Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 22
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 22

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 22
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< A V . 6 —SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 1987 THE UKIAH-DAILY JOURNAL' Thursday DAYTIME MOVIES 5:00 • KICU "Whirlwind Horseman" (1938) Ken Maynard, Join Barclay. A cowboy helps a properly owner battle an . oil-greedy landgrsbber. HBO "Used Cars" (1980) Kurt Russell Jack Warden. Alter the owner of a ban krupt used car lot dies, his employees try to cover up his demise to prevent, his wealthy car-dealer brother from inheriting the business. 'R' 5:66QMCTV "Heartaches"(1947)Sheila Ryan. Edward Norris. A ioollah publicity stunt dreamed up by a Hollywood press agent almost proves to be the downfall of a famous star. 0:30 SHOW "The Gnomes' Great Adventure" (1987) Voices of Christopher Plummer, Tom Bosley. Rien Poortvlett and Wil Huygen's popular book inspired this animated tale of a gnome's magical and mysterious journey to retrieve gold stolen by evil trolls. MAX "The Money Pit" (1986) Tom Hanks, Shelley Long. Everything that can possibly go wrong does when a couple moves into a mansion bought for one-fifth of its original value. In stereo. 'PQ' p 7:06 WTB8 "The Promise Of Love" (1980) Valerie Bertinelli. Jameson Parker. An 18-year-old woman attempts to rebuild her life after her young husband is killed in Vietnam. 8:00 HBO "Violets Are Blue" (1986) Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline. A globe-hopping photojournalist returns to her hometown and rekindles a relationship with a former, now married, boyfriend. 'PG-13' g SHOW "Haunted Honeymoon" (1986) Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner. A radio star, planning to marry his co-star at his family's ancestral mansion, is suddenly plagued by phobias. In stereo. 'PG' MAX "Labyrinth" (1986) Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie. A teen-ager's idle wish to be rid of her bratty brother is taken all too seriously by a goblin king, who then forces her to negotiate a danger- filled maze in order to save the child. In stereo. 'PG' g 9:00 DI8N "My Fair Lady" (1964) Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn. A British professor takes on the task of turning a Cockney flower girl into a lady in this Oscar-winning screen version of Lerner and Loewe's long-running Broadway show. Based on George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion." 'G' 9:30 HBO "Sword Of Gideon" (1986) Ste ven Bauer, Michael York. Five men lake on a top-secret mission to avenge the terrorist murders of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics. In stereo. g 10:000) KBHK "A Summer Place" (1959) Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee. Two young lovers on a summer vacation in Maine become victims of the double standard ol morality practiced by their parents. SHOW "I Confess" (1953) Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A priest honors the sanctity ol the confessional when he stands trial for a murder committed by one of his parishioners. MAX "Jake Speed" (1986) Wayne Crawford, Karen Kopins. An adventurer whose exploits are the stuff that paperback novels are made of comes to the aid of a woman searching for her kidnapped sister. In stereo. 'PG' g 10:06 WTB8 "Fantastic Invasion Of Planet Earth" (1970) Michael Cole, Deborah Walley. A violent storm forces a young couple to land a chartered plane in a huge bubble from outer space. 12:00 HBO "Life Of The Party: The Story Ol Beatrice" (1982) Carol Burnett, Lloyd Bridges. A fact-based account of a hard- drinking Texas woman who, after receiving help for her alcoholism, begins a campaign )o open a house for recovering female alcoholics in Los Angeles. SHOW "Julia" (1977) Jane Fonda Vanessa Redgrave. Writer Lillian Hellman is drawn into the main thrust of wartime resistance efforts when her closes! childhood friend seeks h?r help. 'PG' MAX "Bad Medicine" (1085) Steve Guttenberg, Alan Arkin. After a medical- school hopeful is rejected from every college in the U.S., he heads for a Central American institution run by an off- center administrator. 'PG-13' g 1:00 B KTVU "A Circle Ol Children" (1977) Jane Alexander, Rachel Roberts. An affluent suburbanite feeling bored by her life and her marriage becomes a volunteer at a school for emotionally disturbed children. • KICU "Homeward Bound" (1980) David Soul, Barnard Hughes. A terminally ill teen-ager and his divorced father spend the boy's last summer with his estranged grandfather. 2:00 HBO "The Bride" 0985) Sting, Jennifer Beats. Baron Frankenstein's female creation is spirited with a fiery independence of mind and body. In stereo. 'PG-13' g MAX "Life Al The Top" (1965) Laurence Harvey, Jean Simmons. Fruatrated romantic and business dealings test the self-confidence of a man who rose from the working class to a position of prominence In his father-in-law's company. 3:00 DtSN "Flight Of The Navigator" (1986) Joey Cramer, Veronica Cartwright. An alien spacecraft holds the clue to the reasons behind a 12-year-old Florida boy's disappearance and his sudden, mysterious and physically unchanged reappearance eight years later. •PG' 4:00 SHOW "The Gnomes' Great Adventure" (1987) Voices of Christopher Plummer, Tom Bosley. Rien Poortvlett and Wil Huygen's popular book Inspired this animated tale of a gnome's magical and mysterious journey to retrieve gold stolen by evil trolls. MAX "Nothing In Common" (1986) Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason. A Chicago advertising agency executive la forced to re-evaluate his relationship with his par. ents when they separate after 36 years of marriage. 'PG' g 6:16 WTB8 "The Heroes Of Telemark" (1965) Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris. A water plant la destroyed In World War II to atave off German development of an atomic bomb. 6:30 HBO "Cross Creek" (1983) Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn. In 1928, author Marjorle Kinnan Rawlings finda new inspiration for her writings after leaving her husband and New York society for the remote backwoods of Florida. 'PG' EVENING 6:00 B KTVU BOSOM BUDDIES ~ KRON B KPIX • KOO NEWS _ KOED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEW8HOUR • KICU KNrQHT RIDER • KTXL STAR TREK B KBHK FACTS OF LIFE B MCTV GERMANY TODAY DISN MOVIE "The Glass Bottom Boat" (1966) Doris Day, Rod Taylor. To boost interest in her father's sightseeing business, a woman poses aa a mermaid and unwittingly becomes embroiled in a bizarre spy caper. DISC THE HUTTERITE8 • TO CARE AND NOT TO CARE The history ol the Hutter- iles, Russian immigrants who came to America to find religious freedom. MCK MY THREE SONS SHOW WHTTE MANE Award-winning short film about a wild white stallion and a boy who gains the horse's confidence . with love. MAX MOVIE "The Secret Diary Of Sigmund Freud" (1984) Bud Cort, Carol Kane. A fictionalized look at the childhood and early career of the famed psychoanalyst. 'PG' g 6.30 O KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT While on jury duty, Henry creates havoc when he unknowingly destroys a piece ol evidence. CS KBHK GOOD TIMES B MCTV INTERNATIONAL MCKANNSOTHERN SHOW MOVIE "Ape And Superape" (1973) Narrated by Alexander Scdurby. An examination of the close parallels that exist between habits and behavior exhibited by humans and animals. 'G' ,7:00 • KTVU MAGNUM. P.I. I KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g KPIX CBS NEWS IKQO ABC NEWS 0 \ KOED MOHTLY BUSINESS REPORT I KICU FALL GUY IKTXLWKRPWONCINNATI > KBHK HAPPY DAYS SPEEDWORLD USAC Sprints, from Hinsdale, III. (Live)' DISC OTTO "Zoo Gorilla" Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo ia the aetting for a look at the behavior of apes in captivity. MCK CAR 64. WHERE ARE YOU7 7:30 O KRON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Actor Richard Dreyfuss. In atereo. • KPIX EVENING MAGAZINE Featured: hear what "L.A. Law" star^Corbin Bernsen thinks about his new role. 8KGO HOLLYWOOD SQUARES KOED HELLFIRE A documentary on fifteen murals that portray the immediate aftermath ol the bomb dropped in Hiroshima. 8 KTXL BARNEY MILLER KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WON NEWS MCKMONKEES HBO MOVIE "Violets Are Blue" (1986) Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline. A globe- hopping photojournalist returns to her hometown and rekindles a relationship with a former, now married, boyfriend. 'PG-13'g 8:00 • KTVU SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD O KRON COSBY SHOW Denlse and Sondra come home from college to help their lather celebrate his 50th birthday. In stereo. (R) g • KPIX SCARECROW AND MRS. KING A demolition crew-unearths a skeleton that has been identified aa Lee Stetaon (R) • KOO SLEDGE HAMMER! In atereo • KICU MOVIE "The Kids Are Alright' (1979) The Who. Footage af some of the rock band's performances are Interspersed with interviews of the group • KTXL FOR KID'S SAKE: KIDS AND RACE -WORKING IT OUT • KBHK MOVIE "They Came To Rob Las Vegas" (1969) Gary Lockwood, Elke Sommer. While attempting to hijack $10,000,000 from an armored car, members of a gang fight among themselves. • MCTV SO YOU WANNA BE A GAMBLER WON INN NEWS WTBS MOVIE "Take The High Ground" (1953) Richard Wldmark, Karl Maiden. A harsh, sadistic sergeant establishes more rapport with hit troops through the influence of the woman he loves. OWN ADVENTURES OF OZZE ANDHAR- DISC Q.E.D. A study of bats that fry thousands of miles to feed on a plant that only blossoms once every 25 yeara. MCK I SPY SHOW MOVIE "Commando" (1986) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rae Dawn Chong. The ex-leader ol an eHte mHitary taak force Is pressed back into service when his daughter ia kidnapped. In stereo. 'R' MAX MOVIE "Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams" (1981) Richard Merin. Tommy Chong. Two Inveterate potheeds appear to have found their true catling aa they peddle their own kind of taate treats from the back of an Ice cream truck. 'R' 8:30 • KRON FAMILY TE8 To impress members of the "In crowd," Jennifer invitee a popular but shallow girl to her birthday party. (Part 1 of 2) hi atereo. g • KOO THE CHARMMGS A school psychologist investigates the Charming children's peculiar lifestyle. Series returns. (R)g B KOED MOV* "Terror By Night" (1946) Baail Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. With Watson in tow. Sherlock Holmes sets out to trap a clever jewel thief. BMCTVFMHMO WON TALES FROM THE DARKSOE A young man wants to get rid of an unwanted guest in hie Manhattan apartment. (R) E8PN8PORT8CENTER MSN MOVE "Half A Sixpence" (1968) Tommy Steele, Julia Foster. After a draper's assistant inherits a email fortune, he considers marrying a socialite instead of his old sweetheart. DISC PACIFIC OUTDOORS Urban teenagers go to northeast Oregon's mountains lor a winter survival trip. 9:00 B KRON CHEERS Sam and Diane agree to allow each other one last Iling before they get married. In stereo. (R) g B KPIX MOVE "The Dark Crystal" (1982) Puppets. Two elfin youngsters are sent on a quest for the missing sherd of a magic gem that must be repaired to free their land from evil rulera. 8 KOO OUR WORLD (R)g KTXL HAWAHFIVE-0 MCTV MOVE "Saleslady" (1938) Anne Nagel, Harry Davenport. A wealthy young woman forsakes her real Identity In order to find a mate who will marry her lor love Instead of money. WON TWUQHT ZONE E8PN8PORTSLOOK * DISC TEN GREEN BOTTLES The question of who discovered alcohol distillation la probed. MCK DONNA REED HBO MOVE "Psycho HI" (1888) Anthony Perkins, Diana Scarwld. Aa he prepares to re-open the infamous Bales Hotel, Norman is troubled by a persistent reporter, potential romance with a would- be nun and. ol courae, Mother, hi atereo. 9-.30B KRON DAYS AND MQHT8 OF MOLLY DODO Molly's unattractive poetry instructor makes a pass at her. In sler- B KOED GREAT LITTLE RAILWAYS "The Good And The Quick"' WON MOVE "Brainstorm" (1983) Christopher Walken. Natalie Wood. A married couple tries to keep a specially deaigned device, which allows a person to experience the sensations felt by another, from military and industrial groups. ESPN AUTO RACMG FILM DISC CHANGING WORLDS A look at how Chile ia developing its resources and reestablishing international links. MCK MUTER ED SHOW MOVE "Haunted Honeymoon" (1986) Gene Wilder. Gilda Radner. A radio star, planning to marry hie co-alar at his family's ancestral manaion, ia suddenly plagued by phobias. In atereo. 'PG' MAX MOVE "The Money Pit" (1986) Tom Hanks, Shelley Long. Everything that can possibly go wrong doea when a couple moves into a manaion bought for one-filth ol its original value. In alereo. •PG'g 10:00 B KTVU B KICU B KTXL NEWS B KRON L.A. LAW A lovesick man ignores legal advice and returns to his unfaithful wile. In atereo. (R) BKQOao/aoa WTBS MOVE 'lilen 01 The Fighlinr Lady" (1964) Van Johnson, Walter Pid The men aboard • U.S. aircraft carrier during the Korean War fight physical and emotional battles. ESPN AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL DISC ANIMALS OP THE GREAT NORTHWEST Close-up photography captures the activities of snakes, scorpions and spiders. MCK MY THREE SONS 1ft 10 B KOED PALACE ON WHEELS The 21-coach steam train; The Palace on Wheels, takes Hilary Minster on a weeklong journey through the Indian state of Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajah*, visiting the cities of Udaipur, Bharatpur and Agra. 10:80 B KRU MN NEWS « KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA MCTV MOVE "Second Crania" (1940) Fred Astatre, Pautette Goddard. Two trumpet players compete for a girl and a fob wHh the Artie Shaw Orchestra. DWC WORLD ALIVE A study of the underwater marine We on a coral archipela- In the south Atlantic. » li XANNSOTHERN MOVE "Florida Straits" (1988) Raul JuNa, Fred Ward. Three men riak their lives to recover ttw treasure) one of them had buried In Cuba 26 years before, m stereo, g 11MB KTVU B KTXL LATE SHOW hi alereo. • IB KPIX BKQO NEWS KOJO MASTERPECE THEATRE "The Jewel in the Crown" Bwfore- meeting Sarah at a maharanee's party, intelligence officer Guy Perron observes Ms). Merrick interrogating an Indian prisoner of war. (Part 10 of 14) (H)g •PG' 1:00 B KTVU TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. t KGO CARD SHARKS KRU MOVE "Divorce Hera" (1972) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. The ef- fecta of a marital spin are seen from the wife's standpoint. B KTXL MOVE "The Islander" (1978) Dennis Weaver, Sharon Glesa. A retired mainland lawyer buys a Honolulu note! and becomes entangled with a runaway witness, a U.S. Senator and a ruthless mobster. B KBHK MOVE "Knute Rockne -- All American" (1940) Pat O'Brien, Ronald Reagan. The aon of Norwegian Immigrants finds success as a player and later aa the coach of the University of Notre Dante's football team. WON MOVE "Conduct Unbecoming" (1976) Michael York, Susannah York. A lawyer defends a fellow British Army officer against a rape charge. ESPN HYDROPLANE RACMG Spirit ol Detroit Trophy Race. (R) MCK MOVE "Angel And The) Bsdman" (1*47) John Wayne, Gail Russell. A notorious gunaNnger la reformed by the love of • Quaker woman. 1:10 B Km MOVE "AmoM" (1973) Roddy McDowell, Siena. Stevens. A gloomy, damp graveyard Is the eeene of • gala wedding ceremony, wnn the) deco/ased groom a prim* suepect m eight uneotved murdora. (R) 1:80 B KRON ENTERTAtaMEIIT TOMQHT anCUKOJAK _| KBHK BENSON ESPN NFL FLMS PRESENTS Profiled: John Rigghia, former Washington Redskin running back. OWN PUSS M BOOTS The Children's Theatre Company and School of Minneapolis perform their version ol this classic tale. DISC BEFORE MICKEY MOUSE How op ttcal toya, comic strips and old-time vaudeville helped lead to the lira! stop- motion and cartoon techniques. MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW THE BKO INQUEST Albert Flnney stare in this dramatization of the controversy surrounding black anti-apartheid leader Stephen Blko's death In 1977 while he was In the custody ol South African police. MAX ORIGINAL MAX TALKING HEADROOM SHOW Gu««ls: Mary Tyler Moore. Robin Leach. In atereo. g 11:30B KRON TOMQHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: comic George Carlin. In stereo. • KPIX ASK DR. RUTH g BKOOMQHTLINEg BKBHKKUNQFU WON LAVERNE « SHRLEY ESPN SPORT8CENTER MCKMONKEES MAX MOVE "Nothing In Common" (1888) Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason. A Chicago advertising agency executive is forced to re-evaluate Ma relationship with Ma parents when they separate alter 38 yeara ol marriage. 'PG' g 1240 B KTVU TAXI B KPIX MQHT HEAT Four young adults steal a car loaded with automatic weep- one intended lor uee by terrorists. • KOO TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED • KICU HERE'S LUCY BKTXLMNNEW8 WON I Lew !! ILAVERNEtBMRLEY WTB8 MOVE "Bailie Shock" (1966'. Ralph Meeker, Janice Rule. A young gir. falls hi love with a painter who goes bar serk and begins a killing epree. ESPN BaUIAROe Danny Medina vs. Jose- Garcia. International 9-Ball Championships, from Atlantic City, N.J. (R) MCK I SPY 12:10 HBO MOVE "Salvador" (1966) James Woods, Jamas Belushl. A freelance photographer geta an eye-opening look at the tumultuous political situation in present-day El Salvador. 'R' g 12:16 B MCTV MOVE ."Mysterious Mr. Wong" (1935) Beta Lugosl, Arline Judge. Chinatown Is plunged into a state ol panic by terrorists seeking power. 12:30 B KTVU TAXI B KRON LATE MOHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN Scheduled: comic Richard Lewis. In stereo. J KOO NEWS KICU HERE'S LUCY KTXL B KBHK NIGHTLIFE Host: David Brenner. Guests: Karl Maiden, Michael Douglas. In alereo. (R) WON INN NEWS 12:36 OWN MOVE "The Glaaa Bottom Boat" (1968) Doris Day. Rod Taylor. To boot) interest in her lather's sightseeing business, a woman po'aes aa a mermaid and unwittingly becomes embroiled In a bizarre'spy paper. 12:60 SHOW MOVE "Julia" (1977) Jane Fonda/Vanessa Redgrave. Writer Lillian HeMman is drawn hito the main thruat of wartime resistance efforts when her closest childhood friend oeeks her help. Actor Richard Dreyluss. m stereo. MAX MOVE "Out Of Bounds" (1988) Anthony Michael HaH, Jenny Wright. An Iowa farmboy becomes the quarry of police and drug dealers when he Is mistakenly suspected ol murdering the brother and slater-in-law he waa visiting In L.A. In stereo. 'R' 1:36 B MCTV MOVE "Honor Ol The Range" (1934) Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker. A sheriff tracka down his outlaw twin, who haa abducted his girlfriend and fled to a mountain hideout. 2:00 B KTVU BIO VALLEY BKRONNEWS WTBS MARY TYLER MOORE ESPN 8KATEBOARDMQ Pro Championship, from Huntlngton Beach, CalH. (R) 2:10 HBO MOVE "Scream For Help" (1984) Rachael Kelly, Marie Masters. A teen-ager Is convinced thst her mother's lite Is in danger and sets out to prove It. •R' 2:30 B KPIX NEWS B KICU MOVE "Divorce His" (1972) Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor. The el- lects ol a marital split are seen Irom the husband's atandpoint. WTBS BOB NEWHART ESPN AEROBICS 2:40 B KPIX MOVE "Hunt The Men Down" (1950) Gig Young, Lynne Roberts. An attorney losee his star witness to a mental hospital. 3:00 B KTVU MOVE "The Miracle Worker" (1962) Anne Bancroft, Patty Duke. A young woman tries to teach a blind and deaf girl to emerge from her sightless and soundless world. B KTXL MOVE "The Adding Machine" (1969) Phyllis DIMer. MHo O'Shea. An accountant murders his boss alter being replaced by a machine, and finds Heaven not to Ms liking alter he ia executed for the crime. B MCTV MOVE "Flaming Signal" (1933) Noah Beery, Mischa Auer. A pilot crash-lends on a South Seas Island that ia caught in the throes of • native rebellion. WTBS CNN NEWS ESPN GETTMQ FIT DNN MICKEY MOUSE CLUB MCK CURIOUS QEORQE SHOW MOVE "I Confess" (1963) Montgomery Clrtt, Anne Baxter. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A priest honors the eanctity of the confessional when he stands trial for a murder committed by one of his parishioners. 3:06 MAX MOVE "Hamburger: The Motion Picture" (1966) Leigh McCloskey, Dick Butkus. A college student atanda to lose his Inheritance It he doesn't complete s 12-week course In last-food franchising at Buaterburger University. 'R' g 3:30 WON FAITH 20 WTBS TOM • JERRY AND FRIENDS ESPN NATION'S BUSINESS TODAY DMNMOU8ERCME MCK LITTLE PfNNCE 3:46 HBO MOVE "Sword Of Gideon" (1986) Steven Bauer, Michael York. Five men take on a top-secret mission to avenge the terrorist murders of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics. In stereo, g 4:00 B KPIX MOVE "Silver Horde" (1930) Joel McCrea, Jean Arthur. An Alaskan salmon fisherman receives help Irom a dance-hall performer In defeating a dishonest, power-hungry businessman. B MCU MOVE "Murder Can Hurt You" (1980) Jamie Farr, Gavin McLeod.Elghl super-sleuths band together to battle a common foe, the brilliant but deadly "Man in While." WONMUPPfTS ( JDMN 0000 MORMNQ MKXEYI

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