Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1971 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1971
Page 5
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per cent in six years Allon Evening Telegraph Monday, January 11, Ml By LOUIS HARRIS Chicago Tribune Syndicate The political center in American politics has undergone a serious shrinkage of 11 per cent in the past six years. Over the same period, the number who view themselves as right of center or left of center has grown 5 per cent and 4 per cent respectively, and the remaining 2 per cent have shifted into the "not sure" column. The gradual polarization of the public toward the conservative and liberal ends of the political spectrum is illustrated in the results to this basic question asked by the Harris Survey: "How would you classify yourself as far as your own political philosophy is concerned — left wing, liberal, middle-of-the-road, conservative, or right wing?" In the following table "left wing" or "liberal" responses are classified as "left of center," "Middle of the road" responses as "center" and "conservative" or "right wing" responses as "right of center." POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY TREND In the following Order: Right of Center; Center; Left of Center; Not Sure. Per cent. 1970 33 28 21 18 1968 35 30 18 17 1967 28 39 16 17 1964 28 39 17 16 On an overall basis, more people are in the "right of center" group today than in any other group. This has been true since 1968, with no drastic change recently. By the same token, the "left of center" group is smaller than the "center" group, although self-styled liberals have been making a slight comeback. But the key trend since 1964 has been the attrition away from the once dominant centrist philosophy among American voters. The implications of these results could be significant, for much of the underlying assumption of both political parties over the past two decades has been that the Workers get fatter U.S. political center shrinks safe ground lies somewhere in the br6ad and amorphous center. And while middle-of- the-roaders still hold a balance of power, it takes a combination either to the right or left of center to achieve a working majority of voters. One result of this fragmentation of political views in the country could be an increase in three-way contests for major office. President Nixon was elected in 1968 by a 43.4 per cent plurality of the vote against Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace and, at present reading, it is highly likely that the next President will also end up with less than 50 per cent of the popular vote cast. 1 In future races for the U.S. Senate and for governor, it is possible that more and more candidates will win election with only a minority of the vote cast. In New York State last fall, Senator James Buckley won a three-way contest with only 39 per cent of the vote. This pattern may repeat itself in other states in 1972. Not only is the country moving both rightward and leftward at the same time, but there are sharp divisions in political philosophy by region, age, income and education: POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY BY KEY GROUPS In the following Order: Left of Center; Center; Right of Center; Not Sure. Per cent. Nationwide 21 28 33 18 By Region East 28 28 29 15 Midwest 23 30 30 17 South 10 25 39 26 West 26 28 33 13 By Age Under 30 32 28 27 13 31-49 18 31 37 14 50 and over 14 26 34 26 By Income Under $5000 16 22 25 37 $5000-9999 17 32 35 16 $10,000-14,999 25 27 37 11 $15,000 and over 30 29 35 6 By Education 8th grade or less 12 19 27 42 High school 18 30 34 18 College 31 29 34 6 The pattern clearly shows that persons who live in the South, who are middle-aged, and with incomes of between $10,000 and $15,000 a yelar are more conservative thsln the rest of the populatiort. The more liberal voters dan be found among persons who live on the East and West boasts, the under-30 young, thajie with a college education, andl those with the highest incomei In response to a different question, 36 per cent said they believe the country^ has become more conservative in ttie past few years, compared with 28 per cent whd think the nation has beconie less conservative, and 26 p;r cent wh o see little • change. However, much of this judgment turns out to believe selective perception: bolored by a person's own position on the political spectrum. For example, young people, among the most liberal- minded themselves, view the country as having turned to the right, by 41-to-29 per cent On the other hand, supporters of George Wallace, many of whom are deeply worried about "liberal radicals," feel by 36-29 per cent that the country has moved to the left. The most significant fact is that there is not a single major subdivision of American society today where people advocating a centrist position are either dominant or in the ascendancy. Political movements or candidates who base their appeals on a consensus of the broad center simply may find in the foreseeable future that they are well short of attracting a majority of the American people. An era of emotional fragmentized politics may be in store. For the next 45 days, our car deals will give you more than a car. QUALITY CONSCIOUS? BUDGET CONSCIOUS? SHOP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TOM-BOY See Our Budget Stretching Ad Wednesday! pay checks JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE! 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There's also an increase in Social Security taxes —4.8 to 5.2 per cent this year— meaning someone with a $7,800 taxable income will pay an additional $31.20 in 1971. But over-all, Americans should have more money to spend in an inflationary economy. Those benefiting the most are the unmarrieds, the rich and those of low income. For openers, the standard exemption for individuals and their dependents goes up from $625 to $650 for all of 1971. That means the IRS will be counting on claims of greater exemptions so the paycheck deduction is reduced. At the lower earning levels, individuals will benefit this year from the second stage of a special "low-income allowance" designed to remove some low-income families from the tax rolls and reduce tax payments for others through a formula. which increases allowable deductions. A tax break is also provided for people who don't itemize deductions—such as some nonhomeowners. 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