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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, July 9, 1859
Page 2
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THE •*•?«*»«<*'« <BW» Convention will be held fcrlhe The faith of {JMiiion abolltonlsm In the in- , itte7OTpo»(ibfDOJBln»ilDz miidatw for ibtiereral "Stale Offices, to beropportedbyttie Ben»oer»Ue'i?»rty~ *tthe gwer«l«3ecUoD, to be hdd In November next, »n4to«Jtttdel*g»t«totie Rations! Convention, to .. b»hel4lDtheCltyofCh»rle«ton,8.C., In 1860, and to • trtasmr* mci dttier Dullness at .may come before It— . ',*»cJi.;M»embly DUWct *1U be entitled le lend two ,. 3*eteg»U«Wnia State Oonv«ntloii,proviaed that when *o»tiuui on* -Oonntyj:oiiBUtete««nAraenib)y District ,,,«^<k»ntyahUlbe«ntltle4 to one Delegate InTIenot ,ls»«mbry District deleprtea. - ' HORACE T.BAHDERS, OASSIUB FAIEOHItJ), i rUTKBT.ISB OTiARg, . THEODOKE CONKEY, WHilABPtTTDEWET, KIOHiKD P. EQHME. . AJREMKESMat. O.W. FITCH, r Panoonittc State txtstralbunmitUe. Dated «t Hadlton, Jane ST, '185». example, the theNewTork olalms as follows; against what it calls tarnlnggaiid iwistliiga 6ft publican party in Ohio" : and tlia cioae wicker work basket savlcg ua from 4ann as loogAg the maotilnery hnnr to- longer. H that oonld not have lasted two- 'iorreinODdanci.o'f the Boston Trauorint. ' ''-' -W-- ->." ParlK. " ->- •, "An Unprecedented Combination «fXatnria COOKO," Briefly Considered. A writer in yesterday's Sentinel comes to the, .defence of the Michigan Southern'Bail- road, vhioh {5 all well enough, because the; friends of the road are entitled to a hearing, "• and. It ic possible that the 'late appalling cat- utnpbe WM owing wholly to tome Providential dispensation, against which all human dt- forts.jWonld .have availed nothing. If, however, »s is most probably the case, there was •erne defect in the original construction of that onlrert, -or neglect on the part of the manage. jnent in keeping it in good order, by removing obstructions which, would -naturally accumulate about the month of it, and transform ., it into a dam, we submit that it is neither] ost nor prudent to charge it, as this writer does, to 1 an -linprtccdenial combination of natural causes," as it IB well known that .culverts, bridges and dams have been swept away by wioh causes from time Immemorial, and it Is tbe^dnty of those charged with the construction of such works to provide, so Jar as 4hey can, against . all such contingencies. We do not doubt the competency of the engineer under whose su- '- pervision the culvert was constructed, bnt,«o far as We hare been able to learn, there is not * human being who ,knows whether or not the tr ffumeor water course had beoome so choked'frith drift wood as to convert the culvert into a dam . ft-BO, it matters .nut in the least whether the " engineer was competent or not But could not the officers in -charge of the road ascertain if , thpy chose to, whether they were running trains over » t jmlwrt or a ^Jam 1 This is not and uses. . the flrsf accident that has occurred Oi ijiie by the breaking down of a culvert, and 'as the a»- _ I«IBIM> Coji4 ofth«t State were ele?*tad fryJUie —*"•"- —'- ', a&loh Is therefor* respond^_ ecisiont>rthat tribunal,-whereby 4he State fcoveroment jras declared to httv& fcoiKrtreritMresktthe incursions of kidnappers armed with {he authority of the federal gorernment. We at first supposed that Chief Jostioe'Swan Trad the two Judges who «on. purred with Urn in this'infamous decisions were demobratg; but it iBeems that we w<are mistaken. Bapnblioaniflm In Ohio, if notsy- nonymouB with kidnapping, interposes no obstacle to the crime." - : ,r,. Again: • ' ^ - /' ' , " """< "An infiuentlal member, of the republican party in Ohio recently wrote usr'/Do you know that yo/ifictoansed the recent decision In Ohio? : Fear of injuring-Chan's-Presidential prospects did the devilish job,' .. We.have not a doubt that this is true, ft seems incredible that Joshua B. Giddfnijs is making hlmeelf a party to the Juggle whereby GhoUon, was made the caniii- d»te of the ^publicans for the Chief Justice- ship, to the plaee of B wan, without being required to avow his opinfon upon'the habeas corptw question, and with the understanding that lie might win rotes among conservatives, upon (he assumption that he coincides with Judge Swan, and among the friends of State righlaupon the contrary assumption." ' ljr "We had thought the moVt Intense Garrisoni- an In existence onght to be satisfied with the recent black republican proceedings in Ohio. But it appears not. On the contrary, we flee that the Simon Pares regard them as a juggle throughout, and that even old Joshua Old- _ ,. - - *-M»*o. WUUD 1U, 1859. -^ 'Between the honro'of CTO and six p. m.!« the time to waUcotf toe.Champ* JBlytect, to' wu the fashion; and I assure you, for tha dis; tanoe of a mile and n calf- the scene presents one of the-most lively and ill nminatfaig- sight! that can possibly be imagined. Too magnificent equipages and djmflltjr of liveries, from of -Coigress pending th* repeal of the Missouri -—'- and.the passage^f.fhat Kan»« ^ffl, l iiot fa song, demopraltc supporter of. these'meisjorss "nOBjfat#tention«* the bnrden of hfs , andihat their adoption was hailed £t tha sooth — -fus$;as was the compromise~of ,3850— as 'a trinmjh.of the pHnoiples of non-i^terrentioa. " Th*re'WHS ad talk then ot the pawer bf Congress to «{abHsh or protect slavery fihhets? bn£mnoh*o4 the right At t^e 3PE01AI, KOTTCES mi. dings is grievously suspected of complicity in the business. £And things are no better in Hew Hampshire, according to the Standard: ; "The New Hampshire Legislature, after passing a-personal liberty bill through the preliminary stages and raising-the hopes of the true friends of freedom that it would be duly enacted, suddenly took the back track and voted it down, 277 to 17. Having left the territory of the State -open to the incursions of the man-banters, it proceeded to announce some'glittering generalities? in the form of resolutions, hoping in that way to pacify the groaning anti-slavery sentiment of the people. What a wishy-washy sort of anti-slavery Is that which the republican party is constantly parading in proof of its fidelity to freedom " i So far as the leaders of the black republican party are concerned, anti'slavery has never been anything but merchandise, the traffic in which they have conducted with especial and steady reference to their personal Bairns and ambition, just as Maine lawisrn was merchandise, in the same bauds, for tho same .objects cidentg from that cause are becoming more frequent, it behooves those who hare charge of •ueh matters to examine them more closely • than they have been in the habit of doing heni tofore, in order to save the Deputations of ^their roads, as well as to provide,against a "repetition of such terrible casualties.— It Is not worth, the while for the friends of this unfortunate road to sneer «t " the superior practical knowledge of Editors," as the writer inlhe&nfcW afiects to, because it wilt be found, on rendering "the final .account," we fear, that Editors sins consist more of omission than commission, in regard tg railroad management. We presume that the Michigan Southern Railroad is well managed, and yet there is room for improvement, as there is in the management of all the railroads in the country. The writer speaks of the length of the road, and the nrttnber of trains which daily pass over it, which famish additional reasons for using greater circumspection and care in everything that pertains to the safety, at least of passengers. Tiey take it for granted that a bridge or cul- •vert which was originally well constructed, is wnply sufficient until it breaks down, and Wfcenthat ooonrs, they attribute it to "an unprecedented combination of natural causes," and find fault with «ditors, whose "superior practical knowledge of railroad matters" lead tbe common voituec; mih a driver in a patent leather hat, white. a>t<rk-tta, bine coat and red Vest, to the Imperial «julpage and livery, consisting of a splendid barouche drawn by /onr bay horses of noble sin. 'The postillions who tide the two nearliOrses Wear short jackets of dark green, wHagold andvelve^epaulettesand belt to correspond, small round caps trimmed with gold, white pantaloons, white gloves and white neokerohiet Two liveried servants are also seated on tbe box situated on tbe rear part of the carriage, dressed in -green coats trimmed, with gold, and straight topped hats with heavy gold bands. -Contrasting with the above are many other fancy liveries, such as blue coats trimmed with gold buttons, and gold oord looped up on the Jpfl shoulder, with black velvet abort pants, and long white stockings coming up as/ar as the knee to meet the pan- falcons. Black hats with gold -bands and while gloves.- Another style is brown coats with silver trimmings, rsd velvet pants, long white stockings, &o. • in fact, every color and variety of liveries may IMS seen on tlie Champs A?fy««,'andtoglveyou an idea of the number of carriages ori-this favorite avenue at the same time I would .say that I lave counted seventy passing a certain point in the spacfe of one minute. > - 1 > These carriages contain the aristocracy, Jha nob, the fashionable and the dentil/tilt, dressed in every variety of colors, exhibiting different ideas of taste, and appearing as if to out do their neighbors. However, there is a taste displayed in Paris in dress^ which I think is infinitely superior to that ?>t America. The ladies dress comparatively plain, and exceedingly modest j t-iey avoid seluctlng that style 'of goods which thePrench i-lerkesay "are manufactured expressly for the American market, tor the taste of the French forbids so much ex- •terfor extravagance in briIliant colors.'"' There is" none of that dash observed in the promenades of Paps, that may be seen in Broadway, New York, or : Washington street, Boston.— Jlodesty seisms t& fw tbo prevailing element among the Parisians; and when a lady rushes down the Champs Elysws, in such gay colors as to make the countrymen stars and,, stand aside, with astonishment, exclaiming, 'Whew! J* she -catches the observation of tho moving. crowd, and is considered one of the inhabitants of the wing "a la qonckc " "' ' : Eelativa to the fashions,- those who havethe , , irame'their own social, and domestic Instito- «ons.'|«ltmay be thatjthenew the<?ries"of«ob- stitntloaal constrnctioli are the best; K4a_ possible that Congress may rightfully exer- else abower which was not dreamt of being ' ' taher by those ' who snitafrbd Kansas bill; but there Is no dottbj tl«t Mr. Douglte has not been guilty 'of aoy,tefg!vers«» Hon.— >if his present views are erroneo&s, they were equally so when his communion srjth tb? -democratic party was nncballeDge^, for they : are the same. tfiem, as the writer in the Sentinel says, ; display agonizing regrets and severe -repre- mands/' We regret to say that the writer in -theSentinel displays neither good taste'nor good sense, in treating such a serious and terrible calamity, whether he attributes it to the vengeance of flod, or Ihe carelessness of man, in Bneh~* flippant and trifling manner. The road can gain nothing hy that N style of defence, and will-learn, if U persists In employing such writers, thatit can well af- •- *>rd to dispense with their services. Human Ufeistooeaored to be trifled with, and the writer in the Sentinel iad better take that into "his calculation before entering too elaborately upon the defence «f dilapidated,EaUroad cul verta. Tie officers of the Company may be ^ excused for neglecting to inspect their culverts and bridges, but never for taking the position that a Summer shower is "an unprecedented oombination of_jiBtnral causes," Whoever takes such a position, may be safely set down *s an unprecedented d d fooL Clever GeneroUhlp. • ' The Kew Fork Herald, in noticing the Hnn- , garian movement, says: , however,* that the apprehension Brian movement will inspire overnment will dispose it to o, it unit prove another piew QfcLerae^ral fcp on the part of 4fae French Emperor ^ tt^nay be« &*. generalship on the part of BMI French Bmperor" to excite iope» to the breasts of the Hungarians, which he intends to disappoint; bnt^tlopksto us more Ilk* downright perfidy than cleverness, for him to avail Umself of that element, in order to bring Ans- tria to tenns,-and then abandon the Hungari- wwio endure and suffer perhaps more in- -tewelf tn^isretofore-the oppression and •malty ottheAnatrian government. It would' Indeed be.very'clever on the part of jj spoleon ' to^tggwadise himself a t the expense of feuch M *Uy f H ihat U his style, Sardinia is entt- --*Md to /onr aincere commiseration. We .fear "Wise's Narrative or his Balloon Voyage. The Kew York Tribune of Tuesday publishes a narrative of tue Atlantic's trip from the peri of John Wise, one of the aeronauts, the latter part of wWch we copy: On Sntnr,|f,y at 10:20 a. m., we wereskirting along tL,- C uraria shore, and p»*sed near the mouth of the Willed canal, and soon began to monnt for our most, easta-ly current, so as to tafe- Buffalo in our track, bat we circled up into it between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, crossing Grand Island, leaving Buualo to the right and Lockport to the left of us. In our onward course, finding ourselves in tbe State of New Tork, but to far«orth to make the city of ftew Tort, it wasngrMd_Uiat we would make a landing near Bochet,<er, delaoh the boat, leaver out Mr. yager and Mr Hyde, and Mr. La Mountain and myself pursue the voyage to a point at Boston or Portland. Accordingly we descended gradually, but before we got to within « thousand feet of the earth, we found a most terrible gale sweeping along below.— The surface of the earth was filled with clouds of dust, and I told my friends certain destruction awaited us, if we should tonoU the earth in that tornado. The huge Atlantic was making a terrific sweep earthward. Already wi were neat the tops of trees of a tall forest, ta.A I cried out somewhat excitedly, for God's sakt heave overboard anylhing you can lay your hands on La Mountain, and ur another moment he responded all right, standing on the side of the boat with a shaft and wheels intended for the working of the fan-wheels, and ready to heave it should it be necessary. Mr. Hydfl looked up to my car, and very solemnly said, "This is an exciting time, Professor. What shall we do?" "Trust to Providence and all our energies," said I. We were fest running on to Lake Ontario.and oh! how reputation of being tbe leaders make their appearance in bonnets mad« of straw,or leghorn, with sitoply a black ribbon over the lops with a round bunch of flowers upon the left side, either blue, red, parple or pink, which give a very pretty effect. This cushion is, of course, varied according to tasie Sometimes a striped ribbon of black and whit..! is worn with the flowers, mixed with a bunch of wheat. This seems, to be a pan ieularly favorite trimming. Thin bonnets of crape arut lace are also w.orn. trimmed very simnty, au.l almost invariably with flowers. Di. sses an- made in a variety -of «Wes, with doutlo skirt-, with a trimming of the Same put on •„ box plaits, with narrow flounces—wide on,-.s not Iwing at all in 'vogue —about an eighth or an eighth and a.'half wide; sometimes only tl,-eo,or roar are put on near the bottom, but in many instances the entire .skirts are covered x-ith from eight to twelve. Waists are made u ith points, and : also with belts for thin goods. dresses of adrab or stone color are mn-.Ii worn; some with flounces bound with silk of a contrasting color— *•'"• red,-piirple, &e. -'.-•'" : - From Porter 1 * Spirit, July" 2.! Flosa Temple'. Defeat by Princ-w. ' i ftep a career of glory unexampled, ihe little bay m^e, who for years has lived foremost in the hearts 6f all lovers of the horse-in this region e? ihe country, and who his won the HtleoffQneen'of tbe,TrottingTnrf even with more brilliancy than Lady gaflblk; h&s gup- onmbea before a comparatively unknown rival; 1 and, stadying tbe thing wisely, it; rsally appears to, us as if Ler .sceptre of supremacy had passefl pway, and her preeminence was destin • ed to be hereafter a thing merely ot, tradition;.' Itgrfevas us much to say it, but, a3 far'as ordinary observation can be trusted, Princess eeemedjto be her certain mistress in the lat^ two mils harness race: and though ! tbe little bay mate was the Victim of untoward accident, and was defeated in*a rate of time which she has of^en flung disdainfully from her heels, and doubtless will again outstrip, tlie manner of her capture" is a thing of mark, whiah, judgment cannot help to understand. Th& mys' tenons California mare, and her equally, mysi terions jdriver, though they showed nO'< betted time tbktf 2:26 to the mile, and 5:03 for tha heat, had evidently the power to fly, at ,inter- .vals at Bach a wondrous rate that tha astonished FIbra was carried from her feet in her 1 efforts tojkeep up, and it was at thesa^ Intervals that the; pace was shrewdly slackened, and tha disoomfitad bnauty allowed to come alongside ^again. £hisdoubtless wasthesccret ofihelil- tie favorite becoming so frequently confused, and of her making tha mad efforts to recover her step that resulted in the cruel tfearing off her shoes. , , It Is still contended, however, by many of her frier/rh, who do not feel willing to give the thing Up£o this apparition from tbe'western ocean pnjia single trial; that Florrirwas njbt herself, andjthat, but for the casting of bier'ahoes, < the time would have-been made as low AS 4:50 In tha first heat, and she would have bam the winner ojfi the race The majority of judgment, howeverjigoes the other way, and it is now firmly believed by nearly all the troUtnjj The . W Ajlngnar combiaatlon, but very effectaaUas the following will show ; _ . - ," — N "Xo«,NoTen»ow20, 1882. Knoirlnj, from experience, the rahutfe qnalltleJ of '' br Hemlng Bros. Ktobartf,, y, M , for ^ meUme b,^ •onulfkred II my duty, tnd aade it m y brulnew, to raiie tto» srfldet known whewer I went imony my frlsndj. AihortHrasago I bes»m e «qo»lnted wltb tlw cue of • young gJd, »ho itemed ia be tr'oabled with warrn» and llrer comjilalnt it the ume time «na hid been suffering for feme two monUi>. Throogh my pemuiioB Ihe pursued one bottle of Dr. Xant't rermifuge, «nd one bii of tivtr filit, which the took according *o tllrecUoM. The molt wu.ihe pancJ a'Jargfc qoaotlty of voims, anil t'.Inks that one box more of. tb* Pilli will tatate her }o p.-rfcct hc«lth. Ber name and resldenc ecan bo learned by calllof on B. L. Theall, Crngglit, corner of Bulger and Monroe itreiti. Eff~BirchMeri will be .carefol to ask] for DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VEKSUrooiS, manufactured by FLEMING BEOS, of Pittsbargh, Pa. AU other Vermlfa/M In comparison are worthless. Dr. M'Lane'a genuine Varmlnige, aUo hli celebrated Liter'PilU, can now be. haU »t- all respectable drug stores. :Jr"on« ADVERTISEMENTS. 'AJJVERTISEMSNTS. SHEKIFF'S SA1.K. _ 0» WBCONSIN," I Olrcol* Coart.l Milwaukee Couity. f Lewis BUie, 1 against ' V J«dgment foreclosure. WDltom W. Eeltb'. J I XrlrtuaofandpurtasBtto & joiigmentrenderailln ssld Court, la tha above entitled action, dated February 31, 1369, Is hall expose for sale and' sell at Pobllo Auction,^ at> the' Post-Offlce, In the City of Milwaukee, on SaitaEdar* Uio 9tb dar of JCnli', IBS}, at Hie hour of 3 r. «., of that-day, the. foUowtof described mortgaged premises, or 10 much thereof as may Tie necessary to raise theamonnt of iaid judgment, Interest and costs, together with ex- pensesofsale.towlt : . "Tha equal nndlTlded one-half of lot So. one, in block No' nln«ty-Bve, and the equal undivided one-half of lot ilz, in block- No. one hundred •nd eleven, all in tha fifth Ward, of the Cjty of Milwaukee, In tha State of 'Wisconsin. , •Dated Sheriff's Offlce, Milwaukee, April 3, 1S5J.1 K.Mjmsn, i '•*. }. I.AN9WOBTHY, " °' ***•'*• f - . 3h'IT. 51il. Cn_, Wis. genulni v-iOurut tot tignaturt of [2] " ftUEUTNG BROS. IVFIIVOPS DEBILITY. Thli i« a complaint very common, especially among milea. ffooflan<Ft Gtrman Sitters never falls to cnre- thl» disease.' The ijritem, under id me. Is restored to Its original strength *nJ rigor i the appetite becomes good, the spirits become cheerful, and. Is body aad mind yon feel the full resjb.atlon of health. Por sale by druplstn and dealers In medicines iveryirhere, at 75 centsjJerJiotUe.' . -diwtmo K M i* i, oV^oTS /FT 850 n Month and all Expenses Paid. :A N AQL*NT Is wanted In'every town and county In XV. the United States to engage In a respectable-ana e»«y buslnvn, by which the above profits may be certainly realized. For further part culir», address Da. 3. Hi»ky WA»«H, corner 12th Street and Uroadway, e»Vork Ciiy, enclos'nK one Postage SUmp. _ «7M1TE» STATES ITIAKSHAt,'S SAI.K. Armand de MaOarty, ' '. TS. • .' John Davis, Mary 0. Darl», : Frederick D. Clark. CatharlnaMartaCiart, In Squlty. Jdwlo Town? end, John G. Townsend, • 1 William Bin-lock, ; Walker L. Bean aaU I The Junean'Banlt. J - ; I N puraoance and bjrvlrtae of a decree made "by the District Court of the Unhed Statfjfor thi.* District of Wisconsin, on the seventh* day of 'June, 13^'J,.ln tha above en Itted ciu«e, I shall se'l at Public A'ictlon. a the; United Slates Marshar* Office, In the City of 1111- wsnkee, ltts»)d district, on Priday, tho thirtieth duy of fepterabhr, 1859, at three o'clock in the afternoon, ifc follovhig described property, to wit: . "tot number eight ($), In block number one hojidred and fifty-seven (151), In the Third Ward of the City of Milwaukee " Matthal'i OfBce, Milwautee, June 2 1 ;, 1S59 M J. TllOMAS, U. .-'..Maf.ilii:. OQDKT, BBOWK Jt'Oania, Comp't's Solicitors. 8m • . 1 N! virtue of and Ii.h*? 1 '' Co " rt ' ln l pursuant to i decrt-u r,-nil,.r.',| T i tho iifMvD i-ntltled /ictlon, lat.vl •[,.. 1 8 hereby given that 0. C. ktarray lias "withdrawn from the Crmof SlDrray,Prinr* r o., having sold all his .rightand |:.I.T«S* ir. t»l.l fttui 11 WI liara M. Elmball O. C. MUBHAY. The business will hereafter be conducted under the style of Prior, Hsrbick a Co., who will settle all accounts of Murray, Prior t Cn. JtS A. P. PRIOR, J. P. UAKBICK, WJI. M.KIMB*LL. 8 ive . her .T^"rf -"• -- lo * «v*«* AJCL ^LJCflh JUtJG and her. bast condition, the California ; mare can always glide before her like a shadowy and that Flora, sun though she is herself, ^nitst be satisaed (6 cast that shadow from her! place behind. jiNavertlftJese, they will 'doubtless meet agaiw on Long Island before the season closes, wjsen it will bo definitely seen who'i > fl.FABE COOK..OUKOSB. EOLU3TKR..ClIAai.!3C*COTT05. COON, HOLLISTEE. & COTTON. and Coiiutteliors, -NOS.4,6, ANDC, PHCEX1X BTJILDINO, (1ST East Water Street,) THE GUEAT Ei\tiLl!)li U SIB JAMES CLAKKE'S Cielebrateii FeiJinJ*- Prtftftred from a pre/tcri/'livn of Kir J. (,'/aXf, M, JJ., Phy&icinn Extraordinary to the Queen This Invaluable medicine is unfailing In the cara of all UIOSB painful and dangerous diseases ti> which tha fe- malf cunsUtution .1 subject. It moil.?r-Ues all escesa andjremoves all ..' i'rurtio::!,, :iu.i tt spt-rriy rure may be relleil uu. ' ro .l!AUKli:i> I^VBIE.N It Is peculiarly suited. It will, in i jtuirt time, t.riojt on tha monthly perlodiwith regularity. Bach bottle, price One' Dollar, beirs tho. Governtnen Stamp of Oreat Ilritaln, to prevent couuterfelu. "ThBnorth.ini. , „, , .. a,,d tweir«i<::J). lt , ; , n ^,^''' '""\ ] !" IntheKIghtli-VVAM ( .f ti.„ , :lil I'J'tv r"«" \ ( ' : ' kee, biilnff on Wllln;?':) P'lint \illi '**"; city, in Ihe County of.Mllwauli,'... V. v .',',!' consin." '"" " ' DatedSlicrlir'a'ofllcc, Jlihr^iik"" v-,rii ] |;-.| Piaciraa, LTSDB A MILLM, | A. J.'i, \N<r,vo"T\'v I'lainlllT'a Attorneys, j i'hcriir M 1 C., A' . . • . • AII-J'.H-, Isr/.r u , Uil'V:Hlli,;.., J,,|y A. J. I. INC T!iu aBove nlu day, the 27ili-.lay .if and time .-f Jay. D'Ltvd Shcriif'i Oilii-., ' 0'3J n • l'.-cr.ii;ii itinl it 1 1' y * * S.\ OS 1 WIrfUOSsil Circuit Court, Milwaukee Connty. AJonro potte ;i^':iirnt Jnnallian Tnylor^ Ich;»hn .Siiitll MIllBra' Bank anil titnr. Forccloaure. I S virtuo of ami pursuant t,, i j Jaiil Cnurt, in UK; :ibov; .'atiti *«'bef «, ISiit, I shall e-^po.d! :nr <:iir. l Auction, at the Piwi-nii.-v, ,n ih« <My Satuntav, the art <!»> o»- thehourofj? M.,.,fti. ! «.u ir ; t i... ,-,. ceasary to ra!,w tlie .inmunt and CO3I3, together with :h L . . "Lot number ttto fj], m i) seven [S7], In tfia V.,,,r:i, Mi!wniilti-e, In UK- Co, mi Stataof Wi«con;in." D:iu-il Sherlif'.i (die,. M.I » liB'nvx.i OUBRH, / Pl'lfs Att'ys. f July, A. J I.A.\{i',V,)'(TH who. The Tlie Apotheosis ot Crinoline-; ascension of the three aeronauts, ac- i -• Bj«8i • 01* Stolen. A PKQMl-'OEVNOTE.ror JSO, payable to Darb.ra Held, eight months after date. Executed by Fnjlderich Froeidel and Maria Ch. Proegel, diled Mii- wautee, Octobe* 18, 15S3. I warn everj body not to bny said note as 11 will not I* paid to any one except to me. , fjes] BABJBARA UIED. J. HE MOKTIIS — LMgh Hunt, in^ a magazine article many rein ago, thus discourses upon tho-months: "July," said ho, "is a dumb, dreaming, hot, lazy, luxurious, delightful montli, for those who can do its they please, and are pleased with what they do. The birds are silent j we have rm more cuckoo, no nightingale; , companied by their reporter, and th4ir perilous, button the whole, successful journey across the;St4tcs, is the last triumph of crino line, --ii • ' ! * ' Thcway ; the balloon was discoverld; was this : During the reign of Farthingales, fb the second dynasty of hoops, a' Parisian washerwoman left one of tbesa enormous garments on a clotbea-lino in the yard to dry, but- lefl beneath it h,er charcoal pan for the smOotjibg- iron . Tlie garment, 'fastened close at the »algt as it swelled with the volume of hot aiji, disengaged itself and rose upwards, as ifj with a touch of feminine loveliness in it, itiasbirt-d heaven wards. Young Montgolfier saw it-rise, &nd with H,asi&a rose in bis mind-J-iu = 5t as TTnoW tlxn *Mk«nt.t -^^^t ».T._«^_i .'''". ' rT ^ : . _ fell > ' atrdikhritb' ii repose ; the cattld stand 11 the wai. r 7 khatl.> is loved, and rest after liiii'inr. W«> undc' land, in Jnty, what the Spaniard means by his littta. A book and a sofa hi the afternoon, near a tree shaded window, with a prospect of another room, seen 'through folding doors, in which the hot sun comes peeping through Venetian blinds, 13 tembly it was foaming, moaningand howling. I said, "La Mountain, I have 150 pounds of ballast in-my carpet, and a heavy valise, an express bag sent by tbe U. S Express Co.,and a lot of provisions Well, if that wont do I ml out np the boat for ballast, and we can keep above water until we reach the opposite shore, which was near a hundred miles off in the direction we were going. Here I handed my ballast down to La Mountain, as we were rapidly monnting'above the terrific gale, be- Jieving by that course we should'at least get out of the main track. Everything now indica ted that ire should perish in the water or on the land, and our only salvation was to keep afloat until we got on,: of the gale if wecould. I said, "yon must all get into the basket if yon want_to besaved, should we ever reach land —and I truly tell yon, the perils of the land are even more terrible than those of the water, with our machines, and it would be easier to meet death by drowning than to have our bodies mangled by dashing ogaingt rocks and tF66S. „ By this time Mr. Gager and"Mr Hyde had clambered into tbo basket with me. Mr.Hyde said, very coolly, «'I am prepared to die, but I would rather die on land than in the water .-*- replied, "I wouldfratherieetit on e land. but do asyon think best." Mr. La Mountain was husily engaged in collecting what he conld for ballast. Everything was now valuable to ns . that the fferatf, idea of cleverness comsponds *W»*»earljr wJth. that which Napoleon himself meats, the okpress bag, onr provisions, were all ready to go, and go they 8 did, one after another, nntU we were reduced to the express bag: that went overboard last. We descried the shore, some forty miles ahead, peering between a sombre bank of clouds and the water horizon, but we were sweeping at a fearful rate upon the turbulent SlJf^I?^ another moment crash went ihe staving in two two waves. La a hero, but pleasant to one's snpinencss. The sensible thing is to lie on your back, gently pillowed 'twixt head and shoulders, the head restin- on the end of the soft, and so read—listening a ntervals to the sound of the foliage, or to th passwg visit of the bee The thing, more sen sible, is to have a companion who loves yon book and yourself, and who reads with von provided yon can let ber read. I must no eome, however, to my afternoon, before mv morning; though July being lazy, makes us think of it first. July and August are after noon and evening months; May and June are morning months ; September and October are day months ; tbe rest are night months for firesides—unless wo except April, and that is as yon can get it. You may experienceall the seasons in it, and must catch the sunshine as you can betwixt the showers. "July, however, though a lazy month, is not lazy from weakness. If nature reposes, it ifl the repose of affluent power and sovereign beauty. The gardens are in purple, 'and golden, and white splendor (with the lily) the trees in thickest exuberance; the sky at its bluest; the oloada full, snowy, and monn- taneons. Tbe genial armies of the rain are cplleoticg against the time when the hot sun shall be too potent. The grandest, and at the same time the liveliest of ihe wild flowers— ths convolvulus—is lording it in the hedges. In theg rden, the nasturtium wema a flower born of lire; there is an exquisite flavor of something in its taste. The daughter of Lin- ffins found <• it that .sparks are emitted from the nastart.ii u in warm evenings. It was a piece of obsei ttion fit for the daughter of the L, v - - > his theory of gravitation— and the conseqttence was the invention "of the balloon! •; Lei i no man, viewing this fact, ever point his fingsr at crinoline except tfrcxafl it." • ' '-' Thus MoutgolQer became the first ColurHms of tbe air under the protection of a petticoat— that same <jgis which Isabella of Aragorj extended ov. r tbe discover of our Continent, 7 From tltrh frail effort tn the triumpli of Li Moontain,;HVise & Co., what £ distinca. And what.a dUUnce between the feat of to-dayianj what A century may produce ; It is askdd why the savans of Boston do' not ,8cnd for th.e balloonists, and girt them au Ovation— coasiiting of nineteen orations, thirteen poems, three score puns, an abundance: of feen- timent, and ja slight refreshment of toast and tea. If che^k renders tribute to cheek, wby not gas to giis? Alas, tteir oratory is of 'the Morpheno order, soporific rather than gaseous/ Gentlemen s; Kisses' & Children' Boots, SHOES, SLIPPEUS i- RTJIIBKHS. FINE eOOTS r ~JfAD£ TO ORDER. Mo. 225 Eait Water street '•'• (Opposite Walker Home,) &IILlVAnKEE,.......[ma>81] WISCONSIN. K. A. UlilFFOliD'S ;ORKAT .CENTHAL OACrEUIIEAM AND |l|lNt; AKT GAl.LEKY, ] 171 Eatt \Yattr Street. H AYING ircareJ the of the olj-jt ana mo»t experiicceil operator fn tho West M. Uaw- kei», (whose ilill In his department Is well known to many of thefit!:ei.»of Milwaukee,)! am nowprepamt to offer to the pnblle every deiinhle »ty!» of PIctarei known to the corcraunliy at Imrer ra:« ist i eiecute-' In a belter manner tliAn can be »lone in any other es- tahilihmuit In tKe «?«««. - * CLIFFORD'S DaGUKBREAS OALtKET,* JTl Eu: ttstfr street, farn^rly known at Seelert Itcwms. marU not be tatm lyftmalto d, FIRST TBKBE MON1US of rregnuncy, a» (Hty art turt to trrimj (m illicnrriiiQa, but at any otter lime Uiey an tn/t. the Ba.-k auil Limbs, Fatigue on jiigtu ci^riioD, Palpi tation of tha Heart, U^sterics, «nd Whites, these Pill wfll effect a curs when all other hare failed, and although a powerfur;remedy, do not contain iron, oalo mel, snllniony, or any thing hurtful to tne constitution Fall .lirectiuoj In the pamphlet around psch packaji- which ahould be c&r&fully pruserred. Sole Agent for the'TJnIted"8tate»anJ CaoaJa, JOB SIOSES, (Late I. C. Baldwin J Co. Rcchestur, N. r. "• B.—»1,CO »nd S postage itamps enclosed to any authorized Agent, will tasure i bottle, conalnlnz oTer ;o pill*, by return mall. For tale by QSESN A BOTTON C. IJAHSlNGTOn UObWORTH A anrK-<liw J. JJ. ALCOTT. BANKING, Laud and CoIJccSiou TIlU Ibuv- ,: day,the9t!: tlay .if.J time ol day. Dated SheriU'jOil CIKCCITCOa.lT , County of Colunitu i. John Furlong nn .1 ) Morgnn Furifintr, ( a'-'»in:it John.B. V'Ii,;t, Joseph Baik-v, i Caroline C V'iei, , ijnullc Co mpany, NI,,I Joy, ^.slali .1. Nouniiii. Peter AIcNnb and Aajler Jickion State of and .Injler J^ ''rf^ Y OTT are hereby Sunimr tlje L"miplamt l.i '. the 10H, .lay .May. ei^t.i office ,,f the Cli-ri; ,r •. umhl.ij a! Hi.- n ,copy of yuur :i:isw.-r '... [ 'Jubscriln.-r it hi^ .lili.-.-, »Ithln ninety J.iyi :ift-T t on you, yx^lasiv.. nf n,,- i yin fml tn UISWIT tlio i,. •'.'n.liil, :(u-. pi;li(Uiir> II Court fc.r lln- r.-r..f (J L .ru:iti -. d.J Wit:i,--s '.li,- ll.i.i It -.1 Vnr-l rl K'J'v ir 1 -, M .i 01. •UlKlSlFf HT.1TH Or> '.VI.SC.i.N t Court, Mihi'.'lukrt- t rn.i: F Uer:her-, >n,lr.-u !5ey. K(,r.-,i;tKur f N .'irtue .J! in,I ; (i H UEOS, near East Water street. The Louis U., u waseual.liiholln 1S43, and has been continueJ t the same proprietor, who , hi> acinowlcdsmcnt to his IrienJ-j and u •t,ieir patronage for 30. many years past, FEED THE HUNGRY," ri\H13 injoactjon, Jl^Ine la It, <i aa * dcty upon 112 all, LJ co fullest extent by They w think of feting the'elaitie Blondin, anil his international cordr^olaiite. Besides Blotidin and La Mountain be!bng : to those who share the kingdom of the Air, and our Boston :gravitlea cannot countenance such levity. ' ; ; B,nt after ill, what better has boon done in twenty yeara thon this Odyssey of the balloon- Hie .ad venturers ? Who better desorvej praise and pay, and who so liltle likely to get either? But if mankind turn th^ir backs upon! them, Wecomnwndjthemlto the womsn. It baa beerj their great task to lift the graoefal gartrknt 01 womanhood, ilifce the hair of Berenice, ha Constellations, and let the s«s rbwHrd hem.— Albfyy Atlas and Argut. oricln and '»• trli:^ obsctrej to the & CROSBY, 243 KAST VVATKIi STKEET MILWAUKEE, \VT3UONS1N, ' Who are jjjt In receipt of the cheapest, best aiiarted and most complete stock or Family Crroceries t>er eihlhlted in thij city, th 9 sameha?lric been bou<hv recently in the Mew ?or« and Boston markets F O K CASH, At lu-h prices ai enable as to andenell all competitors In the trade, and still afford as ahandsoine Uring prodt. Onr programme embraces every article ia the trade both . ' FANCY AND STAPLE, Such a< Sugars, '(a!| kinds and aj. the rery lowest prie,. a ,) Teas, (a T. for SOc warranted better than can U 1-ouxlr. clicwhere for SshUlinfj, or will giy you a ponn.l f,,r nnthlnr;,) Coffees, (Mocha, Old Government £tL^^ l !.fi^. lla A Rio '> »'«L-ul_ana _Mrohroon Cat- this occasion to retu ule public for , and solicits i continuance of Iteir kind favori Tho Louia [lou^ contains niasy roonw, well suited for families, newly furnished wiih stovts lad every convenience to co-'- rort There an .««ui four or five such moms m tie bonse now vacant, i!j,it can to «°on. a.,,,]!,..) ; ilii- -'U il.i y ,n ,j,,| y. ALBANY RESTAUBAN —AND— BILLIARD UOOM. .r.y Block, corner o/J/,i,n and Opposite JfmAatt Home, HU ' I.a 1 rlv -e j.-. .,p,l loor on Slaia street MOUSE. WISCONSIN T ills .-l-l.;-..\Ui:j UoTKL has recently changed pr.,- prletors—General Mc.SIanmon retiring, ami i'. e j EAGLE; STEAM FOUNDRV, j I ' • — iXT>— r . ' i . MACHINE WC^KKS: W i SEKCb.lIB, Proprietoril l»8,aog,30p; 3O2aififl 301: JWATEK STREET Two bloclM below the Li OroutR. B. '• ' STEAM SKQ1NE3, great botanist, and has associated her mgtnor with one of the most agreeable secrets of na tare. t Female discoveries ought to be in the region of the, beautiful and the sprightly No disparagement to Miss Martinean. who:unites •oetical and philosophical feeling' to a degree ftherto displayed by none of her sex;^nd whose sphere of the useful, being founded on sympathy, contains in it all ehe elements of enjoyment. =.. : as we crossed the bow were within fifteen of r.-.The Sentinel, which , to edited by an individual who received 810 , WO in «orrnp«on bonds, is alarmed because fomo enemy «f the TOwhiagton *Von*iiteiion charges the .publisher of that paper witll tay . " MlfaitedMbsoriptionsrrom the clerks ta nts «f thegeaeraJ go- n that * he «"«• the ga1e--but heWd'beVo—' tbe lnUln - 8 ' and he clambered into" the I were reaching the land.' and fro i «n*n twathe freer. ., * fT '"''-• t r, i trees into which first catch hurling thronghtr« After fashing do crashtog anf dash, that From the Kew Orletni Bee.' Senator Dongla»'tetter. , , The letter of Senator' Donglas received by the telegraph, and published in yesterday's paperi, nndonbfedly possesses one prominent merit, vi«: extreme frankness. 'This is a feature in the character of Sir. Donglas which com- teafads the tespeot ercn of those who, politically speaking, are at total variance with him. There la-no ambiguity tn nia opinions; no carefnHy cdnsldered fentenoes; co phrases of' dnbions meaning, leaving, purposely a loophole open for ananlfold- Interpretations " The Senator speaks hi* n-.ind openly and boldly jnaUnels misondeutood, the TaolHs coil tainly u&t his own • ••-•• -, . Withrut th8 slightest oircnm* proponnded to him, and lac " " .„ MILLOEABINS, ! i •-•- ! ' HOKSEPOWKBB 1 I ,' ' -• j; PHiBDRIV1KOSIAOamEB.•! ' •I ' -HElDOK, EAlLROAiD ; tad STEAMBOAT OA8TINQ3, * i •i JEON COLCMK3, i :- . ' | ; »or Bnn<llng»;,iand fcrery variety o< Job Wort, la tho best manner, »n/i on the most liberal terms ' ' .The atteutloif':of Mill^wnert and owncri of Water. Power, U partlcn)arly calUd to the • • "' "' V •*". 'TUTTLJfcJ WATEK WHKidJL' i!! Aa being by far; the most'powerful; 'durable nofflltal Wheel :CTcr Inreated-not liable t order, not affectW by Ice or backwater, »n u iiawr la proportion to the power produced, _ Slier Wheel Inilhe market; A aetcripUre clrcnla* fi ajrpycatloD, free 0[ oharg<(. r TO^RKNT..'."] j]~ : »ttd 'Frame Houjes W rial . .W» have for «al« a' r«t ate,.confuting of Htiaies and : Loii, Sctipol LaaSs carefully (elected, it •- TlmtHrtUieglvcaforpal mqner, clear tj}ba anrl warrtritce deeds ''":• •'•' ' '-Ar •' ' ' OBEOO 224 East Water;st '• In ,1856. elentiou -of Mr. BQ C , dashed fflostrearfnjly into tbe ? the Haig, r nearlymne dowo trees; we were They embrace what „ .^j,^^,, »yieo>u,m tS^^J^^^^^'> U ^'^: bee. abont by the most eppiored oommentatore up"e o obraparatKre recent period.': Witt 'egnal' ii.. ^^l SS f? nat ° r ^"S^^eolare thit if 4he party think proper to repudiate these prmBipleajand in li.-nof thenApInterpolate «ncn new lsBne8 t M/tbe^eTli»l oMhe ifrtoan' ~ " TO trade, or a Concessional slave code !ft>r " i *"*'\tb£jterdtoita,'i»yoiid tttfpowefinf s legally to control it, be<rtfinctaoi aurj^ton jiomJnatJjnlf far froni befog t^jaxOai^^ .... SOLE PROPKiBJOB : 4 MANDfAOTTJBER OF IJOHB t OHIO 0ATAW&A BRANfiy, ( T UISfirnniIy<:ha< been manufactorcd for ienrkl, : yeara from tha par* jnlce ; of the Oitiwba Gr»p*. thru »fibrdlng:»r!:liuon»l evidence of tbe progreM 4! /American rat«irpH_e and induitry, and of 'cnr »6uiiy io' prodace articles « home cqu*! to lho«e made by ariy •otluirnaUim.f /.!'..'•••.•;. -f • 'f-f* .The Ohio OaUwba Brandy not only eqaaU bat «ieets : toe best Imported; Brandies, In purity and flavor. ?It is." :ln fact toe belt Brandy Jmown. Thl» itatemeat U fulfrr corroborated by thecertlflcatoof ;onr njo ed analytlcalcheJaUta. ' ; ; , a- sups, all kinds of Sauces, inch aiSoho Worcesterahlre Reading and Sultana, (tKe latter being a refreshing »nj pIcMWK tttaolant \o the appetite, compost,) principally: iflf Turkish condiments combined irilh various eifl'nary productions of the East. It Is in ciquislte i dish with Fish, JJeatj, Poultry aad Same, aad forms a valuable addition V>Sonpj, Mlncei, Hashes, Stewi and »te«t Pie», s» »e'l as Salads. It also Importj a tljhly deilciooi flavor to f teaks and Chops,) Carton atuJ Ueuiten Olive Oil, Can Fiults of all tladj, Crease 4 Blaciweil'j PlcklM of every doBcdralons, rickled Lobsters, Fresh Salmon, Sardines, Lrftft Net* Clams. C«TeOysters, Corn Starch, Taplocs, SafiOVRJce flonr CpBper i ghred Islng Olan, Maccsjionl, Termacelll, Rg», Bililnj, Citron, Ac ,i 3 . We are aho Sole Agents In ^> Ueonitn for • Macombcrs Salad Cream v«y. populir trtlcle which should be in evtry epl- curn family. We have aUo SCCAtt CCUED IIA,TIN, Tha "bai ever fffered In this'city. Also ia PB1.S. ?I£ISS fOUlt f'ul uji expreuly for onr trade. GROUND F1.OUK Alvayi on hand from the Empire and New Yoik Mills, and; i • TO CUT A LOXO STORY SHORT, Th e ;btst itock of OrocerltJ from which to select from In lowjt and at the lowest rates A$ WE T 8EI.X FOR CASH, Al ii?** e no bl<1 J «•>'•• we earn fford to undersell cur nelehbora who do a tlme'lra^e. and of cours•• 'ose more or lessjof their proflts In Urat way, ii Call and Esamine Oarjtock, whether you want to bay or not, and w» willfrcejyihow you our goods and prices which w« izow cann;» fallto please you. * '. W j : . ". nnsN4oaos3V. Tfte! Franklin C&emieal Works, ; SO. S831NOHIMFRANKU.V STREET. \ CHICAGO, . . . -ILLINOIS*. Vl/*< beg leave to announce to onr emtomeri, and to \Ji tte trade In general, that during this season no tr*T»ling agent will ba dispatched from our works.— We tattle oar oldicuitoirjen »nd others to favor M by lette* itltb. their order* for • • Essences of Liquors, whlct), ti alwayt, win be executed to ihclr entire aitls- factloni Thoosandi appreciate (he plan apon which our K»ence« aro made which present* the following ad- vanlagu and facilities never cflired by others.: 1.;The Essence,, from, these works are 'actually garnet! by distillation, therefore Healthy and Pure-^ fomeihlng that othen, cannot or dare not cli'm for Iheln. i ' . ...... '•• 8. : ,TkaOoiM' are-much Jess than othen; becanse these Kwences>re pnt packagej, each containing .enough for forty gallons, and comprising not only all the required Ingredients, but aha (M coloring. - Addresj lettera to CARLEBLKBi Manager, iranklio Chicago, HI, P. O: Box, K4X FLOYD succeeding him In.its The Messrs, t. are both well known throughout v! western country as gentlemen of experience in Hi" keeping, and no other assurance Is necessary that i: Hyatt Uoose w.Ii hereafter be conducted In a styl- ,i erving the patronage of.the public^ octij-<ltf ll SI|,T ll I H I,. OilUK.1 i .Utnrn-v >i.VI f. Cir,- LOOK HERE, YE WEARY TRAVELERS CIJJV X I!»G H A.II's DINING SALOON! L OCATED near the Milwaukee i Mississippi Depot l» just the plice to procure warm and jabstanli^l meals, for the smaJPaum of 25 cents: an.! tha tables will be suppDed with the choicest viands of Ihe icu.m OYSTERS. AND C AOTI3 Served up in every style, on short notice. The liar ' 3 always-inpplied with the choicest Wines, Liqnon »nd Qlgars. Travelers upon tha MilwauSee A Mississippi 80,1,1 wlllflnd Ufa neat and convenient placeto procurethi-ir meals. Warm Lunch from 10 io 2 o'clock every day sept 23 C. CUNNINGHAM, rt-oprietor i N' virtue ..I Ami said Court, in , t purMj ;h.. Ii ill -- ;u;t i il.ov m -ulurilay, lh«- li t Oe accessary to fuse tfi... ilni. ter»3t in.I -.isn, ,..^^ifi,-r In Tit : "!..>; iHiml.-r tfi.r ^.-L-I] L I. of tiie. Citv 'ji Mil v^.i,,.... ^rvnli.'.. mi] St ti.. ..i '.V i .1 M.;-.. , J :. 1 > inn: of ,i:,l- ;1 j| , . . f'fn'o^P™* i Brandy. hM .Jongtbeeo ftltlttlhis trjr.wid (Be Inirodnctlon of ao article of TOCO qialJi tyaito aupenced«the«ale and me of tlioae Tile <on»- ponndB hitherto sold under the name orDrarrfy.can onlv beregardsdagrefepobiic 'good. The Oatawba JJraad* Me«»».all4h9:Sifood qoallUe»;'cUlraedfor; the best 'i'fcaa Ii of perfect parity and inpeSriot - naA g^g remedy: for 'Dy»pci*»l», »"«i L«ngaor, Loir SplrlU, Genei*. j'L':..'-.-'-- - i -'v • ••I-'- -- /• .• |.', ? te BE WETHODT ! ! fljyor, , HARDWA11E, &C. E O KEB, >n ^iiturilaj-,1111 - i 1 . y u emlsiyj, it ^ -S5:iry in nts.^ :!H. and o.ut.-i, Kurv-tlii-r : J r ill liloi'k thlr'.v City of, f Mild i,il:,.L- , '-"i thj w-j: i, lint; ruaujn.7 p irnllel \ril^ the iv,>s: Un - of number nineteen In i:Ud hloi-k rnr'lr fee' .1 tant th-jrijfrnni." Dated Sheriff! O-lu-i Pl'rf..Atl'y.' I STATtS Carpeatcr. STOCK ALWAYS COT/NTttY ITIEKCHANTS Are requested to call and exatolne QOpDS AND "PRICES. ; • B. p, CA»Y, je2 dly Qu;ntltf s Block, 71 g. Water si. THIS WAY WITS YOUB MOSEY JOHN W. LEDYARD, Cash Grocen and Wine Beakr, NO. tot BAST » T ATER ST. T HB BEST PLACE TO B07 FINE OBEEX AND BLACK TEAS; ? .. The but place to l,4y OLD JAVA and MOCHA C. F- •:• ...... , •; •? .... - . —; fJ*-*' w T "• -**•.? T? "T 1 ;»»VJ.»* \r+ I j «^JtJm^^^?? ^^^P^f^.M^*™^ lu East Wateretnjot, itoIe'&gecU Jbr the State 'of.'wia* %Sfi$SS£$? 1 !; vt,*******- ta»i,jorf ^»ta^%W'fei^^»^iiU' pregratalpnajy.;-" , Parmrles, "••\?« • r»tej. Sheet ;iron, Tin, * Hardware, ' ' '- " : *nr01D) reipectrnlr Inform their friendi «ad' ihe '.'. Tf .ipl^Bo Benerally, that teey havii opened « Store at 8O8. ,% j.ii ... .\ftST WATEB STREET. . : A '. . ... 208 ,.?prtj*i«;i»Je,.of ths'tboTftnameiJ »rUcle»,- togethe- 'i ; ; , '!- • *tth • .,,'...' ; ; . ' iTiSPABia, SHOTOLB, BASIS, HOE8, And Africnltarij, Implement! generally. Hi wsll a» all '".-'-":' Ii -" ' ~ lortiof . ' . - 8KUBE* IROIt JLND TiJK wi'KfjV WOKK, ;.'-. •.!(.],! .,-:••<' : rtt;.«c. eta. ,- - : : - -, '- 8tore»'|nt np to order. ^T-KooSng., ' «n ; UniU, 'ua every ion of work ' • - " • . . The beaf place to buy nice STRCP3 ; The best place to buy all kind] of MOLASSES ; "The best place to bny all kinds of STJ6ARS; Tie neJt place to buy all tlnda of SALT FISH r The oeat placcjto bny. Croas 4 BlackwEll'3 PICKLED: The belt place to buy all kinds FOREIGN SAUCES- The best- place to buy all klnda PIE BKTJ1T3 • ' The best place to buy 8C6AK CORED HAM-< • .The best place to bny SMOKED SECT- ~ '' The best place to bny CHOICE BETTER : Tie best place to buy PALP ALE : The best place to bny FOREIGN ALE and POBTES • The best ptace to bny TOILET SOAP8 ; The best place to bny all kinds TVASH1N3 SOAPS • The best place to buy beat STARCH ; ' The b&jt place to buy FIGS, KAI3JNS, PRUNES- The best place to buy alt W»d3 N UTS : Th« best place t» bay pnr» UQCOB3 for family usa ; The beat place to bny NatTve and Foreign WINES • The best place to buy a good box tilOABS • El':a ( Ifh.tbcxl 3nii;h, Hiram ~ Kphral-n Marlni-t J.)hn J. Ort<m, the last T| 1 ,-ind t(5t:imcnt L, , Alllwn LeTTis, deceased 'IP.U l' Ihe Glohe Bint. j I S pursujnce ,md h? vln-j,- or .» .nvrac m,» !c ; . v lin- District Caurt of the L'niro.l Statet far ihi> Uijtrlct of Wisconsin, on the alxth il.iy of nctob.^r* 1^C..S in cVo above entllled cau^e, nn.l :i supplententiir IH-'TCI- of foreclosure asslnst Flnrt Ann Persona, mitfle bv HieAl Oourt, on the elifhtday of June. e li;,'ueen hundred «n!i flfty nin^. In sahl c.ioss, t shall sell -it Public Vni-t'lnn , ilia Cn,te.-J States Marshal's OflUv,. in the- Citv of vii waukee, in said district, On Thursday, the i.lovraih div o,__Augu 3 t, t?C9, ^ three u'cl,,,i : in th , ,,f, tf r n o on , ,?,* "The-ruirtli hnlf nnniliereil thlrtv- ik'scnbed property, to wit of I >t number eleven (11), in blor.l? ^(^ the Third «-.,rd, of ihe Marshal'.! Office, Milwaukee, Jii'ic ^3 City t ; Tbe best pUce tO'buy Meenhaum SMOKINOTOBAC- .,s^#**:^wsw.s.V ^tei& ! S. ff ,• g^JjfW****;!'* •!>>!. ' ~ ^t&y^,^ -i«rt . jne Other!doctrine tbaa tlirt »otr /professed.- where the democratirrpirtr .stood a it isBiscau;;......|...T..';..'..». :^ EtJTiSiCH .^ Vf IN {|3lNETS to OO.TOSELLOBS »«A andiloir cost CHE\VINO TOBACCO; . ..--•:(, The best pj»ce to buy Weldham Pine Apple CHEESE fhe beat place to bay Engt sh and American " The best place to buy good GOODS • The be«l. place to bny QOOD3 OaBAP • " The best place to bny all kind* Q HC CERIES • We ask the clllxens. of MUwauiee to try ui-rlch and I J30J SPATE OP WISCONSIN', County Court, Milwaukee County. John Carlisle, 1 Richard L. Mulford, Noville SCoushton art.l George W.ffraacr, A JU.I.TDLMII - against cli.inlci L..-II Cyriu U. Johnson » 3 d I poor. * Je2< JOHN W. BOUNDS) & MUwaakee. Agents, " i»tlnf p»jt t clrcu- ' CO AltLES K. C8ALIH in. : • Bomeslie Exchange and Speck, fllSE highest rates pald-for all kinds of QoliJand3il. X ver Coin and Balllxn. .. - . Exe^tnge canataatly for Ufa at the lowest price*. Jal rnake dealing tnSpeele and Kxchaoge my entire and exclusive bmloew, lam able to-give my customers an advantage otifr cmWnt Bgart*.- Lbt of nrlcea W IU le furnished at my office, , JTO. S2 WISCONSIN STREET, ' Under tie tiaptbt Cbnrcii, rwarty opposite th* Custom House. -tn,l Jl"aatd Court, in uif *l>«r? entitleil action, dated, (he ICth day of June, ISJ9, I sliftll expojp fnr sale and i,.|i at Public Auction, it tlio Pos;-0ifici- in th- flty at Milwaukee, on WreKBAl'. THKiOrn DAV O7 AU. GUST, W5»i •ttlw rigurofip. a., of that ,Uy, purmi- ant to Chapter 15.1 of Ihv Revised Sutiitei, eiltltieit "Of tholleo of Mechanics and others." Uu; fuLn'.iln,-,|,.. scribed premises, to wit: "A certain building situatoi on the wmt half of lot four (4),ln block one Imndnd ;iad thirty- three t 1 ""^! '»" the-' Fourth of tho City of i Jiiihtaukee, and also all thu fiBhj, title aa.i Interest of tho said defending in arnl tolfie laid west half of lot four (4), in hlnck onu hundred and ihlrty-three (133), in tlio t'ourlli 'ft'ard, of - the City of Milwaukee, County off an:! fta'.e of Wisconsin." Hated Slisriff'j Oilie •, Milwaukee, July •• 1 1. V. V. PLarni, ) A. J. r " " ?™.A t J'y- t • ."heviir. Mil. co.,"i < - Cut COMPTBOI.I.EH.'.I Oyrici, > Contract Department, July 7, isa. » S EALKD PfiOP03AL3 will ha received u th'1 adI,-« . until Monday, July 11, 1 Sii). u 10 ,7'i, f« AUlngthe crossing of 7U> «re«t anu BeauWaa itreet !^ the SthflTard of. the City of ilUwiukre jyT-*14t B-'L-H-QAaDLNSS, Comptroller '^.. K- rrJSUUM. Wt-Lz&vS'

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