Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 24
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 24

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 24
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• -SUNDAY, AUGUST 2,1W S3 til rday (Continu* from page 7) THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL braak e QrMf Awwleari Cow Narrated by Jo< " Mc Cr«« , 0 ,h Sla , r Larry Mthan m «« 8 he form of nwcomer Phil Oscar-winning view ol life on the rodeo circuit. 'G' riib*? 0 NATION AL OEOORAPHrC Pernell Roberts narrates this stud/ofthe Staff. 2"" " S rela "°n»hip »<»h lh« Plants and animals Inhabiting the 700 a '" e Okelon °'<e« Swamp. In ster- j- ID i WCU MOVIE "Firepower" (1979) Sophia Loren, James Cobum. A man's wid- °V°« 8 '° ' he Caribbean to le.mTe reasons behind her husband's violent owMn. WON MUSIC MAGHME Videos: Joe cocker s "You Are So Beautiful," Tanya T' "Feel Right" and "Don't Slop E8PN HORSE RACING Whitney Stakes run at 1 and 1 /a miles, for three-year-old .. CMC COMPUTER GRAPHICS A study of hiCS and • nlnla " ont SHOW MOVIE "The Ouinns" (1977) Barry Bostwick, Geraldine Fitzgerald. The ves of four generations of an Irish family l V "!°J n J? ev ' York Cl| y ""> Influenced by "!?£ ^'cation to fireflghtlng. MAX MOVIE "Casino Royale" (1967) Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress. James Bond comes out of retirement when asked to help stop two underground organizations involved In gambling 2:30 WON ONE BIG FAMILY Maryanne or- 52" ° 8 " 8lrike a 98lnat her employer. WJB»8ANFORD AND SON , *" C J< MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD 3:00 • KTVU DANCE FEVER Judges: actor Henry Polic II ("Webster"), Andrea Evans ("One Life lo Live"), Cathy Rlgby 0 lr Perf0fms '" — _""-" BOB UECKER'S WACKY WORLD OF SPORTS The famous and nol-so-lamous are a part ol this offbeat look at sports, hosted by the former Malor League catcher who humbly refera lo himself as "Mr Baseball" • KPIX PROS AND CONS Should drug testing be mandatory in professionsl sports? Guests Attorney F. Lee Bailey (no) and football analyst Sam Rutigliano (yea). Host: Bob Trumpy. (R) 0 KOED NATURE Explores the varieties 01 plant and animal life found in the Seychelles, a 80-lsland archipelago in the Indian Ocean. (R) n • KTXL VEGA$ • KBHK SIX HOURS FOR LIFE CONTIN- O MCTV CHEF OF THE WEEK WON CHARLES IN CHARGE Overprolec- live parents cast a cloud over Charles' <*•)• "Hh an attractive girl. (R) WTBS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRES- ESWOURNESS RACING The Hambleto- »'«ndardbreds, from East Rutherford, OWN BEST OF OZ2IE ANO HARRIET Ozz» Invites an old acquaintance lo dinner, unaware that Harriet has already com- JJi!i'£ d J~ m '? B prior engagement. DWC YOU AUSTRALIA A look at sn underground town created by the opal miners. ANO "" * f a 66-year-old, married lonely-hearts column!; I and an independent, torlyiah schoolteacher blossoms into on unlikely romance. In S* D * 3:30 • KTVU PUTTIN' ON THE HITS • KMN AT THE MOVK8 • KPIX SUPER CHARGERS • MCTV LIFESTYLE (Joined In Prog- *"»/T THE MOVIES Rax Reed. BUI name, scheduled reviews' "Nadine" (JeH Bridges. Kim Basingef); "Stakeout" (Richard Dreyfuss, EmHtoEs evei) MN Iff MKND FUCKA sS mov. KMT Kan a father's ranch and try to claim . including Mcfca. " a •NOW Move "Detective School Drop- pyla" (1886) David Landaberg. Lorin DreyfMea. A pennileaa private aye leaches a detactive-novel jinkt, lha tri*. 2, tha trade while on a SMALL ike plant to ranaw their WON E TABeMBiT TMB WCEK Actress Kim BaeMger ("Bund Data"), hi stereo. f KPW MORE REAL PfOPLf ICOO MOVK "Tha Getaway" (1872) > Steve McQueen, AH Maf Grew. A recently V paroled convict and his wife take part in ; a bank robbery engineered by a crooked' prison olficisl and filled with crosses and double-crosses. O KOED SNEAK PREVIEWS Hosts Jeffrey Lyons end Michael Medved look at what's new al the movies. In stereo. O KrCU ALIAS SMITH AND JONES • KTXL FALL GUY WON BASEBALL Chicago Cubs st New York Mels (Live) ESPN SPOHTSCENTEH SATURDAY OWN MOVIE "Escape To Witch Mountain" (1975) Eddie Albert, Kim Richards Two children with mysterious powers are pursued by s man who wants to exploit their talents for evil purposes. 'G' DWC SURVIVE A study ol survival In Peru's jungles. MCK RATED K: BY NOB 4:30 • KTVU NEW OKXsET • Km WILD KINGDOM O KOED BODYWATCH A look al psychologists' use of dream therapy to reach a mental balance In tha waking lives of their pstients. g • MCTV MSM WM8TON CUP RACMQ A behind-the-scenes look at auto racing, including interviews, highlights and late- breaking news. Host: Ned Jarratt. (Taped) ESPN TRUCK AND TRACTOR PULL NICK BAD NEWS BEARS """"* MAX MOVK "O'Hara'a Wife" (1882) Edward Asner. Mariette Hartley. Following his decision to take his wile oft ol lite- support systems, sn attorney is visited, counseled and consoled by her ghost. KP1XVEGAI KOED VICTORY GARDEN The Chicago Botanical Garden's Japanese Garden and its rose collection. D • WCU POLICE STORY fBKTXL MOVK "The Buccaneer" (1968) Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston. General Andrew Jackson employs the aid o| the famous pirate Jean Lalitte during the War of 1812. O MCTV SUPER CHARGERS ESPN SPEEDWORLD Isle of Man SOOcc World Motorcycle Championship Series from Great Britain. (R) DWC BREAKTHROUGHS The Implications of a new medical instrument that sees the body at work. .NICK DONNA REED HBO MOVK "Sweet Dreams" (1985) Jessica Lange, Ed Harris. Marital pitfalls parallel Patsy Cline's rise lo brilliance in the world of country music In the late 1960s and early 1960s. In stereo. 'PG- 13' D »»W SWUEY DUVALL'S TALL TALES AND LEGENDS "Ponce De Leon And The Search For The Fountain Of Youth" The story of Ponce de Leon (Michael York) and his companion (Raul Rodriquez) who discover a land they call Florida and a fountain that promlsea eternal youth Also stars Sally Kellerman and Dr. Ruth Westheimt r. In stereo, g "•TH^P?^ 7 * " s * crel Of Tne lnc ««" (1854) Charllon Heston, Robert Young. An expedition searches for the priceleas Inca Sunburat burled over 500 years ago 8 KRONNBCNEW8 KOED THM OLD HOUSE Adding vinyl siding; insulating the Interior; installing electrical wiring; exterior trlmwork. (R) • _ MCTV SPORTS DISC NEW TECH TIMES Up-to-date Information on tha changing electronics Held, •"""videogames to word processors.' MCKMraTERED EVENING •:00 • KTVU PRIVATE BENJAMIN • KRON COVER STORY • KPIX CBS NEWS 0 KOED FRUGAL GOURMET Jeff Smith prepares a variety ol quiches, including broccoli and Swiss cheese, asparagus and cruatlass. (R) • K^BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON m KBHK MOVK "King Kong Vs. Godzilla" (1863) Michael Keith, Harry Holcomb. Kong and Godzilla battle it out for supremacy, destroying everything in their paths. ESPN TRUCK AND TRACTOH PULL OWN MOVIE "Dragonslayar" (1881) Patar MacNlcol. CaHHn Clarke. A daring young man attempts lo rescue a maiden Irom the wrath ol an ancient, firebreath . ing creature. 'PG' MBC TOWARDS 8000 Featured: lechnol ogy uaad In moaHoring tha atmosphere tSAXSHSXP. ** •""•'•"•••"•I Wa. MCK MOVK "Captain Fury" (1838) Vic tor McLaglen. Paul Lukes. A mercenary bravely battles corruption In an early Australian penal colony. •HOW MOV* "Mask" (1886) Cher. Sarr • tud x? f _ undlriflt. 7 22 SJST' 0 "WONUM, P.I. fi KSf """JS- O^ PORTUNEQ • KPIX HEROES: MADE M THf U.S.A. Los Angeles police officers' fight against s reel gangs; a woman who set up a hospice lor AIDS patients; a lawyer for the oe>f. (R) JJMWIO DP, EOELL-8 MEDICAL JOUR. (B KOED UP8TAM8, OOWNBTA«8 Alfrad. a forrmr footman In the Bellamy household, returns to Ma old employers ESPN DRAG RACMQ MRA Northern Na- «2J«'».''w; Milan, Mteh. (Taped) DWC CATTLE DRIVE A growpof adventurers herd cattle through tha Great Di- VHw. HBO MOVK "American Ftyera" (1866) K ' ¥i " C 2f llw ' Di¥W '*"•• «w"Ti grueling bicycle competition m tha Cote- ^^f? '"!: ' doclor • Bd hli eolto ««dropout brother, who may be auffertno from a haredit.ryTmass, mVka sS '• conclll «" on - » «»fao. 'PG- 13'g MAX MOVK "Gilda" (1848) Rtta Hayworth. Glenn Ford. A World War II viler- an s luck at the gaming tables in Buenos Aires brings him Into contact with s casi- _ Qoojjnef «nd hla seductive new bride. 7:06 WTBS GREAT MODEL SEARCH Twelve finalists, .g., 14 to 18, compete for the cover ol 'Teen Magazine, a modeling contract and other prizes. Features segments on the girls' hometown sctivl- " lies, and performances by rock group The Nylons snd pianist Dale " Host: Michael Young. ™ 7:30 O KRON JEOPARDY! g • KPIX HOT STREAK Featured: meet 19-year-old Korean Immigrant who is reigning world chsmpion of fitaeroblcs Eileen Hanagan. chief engineer and third male ol a tug boat; meet Stanford's • KGO^lffite.r"'^ "i ma «rrny. JHJ ffi KrCU THAT'S INCREDBLEI ffi KTXL CHARLES IN CHARGE Overpro- tectiye parents cast a cloud over d ROCK The alory of how from his lather (Hector Elizondo). shy iell. X Brl V ^ ' ask8 jells Bnsebols) pays her MOVIE Conscience E ar a u,, p<ns ' >" n « D «nn»r- , Elaborately detailed fantaales fraught with murder provide an eminent attorney *<R) ayalemallctll » P' 01 hi » . CRACK4»8 ! »«»«nd viewed Irom a historical and ecoloolcal oaranar live, including a look at IhV houalnd. „ a_f"»y birds that bread d^g* • KrCU WR.LJE NELSON'S PtrtMr ^"Shf ,'rom Willie Nello?. * J^UN concert of July A, 1986, with Darform. ances by Fabulous ; ThunderblrdJ Al™ R ? , m8 r J l!ll 0 I8lasia8 ' th « Baach Bo y ;. Rita Coolidge. Roger Miller, John Couga Meltencamp. Emmylou Harria. Kris Kris- Akfns B ° * rs ' Narrtlor: Clauda To Shiloh" James Caan, Michael Sarrazin Seven idealistic young men Join the Con..... • the pilfalla ol grow '' "" n *' ° UP C0rili ' « ' » (Jcriow' MOVW VWIM W" L - A - CON SHOW MOVK "Heartburn" Streep Jack Nicholson. oaEphrora ' novel Is the basis for this bltierswaa" ' •lory ol the turbulent marr ige "" a New York based food writer and a Washina ton columnist 'R'g "«»nina THAOIW: OMMnMW- «. . £!!$"•, W .**' "TonlgM'a tha Night and "I'm Sorry." Also ooearlno <*«• ««*. Clarke. '^•Carlisle, to stereo. •:300KTVU8TO6 win * P?P" r « «o l««va Waahlngton. D.C., altar his Air Force fa- •TmStlfl L^ •JlSSJPJ 1 "*"*- W iu£? 5^ , BU ' WTVN "MOW While sing ng a lullaby to her son. Molly dlscov- JfOVK "The Dawn Patrol" (1838) Erro Flynn. David Nlven. A British flying "£*•? h '2 ':" nd>a r ° 0hle br o«"er on 2 World WarT^ "**' Ff " nc * ln In KTXL *«er!o ICTVU • WJON OOLDtN OM.8 Sophia and KOED NATIONAL ETY BPICML8 Robert marrta. '*"*"" ESPN AWA CHAMPIONSHI 0 MOOHUL A look at the Moghul dynastiaa of Northern India In the 18th and 17lh conturits, HBO MOVK "Al Close Range" (1886) Sean Penn. Chrlatopher Walkan. With little to look forward to, tha lure ol his lono- absent f.ther's profitable lila o iSSSt hold. . certain appeal lor a Pennsylvania teen-ager. In stereo. 'R' g * JloiLx*? 0 ^, " Nolh 'ng In Common" (1986) Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleaaon A Chicago advertising agency executive Is IS5S*h.. '•••"•'!!•"» his relationship with his parents when they separate al»'« r JJU 01 "* of marriage. 'PG' g BjOS WTBS NIGHT TRACKS V 8:30 • KTVU • KTXL KAREN'S 8ONQ Steven's (Lewis Smith) shocked to learn ti« .= ) ' ln Bfereo KRON AMEN Frye takes a young computer whiz under his wings. In stereo " B KTXL NEWS KHON HUNTER Hunter's arrested for the murder of Big Jack, the prime aus- , pec ,' in lh « McC «» "hooting. (Part 2 of 2) in storoo. (R) D § KPIXWE8f87TH KOED COMEDY TONIGHT • KBHKKUNGFU ESPN TOP RANK BOXWO "Tarrlbla Thn" wISlI'K! 0 ? ""i 1 *! 1 * Wlll§ h • "••"»• weight bout scheduled lor 10 rounds. OWN MOVK "The Great American Cowboy" (1874) Narrated by Joel McCrea co^m^,^" Urry "*•**»* compeiiiton tn the form of newcomer Phil *" of •* °" P.KBMKfTBALlVtaa STffiSKS' 5 ton (Catherine of "* •* "Captain Fury tor McLaglen, Part Lukes A bravery battles corruption mTn Australian penal colony. MkX) NOT MKXSSAINLY TMi MEDIA Ac hr the NNTN team for thla spoof of newsoa- SHOW MOVK "One Nlght...Onlyl" (1884) Lenora Zann, Helena Udy. A clev- sr law student in urgent need TO! cash combines a New Year'a party and a rowdy hockey team and produces a money-making venture. MAX ' ?*C RUMCAPRA A look at the behavior of the rublcapra, a near-extinct breed ol • SHOW aALLAQHER: THE ME88K8T OP GALLAGHER A compilation of Gal- lagher'a funniest bits from Ma eight pTa- ". movie spoo MQVK KPtt MOVK "National Lampoon'a . early 1880s aa Houae^tha zanlaat end WMdaatgrnig a coMaga campui, battle. lh « ai*m One" DWCDEA«MO«AIC MAX MOVK "Cocaine Wars" (1886) John SchneMar. Kathryn WHl. A us ho.- w,, l 0 r . t » c ov« «h« paraon- alldenl ly ahe has lost after her marriage jomesto an unexpected and. • KBHK MOVK "Diary Of Richie Brockelman" (1978) Dennis Dugan.BarbJr. Bosson. An enthusiastic but Inexoerl- 131*.. Pri f" e ,*, y * iu ° 8l * i two c «"plk>at- ad cases involving a supposedly dead pi- B -' HK Lo§ An ° atSanAnlonIo Racquets (R) }72 H .. MOVIE ."The Young Vlsitars" irn^u TT, 01 " 1 ™ 11 ' K " nny "• lMd - B- ements of fantasy are Interwoven into . !u ^.K " youn ° wr "" r * ho *••»•• a lala of the romance between a wealthy ?roduM* n i* n h, 'K* y T 8 wointn h « ln England *°° ly *" Edwtrdl « n *° M O"' "Raal Genius" (1886) Val to a . " tu * rt «K Na greenhorn roommate, their superior scientific aptitudes are being MMI ^ SS- Ijvate mlWsry weapons, to atarao 'PG' «:80 • WCU MOVK "Something For' Joey" 0877) GeraldlM Page. Mw?StnoerThe ' and his close M . wo « an withieykamla. la chronicled. • KTXL MOVK "Tha 3,000 Mile Chase" (1977) CHH DaYoung/ Gtom Ford. A professional courier mua! aafalv transport a key * ^^^•\ii^^CtSSSJ^t^!l

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