The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1894 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1894
Page 4
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I I f HE UttMtttUUA*. ALUOKA/10WA, WiggMTOATj iLGONA REPUBLICAN ^^W— o-w~— — — -- •""'•- - ""*' "-"•-'' -' BY MILT ON Sf ARR. not money that they want to borrow, but a farm or a mine, or £ railroad or whatever they will convert the money into just as quick as they get it. These has atd ftll atreatages are QUARTON FOE JUDGE. W. 33. Quartun was nominated Judge Cart's successor, last night Spirit Lake on the 79th ballot. as at ASSASSINATION OF CARNOT. President Carnot, of the French Republic, was stabbed by a young anarchist in Lyons, Sunday night, and died in a few hours, and France is today as people will own that a man who the use of a farm or a mine, ot a road, ought to pay something for such use, and it may be safely said that the people who honestly deny the right to charge interest, are those Who are too dull to see that interest on money and use of property into which it is converted, are the same thing. Take the ex-' tremest stupidity and the baldest dis* honesty out Of the world, and the question would never be asked. The people who are sending to the press tbe "Thy Kingdom Come" postal cards are wasting money, whether it be their own or not. The press is not idiotic enough to want to see a civilization regiment during the war, established the Cedar Falls Gazette and the Sioux City Journal, served as United States mafshall and state senator. Itfs majority over Allison, democrat, for congress, in 1890, was 007, and over Campbell, fusion, in 1892, his majority was 500. The Ohio strlkeis tried to frighten Gov. McKinley by threatening onpositlon to him politically, but, the GdV. said: "I do not care if my political career is not twenty-four hours long, these must stop if it takes every soldier OLD SETT1M GATHERING, ! with cffolef weather afc'd Well ted showers. The dtotithto broken ifi all parts of the State, though MAYOR CALL'S PLANTATION, fcatly Settlers mefet to Eat Pie and Tell Pioneer Stories. oi^4 U ^misiMin'thVrasf>-ek"of June. The stand is tefnarkabty even, and it Ail tZ56ti*Adfe Kiee t*Untdtiofl That will Make Wealth- the Departed. -New 6ffle*rt ft« ChoSen.- fhe a te deficient anhe ill the Hiimber intftfsstlftg FAfctS W the DCS Monies Capital sizes up Can- as a young looking man, who has already had eight brilliant years oil the bench, a brilliant man and a desirable ac- wildly excited as was the United States when Garfleld was shot down. Carnot was in Lyons to open the International Exposition, and was riding through the crowded street on his way to the theatre, where there was to be a performance in his honor. He was being loudly cheered, and was waving his right band and saluting with his hat in his left, when the assassin, Cesare Giovanni Santo, sprang on the step of his carriage and plunged a dagger to his heart. The assassin is a young Italian anarchist, who has given no reason for bis crime, but who was probably moved by a desire for revenge for the two anarchists who were recently executed. Carnot was u pure and able statesman and a patriot. His administration, which was drawing to its close, had been successful. Possibly the murder of the head of a sister republic was necessary to bring of this country to their founded on the principle that property is his who earns it, give way before the barbaric notion that property is his who does not earn it. The "Kingdom" in •which the latter is to be the rule is_not quisition to Dos Moines. Sam Jones says the third to heaven but will ton. And there are sorry for them. The annual picnic of the Kossuth County Old Settlers Association was held in Algona Thursday last. It was to have been held in Call's Park, but owing to the threatening weather the dampness 01 the grass it was cided to have it in the Court de* House, The harvest of winter wheat and rye is in progress in southern districts, wth fair yield. Barley harvest will begin a week earlier than usual-, the crop about two-thirds of average. Potatoes give of a fair crop. Flax is doing he third party may <?ef cided to have it in the (Jourc nouse* - .' SSSISKB HE KICKED HER TERY A.J. LiVAOV/t.* ^ j_ ;_ ii .; 1 t.<«M44im*iril . •. •---•' - - • AtShielfntchisoii arrived home from, their Louisiana trip Ttoads? evening They spent most or their time at Arthur, where Mr, Call is Open* itilHW acre lice plantation, but Visited Lake diaries, Where he has" 1000 acres more, These lakes ate the Kingdom of Heaven the Christian idea that surely. It is "He that will not work, neither shall he eat. TWO ARE LANDED, But the Third Fish, O, My i — Call arid Sessions are easy Victims, But Ihg- ham Still Unhooked. niiua u » v«— „„„. ...... „ -- the transaction of its annual busihes^ the election of officers coining first, L. was chosen president, Edwin secretary , oh« fteed.trta.- PERKINS DENOMINATED. Sheldon Mail: The congressional convention of the Eleventh district, held at Spirit Lake yesterday, resulted in therenomination of Geo. D. Perkins. The choice was made on the 86th ballot after a prolonged and stubborn contest. The decisive ballot stood: Perkins 58: Struble 51 6-9; Cleaves 33-9. Perkins received an average vote of 45; Mr. Struble, his most formidable competitor, an average of 41. H. B. Wyman received the support of the solid vote of O'Brien county for eighty-five successive ballots. On the eighty-sixth ballot O Brien's nine votes were cast for Mr. Struble. A part of Buena Vista's and Cherokee's votes went to Perkins, and Sac county, which had uniformly been casting ten votes for btru : •juv, j/~~i'— -- -,,!,„4.1 Vilp nivirlfia CflVinE live IAJ atiuuio auu. senses, to make them understand what Me, tdo1 ™' ] Si vlT ^ ig gaye Mr> Perking anarchy is, and to nerve them to stamp th necegsary fifty-seven votes and the " _ _i it _ o „_,««, f\4r 1 . .. i * _i_ «. O-i/Mi<u» H ainrrara out. Lawlessness in this country and defiance of to be dreaded The disease has per- nomination, which a Sioux delegate changing When Humor and the B,Bi»tiBl,tCAN forecast the matrimonial program of the summer for our prominent young Algonans, the names of Geo. C. Call, S. S. Sessions and Harvey Ingham were set down as likely candidates for congratulations. We g've. in this single issue fitting notices of the marriage of the two first named, but the third has so far failed to furnish us an item under this head. The REPUBLICAN extends congatulatious to Mr. call and Mr. Sessions, and hopes that matrimony may be with them the gi'eafc success of their lives. CALL—OPEAR Portland Daily Progress, June 31: Las evening tho residence of Mr. Elmer A. Do ten on Cumberland street was brilliant with lights and redolent with the fragrance of flowers. The occasion was the wedding of Mr. Geo. C. Call of Algoua, iowa, and Miss Alice Spear, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. urerTandT for"Vice" presidents, Joseph SSnipaotti J- E. Blackford, Mrs. I. g. Schryver, Mrs. Stella Beed, Mrs. L. H. Smith. The next meeting was fixed for the first Wednesday in September, 1895, •md the by-laws were changed to read that all who settled in the bounty in L874 or previous years shall be eligible to membership. The report ot J. B, Blackford, committee on memorial resolutions, was read and adopted by a unanimons rising vote. wuERKAS, It has pleased an All-wise providence to remove from among us the following esteemed members, viz: Mrs. B A Taylor. Miss Emma Zahltcn, Mrs. B iaabetVi Hendron, and Messrs. II. J Hunt, J j). Davison and Win. Johnson. Ihe list embraces the very aged and tho comparatively young, and wo recogiu/o them all as those who have ably assisted in the material and moral development of our county,'aud'as those who arc sadly missed, and we'iniss them as neighbors, ricndsand , ,j 0k9 L^ ati Aggravated Case of As* -, -ult-They hid been Marned, Too, The Case of a Wesley Township Man who Got Into Trouble. — Ah Un" fortunate Loss of Temper. Arthur Ward, of Wesley township, was tried before Justice Taylor, Mon day, fcr assault upon his divorced wife, Mrs. Carrie A. Crandall, of Shellrock. Vheu the divorce was granted, some wo. It was when the latter, now and associates. s them as neighbors, rens an They arc missed in the church n s c. e ymou couny haps not progressed so far as it has in _ ra £ e f u u y m0 ved to make the no •Europe, where rulers are hated because £ ion o£ Mr . Perkins unaninous, .CJUlupc, >»iJ.v/».v, ___ __ " -, ____ .4.1, v.«o,.fTT cmfhuains ounty delegate e nomina- which here already to show tliat it is the same county un a ei . 'similar circumstances disease. four years ago. Cherokee voted steadi- lytothe last tor Dr. K. L. SAMPLE MODERN FOLLY. Buena Vtota doing likewise for ex-sen- Kingdom Come," is the head Th i s j n brief, is the history of one of coming to us the most interesting and exciting polit- .tth the »e, Moines postmark but S^Sn^St" ^e^ without signature. It is intended to test though a warm one, left no bitter- convey to the press valuable instruc-1 nesg ' in lta wa ke. The several unfort- the of which can be character the 'Usury, interest, or the taking of crease has been condemned by sensi- tives for ages, and with reason we make no mistake as to the meaning of "sensitives," this is correct. "Sen- sitives," if we figure correctly the signification' of a word which the diction- iaries have neglected to define, are those highly susceptible people who are moved to pity to see themselves earning a living, but. who don't mind it a bit if .somebody else is discovered in the act o'f earning his own living and theirs too. "Sensitives'' are a common spawn these days. The organized Coxeyite and the unorganized tramp are '-sensi- tives," and the fiat money people belong in theory but not always so consistently in practice to the same class. The proposition which these social reformers are promulgating is, stated in plain English, that those who earn candidates their friends ac- to the close of election will be harmonious and earnest in their support of the nominee of the convention. Mr. Perkins has served the district well. He enjoys the confidence and the esteem of the people. He is a strong man in botl ter. Aided by the and experience he has S. C. Spear, formerly of Portland, now .of Algona. The house was beautifully decorated with evergreen and potted plants. The wedding ceremony was performed in the drawing room under an evergreen arch, from tho center of which was suspended a bell of daisies and buttercups. At 8 o'clock, to the strains of the Lohengrin march played by Harvey S. Murray, tho bridal party catered the room. The bride was dressed in white satin duchesse, en traine, with veil and a wreath of orange blossoms, and carried a'bouquet of bride roses. The maid of hohor was Miss Cornelia Meggnier, who wore white Swiss muslin, with trimmings of Nile green, and carried white pinks. The bridesmaids were Miss Carrie McDowell of this city and Miss ZaidaCall of Manchester, N. H. who were attired in white Swiss muslin with pink trimmings, and carried pinl pinks" Tho'cerfimony.was performed: b> Kev. Mr. Perkins, of tho First Pai-isl church. The ushers were Mr. Clayton T Whipple, of Portland, Dr. Farrlngton H and Mr. • Robert C. Klngsley of The groom and ushers were in dress. After the ceremony the a. and the sabbath school, missed in business and social circles, missed by the veterans of the war. missed by the lovers ot music and missed by those who are interested in education . And from much more are they missed by tho fathers, mothers, husbands wives and bereaved children they have left desolate. Therefore, • . Resolved, That we tender to the, families and immediate friends of the deceased bur heartfelt sympathy in their - ment. • Eesolved, That a memorial page be dp rotod to each of these departed "Cignbors .haUhoir memory may bo kept sacred fo al j tl E!' Blackford was continued a committee for the ensuing year. Be marks were made by J, B. Blackford I. G. Schyver, Mrs. B. P. Beed, Dr. Hudson, Horace bchenck, Jj. i± EL , Smith, and John Beed. The Associa tion adjourned at about 4 p. m aeo, Mr. Ward took two of I to its seeding ply the lakes andbaypus, M son was interviewed by the t CAN on his return and some ittforma» tion was obtained In Mr. Call's possessions .and plans on the every reader. Mr"* Call's plantatiofron Lake Arthur lies to the east of that sheet of water, and Bayou Laccasme cuts down clear through its western end, thus giving him at once the most convenient and the cheapest transportation, These bayous are quite deep, and a little neck of water ot forty feet is liable to be forty feet deep, so they can be navigated to the water's edge. prairie, the sod'of which he is having turned under this season, preparatory 1.0 its seeding to rice. The seeding ot upland to rice is a comparatively new the j departure in farming in that region, it having formerly been the custom to came | put on i y the swamp lands into that crop. vife of a man named Crandall, - . y uuui ,ij •»..»/"..-—j.- -.,- ,,up to visit her children that the assault To prepare it tor seeding it was the r . . ii_-i- 1 rt,ic.»-r»m fn r.vntnn HT* rnft SI vas committed. he was subjected to very It would appear that cutom to ttamp hard usage. One eve was so bruised that it swelled earth with ponies, small boys, and when the water begun ' ' with mud it was a sign that Boston, evening had, he will in all reasonable probabil- = itv be even more efficient and satisfac- Mendelssohn wedding march was played, tory in his public service in the future A } c recep tion followed this ceremo- thanhehasbeeninthen^—- 1 "*""" 1 b •• years' seryice of the past ularity he hts hitherto commanded in LndGertrudcTwitchell. There were many ,-. _ ji"Li._s..4. TT« nnnantari t.he rftSUit I i i.,'*.,i n »nc:nTi+.a Air arm Mrs. Call Will than he has been in the now nearly tour at whicll tlierc W as instrumental run His election »• Murray and vocal music by Miss OBSERVER NOT DEAD. He Writes a Letter Giving the Resulta of a Long Life of Keen Observation. The REPUBLICAN has never announced the death and funeral of Observer, but not having heard from him since our return to the newspaper business, we confess we have at times wondered what had become of him., ; »nd at .jtimes we have feared the. .worst, ; But here he comes again and this is :tb'e letter he writes us: Editor Eui'UiJLiCAN:—I notice in the Upper Des Moines and Courier an alleged interview with Mr. J. J ; Wilson relative to the building ot his mst mill, that it seems to me puts Mr. \Vil- sOn in a false and ridiculous position, [•he interview must be grossly exag-_ inflicted upon her abdomen. She , been at A. P. Hall's boarding house in ;his place since the assault, and has 3een under the care of Dr. McCoy, states that the result in her case is uncertain. Peritonitis has been feared. When Ward had his hearing, Monday, his victim was unable to attend, and so the justice and attorneys went to her room and took her testimony. The case was hard fought, the defendant being represented by Lawyer Ripley of Garner, and the complainant by the county attorney Raymond. The finding of Justice Taylor was a judgment ot $50 and costs, the latter amounting to $18.50. It is said that Ward is yet liable to a fine by Judge Carrfor contempt of Court, inasmuch as the mother.was civen the privilege to visit her children, and that he is likely to-be made defendant in a suit for civil damages. The case was brought originally before Justice Clarke and was taken to Justice Taylor on a change of venue. Botn parties to the divorce married anew after the divorce was granted. gathered by-men in., royr boats, who gathered the grain in their hands and cut it with sickles. v , . raising of rice on upiands in- the employment of a system of ,ion by which the fields are flooded at will. Mr. Call'is having a levee built around his entire plantation,with 1'nes of levees intersecting and cutting the large tract into fields of 50 acres. These.levees are ditches on top of the ground, and are constructed by heaping up two ridges of dirt, between which the watei is carried. The water is elevated from the bayou by engines of immense capacity, suited to- supplying the fountains of the artificial water-course. The supply of water on the laud is regulated according to the demands of the crop, a depth of two inches being provided as soon as the seed is in the ground, and increased later. When tbe crop is.ripe the water is let off, and the work of cutting is done'with reapers, tbe same as wheat or oats in this latitude. The facilities Big Bargains this week at the Opera House Grocery. • , _ —. t EXCURSION RATES. for the transportation and distribution have already been referred to. It can be carried to any point desired and carried very cheaply. n In the middle of the BayouLaccasine, withinthe Call domain, is situated Bird Island, fifteen acres in extent, wooded For the annual encampment of Sons I with cypress timber, and well .stocked of Veterans, U. S. A., to be held at with deer and wild hogs. _ ot \ eceians,. u & ^ ^ Alligators abound m ! the bayous ot A ~*. -^ * i «-— j-i^ :_ /~1 I.i _ .. . "• «4-' n/ on/l UVP n.Tl'- Ofi< SS ket'wmMd y "iSe C. the reS, of C 0^e,ancl are an^occa- M. & St. P. By. at fare and one-third ? ion of terror to the timid , Mr Hutch for the round trip. Excursion rates for Various conven- - - • • - Col. Rate, ison brought home one nfteen inches They are interesting as pets un- e ,uough to do. harm. the district. He accepted the result philosophically. His speech, after the convention had arrived at a decision, is conceded to have been one of his hap- money or property have no right to it, as against the adverse claim of those who do not nor will not earn it. The man who by years of hard labor and economy has saved up $1,000 must hand it all over to the man who has all that time done nothing but eat what others have earned. The man who earned the money or the property does not own it; if he did he would own what that money or property earned, whether called usury, or interest or increase. The word earned, in fact, must be stricken from the vocabulary. Nobody earns anything, nobody gets ahead by toil— everything comes by division and appropriation. The man who looks on while others labor comes in for a full share. Of course, if he takes bis share in the night he is a thief, but if be demands it and appropriates it in the daytime he is a "sensitive," An altogether different view of the •'Kingdom" is taken by the thougbtfa and reasonable mass of mankind. The latter recognize that when any form of property for which money is exchanged is employed or developed by labor, the property earns something as well as the labor, The man who disbelieves this goes and digs his well with his hands. The sensible man uses a spade or a drill, and when he does he gives the spade or the drill credit for part of the work. If one man supplies, the spade or the drill and the otHer sup> pjjes the intelligence and muscle ye* qwed to use it, the two men are each entitled to a share of the sum paid fov tke making of the well in laying tliis tt»ere i§ po dispute with the "sen- beautiful presents, reside at Algona, . The groom's father was the founder of ,„ „ . ...,.„ _,._„_ , Al"ona, where the family are large real te^S^SsE EDITORIAL NOTES. jixcursiuu mica ML <«"y>"> ~--• -- Hl-t-hflvffet old euougn to ao. nariu. «SflfSs x " s 1Sfe= e « l will be $21.28 loi tne rouna trip. "»,„ * aQ T, 0 oriiPH and thev lump at an son too long to believe that at his time St. a^SaifJiiSJSSflSSE SeaOn.o n ,ue BM on 8 o,Sain t . he would set himself_ up. as a suppli-1 admiration of those who were identified tue distinguished musician of Boston, with the promotion of rival candidacies. J SESSIONS-SOULE Des Moines Register: Hon. Schuyler S Sessions, of Algona, and Mrs. Mao Soule Geo. D. Perkins was renominated for I fomer i y O f gioux City, were quietly mar OTO is by the republicans of the eleventh ried at the s ave ry house Jnno 31, 1894, by district of Iowa last Wednesday night, on tho Eev- Dr , A, L.' Prisbie, Col. Sessions is tho 80th ballot. Ex-Congressman Stru- Qno of the Dcst known and most popular bio was Mr. Perkins' strongesteonpetitor, j memD ers of the last general while Mack, of Buena Vista, Wyman, of Cherokee, held the balance of power. The choico was the J.est that sould have been made, though Mr. Strublo was sound tim- cant for public aid. He has ^veffav-1 genmne bargains at the Opera House ored giving any such aid to others, and Orroeeiy. ---^ on t^ubjecl -A cjear ^ park( lm Season of his position on A fine program has been arranged the policy of giving bonuses. The boys | for this most popular of_NorthernIpwd who solicited a few «, i beast, gaining possession of its prey by & ' stratagem usually. It seldom attacks anything alive. Its tactics are.drrected towards getting its intended victim into the water and drowning it. Ayoung darkey asleep on the bank is a promising candidate. The alligator sidies up to it-with tail in month and wraps itself around it with surprising deftness,jinen anises. J.U6 uoys tor mis must yuyuint ^ ««»•,««.«.-.-••dollars of him summer resorts, including lectures by water. " The alligator eats its kind, and Hutchinson tells us of a five-foot ber. The real danger to be apprehended was a protracted dead lock, resulting finally in the nomination of a second or third man. There will bo no doubt of Mr. Perkins' election. Senator Allison has covered himself with glory by the introduction of a resolution for a treaty be tween the United States and Groat Britain which shall provide that for the next twenty-live years till disputes which can- assembly, where he Increased the number of his friends by his frank and manly treatment) of his associates and by his unbounded generosity and good fellowship. He has a, \VLHJ HUllvltDU. « A.WM %.»v«-w--i- —-— | M*-.—.-- — 4 . . about a year ago to buy scenery for the some of America's .most new opera house can testify, to the Us; gospel meetings led to^^J 6 camT) truth of this statement. No sir, John popular divines of ^**ffi'™W Wilson is not the man to turn his back meetings, band concerts, anq numei' on is life ion J record and give or take O us other attractions which will be an aSv Qratuities. Those papers put the nounced from time to,time. The An- word g s into Mr. Wilson's mouth that he nua l Musical Festival will has not the means to build such a mill direction ot Prof, W. n£ the town and country are entitled to. New York City, Th^s is another wrong to that gentle- The Hotel Oaks, built mluT Those who clali? to tawji«ert| opw to the public Mayl5tb S. not bo adjusted diplomatically shall be referred to arbitration. The proposition has been received with onthusiam on tho other side of tho water, and 300 members of the. house of commons have signed an address in favor of its consumation, Wo must take exception to the remarks of oxu- correspondent who discusses the Wilson mill bonus. The proposition may or may not bo one that should be accepted by the town, but if accepted it will not bo done in the light of a benefit to Mr. Wilson but as a profitable investment for the town. The question is whether what Mi'- Wilson offers is worth what is asked for it, and whether we'have money that can most profitably be put into tho will. The cjues- tion should be settled on those merits. strong grip on h : is homo county of Kossuth, where ho can have anything '.he wants as everyone knows and ho has repeatedly shown. .. ' The-brlde is a young woman of peauly and grace a»d accomplishment, who has lived in Dos Moiues during tho past year and has made many friends. She will make a wife after Col. Sessions' b\vn heart, and they will be the recipients of state-wide good wishes where this $80,000 1 arge and commodious, built specimen being found in the capacious stomach of one of the species, . Northern men, of progressive ideas, are gradually coming in and taking possession, but the native people are Acadians. These people are French Creoles and are, descended from the unfortunate Colony deported and dispersed from Nova Scotia, and. jSvangelme is yet to them a tradition. We Have Got to Move. competence in Algona, it is the of and self respect woum appeal uu- *uu to rebuild a mill that was pretty well novered with insurance, No, Mr. JSdi- JPouvtU of July Bates. On July 3d and 4th, the Northwest, ,rn Line will sell round tvi stations within 300 miles a r t very ^ 1 rf ions a pittanpe as tbat Look for the Opera House Grocery su jquireroenns w«»- BWWUMB vY4wy*#v« *«** 1 rs 1 'v fn1 '"Rf h <„. under obligations rates goodreturmng^nHMAK"' ,t Pittanqe 9» that I elusive,. For tickets and full ^fwma, j those alleged interviews, sitive" except uppu the quj>4iQ»> wUetUw a man te e»Wtie<J If be is not, ti&m if Tho Ccdjir .Rapids ftepublican well says that "The republican party of Iowa and the republican party of the nation will commit ttie gravest error of its entire his- t0ry if it sh&H compromise itsancioirtprin- ctples&udtu.a(Kea'bid for tlie support of We are havlftg enawgb ment is.road. They will remain at the Savory until to-morrow, when they will; accompany the Iowa delegation to Denver, Des Moinos News: Col. S, S. Sessions of Algona, a popular,candidatG for.the office of clerk of the supremo court, has conclud* od that the scriptural suggestion that It \s not good for man to live alone is all right, and, that the proper thing for every — to do is to take unto himself a wife, 1 ing this injunction, Mrs. Mao Soulo of East Walnut and Colonel Sessions were quietly united in man-lags at the Savr" hotel parlors last evening, Rev. PJ-. A-' Friable officiating. Only Mrs. Martin u sions, a sister-in-law of'the colonel, Bon Haggard of Algona, Miss Greene Mr, Brown of the hotel, wore witnesses, " ; foi'inwly of S'ows Pito l8 one of COWMTY OUTLOOK. liepoi-ts agree that corn never looked better in this county, rttUw season of the year, than now, It has a good &d, good size &P4 good color, Thew was »n impvession among townspeople up to the Tains of a week ago Saturday SatoSS was sufferingBomewh S veKueF, butmen.wUo haye ed the country oonttnuoBBhr its growth was npt cUeeked to. boomed when 7 to Agents CbiQtigo Vy- Orr will do your painting, es to suit the hard ^ "~ WindQW Screen Frames at ywd, 8841 .As to gt an averfge wo conditions frgmto ttUS. prsMWytoe a g^.8$l»d *' 'is dfeer CTQ^ tban «»W¥» , D.os Modes' mos^ ,cha.VWtttg young lacUes, Avhosflmany Wends hwe wiH.sbQwer sin, cere a»4 hearty <jpjw»m*ttQW tor , choice, wfeile Col. BwlQM Js. well

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