The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 6, 1971 · Page 39
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 39

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 39
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REFERENCES Fsulure to yield was the offense for.which. Charles LeKoy Anger? ; Jr., .2755 Monroe forfeited $35-in Ogdeu Cify Court before Judge E.F. Ziegler. Norma Harrop Humphries, 51, 2364 Polk, has forfeited. $35 bail for the traffic violation of running a red light, court records show. Wheel chairs, crutches, rib cages, elastic hose, prescriptions. Free delivery, JPrescrip tjon Center. Phone" 393-8435 01 399-1126. (adv.) Improper backing was the charge for which Arthur William Smith, 81. 574 24th forfeited $35 in Ogden City Court. George LeRoy Stewart, 20, 2347 N. 690 West, Clinton, forfeited $35 for failure to appear on a. stop sign charge. African Violets, hospital and LEGAL NOTICES *-»i» iwait • iwi~. j, .uw^fs-.w- ~...« wa j ve £f>y formality birthday gifts. 474 4th St. (adv.) | Proposal in the • • J ° Pub. Oct. 6, 8, ADVERTISEMENT 1.1.01 RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS: Sealed proposals on forms prepared by ^rha Engineer will be received by the-Hooper Water Improvement D-i strict ft 3785 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah, until 2:00 p.m.: Tues-. day, October 26, 1971 at which time they wrll -be publicly opened -and read in the office of the Engineer, 3785 Harrison. Blvd., for performing work as follows: Construction of Pump House, Piping -and Controls and Construction of concrete Ringwatl Foundation and Valve Bo* for .Steel Storage Sifandpipe. (Schedule "C") .in accordance: with Drawings, Specifications, and --other Contract Documents prepared by. John 0. Reeve and .Associates. Consulting Engineers, 3785 Harrison Blvd. - , , 1.1.02 OBTAINING CONTRACT D OCUMENTS: Drawings, Specifications and other Contract Documents, may be obtained uporv application at the office of the E"9 m « r after 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 8, 1?71, upon the payment of a deposit of.52S.OU per set. The deposit shall be .n check: form and shall be drawn payable to John 0 Reeve and Associates. The deposit...tor each set will -be -refunded upon return of Contract Documents in good condition not later than seven (7) days foHowmg the " Proposals. , , ^ PROPOSAL GUARANTY: fiach proposal shall be accompanied by an accep.- able form of Proposal Guiraruty in .n amount equal to at least ten ,(10%)-per c»nr of the- amount of the Proposal payable to th. Hooper Water Improvement District as a guaraV that if the Proposal is accepted, the Bidder wrH execute the Contract and file acceptable Pecformanc. and Labor and Material Payment Bonds within ten (1O) days after the award of We Lon- "T'l 04 OWNERS RIGHTS RESERVED: Hooner Water Improvement . District-hereinafter called the OWNER, reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals and to • . _-.. c__« n .-.r.*4t .n.!- -t-ofhr%ir»lttv m anv Standard-Exarniner, ^Wednesday,' ..October 6 .' "•.,-:. -3E; • : -SCHEDULE "E" Piping in sizes-6, 8, and '10 Inches diameter;- valves, .fititings, fire hydranrfs and service -connection materials .-in 'accordance with Drawings, :Specifications. and-:o t h e r Contract ;Documertts prepared .by • John 0. Reeve and,'Associates,-Consulting Engineers,. 378J Harrison ,Blvd:, Ogden; .Utah. . , s 1. 1.02 -OBTAINING CONTRACT D 0 C U- MiNT& 'Drawings," Specifications and ether Contract.-Documents* :may be obtained upon application at -the .office of- the -Engineer after 10:00.a.m. Friday, October -8, -1971,upon the payment of a deposit, of $25.00 per set. The deposit shall be .in check-form and -shall-be drawn ..payable .to .John 0. Reeve and Associates. The, deposit' for each set will be refunded upon-^return.'of Contract- Documents-in,good condition not'later, than-seven" (7) 'days, following, the opening rv.vrm.~~ .GUARANTY:, Each proposal, shall be. accompanied by an'accept- able, form of" Proposal Guaranty in an amount-coual to at . least -ten .(10%). per cent, of the amount -of the Proposal payable to-the Hooper Water,.lmprovement;Dis- trict is a guaranty-that- if the. Proposal is accepted, the Bidder, wit! execute the Contract and file acceptable Performance and Labor and Material .Payment Bonds wiJhin ten (10) days *fter,th« award = of, the Con ; - ,. T .04 • OWNERS .RIGHTS RESERVED: Hooper Water Improvement. District hereinafter called the' OWNER, reserves, the.right to reject-any or.-all PropoJSrls. and, to waive any •none, 7-28-71. ' •"'- •• ,-,"'.""' 21.-Monark, boys, 26-in.,.'black-white, .WO-.63973, 7-23-71. . .. ' " . ::, ; -. ' 22 -Huffy boys, 20-in:, gold-white;'2018, .-'z-wri.-' ' '".'.- . - '-., -: 23. -Columbia, -girls, -26-in., 10. speed^ryel; , low-green, ,BM9930, 7-12-71. ; ,, 24.-Sears; boys, 27-in., -10- spend, Ted, ' "TWOOH28,-6-28-71.,. ,- ". 25. Schwinn, 'boys, _7-in.,i 10 speed; jreen . (painted), F213616/,6-23-71.' . "-' 26. -Schwinr,, boys, -27-ini; 10 speed, gold, B13179, 7-3-71. ... ; , . ., ... . /•• 27. Schwinn, boys, ,27-in ; , -10-speed, blue- white, none, c~l -71. - ' • ' - ; 28. Unknown, boys,'26-in., 10 speed, green, NO12045, 8-11-71. " ' : ,'" , •'-- ' 29. Huffy, boys, 26-in:,.HO speed/ »old- whire, 7H606282, 7-6-71. . .: 30 Columbia, boys, 27-in., 10 speed, areen- white, S4S9774, 7-12-71:.. ,Toy Pedal Car, black-white-. (Highway Go Cart, painted blue -(w-as lycHow) • L. A. JACOE-SIEN Chief of PoliceBy: A. W.- FOULGER- . Pub. Oct. 7, 9, 1971. •. • .3 e ect "any or -an fropojais.ano, iv vvoi.t -formality or technicality in any Pro ' any -ormay posal' in the interest, of .the. OWNER. ._ ,.pS>. Oct. 6. 8, 1 12; 15. 22, 1971. 5138 Failure to appear caused Judy Johanson, 27, 2822 Eecles, to forfeit $35 in Ogden City Court. Melviri :G. Sadler, 17, Rt. 3, Ogden. forfeited $35 in Ogden City Court for failure to appear on a charge of improper change of direction. Judy H. Bell, 23, 231 27th, ,_, ADVERTISEMENT of way, records show. Rummage Sale — Benefit Sudden Infant Death Foundation, Oct. 7, 8, 10. 1286 27th St. (adv). Failure to yield was the charge for which Julie Isle Fearn, 24, forfeited $35 for failure to appear in Ogden City Court. 24-hour telephone service . . . free delivery . . . charge accounts . . .tax records on drugs. Ask about our "Senior Citizens Plan" ... at Prescription Center, dial 393-8436. (adv.) Larry Dean Blanchard, 27. Salt Lake City, found guilty of failure to yield right of way in an Ogden City Court trial, has been fined $35. ' Driving without a license and making an improper turn .AISVCK.11»tmt« • 1 l 01 RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS: Sealed proposals on forms prepared by the Engineer will bn-received, by the Hooper Water improvement District at 3785 Harrison' Blvd Ogden, Utah until 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, Ootob'er 26, 1971, at which time they will be publicly opened and read in the office of The Engineer, 3785 Harrison Blvd., 'for performing -work a= follows: P SCHEDULE "A" The installation of approximately 5.3 miles of 6, S and 10 inch culinary-water mains including valves, fittings, fire hydrants and service connections and the construction of a Pressure Regulating Station I' ccordance with Drawings Specifications to yield right ^ d other contract Documents prepared by John 0. Reeve and Associates, Inc., Con- Sng Engineers, 3785 Harrison Blvd., Og- i 1*2 'OBTAINING CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Drawings, Specifications and other Contract Documents may be obtained upon application at the office of the Engineer after 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 8, 1971 uoon payment of a deposit of 525.00 per set The deposit shall be in check form and shall be drawn payable to John_0. Reeve and Associates. The deposit for each set will be refunded upon return of uin- tracf Documents in good condition net later than seven (7) days following tht opening of ^"g^'^posa,. GUARANTY: Each proposal shall be accompanied by an acceptable form of Proposal Guaranty m an amount equal to a,t least ten 110) per cent of the Proposal payable to the Hooper Water Improvement District as a ouaranty that if the Proposal is accepted, the Bio- der will execute the Contract and f i\t Acceptable Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds wtthm ten UU) oays the" award o_f_-th=C2^ ct ; NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate No. 12591 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF WEB-ER COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH. In the matter of the estate o.f. Ruthel J Van SicWo,. deceased. . ',„,..,-„„ Creditors of- the-est»te of-Ruthel J. Var Sickle, deceased, will present claims wnrh vouchers to the undersigned »t No. 7 Bank of War, Plara, Ogden, Utah, on-or before the 12th day of January, 1972. Claims must be presented in accordance-with the provisions of 75-9-5, Utah Code Annotated, 1953. with proper verification as required ed this 4ifh day of October, 1971. . HO VAN SICKLE • Administrator of the Estate-of NOTICE . ..,.:_• Scaied propowls wrH b« • received by the Purchasing Agent of .Websr. State College, Ogden, Utah, until 2:00 p.m.,. Friday, Oc- fiLfiCmONilC SEMI-CONDUCTORS,., I-C'S . AMD MISC.. ITEMS': " ' Bid spKffications may be obtained from the offica'of the Purchasing Agent, Adrn Building, Weber State Col leg*.- Weber State reserves the right to reject ar.y-.or-all bids or waive -any irregularrties or- m>rormalities In the interest of the College. ROBERT-,'H'. DEBOER Purchasing..Agent Pub. Oct. 6, 1971. . ",. . . ' NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate File No: 12552 ; DISTRICT COURT -OF ™E-SECOND v-...- .... . ^ Tm . uii-iKILl t-uuM vi ll ' b -.--":. No, 7 Bank Jl)D|C1AL DISTRICT, IN AND 'FOR THE COUN iHUI III "l^n mil/I vi <•"- Ruthe I J..Van Sickle, 1 : ceased. • , KtINZ S. KLIN*. By: (S) DAVID S. KUNZ Attorneys 'for Administrator No; r Bank of Utah Plaza . Doden, U^ah . ' • . Pub Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27, 1971. '- -Ds- . ' PUBLIC HEARING - Notice Is hereby given .thai- a public hearing wfl'l be heM at the Layton City Sill In Thursday, October 21, 1971 st 7-30 p.m. for the purpose of considering the annexation and rezone from A to M-l of the following described property which is (coated at 600 N-orth .nd Angel Street*. Beginning 33 ft. W. and - 220 ft. H. 0 deg M min.'•£. from Hie SE corner W*A. Section' 19, T4N, R1W, SLB&M, N 0 deg. M min. E. 1,305.8 ft., S. ,89 deg. 51i min. W. 2,407.8-ft., S. 3i deg -40 min. E. 626.6 ft., S. 89 deg.. 4O min. E. 64.4 ft., S..40 .deg. 40 mm. E. .1.200 ft., 5. 73 deg. 40 mm. E 334 ft N 89 deg. 46 min. E. 3S8-o6 ft., N 0 d-o. ,14 min. E. 220 ft., N. 89 deg.' 46 -min. 6.' 495 ft. to beginning. Alll interested persons, are invited to at- te "tSEAL)' RAihfDALL J. :HEAPS "••-.: (Randall J. Heaps, City Recorder) Pub. Oct. 6, IS, 1971. ' ' .' ._ "" : 06 -^ LOST & FOUND •SMALL--nill* ' i'9 -'l»'t. -,Friday.' tight' -brown with black nose, wearing red'- harness,' license 8-187,,Roy. area. 773- ,2972V. ' - - .- •-•" - -PERSONALS '"' ... Oor Payment 'Consolidation '-Program Can Help You . • -V One-' 'place to" pay .-'" '..'• -alL'bilis - " • ;. • -: One payment you ' ..'can afford Budget Credit --•."•• • (Not a Loan. Co.) , , , :" 329 ECCLES BLDG. - * LICENSED AMD BONDED FOR $25,000 -'-;-• - 393-8697. ' Member of American Assn. , , of Credit Counselors and Ogden Chamber of Commerc* . -ALCOHOLIC PROBLEMS? CO.NTACT •-Alcoholics. Anonymous ' CENTRAL OFFICE '1520 .Washington -Blvd. ." - 24 HOUR SERVICE - .Phone 621-1076 24 HOUR SERVICE •Y OF-WEBER, STATE OF UTAH. ,|n iiie matter of: th. .estate, .of- Henr Jensen, - deceased. .' • ' Creditors will present: claims,, with vouch ers, -to the undresigned, .at ,thr Uw Of fice of Samuel H, Barker, 6^1 EcclM Bldg Ogden, Utah, on or befora the- 27th day c December, 1971; claims must be presentc n .ccordanc. with th.-provisions^ of Sec- ion 75-9-5, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, knd'wtth proper verification -,«: • required therein. A p, TH UR- H. JENSEN , ; Administrator SAMU'EL H. BARKER Attorney for Administrator- - -.,: • • Pub. Sent. 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 197i. 5108 08- - JOBS OF INTEREST MALE OR FEMALE EXPERIENCED driven needed' to drive taxicab, full or part time. Good pay, interesting- work. Inquire 246 23rd PART TIME - Earn ..S65 to S90 four evenings a ' week and Saturdays. Phone 392-6228. NOTICE OF BICYCLE SALt The following listed abandoned or stolen bicycle! have been recovered by the Ogden Citv Police Department and heta in storage • ' of ninety (90) days in com- ttor the ward Of te onrac. ty oce e i i oJ OWNERS RIGHTS RESERVED: ,„/, fcrM of ninet Hooper Water Improvement, District herein-1 p | isn « wi t h - Ordinanc n r^'_ _^.. . -u . rv»»Mcp r-tprvps the noht rh~:i. hicvc es wi I after called the '».. ^ 1J ---- • " . -\ reserves the right atter canev THB U*»ITCI^, ,«...-•.- ••-- - - ;VlormS V^eKtyJ^ ny^ d.'o^t^r'i^T^' ™ $40 bail. - WALL STREET CHATTER "SECTION 1.1 ADVERTISEMENT . <-.HVA A^UAXXII^ ".» *...^- vr -- 1 1 01 RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS: Sealed are Offenses for which AlberlO j pr0 p\>sals on forms prepared by the Engi- ga. 21. 1946 Grant, -r -m be ^^,^7'^'S Blvd Ogden, Utah until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October- 26, 1971, at time they will be publicly opened and'read, tor eel-forming work as follows: SCHEDULE B Construction of a 750,000 gal-Ion steel water storage standpipe on a foundation furnished by the owner at 2450 -West 4000 S °l'. h i.02 OBTAINING CONTRACT D 0 C UMENTS: Drawings, Specifications and other Contract Documents may be obtained upon aOBllcation at the office of John 0. Reeve and Associates, 3785 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, I Utah on or after Friday, October 8, 19/1, I upon payment of a deposit of S25.00 per | set The deposit shall be in check form I and shall be drawn payable to John 0. I Reeve and Associates. The deposit for eacn .iii^iTi j.vxi^>. ^»-, \ a win be re f urK )ed upon the return of most effective Way tO Conserve i the Contract Documents in good condition and increase now is^tO Sell the! not later than seven (7) days following the Jerry None has "forfeite Improper lookout is -the of-, fense for 'which Brad M Lin-j dley, 18, Morgan,, has forfeited] $35 ban. XTrr-nr VAWK" NEW iOKK _ Thp [ — me Th'es% "b'icyeies'wiirV sold .t "Public ,ucti?n to bV-held'on Saturday, October- 6 1971 if 10:00 a.m. in the rear of .the Municipal Building. . - ' 1. Wake, Schwinn; type, girls;, size, 20- in.; color, blue-white; frame No., H- '371967; recovered date, 6-21-71. 2 'Schwinn, boys, 20-in., purple-silver, K.418808, 7-22-71. ' 3. Unknown, boyi, 16-in., red-whrte, 25- 4. Scars, boys', 20-in., purple-white, W- 5. Huffy, 'boy 5 ' 2 °- in - orange-white, 9H- DO YOUR PROSPECTS- KNOW YOUR'-NUM'BER? ' Many dollars in sales are lost by firms every, day because potential customers don't know the firms name, address or phone number. Make it easy for people to find you by listing .your store, shop, of- fico or service in -our "LET AN EX•PERT DO THE JOB" Directory. It appears in the Classified columns daily and is a convenient guide tor over- 150,000 oeople who. read the Stand- v ord-Examiner daily. • Whatever your product or'service, you can reach more.prospects by list- inq your firm in the LET AN EXPERT DO THE JOB" Directory. ' Call 394-7711 today. 1 An experienced Account Representative ..will b« g |ad to help you with your ad. To whom it may concern: New Zion Baptist-Church-will, not be responsible for any debts contracted by any other than, Buying Committee, New Zion Baptist- Church. October 1, '1971 •_ LORENZO BELL SR. BRlbSE CLASSES — Beginning ana 1 intermediate, starting' .September 22, Bridge Center. Phone 621-4300. EXPERIENCED Beautician with clientele, ' .new shop. Phone 393-4822 or 6212453 after 6 COULD YOU USE EXTRA CHRISTMAS CASH? Sell Artex- decorator tube paint. - Call 392-1452 EXPtRltNCtD drivers needed to drivi taxicob, full.or part time. Good pay, intereslino Work. Inouirr 2J6 !3rtJ. "EXPERIENCED BEAUTICIAN WANTED : Call 825-9682 Days or 393-7872 after* ' WAITRESS WANTED - SUE'S LOUNGE 2761 Washington. Call after 5 — Full or part-time, free "training, Tri-Chcm liquid embroidery. Call 782-7495 WANTED, good retired man, experience if possible. Ca after S. 393-1762. warehouse 394-6222 TlRE SALESMAN. Experience' preferred. Fringes, good hours. Salary open. Aop" at 136-36th'St. Ogden, Utah. FRY COOK NEEDED. 4 to 9 p.m. Prefer experience, but will train. Vicky's Cafe in So, Willard. 08-JOBS OF INTEREST MALE OR FEMALE •NO FEE CHARGE TO APPLICANT • Shoe Repairman • • Draftsman,Architect • X-Ray Technician • Machinist • Alteration Tailor & Alteration -Woman ^ "EMPLOYMENT SECURITY OFFICE 2655 Adams Ave- Ogden, Utah_ YOU'RE IN DEMAND Even if you've never sold anything before, you. can become a successful Representative of the world's largest . cosmetic company. Call now and let Avon tell-you -how easily you can turn extra hours into extra fun and extra profits. Call^ 394-5627. 'ONE WOMAN .IN A THOUSAND Enter the prestigious field of Hom« Decorating with World Gift International. Sell exciting decorative items from around the world. Displayers and managers needed. No experience necessary. We will train. For interview call 1-376-9216. SPECIALTY Salesmen-bookmen, vacuum men, etc. Salt Lake firm hiring salespeople to staff new offices opening in Salt Lake and Ogden - T & L law does not apply, all sales made in th. office — top commission plus bonuses. (Housewares, and recp. equipment). Call 621-2622 for appt. CARPENTERS Lead men, must be able to read blueprints. Single family, multiple unit construction. See Marv Bennett, project supervisor, 380 N. Bruce Street, Clearfield, Utah. Equal nnoo'rtunity Employer CARPENTERS and carpenter helpers, working foreman, regular carpenters who -read blue prints and know all phases of work and ambitious unskilled men as helpers, good wages and reliable company, call Kay Hill 3999266, Snellinoi and Snelling Emp. Agy. EXPERIENCED~soda fountain manager ' or assistant manager. Must have experience in restaurant or soda fountain work. New company with tremendous growth opportunity. Salary plus percentage. .Send resume to P.O. Box 326, Clearfield, Utah 84015 SALESMEN wanted to sell Minute M»st- er Electronic Ovens. Good full time earnings, on commission basis. JVJ- ,QAnj! : 2jv.rr._Thursday, Friday. DO YOU NE:"ED additional income, working part time? Earn up to ISOi«lev- ening For information call 825-9032 .' or 392-7426. WANTED - Cooks, all shifts, full or ^part time, top pay. Cross Roads; Cof- fc» Shop, T.-emonton, Utah. Phone 257-3726, ask for Jehnnie. DTTiY LABOR - Clean cut - willing to work - Payday everyday. No fee 11 A-1, cm-_A-,mcY. 2220 Grant Ave, ~~NEED BABY SITTER 2 to S P.M. 568 14th St. Phone 621-5928 . LDS? NEED MONEY? Sell the Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon. 621-5946 for interview. «. un,boy 26-in., red, M433917, 7. Evj 6 ns?'boys, 26-in., black-white, F15- 142- 10-in., blue-white, Sriis".'' 6-16-7'!. 9. AMF, boys, 2O-in., purpie-white, 10. Unt'notn," 7 'b'oys, 20-in., cold, none, 11 Schwinn, boys, 20-in., gold-white, FB- 71760, 7-28-71. ,. 12. Murray, boys, 20-in., gold-white,. 631- 13. ttaart^convertible, 16-in., blue-white. ^1111 1UU1CC1SC iiv»' 10 i-v o^-ii w.x- > market short, according to T. J. j "Til 9 . ^.^w*— .. 0 -- -- -- | i. i.OI PROPOSAL GUARANTY: 'The OddS of Stock i proposal be accompanied by E a c h ac- Holt & Co "The OddS Of StOCK i proposal be accompameo oy an K- noil <lu ^o. iuc vuua ui o™v, ^ , b)e form o( proposal guaranty in an prices tumbling m the months a ™unt equal to at least ten per cent ~l* A n,4 «T-Q. i^nnciiQlK' crrpnt T ' thf> MO%1 of the amount of the proposal pay- 14..S y e, b 15. A^'bo 16. Huffy^ boys, 20-in., gold-white ' -i".. gold-white, 310075, -in., red-white, F01345-1, W360- £JL4^,**O fcttii»VA»-.^ *«« — — ahead are unusually great." the mo%) firm says. This is underscored ^ ^*\2™w ££'\f%? proposal is by the probability that institU- [ accepted, the Bidder will execute the Con^- tional investors, who went hog ^ ra ; nd /^ c ^ar t p7ymenrBo"d's n '"within Wild Scrambling for common ten tlO) days after the award of the con- stocks last spring," are now|'™'- ]M OWNER . S RIGH TS RESERVED: The anxiously Waiting tO Unload tO I Hooper Water improvement District herein-, the unsuspecting public, it adds, ^.caiied^ OW^R, „«» ,h.^j . , , any formality or technicality in any pro- The market has arrived at a! ' , !n t he interest of the OWNER. j critical crossroads. James!Pub. Oct. 6, a, 12, is, 22, IWL. 51351 Dines & Co. says. It could, , , m REr * ED , V PT R oF SE "R E o N p T osALS: sealed plunge at this point Or begin a!p roposi! |s orl forms prepared by the Engi- substantial short-term rall y;" mcDrro temem District d »t b 3785 Ha^ison B V rvo F .' centering in low-priced stocks; Om j en/ ^,,1,, unt ii z-.oo p.m., Tuesday and would mark the lUSt! October 26, 1971 »t which time they will ana \vuum m<un. -u,,irbe publicly opened and read aloud m the Speculative binge Of the DUU j gff .^ t of th( , Engin eer, 3785 Harrison Blvd., market. Dines Says. for fum;shing_materials_as fol,o*s: ^ CLASSIFIED INDEX It'. e»iy til finJ th. .olution to your wjnt or netJ in Tlie Stiirji tT'Nort'hem U!>h'i m«s' divtrsilied M.rketplate. E. jure to Re»* U» th«. column, rtoulirly - You'll profit in .0 many w.yil 17. Schwinn, boy's, 16-in., pairvted blue, B- 18..Ichwinn, 'boys, 20-in., blue-white,.none, 19 Schwrnn, boys, 20-in., blue-while, KE- ^'"fhrnips, 6 "^'/ 26-in.. black-white. TOY POMERANEAN ' - Female, redllish - -brown hair. Pink -lace collar. Reward. 508 27th, Apt, -i. LDST in th» vicinity of mnJoIph hunt- • ing area. A Chev. wheel and tin. Reward.-392-2126L. ' ~ LOST - BLACK LABRADOR, lost in Oqden Say Area. Reward. ^ ' Call 732-6323. To The Reader Various laws and ordinances - local, state and federal, prohibit discrimination in employment because of sex Unless the advertisement itself specifies one sex or the other/ |0b seekers should assume that the advertiser will rtisider applicants of either sex in compliance with the laws against discrimination. For a fee, a private employment aqcncy can offer you specialized service and put you .in touch ( wit*t a prospective employer who o.ters tne opportunity you are seeking^ Sell with Want Ads Sales Opportunity 'FOR THE One Man in 500 Who Means Business about earning and having $2000 a Month iff DONE TO GET IT DONE. Ill ADDITION TO HIGH MONTHLY EARNINGS. WE PRESENTLY HAVE ONE POSITION OPEN IN THE, NEW VEHICLE *EPT, AND ONE POSITION OPEN IN THE USED VFHICLE DEPT. IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE ONE MAN IN 500 WHO WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR $2,000 A MONTH - APPLY IN PERSON TO H. 0. SHERMAN SALES MANAGER JOHN CORDAY SALES MANAGER JOE BERCHTOLO SALES MANAGER OGDEN FORD 33rd-&Wall Ave. • 33rd & Wall ANNOUNCEMENTS 01-Funeral Notices 02-rlorists 03—An.iouncenwrits r>l-Spccial GrMtinqi OS—Memorial Notices 06—Lost i Found C7-Person«ls SELECTED OFFERS 08-Jobs of Interest , Male or Femsle 09-Situatisns Wanted 10-Business OpportunitiM 11—Money to Loan 12—Instruction 13-Music Lessont 14-Child Cart 15—Auctions "-BUSINESS SERVICES Listed under Business Service FOR SALE 17-Area 13—Weber County 10-N. Davis Countr 20-Box Elder County 21-Morgan County 22-Farms 4 Rancnfs 23—Business Prooerty 24—Acreage & Lois 25— Vacation Property 26-Mobile Homes RENTALS 28-Furnished Ants, i Duplexes 29-Unfurnished Apts. i Ouplexet 30—Rooms 3)-Mobile Homes 32-Office & Business 33-Rental Agencies 34-Wanted to Rent MERCHANDISE 35-Miscellaneous For Sail 36—Wanted To Buy 37-Shoes i Clothing 38—AntiWJM 39-Musical Instruments .O-Radic-TV X Ste.w 41—Furniture i Carpet i2_Appliance« 43-Air Conditiooinq UWN-FARM & GARDEN 45-Good Thincs To Eat 46— Plants— Trees & Shruoi ,»7_rfrtiliier & Top Soil .)3-Hay.GrJin J Feed 49— Firewood 50— Pets & Sunplirt 31- livestock 4 Poultry 52-Fjrm 4 Ranch Supplies 53-Farm Implements 54— Pasture For Rent RECREATIONAL 55— Aviation 56— Boats i Marine Items 57— Sporting Goods 58— Skiing Equipment 39— Soo* Vrlr/clM 60— Travel Tr.ilert 1— Campers 43-Air Conditioning 44-Building Materials -It 394-7711 it tli« lo"e«f Th, Classified Situnlayi » ». - 63-Tourisr £ Trailer Parks AUTOMOTIVE 64-Auto Services— farts 4 Accessories 6S— Autos Wanted 66-Autcs For Rent 67-Cydes 4'Supplif! 63-Utility Trailers 69— Heavy- Equipment 70-Trucks AUTOS FDR SAL! 71— American Motors 72-Buick 73-Cadillsc 74-Chevrolet 75-Chrysler 76— Dodflt 77-Ford 78— Import— Sports Cars 77_jeep— 4-Wneel Drivtt 8O— Lincoln 81 -Mercury 82-OldsmobiI« 83j-Plymouth 8^-Pontiac 8S-AII AAakei 4 Modeli •"• ""* * ''"' for ,!«!»» .* ..I". »"«!! type «»'» '« »' ^ ' M °" »«t '-• »!«.< !.»»«- I" . .t.rt,,| /, kt r. Ads sf»rti.« D«'*. h« d iy i P.«- « «, w. pr«f,r , Tt» ««dliil« for »tKi"« >* usi "' '"'" *»'' '* ' •rt to ipp«Jr, ««Pt on" that trt t. stilt on whith murt b« »!«<< thru djyi jtrinr to in«rti«n. DIRECTORY DIRECTORS Accounting Bookkeeping Services . Phone 7B2.A273 BASEMENTS EXCAVATED under exijting homK - Free estimates. AM United. 'Ph. A21-3542. 825-9793. or 399-5315. Ceilings "STARDUST" SPRAYED CEILINGS WHITE.-. SPARKLING.-TEXtUREO ALSO PAINTING—PAPERING—REPAIR? GUARANTEED WORK — VAN PH. 393-7102 EVES. CONCRETE DRIVE'S, patios, sidewalk state and city licensed. Free esti mates. Phone 394-6760. . .. . :__ ~~* SPARKLING CEILINGS * Not a side line,, I spray Ceilings only. Free Est. •621 -3526-825-0988-376-4D63_ "SPRAY ACOUSTIC CEILINGS 'Free estimates, all colors of glitter. finest materials, latest machinery Phone 393-7319'or 825-3030 Cement -^-Custom Concrete* DAYTON CUSTOM CONCRETE - • 392-1112 or 399-4794 Bank Americard or Master Charge ALL UNITED . • Free estimates, 621-3542, 825-9793, 399-5815 -kTRASH HAULING, custom hay * hauling. Spotless cleanup, .prompt service. Phone 393-012.4 HAULING^ sootlcss cleanup, prompt service Phone 393-0124 PATIOS - Driveway, Curpentry, • nuis. ,ance jobs. Pierce Home . repair, 3992741 or 393-5716. CEMENT FINISHING -driveways, pjtios, walls, etc. Phone '399-9453. Free estimates. .'•••• '" • ;; ' ' Decorating, Painting VAN DYKE'S - EXTENT. PAINTING PAPERING - CARPET CLEANING WORK GUARANTEED --FREE cSTIMATE. PH 393-7102 ..';'EVES. .393-7511 ROYALTY KITCHEN CABINETS . . . cus. torn c\«igned for your home . - . "exciting styling, variety . of. finishes. Exclusivt at'Anderson Lumber, i-ali Garrv'M<crn. 394-7725. PAINTING-WALLWASHING-PAPIRING Complete housecleaning ; and decorating Licensed. Phone 394.j2rj9_ PAINTING PAPERHANGING; WALTEXING WALL WASHING AND. PAPER CLEANING WILLARD DRANEY, 392-9872 EXPERIENCED PAINTER-exterior «nd In tcrior. Free estimates, wo.-k. guaran teed. 782-9828. ' . -HOUSE CLEANING'SERVIGE . .AND-PAINTING • Carpet and' upholstery cleaning • Wall washing — Floor waxing • Window cleaning—Special.cleanup •FRANCIS RUARK. Mgr. Ov/ncr -. "Call For FREE Estimate" ^ RHONE. 39.3-3567' f~l I-CARP.ET CLEANING. SI«ri-steJir . way -extracts.'the dirt- out'safe, and economical. "A - divrsion. ,'of.: Western • Bldg.-Maints'nance-Co-., Phoenfx,'An- - Z0 na -''Suit :Lake .City./Utjh .399.17.18. C*RrET.c1TANING-THE BEST WAY' '- ' by Mr.' Steam -'. 621 -6526 or 782-9463 UAKK J PAINTING-INTERIOR AND_EX TERIOR - LARGE OR SAAALL JOBS 393.3567. OPEN 24' HOURS. Electrical .Wiring ^ ~ ELECTR'ICAL WORK , Very-reasonable. No icb'too smal Licensed. Ph. 394-0272'. .-• :' "A PLUS ElEaRIC SERVICE Licensed. Free estimates. Call,399-0289. -, Excavating : ^ALPUN-ITED.-..' . Free estimates. 621-3542, 825-9793,, 399-5815 . - - DIRECTORY Hauling Trash, General Hauling Reliable, honest servlce^394.Q432 DIRECTORY Remodeling REMODEL WITH THE'BESTl" • KITCHENS • **™*°W* • ADDITIONS •.ELECTRICAL • BASEMENTS • CERAMIC ,ILE CONCRETE & ALUMINUM SIDING WORk 825-6297 OR 394-6464 ESTIMATES* Dodson Const. ROOFING-PAINTING-CLEANING OIL/GRAPHITE, MISC. REPAIRS THE HANDIMAN SERVICE, 393-7254 -====== Kitchen Cabinets ROOFS - re-roots - repairs, all types. Bob Weir Co. Experienced, reliable. 392-2201 or 723-6927. Television Repairs Landscaping TRACTOR WORK, grading, hauling -A-PHQNE 394-2385* • i Piastering AL M6TZLER, plastering, glittered, sorsyed ceilings,' foundation piaster- Call 392-2429. FOUNDATION, retaining walls plastered. - : Work guaranteed. Free estimate. . . ' . 621-3957 'Rain Gutters JIM 'EVANS,' licensed contractor. 15 • years- experience. Free estimates, all work 'guaranteed. 393-4771. Soft Water •SACES, RENTALS AND REPAIRS. • -Free estimates. New-Way soft -water.. 825.4084 ' Storage Fencing CHAIN LINK — buy '.now Jhd'i SAVE. ACME FENCE CO., .600 Wall. .PHONE 399.5571. Garage Doors FIBERGLAS, wood »r. iteel, .residtnti"! - or commercial. Also girage. ;door ' . openers. Burton.'Walker 'lumber Co.i, '2427 Lincoln Ave,; 1 Ph.. :- ;Grawfprd-;Dodrs:'- •All .sizes and.itylc!i.'392-T5D2; ; l , Cl INSIDE: WINTER STORAGE. Cars, boats trailers, etc., $6:50 mo. up. Concrete floors. .399-2968 or'392-4689. Remodeling BASEMENTS DUG UNDER EXISTING HOMES; nnd .Jll typ« of remodeling Free-estimates, All United, 621-3542, 825-9793. .•399-58i5. ' l BASEMtNT 'FINISHING,- . jiri|t,.;-r.oom : ' -'addition' .roofing, -etc. .Licensed con: .'•'tractor . 39.9-0083/- '392-5972.! WANT:,A',HOUSE. OR A -HOME?- Find th» house " that's 'tne iricht home, for -you Chccki to'fjay's' ClassKind Ad - l - COLORED "TV SERVICE Reasonable. Sp-ing special 399-5817 BILL'S HOME TUBE TESTING $5 for service call plus tubes 399-9355 Tree-Shrub Service Mecham Tree Service Licensed, Insurance Free Est., 393-2864 TETIUCH TRSE SERVICE Pruning, topping, spraying, removing. Free estimates. 394-5807^ ""TREMAINE'S TREE 'SERVICE trimming, topping and removal Free estimates. Phone 782-6756 •*• TREES AND SHRUBS * trimmed, and, or removed. Phone 394.3774 Typing PROFESSIONAL TYPING SERVICE Convenient location Phone 399-9988 or 773-3814 _ Waterproofing^ BASEMENTS WATERPROOFED - G teed. Palmer Construction Co. 4312. BASEMENTS AND FOUNDATIONS waterproofed - Free estimates. All United. Ph. 621-3542,-825-9793, or 399-5315, Welding WELDING and manufacturing. . Reasonable rates. . 392-1148. Yard Cleaning SHRUBS trimmed, trees topped — re• moved, yard .work,. Free cstimftcs. 1 Rhone 393-0124: Shop .the easy'way! Browse thrb.ugh, the. Classified Ads to .fill your needs.^ os-JOBS OF MALE OR FEMALE 08 -JOBSOFrNTEREST UPERVISOR Expanding firm in Ogden has a supervisory open- •;; ing. The job' requires direct supervision of manu- ;* featuring operations and special -projects. : - : The .position requires a BS degree in a technical :'. field and previous supervisory experience. ;'.-' Qualified applicants send resume to P.O. 631,. •••• Ogden, Utah. :: ; : Equal Opportunity Employer • - "POSITION AVAILABLE" General Supervisor Wanted for Kaysville City. Degree in Civil Engineering desireable, must hav§ knowledge or experience in water, sewer, drainage and roads. Also some Administrative ability. • This Is a permanent position. Must be willing to live in Kaysville vicinity. Will "have benefits of retirement, insurance, sick leave, vacation, etc. Salary Open. Age 25 to 35. For further information call or send resume to Kaysville City Corp., 44 Nerlh_Main, Kaysville, Utah 84037. r~ORGAN7ZATION AIDES, Ogden, Community Action Agency, $350 per month. Should have knowledge of the community and ability to communicate with low income end disadvantaged persons. First preference given to Weber County residents. To apply concealed casters. Beautiful pecan mcnt Security Office, 214 24th St. Applications must be in by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 12, An equal op- portunily employer. JOURNEYMAN . AUTO MECHANIC PREFERABLY EXPERIENCED IN ALL PHASES OF THE PROFESSION. GOOD INSURANCE PLAN, VACATION, GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS. SEE FRED EVERTS, SERVICE MANAGER, CANYON LINC.-MERC., 3230 WASH. BLVD^ A CANDIDATE FOR OUR MANAGEMENT TRAINING CENTER $800 salary per month plus car, plus personal living expenses. Guaranteed while in our Electrolux fioor care products. Management sales training Center. If you qualify, opportunity to earn $15,000 to $20,000 first year commission and salary after graduation. For confidential interview call 392-7506, YOUNG MAN looking for a good future in the fast food industry. Will tram for a working manager. Salary $7000 plus percentage of profit. Paid vacation, health & accident insurance. Must be married S, able to accept responsibility. Apply in person. Utah Employment Office. Contact or ici Mr. Durrcn. . __„ WANTED — in Mobilo Homo field — Qualified manager to fill position in sales and rentals at Ogden location. Substantial salary plus commission and bonus. Please send complete resume, with references, to Evergreen Inc. Box 796, Idaho. 83651 before personal appointment is grant_ ed^_ . 5600 A MONTH salary to start. MEN, if you are aggressive and would like to get into management trainee position. Call Karcn-Targhee. Employ- mcnt_Agcncy_621-2545. ROUTE SALES, electric or mechanic minded, some collections. 40 hour a week, truck furnished, good working conditions. $4700, paid ins. Call Kay Hill 399-9266, Snclling and Snelling Emp. Ag^. i MECHANIC with own tools to operate and manage auto center — on percentage basis. Must be well qualified in salesmanship as well as mechanical. Phone 399-9592 after 6 p.m. LETTER PRESSMAN - OffSET PRESSMAN and paper cutters, good knowledge of each operation. Well established firm. $4800 +. Call Kay Hill 3999266 Snelling and Snclling Emp. Agy. TELEPHONE~~iolicitor wanted — SI .60 per hour. Hours 1 to 9 Monday through Friday, Saturday 9 to 3. Call Mrs. Layton at 621-2622 for inler- view. PART TIME work, 4 to 8 p.m. SI .75 hour, fuller Brush Representative. Phone 394-6869, if no answer call 782-4435. ____ FEMALE HELP to live in with women in Kaysville, phone 376-8751 after 4 P.m. S32 PER DAY tuaratiteed i> operations, manager. Send name, address and phone to Clark's Service Station Sup- . plies, division of Clerk's Janitorial- Supplies, Inc., 2566 Washington Blvd., . Ogden, Utah 84401. Interviews will _ be arranged. __ . ______ EMPLOYMENT COUNSELOR. ThlJ !l « Ml. .opportunity to get into an interest-. ./• ing well paid position. Tarshet Em-.-- ploymc-nt Agency 621-2544. j; ^ 09 - SITUATIONS ~" 1 ,' _ WANTED _ _;•; ; COMPANION NURSE dcslrci work, V ", years experience, any shift . . . References._Phone 399-9394. BABY SITTING or ironing done, my home. Washington Terrace. Call 621- , _6596. _ _ _ .,• LADY would like housework «u. diy.' a week minimum 6 hours. 399.228*' •' after A. _ ' * WANTED BABYSITTING. Have references. 971 26lh. 393-3520 10 - BUSINESS PAUL BUNYAN'S Family Restaurant! has an excellent investment oppor- . tunity for the right person. Own your own profitable restaurant franchise. We provide a complete train- • ing program & financial assistance. Approximately $20,000 is required. Call 392-3437 Mr. Jorgensen or writ* Paul Bunyan's 2735 Washington^ Blvd., Ogden. EXCLUSIVE ACCOUNTING AND TAX FRANCHISE $1,000 required. For personal Interview call 825-5549, Business Advisor* JZSTOO NET PROFIT. Groa $250,000. Service station supply, business. Sena . name, address and phon» to Clark'* • Service Station Supplies, division of Clark's Janitorial Supplies, Inc., 2566 Washington Blvd., Ogden, Utah 84401. Interviews will be arranged. ___ ' MECHANIC with own fooli to eperat*.. and manage auto center, on percen- . tage basis. Must be well qualified in salesmanship as well <> mechan- _Jcal^Phonc 399-9592. _ NEW THREE-STALL American Station available for lease at 1326 West 1200. So St., Ogden — Freeway location. Call 392-8457 for information. s7i1ALL~CAFE~FOR SALE. Good down-J town location. Good business for man ^ & wife. Buy equipment and least,, building. 782-7634 after 6:30 p.m^,, fRONlWMr HOME reasonable rates. " _ Phone 773-2367 _ ^ O LOAN- LOANS to $10,000 2ND MORTGAGES CONSOLIDATE, IMPROVEMENT, ETC. LONG TERM • AVCO • Financial Services 393-8428 BORROW TO $25,000 on the equity in your house. Use the money for any • purpose. Call todayl AVCO FINANCIAL SERVICES 2226 Washington 393-8425 1_<7 S. Stale. Clcarfield 825-1641 ~s^ Unlimited Funds-^ . FIRST AND SECOND MORTGAGES,CONSOLIDATION LOANS. BUSINESS- CAPITAL AVAILABLE - MR. COLL ' 825-4926. " 12-INSTRUCTION 12 -INSTRUCTION Medical Receptionist Medical Secretary Medical Assistant Male Medical Orderlies & Assistants MiEDED NOW Trainees needed in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and in doctor's offices in the Ogden area. Men and women — ages 18-65. No high school education required. Free nationwide job placement assistance and transfer privileges. Free nationwide refresher courses. Student loans available. Call 621-3612 CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE First Security Bank Bldg. $ Untrained or Unskilled $ Summer Is Ending and Still NO JOB? A rewarding future can be yours,in. a few short weeks after an intense training period in the IBM key punch, IBM & Un- ivacfield. Call for your personal interview -today. . CAREER TRAINING iNST. 2404 Washington Blvd. 621-3612 No - 207

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