The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 16, 1914 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1914
Page 12
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Thursday Evening, July 16, 1914.' a?HE DECXTUR REVIEW Elerin 1 RAIN WELCOMED IN THIS COUNTY Lightning Causes Destruction of Long Creek Church-I Chimney Struck--No Rain in Argenta or Maroa--.47 Inch is Amount. I Decatur and most oC Macon county [Were visited by a welcome rain Thursday morning, but it was not heavy enough to do much grood. It coolefl off tha atmosphere however and made living more comfortable. According to the official record, Just .47 of an Inch fell. ( THREATENING CLOUDS. When the- dark storm clouds approached from the west at 6 o'clock Thursday morning:, many people thought Becatur was aboupt to get the worst drenching: It has had this summer. At 6:20 o'clock the rain began falling heavily and the shower continued ten m!nute«. Again about 7:SO there- was a. heavy shower. Then the clouds cleared from the sky and Old £ol appeared. LONG CREEK CHURCH BURNED. As a result of the storm, the Long Creek church lies in ruins. Lightning struck the building at 6 o'clock this morning and burned It to the ground despite the hard work of the men in the neighborhood to save it. The loss is estimated at about 16,000 ar1 51,000 insurance was carried. , Ths piano and most of the other f u r - niture was carried out and saved. The church was built four years ago. F. P. j Peters of Mt. Zion is the pastor. CHIMNEY IS STRUCK, tightning also struck the big chimney at the home of Rev. and Sirs. A. B. Cooper, 1330 West ^Idorado street, Sttortly after 6 o'clociv. It brought that part of the chimney above the. roof crashing to the ground and split the remainder down to the foundation. Two little boys of the Cooper household were sleeping in an Iron bed in a rdom directly beside the stack but were not harmed. JIADE RUN IN* KAIN. The fire department, called from dry cots at 6.IS faced an almost solid wall of water in its long run to the scene of Ughtnin.o- play, the bis: t r u c k s wheeling into the water like gun boats and the men almost beaten from their places by the force of the downpour. When the department came into port there was no fire visible ilthough the llght- nrrig had ripped and crackled about the roof and chimney for rome little time after its fall. OCCUPANTS STARTLED. Occupants of 'he house were startled and jarred by the force of the lightning and the heavy rain of bricks, but all escaped uninjured. The yard Is filled ·with debris, mortar and split bricks extending over the lawn of the DeForrest home, the house next to the east. Mrs. M. A. DeForrest is the owner of the Cooper house. An investigation ot the damage shows that though the shock of the lightning was great no damage other than the destruction of the chim- ney %vaa done. It la estimated that from $50 to 875 will cover the lost. EARTH LIKE SPONQB. Though the rain was not a heavy one and did little more than lay the deep dust, it Is one of the best showers this c o u n t y has had since election day, April 7. The earth soaked up the water like a sponge as soon as it fell. REPORTS FROM COUNTY. Reports from other towns in this county show t h a t only the central and southern parts received "10 rain. The teports follo\v: Maroa--Xo rain. Oreaxm--?fo ruin. Armenia--No rafn. YVarren*burj?--Small Ahorf-er. Mnntlc--Nearly half Inch. HarrfatoTvn--Good sbower. Bu«t well laid. Macon -- Two gooA MhOTrer*. Laid flust. Bine Mouad--Fair rain. Mt. Zion--Two good nhovrer*. Needless to say. It Is the southern p a r t of the county which needs ths rain most. Fairly General In Other Counties ·HI {QUITS --For two days, Friday and Saturday, Tho Gebhart Co. will Bell 600 ladies' house and street dresses, in all colors and sizes, of the latest styles and fine materials, tastefully trimmed, sold at $1.50 and up. Get at this great bargain early and Set your choice. Friday and Saturday choice 75c.--Adv. People You Know The rain was f a i r l y general in the counties around Decatur. The following reports were received today: Tuscola--Xo rain up to 10 o'clock, but it was threatening and there was much t h u n d e r a n d l i i r ' n l n s . . Taylorville--It · i m . l hard for twenty minutes and a b ^ u * i . - - ! o u r t h of an Inch fell all over the .c i n t y . Shelbyville--It sprinkled for an h o u r ami there was a good deal of thunder and lightning. Montlcello--It started raining at 10.15 t h i s morning and it looked l i k e n steady downpour. The dust was about three inches thick and rain was needed badly. Clinton--It- began to sprinkle at Clinton at 9 o'clock and then cleared up with no more prospects of rum. RAISE PRICE OF ICE; TO BE PROSECUTED St. Louis, M o , July 16 -- Criminal prosecutions will be instituted by W. T. Rutherford, assistant state attorney general of Missouri, If he finds evidence on a conspiracy to increase the price ot ice In St. Louis, he announced here today. Sir. R u t h e r f o r d came to St. Louis last night to invest i g a t e the recent increased price of Ice by two of the largest companies. Mrs. Eva Boose, who has be'in visiting in and around Decatur for the Past six weeks, has returned to her home in San Diego, Cal. Mlos Nellie Ray of Homer, who has been visiting her uncle, Captain A. R Ray, anfl family, 1535 North College street, for a week, returned to her home Wednesday. Mrs. Harry Bayley ot Indianapolis arrived Wednesday for a visit of a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fleck on Central avenue. Mrs. Sophie McClellan, 1275 South Broadway, who underwent a very serous operation at the St. Mary's hospl tal Monday Is getting along nicely. Jacob Keck is seriously ill at his :ummer home Just across Lost Bridge. Mrs. F. J. Parr and daughter Harriet, 1441 West Macon street, left Thursday morning for Nevada, Mo., for t visit of several days with relatives here. F. J. Parr returned from a business trip to Hillsboro yesterday. Ths Misses Fannie and Abbie Arnold of Bloomington are visiting at the home of their sister, Mrs. F. J. Parr, 1441 West Macon street. Miss Letltla Moore, who has been making her home In Lexington, Ky., has returned home on account of the illness of her mother, Mrs. Mary Moore, 554 East Olive street. MISss Clara Young, 1539 North Union street, has gone to Milwaukee, Wis., and the lakes for a Etas' of several days. Local Notices. Notice* n Paid Adr«rt!»lng. and 11:25 a. m .. and 1:16 a, m., July Good returning to July 19. For AVIATOR KILLED IN COLLISION Schwerln. Ger., July 16--Carl Ge- giant, a German aviator, died todav from injuries received d u r i n g a collision between his aeroplane and that ot Lieutenant von L-uehe. of the Meek lenburg grenadiers on July 14, as both aviators were s t a r t i n g on a f l i g h t . The .Meutenant also was severely hurt. Plenty nica clean fresh fish. Merriss Bros. 204 N. Franklin. Both phones. --Hard Time Skate at Dreamland Park Monday night, July 22. Admission to rink lOc everybody. Skates 15c Mr. H. B. Walker wifhes to thank the neighbors and friends for tho kindness shown at the death of his wife and mother. ALL ON FIRE--ALL FREE. Dare Devil Harry, all on fire, will skate in the lake all on (ire every night this week at Dreamland park. $2.50 Chicago and return via Wabaah. Good leaving Decatur July ig, i : is a . m., 10. particular!, see Wabash ticket agent. On account of the appointment of W. K. Whitfleld to the circuit bench the partnership of Attorneys Jack and Whltfield is dissolved. The surviving member, Attorney T. B. Jack will continue the practice of law at the office 425-6-7 Citizens BIdgr. Attorney Lee Boland will be In charge of Mr. Jack's office until the latter is able to attend to his office duties, after recovering from sickness which now confines him at his home. HALIBUT, 15c AT BARR'S. AMERICAN THEATER TONIGHT. FLORENCE LAWHEXCE. CRYSTAL TODAY AND TOMORROW. THE MILLION DOLLAR .MYSTERY, Episode No. 2. "A Fnlse Friend " The best 100 word solution gets A PRIZE OP $10,000. Present Indications Are for Bumper Crop. White Heath, July 16--Another bump- · crop of White Heath watermelons and cantaloupes is expected this year, as the melons are- In excellent condition at present. It Is stated that none of tho melons will be ready 'or the market until about Aug. 10. While the drouth this year has been had for the oats and h a i d on other crops, it has been just what was wanted tor the watermelons. Last year there was almost a complete failure of crops about here with the exception of watermelons, The melons in quality and quantity exceeded the crop of any recent year. STILL THRESHING WHEAT. Farmers here are still threshes their whs'U but expect to finish b/ the end of the week. The wheat is excellent M A R K E T S CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (Furnlihoa tr W«r« Inland.) Chicago, July 16.--Following Is the rang* with j-esterflay's close: yellow, 6S«c; No. « WHEAT-- Open. July T!%~ Sep 7T DSC so CORN-- l y old., July, new. Sep., old.. Sep., n e w . Dec OATS-July 6ep Dec FORK-July High. Low. Close. Yflf. 79« 77% 70% 78' T «» TTS . T8% T7 has been expected. A field of 120 acres belonging to Silas Slevers, the banker, was threshed the 'utter part of last week and yielded 42 bushels to the acre. Edward Williams had a. field which yielded 46 bushels. Oats In this vicinity are being cut this week and do not look very good, the weather of the past week ripening them too fast after the crop had already been stunted by want of rain earlier In the season. The corn about here looks fine, most of it being as tail as the average man's head and being o[ a healthy color. -t- 1202 1193 aampl« . OATS -- Market Ho up, New tta 8SH=: No. 3 white, 8J,c; So. 1 mint. Wheat Corn ,. Cats ., Marke^Gossip. J1lralih«3 by Conlay, Qulgltr A Co.) CHICAGO CAM. Rets. Shpu. E»td. Ago. 521 S22 524 « . ISfl 145 13(1 148 PRIMARY MOVEMENTS. Receipts-"Wheat ..... Corn Oats Shipment* Wheat Corn OatB ....... Today. 2.117.000 870.000 440.000 1,618.000 318000 625,000 Tr. Ago 1.488,000 270,000 4T4.000 8 94.0OO 676,000 817,000 PROPOSED FREIGHT RATES CANCELLED Washington, July 16.--Proposed increases in class and commodity freight rates from points in Maine on the Maine Central railroad to points In Central Freight association territory were found not justified today by the interstate commerce commission and cancelled. SKIRTS Tour choice of a wash or a wool skirt, many styles, all sizes, worth up to $3.75; Dollar Day DRESSES Gingham, zephyr lawns and madras dresses, worth up to $3.00; Dollar Day COATS AND SUITS Suits of linen and pique, worth $4.50. Coats of rep with fancy collar and cuffs, worth $4.00; Dollar Day CORSETS American Beauty lace front corset; $1.50 value; Dollar Day MILLINERY Your choice of any hat in our stock. White and panamas not included; Dollar Day SILK HOSIERY 3 pairs of 50c silk hose, all colors, double heel and toe. Dollar Day, three for MEN'S FURNISHINGS A one dollar shirt, one collar, one tie and one gold plate collar button; Dollar Day H IRSCU COMPANY H Everything Ready to Wear. 121-125 N. Water St., Decatur. WAISTS Waists that usually sell from $1.75 to $2.50, in all the wanted styles and materials; Dollar Day Endorse Liquor Laws and Urge Their Enforcement Des Moines, July 16.--Prohibition forces lost their contest for the Insertion of a plank favoring the re-submission of the prohibition question to a vote of the ppople at the Republican state convention here yesterday. The convention did adopt a plank endors- ngr the present liquor laws and com mending t h e i r enforcement. The "drys" were defeated after ; long fight in the resolutions commit tee. whl^h finally voted u n a n i m o u s l y against putting 1 such a plank in the platform. There was no opposition the convention and the committee report went through w i t h o u t a hitch. Xo attempt was made to revive the question on the floor of tha convention. CHARGES I. C. WITH DISCRIMINATION Chicago, July 16--Charges of freight rate discrimination brought by th* K u r z Piano company of Rockford, 111, against the Chicago . Eastern Illinois, the Illinois Central and N o r t h w e s t e r n roads were heard yesterday by state public utilities commission. Counsel for the company asserteO the railroads refused to make carloads rates for his concern on his shipments to Chicago and to Steger, 111. J. H. Cherry, attorney for the Illinois Central, said the rates had been made many years ago and recommended that the commission make a fair classification. Chicago, July 16--The Federal league scored its first big- legal victory In Its war on organized baseball today when the a p p e l l a t e court held the ten days clause In the ball players' contract "null and void '' IX.rUNQTION ISSUED. The i n j u n c t i o n Issued by Judge Foell in the superior court and served on Johnson while he was participating in a gams was granted at the request of the Cincinnati Nationals, whose ranks Johnson l e f t to Join the outlaw Federals. Johnson before he signed with his new associates gave the Cincinnati club the same notice of his leaving that his c o n t r a c t with It required the club to give. Ten days a f t e r he had given the notice he joined the Federals. OFFICIALS PLEASED. Federal league officials here were pleased w i t h the decision. At the same time it is believed the ruling gives the ball plajers a great leverage In making demands from the clubs. The decision from ths appellate court, was signed by Justices Edward O. Brown and Frank Baker. Justice William H. McSureiy dissenting. The opinion will be filed later and none of the j u s t i c e s would discuss any of the findings. Friend of Lincoln Dies. Berkley, Cal.. July 16.--Minor C. gil- mor», seventy-seven years old the eng i n e e r who gave A b r a h a m Lincoln a "boost" in his engine cab when the president lost his train at Mattoon, III., scon a f t e r his first election, died here yeserday. Gllmore p u l l e d he first Pullman dining car exer built and was at the throttle of the locomotive which took the f i r s t passenger train from St. Louis to Bloominston, 111. NEW HAVEN STOCK MAKES RECOVERY New York, July H -- The market showed remarkable recuperative q u a l i ties before noon. New Haven making- full recovery as the selling Jn that | quarter ceasecf, ~ut the list as a whole, was subjected to feverish fluctuations. Sellings of U. S. Steel, ascribed in part to the tears, became the feature of the second hour, the stock declining- 114 points to 53 on fairly large offerings, but soon rebounded. Baltimore Ohio suffered an additional setback, Pennsylvania fell a point and Chesapeake Ohio was again under pressure. Among the inactive railways Erie second preferred was prominent w i t h a 2}i point loss. Bonds were Irregular. PERSONALS. Mrs Ethel Clark of LouJsMlle, Kv., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Sirs. Gldel, I22S East Elrlorrulo e t r f o f Miss T h e l m a \ V i l c o x has r p t u r n e d from a visit in Blnomington C E. Rodgers and family, 404 North Oakl a n d avfnuo. will t a k " nn auto t r i p to Silver Lake, near Meare Mich , the first of August Mi?a Mahel Buhr. 9"5 N o r t h Water street! hag r e t u r n e d from, a ten days' visit in Oklahoma. Mrs. "William Brohag* of St Louis, who has been v i s i t i n g her ais'er. Mrs Henry Buhr, has returned to her home Miss Delta Brocl- hage is spending two w-gekg with Miss Mabel Buhr. Mrs H E Rti'fer. 412 East Orchard street is \ i s t t i n g her daughter, Mr? Grace Fherlgo of Ken ney Edward Ballinger, ?25 Railroad avenue, Is v i s i t i n g his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Ballenger In Mattoon Miss Grace Walt S15 TVeBt Main street, is ESTIMATED CAB6. Chicago, July 16.--Estimated can: "Wheat, 580; corn, 107; oats, 12S. KORTHWESTEEN MIXJUER. Minneapolis, July 16.--The Northwestern illller says; "Business with Minneapolis and Interior mills last week varied considerably. "While, the majority reportad, tomewhat In creaaad aales, others booked leas f l o u r and found trade dull. Busfneia done seemed to range between 50 and 65 per cent of the current output. Export builness last week seemed to be exceptionally meagre. Of the 23 Minneapolis mills, 18 were In operation July 14. 'Tha weather during the l«t week haa been favorable and crops In the north we it have prospered. Though, the weather Wednesday to Friday wag very hot the maximum temperature ranging S2 to 66. there 6 a cool breeze all the time and aside from Chicago, July 16--Wheat eased off today in consequence of cables being unresponsive to yesterday's advance In prices. General favorable weather conditions throughout tho spring crop states counted also against the bulls. Reports that black rust had been discovered in North Dakota as well as In Minnesota and South Dakota 8eem«d to be looked upon largely as A foregone conclusion. After opening unchanged to He lower, ths market showed but little power to react On reports of black rust damage Id Minnesota, the close was strong 101H! to l % @ l % c net higher. Widely scattered showers bad a. b«t.r- Ish effect on corn. There was a noticeable absence of aggressive buying. The opening which was U to Ho down was followed by an additional decline. Cash houses buying 3ed afterward to a rally, especially In July. The elosa was unsettled, ^.©Hc off to an *!U vance of %c net. Oats sagged with corn and wheat/ The majority of commission houses were on the selling side. Hlghe? prices for hogs gave strength to provisions. Trade however, was light. the forcing of growth the effect a* i was regarded a» beneficial. whole "Reports ar« coming from South Dakota that Borne damage hat been done In Brown and Clark countfei, also about Mitchell, by heat and rust However, this is considered as of minor Importance a» reports Indicate t h a t the high average condition Jn othar parts of the state more than offset any impairment." New York Sugar. New York. July 16 --Market for raw sugar steady. Molasses, $2 61, centrifugal, $3 29. Refined lugar steady. LIVESTOCK. Indianapolis Live Stock. U. S Yard*, Inatanapolii, July 16.--Hog receipts 9,000 head; market 5 cents higher. Pales, JSOO@0.05, bulk of ealea. JS.95^000; Cattle recelntx 1,000 head; market for best steady; others weak. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, July 16 -- Mixed and heaw packing hogs today were In strong demand. Othre grades were also wanted but to a. less degree. Cattle pro\*d slow as moat of the offerings were of plain quality. Sellers of sheep and lambs weakened w i t h the fact t h a t packers received liberal shipments direct. HOGS -- Receipts 20.000 head: market mostly 10 cents higher Bulk of sales, ?S 75 %0.00; light. ?8-63i@905; mixed. $S55®903; heavy. $S40S9.05; rough, ?S.402S.35. pigs. SIDNEY BREAKS WHEAT RECORDS Sidney, July 16--Wheat which ha* been threshed In this vicinity thlg year has averaged fully thirty bushels to ths acre, which smashes all records for this crop In this vicinity. The grain it of excellent Quality. Most of I: Is being delivered to the elevators from the threshers, few of the farmers wishing to hold it for a. better price. It wag reported Tuesday that two farmeri In the vicinity had an average of forty bushels. The wheat threshing will ba brought to a. close this week. The oats have been ripened fast by, the hot weather and will probably ba cut this week. Oats will not make art average crop but are expected to yield about thirty or thirty-five bushe!« to the acre. CATTLE -- "Receipts 5000 head: market steadv to a 6hade lower. Beeves, $7 TO 1 -? **ftO, steers. $640-^530 stockerg and feeders, |5.S«i^OO; cows and heifers, $3.90@9.10; calves. £750(311.00 SHECP -- Receipts 18,000 h e a d ; market pJk to 10 cents lower. Pheep .j525gGOG; ;arling«. ?5 7537.20; lambB, 56 23@S,00. Cleveland Live Stock. P. S. Yards, Cleveland, July IG.--Bower 3ower report hog receipts 30 cars: market 1gher. Yorkers, pies and mediums, $9 nrt? SO: lambs. JS50; calves, 511.5", cattle, tt 50 \ l e i t i n ? p a r e n t s In Barre. Vt. . Mrs Maud Davis of P*orJa two weeks with her parents, Mr. ana Mrs. A. E Llndamood. 2T9 East Marietta street. Eiton L-lndamood of Ixss Angele*. Cal.. Is v i s i t i n g his parents. Mr and Mrs. A. E. Ltn- New Summer Styles Arriving Daily Opposite 5 and 10. Both Phones. St. Louis Live Stock. Pt Louis, July 16.-- HOGS -- Receipts 5,noO lead; market 10 cents higher. Pigs and l l p h t s "S 00(^925; mixed and butchers, ?S953920; rood "heavy. ?9.00@9.20. CATTLE -- Receipts 3.SOO h e a d ; market teady. Native beef steers, I750(SP25; COWB ip.d heifers, 13 00(39.50; stockers and feeders. S5 00(27.50: Texas and Indian steers, 13 25@ = 25: COWB and heifers, $4.50(3665. native ealret. 16 00(311 50. SHEEP -- Receipts S.500 head: market steadv Native muttons, S475S5.00; lambs, ?S OOgS 65. Kansas City Live Stock. Kansas City. July 16-- HOGS-- Receipts 3.000 head; market 5 cents higher. Bulk of sales. »S 75(5890; heavy. JSSJgSSS: packers and butchers. S8SO@S93; light. S875S S.90: pigs. IS.73S8.95 CATTLE -- Receipts 3.000 h e a d : market steady. Prime fed steer*. !9 403975; stockers and feeders. $6 23@S25 SHEEP -- Receipts 2.000 head: market steadv. Lambs. |S50@900; atockers and feeders, 13 50E6.75 New Record in Receipts Made at Chicago. Chicago. July IS.--Twenty railroads from the south and middle west poured a continuous stream of grain into Chicago Wednesday Betting a new record for a. single day's wheat receipts here. A total of 1,133 cars cars, representing: 1,250.000 bushels were received. -Approximately $1,000,000 will be paid the farmers for the day's shipment. The enormous receipts exerted no In- f l u e n c e en the market however, a decided increase in price being recorded instead of a decline. DECATUR MARKETS. (Quoted dally by D i e American Hominy Co V Millers offer th se price* for Grain o'u v/ignns. delivered n Decatur: Grain Prlccv, Corn oata 70 .32 .80 Butler and ..,,,,. (Quoted dally by Max Atlas*) Fresh eggs 13 Butter, packing 15 Poultry, Quotation* to producer* by locI poultrr dealers: Hens Springs, -.12HJ to £ ibs .18 PRODUCE. Chicago Produce. Chicago, July 16.--BUTTER -- Market for cream«rl« higher, 20toi327e. EGGS -- Market unsettled Receipts 14.0SS easel. At mark (cas«« Included). 15}4®18c: ordinary flr»t«, 17Vi@17*4C; tlr»t», ISVi® POTATOES -- Market lowar. Receipts 25 cars. Kansas and MlHourl Chios, 75cfflSl ''0 per bushel: home grown Onlos, ll.25@l 85 per bas: Virginia. Sarreli. 5273(3300 POULTRY -- Market for live poultry unchanged. New York Produce. N«w York, July 10.--BUTTER market steady. Creamery extras, 27^@2Sc. EGGS -- Marlie steady, unchang-ed. 3 celpta 100 cases POULTRY-- Market for dretled poultry quiet. Weitern chickens, frosen, 14VSS20C; fowls, 12@16c; turkeys. 2o@28c. Market for live poultry steady. Western chickens, broilers. 22@2Sl4c; fowls. n@17ljc; turkeys, l!c. GRAIN. Chicago Cash Market. Chicago, July 16.--WHEAT -- No. 2 red, i'/seSlc; No. 2 hard, 7854S80Mc; No. 2 northern, 8£@dOc: *No. 3 sprlnr. 67i289c. CORK--No. 2 yellow, 71©71J4c; ,o. S yel- ow, 70}$6J70$ic. OATS--NO. 3 white. 86@36!ic; itlnSird, 3Ti*ffl38c. TiaOTHT--14 OOfflS 25. CLOVES-- $11.001818.00. PORK--122.25. LARD--J10.27U. RIBS-- $11.75012 02. Peoria Cash Market Peorla, July 18.--CORN -- Market %c op. No. £ yellow, Tic; No. I yellow, TlHc: Ko. 6 Cocks Toms ... Gobblers ^.".^^^^.".""I'lmii^I"!!- Ill'" Hen turkeys .14 Young turkeys 14 Geese 05 Ducks, youns 07 Live, pigeons, per dozen flo Hides and Wool. Hone hide», large M-BOQ ...'. Horse, hides, small 2.50O 3.50 Lamb pelu 23SJ .80 Medium wool ISa .22 Western wool .lia .18 Burry wool 14|l .13 No. 1 hides, cured 13® ..., Lire Stock. (Quoted dally by G. J. Danzelsea Sena.)' Local dealers are offering: Heavy BOWS $T.OOtt T.5O Choice young hogs. 200 to 223 Ibs S.OoS 8.2S Light pigs T.OOffl .... Shipping steera 7.90{tt .... Butchers steers 6.00Q T.OO cows s.ooa 8.00 Cholca heifers 650jJ7.30 Heifers, medium ,,.. 5.00@ 8.50 Sheep 2-50(23.50 Lamb« 3.00(3 3.50 Spring lamb* 7.00.... Calve 6.00(3 T.SO RETAIL PRICE OF MEAT JUMPS New York, July 16.--Retail prices ot meats here were raised one to three cents yesterday. Dealers state that wholesale prices of beef--now hiKhef than at any time In twenty years-have increased 4 cents and retail prices 7 cents In three weeks. In pork, according to dealers' (statements today, a. rise of 20 per cent has been recorded, while mutton alone temporarily bas not increased In price. LIGHTNING LOSSES BREAK ALL RECORDS Chicago, July IS.--Lightning- losses In Illinois in Juna broke all records of the state fire marshal's department, causing 12 per cent of the total number of fires for the month anil more than 21 per cent of the loos. The lightning fires numbered 125, with a loss to building: of $108,555 and to contents of · 94,082. Tha fire marshal reports that not a elngfe fire tras reported on K building: properly equipped with Itfht- ning- rods. Fifteen lightning; fired, with a loss of $30,025, occurred In Chicago, but the bulk of them were in the country, largely on barns. MEWSPAPEJRl

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