Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 16, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1898
Page 2
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M E L V I N . STEELE J O H N S O N . E D I T O R S A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 16, tfJ93. OUR EXPORTS AND IMPORTS. Tlu of f o i . tin- yuav oOtb of .Tuuc «!· i iii-r v. -c'a figrure as the c-\t:.ui-c!inary L880 ;-.nd LSfl:',. J .;ti!i iyr'n I - ' O ( \ » I P ! t S O f » · ' · ! · * ;l '' ' ' - ' ' I'' 1 ' t;i-. -, '..: '.8V ····:.s !UJ' ; U,'in. 1 b u - ' i f ' s lii.v: last year. THO '-.:!·:,,i! :n:im- a vtvir cigo, that on" bui'.uiTii sinKion bushels inoro t h a n ·.'· 15T u u u M i;e r-xported, was jus', ".''put rcju'n"L F.n.d staffs in guiHTfi'li.f/'j S ^ i l U" 1 . . p,-t ol' :he hhoi ray- oi ll.c win i f u. j - -ibror.'! y.nd o:lls, optnc: 1 .'iin.! i ye have bec-u miu'.Ii :nur" in r.i'inrKl t h a n formerly, aud corn and N«IVII- moal have .added to the exports $20,000,000 more thini last year. On the o i h o v 4 i a n d . two of t h e largest nx- j.oii articles, cotton a nil refined oii, a-e ionic millions, of ilolhirs le^s t h a n last year. Altogether, t h e exports, notwithstanding the ^120,000,000 of foo'd stuffs which is added to them, show an iucroiise of but n few m i l lions, proving conclusively t h a t thu o.cport of mauufiiirlnied iirticles has not beon as hi«-li as in 1S97, a small part of which decrease may Ix 1 a! tiibuted to the war conditions of the Nie last two mouths of tlio n=ral year. The impoi-ts for thu year wore i-on- sidurably less than iu tho year LS!)7. So far as the figures can be separated from the war. expenses, the Uingley law fell f u l l y seventy millions of dollars short of providing revenue -·enough to r u n the government. Il is almost like striking a man when lie's down to review tho work of a measure wlueii promised so much of good and has accomplished .so l i t t l e . The intervening of war has so upset conditions that no o p p o r t u n i t y of .snowing just what it w i J l do can ?.be given for years to eoino, w h i c h ought to be regarded by ]\fr. .Dingley as'a direct intervention of Providence in his behalf--a suspension of sentence on his put mouhuio. Tho whole t h i n g may have to bo vuvUod when we have embraced w i t l n u our tei-i'itoiinls limits all of Sjniin's island possessions,, whose trade of over a hundred millions a yea;- w i l l be merged into our internal coin- ineroe, instead of paying import rax, as heretofore. Tin n.imes of Senator Apple- vM'.M., Democrat, and Col. Wilbiu !·'. j;i'-kson, Republican, arc being Tur.tioned in connection with the u-Miiiy Congressional nominations ou i ho Eateru Shore. It would be rather a queer turn of the wheel of fj.-tuHo if these two gladiators stum Id again face each other in s bi'o.-ulev field than that upon which they ini't, lastautuinu. With propei m a n a g e m e n t the Eastern Shore DeiifOfats can elect their man bj ·.i^wr.u'is of a thousand majority A'JI". h [)ioper managenicut Barber's u r i ' j if rm can be made the only break i'.. i..* 1 IMI.- "T Democratic successors t-i a I'Miod of fifty years. But wi\ 'i ·· ^yv.ociats act wisely? Wo t h i n k so.-- (Jiiiridge Democrat. THE OVERSEER OF THE ALMSHOU3E. A short time nffo .T :"c\v ;iron:i3it.]it Utiuocrat^ ROI thr-.r htfnd 1 -togcthi-T ami by nuns ijiicstion- :bic moans induced the five tnibtces. to believe I'nt thcrt wasn't.i Kepublicju ?p;i!seant for the ;iace and induced the trustees to in-ior»e the present incumbent. So eas^r wcie Ine Democrats to have the appo:iiim:!it rntiricd. thty for- gat the law in their great haste, which avazled them notli'iip. Tlit lualt'T w.i; ru»hel through at such speed that hut few knew anything nbout i' ttunl the irapwbsspnmi;. Hri n-K^n it heca-nc l-Town thai the Kfinie v.-a^ a fa]:e, t h L Ucjuoerals ^Jniil, auay and HOJV one of projectors cr L u't 'JL loand.--Diiilon Cnioit, Tbe Union, like a certain Veuitiau ol old, whose words were like tiie Vusbel of chaff and the grain ot wheat, occupies much »p;i\;u and t i m e in saying very lirtle. 1 W h y . does it not name the trustees who ] have been, it says, so much imposed | upon and a few of the "prominent) ^-Democrats" who are adepts iu hypnotism?. The Union has beo/i .it especial pains to discount the good sense, the intelligence and the Republicanism of Messrs. William H. Cabho, So mere Blake, Fraucis A. Porter, James C. Colliua and John W. Carroll for their recent appoint" ment of an overseer of the county- house. Tbeso men aro competent to select an overseer, who will be their officer, and no man in the county who is himself above such a potty deal, would impute such pettiness to Any one of them. Likewise, it is very likely that they knew personally and politically every applicant, for the position of overseer, and thu v appointment was made, wo believe, because Mr. Allabaud has beuu tried aijd is known to be a suitable man for'.the place. The trustees' have been cominended"for their appointment, and knowing themselves that it_was the right oue to make, they cannvell afford to' bo deaf to "the of the Union. ' - T!-.-- will of the late George Colton cl ^aitiiiioro, who was at one time pioininoiit iu the Democratic politics U this, State, was written by him sr-lf ;iud is a model of brevity. It is dated February 12th, 1896, and it is worded as follows: 1st--I direct that all my justs debts shall be paid ^d -- 1 leave thu balance of my es tatu, real, personal and mixed to m j wifo, Lydia Jane Colton. 3d--I make Lawrence V. Miller my solo execu tor, without bond." That is all, anc no doubt it is about as strong a wit as he could have written if he liae covered twenty pages of legal cap. Following is a correct list of Spanish war vessels which have been, t h u s far, "knocked out of time:' Cristobal Colon, Almirante, Oquendo, Vizcaya, Infanta Maria Teresa, P l n t o u , Furor, Reina Christina, Alphonso XIII., Don Juan de Austria, El Correo, Cuba, Espana, Isla de Luzon, Castilla, Isle de Cuba, Velasco, Isle de Mindanao, Antonio de Ulloa, Marquis de Duro, General Lezo, Villabolas, Guardiano and Reina Mercedes. And now Admiral Watson is after the balance of them. It is said the mines are to be taken from the Baltimore harbor .altogether. There is now no Spanish fleet to menace oar coast. Baltimore commission merchants aro quoted as saying that wheat will be higher in price as the summer advances- EDITORIAL NOTES. Iteports from Manila to the lhat the Gorman marines there are giving "aid and comfort" to the Spanish troops still continue, and only a day or two ago a German · cruisers crew at one of the island engaged in helping 1 a Spanish garriboii to fortify works. Two American boats caught the German in the act, and tho latter l e f t quickly, and, oi course, the Spanish gar rison succumbed to the inevitable, .and are now prisoners. This is a great country--great in tho skill and bravery of its soldiery and resources of wealth; in fact too great to allow too much interference iu blockaded ports where our uavy is iu control. We hope Germany is not looking for trouble and that she will be \vi = e iin'd attend more strictly to her own business. · The trial of United States Senator Richard R. Konuey, charged ' w i t h .'tiding and abeitiug \Vm. M. Boggs in misappropriating the f u n d s of the First-National Bank of Dover,- coiii- rneneed Monday afternoon, in the United States Court at W i l m i n g t o n , before Judge Edward G. Bradford. Tbe government closed its case on Thursday about noon and Senator Gray opened the case for defense. The remainder of tho day was spent iu arguing tho habeas corpus proto got Col. E. T.~ Cooper e% Jersey penitentiary, to- fi? a! iiE/i so O The Rev. Dr. Cort, formerly of Kidgoly, preached a Thanksgiving suntion iu the Reformed Church at Sabillasville, Frederick county, last Sunday morning. In the course of bis address he said: "And while we rejoice as American patriots in a eueral way we have special cause for congratulation as 'citizens of Maryland, and as members of the Reformed Church, to tbank the God of our fathers for.these great aehieve- ruentb. The heroic man who led our ttec-t to triumphant victory at Santiago was a native of our Common- w e a l t h , and was born in OUT own c o u n t y of Frederick. Ho was a l i n e a l descendant of tho loading member of our Reformed Church w h e n lirst visited and organized by Itev. Michael Schlatter, our pioneer missionary, one hundred a n d ' f i f t y years ago. In his published journal, page 147. it is recorded that on May ID, 1748, ho preached and administered the sacrament to a very devout Reformed congregation in Fredericktown, and adds: 'It is advantage to his congregation that they have the best schoolmaster tbat I have met in America. He spares neither labor nor pains in instructing the young and edifying 1 the congregation according to his ability by means of singing and reading the word of God and printed sermons on every Lord's day.' That faithful and worthy teacher of Reformed Church parochial schools was Thomas Schley, the ancestor of our naval hero, Commodore Sohley, and many othor distinguished persons. ·- He was from the Palatinate of the Rhine, and oame to America in 1740. One of his sons was a captain in the revolutionary army, one of his grandsons was Governor and Congressman from Jeorgia, another sat on the Supreme Bench of that State, and others were highly distinguished in the forum and the field. Dr. Cort then sketched the career of Spain as the butcher of live hundred Reformed Christians on the coast of Florida in 1565, as t l i e desolator of the homes of 100,000 Reformed Christians in the .Netherlands 300 years ago, and as the worst foe of civil and religious liberty. Persons troubled with diarrhtca will be interested in the experience of Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk -of Hotel Dorrance, Providence, R. I. He aayb: j'For several years I have been almost a constant sufferer from diarrhoaa, the frequent attacks com- plotoly prostrating me and rendering me unfit for my duties at this hotel. About two years ago a traveling salesman kindly gave me a small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, (jholora and Diarrhoea Remedy. Much So my surprise and delight its uft'ucts were immediate. Whenever I felt symptoms of the disease I would fortify myself against the attack v.-ith a few doses of thjs valu- ciblo remedy. The result has been vcrj satisfactory and almost complete relief from the affliction." For sale by W. E. Brown, Deuton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely. "I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family for years and always with good results," says Mr. W. B. Cooper, of El Rio, Cal. "For fcmall children w.e find it especially effective." For Bale by W. E. Brown, Douton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. j J. Colston, Ridgely. i jllllllligly--OlU-l-IIHroxv-t. On and after J u n o 1st--thu beau- t i f u l summer resoit, Bolingly on Chester, located at Queoustowu, will bo opened for the season oC 1SUS. Special rates, over t h e Queen Auno's Railroad will be given to Sunday Schools, etc., desiring to use t h i s delightful spot for a day's outing. Grounds aro being laid out fnr Lawn Tennis, Croquet and Base Ball, for the exclusive use of tin; patrons. Those not taking lunches witis tiiein can bo accommodated :ii the Hotel. with meals at popiihn "iifet.. Kish- iug, boating, batliing. a i l - b i u g . and all othor popiai ,v.mi". i;j-..r.s. For railroad vates, appli n . W c . l l o , General I'assen.^c-AL^'" l ; i - - ( - 9i Light itrcv.':, i5ci.ll P - - I - --'-i M J. Marx, is manager of 'iu "note I. It is very truo t h a t -i» Vn MOD of our country have conic from the country, and U is veiy ti-uo t h a t they must continue so to do; b u t , for gracious sak6, let our y o u n g men know that not every man is a president, and that ovpi-90 per cent, of those who ontev city business fall -- go down as u t t e r l y as t h e Maine until raised again. While- farmei boys have the right to onteilain the highest hopes .and to strive for the grandest goals, let them recollect that the first foundation for them to lay is on the farm and that duty faithfully done there is the first stepping stone in a long line of circumstances that bring ultimate success in any particular vocation or profession in life--Ex. Marion Dawson, of Keuton, is traveling through tho Peninsula with a machine that is called the Gramophone. It is different from anything of the kind on the market and has only been out a short time. It sings, talks, plays the piano and organ, the baujo, v the harp and a full brass band and does many othor wonderful things. LOST--In Donton or on the road, during April Court, a pocketbook containing valuable papers belonging to Mr. C. N. Coulbouru. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving at THIS OFFICE. Soft coal for sale for threshing and blacksmith purposes at Denton Bridge. L. B. TOWERS. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, July 11, isss. Store closes at 12:45 Saturday afternoons during July and August. Great carpet selling! Clearance of our small lots--and some big lots. It's as unexpected as a snowstorm in July, this selling of 1.G5 Savonnerie Axminsters at 81 a yard. And of $1.25 Axminsters at 70c. present c o n d i t i o n * , doing our every-diiy best, is leading to marvelous bicycle selling here. The Rodman Bicycles now selling here at 820 were made, with every care and all mechanical advantages, to sell at SS."i--to give a $50 wheel at ?:·*:' :-y sheer mastery of the business. Not one of them has been put t^p'tftin'r since the change in pi i c e -- i h c y i r e today, as at the season's b u n t , RFTY DOLLARS' WORTH CP r'CYCLE--as the trade even yet it-ci'.os.s values-and these w h e H s -Men's ami \ \ o m e n ' s ; x .i. 3 £:_'). l"lie selling of Ro:1m.i".s w i l l quit wk'.uiie ^ i in^ o! n-.s.T.i :iui-! t irge- ;is n'r IHAV i-:nuw. It ha-i brought; 1 . l'.',!.:i 'v "."c t i l business. The advantages a , ? y;ir: -if you decide in time to ilurd H't: lot. Hi.mberi, thi: w o r l d ' s · lodel of bicycle e x c e l l e n c e . ;i;e £73. To be had by o u t r i g h t purt-iiaM.-, 01 through the club, with a l a i r initial fee. John Wfliramaker. Our Jupe 30, DM You Read It? We told you that in going over stock we woiddfind some articles for the Counter We have completed our ivorli', and there are quite a number of articles that will be sold Our remnant pile at 5c a yard has been quite an attraction this week- Old price 8 to 15 c a yard- We have always marked part rolls and odd rolls very cheap in ]0 ftnd Sc these half-yearly · clearances, but many of the lots we tell of now-including those just mentioned--are in ample supply for any want. It's a queer condition that confronts carpet makers. Prices were forced up to the level of profit- making, but, before the harvest of cash was gathered, the market was over-filled, and then came trouble --and auction sales. There is profit today--for you. Money to be made--by spending. In two decades we haven't heard of prices so low. And it's an accident. And the condition cannot last. We shall sell the 46,000 yards almost before you've had time to think the matter over. Here is the memoranda of kinds and costs-Fine Savonnerie Axminster, thirty styles --including every newest one. SI. 65 when season started. Today, SI .a yard. Axmlnster Carpets, 23 styles--light and , dark colorings; including the newest on sale. Season's starting price, S1.25. Today, 70c. Saxony Axminsters and Moquettes, 40 styles. These are the most economical . middle-priced carpets at the early price --SI. Today they are 60c. Best grade Brussels, 23 styles, plenty of almost all; many with five-eighth borders; some stair styles, too. 03c instead ol SI. 25 and S1.33. "Extra" and Wilton Velvet, 30 styles. Started the season at Sl.40 and S1.50; settled to $1.25. Today, S5c. 1500 yards of best Wiltons--Bigclow Lo\wll and Whittnll. Si 50 carpets. -- Longest pieces at SI.50 a yard; shorter at $1.25 and SI. More than 100 styles of Brussels. GOc to 93c. Been S1.25 and $1.35. Velvets, 80c and 70c from OOc. Velvets, 70c and Sac from SI. 25. Tapestries, 30c and 35c from 50c. Tapestries, 35c and 40c from 60c. Tapestries, 45c and 50c from 75c. And quite a lot of ingrain carpets --rolls and less, and rugs and mat- tings and linoleums. Rodman Bicycles, $20-Manufacturers find it no trouble --except to their consciences--to produce wheels at whatever prices shall prove tempting to buyers. You alone decide. It is a bit puxzling, to be sure, when the air is haxy with bargain offerings. Puxzling, and not. You can skip the puzzle by resolutely shunning u n k n o w n wheels. You can safely skip all the apparently "doctored" w h e e l s -- m a d e from, conglomerate parts, or old wheels revamped. Safely skip, but you can't safely buy. Future seasons will find the air cleared. It will be decided by you --the public--whether it shall be cheap" wheels or safe ones! The answer could be guessed now. As yet, surely safe and high- grade wheels have not been made to sell, at today's prices. But selling goes on--at a toss--while the problem works out. Men's Linen Collars, 'A for 25c. Sailor Hats, Levering's Coffieo, Table Oil Cloth, Child's Tan Shoos, with T i p , siae 2 to 5, Best Apron G i n g h a m . 8.:. k i n d , Very Good Apron GinirlKiin, Os-v.r 1000 ytU. S h i r t V''.ii.«t Goods, Just Opened, ljifc-Si/.o Picture, Frnuu- w o r t h $1.30. · IS, If? and 12c. L a w n s , v u i j . pretty, will makn up nine, sacrifice price, lOc 15c lie 15c 25c 6c 5c 5c 93c 'fc Acme Hall. Tbree Gret It's time we were clearing out the orld lots and broken sizes in Sumnici gooiis. This a n n u a l sale is an eagerly looked-for event, for it's a great means of! saving on just the right grcoits. the popular clothes, .it i t i m e w h o n c h - i r uselulnoss is at it'-, licit, 1 !)*. We'll cl'..^ o u t this week our stock of Summer Cassimet n,Cheviot,Wor '_ sted and Fancy Mixture Suits t h a t soli! up to $15.09--choice of any for S7.5O. Suits WP made-to-ordcr, but for some reason or other were uncalled for, worth up to $25, will be included in these groat sales at $11. The balaneoof our Men's Pointed and Square Too Shoes, are grouped into two price divisions, Pine Calf, Viei llussets and Tan Shoes, we sold for $3, will go at $$1.50. Thoso wo sold up to $5 will go at $2.50. lluttiT be bpry, lor hlioci arc great bnr- L,'runb, and UILTC are only five Iiuiulreil oilil pairs left Notice to Builders. OvKicr. O K T I I K SCHOOL BoAiin, \ DKXTOS, 3FD.. June 28, 18D?. / Scaled propobtils marked on outside of envelope, "propoMls lor building," nro_in- vitod from O.Lpouters and builders u n t i l noon of Tm-bday. J u l y 19, 1898, for furnishing ninteriiil ami b u i l d i n g !ine\v school house un what i^ k n u \ . n us S:iuls- hury School HOUPI- lot in Turl, ilioo ^feck, tiikfng the AiuJtis-'iiil.' m - . Ii-mi hnuso n^ n model, with tl-c i b l l u v . , a . s ^ - p t i o n - : The s\7.e of Lhlt -' hool lim.^ 1 it to bu :!2 t'cet long and 2 ' !VuL « nl.- llio .-i-.l':-. r to bcoffloorin:; bo:ir.l, lour »f ^twl- the lloor to br; ol 11 inch (looriun t.i-i .f-ii.c when coniiili-l-l m - i - ' r p«i"t"i \ \ i l l , three ( o n l » i - l i-'-^i-! " -' : ' l f i i ) f l ' -'"""I oil, t l i e h i U f ml i- ^ '" l' 1 -'' / r ' K : " iill othor iv-p · pond holh 1:1 niiinship ;· Sept. 10 Notice i. 1 - 'u- bids will hi' nn Itv iled We've taken o u r Men's $1-73 and 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yacht, Soft Brim Sailor and Mackinaw Hats, and made a special price on all of $1.25. Our Men's 75c and $1 Rough J u m b o Braid Sailors and Mackinaw Hats will go at 48c. Other departments are feeling the keou k n i f e oL' this Clearance Sale, so that there's hardly anything you need but can be had for much below regular prices'. Children's Clothing-, Hats and Shoes. Men's Furnishings nnd Underwear. Bicycle Clothes, lints, Shoes nml ] lose, Bathing Suits nnd Trunks. "When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting, Retiring and Writing Rooms; Men's Smoking and Waiting Rooms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordially extended to you. Oehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD. All Cur Lines Pnss'Our Door. school · iiii 1 1 '!.':, -!· " ·) fell.jwini: mim-d _ .'u- · id i'- 1 «o''- nri- At wA house as \r ii'-idcnco of Bids will .1!' l«- school huildiii'.' = ul th places to hi; h u i ' t a- 'i respond iii . p i · ' H I " i t .·-' " tonal :uicl \v-il lu-m^'fip. .v (h nuiilt: Union with tin v .it. t.\, the nnxlcl: at ,i pir.nt i Wesley .Inrrcll \\itli tin liixu-u- s-elioel house ns n mod"!; :it Jlni';i;ly, -i fourth room to the mM-Jcmy to ( . ^ i i c s p i m O in every particulat \ \ i t h the r oin now \i-el by the second iiss-is-tsint ti'.iciiPr. All the above new buildings nro to ho p.iintod with three conte of Lewis white lead and pure linseed oil, the third font to he one Inilf seine: bhut- tcrs nrc to be painted with two coats of French imperial tjreun in addition to » coat of priming. All bid-must be sontto this ollice by noon of Tuesday, July 10. One linlfol'cimtiaU price on each building will bo paid \\ hen enclosed and the balance upon completion ol -nmc and ac ccptnncc By a hiuldin^ lotiiniiUoo to be appointed by the tJchool Board. The building must bo completed and rendy fnroccupnncy by Sept. 10, 1898. Tlie Hoard reservcD- tlio right to reject any or nil bids. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, Scc'y A LARGE ASSORTMENT --OF-- 7ic 5c Coins and see us- We can quote- low prices on all goods. We buy butter, chickens a7id eggs- R. S. Crew, % Denton's Cash Dealer- We are prepared to supply your wants in the Clothing Line at Prices that will surprise yon. CRASH SUITS, $2.00 (Coat, Pants nnd Vcs,t.) CRASH PANTS, 30c THIN STRIPED COATS, 35c MEN'S SUITS, $1,75 to $10 BOYS' SUITS VERY CHEAP SHOES · Are Reason able in 1'rico with us I Men's Fine Shoes Ladies' Fine Shoes LAWNS, OUOASD1KS, Krnni SI.00 up 75e. up.- Black I N D I A LUSTKNS, While. CALICOES S G 1 N G K A M S All 'H'. u \ m i l . lints. Cups, Slnrts, I ' m l c i u u . i r , Notions of nil kinds, Tinwaie unJ Agi.tcwaro. (lliisb Tumblers, 24 1 n do^i^i'. Jelly Glnsscs, 2^0. n doxun. Come and soc our Dinner nnd Tea Sets. Doublo sols of 100 pieces, !?tf. DBNTON, MD. THE SPOT CASH STORE. SPRING ° · · * GOODS JUST A Well Snlet-tetl Stock of fHATS AND CAPS. All the Lati-st Stylos in Derbies and Straw Goods. All-Wool Scifrcs, from 32c. to 50c. Molinirs and ilenrieltiis, from 32c. to 70c. Novelty Siiitiogs, ail-woul, fr.-m 25c. up. A Great Variety in Children's Men's and Women's SHOES. A Good, Solid, Ladies' Shoo for SI. Notice of Scholarship. OFFICE OK THE SCHOOL HOARD, l ·DBSTON, MD., June 28, 1898. / Notice is hereby given tli:\t fin examination will bo held at Dcnton Academy, Sat- urdnyJJuly 16, 1808, to bcTMin at 10 o'clock, for applicants for the following scholarships, due this county under provisions of Act of Assembly: Four scholarships nt the Maryland State Normal School, open to both sexes, the examination to be similar to thnt prescribed for second grade teachers' certificate. One St. John's College, which practically covers the actual-expense of the school. Only male applicants are eligible for this scholarship. One scholarship nt Western Maryland College (for male applicants) which practically covers the ncliinl expenses of the student. The examination as prescribed by the faculty of the two above mentioned colleges must include such studies as arc required for entrance examination for freshmen class. This will include Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Latin, including lluoc hooks of C.-esnr, Philosophy, English Grammar nnd English Literature. One scholarship at Maryland Institute for the Promotion of Arts. Applicants for this scholarship will be examined in the common school branches. This scholarship, like those of the Normal School, docs not cover expense of board. Only such candidates w i l l be eligible for appointment to these scholarships whoso parents are not linnncifilly able to provide such advantage.- a« Ihuse sclux«ls nttbrd. This is ri condition of the law pio- viding the si'hola ·nhi|)'- above citiV. MID-SUMMER CLEARING OUT xE! in- A!! Summer G-^ods must go at some price. We don't tend to carry over a single yard. Now is your ch^ save money on all ·'·^-·^ . Dry Goods, tes, Mattings, Men's and Boy's lust think oi uli oi th t ; best Percales, French Ginghams Madras Cloths tha: sold for 12% and 150-- ail go for 10 am. .1 big lot to be sold at 8 C . Calicoes, best goods, in bU ? n ; \vbiic. nrray and blue, worth 6 and yc -- all go for 50?" Light calicoes for 40. Ail of our Summer Organdies reduced -- 25cgoods for 2oc _ 2x goods (or i 5 c goods for i2j/£c. \\ e have placed on a Bargain Counter Hundreds oi yards of goods all to be sold for 5c. Come and get first pick. See our 2 9c Table Linens, and 59 and 750 ones ; cannot duplicate them for same money. Hundreds, of yards of all- wool dress goods to be sold at 25c, worth double to wear. This includes blue, black, green and red all-wool serges, and a handsome lot of mixed dress goods, all go for 25c. All of of our i5c dress goods to b 1 ? sold for toe SPECIAL BARGAINS In Mohairs in green and brown, worth 65c, to close, 490 · and one piece of gray worth 5^1.00 for 75c to close, and black^ positively the best we ever had, all go during this sale, $1.00 kind now 75c ; 85c kind now 6oc ; 65c kind now 5oc kind now 37Kc. Now is your time to buy bargains in Silks. Best plain black China silk, worth 75c to close at 55c. Name your own price on fancy silks. All of our guaranteed kid gloves in tan, brown, black and white,' worth $1.25, during this sale only 98c. See our 2$c and 500 corsets. P. N. Corsets for 50, 8sc and $1.00. Ferris waist only 6oc. CLOTHING! CLOTHING! Just think over 500 suits to select from. See our $4.00 and $4.50 suits reduced to $2.98 to close. A special bargain suit for $7.50 in men's during this sale. Look, all of our #5.00. pants in black, all-wool clay worsted to close out at $2.50, and all of our best- tailor-made pants worth $5.00 and $6.00,' all go for $3.50 to close. Bicycle suits and pants, crash suits for men, boys and children. Clothing for everybody. Suits from 75c to $18.00. Pants 25c to $6.00, all reduced to close out. We are positively giving the biggest shirt bargains ever offered in Easton. Have you seen our 49c shirts? Only a few of those $1.25 form last season, reduced to 6gc to close. See our $i .00 shirts. Just opened the latest thing in this line. Link cuffs only isc. If you are looking for bargains in dress goods, clothing, notions, etc. Call and see us, no trouble but a pleasure to show you. Just opened up a lot of Piques in white, blue and pink, all for ISG. Goods must go to make room for Fall stock. Ready-Made Skirts and ready-made Waists at Your Own. Prices, to close out. THE BARGAIN GIVERS, J. C. GODWIN CO.. EASTON, MD. J forget the A n n u a l M. P. Sunday School Excursion to Ocean City, August 17th, 1SOS. M. IJ. STEPHENS, Scc'vand E.-.aininor. THE """""AgiifiiliiirilWlcgi! COLLEGE PARK, MD, URYUID'5 T6CBVOLOB!, A Large Stock of Men's Youths' and Hoys' CLOTHING nt Very Low Prices. Furnitnie, Glass and Queensware. In fact anything the public ninyncod in our line, at popular prices.) FOUR COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Agricultural, Mecbanical, Scicntiiic, and Classical. Each department supplied -with th most modern nnd approved apparatus Practical work emphasized in Jill depart mcnts. Graduates qimlilicd to enter upon their life's work at once Now Science Hall will bo completed and d|iiip]ed the Fall Opening. Practical laboratories for the Departments of Entomology, Pa thology, Agriculture, Horticulture, Biog rapliy,"Pl»ysics nnd Engineering. Hoard ing Department supplied with nil modcrr improvements. New bnth rooms am closets in an annex in the main building Steam heat and gas, books, room, licnt light, washing, board, medical nltcntioi $154.00 for scholastic- year. S5.00 cautipi money on entrance. SC.OO for mntcrift for each laboratory. Payments made quarterly. A 12(1 page utitnloguo, giving fnl particulnis, seiit on application. Daily sanitary inspection, by physician to College. Attention is called to the slior course often weeks iu Agriculture. Par liculars sent on application. Term com incnccs September 14th. Early appliea tion necessary for admittance. K. W. SILVESTER, President iM. A. C. a Special Mixture for Potntoos nnd Tomatoes, a Hock, Bone find Fish Mixture for Berries. Wo nrc soiling the ADRIANCE PLATT Platform JSindors, Jtowors, ]lukcs, Etc., which fire Gimranteod in every respect. l-l. .I01IN II. (!. SOL1CITOR-IM-CIIANCERY, CKKTKKVH.r.K, MD. ANDEKSONTOWN. MD. Examiners' Notice. We, the undersigned, having been ftp- pointed by the county commissioners of Caroline county to examine nnd, if the public convenience requires it, to lay down :i new public rond in the Third election district of snid Caroline county, to begin nt or near Edward "W. Nenl's hinds nnd to run across snid lands to intersect the picco of now road lately built by Charles Mur- phoy, known us the Niittlo nnd NeulroiiG, lioreby give notice tlmt wo will meet at snid point of beginning on THIIHSDAY, AUGUST -llli, 1808, nt U o'clock, a. in., I'or the purpose of executing pur commission. The county surveyor will pleflso attend without fiuthcr notice. THOMAS L. CHAFFINCH, WILLIAM F. LIDKN, T. VllED GA11KY, jnlyldm. Examiners. Professional Notice. 1 bog to iniiiiuiinu 1 to my friends nnd Hilrons thai 1 li:tv( pkrvil u 'phone in my ffirc, nnd inn in constant cominunicntion \\ith all points oj the Utuchestor nnd Queen Anne.s lines. ^Vcry respectfully, GEO. F. GALLOWAY, M. D. Night call, 1. Day i-nll, Central Ollice, ·''cderfilsburg. Money to Loan, n sum? of $600 and upward. Apply to LEWIS WEST, Don ton, Md. · Order Nisi. John H. C. Logg, Assignee, vs. William 31. Day and Wife, Mortgagors. In tho Circuit Courl for Caroline County. In Equity. No. 924. Ordered on this Hth day of July, 1808, that the sale of the real estate mentioned nnd described in the mortgage from W. M. Dny nnd wife to Jnmes T. Wood, dated the 28th dny of May, 1878, and recorded in Liber J. W. T., No. JO, folio 182, etc., n land record book for Caroline county, Maryland, nnd assigned by menso assignments to John U. C. Legg, and made by John H. C. Logg, nssigncc, nnd reported in this cause, bo ratified and confirmed, unless ciuise to the contrary be shown on or before Hie llith dny of September, 1898. provided n copy of lliis order be inserted in some newspaper printed in Cnrolino county, Maryland, onco in ench of three successive weeks bofoiu the loth day of August next. The report stntos the Amount of snlcs to bo $2,000.00. CHARLES W. HOnUS, Clerk. True copy--Test · CHARLES W. HOIJ33S, Clerk. Ordsr Nisi. Edwin II UVOWM, Trustee, AoMifiioo, ·\ ·-. Robert 15. Kobcrl'5, Mortgagor. In tho Circuit Con i t for I) u (time County In Equity. Ordered t h i - !Kh d:iy«f Jul}, ItW, llwt the snlo H i n d i - a m i iviioitod in thi, uoovo case of the niui'lijiiiCii icnl c^t Ui: by Kd- win H. U r o u n , Tnisti'c, A-.-igii'.'o ol Mort- gagee bo l i n a l l y ratillud jml tonlirnicd, unTess cause to i h c c o n l r u i y thereof bo shown on or before. the 10th day of September, 18!)S, provided, a copy ol this order lie inserted in 301110 newspaper, pi-int- od and nublibhud in Caroline (Jounty, Maryland once in each of tin PC successive weeks before the nth day of August.' 1S98. The report status the amount of sales to be $400.00 CHAHLES W. 1IO1JBS. Clcik. True Copy--Tost- CHARLES \V. UOBUS, Clerk. i - f| It 3DRTJGS AND MEDICINES. .=-?,, M. R. B. BOND, DEALER IN arcb WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Will give all the benefit of | large purchases for CASH! GASH PAID FOR EGGS. HOUSE UHLER --DEALERS IN-- SEASONED PINE (ORIGINAL GROWTH) Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; Shingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc. AT OUR COAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be kept on.hand a supply oi First-Class Morea Stove *oal. It is the best! Farmers are informed 'that we furnish £err Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now is the time to jive yonr order. Satisfaction guaranteed. Order Nisi, Order Nisi. in tin imiUur of tlio Mile of thu llonl Bs- li 1 of Sylvester Sinilli, n the Orpli-uif 1 Court of Cnrnlini* county. Ordered this Olh dny of J u l y . 1898, Unit he suit' of the csttUv; of .Sylvester Jmilh. docciibod, nibiitioncil in tliesu pro- coding, iiuido nnd iojwirte.1 by Tliomns \. Smith. JCxccntor, be ratified mid con- rnioil, uiiloo- ciiii'-p to the contrary there- i f bo.-hown on or bcforo tliL lirsl diiy o f j ·upteiubi'r nc\t. piovidi'd » copy of this , rder be in=ortod in some now-paper print- d in .Caroline county, OIIL-O in onoh of lircc succosoivo \vcol\s, before the 31st, clay f July, ISM, next. . Tho rcpoit stutiff the: iimoiiut of sules to Thomas 13. Spnrklin, Assignee rtiul' " -Mortgagee, \. William J. Clark and Ueimio B. Clnrk,. his wife. JOHN A. SICKER, J. B. OKKELL, A. «. WRIGHT, Jud;:cs of the Orphans' Court of C'nro- lino county. True copy--Test: · K013T. J. JUMP, Kogister of Wills for Caroline county. In the Ciicuit Court for Caroline Coiuily. In Equity. Ordered, this 16th day of Juno, 1S98. thnt tho sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made nnd reported by Thoniii= U. Spnrklin, Assignee mid Mortgagee, be rntilied nnd confirmed, unless cAueo to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 271 h day of August "o\i; provided a copy of this order bo-s^y^Kd in some newspaper printed in Caroline county, onoe in cacli of threo successive weeks, before the I8th day of July next". Thu report states the amount of sales tobe$2GOO.OO. CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. Tino Copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. SFAPERl

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