Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 11
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 11
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DECATUR HERALD MONDAY, ^OCTOBER 20, 1930. DECATUR HERALD UK -(· ' '" J " U le r.- V«u are de*tln*t icwnlv anrt nhabbllv uld he your friend*. *·"-]( ro venire anl art is not rev Y*u nre always ·* tfT others," and ·* of humor nettoni Inn- ftf n«e»l, Through ·ire* you will b« able h t ad. You hunger on know how to g\vr In return, And as * f- you will make n tiiun, full of sytti riding and help. bl I*eoi»le Born; [Oct. 30 pan, founder of LMr ,1 swell. Pottmaittr- n later to : T, McOIH, chancellor compomt Colum- i, Th« UHt Slyiulicnt* I tic i .IGltlNB mime (un for yciui- word, rearrange lh« (I with the one given tin- rn'W word whirl' with it u fin i' with u ti onrt with un 1 *nil u n t i e architecture. with an I net American with on heard horn the ·IIS . 1TCASC./ _ lE'RE GETTING A BIG BREAK! OFFICIAL. GUESTS; LAf (tat JANE ARDEN Safe, But Hungry %f%*£?S6t WELL THSMTHATI wANTroesTAeoARO - CROSS ME AND LtVCTOTSLL IT ^, ^ f THIS JANE AROeN- E EM WITH SPUN^A i1 CAN USE HER DOLWH- [ REVOLUTIONS'COST MON VACANT CA8IN- BUT I'M AFRAID THEY'D CATCH us- IPWB VKNTUREOOUTON DECK FOR SOMETHING TO EAT RbMtNO MS OF DOU9HNUTS Bobby 1 hatcher UNCLE WIGGILY ItttDTIMlG STOKY L--i»y iiotvAiii) it. GAIUS m 11 tlmo Johnnie and Dll- Illll, (llC HejUlrrol bOJ'fl. vt-iy fiiai to Unola Wlji-i tlly'H hollow -iluni]i bungalow, K u n - j titoK up tho M, IIH Johnnie scratched! itHd hln jinwi on I lid dour, txnd Bll- Ito, Ihlukliit: l liolp NITHO June I-'UK/v Wu//y, dinted off the porch rail with hi* dip, I'tiihy ttilI that wiu like A hfllah. "Whni.'-i HID nutttor. boys?" askad Mr,^i-Hiji ti*i 111.1 ogiuntid the door (inil iaw HUT wiiiliTols on thy «tt]if. "Whtit b nil t h u excltwnent about?" "Well. I KUi'Hti you'd bo ivxcltcd too, L'ndn VVI|;tily, It you MUW « imiu i,oy fife'Ing n{i nit thu niTM mitK you hid In I he Around'" chattered Bllllo. "Ami laklni' I h c m iiWay!" dddtii Jihnnli' "(li'n a lltttu )ioy, but Ttn lo %KCT thim wn urn NO IM- don't rturc in itn luiylhkik' If him. even if wo wild," "W» could Mtr him, lull i(ily Just t little 'rtni'io hi' 1 ,i tt llttld boy." Sltld UlUlo, "Oi \vi' cdiilil tli'kli Mini with okii inIK" m l i l i l hi^ irdtlii'i' 'IVnr inc 1 Tlil.-i In very iuecr!" ttw iK.ttli "Y'-u -ny (t little boy Id Ming nunv i l u - n t i t x you hid?" "V( j," mi IMI u (1 IHlllli 1 . "You know tlih In tilt* time fur IIH mtuli'i'ola to tint lili kiuymil!'. wtilnuU anil U1H ( l i n t rail off tlui trwot. tirn in mtmy nutn wfl iwn tlicm Into our luilliuv trnc nt dtici', so wn (iij,: Jittlii holes In thd Riniluil, (ml mi's In thw holua Wrt tovcr Ihi'iii it|i Latin- on wo K° Wk B«(l dlf; ll]l tholld IHttH." p 'i|Ht we'll never dlit it)) a hit of *iu," cluitli'i'i'il .)ihiii])ii ;mdly, "l«'oi "inl lltltc lny not iilittMi of (IB, What tn W{ d(i, ITjn [,·, vvij;j(||y'"' "Show HID tint pliici' wliuti- j'utl hid TM ntitc," wild ilio rtibVilt With .tohiinle and lilllle %'dn nlu'iti) (inch. wi(.'f.'Mv *** w^uhrf 1 !*! tu jin open pTni*e In tho *IKK!« wluTi- new innny nut tt(ion this i l-jn jtij; |n | l i - fdfrVIt BtjJOd i IKHI-IC nf reul fulltf, IW 1 l i t t l e lnv Mvcn in Hint hoitgii," ·tnhrmle i M . l t i t l n " Id It n-iHi hi* '"'I 's mil ili, i 'i Kin- 1 01 ( h e t i m e " iiltill, "lle'M u nk-o brmvn If hev dinl u-p llUii him, (or If nroiiiiil (n the wooda nntj wnj; "No. not exactly," Uncle Wlggily. nntiwei'etl. "But let's wait hero while, hiding In the buuhoa, bu whuru we can watch thft litTle boy'* houso, and wo shall see whtit happens," Undo WlKK"y ftlld the aqulrrele Jli not tiavu long to wait Pretty «oon out cnmu running the little brown boy. He wn* vary happy *s h aldjipod over tho dried leaven on th ground and played tag with hi* ahad o\v among the trtoa. Then tho little boy picked up a until he duv in. th« nnu 'l now «·((!. he iloom' «i Inli rlnHi he d i d n ' t menu to ttiko «t"" ivltl C m t i - Wlv-i:lfv. i vi-1 h,, ,ttii"- (,,[0(1 mnie. "You 'I have l i r n t d him Inufth evwy c "I'd [ hnd hurled the nutit K»t to iin Etnnuithlnic about i l n h l l " ehltnrtt 111 . . TMn don't wnnt fill tho nuta tnlien (., tW m t K h t K |v ' t h n l l u l e h() y n IhMn"" ht ' '""* lnl1 *" " 0 " rly "" °' Jhls [ a ( n P W ndvontui'o for ma," TMw tlw rnhhlt pnntlemnn ,o« hfl *"J«t«l litu ,,int( nojid, "I must - 'ho tnlh of thd llttlo boy», 1 A nltn mi ' in undowtand my i r Ulirn ' thlnlf ' B111I1 ftnrt L 1 ' 1 " 1 " n ^ 1!ttlE b °y wo « td what you nro snylntt whpn you do." k nlt Ask hlrn to K lv « ou ' Uoh,- sn ntl^k and be^tuj mg^intf in the tiiu'th H« (javo a Jolly cry. "Oh, I'vci found more nuts!'' h fllioutoU. "t wonder who put them ii tiila tittle hole nnd covered them a carefully?" Undo Wlgglly, knowin boy talk, told Biltlo and Johnnl whnt wnu auld. "Toll him they're our nuUI" whls But Undo Wlgfflly did not have t do that. Ho couldn't have ttne so anyhow. All of a sudden out of th houuc come the little boy'i Datld; Tho little brown chap ran to hi frit her niut jnld: "See the nuts 1 duff up out of th #t mi nil! I found a tot more, too They're up on tho porch. I though nutu gvevf on trees." "So thoy do," said the little boy fnt(ior, "But after the nuts foli of the trees. B0m« squirrels burled them In IKo gi'c-unU, You have takon th iiHilri'ol'H nuta that thoy want to ea thH Winter, Snnny Buy." "Oh, T didn't know tho nuts be kmtfrd to tho sutiirrctsT' urled th lit tin bniwn boy, "I'll put them a buck iiKnln!" He ran tci tne poren jiathnied up the nuts there nnl sea tnrml them over ihti ((round, "Com Squlrnils!" ho called^ You mny hnv your niiti again!" ",Vow everything la «H rllfhti" sal Um'lc WlKKlly to Blllie and Johnnl and thn aqulrrol boyv weio very hu] And If tho fire engine will plena itop sqiilrtlnjif water on the kltchf Ktove and maklnft It catch cold, r tell you next about Uncle VTIggil and the llttlo ft Id. (Copyright, 1030. by Howard R. Gar Is) This pflrlod will come to he known no one of [front spiritual acccleratloi --Mahal Walker Wlllobrtndt, This la Q large country. When It dry In one part, ther« Is moisture ! other partn.--Calvin Coolldge, And more particularly I woul tutk you n question I have ofte ttflccd myself: What Is thti H, Wolli* who Is now thinking befor you «nl with youT--H. O. W«ll», I'll never try to conceal any me tal tihortcomlnjcs behind a profoun expcossle-n--Miiyor Jara«a J. Walko The Voyageur Storm \HJUMCBR WAS TAKtMG' AM TOLU OF eOB6/S 6TREMCTH AS H£ STRUGGLED THROU9H THE TAMCLED UNOERCROWTW OP THH FOREST AMD V/AOBD THE MARSHES THAT BORDERED LAKES - * " - * * * UU OVBR H»UC FOR BLACK MIGHT 'AS t BACK TO KB--, LOOKS W OLO BOAT IM THE CT THAT' tTfc BMBH HM» A LOHG TtMR IP ITtA. HOLD TOGETWR AFTBR I G«T IT OUTA TUB SAHD I CA.M CO STRAIGHT OOWM TH« LAK ANO C«T SOMB Pt-ACV b* Tit* Ml Bntfuti. tM.) THE NEBBS Pal f My Boyhood Days V) WOT?) . irt / ^A / I OOfcfT CARE BUTTHEIO6ATHW VOCXVE 6OTMC A.SUCKGR ALL RMHTT 1'U.CW (T AMD ROOV. WIU. SOU HAVE TWO IMU. CMARSeD TO Me so i CAW PAV UITTUE LATER VJHEW SOOO AMD SOUMO MV FEET A6AIKJ SA^ i MAwesrT MAO A pee« AT ROB cwca 20 veuas AMO -n-w. TWIKJ© VOL* DO iS TO TDS3 Me; FOR SOO UCKS AWO WM£M J. St-lP VOO THE oouaw DO voo JSHOVW ©CATrrxtDe ? ACTED LIKE VOU LOST QO 6BCAUSE VOL DIOKFT ASK FOR A TWdXISAMt?!! WHAT DO FOR VOO IP t *OT MtftrtT WATCHMAN IMC VW«nBRUWBASP*IWK GAS BUGGIES Hem, Beware HEM MAKES HIS FIRST POBI.»C APPEARANCE AS H. HORN THE MILLIONAIRE, WHOM HE iS IMPERSONATING, AND SPEAKS AT THE DEDICATION OF AN ART MUSEUM HIS GENEROUS EMPLOYER ENDOWED AND MAY TMI3 OF TECHNIQUE AUVAYS BE AN INSPIRATION TO SET ASIO6 THE SORDID , SELFISH AIMS Of LIFE. AMD WORSHIP AT TWE ALTAR OF ART AFTER ALL,\VWAT IS MOR6 WORTH- \VW1LE THAN A THOPOUGH APPRECIATION OP THE SSAUTlFUL? M6S MAOO HI3 MILLIONS. NOW.MH, HORM , ON BEHALF OF TH6 COMMIT Tit TO OH. CARLOTTA ISN'T MR, HORN HANDSOM6 .... AMD SO RICH.. AND A WWV MOTHER? VCK/R8 60 EXCITED.. YOU SHOOK MR. HORN'S HAND SO HARD */MiL6 SftAKINft TO HIM HE WAft COMW.BT6LV OUT Of .6RIATH, WAS m POSlTlVfLY MILLIONAHW. WAKE UP* CAftLOTTAVtW V/AKB EMBARRASSING TOOTS and CASPER Mixed Words By Jimmy Murphy ' t'M 6LAO COLONEL ) / PROM THE WAV HE'S HOOPER THAT *5aSfiJBgaRl HE W)N A WILUOrJ BET PROM POLLARD, TOOTS \ HE PHONED ME THREE TIME* TCWV, ANt . t ANSWER HE .it«t PROM R., IF HI* BRAItl BI MOUTH BRINGING UP FATHER JiggS Is Cured HIGH LIGHTS of HISTORY No. 25 The Winning of Vincennes By J, Carroll Maiufield, VOu SO RKSi-TP OVER TO DOCTOR A» SBR WHW I AlLlNS FML. MUCH DOCTOR SOAXBM! IS THIS THE HOSPPTAU? XONL.V MBDCINB POR THRRB By MaManut f p IMP, rntl FMJUH SmiM, ht, Crta BrtUlB mitt Bum* LT UftttE CUftK HOT TO SEN? (^WoMMMtep 0V D OFKASMUKIA o*tt »y FATHM Q * IM» THE HEQOie PftlCST JOUR«eve('toVJMCiWMB*, HAPPi W ARBIVIM4 W 1HC ABSBMCO*ASaoTT; THtBRrTlSHCOMMAMt4*NT lV lHOHAi4M4eTO | IbTMlUt4IT«$-UTB$AWfrRA |^[AVIUS OCCUPIED (jui.v,nTe),C(M-owet CIAQK TURNED MS A7«UTIOM T07HB POOBLCM OF CAP ftar SACKVIUE AT ViN£ewNE5 ) A BRITISH POST THAT MEWAcef HIS «Nr«t LIME OF COMMUNlCATtOH VJflH AWABRfcfrFOtKe.,^ HtCH LtA WITHIN HIS OWM EXTCHSl* wt«»j, Birr TO PtfiMiT HIM TD so THERE ptnsuAte we PEOPLE TO EMBRACE CAU« OP AMERICA perraoiTieAviHa THB FWJT m TM» HAHP» "~* Of TUB LOCAL FRtNCH M HITIA. EWSPAPERl EWSTAPERl

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