The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1975 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1975
Page 9
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KARON & KEN BROTHERS lues* & Wed. 9:00 to 1:30 Police record access ruling... (Continue*! from Page I> "Jf w*'ri» bound by It* ruling we hnve no Alternative," akt' Jrtfknon Pollet? ChiH Hoy Hwwwrs "A* MKMI «* '((•rffltftmt what prowJun-n to tuki* then **•'!! change " Chile Police Chief Jim H fin Ion wild, "We have no proMem with (he ripwspaix-r now. Wp would lei you read Ihe report* twlay, it* a matter of not hfiving anything front fii«> alUirwy Kwnd'is trffice to g.o hy yet'' "I'll abide hy the ruling," Kirejwrt Police OiK-f liutikxtw h«id "Whatever it »ay» we ran do." Police Chief Df>fWf«MJ KftiiM-fly twil'l not !*•• TMB »»MO»PO«t PACT* PMtt from puMic tnupccdon, Afwj umivoilflhle Io the prm and public arc ballistics reporti flwl prjltce speculation on Ihc guftl of a «iflp<«:l or th<- cwlihiltiy o( wllnannwt IHwiw of wiTtip informAlion on the «ffc?rwp r«>wl< thi- court until, fn»M erxJamc^ ite position ftf ihs dtafc in r iiini/iiil |ir/nvi-< uiiww "To fww *tif h inatcrt.-!) ojx-n Io !hcpr»?s» and public in all CUM* miiiht revpal the n«rnwi of informanus ?md po*c thf lhr»-jit r»f mlimidation of potc-ntinl pri>!M?^ution " Newman Club dinner set Ttw r«•(*«! rtitiUK slil! exclude* purpor ! * i»n<} the jM-nwfi.1! history arwl firre-M rwwd <*? Amph/fheofer... from Pane 1 interested in the Kmallv ( Mv OtujHil •Aais (xj*.sihililip» of ttvailahl? atik»"<l to «tk^>( a resolution to <•»< t ud* a \<"tK it'AW Miitll the (j|«j htn/os Hn'-f l)fatisa i:f>utitil They w«-re told !h^ rop«t,i'(i »urv«-y would !«,?!•»' i!, !f)]f «r«-a Smjti''t''fi »!,i!fj the firm '|(M; opinion wnttcn by Axwx-i«itit! Juxtic« f.'urti»» HrirAn n;iid the pr»-*s tcwld find «jl most such details through inlt-rvii'ws with psrtifij>ant«, rrffiwrs, wttn(%H<.*t ft ;I»}<JIK! iuj'Ai'vii'r tfiat a t^/kting that the pcnwnal (unto!) and arrwt record riiust b«> open to imp^rtion "w-ixild c'jriiitin UK.' j^ttefitial for rna»»iivfr and unju«tifi«>d diirtitnir lo UK- individual." In anv* ITIUK iiriiuniMits hy the mwlia that th<.[*T w.nal histor) and arrest ri-ford <A MinpircU arc u*f*ful U-ick^rrHinrJ information^ thce^iurl said mnwcnt pt-rsfmi ,ifi- rrftffi arr'-istfd ;H¥J tlu-jt th* rfi-trrdn do not alwav s f»-f!<-». ' !hj- (iisi^nitioij <i! tlb'irK?* that rriight hrive b(W, <''>.i,rt'iil:r ffM-afch •W^ij-fiif^ »),<- rir«fj i>i !f,f mcdi.i for backgr'iimr! iii!',t:i:,i',it,ii tai ifidividdii!'-. ,'!>!<(irj'!t the i<-#i!!/n;)!f- rtHwuw. !d'rr«'\t.s <<f lodi 1 . iduiii (iriv.iry v/cj-ild vcrii to ' ".'.'if- '•'.•• ' 'i:.-.-!u«,i< Ui;i! t^- fWiMitutiofial right of thi- The Brftzffliport Cottage Newman Club, a Catholic student organization, will hold its annual Christmas dinner at 7 p.m. Sunday, DM:, 7 at the home of Mrs. Uabet Wyiif in Lafcfi Jflck.vw Mrs, WylK'. ;i foansplor at Rrazmport <'<>!!«•.'#<;. is a CHECK THE GREAT APPLIANCE BUYS IN THE FACTS sponsor for the club. Membership in the club is open (o all Brazosport College studenU. Mf XKAN r v—'RISTAOUAMI5 Wednesday special lrlflfl€»f E^chdc Dtnn&f PI22A n KSDAY EVEMM; BlIFFET! I'M $179 I.IH fli-i'l a turn! She OHIUM with 'in kind and direct fifi.! fu'ing as the need tkr! a !<•"•! i»i»d »* ihe rits » finafwYia! t ,ij.«iif/ili!> [jft rtiits (J r».p'iSi!>?".1 thr lt<-ll> »l\h a* much *s !ht" < •!> • i;!>A!« la! ;,Uia!i»f5 •.<•; (!'ir (Maii <i1 Mif Tf%f:t',. !.-,•• ..,: .,(. ' ;-,? •!:-• ^ f ':.',. i..*'jW, '• H '•- ^'' *. Mf «...,'! ft-,. >..-""•• ;.-,-.;!J ;* ';..«-< .,-;. ft « - : , <•! l!.<- -,,.;..,.,'., ,.. ;t ^ •?.-., .,-fr. • -.•: ,> jjf nJa i!r tils i', -r\ ^^ TJT &5'.'.;* rv ' tJ'j^ .,- •. -••. j'.ufi offj< ..»;i :f.c • ;;i:i'i »-.*4ii{ }<*•*. *' '}vc 1','^r' 1 . I-.!; '..t..f fr' ( -_ji---[',r-:! 5: :..».} ;i:''><^",•••«!( ',!•<• .*'.!.*; :'.«••!;,-5, »;ii '.jf i.iij !.*•»* ,t( > ''- : CjcS^ -'. Vfx'', rrijJui.St ^^ ^''i^ :'» "•.'••r^i.I.g. ?»c i.4!-! iU-.'-rj-or'. .1?. d •.,*<«• i >:•>.;? i-;, :r, r -", b< f * -trtr f f ill (' ••-. ',--.iid:i ! I."- safe WA [/i iia/ar-) any opinion on !ti'- .'•-.ilif.-;' .-,; i',fiim|' iij j.ijii, Murpt;;, , ••x» j <-'jti'. •• vice !n«ivr rH'cf '..» Sx'JK^ n.rtdi' !'j '.bt.'iS;, fundu !rf/»i fouri.-}.>!K>!;i and ulh'-f in aii f-/fi*rt to n.-;ikt- Rescue... :• ! DEATHS and FUNERALS Mrs. Pearl Kies K!'! >K'i ',!r> »•(-.:.•; K;i-« ?« <-.', r>- \h\:<< I)! ir The exciting climax of Sheriff Buford Pusser's own true story. VELASCO CALL FOR 233-2304 ADULT MOVIES Both Rated X THEATRE CMKMAM6O ^ ^ .^=j ^BRiCON' SUPPLY.INi IS WHERE I GO FOR ALL MY PLUMBING SUPPLIES 132 COMMERCE CLUTE ATOP THE SARATOGA INN FEATURING PRIME STEAKS Also FRESH SEAFOOD UNTIL 11:00 PM RESERVATIONS 2339146 or 2335381 GUU BlVi M_HWY 288 - FREiPORT . TEXAS *\ BUSINESSMAN LUNCHEON TUESDAY-FRI. 11:00-2.00 P.M. CHOICE OF 3 MEATS 4-VEG.-4 SALAD CORNBREAD & ROLLS DESSERTS SI'MIM hi MIAV LUNCHEON U:00 to 5:00 »•::,Hcrv i LoJce Jockson... !wi;'. "amp !'. gel i rrvt -.if l',u:s '.tit :r..v;. rrtu.rr, much bTr.'ak(kr'*r:!i on rates, etc , aod rt-jx*.it<"(] >ha! had rx?<;n sasd .-a earlier oi.scuAstfins that Lake Jin:k*cri nSiiiierUjai users At-ft- tx-5U?r off with rates Ixist-d on an integrated vvsurrn U»an they would be »i!h (hose determined •i'nct]v by k<cal re*.'«iu«, aryj cxpet^wes Later in the Tne the •r, f,, •),(•>.«• :J;ir.|{% as par' •<1HK'll "*' l **' H wi - s -' i;m ratl -' "*'*' i"*ith W-*" '***» brought up. Ta>lor indicated 'hat isjuh: HL&P would probably •attor ha%'t contested ihe r c c o rn m e n d e d rate schedule e\'en if Houston )l>- '•• >•<' !*>'(- '.•-.r.'^o'i ")U-S ^'"^ appTOVtXl it •*[".;!•! ,;!».,;' J7.!»j (*» S'rhtfi Kruzell "*;is askc<J j«-T ; t>.i ii>c;»l j>.r*cr why Ht«uston City Council UMTS ;»vj he icli i! *orth a rhow to deny HLiP any ff-* huivdro'i !j,.ll;ir> tu gi-t ri'qut^t and ignored the ,»',»!.!.>(•;<• ir.f'irtrutn'tfi on consullants' recom- •Al-iii.15 t<> Ui^r a dcciMsJfi miTtdation. he indicated A: U;<- :.«•>;,r.n;i,*; of tin- that politics was the r.-iti- .iisi•'.!,«•,;••!! T;«>!or motivation since the r< •. ic'.M.J ;!>• ;.;•.'. ry of !h<- tiiatti-r up at eitKtion r,i'.t- rrtj. ;i ~.-. ,,'i.j ;h,-r,. tinii 1 - .!j;.i:r fi>rry..iiij a'.koi! At a\<: ci'ticluston of ihe u i-ivi 1 :! > .., rv , !i-r,i',;ur, .>f divfu.vsiC'.'v Taylor a.sketi it i .1;-}" •,.•. .,1 that hi- U' [Hit on the He .I-MI jc>.', ii!i-,.i LiiUiicii ag<-r,.la j)jj:fi for the next ••*-!h •>!'.•!•.<• ,ii!>iiti": p Tt->;ular nu-vij^. Fun Football... ' ••-•••', i.unl (M:!. i'.rh-r < i/xtra [xnn! $1 '°° mTE * TOES. BRAZOS TWIN L BRAZOS TWIN JAWS PO . jjf • M \t <.ltl h H FtwYbar Pleasure... JOHN WASTNE KAXHARIffK HH*BUHf| ROOSTER CXKJBURN ai, •.upt».»r' t< % ii they art' still No Htxi J>e\ii !rc, i!! corn;.*' 1 .! 115 the l.ions Cit.t; b-.iSi,| id) ui!h 1,'ii'ir match DeiensiN e standouts were F.nk Indian, Cory Martelh. NSike Krtmmer. and l.«ance KJird of l^ke Jackson and Bubba IU)bertson of Clute offensive standouts vv ere Jottn Torrance. Steve LAKE I 6:45 & 8:45 The Comedy Sensation of Ihe Year/ WOODY DIANE ALLEN KEATQN "LOVE and DEATH" (i,'«-!(in>; '.iiitk'rvijv .it 1 p m T'lte Koi Sic'.i! JuiiKir S}x>re. and Steve Rec of Frckhuu-n \>i „' ik-fi-atwl Lake Jockson, Kerry t)u- H'.d H.-.iiii-r--! "f Hughes of ('lute and Shane H'Hi>i"!s 7^ s'i ;tu'ir las', Wt-?i ,-s Hr-uuna jj.jriic uf !h<- •.!-.>•- •!• The Junior h'rash No -' murii-r i"i•!.>!«• iuii iH'ViU oi'!:i|xi~.i-vi .if fight sear •AU* JaiiK"? >''! > !iU ar.i! !ir^^ >t-ar pla\ors An,;lc!on J.«. iiiler uj <-rnU(i ;',s SV.IM.>!( with a 5 KLAKE 6:45 & 8:55 Barbecue BUFFET Wednesday 6 pm-9 pm RIBS * SAUSAGE LINKS *CHICKE u J null vaUd 1 Now "BANDIT- JOIN US, stmr 5 2 For Times Cat! SORRY NO PASSES Cafload Suspended A TRUE STORY ' MARIIN AlOO RAY • KAN S*UIH

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