Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1959 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Tuesday, March 3, 1959
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*}•• to have froed/im Is only to have that which Is absolutely neeessnry to crtahlft iis fo be we ought l« hp, and fo possess what wti'mtftht lo possess. -* ft.AHftf* WSATHlfc Serving the Top o' Texas 51 Years TO* 0' f EXAS^OenettiHj? Mr Wednesday, and a little twrncf. ttjffc Mb loW 32. f VOL, 56—NO. 2?9 _Cfrculafion^Certified by ABC Audit Tiny U.S. Toward Date Soviet's Lunik I To Have Company (12 PAGES TODAY) Sundays 18 \m ^M^ ^•WB • M 'LOCO BURRITO' Shown here are the principal figures Danny Kenney, L. D Rowden and Rill m a fourth grade operetta presented this Chance. The operetta was d?recled bv morning in honor of Texas Public School Mrs. Dan Johnson assisted by Mrs Rov " a 1 " 1 " L °£° R T i( °-" Sparkman, Mrs. Jo^S Eva™ am i Mr? areGerry Saum, Quentin Williams. (Daily News Photo)' BY REDS, WEST ON GERMANY By DARKKM, GARUOOn t'nllcd Press International WASHINGTON (UPI)-America's first: artificial planet soared steadily toward a brief rendezvous in space with Ihe moon on its way into orbit around the sun i u h<? , National Aeronautics and Space Administration said that at .10 a.m. c.s.t. its Pioneer IV had climbed 84,800 m ' les '/;V.\ hlgller ' fhitn an - v otllel> u - S. space prolx- had risen NASA scientists said nothing .short of a direct hit from a meteor can now prevent the I.VI-potmd ^old-plated package from becoming planet No. 11. No. 10 is Russia's Lunik, i launched Jan. 2. ; Pioneer IV was launched by a 60-ton Juno II Army rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla., at 11:10 p.m. c.s t Monday. By 8 a.m. it had climbed 72,400 miles and was coasting along at 6,ol8 miles an hour. o.i ?i°Qnn r I :. la " nc . he d by the Air Force Nov. 11, had risen only < 1,300 miles before falling back to earth, and the Armv's first; moon-attempt reached only 63,580 miles. Has Ample Speed nr , B £i 1 Po a '™; the pul) of earth's gravity had slowed Pioneer IA to b.Tbgjrniles an 'lourjjut had left it; with plenty of mo- the VAUGHN & RADCLIFF TWO MORE FILE HERE Jack Vaug-lm of Ward 2 filed for | will 'be the membershp of a new reelection lo the Pampa City Corn- .Charter Commission, mission this morning. At the samp j Myntt observed that the new iini", Glenn Kadcliff of Ward .j i Commission will not }je bound by filed for pic.'tion. This morning'? ' an - v '' l(:Unn initiated by the present films* bmuslit th,, total to ei K w' ;B1 ' ollp - ™* wi " Hpply lo P avin * . , ,. ; ' ' <;)rn;i)£-erm>nts and other nlans for including Ed Myall's candidacy for'thp future. ma.v<;r. i . __ Candidates tni.eht do well to al- lend the last meetings of the present City Commission. With a little over H month left in of fie e. Commissioners made a concerted .effort this morning to finalize pav- GOMMO.V CONK — This is the ing 1 arrangements in neglected are-' Most- cone (Hat the .Army li/.pes as and wind up other oid business. to plum Into orbit around the HUH from C'apc Canaveral, F'la. The Instrumented package was curried aloft by u .Itino II rocket. mpfoymenf Is Up In Pampa M MOSCOW (UPD--Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Prime Minis- day they were on study and nuclear weapons middle of Europe. a troop withdrawal agree-1 tensihly to visit , ment. Russia has demanded with-: trades" fair. In the Western troops;used visits to East is-, men! Communist) posed Khrushchev and Prime Minis- •••""•• ••""•-"»• ••«" uemumieu wnn- iraues fair. In the past he has limit Harold Macmillan admitted to- lUAVa '^ °'- a '' Western troopsjused visits to East Germanv toience ' they were "unable to agree"IJ.^. ,, est , Be ^ hn , !" retllrn for aiannounce a hardened Soviet policyjand Germany but said they would IE, T „ .. ^" viet U '°°P S from but Eastern diplomats said they'ed i ly a plan to pull back troop* 1 '™'!... ° eriln - rhls tile West has;saw H spirit of conciliation in the As nuclear weapons from the j * ''"'*.,, , . i Soviet notes handed to the West prop , "«v***- \Jl. 1^1 III Ul»T7. [-. T ^ | -•-•«»...i.-. it . .^^nsr:r^r : sSi£^rr ^<™™'S^«- »,„« -a -«^ Hn crisis. Western diplomats in '*"-* *"" Wetln f^J_newjnotM o^rllnju^ermanv-u-«, f«,.h ^ East-West talk". Moscow were pessimistic and saidj-—^-,,, _ . " " * no solution was in sight because JlUCK SALE IS TOMORROW mentum to pass the moon Wednesday afternoon and become a ne\v artificial planet; ! of the sun. The 10 a.m. speed and height! figures, supplied by NASA's Gold-! ; stone tracking station in California [ jibed precisely with an estimate j for that time made two hours! i earlier. ' Tile National Aeronautics and; Piimpa school doors won't be strongly 0 p-iSpac.> Agency said it expected the i opened heie Frid.iy, allowing f's attempt (o| newest U.S. space robot to reach j students time off to travel KI Aus" llfit PI'S f'nrrfoi'. : &n H It it IK It* (if SJ Sfi/l m i l^u W... *n : t iti f r ».. *t,,„ „. ,. * t , ul./,* K, II j reflect-1 vily should have slowed its speed i Harvesters are seeking their capitals. Uo 6,182 miles per hour by then. I fourth i . A crown DroDosal T'L 'r' 1Ra|)!R - ki - llkt> : "«" A,,,,,le \>lorl«y i Members of the downtown Ki- proposal at Mn final news con-, Alllioi.Rh slighfly off course, the'warns Ciub. srhodule.i .„ me", ,, Mfl <Vrhrtftl " W JHIUvl i If !uf-»ni-tn~ T* ! 1X1?? (111181!$ lO ! K. B. Bowman of the White! House Lumber Company appeared' Renewed retail activity helped ' before the Commission in regard ! employment last month, Bill Raga;to some paving- on Harvester. The i dale, Pampa manager of the Tex- |CcmmiK.«ioners also passert Oj-di-|as Employment Commission, told ••nance r,i:, on the third reading, ex- j the. Dajly News. Since Jan. 25, tending the City limits of Pampa, !ii5 retail and wholesale place- rind accepted a replat of North i men Us were made, compared to Crest Section 2. j 22 for petroleum and construe- The rest of the meeting was given i tion work ' over to speculation on the coming: Wholesale, retail placements for election. Ed Myatt. the incumibent i the month ending Feb. 25 are up commissioner of Ward I and only 20 over the January period. Pe- filce for mayor, .said that he'd like irolt-um. construction placements to have some .opposition. Bob OI- are up four, son. incumbent of Ward i, ra his voice on the. apathy of 1: h e City Commission race. i — lyea-r ago. placements totaled 43-.' Until today only five individuals i Employment applications are lu'l filed for (. omission po.s! S ..morr numerous than last month's are m with 101 for Moscow has not retreated from the determination to turn Berlin control over to Communist East Germany. MacmrHan flew bae-k to I^ondon today. A Soviet-British communique issued at end of the 10-day Macmillan mission accepted the need of "early negotiations" to save promised to study a partial pull- Kiher of Allison |)ion Calf, • , ,._ - ' -»--.•• '•' -».^ii'j.i\ .-* Top O' back of Eastern and Western .Junior Livestock Show The forces from the Iron Curtain. ; fonj W( , ighH 96 , poumjs Mft ™j,- a Marl on Disarmament : *Yosl of Canadian look tlie Re- Allison Youth Has Champ In Top O' Texas Show Here .1 j ----- . -, -. -.-,,.. i, , « 1-1 I l v I i i \/l ( J | 1 ( "I- (. - inoia miss of 20,000 miles from the' ing- at the l-'iist Methodist Church Hal1 - "'-''i-d ^^ ,planned traojectory. Its closest ap- S»m Bfgert. president, announced H - v - u 'i" !at 1. p.m Wednesday, when its! The Pampa Jaycees met at will have been cut to 3,500; mar School for i, m( . h todav. horn 1IUIU . ;. Parsrit-v is,Tn« figure a war asro wis •>?•> >r. *M**\ MM «,empEyment con^. •«""'• ^.v«tt i.^.^tion claims decreased from^M his bi <> '<"• mayor, i to 221. hut total claims rose from - '' ' be included in die thinning H i- s e r v e , fitdi. and that there would be "an of inspection." Its speed at launching from Cape Canaveral. Fla., at lt:to p. m. c.s.t. Monday was 24.890 miles per hour. Tliis was 305 miles per jhow more than needed to escape in each class follows: (the backward pull of the earth's I'oland Oilna .graviiy and the tug of the moon's Lightweight, shown by: Vernon i ff ™ vit - v f "' lcl (Cook of Perryton. Leonard Keelon „ - Sl ' lonl) - sls -""'d Pionefr IV '> lne |Canadian. Leonard Kecton of ('a- g ° lnl ° il Rol:1r olhil sol » 1 '- ords ex- jnaf , im)i Kfi()je Sl . hilc{ of <'j lnat1l '' aM ; w h'it larRer and more elongated 1 k " " " ' - - - jthan that of the earth's. The space ! vehicles, like the earth, they said Burlon (^ SOVIKT. I.« K e »j k * k ^ s, u d- v hat,ucia>. - 10 " (it B p - m - Kridaj - in aw ^ ' '"'"i A " ( ^'V m;i ""'- U ' ^ '"'""<»- P1Vfl at „„, ( .,, y Klei . Uon Apnl 7 | vve have It. Hardware. This would provide a partial! Toflli . v s « w ' l 'ie proceedings of a par-i the FKA Jud K'n«' Contest and the ; Woi-nf nt-. 1 ID «.^«,., ),,,,„ i.._i ?_. . m Croom, .limmy Hudson of (Jroom A iisting of the first five win-fT Ge "' y """^ °' ^W"- j Hereford Breeders Judging. Two schi'dult'd for t«- r.. .,.„,. vestock Judging Ban- worded ;quel at 5 P- In - in Ule H 'Kii School: calt-teria and the Hereford Breed-j in thei start on disarmament and a pai tial start on European security,: two East-West issues lr>ng lurked' blinc l lle ^ in a cold war stalemate. At first; reading, the cautiously communique seemed to imply a, new British willingness to take uj.! els B «n<U'et at 7:30 p.m the previously rejected "Rapacki i K "' sl • Church. i Plan" for Kurojic. • An nuclion of Junior Livestock! This years-old proposal by Po-! an 'l Heieiojds will command at-j land's Foreign Minister Adam Ra-, 'enlion Wednesday, the hist day ,>f! packi provided for a "neutral j" le show. The Junior Sale will! zone" stretching along both sides| lake place, at 9 a.m. in the sales! of the Iron Curtain and including! bam w 'i'n Hie Breeders Sale at t :30i both East and West Germany. AsjP-"'- The auctioneer will be Wal- ojiginally phrased, the Rapacki| le '' Britten of College Station. Plan would call for withdrawal ofj Winners in the Junior Livestock all foreign troops from Germany!Show were announced late M o n- and a ban on nuclear weapons day afternoon. tnere - ; The best group of five animals --_ __ W< Ll tat J ! : Sm( '"_ did not &°i snow » ^v «• county was entered by i One Class, shown by: Thomas Hudson of Groom, Stocky Lamber- irxvr. «^i. A S0 " " f Oroom ' AIili '' f '0«d of Whe- FOR SCHOOL BOARD f ' lel '' anfi Bi " Tidwell of Pumpn. LARGE SUN ORBIT SLATED FATHEREE FILES WASHINGTON' il'f'li SciVn- lisls said today Hint America's Pioneer IV moon lubnt \vill go into will Ihe McWatera Bll , thev ad(Je( , ,,,.,, om . e ear() far the robot will pass inside the I*j oil oj Ilit 1 *"*fiilii H'or H. *^liort Heavyweight, shown by: Frank'period of time, .he „„„,„ nn,b,- lumphrey of Perryton, Kenneth i vehicle will be closer than the day. Two spots are oiirii on ttiVi^m, a !r d '" o? 0 ,!^'' Terr >'*""''« 93 million mile distance five-man hoard. «oth 8«V K«* a h ° f . M ' ami ' Shelby Bultorl andifrom the ,tm t^r, t ,.h»i ..." , ..^''Bob Blackmore of Perryton The.v explained that the robot's \Vhil»« !orbit will be more elongated It t'iiii. .1. . i liainiisWre r'niigs will clone ul .•> p.m. ' Wednesday for the .\ r p i I 4 School Hoard Klection, accord-! Ho 7 ... . ., s,,::.,";;:,::,:,':™" 1 '"" i?«"-""»• ™,^ „, ... |droom and Keith Black of Groom Warren I'alheivc, an " " the lust to tile. He filed Boar a chatrniiin, and J. M. Xu-! lion, lm\K tiled lor re-election.! Katheree is n name of I'ampu and a K^'iluate of I'ampa High Scho<ji and Uie i'niversity of Wheeler. Fred MeCrav THE BIG PUSH U &tweight, shown by: Cenild Oklahoma. co\'ej' more Waters of Briscoe, Wavne Hill of "' e rob< " ls movi "P taster than Ihe earth the space j lf Bl ' ls - vehicle \ii|) .still get around the I but since) somewhat (See AI44SON. l»uge 31 :SUn in a bout a year. Push A Community Concert officials look after money and membership as the Pampa nieinbership drive en!er< its final ueek. Campaign headquarters were established Monday in the Southwestern Public Ser- A* \ ice Company when Bob Stafford, shown IKHV. arrived from New York City. Mrs. Jack P. Foster, membership chairman, is ai left, with Mrs. \V. G Waggoner, seo .j vtai '- v - (Daily News Photo) Koto: The Energy ('onimis.'Jon has re- leastxl uu uiiuhuully detailed ttf evuat ul a, futal rutlintiou accident ut iU Ixjs Alauio* (N.Jl.) ttU»urutur> . It i* circutaliug Uie widely in Uus hojws of pre- t>r atomic- UioUiiaUwiM. '1'h.t-re Wjree ««cti tatul th«' history of tlie T-S. utwuic proj«iCl. Bwuus* of it* *J«nJfk'iuice U) liu? atomic »ge, itwl hw&use of th* tlghl ii thrown on the nature of the ru- «Utt.liou hiijsurd, l nlted t'rt-hs Jn bJU> (foe «Uli the Kelley pushed a button. The button was on a switch at the top ot a 225-gallon steei tank, 3s inches in diameter, in Room 218 at the Atomic Energy Com- misjjion'i Los Alamos scientific laboratory in New Mexico. The switch looks just like the light switches in the ordinary home or upuruiu-nl. Kelley, 38. had pushed the button many times before. All it ever did was start a mechanical agi- tatar, a, bladed stirring device iu the bottom of the tank. That's all it tiul tlu.s ijiue. Hut, tins tim«, tiieie was au accompanying "Wu* /lash" and n. muffled report. Keiley ran from the room crying that he wa* " up." WASHINGTON A 1 3.16 a ui. Ja,u J, juttl 36 ouis anu Att ijuhuit-s* ai'tr-r lie lUf OutUjU, KeJIcy dead. By starting- the stirring device he had performed the final act in a series of act* which, in sum, created the atomic chain reautioji whose radiations kalled him. The accident happened in « plutonium lecovery plant which had been opera led by Keiley and Liners for 7 l i years with complete safety. The Atomic Energy Commission in aji official report Monday said that "Uie accident was directly attributable to errors on (lie pan of (h* opeiHior durmg- 4. cit-iie-s m tiinisiVis «>j plutonimi: and organic solutions; between containei-s in a chemical plu'omum recovery process." It also was auributable to a rhaiji <>i fatt-ful <ncu«isiatice.s Jt true that u pJu.s of two-fitths of aji inch killed Keiley h...& Death Plutonium is a mad-made fissionable material which is a vital part of niost nuclear enough weapons. plutonium ,, I .,ii;i[)o Bring togethe in the ri^lit ainJ ;,uu ^el a 'i-nln-ai ' capublr K| .-UiL,4iiiin^ a lission chain reaction. Sui h jeacuo/is add up to bombs if uncontrolled or to research or power assemblies if controlled In either case, they release deadly ia<ha.iiun. Tile AKr IVJ.HJM says l\.-llt-\- Uul a UUUii>i.-i ul lliuiXM hr aliuuliln'l have done. But the i ui-uuisiaiu-es Were unusual. Recovery . of plutonium from what otherwise would be waste al-lt- m !ft«i:tiuji,s ,>r <it agu mcfc. it ia > a Mep b> >!ep piucea* involving iiiovenn-nl ut hqu.iis tit wcyclwij, » M lot of cum cm iMmg; of tin\ aiiioiuiis into siii'ceji.sivh^ei amounts. On tile, day of Keiley s main of mistakes. I»s Alamos was taking an mveninry of pluiomiuii ai s-a- riuus -ua^es of the pri.ii'>'>> It mi luppeiitrd Dial p]ii!i>iiiiini-ii./:u IMJ; In.itfi i.»N \.in, i, ,,,,, i.iallv v..njiil have rjerti liaiuJIcil sepaialf-t\ were washed from Hieit tanks into aaotiii'i laiger one K<-qiure Separate Handling Standard opeiating procedures, ti)# AE;' saiij. "rfquiif • scji.jf.Ke hanuliiiy O f sucii niatt.-i i il>. In .nix (.-vi-nt. >tiojiiv tjt-iujc -i ;'..-, p.m. on ijec. :ju. iy.%>. the ;{*-uu-li stainless steel tank in Hoom :n*, known as the "MO! vent tivnirig tank," contained ih e vonipont'iits i>t i-atastiophe lor Ke'i'- 1 , At Hie IjollUJ,) v..'\ U -^.ilfl .«,i|:| ''"" > '.''I' Illllllf. ., -.I.,.. I) .1,j.'.i'll> Ul pllllUjlilUU Xi'MlU'X Oil U,p 01 ll wa>- a lijjmer solution <n or^asiir m;iit-rr.!l conlaiiun^ ;i iii! DKII.' than M'Vi.-n oi pJulonium. Tlu> i'loatniy liver wu,s ejg-hi null.., ti.ic k ,an<i 3s m.-iios in di- H " it ' l:i ' H w:is "subc i-jtical." It coiii.i !i.iv.» t|..:--,| liK-iv foiever '•* ' !: '"'i i ; -' i I,;:.'. :":yn>,,n, if u.-iinji." X '• ; ' ' '"''' '••' • : .' i |>fi IxllJUIII ''oil- lrni ;i '"'i "I H> shape ifiiiclni.-d IIIH h,inx ! 'ii Hn! Keiley, .si.iii.inig or: j two- step lH,i>iet. pus!u-..i tij e but ton th;it .st^vifd the a^i',;itoi. As ihe I vis Atap'ii.s e\pi-rl>: i eci:>is! nii'l ',( ""' '"'-ill. ihf Mliiiin;-' ii''\-ire ti.i'i'.-.l i...-H!f| (!.. ]n ti , IIIH|..-IU III;.' ^"ll.tlnn up H'e wall of tlic iailh. cr»aun,- a . b.if^e iti !.r,e luore heav- ilv impu" r 'naied Keating layer. ! ' ! ' r ' '•' '• ' '' > 'LI.- l- .He*,:, v, as in- .Is »l!«.-j,.n: Uilu critirai c onfiguiat.ion." U'ii.Ti things iiap|.ci) in the in- !iniu.-niMi u-,,iUi of the atomic nii( l-ur Itit-y happen fast. As far as Kt-ll.-v s ,-en.s..'.-; i oilJU tell him, all TJif irmfcs !h.-ii hupp^ned when he pu.-;li''d the l.iuiii;n happened at "•'-" f in .1 liny fr;fclio)i of ;t sec••'.•!. !•"' nniiiun billiitn plutoniurii •H.'Mll.S VV'•!•(• flSMOm-il, Tii, it- -A as UK- "bjue fiasll, 1 ' the ti.M.-!a'. sj«na) that. deadly rtl'HJUll!.-, of I'iidlrtllOtl )Uid bl.'cn r& k-as«'.i MI velocities equal or close to u-i;i! >,{ lig-lit. There wa» th» lull! 1 i'-IJ J *-U»^rl Tlie :,u.k wu.s displaced ihfe«« eiKtuhri 'if aJi inch but Was not ruptutfJ, ihtuikii to the eomcjsiriu tively sjn,il] amoutU o* pluLomun* (b*- short dtu-a<ioa ol i!,\i.>i\vn '.''>• A Bl

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