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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, July 9, 1859
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SHARPSTEIN . R. BBAEFSTIUI _____ .., ^ ^A* HtttMP, HBWS BtJlmiieO., 0» KJUHM BT*«T,«ia Duly Paper, paWUlied trery morning, eroept Monday r' Weekly Paper, Mondiy, Wednesday and Friday. "IV wktT Paper, every Wednesday morning. .» '* o TERMS OP DAILY PAPEE. Dally p»per for one year, payable Tn advance.. ..»r,DO TEEKB OP TKI-WEEKLT PAPIE. *rl-Weekly Paper for^neyear.piyaHe In adTajjce43#> TEEMB OF THE WJUKKL' Weekly Paper ta one year, payable 1m advance.. 11,00 BATES OF'ADVERTISING IN »AM.V Ten lines, or less, of Honpareil niakea «g.uare. 1 »qn I do. dD. do. do. do. do. do. fl.00 Sdays..... 1,50 Sdajn .... £,00 4day. .... S.60 6 days..... B,00 l*e«lc 8J50 Sweelu.... 4,00 8 «•**».... 5,00 J square,!month.... ... 1 do. Smooths,. 10,00 1 do* ~ ~~ ~™~ """" 1 do. 1 do. 1 do. 1 So. 4 months «monthi.. 18JOQ 9 months.-80,00 Jjear..... 80,00 Rounds Langdon, ADVERTISING AGENTS, 1 55 Randolph Street, are atttluHitd to ft- ea've AdtaHtoMnH for 4Mtand OU Ote landing Papers tftbe Xortiweit, and Ore ike em and ft- •stxsmax authorised Jgevtsi* the SdrOimettfar a maJorUy of them* - mart IN TOWN AND OUT OP JT. MARK M. POMBROT, Editor. meteorological Record, for July 8, '» •Jwptby C.H.«ARDINEBJt CO., Brnggiiti,I»«prln8 street: 8 A. K. Telegraph and Commercial matter! Page. JBS?* On and after Monday, next, dogs must f be muzzled or be shot, -when at large. J5§?*A large assortment of superior bonse- , bold and office furniture will be sold at Hood's auction rooms this, morning at 10 o'clock. fi@* The length of the Council proceedings, and heavy telegraph, exclude our usual variety , of local and State matter to-day. J6@* DBOITKBD.— A Mrs. McDonald, Bring near Prarie dn Chien, was drowned -while bathing, last week. | JB®-Hoyt ) 8 minstrels give their parting entertainment at Market Hall to-night. If yon wish to see some very good acting, and near some select mnaio, visit them «@» Tunis & Co., have just received the No. 10 of All the Year Round. His * choice number, and «an be bought for the email amount of;5 cents, at 25, Wisconsin street. tSTIawMi EOT PIOKKD 0j?.— An owner Of * little boy picked np by the. police, is wanted. He is about two years old, German by birth, has on a light colored wool hat, a Pink dresa, with spots in h. ssr Brook- C««a»on Council "" ^Milwaukee," ^" ;- >*" —7-l'2tr > «kwk, ". »OAEJ) OP A1,»BBM«H—SPSoUt -M ThePresHent, 8. C. West, in^theX3naik" , Present-—Aldermen Pousman, LipparttKie- depnann, O'Neill, Ehelpi, Phillips' jPrenHsg Smith and West" ^ _- '' Absent—'None, ' The reading of the minnleg Ing was dispensed with. ^ . ' " * f Sundry accounts were presented and referred it the appropriate committees.'•' ^ j' "^ The phair presented * remonstrance from K. B. Caswell and others.'-agalnst a petition asking Ibat'a sewer be-eoUBtrnoted.through block 62, in the 4th ward*. " The Chair presented v communication Icom John C»tlin, "President «f the Milwanlcefr & Miasisslpp! B. R Co.,Jn relation to certalnjote to the 4th flfard, the propertyof the ssld Company, whioKjiad been sold for, the non-payment of tales. « ' " ' Referred to the dommitte on taxes. ^The Chafe presented a. memorial from _ £ngineCo. No. 4/and others', asking "that new Kre Engine be purchased for the Com- l«ny.' - * * , , ' • ' Referred to the committee, on Fire Department. ' <•*••. " 'Aid. Donsman presented a petition unanimously signed, from residents and owners of property on Mineral street, In the 6th ward, In relation to the special tax assessed for the construction of the sewer through the jsaid street. Eeferred to the local committee of the 6th ward. , The Chair presented the .return of the Chief of Police, for the month of June. Ordered on file. The Chair presented a report from-the Superintendent of Bridges, giving tbe names, tbe number of days employed, and'the sums dne to sundry persona for work on the respective bridges, amounting to 8089,77. The Chair said the Superintendent was anxious that the Board would take action on the report without delay,as many of tbe men were in distressed circumstances. On the motion of Aid. Phelpa the report was read at lenptb by the Clerk. Aid. Dousman moved that the several accounts, as stated In the report, ba allowed and referred to the Controller. , i Which was carried by a unanimous vote, i Aid. Smith presentedapetiUon from Charles Warner and others, asking that a drain be con- without". delay,. »nd. TecWtawndtnjj thgithJB prayer of,the petitioners be gr&ntwj.. > ix^ Conoorred far. t •* - Ij =--"•" , ^/N. -^ ^ ". A hundred and fifty dollars^ on *co.onnt for fel Distributed on crossings to th«LThlrd W&rd, ^ On the motion of Aid. Smith, H was rkerred to the Ajderafenof the ^ Wr4*fcrdf K "" A resolution, that the oomlnittee'bn Tail- roads, together'with th« <3i^ Attorney, Wrr quested to report on the-nwtter ofjrallroftd sednritfea. " ~ - ' - . "- \J ; " ^ i j- * , ' Concurred m^ ^ , -„ . n •-« •_' F s A tesolmjon that the City Treaturer be requested to give Mtalement of tb> fojida now pnbandin the city treasury, in conformity with section! of the amendments of I88d. * A resolution that the gas company be* re- quesU-d to erect a gas lamp postxm the northwest corner of Jefferson and J&nornopee afreets, Third Ward. . " Concurred In. - ? A resolution directing the Clerk to give the proper notice for the appointment of ^a jnqr to decide on tha necessity of taking certain lands for the purpose of open?n«r und extending Sixteenth street, in^ tha Bulu Ward. " , Concurred in. j A resolution that the tax levied for Street Commissioners' certificate for 1858, on lots 6 and 9, in block 154, First Ward, be remitted, and the Treasurer be authorized to oancal the same and charge the amount to the First Ward fund. ( -. Concurred in. A resolution declaring lot S, blook 73, in tbe Seventh Ward, a public nuisance,' and. ordering the .same to be abated within ten daya. Concurred in. The following Street Commissioner's recommendations, with resolutions approving of the same, adopted by the Board of Councilors, were taken np as follows: , 4th -Ward—Becommeodations for grading and graveling Fowler street, and planking the sidewalk? from Second to Hinman street, and Hinman street from Fowler to Seventh street > the street to be also planked with two tracks; Aid. Prentiss inquired if the parties who had signed the petitions had statld the lots owned O'NeiUjvoiing in the" > S ' *• Lippert !mdv«4 that U l« Jsldinn 'Q& "JddlreotaJto issue oity orders to said Hoy if . . i t, »-.. for the suttfof...two hundred dollars, which will be in full satisfaction of said, judgment, and .which islohargeabfe to the First Ward Resolved further, That -ih'casa the said Patrick Hoy shall refuse to accept of the sum hereinbefore JstipQlated, the City Attorney Is directed to take the" necessary proceedings to vacate said'judgment and obtain a new trial, in the suit of. said Hoy against the city of Milwaukee.:-:.-. ; : '^ ••..•.'.-••'"•••••••. • '• Which report and resolutions: were adopted by th's following vote: •'.'• .-'.'• Ayes—AiiL Nfederman, O'Neill, Phelpa,- rentiaa and West— '-5. " r Js—Aid. Dousman, Lippert, Phillips and 03 Finanor, amrteative. - life-report wan then ' Tlie Chair from the Com: to wjliom wag referreda resolutio^sdopted\by the ^pard of ConncUora, authoriiiDgtheM.ayoJ' and Cleric to issue a treasury warrant In favo^ of Ifr. Andrews for $l,32ft 14, ! being In full for itro no&s (with interest aad'exohange} giving by the city to Chase & Boca In payment for i&kaj &e., for tho public schools. Beported In favoi; «f adopting tie ( reaolu- tlon4 3 - < r • » , witieb was concurred In '. 1 ' ~ ' ' Tbe Besolutlon WM then passed by a n monsyote. i j Tbi Chair, from tha same cottnjiIttoe,report-[ ed baokirithont action the proposal 4 of Louis' Elsuan to pay an annual rent for tho city hay Lippert, - Niederman Btruotedfrom block 41 to blook 164 in the 3d ward. Referred to the local committee of the Third Ward. The Chair presented a communication from the City Clerk, with the resolutions, Street Commissioners recommendations, &c., adopted by the Board of. Councilors on tbe27tbT6f June, which were taken np as follows: A resolution, adopted by the board of Aldermen on the 26th of May, viz.: Retained, The Board of Councilors concurring, That the City Treasurer be. directed to ISBIAK wav^j** i *T cn S s g<*d yesterday on the old fair --ground, firing a track for the trial of horses, -dug np an Indian tomahawk, a gun and the bones of an Indian. How long they bad been baried;is .hard to telL orlaceof olnUon - by them in front of the parta of the street to be improved. r The Clerk replied that the lota were not mentioned. The Chair read sections 5 and 6 of tbe act amending the City Charter, passed at the last meeting of the Legislature, In relation to the Improvements and repairs of streets, which provided that in petitions for Improvements on streets, alleys, &o, t the petitioners should state the lot or piece of land owned by them, en the street in front of which such improve-' meats were asked for. On the motion of Aid. Donsman, the recommendations and resolutions were referred to the Aldermen of the 4th Ward. , -„ ~ 4th Ward—*— • • •' '""eoaauon for constrnc- tfng a sewer through block No. 62, with res- TKUHPET.—The second "number of this little sheet will be out in a day or two. Ihe Hector proposes to continue it regularly, as a monthly or semi-monthly, and to fill itst»Iumns with reminiscences of great men, and other interesting matter. iB AT GOOD TsKfLtas? HAK&.— The committee «n lectures Is happy to an- nouncVthat Bev. M. Love, of this city, has consented to give the opening lecture of a series, on Sunday afternoon, July 10, at 4 1-2 o'clock, in Good Templars' Hall. The public are invited to be present. JE&»As IMPORTANT CASE.—The case of Jones vs. the city of Milwaukee, which hag been pending in oar Circuit Court daring the past two weeks, was given to the jury at three o'clock Thursday afternoon. The jory brought said certificates, with interest thereon at the rate of seven per cent, from date thereof, and when said certificates are delivered, to cancel the said lots for city taxes of 1856. The holder of the certificates refused to accept 7 per cent, interest, inasmuch as he paid 25 per cent, to the party from whom be purchased. The resolution was amended by tie Board of Councilors by striking out the word "seven" in the 7th line, and inserting"twenty five." Which amendment after some discussion, was concurred in: Ayes— 7. Noes — 1. , Aid Kiederman voting in the negative. A resolution authorising the Street Commissioners of the 6th and 8th Wards to have a public well constructed at or near the corner of Monroe and Virginia streets. Concurred in. ; A resolution that the owners and egentB of lota fronting on Beed street in the 5th Ward, be requested to pave with stone said blook, in front of their lots and have the same dona within thirtj days from the publication of this Referred Ward. to the Aldermen of the Fourth >theenb*ecinent action of ih<J Common Council rendering a report unnecessary. \ ' Concurred in. ' | The) Chair,from the same committee to whom 1 was referred tbe petition of J.W. Wh!te,aaklng] permission to erect a fruit stand at the north side of the Menomonee bridge, reported hi &-' vor ot the same, provided he obtained tbe consent of tbe persons owning tin Adqpted. -, v Aid,. O'Neill, from the local committee Of the 1st triad, to whom was referred It resolution adopted by the Board of Councilors,! directing the Chief of Police to remove the! feace', .aids- walk tod gutters, on tbe west aids of Jackson street^between Ogden and Lyon Strait, in the 1st ward; also a substitute for tbe above, of fered b> Aid. Prentiss at tbe last meeting of the Board, directing the Chief of Police to remove fill obstructions of every kicd aad nature on Ja>kson street, and .sidewalks on both sides, from Division to North Water street, in", the le£ ward—presented their report, and con- clnded by recommending the Board to concur in the, resolution, adopted by tha Board of Councilors, and to- lay tlie snbititnie- on the table.' - , ! ' | Aid. Donsman presented a coamnnlcatlofl from Jackson Hadley, Esq^ repr$seaUngthat he had constructed six trick hor.sea on the west side of Jaekson street, between - Ogden and Lyon streets, In the 1st ward;' that th,e fence, ridewalk and gutters, were constructed on what he understood to be the correct line! and asking the Common Council 'to pass tha Bttbstitnte offared by Aid. Prentiss which would jplaceall parties on the same footing as far as any obstructions on the street -was corj- cernedli Smith- Aid. Prentu Co'i m the' Committee on Judiciary, presented thCfo}10wing The Judiciary. CommUtao^to whom waa referred' ; th0 x tWQ ; resolutions of-tjje Board of Councilors, ralating to th8paym«nt>ota certain judgment against the City |ot Milwai of more than $11,<JO&, obtained by George MoWhorter, in the month of December, 1857: and a sale of tax certiflcatea to James B.. Martin, of from §16,000 to $25,000, at 12 per cent interest, respectfully report :— That on an eiaminatipn of said resolutions, it appears that they were very loosely drawn and improperly prepared, a portion being written with Ink, and a portion with'pencil; are not Joint In form, *s la necessary where the action of both Boards is required, and on thglr face cannot be deemed as only intended t% be paswd by the Board of Councilors. The resolutions authorize the payment of a large Judgment-, and the sale of» large amount of tax certiflcatea held by the city, at a deduction of thirteen per per cent.,which your committee deem inexpedient under all tha circumstances of the case. The Judgment Is generally understood to have been given for a much larger sum than the case, If. properly Investigated, would have shown the party entitled to, and the discount of Interest on sot large an amount of tax certificates, alone, would be a fatal objection to their passage, if they were In proper form; For these reasohs,the Committee recommend that the resolutions be referred to tha Board of Council ore. Wm. A. BEENTISS, T. C. U. Board of Councilors concurring, That th Comptroller be, 'arid he Ja hereby requested t invite propositions: by .publishing the sama i one or two neWa: papers published In New York and Bos top, for constructing water work Tor. the /city of Milwaukee. Which was lost by the lollowiny vote: .Ayes— Aldermen Dbusman, Prentlaa an West.; v" Noes — Aldnrmen O'Neill and Phillips. The committee oh finance repotted advarsc to allowing the account of George A. Wood. ward, for eipensea in the osae of Dr. Week against the city— $90.01), Concnrred'in. Sundry accounts audited by the Controlle were allowed and others reported correct b' the respective oommitteea, were allowed, an referred to tha Controller^ On motion the;Board adjourned. ; ROBERT B. LYNCH, •' - City Clerk. in a verdict yesterday morning of $2,000 for I the plaintiff. This case was brought by theh plalpUfffor damages to his"property on the} k beacn, jnst below the straight cut harbor, and which injuries, he says, resulted from the building .of that harbor. Before the harbor was bnilt.Jthe beach had no break fa itbetween the new harbor and the old one. Bnt now the lake washes^entirely over the beach below the new harbor, and a portion of the time "the 1 plaintiff's buildings on the beaoh were snr- ronnded by water, so that It waa Impossible to nse them, and they are now surrounded with - water. resolution. IS DlfPEKBHI 8BOTIOHS.—A reoentreport of a life insurance company lo, catedatNew York, states that the people of the middle and eastern States hold their lives npon the longest tenure, .and are the most desirable subjects for life insurance companies. Their repeated payments, year after year, go fcr to swell tbe iuoom<- of the insurers. In the western States, during the last five years, the mortality has materially increased; while in the southern States bordering on the Atlantic it has decreased. Again, the mortality among the residents in the southern States bordering on the Gulf of .Mexico, hag increased to saoh an alarming extent as to render it almost against the interest, of companies to insure the lives of inhabitants in that vicinity. The mortality in California is not more than a quarter as great, in proportion to the population, as it was before 1853. This is undoubtedly owing In great part to the increased facilities ftr obtaining the necessaries andcomfortaof life in that State. *• that the grade of tha fixed, and moved that the the ; & MoOTfooKBBT opened the Ger- -taan Theater On the 4th of July, bnt the outside attractions rendered their efforts, as usual, a loss. Such appears to be the fete, heretofore, of evpry attempt made to establish a theater at Milwaukee. Some have had 'from private munificence six or^ eight dollars 'subscribed to aid them In the.tfndertaklng—at once precarious and Irreligious—at which all Pharisaical individuals have rejoiced, that' the Evil Prince of the air could not blight the pure atmosphere ofMilwaukeej but if their is pa' tience extant, Sbakspearean literature with a long list of English and American writers, will yet, I think, thrive here. Faith, in'this idea has emboldened the above named-gentle- xaen to engage the popular and zmeqnaled Mrs. Layton, whose humorous and life-like performances have contributed mainly, for a teason of fifty weeks, in keeping solvent, through an unparalleled season of theatrical '^pressure, JftoTicker's treasury.- On MOB- next-Mrs, tayton, ^jcod "her husband, 5th Ward. Agreed to. A resolution that the Jot owners, or their agents, be requested to grade and plank the norJh side of jaaOroad afreet,-6th Ward, and have the same done within twenty one daya. On the motion of Aid. Donsman it was referred to the Aldermen of the Bth Ward. A resolution requesting the'Board of Supervisors to remove the pest -house In the First Ward from its, present location, and outside the city limits, otherwise the'Aldermen and Councilors at the First Ward wonld cause the removal of tbe same. Concurred in". ~ A report of the local committee of the First Ward to whom was referred the petition of Wm. Barratt, asking that Toertain Street Commissioner's certifleaks' Issued to David Culligan for grading Brady street in front of quarter blocks one and two, in the 1st Ward be cancelled, presented their report and recommended that theojiit claim deed to the city, offered by Mr. Barratt, be ^accepted, bnt reported i against granting that part of the petition asking that tha certificates cancelled. before mentioned b$ Aid. Prentiss said tbatit had been intimated to him that'the land-in question belonged to thedtyijufdnotto Mr. Barralt. OB the motion of Aid, Phelps the report waa referred to the committee on judiciary. ~" ^ A resolution granting permission to Morris Louis to put np a email frame bam in rear of tots 1 and 2. blook 6, in the Sd^Ward. \ Concurred in. f { . A resolution that tbe City Treasurer be directed to cancel from his books the sum of sixteen dollars erroneously assessed against lot *« blocks, Fifth Ward, for the year 1858, and charge the same to north 40 feet of lot 1, black' 5, in excess of tax for year 1859.' • ' ] Concurred In. • ' . i A resolution that the City Treasurer-'be directed to deliver to John Fnrlong i fall re- -oeipt for tiurtftx ofthe year 1857, on condition; p«y to the Citylretvj sorer the .sum «f-three Jtnndred -andeigaty- «ix4loll"ars«adBttty.two cents in oaab/^mcti 1 by laid furlong,! r •*«*...* * *• *-t Arewlattoa» M?ropriftM ' ng to Daniel Keller! -<uy next-Mrs, tayton, ,JSD& "her husband, Mlsa'Day. Mr. Dillow, «nd Hr.Page, members.] -nf *tJF*.tnj*l,L-3~ tn* A-— _!***_ _.•_ _ f -m i Concurred in. -i^ ** ?s* Theater, with the company aj.1 ."A report from tto"ioo.a!Loo>ninitMe^. ; 6f the ' ' ««*Sy l»ere, the publfc trill Don't object to the Hememberthe talent "en- dignify It. our und Seventh;W|irc.Vto /erred 4he petition of Jacob, Sohleobt Others, asking that-"E««i Waler/from ' to PlvWon streets; ind 'plyMoa st Bart Watef fo''jJh«B{ttnf street brides, 2d Ward—Becommendationa for grading 7th and 8th streets and sidewalks, from Cedar to Tamarack streets, planking sidewalks and paving gutters. Also, Ninth street :n,:u Chestnut to strreet. Also, for filling the north alley in block 164. Beferred to the Aldermen of the Second Ward. A recommendation for grading Cedarjrfreet planking sidewalks, &o., from Fourth to Tenth streets, in the Second and Fourth Wards. Beferred to the Aldermen of the 3d and 4th Wards. 1st Ward—A recommendation for grading Fourth Avenue through the hospital and reser voir tract^ Concurred in: : An ordinance to alter and establish the grade ofthe several streets therein mentioned, In the Bfh and Bth Wards of the oity of Milwaukee, passed by the Board of Councilor*, was read once.', On the motion of Aid. Nledermann It was referred to the Aldermen of tha Eighth and Fifth Wards, and the City Engineer. „ Aid. Lippert, to whom was referred the remonstrance of Charles B. Williams, against the execution of an order of the Street Commissioners of the 9th Ward for gravelling 9th and Beaubian streets, In said Ward, and planking the sidewalks, reported back the same and recommended that It be laid on the table without action. Aid Prentiss moved that it be referred to the City Attorney for his. opinion, also to request his opinion as to what extent the Street Commissioners have power, and the proceedings required, under section B of the amendments to thfi charter, in relation to streets, &c., passed by the Legislature at their hut meeting, and to communicate such opinion to the Board of Councilors. Agreed to. , The Chair presented the following : The Finance Committee of the Board of Al dermea, to whom was referred sundry com* mnnlcaliona from the Superintendent of Schools and the Executive Committee* of the Board of School Commissioners, and a petition ofoitixensoftheNinth Ward, in reference to the purchasing of a site for a school house In the Ninth Ward, and the building of nqw school houses in tbe 6th, 8th and 9th Wards. B«pectfnlly report that we-'iava carefully considered the matter, and do most fully concur with the Committee* on Schools, that a rite in the Wh Ward, and new houses in the Wards named are greatly needed, and that the present cheap price of labor and materials'is a .very gOod, and in Itself, a sufficient reason for immediately proceeding to contract (for JLho work, and your committee wonld not hesitate a moment to recommend concurrence in the resolution! adopted by the Board of Council- ore, directing the Comptroller to advertize lor propoialg. Could we^eee anv possible way for the city's procuring the necessary means to pay foe the work, and until same tray -can b» devised by which the money can he hadf your committee do not -feel warrantable fa WJommjendtngeven the preHmlnsry step' of adverfiz,!ng s for proposals. .Inasmuch, »ow» ever, as the ^committee have been Informed that the Comptroller hai assured come of the members pf the OomajoU 0onnflil4b«ttneoity had the' means-at its command, In the shape -of tax wrtfflcates, we would reoemmead the" adoption of t the Mowing resolution, which,' with? the foregoing, they would respectfully submit fifl a partial report,"asktng further time: Retained, That the City Comptroller be, and he is hereby requested to furnish to this board sla^anentof. the,tax-certificates, or other — _«.__.— ^.fljp oSjty^frooyjrbjgii Tor the purchase-of a can T» ! , fotool tonse site in the flth Ward, andfor T tb» of new school hbu^tes in the Sth.'Sth way or the other, but he thought It involved the question as to what ] was the correct^ine of the street, and that question ho thought could best be tested in a court of law. The Ch^ef of Police could not be aspected to act nntjl he was told, by a proper authority, where the line was. ; I Aid. O'Neill moved to lay the cbnsajnnica- tlon onj^he table. ; . . j Which was loat by tbe following Vote : Ayesl-Ald. Lippert, O'Neill, Phelpa and Phillip^. j , , Noes-ifAId .Donsman, Niedermaa, Prentiss. Smith rii"! tt^t— S. '' ' I ti I ' Aid. p^Neill moved to refer the substitute to the Aldermen of tbe 1st ward. j' j ! Aid. { Dousman moved to refer thereaoln- tion, substitute and report, do., to jthe judiciary commute and the City Engmeel.and asked permisscn for Mr. Hadley to address tho Board.]" Which was granted. ' 5 Mr. feadley addressed the Bc»rd it so'me length.tFepreaenting what he believed to be the trna, line of the street, and saioVtBaiif the Aldermea and Councilors of the Ward would brlnga^ult against him for obstructing the street, ha would give a bond In on<j thousand dollars^ pay all expanses, and he'd the city harudefsa if the suit was decided against him, but If hfe beat the oity, then thboity'j the costs. 1 Aid. O'Neill moved that Mr. JohnjLookwood be permitted to address the Board, j : ^Whloh was granted. ; ' Mr. Lockwood replied, in eome measure, to, Mr. Hadley, and defended the Una of Jackson street as kt present opened. ' The dbair put the question on referring the papers £o the committee on Judiciary and the CityEmJSneer. Whicls was carried. Aid. $onsman, from the harbor ^ommitteej to whom was referred resolutions adopted by the .Board of Councilors, directing tha Street Commissioners of the Third Ward to re i more tag crib lying at the foot of Spring street bridge and place it at the foot of Detroit street.; Also to make inquiry respecting the crib which floated on to the beach in the Third Ward, atm place It at the foot of Bu&dd street. Also b report to the City Attorney and Chief of Polioa any information respecting the parties Who broke np and sold part Of fhelaat! mentioned crib, and directing the (|ity Attorney to prosecute the said persons. ] Also to remoT-e all of the cribs no^r lying In the ITenomonee river and have the same placed ' at the foot of Chicago street, In the Third Ward. ' , j Also that the City Engineer be directed to value tbd said cribs, the amount Jo be paid oat of ths Third Ward fund into t|ie gsneral city fund; ] > The ccjmmlttee reported in favor of adopting concurred in, and the rssolntlons the resolutions. Which passed. Which waa adopted. . Aid. Prentisa, from tha Judiciary Committee, to whom waa referred a judgment for $348,27, in the snit ot Hayes i Dillon against the city, reported the same back, and recom- .ended that It be referred to tha Committee dn Finance. Which waa concurred in. Aid. Prentiss, from the local committee of be 7th ward, to whom waa referred a resolution to auttoriio U>- s»— «• I^.K.^C'TS-VO ^pHvraci for the construction of two public dwells on East Water street, in the 7th ward, presented a'report in relation thereto, and recommended the pasaaga of the following substitute, fallen of that passed by tha Board of Councilors: Seioh'ed t The Board of Councilors concurring herein, That the Street Commissioners of the 7th ward be, and hereby are, authorized to contract in behalf of the said 7th ward, and at the expense of said ward, for two welb,wlth suitable pnmpa or buckets; one to be constructed on the north west'corner of East Water and Johnson atreeta, and one on the north side of Biddle street, between East Water and Market streets, in said ward: Provided, however, that in nO event shall the expanse of both of said wells exceed the'sum of one'hnndred and fifty dollars, when finished anrl In'complete order to be used: And provided, further, that such contract shall be let at aa-much lower price as possible. :• Which was adopted. Aid. G^feill, from the Jocal committee of the 1st ward, to whom was referred a resolution to extend the contract of John HpraUjfor planking the sidewalks on Brady street, to the 1st of September, reported, that there waa no necessity for such Improvement, and recommended that the resolution be laiif on the table. . ' Adopted. . r Aid. Dousman called np tha estimate of Jacob Bremen for docking the Milwaukee at;the crossing of Buffalo and Chicago street, amounting"to $414; and the report of Ow committea oa Judlaiary thereon, and moved that the account be allowed and charged to the general dty fund. Which waa carried, and the account refamd to the Controller by the following vote: Ayea—Aid. Dousman, Niederman, Prentiss Smith and West—5. . > ! Nees—Aid. Lippert, O'Neill, Phelps and PhilUps^-4. , Aid. Prentisa: offered the following: . lleaoivtd, : The Board of Connollora concurring herein* that the City Treasurer be requested to communicate to tha Common Council the reason (if any exist) why he baa not made report of the monthly receipts and disbursements to his said once, In the form and man ner directed by section one ofthe amendments to the city charter, approved March 17th, 18S9. 'Adopted , Aid Prentiss Offered the following joint resolution: '•;' ''"",'.... Xetofvtil,,.fb9 Board of Councilors concurring herein, that the City,Controller be, and hereby Is authorized and directed to enter into ^contract, on the port of the city of Milwaukee, with •— '-• —-, for the use and occupation of lots number 11 and 14, in block number 75 situated to; the Fourth Ward of the oity of Milwaukee, for the tarm of three years, at an atmuftl rent not exceeding ona hundred dollars to be used as a public pound. * 'Setolved: further, That lota 11 and 14, in block 75, situated fa the Fourth Ward of the city of Milwaukee, be, and hereby are flxed upon, and designated as the place for impound- lag horses, cattle, swine and other animals found running at large, contrary-to the provisions of an ordinance now in force, and said THB FESTIVAL or THE ROSE.—Th are sometimes thjn thaf intervene be- t*eenusand beautiful scenes, and there are bright aJrul^poetic thoughts flitting through many mindsiftrai^wonld givf> Joy to themnlti tude if thoy wer>t arreated and grveu aetua expression. Mr. C^e evidently caught,one and dressed it up moat appropriately in the Festival of the Base given by his school, at Al bany Hall, last night.' ^The stage waa simply and tastefully adorned with flowers and mottoes, and oloaely crowded with pupils; tha boys at the south and the girls at the north end, 'the latter dressed in white and adorned with wreathes and chaplets of flowers, whi! all were arranged in seats rising ona above tha other to the baek of the stage., Tha perform- ian^es consisted of songs, accompanied by tha piano, and associated with actions appropriate to each place, either by Individual* or by numbers. Wa Kara daUgiited with the anter- tainment itself, and more so with tha evidence it bore of tha tact and training of tha school The singing, for^ children, was good. The song of tha young lady '.who waa crowned Queen was excellent. Her voice with proper culture will rank with the best singers of Milwaukee. S&" THAT DAM.—Tha difficulty in regard to the dam at Kilboura City is breaking oat afresh. Wa are informed that about seventy- five- lumbermen and raftsmen congregated there last week, and commenced removing She chute, bnt ware forced to suspend operations by tha rise of tha,river. Sheriff Williams has Ueen required by them to remove the dam by virtna of the proceeding last Spring which declared it a nnisanse, but owing to soma important defect in tha papers, he declines to proceed in tha matter. 4S?»MCN1CIPAI. CODUT, July dth.—T. a-^-y »«>ia baitery on big wife, sent up 30 days. John Pager, disorderly, settled by dei't paying costs of $267. John Winnnp, assault and battery, tined $5 and costs. \Vu:£er Buie, diaordarly, penalty *4 and costs Sl-ti'i, ElleU'Lyon,assault and battery, discharged John Dwyre, ajaault and battery, fined §5 and costs $1,50. Mary Slapleton, assault mul liUary, found not guilty and discharged. Qeo. Reynolds, Fred. Staaly snd Henry 3fanly, larceny from a church in tha Fift: Ward. Case dismiaaed Frederick Stanly and Uonry Staaly, lar ceny, taking lamber from C. H. Larkin—Henry Stanly discharged; Frederick Stanly foun guilty,'and sent to jail thirty days.- . NOTICK. ! CiTrCoH?T30ixi!a'i Or?[oa f Conlract Department, Jill.', July), liij}. f S following a s johe«lula at lota fronting on "m ._ alley running north anU soi!-:h through bioci 13 !„ Sherman's «<lii(t[qn, ami blaci S, In the auta TirJ of tho city of Mllwaolcee, jliosTli j tha n'monne of !)»nii!->- to taoh lot by ?r»dln(?i3l.l .»lli>y |o th» sstabllih {rnJ.j assessment aj follows: ' KHN3T HI^It^ZI{, . CAUL BCSACIC, rftr?fit Comniijulonsri ih«rroaa's AJJStlon. fllk. 43 l.'l « 1:1 4:1 JO In Blo^k Lot. . 'J 3 !i r in i i j i •i .1,33 *,'» !8>l l*,iJU !2,'iJ« 3 « lt},cW i W,J3 K. L'U. OARDINSa, Comptroller Contract Department, Milwaukee, Jano 7.1S59. ,' T HE foIlowlnifUj schedule of lot» froutln? in ii; all-7-ruiinln? North and Houih, ihroujh blocu, in tha 3iith Wan], naJ through- block -U, In 3herm<iQ'% •JUItlonin ti» Sixth Ward of tho City o£ Mll^iulfw, shoving tha amount which each lot will ba twneiltol ay grading said alley fa tbu established irade, usenmaai la follows: la: Elk. Lot. Benefit*. HKB'ZIH, OSAHI.E3 3C3ACK, AJJitiou. 5- S 5' (S lu 4 43 43 •13 S jy»-d3t 14,00 12, dC IG.Cti 23,8ti 1,1)0 Uli. Lo-c. U^'rili. *S l j,. 13 j u,.. 13 ) «,'. fi. L'U. QAUDINE3, ComotroJIp-r NOTICK. ClTT CoaPTHOLLS.n ) '•>ilT\ca. , Contract Department, Milwaukee, June 1.', s r j i' T HS following 131 schedule of loti fiuntla< >n Vu-. Jtreet, from 3rd streat to 7th jtrcst, in iba'Jth T\s of tho City of Milwaukee, and ilia ihowlnif :ha \muua which each lot trill be OenelUted by ^riv--llin< n' tree! as per plan of :h,> Uty Sni^!ne«r, «s follo^i EUS3T HStt'ZKit, Block. 34 •28 •-'3 i3 S3 Lot. 15 1U 1 11 IS CAHL BC3ACH. Street Oornm, : Block. Loi !8 1 110 1 I lid !•-• 110 H ica n : Bcnenu. ,W,00 W.OO 50.00 iO.Oll ItJ.bti lti,(l>; 50,00 JO.OO so.oo W.uti I'J.Oti lli.tX- S. I/H. (1A2DISE2. Cuin;Ai NOTICE Contract Department, lUlTluliee, Juan 1-i, 1=1'. T HE follotrlnrr ,s » ichedulo of lot? fr-.'utlnv out Jtreet, rrora 3rd to 7:h atritci In tho •;: ic City of iiil;rauj£ae, aad abr> iho'.rln^ '^^* hlch each lo will be* oened:t*d bj- .jra^Jl: reel :o -hd ^'dth or 12 fcetn p«r plau >f -!!* C heer SRS3T HK333P., 10 10 Jo Jo lo Jo Jo -Jo i,. I.Jl Jo NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. _• NQTICfi. j Crrr COKrraoLLsa's Ornaz, I Contract Department, July 7,1SJ9. f T HE Common Council • by resolution of June 20th, harlnj adopted the recommendation of the Street Commlulonerj of 9th Ward, It U ordered: That the folloWlnff named and deicribed lota m the 9th Ward of tha City of Milwaukee be, and the aome la hereby declared public culsincea the lame ordered to be abated within twenty: diy5 from, the publication ol thu notice, according to the eiumata oa aie la the office of the City Comptroller, viz : tou 5, 4, S and i, block 113; lots 1 and 2, Vatic 110, Kneeland'j Addition- Iota IT, 13 and 14, block 1;;, lot 4, block 4; lot 4, block 8, la VUet't Add Itlon; ilot 1, block 9; lot I. block I: lou S,8,4, Sand 6, block 9f; lot 1, block 91, In Plaaklnton's Addition; lota 1, 8, 4, 5[ fi, T, 9,10,11 and 14. - Ovnen and agents ot the^bora described property are hereby noufled to abate laid nuisances within .twenty dan from thla date or the Streat Commlulon- en of lh» 9th Ward wlU catue the same to be done and charged to the reipectlre lots or part of lots, accord- E. L'S- QAEDIN1CS, Comptroller. toUir. Aid. PfBHtiss, from the committee oil Jndi. ciaiy, to'Vrbom was referred the ocp&mtmlia lion of PJsSrfck Hoy,, In relation to a Judgment of 81,314,98 obtained against the city for excavating ba Eleasant street, in the Fjrafe Ward, presented 'their report, which embrMedln examination in relation to the whole maiterj front "which it Appeared that the work acttalfy done at the tima the Injunction from the Supreme Court was served, wa»726 cnbfoyor&i, -which, at the contact price, would &monnt to ?3?4 18^ which, ^6h seven per cent, interest! mi ttea reverted was now due to eaiji Soy.— Th^Jndgffient, they believed, was oMaiaed by ffllsrepre^atbagthe.fiwti, or by neglect;, and they recommend that the City A^orosy- be: desired Wjhave /ibe costs paid, the Judgment opened, 4sd « new trial granted, tte<!3s Pat-, dok Hoyj^ompromise tha matter tt Coimcllora >I The'cakinittee furtlier,tecoaniended' the, •4opaont()f the following ^resolatlfrai, (the Irs/ as s Bubatitnte for one passed ty the' Board- offboundlors, fo^nin* Knnllredi del.' » ti"" 11 *". i t'i i Urs): that Is case Patrick HoriWflJ fully. ri f - a-a 'tha Chief of PoUce be, and la hereby directed to ejiforoe all the provlsiona ofthe city ordinances relating to restraining horses, cattle, sheep and ott^er animals' from ,runnlng at larga bv Impounding ill such animals; as may be found In the streets or publlo highways of the city, and he is further directed, to enclose said lota In such manner that the animals taken npmay ba safely Impound for the term provided by f\V^(lYta<rtAA • * motion of Mr. Prentiss it Was refer- Onthe re^to the committee on Police. 1 The Chail oflered the following: - Stiohtd, By the Board of Alderman, The Board of Councilors concurring, That S. C. Wept be and he is hereby permitted to erect a small frame office In the rear of the store No. IBS EastTVaterBtreet,,occnpied by him. • Stiotved, By the Board, of Aldermen, The Board of Councilors concurring, That the Comptroller ba directed to advertise for proposals for 2 lots suitable for a. school house site, in the Ninth ^ard; snob proposals to State the size and location o/ tha lots and the pWoe, and terms upon which the owner will 3&11 them to the city. JtVhioh wereadopted. i Aid. Fhillips offered the following: iSetclved, That the Chief o/ Police bfl. 'toce \. Fourth t ,... i ^S«^^ i AK^MVCtrw, AUMk VtlW VUi*M y* •* w**wv (el hereby Instrnoted to remove or-cai remfrred, all dead dogs now 1; ' sfeest and alleys in the sixth " Adopted., >' iu r>i».. Den«m»n ofl«red i iflowlng: ' of Aldmnen, Tae NOTICE. C.I7Y Cojjrraoujai'a Orrc«, | Contract Department, June 21,1SS9. j T HE fellowlnjIs a schedule cf lots fronting OQ the following streets In the Sixth Wvrd of the city of Slilwiokee, Mfollowt: . On Fifth street, from Vliet to Cherry street. Oa Sixth ". " " " « Oa Fifth •' " 3alena to'Sheraaa street. Gn SUth -. .»•' •'! " " Walnut " Oa Fourth. '" . « " " Sherman " OaChenr " " Fifth to Slith " An,l •'.. «.i<i|f tl.t) amoonj which each lot will be beae- fltea ii} grareling the «r«5et In front of sane, according to the plan of the City Engineer. : KRN3TSKRZEH, CAKLBU3AM, Street Comraisjlonerj. LoU oa Pity street. Elk. Lot. ITU* " 1>> 21 27 37 47 23 23 28 S3 3 8 8 3 1 3 I IB £000 18,66 da 50,00 50,00 14,66 do BO.OO 16,66 .da da da do a i 10 11 i 4 5 • £ 3 ti 80,00 16,00 do do. Jo = do 50,00 d» do do do On litlb. street la Shermaa'i Addition. 41 41 41 41 41 3T 118 da •da do 101 9 9 9 10 1010 dO •i do. •S -do . 4 da ,2 do : Lota oa Sixth street. 6 15,00 10 11 1 a 9 ie i 16,36 80,00 M,60 18,88 18,58 50,00 60,00, Lots oa fourth itr^et 1 4 5 8 3 18 a. i 3 doi . do do' 60,00 43 42 41 42 101 do do 3 5 a 3 S' 3 10 10 10- 10 10,66 10,68 16.S6 16,66 16,86 16,86 16,66 50,00 16,68 do du do do 50,00 10,63 do 50,00 16,61) do do do do do On Fourth street la Shennaa's Addition. S BAWO>pfopo»»ywlI 5x> recdTed at this offlcena- U lThqrsd.y.JtiyHthU859,at 10A.». fofgVadtag andgrajellniMitnnliheJparUoiuot River street, and (or plantlnitte «ldeiralk» and • pating the gutters on. ««ldrtre«>^oai Oneld* to DiTitlon Jtnti to tte T£ Wsr4 ofihe Oity of Milwaukee. : _ E.Va.QABDINia, Comptroller , , , Contract Depirtmeat, July 9th, ISoD.f S EALED proposals will ba received »t this office ttatll Thursday, July 14th, J859, at 11 o'clock at ™a fax toe conatiuctton of two Mwen in th» BereathWara «na from the west end of Johnson street, »nd one from the west end ot Martin street to the rtrer; said u«n tab. WBttruota^ln aswrdanw wits'UM, l •pwlflcatlons on file In Co NO'lICK. OlTT Co«i>T30 (."onLriit Department, Mil., HE followin? Is i jcteduloof lotj in blocks -J6, 27, 23, :3, Ud, I iad , , Sherman's Addition in tha -jth WirJ of '.h? C:ty the Azaount Tilled eac!i .ot beneattsd by jra.lia? uld :o th? ;j SKN3T HiE BloeL. Ju Jo J" Street Lou oa North inj 3outh 1 11 , ,'4,0(1 52,a-J 122,33 Saat and lo t all -, du do do d» 29 i 'jiia,;a to North and South alley L 5,uu ';s -' ^2,33 Jo - £29,33 .lo 1 Ii!0,Sd .1,1 ., North andSomh allay :>i 4 -ilS.lTS -li : 'M,3a Jo Kut and West allay m : 242,00 23 ' t I3S.GO Jo North and South allay I I .B,lW J ."J 4 35,00 Jo 5 4(i,w> ilo -id,3i; Jo 42,38 Jo North and South alley do Jo HI Jo do Jo U 12 i:: t4 ilt .lad-WMt allay i IJS.Oi ^-J SJ,00 Jo . Sonh alley in 93,33 nu .ar.oo ,i u 81,00 Jo 14,68 do South alley In 10,33 Hi; 23^)3 J 0 3J.3S i:,w 149,00 15 Ifi KJ,00 do . jt »nd WssTalley la OI,C6 2G 44,33 2U Alluy In 4 I •« -I in;33 4 3 17i)'i« I 5 171,33 4 i, us.uo Ia Sh«aian'j Addition, allay ia •" - 1 S-,33 44 J cj 33 *•* * ®,oo 44 j -X'M 44 5 53,33 14 d %4 ju 44 S S3,3J 44 ; 10,<iu *4 'J i-3^J3 -H lu I'JI.iJ Jy9'-il4t S. VH. OAaPINSIi. Comptroller. ISTOTICK. ^ Contract Department, June 1,135'J. ' ; T HS following Is i .schedule of lota fronting oa :t ... alloy luoninij north and aouth throuah bloclj 5 jk the 6th Ward, aau through block 43, la aherman'vid- lltlon, In ths Clh Ward of the City of ililirduiieoyffioiT- ng the amount which each lot *m be bonttXted «j ig said alluy to iha established naJe, i as follows • . " 33N3T : CASL! atrsetXiommlssioacr». Dessriptioa of propsrty. l,5«4. Lot. Bensati. li,00 10,61 32,00 23.CG 3,33 4,00 10,o 39,13 33,00 jy9-dtt B. L'H. QAaPINSB. Comptrolle OI" AT AUCTION. oU at nood'a AuoUoh Sooraa.No. 4,3prln i si., on Saturday morning, tha 9ih at ; July, at 10 i, a Urge assortment of superior »nd household- urnlture,both ae» and sesond hand,- conslail'.g of new Cherry, Blsclc Walnut and Mapli) Beadsteads. iureaus, Wash Stand: Bureaus, Washstand», Ta'bs lo. Also Lounges, Counters, Kop» Matting, Bests, 4o Sale, positJvo. Tarmaciuh. 9 j. UOOD, Auctioneer. - " . NOTICE 1 3 HSaSflY gi»an chat by ylrtua of» c no* In ciy possession, and by t&o ^onsssfi of ma i»ld mortgsgor, I will Mil by siicuan *u *a» Mgaesl »nu seat bidder, at too jaJoon-of B»fc*rt BaiafcrUg*, th»- mortjragor; In loo- Fourta. Ward of tis city of i!llw»u. *ee» {& {oUtrwlae dwcriswtt 11«» of proparSy'ta wit: 1 Pl«oaHo!« Table, jasrCosmtar io4 $D«}.TM, lu B«d Sladl. a Tabls*,. SO Cbalrt, 3 CooS J3tj>T«, * ?arfor 8ia70,«sraaa.*t»aajt, Baalnt, Htehara. 13 Anc Cfcal.-f, «nd «;r«rVit» oi a&sx catty* piejurty. A. r

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