Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 13, 1897 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1897
Page 10
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, ^-vj^-..^,^^^^^^^^^,^. - - "<f ^ "* ^ ^ „- jj" 1 *> ft'l %' Ha It. lt,JU MAY. IS, 1887. THIS AND THAT.- aafl Iw ft U* M«fy Wrt »»y erteh th* worm, Ates! poof rttW« thing! It'll tiso cat** » Wiling coM, ewmes BO soon la sprt&g.— • C. Loader, We gire that frapte ' the credit to terse, because we ram ^rrite tetter Corset saved life of a woman, ae a baiM struck the steel atays.* Moral. Chicago ministers found a text in Grant lust Sunday, and preached on f?it *md patriotism, Who will be the first daring man in Sterling to Wear a straw hat ? T, Herald: Let Congress go to work. That is the talk. We are all.buBy.why should those fellows in W. sit on store boxes. - . ..-. ..... ••• •_ . • - •;.• • . Nasby could take i several horns of whisky, and not stagger. ^Nashville ahow was closed last Son- Say, and folks could go to church. , *•* Artb. class: How many months have 28 days? We doubt if half of .youknow. Nothing to. decay about Grant's tomb, all granite and iron. ' Gunsaulos is laid np on£account of over-work. A caution to oar Sterling people. JBe careful. Let us Jhave no epidemic of over work. To avoid losing your [[diamond pin, don't wear any. • N. B. JPatentfapplied tor; - : , ; , Dickina was a weakly child, and in- fitead of playing t with , other B boys, amused himself with novels, Don Dr. Bristol: three* ways of preach* Ing from memory, from M 3. and from vacuity. , > . By'an old Saxon law, a [maiden was considered twice as valuable as a Widow. ' Like Scott, Dickens spent morning ' at desk, afternoon in open air. McKinley has "varions~invitati6ns from kind friends to spend summer. Hotels and watering places are open to him.•' Happy man. Who wouldn't he P.?'- •: • •'.- '•'•.-'.'- •• . • Beilamj's Equality will be larger Jban "Looking Backward." A heresy trial war aimed at Ian Maclaren., but he dodged it. Parkman's history] of France in America to be published^ twenty octavo volumes, ~^~T£7bTrwould^e~^weir,!|6]ithe, sleep tegularly, drink hot water instead of tea and coffee, eat fruit and vegetables. Longfellow and Fields visited Dick^_«ns at his rural .home, ICLadi-UiU, ^no-? ticed in Shakespeare. If yon can't do what you like, do the best you cafe., A daughter of ProfJChas. A. Briggs has graduated as fa lawyer.^. Another has taken a course in theology. Bazar: Happy the younepeople who have a country childhood!-. They see plants and] animals growing and are strong and healthy. Use cereals for breakfast instead of fried potatoes, that it, [cracked wheat, ilee, grits, cerealine, oatmeal. Da no.c forget fruit. A strong, heavy break' fast mayjspoil your day. , , Never uilnd toe frosted peaches, .Nature can defeat our plans; Krery year experience teaches -' " ;: Therearepl«»tjintheeanV. ' Highest price paidj tor good poetry at this office. Something' like Gray's Elegy.,, ]J . / Y : ;.;.':;: "• ' . Tea ana coffee back nos, now, lemonade for evening tonic, Joliet has about I'.BOO unhappy people, who would rather be in the gardens this weather. Turkey got into Greece because she had eo many passes. III. legislature could do same thing. John Hay feels better, has lunched With Queen at Windsor. When writer tWf ia W. 'Victoria wasn't at home," John Rockefeller has a'eouatry seat Bear Tarry town on Hudson, Johnny fan live ae he pleases, By the wayJMre. E, was a teacher of tjoteny befpre she struck oil, A Pbila. minister ia asked to resign he rideej wheel and smoke* f {round fi J*> vnbtshf* H 5>v York' that th» roofs of school HniMHngn are twroM Into plaf ground*. How thank* fal o«r Stertiiy; jronitgaten-onght to be thai they can roll oa the grass. Great rash for effit*. S0,000 good Americans, patriots, wiib to be con' tal», go to Europe, sit !n »a«y chair at Uncle Sam's expense. Now Some doctor says there 1§ no Bach dise&i* &s appendicitis This la a dreadful discovery after so many poor souls have died of it, Joliet prison baa a library of 8,000 volumes, and every convict canftake out two books a week. A Kansas cat taken to Indiana, got disgusted with Hoosier life and traveled back on an air ship.', Let the lazy scamp Who refuses to baat carpet for hla patient wife be tied to a cradle and made to take care of baby. 'I dont wear ilresse* any more- ...... See ray coat and breeches, Cuffs and collaw, pockets, too Made with many sUtc&es.—Sraall Boy.; Many are dyingjnow of heart failure. What did they die of 50 years ago? What is Garibaldi pudding with whipped cream ? Samples received. s How much would you give for a window to see procession in Londou on Queen's jubilee? $500? One man did. . Is there anything gtnore luxurious than first strawberry shortcake? If so, pass it along,' Last new story of Harriet Prescott Spafford is An Inheritance. Be careful. In California, 19 persons poisoned by drinking lemonade. If Iowa legislature can prevent, no ay^on ^Sunday. • Sit true, the worse iise^ybu can put a man to, is to hang him ? Albany capital has cost 22 millions, the greatest building fraud of the day, The captitol at Washington, the most stately public edifice in world, "only 17 millions. r Can you raise dandelions? A book free at^hJaj^c^Success with ^Dande- HorisT" . U. S. manufacture 500,000 sewing machines in a year, and New York city is headquarters. ________ Always be ready to admit you do not know everything. . , Ex-Sen, Cameron has sent Pres. Diaz Mexico, a 815,000 horse. If no drinking, every family in U, S. would be 8100 better off. There are 236,000 Indians in this country, and among them are lawyers and~d~dctor87~ K . , -~ " ". : ". ........ THE SAME GOODS^FOR LESS::HONEY,- ; BETTER GOODS FOR TTHE SAME MONEY, OUR EVERLASTING MOTTO. We want your trade* if honest dealing and the most goods for the least rrtoney'will get it. We refund the money as cheerfully as we take it* Paints, Paints. -Are you going to paint, this Spring? The very best White Lead, per cr „ lb., this sale. ...... ....,..;.... DC Mixed Paints—all colors. 1 gallon cans, per can . ____ $1.1 % " " " "..... 39c . ' JT "• " " " ..... 21c We guarantee our Paints £o be the best In the market, and we will cheerfully refund the money to anyone to whom it does not prove satisfactory. Hardware Department. Bit braces, best polished steel rod. This brace is constructed upon an entire new principle, Its sockets and grasping jaws ara one piece. No pins or fastenings to get misplaced—tempered jaws—will hold any size bit shank—,.. • • .' ' . . " \ X. •; BOc Value, for this sale......... 24C 15c padlock, two keys........... Oc •$ly ; a)Jamp^r^o^er.^oJ^|^gjc!-.-£: = r=: efc-this sale for.^V....T.^...v' 6ts Wire coat hooks, per dozen...... 0c No. 3, nickel-plated curling iron/ Improved spring,, lOc value, for AH sizes screw eyes, per doz.... A gootr coffee mill .-.. Milk, strainers made of heavy strong tin plate. For this sale 7c 4o So JUST RECEIVED A Complete Ltrie of Lamps. Lowest Prices i n the City . Latest Imperial Banquet Lamp with globe — desirable colors— usually eelle at S6.00. For this sale... ............. ..>.. $2.98 A fine assortment of Parlor Lamps, 82.00 value.... ...... 79c •A large size Glass Lamp, with Rochester globe, 75c. value.... 39c Medium size' Glass Lamp~50c ' '- .' . value. . ................. ...... 24c Small Glass Lamps, 25c. value. . iftc Bracket Lamp, No. 2 burner, with reflector,~4{)c value ..... 24fcc Fancy China NighfLamp, with globe, at BOc, bargain at. ..... 29c Glass Night Lamp ....... ....:., "lOc Iron Stone China, up-to-date, Wash Bowl and Pitcher, 690, BOc American cut-glass Bowls, rich pattern, scalloped edges...,....,;.;............. Crystal glass fruit or berry bowl, figured designs with C berry saucers *to match, 85c value per set, complete............. 23o 8i.2o crystal and colored glass water sets, in a variety of designs, per set. .':...- 84c Plain etched and cut-glass water bottles,78and 5Qc.values.. 29-30o 50c American cut-glass Vinegar Cruet—rich'pattern at........ 23c RIBBON BARGAINS. ALL SILK RIBBONS. ALL COLORS. Lane Johnson, mietresa of W. House in BucbaoaB's tferw, ia atjU woman. Women are smarter tbaa ssjen, as cso write with old pens, and drive ;»|0]le with tl»t irons; , l>r, Hea^oa:. A asaa out o| work who , byto Is K deacon compared with Gsks- ra» from , i® Meftdotf, $1 Eves Sitish of cut dowu fjis harem to 62 Every teacher should caution pnpild against uae of tobacco and alcohol. Rhyme for Greco-Turkish war: Since X-was eosoon donef oivWondetwhat 1 was begun for. ,.;" Better health if families'gave ^chiid- ren more milk and less pie and meat. Bice pudding instead of fried steak. Poetry is not always from an aching heart,/ sometimes from a disordered liver,' '., ' '• , • •-••'••.- •-' ••• June 20 will be the [big [day "of • the Queen's jubilee in London, a Will Sterling send a representative? Victoria will feel slighted. ' New'era suggests the ^extensive planting of trees by the government to replace the forests so wantongly out down. '••.; • V •:•;•'."-.•' ;/'.': \•;. A graadfather'e'clock bro't 845 at a sale in Lancaster, Pa. i: l Nbn Multa sed Multum, Gibbon's motto, should be pondered by every teacher and scholar. Any man wh*o does, not enjoy a gar. den these balmy pays, is missing the sweetest thing in life. Hurrah for the hoe ahd : the--clipping shears I -The breath of the flowers will put roses into the pale cheek, and tne;|potato hill vigor into Ha wasted muscle. A He counted Ijls dollars by mUlloDs, i»ut be couldn't bold nature at b»y; All the land that be. owns .:.'••; . Lies between two stones . T&ut are six feetftpart today. ' .-•'•'.•••,..;••••: ..-. • O. Leader. The rush for Europe has begun. All you need is a little purse. ' , Sir Henry Irving is to unveil the SlddoDB statue in London iu June. No danger now in changing underwear. Tie yoar red Sanueis, sprinkled with a paper bag, and hang in attic, '..• .;.. . •.• --;':. ,;- -^ ;•'*', •.;' Dr, Johnson owes much of his fame to BPBW$ 11, his biographer. If you have heart trouble, be careful about joining a secret society, or the initiation may knock the breath out of you. ••.' - ..•• l.^'.i. :-]..• ^:.:;':. ••:..-. ..:'.. ;: Ii-rom Illiooja alone SOO applications for consulships, Jerusalem or Cairo wii| do be re » , ...."''.' Wrong to ppit on sidewalk, and IDJU- rloua to swallow tluld of mouth and iipsp, Neither does it seem elegsat to gjpit into your b&dkf. "in a pickle, White House needa enlargiug. It was ample for tea mJiUoua of people, bat now Jhere me seventy, saoaumeut ID Chicago vu Lake Front, 456 Table Damask, white and red, good quality, per yd....... I9c 4o Fringed Napkins at..,.......' ; 2o JOcLinen Napkins . '.. ... „. . 5c >^fnc lot of Llaen Towels, hem- siiched and fringed,'at especially low prices.' '.-;'' -' '•'.'. '' '..;.-. ' r .../'<.• - . _ t < . ,. can cut-glass now on sale. Beau- '.'-..' , ' ^ . . • • • • tlful wedding present at Nominal Cost. •.'-•"• '••;. ••''.':. : :••;..•'-'• • 62.00 cut-giass 4-piece Tea Set —Special 'for .'. ./....... "••'.,. ...', 980 83,00 same as above, gold fllied,~ • warranted not to wear off, 4- pieceTea Set.... ...........#l,.39 , Choice , designs In American cut- glass berry sets— 82.00 value. . . , . . . .... .•".' .... . . . 8LOO value. .... ...... .... ... No. 2, "5, 12, per yard.. " 2c 4c Co Tso lOc BABY RIBBONS, ALL COLORS, .For this Sale, 2 Yds. for I c. lOc Celluloid photo frames...? 6c' 25c Silk Mitts ;-;-r.-.-7^7;rrr:-;;". HOW IS THE FISHlNd THIS SEASON? Our 20o pole we sell for.....: QQ OurUBopolewe sell for........ i9 0 Our BOc a-jointBamboo pole for 29o Kirby hooks, all sizea, per doz. . Furnished |ine complete...; .... 2c Ladles' Ribbed Vests. 15o value for 35c quality for 19c BOc quality for 29c HAMMOCKS, HAMMOCKS. When the warm weather we all need Hammocks. Be sore buy. We have a fine assortment and' we 'can save yoa from 25 to 50 percent on the dollar. BASE BALLS. Rocket base ball.'i .......... .'. . . Eureka " ........... ,,.. 2So League" ..' ............. A good bat ........ \ ....... '..... A better one,.,.." ..... . ........ ' Our best 50o bat for ......... .- . . * BOG.Catchers'mitts ......... .' . . . & TJRIPP. 24o 29o • -JBasternepicuresare-disputingahput the relative excellence of Conn,; river, Delaware, and Susquehanna shad. Cars in India are Blow and shaky.and have a double roof to' protect from Goldsmith: Dr. Johnson had a rough manner, but a kind heart. He bad nothing of the bear but his skin. Young mother:. Do not talk too much to baby; make him nervous. ; Cleveland and Dan Webster both liked fishing. New Chinese minister to Washington speaks English fluently. More than some Americans can do. New York will soon have another superb hptel,"A8toria, adjoining*. Waldorf. Does Sterling need a marshal since saloons are closed ?QEveryone seems to walk without a stagger, and no dis position to : fight Let the hydrants run and the soda fountains slzz. John Milton was a sublime poet, but across man in his family. We are sorry to read these thing? about our idols. _„ HcCorjn'lck Theo, Seminary has-just graduated 57 young ministers, and Garrett Biblical Institute twenty. N o opening here. We are full, Go to Utah goqd field. Let the little child drop peacefully to sleep, with a song in its heart, and the smile of heaven on its face. ~ Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations appeared in'same year with Gibbon's Decline and Fall. Any one can be an editor. All' you need is a pith-of scissors and a pot of paste. . / / •• : l'. , • Constautlaople U the central part of the world, and Russia will never be satisfied till she gets it. Received $100 Reward. ' It is not generally known that Whiteside county has a standing reward of 9100 for the arrest and conviction pf every horae thief, but such is the f aet. E. A, Macotuber was very agreeably eurprieed a abort time ego in receiving an order for the above amount from the county for the arreat of the man BIckford from a countysouth of Whiteside, who had undertaked to steal Mr, Mticomber's horse aud buggy while hitched on Main street in Hock Falls, Tiip fellow was arrested, convicted aud seat to the b'tate pi'iaou for a term. The toati^? of getting this $100 reward waa upheisrd af at the time, went fishiug KNIGHTS OF THE GUOBE TO ; HAVE 2j.HEm.ja AN DSiFU LU.^, Sterllnsr and Kock Falls Gakrl.ons Hold a Union Meeting; and Talk Over the Big ' Plbnlo-Plans W1U, be Working In a Fortnight. •/-:• . . • .. - STOP! LOOK! SEE! The joint committee of Union and Sterling garrisons, K. G., met in the City Hall Thursday evening, and considered matters concerning the ' anniversary .."celebration' to be held 'here on August 27. A plan for the appointment, of committees was -agreed upon and will be reported to the. meetings of the garrisons at once, It ia probable all the committees will be hard at work within a fortnight. The affair is an enormous undertaking and Will require skilful handling to make it a success. It will bring th6uaands of peo pie t.o these cities from all over Northern Illinois, and no small amount of money will be expended among our business firms to make the affair grand success. The garrisons feel that the reputation of Sterling as a convention city is at stake and will spare no pains to make this the grandest event of the season in this part of the State this year. South Uume School. .Report of the South ; Hume school for the month commencing March 20 and ending April 28. Number of days aught, ^ twenty-three. Number of pupils in attendance eleven. Average daily attendance 9-J-. Those, who have >een piesent every day are: Lillian etsell, Harry Wetzelliciifford Whee- 9Ck, Cecil Wheeiook, Maud Van De Mark- and Grover Pope, JOSEHPINB E, BABNABD, Teacher. A few of the country schools have engaged their teachers for the coming (school year. Most of them ha vein- reaped the wages of the teachers. Miss Marion Adams has been re-engaged at the brick school house; Miw Nettle Smith re-engaged at Biyerdaie at increased wages to @45 per month; Mies Vitmie Eick has beeu re-engaged at .be Colder school, in Montmoreuoy, with laereaaed pay to the amount of 860 per month, All three of tlieae eacbere bave given exeuUeiifc ion. pal »w*| tgsia, —Mr, aod Mjn. Jo|»« Wehr«na he finest garden i» tawa, ,ble i«oh of ground b^iag this, tiiey hav» t»o aerie® oi tfae o!4 C. B, Bailey's BOOK HUS, lUINOis. 21 Ibs. Granulated Sugar «l on Pillsburyd Best FlouF " "'''' *} ?g White Satin Flour... •••••'"••• J J» Kansas Beauty Flour...." '.'.]'.'. " ' i OB Iowa Girl Flour ... ; .....,...,,..' / } 00 All r kinds ^of Feed, Screenings',' Wheat, Cracked Corn, Baled Hay—Cheap. , : • ;,:- - v Perfection Oil, per gal.",..;;. ~. . «c Gasoline, 6 gals for •..' 450 ' A^S' n ion > or Arbuckle Coffee,. 15c A good Bulk Coffee 150 Good Navy Beans RQ Best Dairy Butter ..: '.', u c Best Lard .'.,.....'! 8c Eggs, per doz. .....* 7c Soda—Arm and Hammer ...!. ','.'. 6c Yeast Foam, per pkg ...... s.. Best Fine Cut Tobacco .'! 20o Corn Meal, per sack : iOc Graham, per sack ,. 20o Santa Claus Soap, 8 bars for . .•.. 25o 3-lb, can Table Peaches " - jOc Crackers, "Christy's Beet," 4 Ibs. '. 25o Beat Syrup, per gal 25 0 Cider Vinegar, per gal i5 c Large Pickles, per doz 5 0 - • i FRESH, AT COE&VANSANFS ROCK FALLS, ILL. lUTlumon rw» ftfflw, or « Wre ' &m , , Tg]».BTJBBI.INe STANDARD. . TU Going OutjlBusiw, Beginning May 8th I will give a Discount of 35 per cent, on all Spring and Summer Millinery.: MRS. I, M. SWARTHOUT, ROCK FALLS, ILL. 7 t' f< * -kV-j t 41 Vi IFV An Oil or Gasoline Stove, A Refrigerator, An Ice Box, Ice Cream Freezer, Or a' Hammock, You will not have to w ™^ waBlaB * M »WWWWP5»IWWW^l^^ COUPON. Every Boy and Qirt should save thte Goar poo. Itmaaae money to the one having tlie largest number, Explanations later. Date Name to Chicago for It. We defy tion. We buy jlireot from the factory ami «* ve *» commissions «wd discounts, and Cash will huy you more of ua th m anywhere in the twin cities. , Blue Flame Cook Stoves. A. J, MCNEIL

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