Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 13, 1897 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1897
Page 12
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MAY 13, *B97, the ¥f« , 2f tM» date, Site rate to OP NEWS. K*|rt>rt. ( May 18, 1897* Forecast* for next 86 honro Ara for Hl^ fair, cooler Thursday, Came Down— The men who iell the liquor, Concluded to relent; The council proved a sticker— What it bad said it meant. • And happy, liquid voices, Proclaim abroad the news— The thirsty crowd rejoicefl In the gurgle of the booze. . \ —James Anderson donated $5 for the famine enfferers in India Tuesday, leaving his gift at Moses DllIon'B grain office. —The Ilev. William Beers, of Pe- toeki, Mich., who hao been visiting here some time.left Monday for a visit in Van Orin, 111. He will return to Sterling-Friday. —Mrs. Martha Fitch, Bister of the late*Samuel Johnson, la very seriously ill at her home in Englewood. She is eighty eight years of age, and is well known to many of Sterling's older res- > idente, she haying formerly lived here. —In another column is a card asking farmers for corn for India. Persons in -_iatm,,w|ig_wJBh Jo give their, mite to the • Bame righteous cause, can glfe" xaoaey to be invested in corn. Every contribution will be acknowledged by Moses Dillon. —The first rush of business in the City Treasurer's office came Tuesday, •when tne eleven saloon keepers walked in, each with a check for 81,000 in his hand. The sum; of $3,000 was received and receipted for In leas than fiVe minutes. : —Thd charge of the -rO.T. A. U. Convention, which will be held here one week from next Sunday, is progressing well in its work. .There SB DOW no doubt but all visitors will be accommodated, providing aa ready response is met with in the future as has ' been in the past. ' ' '•*'.."-. —The next meeting of the Whiteslde County Teachers' Association will be - held at-Erie Friday evening- and Saturday, May 21 and 22. ,An attractive program has been arranged and it is expected that the meetings will be es- jpeciallx interesting. An opportunity trill be given for the visitors to inspect the nijw'schopV house. Every teacher in the county should attend. F. K. Wrtirht, th« rf»l *»nts«e Rftrt In- noranrs moan of J>h?on. ^ss in town Meeds?. Ed R. Wio4oia, of Dnluth, arr^ed here Monday afterfioon for a visit with relativca. ' - : • , ! ' "•-.••. Statbn Agetffe SeatoB, of Ronnd QiroYe, and merchant fiawJey were in town Monday. A* K. Hsger arrived in Sterling Monday night ftorar Madison, Wis. He will remain h$te some tide. : Miss Mabel Mangati continues to improve and it is now thought that her recovery will be speedy. L. W. Mitchell, of Dixon, was in the city Monday. ;He pur'chttsed a number of cows from F. F, Klostetmann. John Duffle, the blacksmith, nays h'is clock has not struck for two years, but that on Sunday it struck four times. . Barry' Smith and friend, of Lanark, were .in Sterling Tuesday. /While be e the gentlemen purchased a handsome bay five-year-old of M. P. Graham. The Rev. Ell Herr, of Osborne, Ohio, and Rev. Christian Summers, of Val- paraiso,Ind.,arrlved in the cityTuesday. They will remain here over Sunduy and conduct communion services at the Mennonite church. . THE JUBILEE SINGERS. PERSONAL MENTION. F.' Sebolts and son, of Dixon; were in town Monday on business. •-—--- — ---••, James Sweet and son, of Sanford- ¥ille, were in the city on business Monday. . ' : '•••.'•'' » Ar^iur McDearmon, of Lyndon, was la town Tuesday in search u of seed corn. ____ _ __ _. __ / ;'• ;:_•; _ii"__:____ John Wolferspergeri who has been ill, drove but to his farm in Jordan on .Sunday. , .-.'• . ,•".':• ; ".; /\' '••; _• .' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boehm, of Malvern, were in Sterling Monday for a i with friends. ••• Murray, 1 of Jordan, is hauling hay to town; he has -sold it. to Sparks, the iceman. ; • Mrs. George Mangap.of Erie, arrived to the city Tuesday and La visiting relatives and friends here. '. ' Fred Westphal, from near Deer Grove, wan in town Monday for the first time in five years. Harry John, of East Jprdan, let a «tone fall on his finger and be laid off and came to town Monday. Grant LeFevre drove out north of town on business Monday, He says *verybody is planting corn. E. F. Hawen has been appointed Deputy Postmaster at ^Hwtinge, Jfeb, He is well known in Sterling. Mre. Hamen is a eieter of James Forder, of ' '' ' ' ' They Give A Splendid Concert of Negro jUclodlen at the Academy, The Fiak Jubilee Singers ga^e a splendid concert at the Academy of Music to a fair audience Tuesday evening. The house should have ' been packed to the doors. The company is probably^the. finest .of Jts^kind that haa ever visited our city, and, though the audience was small, there was no lack of appreciation of the genuine merit of the members of the company. Nebr- ly every number was vigorously en cored, and on one occasion the compa ny was compelled to sing three times before the next number could be given. The program was made up of the weird, factuating Negro melodies, sung so much in the South, The voices of the singers blend as one, and through out the entire program, not one'fats note was sounded. Each voice has been cultivated to a high degree, making the rich, melodiuus tones, characteristic with tne race.charming and de lightful. ' ' ' • The solo work was all good, each receiving an encore. During the inter mission Mr. London, the manager, made a brief address, giving a short sketch of his travels around tne world. There bus probably never been in Sterling a man who hae traveled as extensively as he. He is an easy talk er,tuses the finest of language, and hia iubjectlmatteTislnteresting. - - : The company closed its season with Tuesday night's concert. It is to .be hoped that it will visit Sterling at some future time and that it will be ,given the liberal reception it merits. " into ro^nSpition for the Centennial Ex portion, SUM! tfte r»~ has been suede -wnh. alacrity and cheerfully. The racc«9 (ft the exposition Saft now become a matter of na- Iona.1 tmp0ft, fend all ate ints^sted 1ft The same ideas ttoat proTBp|ed the movement for the inaBguratkm/'of the centennial have been stagjjlly'tft work the' character of the tftto from a state or eet&lonnl to one of national iihport. Nay, it can foe said with fell verity *h$t the national slgnificeance of the great .fair has ibe<!bme entirely lost in the thoroughly International character that has forced itself forward. The Tennessee leatefintal Exposition is discussed in Paris and contemplated In' Berlin; it Is talked of In London and referred to In letters from China; In fact, the whole world knows of Its existence '.and of the aims^and objects that prompted it* being.-- .-*-•- ,-' •-•--•:- '•• •• :'-:,r --;-•-•There is no selfish, motive la the Can- tennlal. ^The mala object of the fix- poaitlon -was, and Is, to show to the world the vast latent resources df, Tennessee, in order that the world may share and mankind in general be benefited; The; object'of the, Exposition was., not to make money for.the promoters; so epacd for eahibJitors Vas given free of charge, and power furnished Into the -bargain, If required. Such an offer waa never made before, and the press of the country appreciate that fact; and, not to be outdone In generosity, aids the endeavor by every means in Its power. Column'alter column, and page after page have been devoted, to tne Centennial, and special articles, beautifully illustrated, Have appeared In the beat periodicals, of the ago. The press is showing its'power, and that alone insures" an •overwhelming -Buocera. :i.As - an--example of wihat {>•? i.W, I,*-tt"r*i r?ic silrsfr 1 ^ ^n »,«• I 'nit »t Sterling, 10,, Friday, K«y II, LAJH6S. trtst?, Mrs. Ctosrflf, M"K*w. i <!', GENTLEMEN, Barr, Edward, BrnniwsN, .Btller. JftMisD, 8m!» t 8. S, Joss, Bw, A. A. Wade, EsroBi, Mtusfc, Local Base Bali Olab, ftiiwwen, D. p. We«kes. Robert 8. Wo. i Bentft St-DST'- W»rst, ,rohn, • _ , ex SS i~. ;WfcwJBrtv,Mr,*Mrt.B. J e*lUng tot sbot e letfesr* plea*s say "Adtertleetf ."-.. ., . •-. . JOHN E. JOHNSON, P. M, BOEN. — On Sondey, May 9,189t, to M?.and Mrs, M. W. Tobey, a son. Weekly We&ttief Bepori. O. K. BENGINGKR. , . Week endltig Msy8. .^"nii'tmy" v ^nhdoy Tuesday , •Wednesday 'l|l\l»Mltl> . M-n».y t ' Hpinrc'Hj 7 a. m. ,- <2; 4« 64 M CG 60 64 12 ra. <-«.- (J5 C3 I* ', 79 80 • 79' 10 pa.; 42- 48 • E2 CO . 09 C2 . V.4 ,$ HIS - 68 T* si 82 83 60 4* •,-37 -- 42 41 44 49 50 04 Plonlc for bargain seekers, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday next, at Fern berg]Bros, ... , . ," .. • •V./': : ;,;:.< Notice/-' : ....'.'• .'. Those .wishing to breed to stallion "Beecher," owned by Samuel Wells, of Goino, can leave word with J. S. Scott, at his feed eb< ds, in Sterling, or John RoEengren, east of Bock Falls. 16t4w Suck sale at. Fein berg Bros., 85 dozen pairs, worth 20o at lie. _ ; , TO HOLD UNION SERVICES. the press of the country : to do (for the Centennial, it may mentioned that during the weeki March 27, upwards of 5,000 newBpapers contained notices of tfoe -Exposition, many of them ; of great' length', and_ splendidly Illustrated, and -the. ; enor^. mous numlber of letters on every.'.conceivable subject received dally, by,, the Exposition officers fully, testifies to the efficacy of the work. That the officers of the Tennessee^Centennial ; -'Ezp6al-,. tlon fully realize the great Importance and'value of the splerodld service rendered by the press Is evidenced .by the fact that, at a recent meeting, IJ; was decided that all duly=accredited rwre- smtatiyes of the newspapers : of. the country, and their "wives, Bhopld^haye every courtesy extended to, tfceqp,, aijd at -Che last meeting of the ex<S£Ut}ye. committee the director general, was instructed to .order t'he erection 6f,ahan«l- some building, to be used .as. r blub.- rooms or reception-rooms by t&e repre- eentatlves of the press. . The power of the press has never been .used to greater advantage for the general good.than It toss been In the (notices that^liftve been given^-of _liAila^.^cposltlon^..: No. "drawing on t&e Imagination for faota", is required; a brief' description pi the, general character "of the great fair- la all that ds necessary, and In years, to coma.the people.will refer,,.witft ; ;,.the greatest pleasure to tne wonders jrfjhe Tennessee Centennial Bxposltioa. . - •• " "Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe? Everything first-class. Low prices. Good'grub and courteous treatment Ti-y it. 0. S. For sale. . One to 2.000 pallora. Age itoSyears old. Kecommended for mi-dlcal purposes. For particulars address. . ,.;• X. HOBNJNO, , ':. , ,'- ' i • Malvern, III.. ONE WEEK ONLY! .OOMMENG1NG SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 8TH f CLOSING SATURDAY, MAY 16TH. RARE OPPORTUNITY to secure new and desirable goods at LOWER PRICES than ever before offered trt Sterling. Just look at some of the Prices quoted: One lot of Fancy n Mixtul*es-,Canvas Cloths and otTber weavea^usually soldi at 25c per yard. Sale Price, IOC 6d inch All Wool Mixtures, worth 50c, Sale Price, 20C Silk andWool Mixtures, usually sold at G5c, Sale Price, 440 60 inchi All Wool Etamine or Canvas Cloth, cheap at $1.00, will be sold at This Sale at •• • 73C A large lot of All Wool and Mixed Silk and Wool Fancy Goods in single dress patterns, handsome , : 'styles, worth from $1.00 to $1.35 per yard, your ' ^i._i__ _j. rni,i M a«i«»j!^« choice at This Sale'for 890 Manicure and Chiropodist, -E. M. Specht. ' Office 20 East Third Btr'eet. Hours 9 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 7 p. m. .''./' ^ „ ._-!!_'•'' - , '' ' • . I Fernberg Bros second senii-rjQonthly three days" clearing sale'bf ' BUits, May 16, 17 and 18. ; ;: •.•••• • '••;;;. ; - Ten-Miuute Speeche* to be Made at Three c- Churches. : There .will - be a ^number of Union services in the various churches on next Sunday evening in the interest of the American.Bible Society, and the speakers each of whom will give'a ten-min- ntes address,with the churches in which the services are to be held, are as fol : lows: . Presbyterian—Eev. J. A. Matlack, W. W. Davis, I. M. Philips. Baptist—Eev. Theodore Crowl, E. Le Boy Gait, N. G. Van Sant. First Methodist—Kev. Silas Jones, George II. Eobinson, Eev, Fred Stone. NEW WAY TO RAISE WRECKS. —The North Western line has made a rate of 825 each way to the Christian Endeavor Convention to be held in San Francis'co, Cal., in July. The re-' turn trip may be made over a different route. ' Scheme by a Frenchman 1'hat Doei j _______ .... Away With Jttnohlnery. - rrr . ..; ....... - An^ngendoua, invention for raisins sunken weeks, which has Just been invented "by Felix Gaillard, a Frenchman of Bordeaux, la beginning to ' attract considerable attention In the .nuarlne world, as well as arnxjiigr wrepTcere and divers, eaye/the New York Herald. His apparatus consists of simply a number of watediiroof bags made in tihe stope of (huge cylinders or pipes, 'long, tubes, whWh connect these 'bags wlti a powerful air pump, and some etout pieces of camvas and chains. The air pumps used in this '• wrecking machine are Krelder & Harpbam has the delinquent T tax "list. - "Pay ~y our taxes to them. Office. ILEast Third street.over Clark & Glddings. -J ;.;,-...;, 33t6 EOc values in underwear at 2Bc, at Fernberg Bros, famous three days' sale. A JTine Line of Shoes. ' I wish to call, attention to my fine line of shoes.. The very latest in style and color, of any shade. I fully guar- jantee my goods, and aek you to call and be convinced that I can save you money. J. F. STKOOK, 06tf • 116 East .Third Street. Our Stock of Black Dress Goods Is very large and attractive—all the new weaves. The only line of the CELEPRATED PRIESTLY BRANirBlacfc: Dress"O6odritTthe city. 7 " / Black All Wool Serge, 50 inches wide, only . • . 3f0 , This quality can not be found elsewhere for the price. ' • All Wool Serge, 6nc quality, in This Sale only • • " ] 46& ^ Very large line of FIGURED BLACK GOODS, latest styles, • worth 50c-to $1.50 per yard, all go at this sale at'^rom 10; to 25 per cent less than their value. ' ^ , These are but, a few of, the many bargains we propose to offer at this sale. Prices are for CASH only* . ,;' s i ' - ' , i J. K. Chester. ' ^ f u •. We, also have Bargains to > offer you in Summer Underwear*. Hosiery, Shirtwaists, Parasols, Capea, Skirts, Children Jackets, etc. li Hundreds bought clothing at 05c on the dollar, at Fernberg's first three day* sale. Remember the second sale Mirrors manufactured; any style or size. Water or sun will not effect the glass.- Work-KuarBnteed,~"Beiger"& LOux, Opp. C. B. & Q. depot. 32t6 Lotof 816 suite lor 810; 810 suits for 87.60, and 85 suits for 83, at next three days' sale, May 16, 17 acd 18, at Famberg Bros. . 37t4w EVERY ONE DOES IT. O. O. Coe, Jr., of Eoek Falls, and Alexander Anderson,' o| JTortheaat , lesfi Monday pvening for Belle•111. t - to attend the State Sunday ooavefltioo, whieb opened there ' Sale.. W, A. Sanborn's fifth annual sale of light harness horses will /occur at the Larch wood atablea May 20tb. The offer* ing will consist of febout forty head of miles and geldings, three years old and over. Stock' will be aUowa In hare ess C«l. Moses Dillon tns&e his first trip on the bicycle eariy Friday. eaye ha isn't expert enough to iUi h»t y«t«-bat that he can spit any iGeoisveaieHctJ. The Colis "eoadag" fell right, ' , MX, aud Mrs, Jfoha Peer, of Walnut, up to the tatyFriday ioorniog for of eoMtsultiug 9 Burgeoi;, ol» mjsldeptsHy Saw fatSo session of the Epworth League Beading Course Tuesday evening was one of the most interesting and profitable thug far held by the class, Mr, Woods was the leader. The topic of the lesson, wftfl £Qur Neighbors,'? » chapter in the "Social Law of Service." The diaetweioria were bright and inter, eating and many new points were brought out. The subject was handled in s thorough manner. nary kind and are carried In. the etern of stanBh. oceaai-going tugs. WitJx the canvas t%e diver patches the 'bplea as tightly as possible, and ot,t!be same time opens all the hatches of the sunken ship. That much being acooim- pilefoed, "the next step }s to make 'fast to jjhe hull in the securest' possible 'manner a large number of air-tight cylindrical bags. -These are sent down, to the diver, who, with chains, binds them along the keel on either side. As the bags graduaflly all with air under the Influence of the powerful pressure/from above they exert a lifting power on the hull which la not to be resisted, Gradually the 'buge frame is completely turned over aud eyeatually rests on the bottom upside dowa. Meantime the lajrge imato 'pipes, which were first made fast inside, the toull, have 'nofbeya idle, aixd'aa the powerful and,,i?tea4y ourreat of a4r Js fo«ed thrPUi^ them Jato' the hull the water Is gradually forced out, arid 4igM, buoyant air tak«a the place of tihe 'heavier water; As the air pressure incyeases the hull becomes lighter an4 rises to the surface, , '.,'..'•,; •.-..; ',_• : Ice .Cream.:'-',. : '>-'-" • I am now.prepared to serve delicious ice cream, in all Savors, at my elegant new parlors. Also to furnish it in any quantity for eociables,Bocletles,picnics, etc,, on short notlcer—"—-•.—•———.— . . J. A. GBOVE,' 24tl2 Star JBakery acd Restaurant. -. Tranlce and valises at cost, at ony second three days' sale, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday next, FERNBERO BROS. You do it. ,WeTdo. when w« enter a room we irame- . diately glance at the WALL PAPER. We, do it instincfcv iveiy, for while the wall decoration is seemingly insignifi« cant and unobtrusive, it lays the foundation for the beauty of the room. With ipartistic paper you may work for ever,, and there ' will be something wrong about the rooms., • While the right WALL_PAPER-rwell, it will almost furnish an empty room. No where else will you find so much beauty for so little money. A.IR. HENDRICKS, CALT HOUSE. —This gorgeous weather is the talk of the tpwp. It would bo hard to find a more perfect day than this, and the msu who will kick on it is aiHlcted with » pifopeusity for kiu&ing, chronic iucurable. South, will with t'avp»4t*le timts limits, ;•' A Church I A" church uader ground is a novelty in ecclesiastical structures. There • is oae to be fouad ia Brighton, England. A chapel-of-ease was required for St. church, aa<l a plot of land was Everything was ready fwr when an adjoining establishment claimed right of ancient lights. 'F be ftliBi-eb autfipritles eo«ld not built! so they built dowa. AucJ thus was built the 'OUurcb of th* Besurrectton. Ail ih^ service ^tre eeAflitciM by arti- Ugfe*.. I* is yiiiurt«$ betweeB a Opportnaltyjfor BomeNeeken. ' . •£here are excellent opportunities along the line of the Chicago &> North- ifeBtero E'y in Western MJnoesbta and South Dakota, for those who are desirous of .obtaining first-class lands upon inoet favorable terms; for general agricultural purposes, as well, aa stock rale- ing and dairying. For particulars and landsaefcers' rates, apply. to agents of The North-WeB^errs Line, LOAN. To tlwse deairluglto build homes or Uaprove vacsut property, exceUeut terms fcr gscwrlng loans are to be had through tbe Wliiteald&Ooua- ty Building »I)4 Loan Association. 1'or luji la- lornialion caU on .TOIIN O. \VETZEIs Bec'y, 28ml Office 8. B, Cor, «JaJt Hoiise. Jf . . Need a Water Tank, let me quoie you prices. Then you will buy, Can make you $ny kiud pr elsse you wftqt, and WiU g^sraptfcfa every on«, G«i my prices op my biud oipla»i»g work. Go where you please* , * you cannot find a finer assortment of choice dries! fruit than we have in stock at the present time. PEACHES.. . . ^ We are offering Special Bargains in Peaches, Those we, are selling at Three Poimds for a Quarter are a bright fruit, and have a delicious ftavor-TRY THEM. Take a peep JOHN at our 4isplay pf Fresft Vegetables. stantly getting in new stock, so you can find nicy, ttrisp garden goods at Tht NEW CABPAOE, ' \ A crate of choice Califorala C in,

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