Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 23, 1948 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 13
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on Eve of . Convalesces were the accident xchange o badly damaged, . Horace Seymour Beemer Brick and Tile Building EXTRACTION OF TEETB X.RAY LUTHERAN CHRISTMAS SERVICE—Pictured above is u u oon ™ Hol y Ni Kht service of lights to be held at the Central Luth- LTof Mrs h p e f?l Iwerf *&*?**** * 10! *° * m ' Candl <*S h ^^^ 4th N. W., left, and Jon Butler, son of Mr. and Mrs; Virgil Butler, 420 15th S. E. The program will open with th processional by robed choirs, followed by chorus arrangements o traditional Christmas carols mingled with reading of prophecj GLASSES... The Gift That Gives Lasting Pleasure Unlike many material things, eyes are not replaceable! Give that someone dear to you a lasting gift..; .perfect vision, Your Eyes Are Dear Check Once a Year. inesgei Befistered Optometrist . . HELZBERG'S 23 South Federal, Mason City, Iowa *a^**Mt*auM**3^^ GLASSES ON CREDIT 50c A WEEK THE IDEAL COLON. A person to perfect health potsesiea a colon Ukt this—Arm, mUtcnUr ana regular. GOODMWi FOR flCK PEOPLE STO^jCH *TIfM£WrS, WEAK KWHBYS, RHB UMATIC PAIHS,ARTHRI TIS. HEURITIS d such complaints u Headaches, Nervousnesa, Acids Toxins, Bloating. Lack of Vitality, Energy. Poor Appetite. TJndetwelgnt. Dizzy Spells. Pnigless Health Colon illustrations V YOU ARE a sufferer of these . THE COLON is one of the most ailments, try GEO-MINERAL. Yon ™»« t ant organ* of our body. may be astounded at the results. You need not guess^-you will' see facts. GEO-MlNERAL comes from the earth — Nature's Laboratory, Contains NO dope, NO alcohol, NO oiL ONLY Nature's minerals, the oldest, most reliable remedy for rheumatism, arthritis, kidney and stomach ailments. GEO -MINERAIi will enrich yonr blood, help to make yosrstrang,, full of pep, life : and energy. Lack of minerals in the blood causes anemia, headaches,-nervousness. Minerals generate mental brilliancy, Ive sparkling eyes, red cheeks,. ght disease, build up health. Wonder Minerals RHEUMATISM, arthritis axe dreadful diseases. Acid condition in the blood ts often their cause. What, could be the remedy? For thousands of years, minerals have been used to relieve the pain and suffering of these ills. People, on the advice of doctors,, ffo to mineral springs to find cure, or relief. The late President Roosevelt used to go to Warm Springs in Georgia. He was helped or would not have gone there'regularly twice a year. •• YEAR after year, people rush to mineral springs and spas, to drink and bathe in their miraculous water. We have all heard of the wondrous springs of Lourdes, France, and famous Thronion in ancient Greece where, according to legend Hercules, the god of eternal strength and youth, drank its waters and bathed t* be forever young. Amazing Results GEO-MINERAL contains minerals yon get at the world's best springs. Watch your elimination from yonr bowels a day or two after using it. The waste, black as the color of yonr shoes, will start to break away, and yo« will SEE it. Also examine your urine. Yon may see impurities—poisonous waste- coming oat of your kidneys, relieving you. And then realize the priceless value of GEO-MINERAL. GEO-MINERAL is not a p&ysie and does not interfere with the foods ist the stomach. It cleans aad onrifles the intestines, thoroughly relieving gas, toxins, adds, and ting After these poisons are oftae system and the kidneys •U WlS to.feel the arth- and rheumatism leaving, and —TT^.vMM- *« imistlilii tfco recoTWy. 100% GuarantMd! GEO- one store one bottle. Use it one yo« are »«* !•« per cent we win refttwi yMV »oney WE URGE «"«T»»« U tay G MINERAL. D« M^kolteto .Moment Go to your drug i JEwTGet one bottle. Use it 5J£t if yo« are not 1M per KEGARDLESS of ttmr suflering, you jilMM» GBO-MINKRAL may be fer •—«**• Make yo« teel, e cSTaod ss^sy Bfe beiter. INERAL Reiili Price> < Bottles |6.»t osco Mas** CUT. •Utl Ori«rs to Ak»r« A4«nM — AM .M*. fw r««4«T* CONSTIPATION is the can** of thl» atonic abnomuU colon. Keep colon Jfrc* from poisonous waste matter. SPASTIC CONSTIPATION- eoBditlon is often caused by over of harsh cathartic*, physics. BOWn, ADtlCSIOKS—Proper diet, keeplnr eoton eleasi, always l»l»» t» •• tk»coB4KlMi «rf this colon. and the Christmas story by Diane Nielsen. "The Rev. Marvin O. L«e will conduct the regular liturgical service during which the senior choir will sing appropriate numbers. The pastor will then deliver a Christmas message. At the close of the service candles will be lighted and the entire congregation will join in the singing ol "Silent Night, Holy Night." The junior high choir will sing, "A Christmas Medley," arranged and "Rejoice Greatly," by Woodward, while the senior choir will present the following anthems: "Today There is Ringing," Christiansen; "Joseph Came Seeking," Wiiloughby; "Let Carols Ring," Black; "InDulci Jubilo," Pearsol; "GJoria in Excelsis Deo," Mozart: "Hallelujah Chorus," Handel and "While. Shepherds Watched," Warrell. , . . The Junior choir includes Diane Nielsen, Mary Lou Sklpton, Elise Remmert, Joan Twito, Mary'Wit ty, Barbara Church, Margaret Johnson, Glenn Sels, Marlin Snyder, Ronald Hansen, and Arvin Hoi- man. The Senior Choir is composed of the following: Sopranos—Mrs. C. V. Dietz, Mrs. A. W. Remmert, Mrs. Fred Grelk, Corrine Johnson, Ar- lehe Johnson, Shirley Sweet, Marilyn Sels, Lorna Hanson, Mavis Henschke, Janice Marqiiard, Phyjlis Wilke and Arlene Rivedal; Altos, Mrs. M; W: Alborn, Mrs. W. F. Murphy, Carol Nbrris, Pearl Nagel, Beverly Hanson, Cleo Remmert, Jeanne Moon and Delores Lund; tenors, Cliff.-Eggert, Art Sels, Valentine" Leonard, . Virgil Butler and Duane Snyder; basses, O. C. Sorlien, Stanley Rivedal, Don Wass and Fred Grelk. Mrs. O.- C. Sorlien is accompanist and-H. E. Payne is director for both choirs. The service is open to the public. NEWS of RECORD Births Reported. (At Park HoipiUI)—D»«rhUr (• Mr. and Mr*. Charles F. Anderson, Ncrtk- w«ftd, Tueiday. Son *• Mr. and Mni. Lyie C. Bartell, 916 »th g. W.. TBeiday. Davchter to Mr. and Mn. H. J. Cook- lao, 24 S6lh S, W., Wednesday. Da*fhter t« Mr. and Mra. Clark Faakct, Hanlont«wn, Wednesday-. (At Merer HMpital)—Daafhtcr t« Mr. and Mn. Harry D««k«in, St,. An*car, WednMday. Realty Transfers ' Brose t , Rath S., Gdn., U Arden S. Ev»ni and Laellle A., jt. ten., f4,750, (Gdn. O) 14 Int. Lot 5, Blk. 2, Y»a<- blaod'i Add. !• Masen City, H-S2-48. Broie, itelh Swlncen', to Arden S. Evans and Lucille A., Jt. ten., SI, (WD) »n undivided U tnt. la Lot 5, Blk. Z, T»UB»bl»»d> Add. to Maion City, 11- 32-tS. . Brawn, Henry Lincoln, Brown, t*ul B. and Unie, t« Slnur Olson and Iroae Olson, It..ten., »1, <WD) Lot 3 In And. plat of Lot 28 ia Emsley snd Adams Snbd. of NWU 8EH of See. fr-M-M, 1S-14-48. Fire Calls At 12:31 p. m., Tne.dar to Tin Ith V. E. Sparks from incineratoc .set garage afire and seared paint an car parked in driveway. At 8:43 p. m.. to 115 lit S. W.. Borden lee Cream • company. Drop cord shorted In ll«ht oircvlt. Police Court Alfred t)*aDy, «S25k Vaa Bnren S. W., fined fU and eo«t». Overtlmo Faikina;—bail Koorber, Ita W. State, forfeited «!•*•«. Infant Dies I*Rey, Minn—The Rev. N. Nelson of Ostrander officiated at the VTartz funeral home for Anne Warie, infant daughter of Mr. and I Mrs. E. Christophersoni who live ROASTERS • ALL SIZES • ALUMINUM • ENAMEL All Have • Self Basting Lid • Inner Rack • Damper and up 2» £Mt Stele Pboac II north of LeRoy. The child was born Dec. 16 at the home of Mrs. Mae Boltau and died Sunday morning. Burial was in the Bloomfield cemetery. Jewish Festival of Chanukah Begins Sunday The Jewish festival of Chanukah, the. least of dedication, will begin Sunday evening and 'will be observed for 8 days, ending Jan. 3, .;.. A Services in celebration, of Chanukah will be held at Adas Israel synagog at 7:30 Sunday p. m. Rabbi Howard L. Fineberg will speak on "The Ancient and Mod- ernV Struggle for Religious Liberty.'' On Sunday, Jan. 2, at 2:30 p. m. the religious school will present a program of. recitations and plays! , The written history of this holiday is found in the apocrypha" of the Bible in the book of Macca- bees, Sabbi Fineberg points out. In 165 B. C. E., the armies of the Jewish people, led by Judas Maccabee, defeated the forces of King Anttochus of Syria. Ahtiochus; attempted to suppress political and religious freedom in the countries he sought to, conquer. After the victory of the Macca- bees, the temple at Jerusalem was rededieated and light* kindled for 8 days. The festival is now celebrated in the home by lighting one candle the first night, and for 8 days adding an additional light until the 8 lights shine in the Chanukah candelabrum. . SHOWER FOR BRIDE . shower at the Alfred Rognes home as a courtesy to their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Byford Rognes, ntt ™ oilee ? McCoy ' of -M««S City. Mrs. Jerome Rognes of Le- Jand presented a program. The bride was assisted by Mrs. Dale Purceirof Ames in the openingof MUM O«r Ototw-Ourtto. MM** Cttf. ta. DM. tt, IHi 1 A A ^* IP C* MAGES Complete Optical Service 21 losfrStotoS*. MKMM 577 Dr. ft. J. rUnttfi, Optmnotrirt SANTA CLAUS will be at the DODSON ELECTRIC CO. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23 From 1:30 P. M. TUI 2:00 P. M. FREECANDY For the Kiddies MERRY CHRISTMAS AMD HAPPY NEW YEAR DODSON ELECTRIC CO. 202 Second Street S. W. REASONS why you should GIFT SHOP Penney's will be open UntU 940 ». M. Wed. and Thura. Evenings (^nriAfanaS ^ruir& Sale ; Here's a hint to husbands. A nudge to dads . . . your Christmas angels would like f nothing better than furs for Christmas ... be it a coat or scarf. So wonderfully low priced during our 41st Annual Mid-Winter Fur Sale. Five Skin Kolinsky Scarfs $69.50 Also Scarfs in Dyed Squirrel or Fitch, American Mink or Martens. Choice Seal Dyed Coney — Choice Beaver Dyed Coney Labrador Hair Seal Leopard Cat Paw Black Persian Lamb Paw Hudson Seal $495 Black Persian Lamb 595 Choice Grey Persian Uamb 695 Others from $99.50 to $1495 Alt Price* !•«!•<• rc«wal Tax >j_, if Use Oar Easy Payneat Plan if PENNEY'S „ Pair Sg5F.-=*r-^^-~- ' b. L _„ ' ' • ......... tB. BOX SOFT SPREAOS Agi ft*hefj the plump 3:£«:** 105 - 9.90 y/OMEH' ROBES I -. Give ful* • A \ Wear it! Wo ,h it! You'«>ve »- pract leal c „„«.. .»" ' "B. «••'"' tkirt. In Sit. MEH'S T< _- /HCRAfT PAJAMAS 1.98 .OTHERS AT r^^^UFFtE^ to lor |4«^ n«w irintli. Others P £ N n £ Y G I f T S M A K.

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