The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 8, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, July 8, 1859
Page 4
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B¥ TELEGEAJPH <" • ' From ttu Seat *f War. _. - »«w YOEK, Jnly 7. J^A'^WP Y*S* &««•*, «4 the tare arrired, with Lon- ~^__, imply that On ex^lctstor! of Hnngary t« to bold a military command, -j—,^~.« .«»«»»,• voices to tbi 25th pftimo. Ths steamer Vigo,pawed the steamer Europa ^on 8»tnrd»y evening, 60 miles east '«T-Oap». , Bam. The prominent featnre*,-of the" news *-—•& T-S-V*V ******* »«V5»T v !p3Hl.^ta*HJfc.4IlfmMI^ uuv tbe papers contain interesting advices from tbe wai of war, preyionB to the gteafbaM*;; -: , The Vienna correspondent pf theJLondon - JRsasa, says the pickets of the two armies were in Bight of flaoh other, and*«8aroely a day pawed irtthoal a slight gktrmlBh. - '• Garibaldi was accomplishing remarkable feats In surprising,the Aostrians. makine aiMohes of fifty miles In * day. and setting the flomitry tnrongh, wWoh Ae passed In favorof national independence , > There wa« an important emission In Kapo- %£Stt&£S a S&%_ th8 fi***** —_ evening SL flgyelmegy ireat to *u« in.- raunprnont of the Aturaian prisoners si Wetap. aptio- Heaad«M»ed himself «xolnshrely[to tbe Hungarians, imoag whom he distributed aoonBideratilegnmingoldand silver, giving" nothing to the Germans. He informed bU Mlo# countrymen that Kossnth wai in Marseilles, on iis rood to Genoa, and the hefcd- qoarters of the Allies, Trhere he'WM tb hs>e »n Interview with Napoleon and Victor Ein- irritnni*!. fn* I.Ka Vm»W«M>*. **r "."TOitaiog' ttieftbs [enoeofHnngi- t «ei, Q»rs«| tetgSaxon ; ithn.B.R,Rubb M. AlbanMJOT. ThnrtUn, Ms. Z. W. BiawnJt.S, Bsraey er. Star of Bops, ThreoBelU, " Bound Do manuel, for the to-secure the VW-WVBM-V VMW •**»•*vi*«a Kuuovcuuouvv Ul fBUiiftra* ry r wtleh he affirmed the^ allied sovereignshad agreed to reeogauw."- *. -" their aid to liberate Hungary from rule. I believe that M. Koesath sld _ l»ad no reason to i» dissatisfied wlilfthe n- that H promote uou uu ««oauu Ml Xw (H88B •Bulltofhls mission.' >0n •Kossuth would spare "m» eujww » promoie their well being, and to obtaftUhdr freedom as airly M ^possible, the Bungarians erpressed their pleasare at^olpafer being compelled to . n*;*chn. Wm. fc. B. BUSINESS Horth .Ocean; B.B.LOOJ- •-.TraTtl-' tao. ...,.. - -^tcvcns & 00,UNSElilk>RS er Michigan: DTOSM. ^ u iNDLER & HIGKCOX, Attorneys Counsellors* at NO. 8 KNEEtAJTD BLOCK ' KNEEtAJTD UILWA0KIS. MEDIOAi. nth; bark Piyro rchard. __„_„,. ....j^..^ dte.-Tenlce; Ichrs CataraqkU, .Australia. Ytitefday: gchri. lob (Ota. —— - ——•,r-««w» «"*«»v»u»iuuijj «ie great cams *> telegraphed from Cape Race. The Emper portion, oaptured many cannon," So. -' No additional intelligence concerning "the tattle was received in London up to 2 o'clock ,<m Saturday evening p. m." - * ,\ 'JJ*!^ ( <«nnBHadIng.»as heard at' Vernal ,, ' Tbe recent tumult in Venice was 'occasioned by tumors that the French had landed in Padua, and that Venice would be surrendered in three days. 3be people there began to mount their cook- *d8B, with the Italian colors, and^rowdsgath. end In front of the Austrian houses, and began to his. The Austrian patrol wen ordered oat, bat with instructions not to JBre on the p&opte if they oonld subdue them otherwise: but being received with insulting remarks they made an attack on the mob with the butts of thefr muskets, and finally cleared the streets. The report that some of the people were killed by the military Is not confirmed: ' The Sardin-an oflicial bulletin, in speaking of the aftair between the people and the Papal troops, states thst the Swiss troops attacked «w town on the 20th, and met with great re- •uwnee, but after three hours fighting they forced an entrance into the town. The com^oat was then renewed in the streets, snd continued for two horns longer. The Swiss troops trampled down and killed even women and inoffensive persons, Onthe«nert day the outrage and firing upon the people was recommenced. The town was placed in a state of ; , J~"™sti. v •»• *v •y«'Bv» wsiug curnpeuwi jo fight fat Austria; but for all that I doubt llf the/are Induced* desert and risk tbe dangers of another fight, with the prospect of« court martial if taken. " ' When Eossnth and his aid-de-oamp arrived at the railway station yesterday p. m, they were met by police agents, who inquired what hotel they proposed to s\of tA^ On being in- fcrmedof the'address, a couple of police agents in private clothes mounted guard before the, doors, to watch the movements of the Hun.. ganans,ana note who Called upon them.— Tney were there the last thing at night, and thrnrst thing this morning to esoort Kossnth and his aid-de-camp on board, and see them safe out of .France. KoBsnth, I «m informed, has many admirers in Marseilles^ They were only deferred from calling to pay their respects and express their sympathies, by thepresence of the police agents. . " t Bonnas, Ch!c.-ign; do Oriental, Brlggsj Obl- . Htt»bBit*."B«!lwJtlv dofichooBer May Queen; Vance, Mllirankee. - ~ a3fThe«cJ)ooner,J. I'. Klttland, in oamln; up the creek yesttrday «Jternoou. rtnber jib-boom into the upper »orks if theateaamr Western Melropplle, vbleb was lying atber dock. She struck her jost tbout lie wheeUiomet tearing away Jier pantryv smashing the croekery, fto., making an Bglf looking hole.— Bafalo fa., iSfi. SmnUo > "8D,-4.naj> 6ra.— Propeller Jones, Ohleagoj do Benioti, Spencer, do; io Plynsooth, Dlckfo» J ao;JrdmUnirankee,* VMOlDto flour, 621 bus wheat, 8 casks ashes, 4 pkgs »nudrfe»,I«> sacks rags, 89 Ides.lTbdlnklni - - - - Hf"T*eichoonenl Western and Tempest, loaded with luabe» for Canada for this port, wer« waterloned during the gale on Wednridayhlght, and rost pan of .^.-^..^,-._ -—-fatjtt. ^.' COMMERCIAL OlO. BMTOB. The«dvioes from Malta state that eight steam .'easels were ready to depart, and is asserted that their destination is the Adriatic The officialPrenisohe ZeStnngof Wednesday »ys that the Franco-Sardinian army is moving near the frontiers of Germany—the Prussian government regards the security of Germany as interested in its care. The Italian oonflict is assuming ever increasing dimensions. Englandand Knssia are arming on the great- The Prussian government would b» faithless to Its dutyandfto the sense of the nation, if she shouldfneglect to act coin-ucnsutmelv with that spirit by which Prnatfa h\n become great. Prussia is free from ever r~i> a a gcment. From the innermost nature of htr btaie inte- ^reste it will soon be seen whether .Prussia's initiative will be supported, with 'the iiecessary weight by the German States. Prussia's policy stands firm, and whoever lays obstacles In its way may consider that he isrendenng_s' enemies^ of the•father' It was announced in Paris on Friday that a corps d'armee of 40,000 men, mainly from the African regiments, is expected shortly in the" Adriatic sea. ^fspatehes ftom Ifikn confirm the acoonntS VI Jir re? tro °P? 're advancing towards JB OF THE DAILY NBWB,) Mllwankee. July T 4 M». ] -M^ney matters continue quiet and close as nroal, with ticnange at the old rate of 2 per cent,— v A meeting was held thta evening at which the subject of reducing the rates of etohangewas to be considered^, bnfwe hare not bet n able to learn tbe result, but think it more than probable no change was made. i • Breadatoffis and Pro-dace. { -Transactions on change were* lltUs more lively to day, with a rather buoyant feeling all round for wheat and corn. Flour, hewever, was Inactive. Wheat changed hands with uome liberality at anlml provement of 2 or 3 cents on Ko.l, though other quail, ties remained at pretty much -the same prices uon yesterday. •Oats were only moderately active at previous prices i while Corn was^qnite active at Improved figures. Potatoes atlllihoir a downward tendency with alow Ooiuatog.— A collision occurred on Saturday last In St. Clan- Blver, between the (us Gore and U)» brig S. 0. Walbrldge. The tug bad her stern carried away, but the br-c obtained DO damage,— Z>«{. Frtt Prest. PaoxlUaSoTiaioB.— Ill- iteamer Illinois, arrived at Detroit, Trom Ontoflagon, on Sunday morning, 'and the propeller Northern tight |on Monday. The both brought down loads of copper, Osh, pig IronTandpas- lengers. The weather wts One above, and shipping was aU Tight, «cepf the schooner tlirlwrlght, which was aground on theSaut Flats; tie tug Ivek was trying to pull her off. The Lady Ogiii , was In the Rant River, bound op. , Poa BosTOH.-,The schooner ' Alida has loaded with •laves it«ewBaltlmore s and w« expecting to leave oif«a. , J4 -CHO8S_, ATTOEifETS 4COOI^LLOBS : Af LAW, _ ; No. 10, Albany Building, MILWATJKEB. apl..........fIBOOSSlri. . , — _ RL.OOIJGOOD, , ATTOEWEY8 & COUNSELLOB^ AT LAW, Ing, m East Water tt^Miiaauktt. w. *r.j?«nrai»,fonncrlr) - S '' • ' Fioxaum*OotT,Aibsny,V fiuioiaBtojBHCon. new jfoik. I j = ' ' " ^. BiofcuoooDlsD.B.Coart OommUaiinei end 0(im' missloney for several state*. —'" "" Qor OF»— The Detroit fret.frta saya that the two large wows, Ohas, Bumner anj Storm, ashore nea Sandusky, have been got off by th» tug Oswego.and the former taken into that port *oli the latter brought to that city, and placed In dry d<wk. The Bumner wect ashore on -Thnradsy last and t'ie Storm on Sunday night. DisirruaiD.-The Palnesvllle (Ohio) Advertiser states that, during the g«leof Wednesday night, tie wreck otthe schooner Gen. Hous'on, which so long ob- •trncted the entrance of the harbor at Grand Kiver, disappeared, and there la now i lenty of water In the channel. The beacon on the r»-t pier will be lighted herealter. PAI MKR]&"STABK, Attorneys & Counsellors \ at Law. BT Omce,No. 8, Mltchell'i Hew Banll Bunding, dor- ner of Michigan and East Water streets, Milwaukee, PARK & Attorneys and Counsellors j at Law SfSVXSS POIST,. , . . WZSCOffSDf, , -..., O/L-Bi r&ao JTI//JI J|» f •• lr/ot/t/JfiuJjir| : WUl practice In the various Courts of the geventfi Judicial Oirehft 6f Wisconsin, and will faKhfnll* attend W tu buslnea Intrusted to us, remlttaiicei promptly made. JLand Warrants located In selected lands for those aU distance. - I 1 , ; ii annattois: I HDTasrt'4 SoBzma, Bankers, Stevens Point. i J. E. SiuapsrKB, Esq., Milwaukee. i ! , , LiTTXLl;^ BAKBX, Milwaukee. l \ | s, BiLBJuai BOOTH, UATTOorB * Euutox, Ohlcago. Hon.J ;D.OiTcae,OtUwa,Ill. Butter, too, Is deprejled. Eggs dun at lOo by th. bbl. ' Wool itlll Heady, with a moderate business; the' principal dealers being In the country and paying bitter prices then rule here. | MiLwantcee \VbolcaaicgITIark^i. Fsosr.—The JTres Press says there was a whlto' frest round about Detroit on the morning of the Fonnh. JJfO. A. SAVAQK, sJi« M Attorney and Counsellor atj N03.8 1 10, PHOENIX BOILDlHa,' UriWAOkEB........ frlBOONSIN JsOommlsslonerforll. 1^ Penn^.Ohio,JIndJana,111 ' >' and Iowa. , Unites Stata and Circuit Court Commfultmtt. jeo u ' , A V. V. PJLATTO, Attorney &. CounaeUor at Law. »^. Office In Mitchell's Bank Building, Ko.S, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ' _ r Janl7 TJBLEBRAPH. the Archduke Governor of Tyrol hadar- _rfvedat Vandero, to enperintend theenrol: ..meat,of. tswroty.fpnr thonsand men In Tyrol and Fandero. Advices from Koine say that an attempt was j made there on Sunday to display the tricolor" ed flag, and proclaim the dictatorship of Vie. tqr^mannel, -but'Clow Goyanunterferred to preventit.f . The Pope had notified his protest against 4he dismemberment of his states to powera re.. presented at the Paris Oonterenoe.. : He had also communicated 'to'his'Cardinals ~a letter from the Emperor Napoleon, guaranteeing the IhdependencB of the Papal States. ^TpBkzr.-TAdrices from Constantinople say that Said Pasha had been summoned to send hi» contingent forces to Rovenelia but replied that the indeciiire 'policy of the Porte compromises Egypt, and that therefore he will not i send a succor, tut will put his army on a war footing. ...-.-. . Additional Foreign Xevri, ^Prnssia, not Sapoleon, as stated In last night's despatch, has : demanded permission to march WOOD troops through'Hanovith. Kapoleon's despatch of the battle was dated .Carrana, and not Candis. . -.'."": EVKNING'S KEPOKT. . FKtIQHTS—unchanged with but little doing, FtOTJB—firmer. Receipts -*5, bbls; shipments C»| l-Ms. Baits 260 Mils - .Magnolla*'ai 6^J; 25 do Phoenix! Mi'ls at 6,26 f .1 t-.; common brands held at 6^0QC,00;' n-tr;ierat7,00. - -'• ' • "•'•-. . . I ".TE FLOUR—«te-il> • 10,00. |" '] WIUAT--:more active at 3g$c advance on No. 1.—i Eecelptj 2^57 bus; ahlpments Sone. -Sales .200 bis' eitraatl^S; SOOaoKo. 1 atSS; 800 do e«raatl,16;i 2SO do extra Ko. 1 at 1,00; 800 do No. 2 at 75; 116 do * Ko. 1 at 1,00; 1,000 do No. 1 at 94; 2,000 Jdo>'o, J: at buyers option an next week at 9S; 640 do extra No 1 at 1,00. tola! »sJes 5,005 bna. ETE—no'salet;i«>minitnyi/io^X(OE > ,»a«hfcna|.d s OATS-steady.. Eecelpts 2-4 bus. Sales 3,000 bus fli . bvat 40.. V • OOEN—better with some, activity. Eecelpts 900.—j Sales 1,000 bus at 75. | POTATOES—declining. Eecelp'.s ]G4 bus; sellmgi N«ur Vork r Ntw roar, July i. FLO ETB— market less active but SSfclOc per bbl belter alei 9^00 bbls M 6,iO®«,00 ^orjuperflne state; 6,10® '' HOOKEK & SPANOKNBKK^, Attorneys & Conuseiioi-s at Lair. \3i~ Olflaa, Not. 3^-4, Albany SaildiurJ torne JticKi'jan & ifaiu &mu. { Opposite the Newhall Uoa»c/.. .Milwaukee WLi. 'p, O,rrfxTfrfJ..^B.*,^.•••*•••*.«••«*•** * «*»*/i»«ii»«/ oraor ',, ..oer 6AOa6,69ror common to good extra western; C5ad,50 for old; 6,8530,80 for fresh ground round hoop Ohio- closing quiet. , i \ KTB rtOUE— quiet; iMel 100 liWs at 4,0034,75. WHEAT— firmer and more a -live, particularly for new; sales fi,600 bus Including Mil. club at 1,10: common mixed III. at 1,25; white Ohio and Ky. at 1,76; old red southern at l.W@l,52;; new do at 1,68; old white southern at 1,70; 'new do us 1,80. - ^E-nnchanged; ssWs 2,000 bus at 83. BARLEY— quiet. . - OOKN-bett^r, sales 1! i,000 bus it 85 for new western mixed; S9X®90 for rou .a ye'low; 87 for old Jersey in store and 87 for rouod v hita - OAT8-*teady,atX8Q46tf for nite; «®M for.Cana- dlan. '. : i -.,•.-.. ETOOK8-M board flrm«r. Erie 1st mort. 85; do 81 W; N V 0 78X ; M C 40«; ff IP; Beadfng 41K; O * 0 .......... . .......... . ...... . .-;UPHAJtt A; GKAHAITJ;, , Atto-.-neys W-Law and Solicitors In Chancery, No. Wisconsin? street, Mflwanked. j Jinl-: . 1 BE. HOOrLAHD'S GERMAN BITTERS, • -••:• •••• • ASD ' '- ' DB. HOOFLAJVIFS BALSAMIC x , CORDIAI,, ^ The great ttandard,medieina of the present age, have acquired their great popularity only through gears of trial. Unbounded salufae-- lion if rendered by them in all'casts;'and the people have pronounced thim worthy. •'.-• I/lvcr Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Nerrons System, ' . Diseases of tbe Kidneys, ; ;','.-' ' and all diseases arising from a disordered [ liver or weakness of the stomach and digtstiee organs, are speedily and permanently cured iy the GERMAN BITTERS.: ; . The -Balsarnlo Cordial has acquirtd a reputation surpassing that of-any similar preparation .extant. It will eitre, wfruour TAIL, tht most tevere and long-standing Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, In- flnenia, Croup, Pneiiaonia r Incipient , " Conanmptionii ~ f arid has performed the most astonishing cures ever htoieit of . | Confirmed ConStunption. A few doses Kill also at once check and cvre tht most severe Diarrhoea proceeding^ from COLD rs' THB BovrKis. • . } ' . These medicines arc prepared by Dr. C. M. JACESOS & Co., No. 418 Arch Street', Philadelphia, Pa., and are sold bydrvyyislt] and dealers in medicines everywhere, at 75 ernts per bottle. T he signature of C. M. J.ICKSO* will be on the'outside wrapper of each bo'itle. I Tn the Almanac published annually by l!ie proprietori, called EVKETBODT'S ALMAS.IO, you mil find testimony and 'commendatory notices from all parts of the country. Tht^e Almanacs are given avail by all cur aqmis. C.' HARRINGTON, and . . .' H, BOSWORTU * BOSS, -•Bents for HoolTand's German Bitters, Milwaukee. „ iTIedfcaJ Aid. D K . J O if N TPH O M St O >. FBOM the E^st, has opeco.i ID Bee at 33 Jlarket square, ni>«' • near OneiiU St., Milwaukee, h the treatuant and cure of everj spcales of" 1'rlvate DiJcase with oat Ihe use o.f mercury. The ui fbrtnnate should be partteu'-tr it Delecting his physician, is U !.i * .lamentable, yet. Ihcontrover* [fact, that many syphilitic pi'.ie.. i . .....ijara mads miserable wi'.h ruiuH constitutions by mal-ireatment from Ineipi-mrncfi physicians In general practise; tar It In a poin. generally conceded by. the best syphilographers, tha the stady and management of these coDjpla.ana3h.oulJ engross the whole time of thoso who woul.l lw competent and successful in their treatment .in;l euro. The Inexperienced general JratHitioncr having neither op- portnaity nor lima to.m»kehlniBeirjnfllciently Acquaint- M with llieir nalhology, commonly '. pursues one system oi trentment. In mist- cajes making nn lmlijiTiml;>ate' usa of the antiquated »nd dangerous wespon. Mercury ii. «.T?.^ i on> no1re7er ' should be used by the syphll physlci^m nftfu. si Terming clius, as Dinu-teuthn or tia-m' ar.- impostors whoassumerrenchandioUier namt's and are wiliioui any claims to medical knowledge. These knavish raa- B»U infest all lar K ecities, and by. rne.ins of theirlylmi advertisement andI poatera,they Indue., th,. unwary ta enter their Peter Funk shops, »nd unmercifully fl<r4 and poison them with mercHry. Persons living at a distance in the country are uinn apttabedupesd by the! lying notice* of quti-ks th-tr. citisens. ' : Dr. J, THOKaoa has received medical ins: ruction from a)l tether,Dr.Wm.Thomson, of uhlcaffo,. Illinoia.who has practiced over 30 years, and inaJa i-uivi aitcrtiie failures of the best physicians in Europe. Dr. T. would respectfully advise the [puHlc not to be Japi-J by the "Periodical Pill" humbug,! m apply at onre to a physician who ean treat inch'cases icientido;illy sail snccesa- fully. Spermatorrhcca^xrSeminalEmlHiilons, the rnnRp- quence of self abuse, treated with oompk-tit SUHCCSF without the use of murderous instrument!. A.U diseases incidental to females treated wilit succes> The new French Shield recently invent.-inn Pars, constantly on hand. "Hie Unfortunate M;iii'a Ouiilt cattbehadby addresslng-Dr. Wra. Thomson, Chicago, Illinois, Di>x 73, am! Inclosing four <\< . AYER'b CHE.EEY PECTORAL, JOK TUB RAPID coaa ov Colds, CoragJig, Hoarseness. | Obase & Bradley,! PAPKH AND KAQ DEAJ aas {WEST WA'IEU STREET, SIItWATJK^E...^ [»prt«]... ' B. V1U.I1K3. .w. B; 62J£; MS7K; , Tole BBO; O* K . Cricket Match. MOKTBEAL, Jnljr 7. The cricket match between theMontreal and New York club, terminated to-day in feror ol the former, with seven wickets to go down. ' Dedication* . ; • , OVID, N.Y , July t. The corner stone of the State Agricultural College was laid to-day. The building will be readj nezt epring. ! Republican Nomination. ^ POETLAKD, Joly 7. ; Hon. Lot M. Moodill has been nominated as the republican candidate for Governor of the State of Maine, B0TTER—drooping. Firkin 9^12 for commo? to good; IZaiS for fresh roll. • EOSS—plen!y and dull at lOc. HIGfHWINES—ittady at 2C®26>f. HIEDS—un-hanged. Green 7<3,1K; Salted B@>S)(; Dry 14Q,1C; Dry sound fliat 16^15. WOOL-steady. Eecelnts 5,810 Ibs. Sales SOOlbs % to Ji blood at 87#; 66 doicommon to X at 81J£; ISO do common to X at 81; ISO do full blood at 40; 100 d X to K blood at Sl@83)f; 015 do K to «£ blood at 8TK 266 do X blood at SIX; S40 do full blood at ,S9. Total sates 2,117 Ibs; average price 37. Railroad natter*. RBJOHPTS BT Mn-WiOKiut 4 MIBSUSSITM Kxnaoij).— 70 bbls flour; 1,4M bus wheat; 600 do com; 100 tons stone; 469 Ibs butter, 8,750 do rags; B.Siodo wool. ABOXIPn BT 21C.WAUKXK & OEIOAOO ICO bus wheat; 300 do corn. Kioorrs BT Li Oaossa A Mn.WACiEE« 1C bus oats; 90 do potatoes; 25 bbls flour; 2 do potash; 10 sacks wool; IK doz pallt; 20 sacks ginseng; 104 tons pig Iron; 4,000. ft lumber; .4,752.; Ibs tides; 6,000 do ncdrles. EIOOPTS br M. t H. E. E., JCLT 4TB, 5ra AKD Cm.- 291 bcs wheat; 268 do oals; 74 do potatoes; 2,858 Ibs mmdries; 1,930 do rags; 24 sacks wool. BUFFALO, NEW yom AID EEI« EAUBOAD Earnings "of the Main tine of the .Buffalo, New York and Erie Etllroad for the month oi June, 1859, areas follows: J; BCFFFALO UjlKKET. !'-.-" . .-,...''.:.-BoffALO, July I. FOOOtt—in good tntle dem nd; market steady; sales 1,400 .|)bls at 4^1.^15.25 for ordinary to fsJr >«">d^jtral£htlll.; 5,2>-5£0 for do Wls.; 6.00 for wS^toSr* 1 ' 11 " 1 '-^"aohlo; o.87Xa WHEAT—firmer for <r.,,ter. a nd steady for spring; sales «SW forstandard 1,1. spring at 80; 11,000 bus red and white Ind. and Cl,io at l 88al 40 OOEN—Ic better; s»I(-» 87,00^'bus lit at75»CC— closing flrjn at the latter figures. CANAtTaETOHTS-steily; S3» on corn, 3o a wheat, 85 on flour to N. T. • OSWEGO MAEKET. i . • , OSWBOO, July 7. FL00E-j-iteidy ritri m« leratedemand for theiome (n't interior trade; 'Sirs COO bbls at6,25 from Mil. r'u ; 6.S6 from red Ohio find Ind. rt I1EAT— n-iibout chai.rr; sale« 8,400 bu« Including 6 m-0 bus Mi!, club at 1,W .nil l.f.Oa bos red winter 111. a: 1,80. ! " -• ' CORN—quiet, .but held firmer. . , CANAL-FREIGHTS—«t. ..Oy; i5 for floar; C^ for corn to K; T. . • • .......... ........ . ..... . ; Williams & Kodwny, Auctions; and Commission Merctants, i.ANpAOENT3 AND MONEY BEOKEH^, i _O^ 19 WISCONSIN STflEET, j VV lLLgi l B P»" ll = n1 "' attention to the sale of rurnl- Tf ture, Dry Goods and every descrlUloa of Mer- r °° m "' '° ^-Boi«s,Krte, 'and Mortgages negotia^L : U4J [ JV c^v •• 26^5663 Other sources ; 1,640 17 The Other iSIde of the Question, • ST- Locis, July 7. Mr. McCay, who left Denver City'on the 24th alt., informs the St. Joseph West that there are only 8 or 10 of the claims yet discovered . He reports the rioh- JIBSS of other claims as absolutely false; miners are leaving in large numbers. Some Kansas wagons are now on the return trip. He estimates that from 28,000 to 30,000. person s : are in or about the mines, inostof.whom are doing nothing, or working for their board. He Bays that the mines will not support more than 50,000, and advises, everybody to stay at home.' • ..'..''":,. One hundred and thirty-sir U. S. .troops, from Carlisle barracks arrived there to-day en route to Santa Fe. — • ...»40,423€0 Ir. Headley, working manages of the Erie Eallroad, has resigned. MARINE ^RECbitP. " ?"-:i'8«»-• Port of Mllw-antec..... ....July 7. ARRIVED. —•v -*r++t.j v v*. »w %r» Vt+TJ ^<<4*»I,**O JC»» \UOUUVBiCU -*% Kfc Mf. M y J^ ^ •, that pay, and those are on the Gregory Lead, Jrop Evergreen City, Chamberlain, ColUnirwood 200 'S.II the rest are deserted. He reports the rioh- „ boxes clothes pins, 8 ptgs sundries, 6 pass. Washington Matters. Washington, July 7. The Secretary of the Treasury, on appeal, has decided the following rjarbed -articles property chargeable at 19 per cent.: -•': , ,Siik, violin strings, Italian cloths, worsted used for garments, button stuff,- not being out Into strips, patterns off reqdisite size and ehape for boots and bootees; veneers, no other instrument than «aw having been used in their construction, and requiring still to undergo • other processes before they ban be applied for use. Yeneerings are free from Canada, under the Eeoiprocity Treaty. ',-•'".'•' The Treasury receipts for the week 'ending . with June, was §2.688,000. Draftg paid,nearly $8.000,000. Drafts issued, above 82000,000. Balance inthe Treasury, $4 438,000. ' < The estiniated reduction of from two to three hundred thousand dollars wfll be efteoted during the fisbal year just commenced, by the retrenchments on the expenses attending the collection of custom rerennes now in progress. These will continue to te made from time to time as information on the subject shall reach the Secretary. A number of gentlemen, from different parts of the Union, are making arrangements for an early private meeting at Washington, to con- Bolt as to the best means of bringing General lake, of Oregon, prominently before the conn- try as candidate for the Presidency. The President continues to assure his friends he will no t be a candidate. — • "B" »•«• ^""J t, •wiiia-iuuciAijuu > \>OLUHpwOOO boxes clothes pins, 8 ptgs sundries, 6 pass. Prop Ogonte, Flood, Chicago. Btmr Traveler, Bweeny, Chicago. S74 bus wheat, C3 bbls apples, 27 baskets fruit, 27 paes. • Prop Ogdensbnrg, Elchardson, Ojdensbnrg, 88 ton« mdz. . •-.;._ Prop Chicago, Herrior, Chicago. Prop Mich igan, HopMns, Chicago'. Stmr Gazelle, Bntlin, Two Elvers, 18 pkr, e»h, 18 do rags 1 do sundries. N Prop Kacine: B^ett, Buffalo, 230 pkgs mdi, 86) bdls paper, JO bags c»ff«, 850 bbls salt, 3 3 do apples. Prop Free State, Konnds, Buffalo, 78 tons md» Schr S. J. Farwell, West, Chicago. 8chr Experiment, Ames, St. Joseph, 32 m luni, 6 boxes honey. DEPARTURES. Prop Evergreen City, Chamberlln, Chicago. PropOgontz, Flood, Green Bay, Stonsmdu, 80 bbls flour. . : Stmr Traveler.^weeny, Chicago, 12_ bbls highwines, 25 SHERIFF'S SAL,P.. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f ; ' James S. lirowiS, : : - : a£alii3t -'•"--:' • • Ernst F. Ifcnberg, Joslah A. Noonan, Peter McNab and Andreas Eeye. Foreclosure. . I N virtue of and pursuant tj a judgment renJered In said Court, In the above entitled action, dated Jannary 13,1853,1 shall expose for sale and sell at public auction, at the Post Office In the city of IlUwaukee, on !%aturday, tbe 2d day *»f July. 1859, at the hour of 2 T. a. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or. so much thereof as may be ne- cjsssary to ! ralse the amount of said judgment, Interest and costs, together .with the expenses of sale, to wit: " All that part of the west half of th> south' Test quarter of section number nine (9), In township seven <7), of range twenty-two (22), • boundod as follows, to wit: commencing at the south-^est comer of said west half of the southwest quarter of lection nine (3); running thence east on the south line thereof ten (10) chains: thence north ten (10) chains; thence west ten (10) chains lo the west line of the said quarter section, and thence south ten (10) chains to the place of beginning, containing ten 00) acres, subject, however, to one half the width of a road, on the south and west boundaries thereof, said road being one chain In width-" . Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee. April :THOiu8L.Oon», 1 A.J.LANG1 I Pl'fl's Attorney. J LANDS AND WATER POWERS, 400,000 ACRES! i ; • •- II op i ; Choice Farming and Pine =Lands, ' ! «\ WISCONSIN. ' I !- i IN VI GO RAT OR! ! ; PREPARED IJV DR. SANFOUD, ICpmpoiin:] Flnlirely from -tiUiUS, I SONS of the best Purgative and tlrer Mediciaes now before ihe pablie. ftese Giant remove! - •, Onedoje often repeat, all morbib or bad matter /y«'ed Is a sure cure for from the tystem.sopply-! ^ \OtoUra ITorbvs, an* • 1°*,.^° .' P lKe , »i^», 'preventive oI.C&oifj'~- healthy flow of bile. In- CJ _ .- vlgorating tbe stomach, ^ ! Onlyoneoottiau uC. causing food to dieest Cs4 I 8 !* 0 lhrow ont ul "• •wdl. nurifuinn t\, C^ ,»jrst«m the effects „> Imedicine after a' lonr iSlcknesi. i One ooiue ilicu , u . Uaiindict removes ali & THE-GREATEST DISCOVERY ~3^ OF -THE AGE. B. KBSNKDT, : of Koxhury, has discovered in ou of our common pasture weeds a remedy thi s , - KVKUY KINJD OK WUMOK. _. - • H.7.°/?^ 3 , c , r ° fllla ^wn tu a common Pimple He i naj tried It m over eleven hundred eases, and ner' "if' m " r<> * a " 3 ' bdth ""onder humor. U« l. 1 ^? t" tOU OJt " °n""ndred certiflcatei ' *" Wlthm '» en 'y ">'!« of Boston. mouth. * * re » lr f»o'<;J to cure a nursing jore One to thrci bottlis »il) cure the worst kind of pirn plea on the face. Two or dree toltlei will Sear the system of biles'. Two bottlcj »rs warrnntea to cnre tha.wont i«>n»erin the moutli or > ' Thre-.« t.t Jy; iiotl!-.'5 are «&rranto«l to cure tlie worst kind or iiry^ipclas. : • One to two Dottles «r« warranted to cure ill iiuuor in tht eyes. TwoibottlM ira wirrinted tu euro runnin and blouses among the hair. ' blood, giving tone ^u, health to the whole ma-| chlnery, removibg the; cause of the disease— 1 'effecting a radical care.' , Eittiov.i attaets arei .cured, and, what is better, prevented by the oc-| IFOR - :!" BY THS j : Fox and iWiscrjajin Improvement Co., At Low Prliiesfon Liberal Terms of CredJti and In . large o» small qnatlties to salt purchasers', THEjiFARMINa LANpfe, . Oomprtslnpithe different varieties of Oak ooeuine Prairie and ^rd, Wood Lands, are well watered bv Springs and aiver-falllng Brooks, and are Inithd vicinity of good mark ets. : . i ! ' PINE JLANDS ; ' ' Invigorator. • One dose after eating-; is suiaclent to relieve the! stomach and prevent lli> ttma «r».. .riila? indi souricg. -«--. _. i • Only one dose liken before retiring, prevents. niyhimare. I Only one dose taken at night, loosens the boveli) gently, and cures Coa-l titeness. i TIOn« doi* leken mflsrl each meal will cure ut/i-' peptio. One Jose of two tea spoonfuls will always relieve A'fdt ffMdacfie. ,. Only one dose imtiie- diately relieves Oalic'\ wtille ' , removes _.. 1 jsaliowncss ori unnatual I Icalor from thelikln. I One dose taken a short • iUme before eating gives 1 ivlgor to the appetite I i:Jtt»kes the food di- i Oue dole, often repeated, cures liirmte IHar- i In la worst form. . Ozt botUe will core n:ai? erunlions of the skin T»o or three buttles »r» warr»ut«J tosurothe kind of ringworm. ' . Two or three bottles tae, warranted to cure,Uia moil dejparate ease of rhenraatlsai. Three to War bottles art warranted to curs salt- rheum. Tin to eirfU bottles Will cnre lh« wont cue of scrofula. : A fcenefltU always ejperioucej from the flrst boltl and a perfect care is warrantea when the above quint! jalmost to the first dole. I A few bottles will car« I Dropsy by ejoitlnj the absorbents. j We tr.itr pI».-Aaace In re connu^u.ting this rae « cine u a preventive lo Feetr'andAgue, (.hi Fever, and all Fevers ja BUliowt type. It operates with certainty, and-thousands arc willing to testify to Its ion- derful virtues. vnantmoni testlmo- r- »* m. »w*i. H aa,j UAaB . J«u» MiDA*,—Tha reputation of the Medical Discov ery, in caring all kind of humors, is 10 well established. t>y the unonimocj voice of ail who have ever used it tht I need not say anything on theanbject, »a the moat skill nil p&yjicians and tho ntoat careful drninrljta in thi country are unanimous in Its praise. . In presenting ths Medical Discovery to your notice I do it with a full UnuwMjfe of Its curative powers, i a relieving all.aad curing moat of Uieae diseases to. which yon <re unfoi^uniitlj m i.itle. That mort. erarueiatins disease tu ao aJJectiouate mother, ^<; SOUF. .uoi'Tii. seCM-.'.l ii if by a mir«!»; ycur own teraperts reutored to it( n&tcra! sw«-8tu.:s3, ind your tabs from short and fre'.fiU nain t^ i:»in and s-ree: slumbers; »nd Ufa Medl- eal Discovery t>-i;...nen a fonfltaip < Iblesilnfs to vonv nnsband iad hoiush;)!.!. • ** theiapr^s-lv^ncc.l jtjttfM of i. .. .-, ,"'" " tAIVKJ-H It ettefitivto t!.-«u.inir?» rauairi^ v Prop Ogdensburgi, JKichardson, Chicago. Prop Baclne, Brett, Chicago. " lc »i> 0 ' SchrfteeMaEOn, Bouton, Green Bay, 10m brick, 10 bbls whiskey, 2 tons corn meaU ••««,•« Prop Chicago, Herrlck, Buffalo, 650 bbls flour Schr Experiment, Ames, St. Joseji, 10 bbls suit, 2 bbls sugar, 1000 light sash, 2 pass. *»»« 'li ragru, 4 bbls Stmr Cleveland, Dougai, Grand Havenl ForelgTi Jfew*. ' HKW TOBE, Jnly 7. ' I Paris correspondence of the Evening;, Post: I was told yesterday that the»dimonlty between the Imperial Bbnapartes and the <ie- -Boendants o£ Mrs. Patterson, of Baltimore, the *epttted wife of the Dake of Westphalia are In the way of being nettled. The Emperor •nag offered to tnake her eon, Jerome, a date. wl» D , g ? nd * on ' Je «w e t **» graduated at W«st J^oint, and who IB now with the army in Italy, *«onat, with suitable pecuniary endors- xeents tor the rank, If they will formally *e. WKUtee aQ cUims to to the name of Bonaparte. Marseilles, Jane 21. Kossiith left here this aornlng,ln the Sinai, it 7 o'clock, bound for Gtenpa, aocompftoled b> U. f igylenaa»7, who is designated on the iinkn naeiaort, which they h&ve between 9 camp to SL^Soaroth, .wgfoh tUKiKB AccmntiB.—There has been a great many accidents on Lake Erie during the past week. We take the following from Ihe Detroit Free Press: ' The bark Sunshine, of Baglnaw, was capsized on 8st- urdsy off Falrport, Ohio. The captain, first mute, four of tbe crew, and three children were lost. The cap. tain's wife, second ;mate; and six of the crew were picked npon Sunday morning. The name of the cap. tain-was McNeil. ' The bark B. A. Btannard, of Cleveland, was capsized Saturday afternoon above Port Stanley, »n£ lost her two mates. The remainder of the crew was picked op by an unknown vessel. The ichooner E. K. Gilbert, of Port Huron, went 'ashore on Saturday near Point aux Barques, a.d the' mate and cook were lost. Their names are not known; .The brig Andes had her top-sail carried away on Fat- urday when off Cleveland. She anstalned no other damage. The brig Mohtgaa, of this city, tost her fore-yard, top-sail and jib on Saturday, while going Into Cleveland. Daring the heavy gale on Saturday thescbooaer York State had her top-sail split while In Lake Erie. .The scow W. Hanna passed, this port Saturday night with her jib-boom carried Varsy, doubtless lost In th* (quail that day. MOM MIBISI DiEisrnts^—Saturday waj a disastrous a«y for .the shipping on L&ke Erie. The Buffalo Com- mertial says the bark Norman was dlsipajtei on Sat- nrday off the North Manlloa^ She got Into Sonih Manl- ton, -with the wreck ilongrtde, whjehiad chafed her so that «he leaked. She-wa.r<fittteg>iS«ij rorChl Sb« was bound up with a load cruali!' ' fibwoETinr, Sheriff Mfl,Co.i Wls. t . (fsr Ihe above sale Is hereby postponed to Satur- 'day tbe IClh day of July, 1S59, at the same place and time of day. Dated" BherlfTs Office, Milwaukee, July 2,1850. A.J.LANBWOETHY, Jy3 Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls.. TOG] SirEUlFF'S SAJLE. [New. STATE OP WISCONSIN,) Circuit Court, :t.l<raukeo County., f .aonio t. Kane, 1 against John B. Fillmore, George; W. Peckhamand Gilbert Eoe. ! Foreclostire. . ' JTH virtue pf and pursuant to a judgment rendered In J. said.Court, In the above entitled action, dated March 18,1859,1 thsJl expose for sale and eell at Pub- ?lc Auction, at the Post-Offlce In the City of Milwaukee, at the hour of 2 p. u.^ of that-day, the following de-' ecrlbed-mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said Judgment, Interest and costs, together with the .expenses of sale, ** ",^i ? amber «Wrleen[18] and the east thirty 1 [30] f«et of lot number twjtlve 121, in block number seventy-seven [TTJ, In the Fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, Jn the County of Mil • wankee and State of Wisconsin," Dated;Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April 1,1859. Are extremelr valuable.belmrlpcated In the very heart of;the Pine Region. ot^Wbconsln, and having been chosen with partlculaf reference to the <jua|itj-of the timber and the vjetnity of logging streams. : i WJATEK POWERS.! i The attention of Eastern Capitaliitj Ii niw lovftetl to the Water Powers owned by; this Company. These Hill Privileges are situated dlrectely along side the Canal which' nnltes the Mississippi with ths Great Lakes, so that; goods may be shipped by steamboat dl- rectlyto an.1 from tho Mills. . ' I t3r"Th.eje;powers will be leued for a terii of years aa : may be desired. i : f3T~ For further Information, enquire of! E6BERT SMITH, Agent: of Trustees, or DANUL Ci JENNE, General Agenti at the office of the Land Department, at Appleton, Wisi, or of ! ;• • i : yi. H. EODWAT, Company's Ageit, : may 19 "; i 19-Wiseonjln 8t., U|L, 'Wls. i} NOTlOiii. | i ; T H .? ^"'Pt?' U«"or the'sercral Warllj.'of the the City 6f llilwaukee, will be open for the exam" on of th , e open or te exam nation of theAzable Inhabitjnts thereof, atHhe Com- cil Epom, at 9 o'clock 1 A. a., on thejfollowing men Coun , occ A. a., on tef daTfortheseyeraLVrards.respectively towij: nyiniii favor. ,. Uix water in Ou mouU un'tt <A* Intigoratar, ana swallow ioL\ loytVitr. raict OVK noLLia ria Bom.K. DE. SANFO&D, Proprietor, No. MS Broadway,. New R««iled by all Druggists. Sold also, by „ JOUN^ U », jyl Wholesalesale and Retail, Milwaukee, Wis. WhiA -i. oothi.-.,> bu InUiu . -j %sd to 1'.^ - trs9 of j^i] 11^.. .tonachis your f: nto the --- —. •——.., 20th Dt», ISM. ..-r-i UATsa: Idono«hiullawtoi»y th« best remody I ha™ 8-rar fotad for Congtu, HoarMnora.Inaaensi. Md th» concomitant symptomsof n Col;!, iironr CmaaT PICTOIUL. Its oonntant um i n ay practice and my family (br th» last ten years bos shown it to posaen anpo. rlor virtues for tha trmtmnnt of, thp« onmplalnta, EBEN KNIQUT, 5L D. ttsad your fedora! myself and In my aniily «y*r Hirif, yon Invented It, and balle-v* it lha be«t aj-<Urlno fur :;« anrpose over put ont With a bad cold I ihonH v,.-n,, 7 pay twnnty-flv* dollars for » bottlo than ilo iltbr.nt it, -r Ui» any other remedy." Croay, Whoopia? Coa^h, Iniluenzn. Spmsanan, Misa, yob. 7, isea Baoraaa Arsa: I will sbanfnlly certify yonr P-rlora.- Is tha b»it remedy'w» pora«s.< for ths cnnnf I?IK .pin^ oongh, croup, and ths oheat Jlseaaen orchildron. >V.i ,if your fraternity In the South approclata yonr akili, in.t soomend your medldna to our poop!*. aiBAM COIfitia, M. D . AJI03 LBB,BJC>, SfOJIIiaaT, IA, TrJtos, 3d Jan., l^SD " I had a tadlons Inflnnnm, which conJnod ma in >loor> six weeks; took many medlcinea without reilef; Innlly tried yonr ftctoral oy the advice of our clergyman. Tho flrst dan relieved tha soranecs In my throat ind lnni(ri less than on« half tho bottlo a»a» aw oompfetoly »i>ll Tour medicines an th» chcnpan u *«» a ths bent 11 «ao buy, and wa esteem yoa, Udevor and your rami)ilii>» a» th» poor man'1 friend.'*' • Asthma or Phthisic, and Sronchltli. • WlS7 JUHOBJtSTa», ?Jt, 7»b. 4, IBM Bra: Tour CTttrry Ftctaral I* performlni; mam-linn, rare* In this section. It ha» roll«vo<l wveral from ilurm In; symptoms of consumption, and Ii now ourlni i mi., who has labored nnJor an affertlon of th. longs fcr ih . lart fcrty years. H3NR7 L. PA3X3, ilercban' A. A. SAiI3HT, M. B., Amo*, Moraoi Co In^ > writes, Sept.«, 13M: " During my practlca of many y..,,,, £ have found nothing aqnal to your Oxrry Ptdaral f,,, firing ease and relief to conenmptlT<\ patlinti, or .•nrln > > rach u an curable." |T« .might add volume* of nldsnM, bat Sh« not «n- rlnclng proof of iha vlrtaMof this remedy '* found u> IU sftWs upon trial. <• ConsniapUon. Probably no on* remedy hu ever teen kao->n» whlei onwd Kynany and sneh dang»rea» ca«« as this. Jom« na h&baa aid can roach; but ov«a to tbcM tho Chen-) Ptctoral affords rsL'ef *nd wmfort Ajroa noDSB, Jtsiv Yoai Crrr. Horca 3,10&5. Docroa Ana, Lowau: I CM! It a duty and a plnar.r* to Inibnn yon what year Cherry Fixtfnl ht» done for my ylfo. She had b«eu OTO months labonog nnder tfc« iian- gefoQi symptoms of CansumptiOTj, from which no ild w^ aould procure gavs hermnch r»ll«£ Sht waa ntexlll-- full. Ing, until Dr. Htrong, of this dty, when •»» hayo "omo -\n advice, recommended a trial of yonr m^lklna. W.i ble., hla kindness, aa wo do your skill; for >ho has reooTor.*] from that day. Sha la not jot u strong M ih» iv^l ;n be, but I* freo from her oongh. and calls herself w oil. To-ors with gratitude and rarard, ORLANDO aaSLBY, 0» SimsTrajj. Cbnrumptiva, do not dicpnlr til] yon have aled ATIB'I Canal PIOTOZU. It l»made by one ** ie best oMdlcAi chemitftB la the world, and Its cn>«* all around as bocp^.\jt the high merit* of Ita vixma. — PhOadilphia Ltdgrr Ayer's Cathartic Pills. mH3 science* of Chamlitry and Jleulcfns Hare b»u A taxed their utmost to-prodnce this best, moat perfact purgative which Is known to man. Innumerable proof, are shown that these Pou have virtue* which mrpu. in ixcellem* the ordinary medicines, and that they win an precedentedly npon the nteem of all m«n. They irn u!,i and pleasant to take, but poworful to cure. Their pane- tratlng jropertlo*stimulate th* TlM aotlTltlMof the bo,I- remove th» obstrnctlonn of It* organs, purify the blooj. and expel disease. Theypurjeoutthefculhumori »htoh breed and grow distemper, «Omnlate ilujgtah or ilj».r deredorjansInto then- natural action,and Impart hmlUjy tona with strength to the whole system. Not only lo they cure the avery-day complaints of erery body, tint aleo fbrmldabfcj and dangerous ITioasos that ham bam^i the best of human still, f While they produce pow«rt,i iiffsct*, they are at the same tlmo. In diminished doe»», .b, safest and best physio that can be employed for calidn-, Being iugar-«j«t«d. they are pleaaaat !o taio; wa batn^ puroly T?;>tabl«, are frae Irsm any rUk of harm. Cnr.» have been matla which jurpasi belief w«re they net rat> Jtantlatad by men of inch exalted position and zharactm a* to ibrbld tha suspicion of nntruth. HMJ sminoni clergymen and physlrian* hare loot their names » Mrtifr Jo th» pubUo th* reliability of my renedle*, while a(hcn have sent me the assurance of Shelr coaTfrtJon that n: 7 Preparations contribute immensely ta th* relief of ray afflicted, mjTortnj ferjow-men. Tha Agent below nam«l ia ptaas*i} to famish gratlj my American Almanae, containing directions ftrtielr OH ra ,j certlflcatea of their roree, of the Jbllow!fis ooaiplaints CoetiT-nees. Bfllocs Complatati, Khenmatlmn, DK.-HV Heartburn, Headache arMnj Srasi a Jbul stomach .Van sea, Indlgsstlon, Morbid Inaction of the Bowela wid P-IJI, arjing therefrom, Jlatulency, Log* of Appatfte, j " — ^.^i < S^1T. IU D ^^ **.** "ti-"** «» ou, and' N K W TREAT M'E N 'J 1 . AID -•- —-"*-•>'•*-•<«« M», a to^v^M I CtJT VJ WJK For the Fir^trWard, on the fifth day of July next ror the eecohd Ward, 60 the sixth dav of July nezt. For the Thi<d Ward, on theseventh day of Jnly oeit. For the Fonr$h Ward, on the eighth day of July next, For the Fifth: Ward, on the ninth day of July next. , For the Sixth Ward, on the eleventh day of July next. For the Eerenth Ward, on the twelfth day of July next. ;; . / ; ' For the Eighth Ward, on the thirteenth day of Juiv next. . i -- • * '. " •*' For the NUilh Ward, on the fourteenth day of July And the City;and Ward Auessors will make such necessary addltlop>o such lists and correct the^ame, by: changes In valuation or description. : je22-dlOt jj O.^Aiat«»go?£r 0 e^S55fc.. i j . s OrrT^ojti-Tiioi.ii»'a Omct, j • , : SherllIMI1.0o.,Wls. j aprl-Sm-lin2w V . . '. i ^^ 7 !L e > bove Bale !a hereby postponed to "Saturday, the 80th day of July, 1819, attbesame place and timeofdayi • . , i Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee,'Jnly 2,1SS9. i, „ i A. J.LANaWOBTflY, •Sheriff Mil. Co., UNITED STATES M.lRSHAt'SSALE. Morgan Carpenter i - • vs.. James Goggin, . Eliza Gopgln, . Ichabod Smith, Hiram Farmln, ' Bphral-nMartaerand John J.- Orion, ex cutors "'^U'and testament o/ ^"•Is, deceased and | The Globe Bank. i | )• ' ,f In Equity.' « tquity. i' ^ «... wj«f74Kui.t^n a vrric Contract Department; June 18lh, 18S9.. , JTIHE followUig is a schedule of lots fronting I the alley 0 -T.,. ru -S, nln f "J"* 1 * 1 Weat ' U"ongh -block 23, in the Sixth Ward jtf the City of Milwaukee, showing the amqnnt whlch:iach lot will be benefited by filling said alley to thel established grade. »•»'" j' ERNST HERZE8, '• : .j- CARL BTJSAOtJ, I ! 1 ..' . I i • . Street Commissioners. Block. ,' tot. :BeBefll3. W >, 7 1242,00 " • ' 8 il'SSjCfi . .-" . 9 ;iC2,C6. " 10 1267^8 E. L'H. QAUDIHEB, Oomptrolltr. jyl-d8t , I N Di', a w^S Ce l I " 1 , b ? Tlrtu * of a decree maJe by toe of w liSmin °"? ,°K "•? DnKcd States for the District of w lmin ,K c aes or e strct Shove «1Sfti e 'dLn.V 1Xlh , <la " )f October, 1888, in the waukee, Inwld district, on Thursday" theeleren oi August, 1859, at three o'clock In the fonowing described property, to wit : of lot number eleven <tfi, & block num ma («), in the Third Ward, of th?CUy o i Marshal's Office, MUwankee, June 25, 1659 [New* Jndgtaent of Foreclosure i nd tale. The«chooaerT.8. Colt, owned In Brie, «apslted flat- nrday afternoon oa this late. 0F" The following Is a list of vessels which Detroit Sunday, Monday and yesterday : Bound'Op^-Suiday: Propeller* Ocdenjbn cine, Qov. OusSman; schrs. Watchful, Hera 1190] SUEHIFF'.', ! 8TATB OF WIBCONSDJ, I Circuit Oottrt. Milwaukee Oonoty. f " T|db*rTJ. Dottimaa, , ', against Atram D. Smith, Guy S. Gale, i Mary J. Gale, Sarah K. Gale, • Lacy V. Gale, John F. Bale, ' j Margaret F. Gale and r Ella-Gale. J I N vlrtne of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered In , «»<& Ooart. in the above entitled action, dUted Jon. 28, im I shall expos,, for sale and sell at Pobllc Auction, at the Port Office, in tfieclty of Mflwaukee on Satordaritbe Stb flay of October, lew' at tte hour of 3r. xpt tot day.the foUowto "dacribed mortgaged premises, or so much thereof a* mar bene. casary to raise the amount of *aid judgment/ Interest add costs, together with the «rpcnses of sale, w wit-^ ..The «»»{forty feet lots tine n apd seventeen.' In block thirty-five, ta the Third Ward, of the , City of Kilwaukee, Coniity of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, bounded on the west oy a 1 line running parallel with the west line of lot *, number nineteen In laid block forty feet dis- •1 taut therefrom." Dated Sheriff's Office, UQwanVee, Jul L HUktiVva 1 alt'* w* UNITED STATES ItrARSHAIA* SAtE. Armand de.Ma'Carty, " ; - • ' vs. i t John Davis, . ;* Mary ODavlit. Frederick D. Clark, Catharini Mar|» Clark, £ InEquity. Edwin Town'cnd, John G. Tonmend, William Burioek, Walker L. Beaniand The Jnnean B«jik. j ; I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made hy the District Court of the United States for (he District of Wisconsin, onUhe seventh day of June, 185&, In the above en Itled t.iuse, I shall sell at Public Auction, a the United States Marshal's Office",- In tho City of Milwaukee. In salddlstrict, on Friday, the thirtieth;dav of Septembhr, 1839; at three o'clock In the anernoonT the following described property, to wit: "Lotnumber eight (8), In blcfek number one hundred and fifty-seven (l«),ln the Third Ward of the City of Milwaukee. 1 ' Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, June 25, ISM > • • 1] M J. THOMAS, b. B. Marshal. OflDnr, BROW* 4 OoDM.Ooroplt's Solicitor i. ; , je28-Un2w-8in. •Coufidcnlial Medical AdTice! A T the Buff * 10 p ri»»t« Hospital—established for the - - °^ "'Syphilis, Seminal Weakness and the Secret B ?,° « nUl and Maturity, by Dr. AMOS * uuffau, N. Y. Office, corner of Main an ' ~ i, (up stairs.) i A MOST SCliNnJIC INVENTION. • = An Instrnnunt for tie cure of Genital Debility, or Nocturnal Emissions, more properly known a* Seminal weakness, «c.—can be permanently cured to from fifteen days to two months by the use of this imtrument. WLtn used conjointly with medicines. : TOUNO MEN TAKE PABT1CULAB NOTICE, r "Dr. AMOS * SON take pleasure in announcing that .they have Invented a most important Instrument for the cure of the above diseases. It has been subjected S*5 *^IV y lhe " oat '"Inent physicians In London, Paris, Philadelphia and New York; it has been declared the only flseful Instrument ever Invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the genital organs, caused by the aecref'habit of youth. Pn« ten dollars by mail or express. A CTJRE WARRANTED. Dr. AMOS A SON have devoted their attention exclusively to this peculiar class of maladies, and the relief they have consequently been enabled to render their fellow creatures, U fully testified and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients and others naily arriving in town from all parts of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, while their exertions have been crowned with the nvut signal advantages; yet from what they have experienced in enquiring into the causes of those infectious complaints, ffrpm their most simple condition to that of the most dangerous and inveterate,) they have always entertained the possibility of their prevention and lenouaT, and likewise Invariably found that the most horrible and malignant forms of disease could almost Invariably be;traced lo one of ths following causes: Ignorance, neglect, or the 111 effects of unskillful and Improper treatmsnt; therefore, Da. AMOS* Soar have succeeded to discovering, in the selection of their remedies, a safereffectuil and cautious course; omitting all eom- blnl(tlon of remedies which bear an equivocal character, as well as those whose premature or injudicious application might be productive of bad consequences In the hands of private Individuals. In short, the laudable end of their remedies is the lessening of a great mass of human misery by the alleviation, relief and prevention of those grievous, afflictions that are to reality the secret foes of life, and which, while they so extensively surround us, call aloud for our skill ami Interference In their extermination. i j CODNTRY INVALIDS. i Persons in any i«rt of the world may be successfully treated by forwarding a correct detail of their case, With a remittance for Medicines, in. J Address Dr. AMOS* BON, corner Main ana Quay street.Buffalo, N.Y. . j.ia7-dlwly ,e cert-iit tna no t j stem does not ifut null ih ' ""' "^uim.-', vi tha acrlmoDJoua tluij ol M '' i k~" J '•"''• Ulru J fullr complexion luaes iu bloom. I becomes ^l,...iy and grcanijS, and you: „ day i» .-.-. For want of r.ourUIiment your,/, s becom« ..... .. l r.^.' u y, an ..i the fibres of your bo.lj %?vZ"T,'-' ' '"'*•'* a trlin of diseases wtljct the Medial duo j^-ry u peculiarly adapted lo Palpitation of the heart, p»ia in' the .ije, weasr^, of the spine and small of the back, pain of the hip-,o,m whenyoii retire, u-regnlarity of the bowels, and ilso, that most excruciating of diseases, the FIXES. ^ . k r m ?, ny th ° M ? n<1 » of Poor women are sneering from tha disease and pining away a miserable life, and their next door neighbor does no t know the case. I wish to impress on your mind that good old proverb, "Aa ounce of prevention is better than a pound of mrt "In the r MEDICAL DISCOVERY yon have both the preventativt and tha cure, with til great and good quality, that it will never, nnder any oil eaaistance, do you an Injury. uuor»uym. Yours truly, MORE TO Bfe •fHAN THE RICHEST DIADEM Ever TTOFD by Kings or Emperors. A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OP HAIR A BEAUTJJTJI. HEAD OF HAIH A DEADTinjI. HEAD Of BAIR A BKAUTIFOL HEAD OP HAIR. NATURE'3 OWN ORNAMENT. NATURE'S OWN ORNA1IRJT NATURK'3'OWN ORNAMENT " , , ;---r »tlmnJattDf tht i complaint* which It vrmJd. t»>j ' reach, such 01 DaafDess, Partial I ' rons Irritability, Esrangeiaen-. ^. ^= ..-,j, Qout, and other kladrod oomplalnti Mincg »r., low »tato of tha bctly or obttrncaon of. It* fancUom. Do not b» fat ait by unptlnelplsd tlsilors with nom- othsr pill they moi« mor*, proflt on. Aak !br Avra'i Pniu, and Uk» nothing d£». .Vo other they «n 411-.. yr.n tomparM with thU In Ita in£rin«!o faluo or curaiiT.. powcre. Tlia lick want tfr. !iert aid th«r« is Ibr thenv. ftn.l thay Jionlii hay^ It. Prepared, by Dr. J. C. AYEH, Practical and iaa^tleat CSaialat, LcnraU, M.IJJ Puci as CTS. m BOI. FITJ Bom fn« j i HOI.!) B7 JOHN 2JC-:, .1111w»ni:e». toj. 3. aEHD 4 CO., Chic^^n, anil Ajtsnu in •••.. • TO in theCcltejatatai. mhlj ^^ DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. ; ! ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & eoramissiou ••• •" '. .i ' . > > Proprietors of the 1 XAUGE ELEVATOH WAUEHO1ISE, .vfi^i 1 * tc " alna « of Uie UUwaukee A Mississippi and th«miwankee,.Watertown * Baraboo Valley Bailroads. EET" Liberal advances made on prtfperty In store, or for shipment to Etstern Markets. oet33-dtf CAN BE PBQERTU CAS BE PRSSKRVED INFALLIBLY" CAN BB PRE3KRVED INFALLIBLY CAN BE PRESERVED INFALLIBLY! BOTH THE GROWTH AND COLOR BOTH THB GROWTH AND COLOH. BOTH THK GROWTH AND COLOR TO THE ORl^AGir Q *°™ A ™ CI)IOB TO THE UHEATEST AGE., TO THK GREATEST AGE TO THB GREATEST AGE. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE. . RESTORATlmK. IT ALSO IT ALSO tiKSTORKS GR.iY HAIR! IT ALSO RtaTORKS GRAY HAIR. IT ALSO RESTORES GRAY'HAIR. IO IT3 NATURAL COLOR. TO ITS NATURAL COLOH. TO IT3 NATURAL COLOR. PREVENTS 1T3 FALLINU 10 " 3 SA ™ 1 " 1 ' ^^ PRSYEXTS ITS FALLI«». PRBVI3JTS ITS FALL1N«. > -%. PREVENTS ITS FALLING. ~ COVERS THE QALD HEAD COVERS THE BALD U.KAQ COVERS THE BALD UEAD THE SCALP' E3BALD BB4D 1130] Sl-IEBIFF'S SAKE. STATE OJ WISCONSIN, ) County Court, Milwaukee County, f John CarllBle, t' " " Richard L. Malford, Neville Stoughton-and anunstf' $££*?"&«* • Judgment and Sale. 'Mechanics Lien. , - -,-;--— -« pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, Ja the above entitled action, dated the J"i« of June, 1869,1 shall expose for sale sad sell i Anr«i- £ t a , pos^Office^ l£ the City of Mil- MILYVAUKKK BA2AAK. C, DELORME^OUENTIN , ISO fast Voter Srtet, NEXT DOOR TO MESSRS. BRADFORD BRO'S, T_ - ITX2S ABC nait.gyq rj| : fancy Soodjl, Toys, Willow Ware and Yankee Notions .Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted. toySO . . ' , o , Chapter.p63 of the Revised Statutes.mtled 0 J.™e "en of Mechanics and others" the following-d scribed premise*, to wit: , , «A oertaln building situated on the west half of » iS ,f«i*«' n Woek one hundred and thlriy- ttree (183), in the fourth- Ward of the City of Milwaukee.'and also all tie right, title ami fn-1 terest of the said defendants In and to the said' 1!.?, at lot r ° nr W« ta block oae nundreil i ..^ee, July 8,1859.' ' u J. LANGWORTHY,' Sheriff. Mil. Co., Wls. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! ISSQW SEADI TO HJBNISa ANY jsmh., pf Jnstrnnuints, from one ta PAPER WAREHOUSE. Hanfoi>d,~BIackmarr& Co., 1 J (l**» HAEaiSOSjHAiriOE^ & CO.) .Connected with jHAKRISON. MANFOKD & cd., I' MANUFACTURERS, - ' . , IVTABOffA fALUS,. .O^/O. iTTAVB opened at 5 Albany Block, Michigan street on IT!. portteNewhaUHouseTa large stock *? nlw(:et ' 0 P&*>** & va ',%* er ' «)tor«rf and Sntelopt Papers. t Post, Letter and Jfoto Papers, fAleh will be sold very low." Constant -additions wil '.SsJiJf, 1 ? "" rtook *° m «« the wants of the trade t JBP^ Prin ««rs »«"> othera are Invited to call and ex- fjflne cnrstoek and prices. aprlo nnn^X U*V^*i*: g IVUiU AtjU UlSKiAfKS FREES TUB SCALP FROM ALL DISEA3KS SOLD BY ALL DRUOQISTSJ- ' SOLD BY ALL DRDQQIST3. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. AND BY 0. J. AND BY 0. J. AND BY O. J «4 MARKET ST.. ST. LOWS,* 7 °" 3 'ft™» * 114 MARKET ST. ST. LOUIS. 114 MABKET ST., ST. LOUIS. 114 MARKET ST., BT. LOUIS. AND 3J2 BSOADWAY M Y A 2S SB-BROADWAY, N'. Y.' AND 312 BROADWAY, N Y J^e Resuratlve i, put ^ ^fof3 W ^, NV ^ ^^MfKt^^'^^S SHi^^^ 8 ^^^^ W^er cent, more In proportion, and retail, for jajjo a sSS~S»?^.'aas n.^r» J ^w,^"J^ v " i ^ ; "" STItJEET. wroaiaaa, wmiaanj. x»n airin. DBALKaa ia Paper Hangings, Window Shades & c o^JSf^.' S™?5? S6 ^ '? t U P»"» " ' -—~ •••••*» m*mm+*^*- W«WVB»|4 ^j^£ j-?-» *c.> *c^ «t reasonable APJ * i2f a^S?S? ^S 16 * 0 Ownrt Baod,Wa> 11 MaaiKor*,lts,»«at W****. !led i J 1 • i t L *f7,»Su f'J" p "'?'- M>d. : Bedro 8 m: adjoining __L «nllable for a gentleman and wife, and several board, by" applytog aT*3»"etoc^stf^few'a?* boarders can also be «ceommodated. . * Jew r--- .OAKY & PKATT Attorney, and ConmeUor. A« : *%»ir. Office In Young's Block, Corner Main an J Wls- ; . • cousin street, MJIWADKEE,.... ..f«b20-d3m...;....-WISCONSIN PtANKINTOV. COOK WANTED. EX(PITKINJENT ! i The best asaorunenl of lhe finest Watctocs, Silver W*re, Jewelry a»«l ; KANOY GOODS Ever Drought to Milwaukee. Jnit tlia thing for Uoli day prejenu. Just received verr cheap for cash. v «,,-•„ MAKON t looms, deals ; 201K«3t Water street, Milwaukee, WU. mHB place to buy 6roc«rl«.ls at '.beg leuvc ro ci!l the irrcn tion of" the Trade, nut rm.r: especially the Physicians of r!., country, to two of'the most po f m lar remedies now r-etbre rhe puh| lL We refer to Dr. I'has. }\ 'Lane's Cdrbratnl Vtrmifugc anJ I.ivcrf'ills. We do not rt-fumniend them .1^ universal Cure .ills, hut simply ro. what their name purports, vi/ THE VKRMIl-TlvK. For expelling Worms from rhc human system. It has also heei administered with" rhe mosr sans factory results to various Animal subject to Worms THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of Li v ER COMPLAINTS ill BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS ^ lc ' HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases'of _ FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Out nine, they almost inv-arial%° rruikc i speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above men doned diseases, they are l/nrfvakd. ind never-known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHKR.S, PITTSBURGH, P.\. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been success fully engaged for the last Twenty .Years, and they will now give their undivided time ;i'nd artentkm tc. their manufacture. And being de "ermined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Ver'rnir'uge ^d Liver PilJj shall continue to occupy the high position they, now hold among the greit remedies of the day, they . ivilJ continue to spare .neither time nor expense in procuring the Best jnd Purest material, and compound them in the most thorouo-h manner. Address all orders to ° PLEIOfJ BROS. PiU3bn?3ii, p a . .P.S. Doali..« anJ Physicians ; l ir.l.-riiii» from mi, Wholeiala and Retail, Agent ana C. SGTOS,

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