Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 16, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1898
Page 3
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^SM n.'r\!j;!f'5;;vj C-A\J vA^irtiiivi SATURDAY ARRIVAL AND G, Jot.Y WAR FOR HUMANITY Id JUSTIFIABLE. Si.-i-mons by Rov. Z.I1. Wolmlor :inil l£cv. Rov. Z . I 1 . c. s. I'lti- i ;ior.i !:is '-\C?LO'. ·V-Li Ot- WAILS. Kov. X. II. Sunday inoining w;:.-* «.' ·ir,Uouartha];k:.pri\ inj? cess oi' llio Amerie.' u lost \\.-i? the JiftL *·' r discourse on :i the line of tor tho suc- jiavios. Tho vf the tweu- i ill .,t;l .tp our j ii: this - : i l . a ' i - ) n . ' at.indanls in His- PU3JG _ . OL'; v 10. I'l. i THE~LOGAL "DEPARTMENT DASHES HERE AND THERE. Dorchester rooc Sliiloh oamp-uieetiug-, iriil begin August 4th. Jiouday sad Tuesday were samples ot October woathor. Mi-. J. H. Yaugesol w i l l soon bo pin extensive repairs on the Bricl Hotel. Wheat is worth from 70 to S4 cent In the Baltimore market. Corn brings 35 cents. A larger and more comfortable hack from tlio Brick Hotel now meets train and boats. Mrs. M. K. Collison, of Aud%rsou- town,'on Saturday last fell and dislocated her shoulder. Dr. Higuutt reduced the fracture. Read the large advertisement of the J. 0. Godwin Co., in the JOURNAL to-day, and see what good bargains he offers to tho buying public. Contractor C a r m i n e has been engaged this week iu removing some of tho old buildings at Judge Bussum's, preparatory to making extensive repairs. Mr. W. T. Thawley, who recently sustained p a i n f u l injuries in falling from a load ot' hay, is recovering. Two tines of a pitchford penetrated his flesh and made ugly wounds. Several young men of Greensbor- ough expect to purchase a fine yacht to tako the place of the "U. S-," which has been used fur many a pleasant excursion iu the past few Mr. R. S. Crew quotes prices of many things on his bargain counters, , and extends a cordial invitation to buyers to come and see -him. Road iiis advertisement in a n o t h e r column of this issue. I)r. Ga'lo-ftay, of Fedor.ilsburg, gives notice in tin:- paper t h a t h«3 has pJaccjd a 'phono in hi.*, oUico and t h n t ho is now iu c o m m u n i c a t i o n with all points on the Dorchester ana Queen Ani:-e's lines. Tvfr. James S-.vaiin lias about competed a laryo cottage on Rohoboth camp-ground, n n d o t h e r s nro also being built. A nouceablu improvement near th-i" Punusylvinia depot is the excursion house. Mr. Charles W. Collison now has charge of the railroad bridge here. Mr. PeteVBeauchump, who has held this position for some time, w i l l next week remove with his fainil}' to Queonstown, where ho will continue in the service of the railroad company. Sylvester Lewis, an aged inmate of tho almshouse, died at that insti- t u t i o n early Tuesday morning. For ' many years the deceased "was a small but conspicuous figure about the Third district voting place, an election never failing to bring him to the polls. The c o u n t y commissioners were in session on Tuesday last, but transacted little business. A proposition from the Talbot commissioners to substitute a better grade of pine piling for tho new Dover bridge was received, and will probably be acted on next Tuesday. Until Denton is -supplied with a bettor water system with which to fight firo, the tubular wells, used at times with success in the central part of section, should bo carefully looked after, and more wells provided for other equally exposed sections of the town. The manager of tho Hotel Boling- ly, Queenstowu, has secured tho services of Caterer Edward Faton, of Baltimore, who has taken charge of the hotel's culinary .department. The afternoon excursions to Queenstown by tho water lino of tho Queen Anne's Railroad Company aro increasing very much in popularity aud a largo n u m b e r of poople have already found tho trip most enjoyable.-- Tlie Sun. Hiram G. Dudley, of Baltimore, has purchased tho estate of the late S. Teackle Wallis, called Bloomingdale, containing C-10 acre?; aud situated 3 miles from Queenstown. The price paid -wjs $18,000, and included n collection of the old H a r r i s f u r n i t u r e . This price is considered low, as tiie land is p r o d u c t i v e aud tho buildings tseeptionaily v/oll constructed, the mansion being a large colonial dwelling of brick. Mr. Spencer Sadler was buried Monday afternoon at Sudersville. Ho died on Saturday evening after -a lingering ilinobs f r o m c o n s u m p - tion. ' He w?,s thirty-seven years of age "and, a son of the late Dr. W. J. Kudler. Soon after becoming of ago, ho engaged in farming and later in the mercantile business, until failing health compelled him to retire. His f a m i l y is ono of tho most, prominent in the county, Dr. A. E. . Sudleiy school commissioner, aud Mrs. L.' L. Beatty being close relatives. Tins, snid tho s'recc/jcr. was the ]'· ·"!: 'M'ue! when 1 t i . : (u D.-ittle. t:i i- ., iuu, i" ii)iccd .ind .-nlvanoow their : s ta ,e. It i" a bo- ' coriiirn.' ilc'c'i'i-a'.ioi r o r s i n y poople. i The s- f i n s ? i; o'' j r b a n u e i N in Cod's n.-U!ie i i ' i p M . ' - ? l h a i wo wiil j I'staluihi. and O'.'i'.nui! our p o l i t i c a l l ! ! - ; l i l U t l O l . - h W l ' i l I'UVCruIH'O f )!' His namo and regard foi His w i l l . It means the laying of the f o u n d a t i o n s of.politicnl l i t e in God's word. Such n people will ir*. erenco Gwd'* 5 sanc- t u a r y .-Hid Sabbath and rightly regard tlie Diviuo will in goveiinneut and various political activities. They will consider that civil authority is from God, and, being so, is a sacred trust, carrying along w i t h it great responsibilities. Civil author- tics are God's servants to do His w i l l in political relations. Such a government will condition .society for throw tho Ciinaaiuti,.-; because of thoir wickedness, so it seems that God has chosen thr American poo- pic- to r e b u k e tyr.-xuny and put an end tn Spanish c t i u - l f y in tho Western hemisphere. In tbe name of our (Jod wo have r.iisoil "-.);· standards. In Hit n a m e wo ar-- M - -".nciug on to v i c t o r y . f'°-! I-* v i j l , i . - ^o with Is- IYP] nf old. H A FLYING SQUADHON VISITS.IHIOGE.LY. i Ami Tlint 1'ri-Uy .Slroiigholfl Snrrnulr "s ( I n p , i { \ i \ d:iy jT,imc,ll :l !riy_lVmm:.lH. | | e | f l . v v : i s - , , . l t l ^ [liC'.'.-.'lln. v o u i n g last a lawn tjiu homo of Miss The won i her was iii 1 :· r u s n b o t 1 cnjoy- a m u s e m o n t s .... o t l ( 1 , i ou us magnificent v i c t o r i e s at Manila ami Santiago, whnre thr vessels of Spain \v ··!·» t o t a l l y t H oiir hr.n'.K*! 1 - j erty aud ug ! i n tho o.-.i'fh '? -, i h c r n;it its highest and best development. It will also condition tho individual that he may make the most of h i m self. It will regard and promote righteousness in the laud. Good and wholesome laws will be enacted and enforced. God will be recognized as the source of their nation's life aud that upon Him a people must depend for thtiir preservation and prosperity . Like ancient Israel such a people may say, "Some trust iu chariots, aud some iu horses; but we will remember tho n a m e of the Lord our God." This setting up of our banners implies f u r t h e r that wo will declare and wage war in the name of God. War may be an ovi! and greatly to be deplored. Homes ire saddened, lives aro sacrificed, and m a n y aro crippled for life- Fhefe aro also demoralizing 1 in- luonccs connected w i t h war. Such people will sock to avoid warfare and to live in peace, but there may come a time when war is necessary, t was such a time wheu tho ancient /anaauitcs had filled np tho "meas- iro of their wickedness. Then tho sraolites were commissioned' to verthrow them. Or, it may be ecossary to wage war in defence of nation's life. Such t\ people will eek to know God's w i l l before eu- aging in war. When it becomes ecessary for righteousness' sake liey will declare w;ir in God's name iid c o n t i n u e t h e i r warfare, asking mi t r u s t i n g tl.'e God of b a t t l e s for Lis d i r e c t i o n ami success. They iii ask for H i h o l p and depend pon it. Tht- n t i m u of God will be heir battle IM-J. This b a t t l e cry will bo an i u ^ p i r a u m i a«d strength iu tho day oi coiniict. With such a battle cry'the people w i l l do valiantly, looking ro God for the victory. By s o t t i n g u p o u i banners in bis fl. Wo wave r'v» that liberty iioousncsf 'nay prevail Ho honor* our cause u v · 'Toi't-j. T'l" ilrcngth - T'l :i fcreat navies, n r ; v n ·· , : l s wealth, or ' HI at 1 , urc'l possoss- k : : s r ii"!i 1 i'i's: Imt i n i t s ligh toons- ness and the justness of its cause. So long as v;e honor God, love rightooHynos*, and wive our bau- ncrs in His n a m e . God's favor will bo u p o n n"- and He v i l l a b u n d a n t l y prosper us iu all t h a t pertains to a nation's good. Tho f o l l o w i n g is an extract from Rov. George S. Fitzhngh's sermon in Christ C h u r c h , last Sunday morning-: Thanlcb In. to God, v. Inch « l U l i H . s llic victory through our I.urcl fcsus. Cllriht.--I Cor. IS: 57. A large laud transpoit, of t h e o\\ ,\n ).i ..'Vint prairie-schoonci type, commanded ,,j e * iin i t ;l;u { by Commodore Downps, was board- ; f . t { i; ,,, ed by a largo n u m b c i of recruits on j which -.voro p - o v i d o d ·· t h Monday evening, en route I'or tho ' f u j hoste.--. Rr-frohinmr capture of tlio c i ' j nf liidgoly. Tlio ';- r ,^ .,] troops embarked at various points NEWS GCv.'CrZHlMMG THE CriUKCHES. The err. ing i-o- itr'nt- i tract ivv werc i t'ostly -Iain- i ( ) v . ,r A d 1 . u i i. a! i ')'),,. iailled \,y i ||jp on ijo.'.-il ! ( ' ., swan a n d , I IK 1 Our Chief Magistrate has requested all Christian congregations to ro- tnru thanks to-day to Almighty God for tho recent wonderful victory of our navy in Cuban waters, ovor the enemies of our nation. As Christian people we can hardly give thanks for any victory unless it be through our Lord Jesus Christ. Although, indeed, St. Paul refers iu our text to victory ovor death anclsiu, it is clear that he teaches that we can engage in no war unless such war be in keeping with the mind of our Lord Josus Christ; hence we must give no t h a n k s for any victory unless won in the spirit of Josus Christ,- our Lord. Our nation surely notified tlio whole world that this war should be a now thing in tho world's history. We go out. to lift up the down-trodden; to beat back a cruel and bloody tyrant; to give light to those who sit in darkness. We hoard the cry of the helpless, the homeless and starving women and children right at our doors. It was stronger than the Macedonian cry, "Conic ovor and holp us." Now. if I b i s bo tho spirit with which we went to battle; if this bo the spirit that load to the wonderful naval victories at Manila and at Santiago, then we can truly say, "Thauks be to God, which giveth us the victory t h r o u g h our Lord Jesus Christ. But, i - n ( h e other hand, if \\o forgot our I ' l ^ i - r a i l i n g as Ll Christian people, tuiil !!· g u i l t y of "cov- otousnuss. wlii ·'! ·- lii'ilati'y," desiring o n l y to .-.-id i-i. L-iy to colony, and millions t o i i j i i i i ns of money, then we may u n t bo t h a n k f u l for tlifso w o n d e r f u l victories, for they are not won in ( h ^ s p i r i t Christ. "Au.i vi-ruy o u r find i;s out," t h o u g h the God grind flowl n a t i o n has boon of Jesus sin shall mills of . Then again our rightly called the light of the wo.'hl; aud why? Be- nniuc mean 1 ; also that wo will cole- I cause it is the land of the free and brate our victories, believing them to have been given us by Him. Such a peo^lo, when they overthrow 'heir enemies in battle, wiil wave their banners iu God's name. God's people maybe temporarily defeated, but victory will eventually crown their efforts. God is a man of war aud leads His people to success. God fights with and for His people and gives them tho victory. Such a people will ascribe praise to Him and give Him the glory. They will esclaiin. "Thine is the victory, 0 Lord," and "we will rejoice in thy salvation." Those who set np thoir banners in God's'namo do it because of their confidence in H i m . They believe that Ho is the God ot" nations, putting down one and sotting up another, and meting out to all according to thoir doing. There is no future judgment day for nations. He deals with them in this world. They believe that He preserves and exalts a nation that reverences Him and regards His will. They beliovo that Ho will go before His people iu war and give them tho victory. - This confrdonco inspires with courage for the conflict, and promotes rejoicing even before the battle- Alter the battlo is fought and tho victory is won this confidence in God inspires grateful praise to His great name. In tho name of God the people of this country* have set up thoir banners. It was in His name the country was settled and our government was organized. Hero civil liberty was declared and this country became the asylum of the oppressed of other lands. Our government is a friend to the downtrodden and abused of all nations. Hero righteous laws aro enacted and en-' forced. God's word has froo course and isiglorified. We waited patiently and tried hard to help tho oppressed, all tho time booking to avoid war. But the hour camo when war was unavoidably occasioned. God and humanity claimed our unseUish intercession nnd into volition. A more m a g n a n i m o u s i h i n w jamonja; nations was never SOL-U t h a n a fron poople interceding 1 and i n t e r v e n i n g for au oppressed and suffering poo- ple who were struprrliug to bo free. This government was disposed to sacrifice millions ol' money and many lives, if necessary, that a Christian civilization m i g h t obtain in Cuba. God would chastise Spain Tor her long continued cruelties. For eon- turios she has drunk the blood of martyrs, attempted in various way.s to keep her subjects in ignorance, oppressed wherever .oppression was possible, and menaced the progress of Christian civilization. As Israel of old was commissioned to ovev- bravo; Iho roCuge of tho.oppress- ed a down-trodden of all the nations of the u i i r l h : the land whore every :nan is his own king, every woman hor o w n queen; a laud where every God-given f a c u l t y of soul, body and spirit can be f u l l y developed, and I r u e merit goes straight to its reward. 'In fine, wo aru called of God to lift np the whole h u m a n family. Shall we, then, forget tins high calling and go back to the slough of an empire, with all its machinery, that dwarfs the individual while it strengthens the central government? Then b o l t e r ' t h a t it had been our navy rather than Spain's that was recently sent to tho bottom of the sea. Then, whilo wo give thanks for the victory, pray with all'the power of soul and spirit to deliver us of covetousuess, which is idolatry; for if we rush into an empire, under the name of a republic, then it is clear God has blessed oven conquered Spain and cursed victorious America! So then we give thanks if the victory be through our Lord Jesus Christ. Iciitmi Ought tr, Ilnvo H N«w .7nil. Goldsborough S. Griffith, president of the Prisoners' Aid Association, and tho Rov. W. C. Stoudenmiro general agent, have just returned from a visit to the jails and almshouses in tho several counties. Of onr.jail and almshouso they write : "At Donton, Caroline county, Md., wo found tho jail empty. Almost tho entire year they havo had from 10 to 12 prisoners. Robert C. Rice, tho sheriff, being absent, Mrs. Rica greeted us and showed ns" through tho institution. Tho sanitary conditions are as good as can be expected in this old jail. Denton ought tojiavo a modern j a i l . No religious services had boon lately held in this institution. "Iu tho almshouso at Denton wo found to inmates--'.'· w h i t o males, 5 w h i t e fomnles. -3- colored males, 3 colored females. Two serious cases of i n s a n i t y , and a l l tho rest are either i u s n n e or feeble-minded to some ostosit. Thi* i n s t i t u t i o n is in good c o n d i t i o n , s.'tnitary and otherwise, a n d d u r i n g tsio year has been improved in several respects for tho health and comfort of tho inmates. M. F. A l l a b t V t i d , t!it; .superintendent, and his wife,«Mr.« Rhoda Allabnnd, matron, aro energetic and thoughtful, as can bo snen both in tho home and on the farm. The farm is in an excellent stale of c u l t i v a t i o n , and promises a good yield for this year. Religious services aro regularly held oveiy two weeks by Rov. Mr. McLano, tho chaplain." The JOURNAL, only $1 year. along tho PlainJejiImv. street f r o n t , ann " J i r n K? George C. S k i i v n . .-II-HUIU Mrs. Skirvcn Commodoro bells and I n harbor i:i ^ Ross h a d in unison whistles jibhiio ·; ;.. w;.v.2ff '*i kerchiefs, tho nob!, cuil'l, mil up and an extra jingle added. along toward the Great C h o p t a n k . The coaling stations a l o n g tin- i r ,:ite wore given a f u l l s-aluie :'i p;..s- With the trr.;ispoit crowilod to it utmost capacity it was brave act to start on the cruiso v.'ith out accompanying cruisers, battle ships or auxiliary craft of some kind Dispatches received the f o l l o w i n g day state that the wheels of th' transport gave way when about fou miles from port, but fortunately no personal i n j u r y was sustained b any .one; and more fortunately, similar transport was lying at anchor in Saulsbury bay, which was quickly impressed by the officers of the disabled craft, a transfer quickly made, and the cruise resumed. Tbe attacked city was evidently not prepared for the-onslaught and c a p i t u - lated at once. The city aud tho citi- del of city were not only taken but many of the citizens made captives. They were immediately paroled and celebrated the ovont with a great fete. At a late hour tho attacking party, having thoroughly enjoyod the time during thoir occupation of the city, withdrew and loft it in tho care of its proper officials. Those who deserve special mention for tlie number of captives made are Misses Katherine Whoatley, 'Lucy Wheatley, Nellie Wilson, Nellie Valiant, Lenora Valliant, Louisa Dukes, Anna Dukes, Lora Downos, Ella Downes. Mary Emerson, Frances Crouse, Jessie Grouse, Mary Hobbs, and Carrie Wilson. Those who particularly distinguished themselves for chivalrous t r e a t m e n t of the women of the captured city aro Dr. .J. R. Rochester, Messrs. E. B. Griffon- berg, E. B. Fields, 0. W. Downes, J. H. P.astorfield. W. P. Draper, G. A. Fisher, Carroll D u n n i n g , R- M. Beanchamp, Homer Lord'and C. JI. Whitby. Tho return t r i p was made w i t h a trifling.accident to one whcol when a few h u n d r e d yards f r o m pci!: aud the R e a r - A d m i r a l , beiu? on the retired list, a n d t u ' c o m p a n y i u g the expedition in an · advisory capacity only, not. as o o m n j K n ' l a n t . " allowed the Commodoro and other engaged to makr l u e i r of the affair and r u c o i v o a l l the credit due lliein. Mrs. Kato Nandain Hardcastk, ot this place, recently re-jeivcd from tho Board of Mauagotnont of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a cer- tiflcatool membership i n t h u t s o c i e t y , in tho John Peltigrow chapter, sho being a lineal descendant of John Pottigrcw, a l i e u t e n a n t and later a captain in the navy during tho Revolutionary war. The certificate is number 22580, and is dated J u l y 1, 189S. Mr. B. F. Field, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Field, of Philadelphia, favorably k n o w n to many residents of this town and county, has enlisted in tho'Hospital Corps, and been commissioned first sergeant in the pharmaceutical department, h a v i n g passed the highest examination in a class of seventy-eight. He is at present located at Washington, awaiting further orders from that department. Mrs. Mary A. Powell and two of her sons, Dr. James Powell, of Kansas City, and Rev. Lyman Powell, of Philadelphia, have been sojourning at Rehoboth. They have m a n y friends in Caroline, among whom they have recently spent somo time. Rov. Mr. Powell gave service in the Episcopal Church at Rehoboth on Sunday morning. Ho is an able and eloquent preacher. Dr. Harry R. Barton, who has been practicing medicine in Easlon for several years, loft Cor St. Louis. Mo., where ho will establish'him- self in his profession. He is tho; son of Mr. Francis Tate Barton, of Talbot county, near Hillsborough. Mr. Alfred T. Wilson aud Miss Carrie Wilson, of Easton, were ro- cent guests at the home of School Commissioner Henry C. Fisher, in Tuckahoe Nock. Mrs. Daniel J. Zacharias, wife ot County Commissioner Zacharias,was paralyzed on Sunday evening last. Mrs. T. H. Hollingsworth and Mrs. Avory Tuthill? of Easton, wore Miss Sallie Stevens' guests this week. Mr. Irwiu T. Saulsbury and f a m - ily, of Ridgoly, will soon go to Ile- hoboth for n stay of two weeks. Miss Edna Cooko, of W i l m i n g t o n , is Miss L i u n i p Bryant's guest at "Oakford," Tuckahoa N o c k . Mr. and M r ' . 31. A. P a i n e Jot: for Odessa, N. Y., Mr. Panic's fonnor home, on S a t u r d a y last. Missc.-j Mary and Jessie Cos", of Baltimore, are v i s i t i n g tho Misses Dukes, at Plaindo.iling. Rev. II. W. U. Johnson, of Iho M. P. Church, was in Baltimore several days this week. Miss Ethel Wright, of Federals?; burg, has boon visiting relatives in Hnrloek. Col. L. H. Gadd was with Donton friends several days this week. J. Frank Turner, Esq., was in town Wednesday. Of ! : ·id." a r - ivi'il in ?f p'» i r',riM r l!'(. i e . L Coii'uam von f r o m this Saturday last. l"vip 10 n t t e n d ot -.hi' Redan i K e r s , son 1 '! to bo and as a u n u a n l i - -' to. 1 . C i l M \fj.n niatle moro .U- rhis week by the addition of '. 1 handsomely decorated Their ire l i f t t r n n in ;.'nl a.. '-.; t h e m woic lon- '"·-» ,-, , ind friends of tho -'- fii. ton w i n d o w s that P.IOLS r L';r ,n F. t i no ;jccpiu u j ;h 1-5 v i c i n i t y so VCM m a : h intorostcd [in tlie camp i t i f p u n g vhich is to bo held at Con COM!, b e g i n n i n g A u g u s t Oth. Mi-is ','Lu'A M i t u h c l l h n s r e t u r n e e to '.[r horu» i n Baltimore, at'to E;'- idiiig · · v v o r i l woekh here. Mr« \Y. L. JoijOa and her daugh tor, Violet, are visiting ro'latives a Bay View. Miss Mabol Thomas was the gucs of Uiss Sallir Potnrs on Sunday eve nin-r las,!. Mrs. W. R. Pfters and daughter l e f t Thursday m o r n i n g for a trip to Baltimore;. Miss Mollie Sattorfield is the guest of Mrs. John Whaley. Mr. ISai-lo Liden returned home Monday f r o m a trip to Baltimore. Mrs. Ira Lewis has returned from a visit to Washington. Mr. W. G. Wooters has r e t u r n e d from a flying t r i p to Baltimore. Tuiuplevlllu. James Boyer, Ernest Smith and Misses Etta Rash and Anna Everett attended the National Educational Association in Washington. Quite » n u m b e r of people of our town went to Greonsborough, Tol- ohestor and Washington Park on the 4th. Rov. M. D. Nutter, wife and laughter started Monday for an ex- lendccl visit to the Blue Mountains. Misses Nettie Scotton, E m m a Hall, ind Herman Smith are attending ho s u m m e r school at Dover. Mr. ChsrlosTemple, who has been :onfined to his hod about f o u r weeks, s still nimble to sit up. Misses Topsy Fnllowfiek! and Salio Hoathor arc v i s i t i n g friends in dler.^villo this week. Mrs. M a r y Palmer and daughter, a'^gic, vi-ntec! hnr sistor, Mrs. John i. Ksuory, last Sunday. IL rbert K n o l t t i K i u l T e m p l n Smith i s i t e d friends in Sudlersville last r. and Mi-'; -John d a u g h t e r , Li/.'.ir-. ;\\-.i M t . A!. M o i c h a u t spc:il fninda Jnh'ison and v i s i t i n g Miss and wife, of w i t h Mrs. ili-lv.i- GIJ tho n-y, J.uiie.-. I'.'.i. ; i ; , , ^ , W i l l i a m ;,,h 0 A. Si«ni: .md Maiy Fra u p p e t .s.ish an 1J. proprij.tQ eiubloiu adorns, each w i n - dow. Tho 1-.-0 pulpit \\iudows bca the nau,os of Revs. H. W. D. John son and C. E. Dryden, pastors. The hi; j..-ij-i!i~v !·.. F V i u s t h il J u l y w i t h goiy, spent f r i e n d s i n MU-F Kattc Potter, of Oxford, is no-- with lior sister, Mis. J. C. Goll e x . Mr. W i l l Sparks and brother visited Mr. Walion Jones last Sunday. Mr. aud Mrs. H. W. Temple spent S u n d a y at Mr. Senior's Blake's. II r. Joseph Fallowliold and wife H-ore in town Sunday. » Both Drb. Golley .and Stout are visry busy. Treslon. The canneries are m a k i n g great preparations for the canning season. Throe large steam boilers were lauded hero recently, also twelve car loads of cans, for use in the canneries. Lieutenant C'roighton Carmine, of the United States Navy has been visiting his parents, Captain and Mrs. C. S. Carmine. Mr. Orlando Kelley, of Baltimore, has been visiting .his brother, Mr, Everett Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Corkran and son, of Williaulsburg, have been Visiting Col. and Mrs. James H. Douglass. Messrs. A. W. Sisk and Charles H. Gooteo aro at Mountain Lake Park for a couple of weeks. Misses Willie Rockhold and Helen Eawliugs, of Annapolis, are visiting Iriends hoie. Mr. E m o r y Nichols, of Baltimore, has been visiting his mother, near town. Misses Susie Sisk and Bessie Phillips attended Iho National Convention of tcachois. in Washington, last week. Mrs. Wtu. II, Hollis is visiting her d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Somors Blako, near Denton. Conronl About all the farmers in this section have finished threshing their wheat crop. Tlie yield has boon very poor, ?Ir. 0. E. Todd, our genial and a f f a b l e m e r c h a n t , is b e a u t i f y i n g his re«i j jri:co w i t h ;i cont of paint. Mr. H r i c e DongliisK is doing the work. Mrh. W. W. Dukes is on the sick lis* rlus w o o k Mr. C. T. Johnson has cleaned tho ground ol leaves and r u b b i s h , prep a i d tory to h o l d i n g the camp, which l"j';'ir.i A u p n ^ r 5th. Hofi'-e t r a d i n g , last horses and horics t h a t jre not HO fast, aro tho gen era 1 t o p i c s of conversation when oai y o u i i " spori.i get together in tho o v o n i n g . Wpsley B a y u a r d , colored had several of his lingers badly lacerated by having them c a u g h t in the carrier of the s t a c k e r while t h r e s h i n g wheat on Tuesday last. O u r hostler asserts that, while coming from Easton a few evenings ago ho met a hog that was as large as an overgrown mule. other w i n d o w i , bear the names M a i y , Blanche and Edua Hobbs ; Lane and VirgL Moore, and t h e i o 1= an inscription window bv W. J Blackiston. The namos," Rache K i n u a n i o n and C. E. Society, fill opposite spaces in the Sunday School room. The centre window has the name of Rov. W. J. D. Lucas, and on either side aro windows presented by the Sunday School, one bearing tho namo of the school and tho other that of T. Pliny Fisher, the superintendent. The transoms were presented by tho Heptasophs and Junior Mechanics, and bear emblems of tho orders. The Sunday School of St. Paul's P. E. Church, Contreville, will run an excursion from Centroville aud points along the Queen Anne's Railroad to Rehoboth beach, on Wednesday .next. The train will leave Den ton at 0 o'clock in tho morning, arrrivo at Rehobotli at 10.30, aud leave Rohoboth at 4.30 in the afternoon. It is probable that Denton P. E. Sundaj' School aud many citizens will take advantage of the low ·ate of that day--$1 for all points from Queoustown to Rehoboth, and )0 cents for children. Rev. Geo. S. Fitzhngh is a member of tlie com- nittee aud Mrs. Gco. M. Russuin 'is o be ono of the cliaperones. Among the ministers who are to itteud and assist iu the services at 3hiltoiTs camp-meeting, which will JO begun on Friday* the 29th inst.," ire the following: R«ivs. A. D. Mel- ·iu, J. M. Holmes, W. R. Graham, X W. Austino, T. 0. Crouse, G. Q. iacchus. Mr.' T. H. Jarman, of Lij?h, will h a v e charge of he music at tho camp. It is understood that Rev. Charles 3tengle, pastor of the M. E. Church t Lcipsic, con torn plate* accnpting pa.vlm.-ilft in UIP Virginia Cont'er- sicc c 1 !' the Methodist Episcopal Huiroh, So.itli. A Christian Endeavor social was iel«l at t b n h o m p of Ilettio At- m.'or). ]] lj;dge]y ? un Ii r o:ul::y eve- lrl J'- *t! !:: ^ -'· '.'.".tiicring of % o u u g wore Th'i Sunday Schools of Harring- U)U aud Deutcti M. H. Churches will mil a j o i n t excursion to Queenstown on Thursday, the 28th inst. Ames' Sunday School will have a picnic at "The Oaks," near Hobbs, this afternoon. !'!:« Tri'.r urcr CJt-rlc (JttSP. ( M o n d a y , in Ceutrevillc, the s ot Hie Circuit Court will hoar n '*f ttu) ("'unt5- commission- i vis,County Treasurer Whitby. I'iius proceeding have boon in- .-t.'i- 1 ''.l»y *)),' I'o.iv,^ tn compel Mr. ^ '· ' '·' ,i!-i f.'i-in th? durior- of I'i-'i ··. [{me.. . ,.,, ·|. H ,;,.Mr.-, -ire t a k e n ia :i:n[ ' n r - 'OLTility o f t h e i n n t - t i f " i ; i . v be- r ( - : t ! ; d , Mi. W h i t b y bo- i n - r .-ill r h e time vo;-.dy to do the work .ace 1 -';a;r ro tlio law iniclt)* which Lu \M- -'-to,] \'r. Whitby, through ] - ' a":-:ii.y:. M^pprs. Lewis to West, l-ns Ji;-j'.i Jus answer to the cominis- 5,-vior.s 1 H-ti O f complaint. He ad- IT,-' *h-it t h u tioasurer law of the c-u-M.K-. ..·! Cn.-inffly in forct;, r- j f '.:·(..-, t ' j o . ; ,.uity treasurei to pei- j f o r m tin woi,c ot clerk to the board, l"ii tbat t h i ^ part of the law was ro- poalod by tho act of the last Legis- l a t u r e , r e q u i r i n g the county eotn- mis.-ioncis to appoint a clerk. Ir. liic evont th.-it the court decides in favor of Mr. Whitby's contention, the commissioners wiJl appoint their clfi'k on Tuesday next, aud the appointee will enter upon his duties at once, thore being important matters which await his attention, notably the making out oE the tax-books for tho present fiscal year. The gentlemen whoso names are most prominently mentioned in connection with the position are Edmund L. Melvin, of the Sixth district; Charles E. Stevens and William I. Norris, of tho Third, and David B. McCrea, of the Fifth. The usual sobriety of this place was exceeding startled Monday night by a strawride of youths and merry maidens from Denton. Their entrance to town was heralded by the swoot music of jingling bells, melodious tin horns, aud their expressive town "yell" which echoed far and near. They were entertained with a small dance by the Misses McShane and friends. After spending a pleasant h o u r or so, and extending to the Eidgelyites a hearty invitation for a spced}- return of the compli- m e u t , they made a uoisj' esit. Mr. y n d Mrs. T. F. Wood's two- year-old daughter died Tuesday night. Thore soems to be quite an attraction here for the Denton youths. Miss M. 15. McShane has been quite sick for some days. Mrs. Geovge Parker, of Cordova, was the guest of Mrs. L. J. Knotts this week. , Children's Day services were hold n the M. E. Church last Sunday and ivore Inrtfely attended. .Miss Eva Peniiington is visiting in Tuckahoe Neck. HAVE PEACE NEGOTIATION BEGUN? Tlio £)Ktiil:if,|i N«u I!, .'i.i.'il to [Ccill/u tin- J!o])loBsnosH i,r their Fight. Special hi;Mtch to Hie Jni'itN'Ai. BALTIMORE, JCLV 15.--Spain has suspended individual rig-bit, under the constitution, which is taken to r.ii'uu th;it .';· is suing for peaco. b a i - i u m o f j c Cuba has fallen. At tbreo o'clock Thursday afternoon Gotioral Toral, in command of the Fpatiis.'i troops, f o r m a l l y surronder- i " to G e n e r a l s .Miles and Shafter. iJy t h e terms ot »hi surrender, 10,000 w-)u, 0,000 S I J U H L - C miles of territory, and several ,me rurin-ssos fall into o«r h;nu!. ' : 'ho r'niti" 1 States agrees to tia.nM.-ojt li · ^p .iiisli soldiois I'.-iek to tht-ir u a f i \ e ·.'- L ,d. The siege' of Santiago had lasted two weeks, and was remarkable in mun'y spects, and in uon^ more, says a correspondent, (h' /i -.hc( Iioavy po'rcout- ag'a of los.« .iro i -'j d o a ^ b , wounds or sickness of tho ^olfliors and sail- on engaged on both ^ides. Look- iui; back over the record of these t w a weeks, it is seen that a great ironclad squadron has been, destroyed, that nearly a thousand Spanish sailors have been drowned or killed by shell and flame, 1 and that an untold number of Spanish soldiers have d i e d - i n the trenches of Sautis On the other hand, about 250 Amer ican soldiers have been killed, au in round numbers 2,000 more ha\ been sent to the hospitals fto wounds, fevers and other ailment Tho American fleet had a retuar able exemption from disaster in tl many eugagemonts'it had ^th~tinj'' '' forts at the entrance of the harbor · · · and with the Spanish'squadron. In a few days an expedition will be senty- against Porto Rico unless peace in}"'\.. tervenes. Yellow fever has broken-',;' out among the American'soldiers in.'/ Cuba, and there are said to be.-a hundred eases. Now that'Santiago. -' ; has surrendered, however, -the tients may be. isolated, and 'no siderable ^spread of the disease; anticipated. -""· ^ r PublicSrboul Xc-ws. Mr. J. W. Randolph has been awarded the contract to paint Fod- eralsburg Academy, at $114. Prof. R. Wilson Allen has been appointed principal atRidgely Academy ; Mr. James B. Noble, principal at Henderson: Miss Nettie Dean, principal at C h o p t a n k ; Miss Ella Harrison, teacher at Poplar Neck ; Miss Mary Stafford atHynson ; Miss Lelia Cox at Chestnut Grove j . Miss Lulu Gullett a t S m i t h v i l l e ; Mr. Foster Boyor at Concord; Miss Lillian Greene assistant at Henderson Academy ; Miss Wiuuio Griffith at American Corner ; Miss Nellie Harris at Bethlehem. Tho school board will be in session next Tuesday, when contracts for tho now school buildings, advertised in this paper, will bo awarded. The scholarships, for which ^examinations will bo held at tho Denton Academy to-day, will also be awarded Tuesday. |OrpIi!in»' Court Proceedings. Orphan's Court met on Tuesday last with Judges Siglcr, Orrell and Wright present. A. G. Towers, trustee, submitted his report of tho sales of the real os- tato of Richard J. Shields, deceased. Conditional order of ratification passed. James C. Collins, administrator of John Collins, presented an account of sales of tho personal estate of deceased, which was approved. The w i l l of Eliza Clirics was admitted to probate. Edward L. Adams, noting administrator of Alouzo E. Griffith, pro- souUd an inventory of the personal estr.lo of Iho deceased, and an order to sell was granted. The court directed that an exam- i n a t i o n oi" applicants for the schol- a i ^ t i i p at W.Viliinglou 'CoHe^re be held at the D o u t o a Academy on tho 27th inst. Our baby h;.s b«-en o o u t i n u u l l y troubled w i t h i-olic.-'nd cholera i n - f.-uitiua sinco his birth, and all that wo c o u l d lo for him did not seem to givo moro -than temporary relief, i i n t i ! wo tried Cliambarlaiu'.s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since g i v i n g that remedy he has not been troubled. Wo want to -jive Acroti!. lht! Tuvkulioc. / 'George L'. Jlooro has bought a ot,of ground at Queen Anne, of F l\ Burton, aud will erect thereon n r d w e l l i n g i n t o which he w i l l :v^ at tht* end ot tho year. Mr. L u t h e r Carter went to Balti- u o i o o u Thursday of last week to at- lend the f u n e r a l of his cousin, Byron Reynolds, only son of Ex-Governor Uf'yuoldsj of Delaware. The deceased made a visit to Cordova about a month ago and was at that time in excellent health. His death is greatly regretted here, Missus Amy and Gladys Parker entertained their little friends one day last week from three to six. Ices and cakes -were served and games otijoyc-d on the lawn. Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard Hub bard gave an informal picnic at thoir home, near Quean Anne, the afternoon of the Fourth. All tho cooking dainties of the season was served. Odil Fellows Ingtnll Officers. By request of Grand Master Hoffstetter District Deputy Grand Master Martin J. Perkins and Grand Marshall Wm. H. Davidson, of Dorchester Lodge No- .19, Independent Order Odd Fellows, visited Denton Lodge, No. 51, on Wednesday evening last, and installed the following officers for tho current term: Noble Grand, Edmund L. Melvin; Vice Grand, John L. Everngam; Recording Secretary, E. B. Griffenbergj Permanent Secretary, Ben. E. Johnson; Treasurer, Jacob Ghingher; Warden, C. H. Stewart; Conductor, John T. Carter; Outside Guardian, Frederick Hyde; Right Supporter to Noblp Grand, Henry R. Lewis; Left Supporter to Noble Grand, Rev. C. E. Drydon. Representative to Grand Lodge, Past Grand Z. Potter Steele. A Timely Wnrulni;. Now that the wheat threshing scas'ou is at hand, a timely admonition to the owners of traction or portable engines is perhaps not out ol! place. Too much care can not be exercised iu moving engines about the public roads t.o prevent tho fi-ighteuing of horses an/l consequent accidents. The l.-iw requires t h a t an a t t e n d a n t must be considerable distance in advance of a moving ;in«, and t h a t at the approach of a team the e n g i n e must'be stopped u n t i l t h e team passes. The law requires oacli engine on the public road to have a copy of tho law posted on it fruited copies, on cardboard, may bo h n d at .the JoURXAL office, for a tew i-onts each. ?,"o T:t\ on C'liuckr! uf Officials. The Internal R e v e n u e Bureau has rilled t h a t checks drawn by city, c o u n t y , Stato or United States officials i u their public capacity, are not subject to the stamp tax. Where How Much Must :i Hrliljo Stand? The Cambridge Democrat nnd raisesau iuterestingpo (ho liability of county commissioners 'n case of damage to L reasonably heavy loads. The says: Road law especially providesMj,|| that if bridges are in proper ind broken down by the passage'i leavy carts, c., tho the latter shall replace them, arid' 1 "" hat, of course,. without any compensation for loss sustained. Trac* ion engines are very heav; j u t whether or not the t bound to provide such bridges | will insure their safe passage has not yea been judicially deterioined ln short, how strong 1 a bridge : tho county build? This qu could have boon answered . , .- \^- p.f years ago by stating that all bridges};;R'J'; should be Siioiivr onouirh' (o ioads diawiL ijy r vo or three double-T''H team. But h o w this is no'criterion."^ The traction en-jinn iroes along wim/*^ i /I ·' ··' F-M its own steam, -sud there is no --cap"* ovlating tho It -id which a Abridge-?' may be required lo stand. - , - Layton Booker, son of Mr. John Booker, die«! at bib- hoiae in Greens- ,/ brrough, on Wednesday, evening ;; last, of rheumatic gout. Tho young - -· m m , who was about grown, was a i' great sufferer. Interment took placed " on Thursday. ' ' : Fred Matthews aud his had a fight a few days ago, ing the scuffle Fred-fired'a pistol. The ball took effect in his brother's face, inflicting painful injuries. ,, .;· DIED. WOOD.--On Tuesday o! malaria, Bertie Teresa, ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T Wood, near Hillsboro, aged -three' years. Interment on Thursday it St. Peter's Cemetery, Queen Anne. ANDERSON.--On Sunday, July 10th, 1898, Paul, infant son of Alonzo and Pearl Anderson. Interment took place in Hillsboro cemetery. MARRIED. SMITH--STACK.--At Calvary Methodist Protestant parsonage, Easton, on July 12,1898, by Rev. ty. M. Poisal, Mr. Charles S. Smith and Mrs. Cora M. Stack, both/ of this county. July is the recognized month of clearing u p all the odd lots and broken sizes aud assortments at Oehni's Acme Hall, which are placed at tho disposal of customers at d about half price. These goods are naturally the most popular, those that sold quickest, else they wouldn't be loft. Three of those Great Sales are advertised "on page 2, and shovr""*---J^ au immeuse saving in summer need: · *. ables. ~ [ Fair Ground farm, near B'ethle- hom, for rent; also house and lot on Main street iu Preston. A p p l y to MRS. Jo ANNA \ \ Cottage at Rehoboth for rent. Apply to WALTER SrARKLix, Denton,' Md. you this testimonial as'an evidence , chockb aro deposited,^!, the name of ' the official nnd carried "as a part of 1 his private bank account, they are tusablo. Checks drawn for payment For sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; i of public money aud signed by the Hugh Duffeyj Hillsboro: R. J. C o l - ' official in his official capacity, are not subject to tho tax. of our gratitude, not that you need it to advertise your meritorious remedy. -- G. M. LAW, Kookuk, Iowa, " I stou, Ridgoly, Royal nicked the lood pare, wholesome mnd delicious. POWDER Absolutely Pure BOVAL DAKIhO POWDER CO., NEW VORK. INEWSPAPERif

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