neurocaloroeter Service Or E. R. Pcnnebaher CHIROPRACTOR Office Z Block* West of Telephone Office—Phone ll« 82 x 11, letterhead size, boxed V / / ATLANTIC BOND, I 500 sheets state tax must be added to above $1.51 $1.01 7ft :• • i u

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