Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 23
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 23

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 23
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THE UK1AH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, AUGUST 2,1917— 7 MACMM. I LSHRER IKTXLSTARTPBK InHKPACTBOPUPl CTVLOONNaEAST ' I MOMi 'Topper Rattrna" (1M1) . ...-IH) Young, JoanWoMell. Topper bo- comM Involved In hotofcifl tfi§ Qhost of • WORLD A highway (1Mft) QMM WIMSft QMS RS0M7. A fs> 010 StSft pMflMflSj tO MSfiy MS CO*sMSf M Ms fS^MSy S SftCtStfSJ fltSAjSlOfla IS SMO* - -' .metereo.'PO' A study of how w- H*t rttete to Nft to- Iftv rTvvfwVM si nO MTS> Ml ) wtcft siv flkm QMDS WMn RSVSV ffnVOS n tO y*tf WT»f sMMBAtL AMsMS tosAujslssr "' " M09 KTVU •_*-. 1 ntnpmswfl SHOW MOVE "FMch" (1888) Chevy Chase, Joe Do* Baker. An L.A. reporter wtth an array of diayliaa attempts to un- fttVOJ S pvOt WWOWWfl S WMnttiy wHWOM* fffMft WnO COmfSCtS WS OWft fMMTwOf . Hi stereo. 'PG'g ^^ «d Day," aonga, Nka Mlaa Otia Regrets, m star- eo. •MCtVRMQAE WON1 DMC BlTHi-WtJ) WITH HARRY BUTLER Avis* to rhaTasmantan mountains. MGKAMNBOTHEAN HBO MOVE "Hsrdbodiee 2" (1988) Brad Zatavtt. Jamas Karan. Thraa young OW BsjMUnlfM WOflWfi PMC BOVEff WOMEN A took at how So- WOMMI SCO MM SttOfOCtSO tO IflSW Loa Angajas Dodisra (Lhra) TVU MOVBI "Mountahi Famtty " (1879) Robert Logan, Susan Damante Shaw. A dty famHy mna hrto i fHmlng a movie In Qraaca. 'R' _ _H» HARD KNOCKS J. David Alvarez plans a television series baaad on tha adventures of Nidi and Qowar. hi starao. 1 1:000 KTVU • ton. LATE SHOW hi being art through the Mehmecu's territory threatens their way of We. k^tf^w - — - vt^^^M A4M^M NGK Mr TnHM •UNV WOW MOVE "A Piano tot Mrs. Chnmo" (1982) Botte Davis, Penny Fuller. Declared (Mompetent.bylhe court* and With may aeek a simpler Waatyla In th* wfl- thfostsnod with ptscsfliofrt MS..- _ home, a 73-year-old widow takaa legal action to regain control of her eatata and K—.f U|f 8:809 'KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Henry's 76-year-old father wanta to start a new We attar he's booted out of a real home for cavorting with tha ladies. • KBHK 0000 T84ES, • MCTV 8<IERNATK)NAL MCK AMI SOTHERN TflOSJKTVU MAONUM, P.I. IKRONWHBELOFFORTUNBg |KOOABC NEWSD IKOEO NMHTLY BUSBESS INCUPALLQUY IKTXLWKRP84C8*C8<NATI I KBHK HAPPY DAYS | MCTV SPAM... SPAM _J8C WSJ) REFUOE A close-up of the dwindling buffalo of Arizona. MCK CAR 84. WHERE ARE YOU? 7:30 • KRON ENTsOTAMMENT TOMQHT Dionna Warwick talks about har new album, hi stereo. • KOO HOLLYWOOD SQUARES • KQED WIO. WU> WORLD OF AM- t KTXL BARNEY MLLER KBHK NEWLYWED SAME WON NEWS DMC BMECT UPE OP THE NORTH The butterfly's metamorphosis, eating habits and the reason for color. »A8HMQTON WEEK M RE- • KRON STtWRAY Stingray helps the principal of an urban high achool prevent the eruption of a gang war. hi stereo. (R) • KPIX CBS SUMMER PLAYHOUSE "Tha Time of Their Lives" Drama. A widower (Jamie Widdoea) wtth four daughters Invites his father (Buddy Ebsen) to movo w with tho Isnniiiy. • KOO WEBSTER Webster gets an aft- erschool fob as the neighborhood dog walker, (R) g • KQED m VEwg • KICU MOVE "Beat Street" (1984) Raa Dawn Chong. Guy Davis. Young people m a contemporary urban ghetto find creative outlets In grsftHI art, rapping and breakdsnctng. • KTXL MOVE "Private School" (1983) Phoebe Gates, Belay Russell. Teen-aged boys visit the sH-gkl Char- ryvala Academy for some fun and adventure • KBHK MOVE "Oceans 11" (1960) Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. A group of former paratroopers pulls a huge heist In Las Vegas but has trouble getting the money out of the city. • MCTV BOXMQ Lenny Valdez (28-8-1. 19 KOs) vs. Alberto Mercado (27-6-1, 23 KOs) In a featherweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds, from Lea Vegas, Nev. —(Taped) WON tM NEWS ESPN HARNESS RACING Breeders Crown, a one-mile trot for horses and geldings, from Tha Meadowlands in East Rutherford, N.J. (Live) DMN ADVENTURES OF OZZE AND HAH- getton Into the dlsappsaranca of a promt- iMirt bmliios4MMii IMSOS hbn to • Men* hsttwi prostitiito* 'R ftSOfJ KOO MR. BELVEDERE A lonety widow obtahia tha hoyaekoepmg aar- vices ol Mr. Belvedere at a charity auc- .tion.(R)g _ • KOEO WALL STREET WEEK "Kaufman on Votcker • Graenapsn" Economist Henry Kaufman aasasaaa the change of leadership at tha Federal Reserve Board. WON TALES PROM THE DARKSOE Two feuding witches fight for ownership of a magical cat'a paw. (R) ESPNSPORTSCENTER DMN MOVE "Cross Creek" (1963) Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn, hi 1928, author Marjorla Khman RaWllngs finds new inspiration for her writings after leaving her husband and New York society tor the remote backwoods of Florida. 'PQ' DMC CAMERA A look at modem techniques originally developed at the Brighton School and later attributed to American .filmmaker D.W..GrHflth. BiOO • KRON MIAMI VICE SwHak and ZHo use two of their favorite Informants to set up a deal with a stolen-goods dealer. In stereo. (R)g • KPIX DALLAS Bobby snd Psm Ewing are remarried In a gala wadding ceremony. (R)q • KOO MOVE "Deadly Intentions" (1985) (Part 1 of 2) Michael Biehn. Madolyn Smith. Katharine, the young wife of a seemingly charming doctor, fears for her Me whan her husband begins openly showing signs of mental instability. Based on a true story. (R) g • KQED M PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE Mel Torma, Marvin Hamlisch, Kaye Ballard and Petti Austin pay tribute to Cole Porter. The performance, taped June 28th at tha Eaat Room with HM MOMi "Hardbodtas" (1984) Grant -Kramar, Taal Robarta. Thraa middle- agad single man saak out advlca hi picking up baautHul baach girls In southern CaNfomia. 'R' g 8:30 • MCTV UPESTYLE WON MOVIE "Night Of Tha Cobra Woman" (1972) Joy Bang, Mariana Clark. An American bacomas Involved In the unwholaaoma rituals of s Philippine snaka cutt. ESPN SPEEDWAY AMERICA MCK MISTERED ~ ~ KTXLNEW8 In sterao. (R) Dabut In prime time. Tha leader of a Middle East nation threatens tha world with nuclear devastation. KOEO ROYAL SOCIETY JAZZ OR- I KRON •KPOCIB KQO NEWS IMOUKOJAK I KBHK BENSON I MCTV TO BE ANNOUNCED MCKMBSTOED IftOO • KTVU • KRU •> • KRON CRME STORY I • KPIX ADOERLY Debut • KQEO CHE8TRA • MCTV TO EC ANNOUNCED ESPN KARATE (R) DMC WLDUPE CMEMA A study ol Arctic caribou, the cohoa salmon of Alasks, snd grizzly bears on the Yukon's McNeil River. NrCKMYTHREESONS SI K>W BROTHERS MAX MOVIE "Dresm Lover" (1986) Kristy McNIchol, Ben Masters. Alter slabbing sn intruder, a young woman becomes Involved in dream research experiments that may reveal the reason behind her set of violence. In stereo. 'R' 10:16 WTB8 MQHT TRACKS: POWER PLAY 10:30 • KICU INN NEWS « KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA MCTV LIVE COUNTRY AT THE PALACE DMN MOVE "Elopement" (1951) Clifton Webb, Anne Francia. The sudden marriage of a recant college graduate to a psychology professor meats with more than a little disapproval. ESPN SPEEOWEEK DMC WRONG NOTE A look st the impact of human factors on sviatlon ssfety. MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW MOVE "The Gauntlet" (1977) Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke. A determined police officer attempts to survive a setup while delivering s key witness a very uncooperative prostitute -- to a syndicats trial. 'R' 11:18 WTBS MOHT TRACKS 11:30* KRON TOMQHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: "Wheel ol Fortune" co-host Pst Ssjak. In stereo. t KPIX DANCM' TO THE HITS KQO POA GOLF CHAMPtONSMP HMHLMHTS Highlights of the first and second rounds, from Palm Beach, FIs. S KBHKKUNQFU MCTV MOVE (Joined In Progress) "Winterset" (1936) John Csrrsdine. Burgess Meredith. Twenty years alter his father's execution for a crime he didn't • commit, a young man attempts to sst the record straight by finding the reel criminal. ESPNSPORTSCENTER MCKMONKEES 11:46 MAX MOVIE "Perfect Timing" (1982) Stephen Markle. Michelle Scarbelli. An ill-timed career change puts a New York photographer's love life and linances on the skids until he teems up with his womanizing brother and a punk rocker. 12:00 •KTVU TAXI • KPIX TALES FROM THE DARK8OE Two feuding witches fight for ownership 61 a magical cat's paw. (R) • KOOMQHTUNEa SAO* KRON SMURPS JM HENSON'S MUPPET BAS KOO FUNT8TONE NDS 0 KQED SESAME STREET 01) g KICU MOVE "They Celled Him Amen" (1972) Sydne Rome, Luc Menen- da. Partners In crime plan what they hope will be a very successful bank rob- • KBHK COSSMAN'S 8 SECRETS WON B8TH ANNUAL BUD BLUKEN BACK-TO-SCHOOL PARADE Live cover- ego of the back-to-school parade aimed at encouraging and Inspiring Chicago's young community, wtth hosts Merrl Dee of WON, Malcolm-Jama) Warner and Tempest! Btedeoa ("Cosby Show"). Sponsored by the Chicago Defender Charities. WTBS NWA WORLD CIIAMPtONSIBP SUPER BOUTS ESPN TOM MANN OUTDOORS BMC PEHOU8M • SUCCESSFUL SURVIVORS MCK DANQER MOUSE HBO MOVE "American Flyers" (1986) Kevin Coatner. David Grant. During a gruehng bicycle competition hi the Colorado Rockies, a doctor and Ma college- dropout brother, who may be suffering Irom a hereditary Mhtess. make strides toward I reconciliation, hi stereo. 'PG- 13'g SNOW MOVE "Track Ol The Cat" (1864) Robert MHchum, Tab Hunter. Two men face numerous emotional and physics! perils hi their efforts to (UN the Mack panther that has been kUHng their faml- WOODY WOODPECKER MAX MOVE "Nothing b) Common" (1888) TOM Hanks. JeoUe Qteaaon. A i to >« ..T-.- u. ratatlnaahhi Wf I^^PBWWBIW vm t^^pw**"^w^' wMi Ma pareata w>an they eoparate alter 38 yeara of marriaoe. < PQ'g § KQED SESAME STREET (R)g KTXL JB4MY 8WAQOART KBHK HOME SEARCH MCTV MEDIA ARTS WTBS MOVE "Witness For The Prosecution" (1967) Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich. Based on the story by Agatha Christie. The defendant's wife seriously harms him with her testimony In his murder trial. ESPN TENNIS Volvo International Semifinals, from Stratton Mountain, VI. (Live) DMN EDISON TW848 Annie and Tom help Paul and Joey investigate when a horror- film star insists that hia yard haa been taken over by. mole people. DMC HANDS A profile of John F. Newman, who binds and restores books by hand. MCK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION 8:30 • KTVU PUNT8TONE8 • KRON ALV8I AND THE OHPMUNK8 • KPHTEENWOLP • KBHK THE NEUROPSYCHOLOOY OP WBQHT CONTROL DMN AMMAL WOULD "Allan Animals" DMC TREASURE MLANDS A look at Instruments uaad to detect the . whereaboute of ancient treasure. MCK MCK ROCKS: VDEO TO QO 10«Off|KTVUWRESTUNQ 8BKRONPOOPUR • KPtt DUNQEONS AND DRAGONS •KOJDPRUOALOOURMET • MCU MOVE! "Red Bad Express" (1962) Jeff Chandler, Alex Ntcol. Supply trucks couragaouaty head through enemy Unas to come to the aid of;front-Hne tanks. S KTXL HOMES PLUS KBHK OLOW: OOROEOUS LADES WRESTUNQ • MCTV SPECIAL DMN MOVE 'The Young VlaMera" (1884) Traoay UHman. Kenny heland. El- amenta of fantaay are Interwoven hrto thta story of a young writer who weaves a tale of tha romance between a wealthy yOtJMO WOMsW IMI sll" lo ht « h • octwy *" ' Super Bowl victory and Man o' War's loss in 1919. SHOW MOVE "Operation Pacific" (1961) John Wayne. Patricia Neal. A submarine commander's courage and leadership skills are tested during a series of undersea battles. 10:30 • KRON BUSTER'S APE SHOW « KPW LAND OF THE LOST KQED FRENCH CHEF WON SUPERMAN (jm ZOO FAMLY MAX ORMBIAL MAX TALKING HEAD' ROOM SHOW Guaats: Mary Tyler Moore. Robin Leach. In stereo, g 11:00 •KTVU SOUL TRAIN • KRON GREATEST SPORTS LEO- • KPIX GALAXY HMH • KQED YAN CAN COOK the members ol his old gsng. who try to frame him. DMN MOVE "Dancing In The Dark" (1949) William Powell, Betsy Drake. In order to get a break Irom s film compsny, an actor signs on a Broadway star only to later discover that the talented girl is actually his own daughter. DISC FREE CLIMB Robert Redlord narrates this profile of Jim Erickson, a tree climber who practices his hobby in California's Yosemlte Valley. MCK PICK UP YOUR FEET: THE DOUBLE DUTCH SHOW Highlights of the Eighth Annual World Invitational Double Dutch Jump Rope Championship held in New York City, including a behind-the- scenes look at practice sessions and interviews with the coaches and team • KI wo? 5 rXL« KBHK WRESTLING BTV MEDIA ARTS .._.. MOVE "Tarzan'a Three Challenges" (1983) Jock Mahoney. Woody Strode. Tarzan escorts the hair to the throne of an Oriental country back to his DMC ABNAW • THE NATIVE PEOPLE OF MABE Economics, culture and spiritual beliefs that have contributed to the aur- vlval of Maine's Ponobecot, Paaaama- quoddy. MaHaaat. and Mlcmac hidlan tribes ' MCK COLLARED A young girl and har brother claim a stray dog. but a couple of local buMiea have their eyes on the dog's HBO MOVE "Real Genius" (1986) Vsl Kilmer. Gabe Jarret. Unbeknown to a wlaa-crackhM] college etudent and hia greenhorn roommate, their superior scientific aptitudes are being used to cultivate military weapons, hi stereo. 'PG' MAXI __ . MOVE "Ahpiaaer (1880) Robert Hays, Juke Hagerty. hi this spoof ol die- aater Mme. a former war pHot wtth a drtaklng problsm to preaaed hrto aonrica when an ahtmar's crew auccumbs to food theCreeladlsM. OP 1HMM A proWa of WBBK M BASBBALL of Malor Leegue action are HMWH* flOM* KWAPC4SKHAUOPPAMBOAME 117th a~uol sm-MMoa oeataal pMa •wBeaFfl CHy Chtoto. Pram Canton, Ohio. (Live) Fawoott SU ATIJT SPORTS UPSBTS Clips from eleven of aporta' greateat upaets, hioajdhig the U.S. hockey team'a Olympic vtetoriea la 1880 and 1880; the 1888 NCAA basketball fmet; Me Jeta 1889 iT CHEFS OP THE WtST MOVE "Qua Sett" (1883) George Tab Hunter. When a re- lormed crook attempta to and get married, he Hnda of oppoaltion from AFTERNOON KTVU SOUO GOLD Expose. Jody Watlay, Georgia Satellites, Eddie Money. Chtco DeBarge, Sweethearts of the Rodeo. Frankia Valll ("Grease"), Mary Wilson (interview). (From March) In atareo. (R) • KRON BASEBALL Regional coverage of Naw York Yankees at Detroit Tigers or Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgara. (Live) • KPIX PAN AMERICAN GAMES Scheduled events Include opening ceremonies and a preview ol (he Games, in which more than 4,000 athletes from over 30 countries in North, Central and South America participate hi 27 sports, from In- dianapoUs. (Live) • KOO APC-NFC HALL OF FAME GAME OONTB4UES • KQED SOUTH AMETIICON JOURNEY How the South American Catholic Church la threatened by Mormon missionaries and the dilemma facing priests who must choose lo support tha needs of tha poor or the poMUcal regime hi power, hi ater- • MCU MOVE "Gray Lady Down" (1978) Cherttoa Haaton, David Carre- dtaa. A nuclear submarine, rammed by a wayward freighter, atoka and becomes the object ol a daring rescue attempt. • KTXL MOVE "Teuen And The Great River" (1887) Mka Henry, Jan Murray. A isagto hero searchea out the ruthless toadar of a banal of raiders along tha Amazon River. • KBHK Btt HOURS POM UPE From Hollywood, a variety specie! and fund-raiser benefiting the Leukemia Society ol Americs. Among the celebrities scheduled to participate in game show, talk show and nightclub entertainment segments are Monty Hall, Art James, Wink Msrtindale, Mel Torme, Dells Reese and ' Olympic wrestler Jeff Blatnlck. National hosts: Shirley Jones, Ben Vereen. OMCTVFISMNG ESPN SAILING Bahamas Family Island Regatta. (Taped) DISC UPSIDE DOWN UNDER A look at wind-surfing and sailing in Hswaii. MCK DINKY HOCKER SHOOTS SMACK Realizing she is addicted to food, a young girl tries to reach out lor help but must compete with chsrity work for her mother's attention. . SHOW MOVE "Breaking Away'' (1979) Dennis Christopher, Psul Dooley. A bicycle enthusiast in a small collage town spends his post-high school summer trying to sort out his plans for the future while training for the two biggest races of his Ufa. 'PG' 12:30 • KOO GOLF PGA Championship third round, from PGA National Champi ons Course in Palm Beach, Fla. (Live) • MCTV HONEY HOLE TV MAQAZWE MAX MOVE "Once Bitten" (1986) Lsu ren Hulton, Jim Carrey. A high-school student is pursued by a vampire who requires blood Irom msle virgins to msin- tain her eternal youth and beauty. 'PG 1:00 & KTVU MOVE "Revenge Of The Gods" (1986) Jamas Darren. Robert Colbert. The Time Tunnel aanda its pair of travelers Into two ancient bailies: the Greeks' attempt to free Helen from Troy and tha Israelites' assauH on the walls of Jericho. : • KQED NOVA Within the rain loreats of Borneo, scientists live hi trees among the orangutans to study these human-like apes hi their natural habitat. (R) g • MCTV OUTDOORS WON SOUL TRAM WTBS BONANZA ESPN PMHBT HOLE DMC AMERICAN'S CUP NKX VOUCANT DO THAT ON TEUVt- HBO MOVE "Joey" (1986) NeW Barry, James Oumn. A teen-ager, whose rock- musician father has fallen on hard limes (continued on pago I)

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