The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 16, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONo^T, OCTOBER 16, 1939. Germans Develop Powerful Bomb BOSTON, Oct. 16.—Belief tha iGermauy has developed a powerfu ^incendiary bomb with greater de : stractive power than "anything th Western powers know of" was as serted before a Boston forum audi ence last night by Vincent Sheean foreign correspondent and writer. , Sheean told the Ford Hal For,um, a -liberal discussion group that.he believed, the European wa might last eight or ten years, partly because Soviet Russia m i g h "switch from side to side to main tain war rather than end it." He- said the incendiary bomb had been, tried out on a small scale in Spain. Its use, he declared, would faring about "a war of unrestricted horror" which would mean "that American people could not sit for ever and-.see .Europe and the res of the world go to pieces." Mounted Champion Pigeon On Display •Speed -;Boy, the homing pigeon which died after setting many rec ords in Chicago, has been mountec and sent to the Hagerstown Fair for exhibit in the poultry building this week. Through the efforts of L. L Toms, this city, the mounted bird "was sent here by Ray Kestaloot manager" of the Chicago American Herald race loft. Speed Boy. owned by Kestaloot has";the "harness which'was used in.; sendlng..photographic film to .the paper.- 'The homing pigeon was the ;first to fly 600 miles on the CMp.&go Concourse. T'he greatest exhibit of pigeons in" " years will be shown. Local pigeon clubs are assisting in making this event outstanding. JUDGE ROGERS DIES Kas.. Oct. 16.—Judge Bert-.Rogers, father of Cliarles (BuctdV) Rogers, movie actor, died at-^hi?; home Sunday. He was 62 years" old. ; Studio Couch Covers ,3 Matching $| .99 •Pillowi ... 1 Zacks-Mills Co. - 11 We*t Washington Street Reddy . Kilowatt "I. E. S. approved study lamps speed up home -work, make it easier—and protect young 1 eyes!" BUY YOUR COAL —FROM— CUSHWAS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST Charleston, W. Va., Oct. 16 (/P). —The Charleston Gazette received one "yes" among a bunch of "no's" to its public queries: "Do you think the youth of America should be sent to Europe to fight in any war?" And: "Do you think America could gain anything for taking part in any European war?" The "yes" came from War, W. Va. Plans Mapped For Air Fire Fighting WASHINGTON, Oct. 16.—Fire fighters may soon be jumping from airplanes in parachutes to put ou blazes in Uncle Sam's nationa forests. In tests at the Chelan Nationa Forest in the State of Washington 'smokechasers" equipped with fire fighting tools, have been dropped successfully from planes in special ly-designed parachutes which ma. be steered with improved accu racy. Officials said fire fighting by this aerial method would save thou sands of dollars annually by enab ling the Forest Service to bring un der control quickly small fires in remote sections. Under present overland combat methods, such blazes often spread into devastating conflagrations before fighters are able to reach them. She'd Be American Isa Miranda, film star, appears n the naturalization court, Los Angeles, where she obtained her first American citizenship papers. Isa was born in Milan. She came to TJ. S. in 1937 to work in Hollywood. iast July she was married to Aired Guarini at Tucson, Ariz. ,iner Sails With 1'200 Americans ROTTERDAM, Oct. 16 (£>).—The Netherlands liner Rotterdam sailed arly Sunday for New York with almost 1,200 Americans who' had een stranded in Europe by war onditions. Most of 'the passengers were women and' children who were given riority in obtaining ship accommodations. The liner Staatendam is sched- led to leave Oct. 22 with about 900 American passengers. COURTESY AND INTELLIGENT ervic* await you when you call 104 and arra.nso a classified ad with an ad-taker. Feared Lost On Royal Oak Crew members of the sunken 29,150-ton battleship Royal Oak are pictured, ironically, in submarine defense drill during recent maneuvers. The British Admiralty announced the Royal Oak, a veteran of the Battle of Jutland, was destroyed "by U-boat action." These men may have been among the more than 800 crew members feared lost Clyde Beatty And Wife Arrive With Jungle Beasts For Performances At Fair This Week Interest in the Great Hagerstown Fair—on the "big day" or unofficial opening day, yesterday—appeared to center about Clyde Beaty, the small, nattily dressed animal trainer who is not unknown to Hagerstown audiences. With the arrival of Beatty and his entire collection of 26 lions ,nd tigers, not excluding a three ,nd a half months old lion cub, mall boys and many adults have aken every opportunity to visit he menagerie inside the race rack on the Fairgrounds. So great vas the crowd yesterday afternoon" liat Beatty had the area, in which is animals were caged, roped off o keep back the crowds. Even at hat, a few over anxious boys had o be sternly told that coming lose to a lion's cage might prove isastrous. ^ Beatty, who said he had been n animal trainer for the past sev- nteen years, not only comes in lose contact with the beasts of he jungle, but turns loose the en- re menagerie in a huge steel age and puts them through their aces before the crowds. Those who saw Beatty and his ct which was presented with the [agenbeck-Wallace Circus here in 933, know what a strenuous time ieatty has while alone in the reat cage with his animals. "Sometimes everything goes off ery quietly," the famous animal rainer remarked to a . reporter. At other times I have a lot of rouble with the animals. Once in while the lions and tigers get to ghting and it is a pretty difficult hing to separate them. There ave been a few occasions when t has been a. fight to the death." "The animals charge me nearly very time I enter the cage but I m usually able to drive them off. ut there are times when a lion ecides to attack me and then iere is no stopping him. I have een in the hospital several times, he last time a big fellow took a ite of flesh. It was a close call." While Beatty will be remember- ed by thousands of Washington county crowds, his pretty wife is unknown here but she will present one of the feature acts with the Cl3 r de Beatty Animal Circus to be seen during the Great Hagerstown Fair on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Mrs. Beatty, who sat in a car yesterday afternoon watching her husband direct preparations, told her interviewer that she met and fell in love with Beatty while she was an aerialist with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. She has not only been an acrobat but has entertained as a dancer. While here Mrs. Beatty will do an act with an elephant and a tiger inside the huge cage. Mrs. Beatty, while recognizing the chances her husband takes in the cage, appears not to worry over it and has confidence that he will outwit his beasts. Beatty stated that a majority of his lions and tigers are jungle- bred. He-obtains his lions principally from Hagenbeck in Germany. He also obtans some animals from the famous Frank "^.uck. He said that five of his animals were born in captivity but he prefers jungle- bred beasts. , lie has three elephants. Beatty will establish his headquarters at Fort Louderdale, Florida, where his animals 'will occupy special cages and areas. Beat'ty;-played ; for eleven weeks this summer at the pier in Atlantic City .where the lion cub "Tarzan" •was born. He lias been on a three- week's vacation in Florida. From here he will travel to Canada to present his show at a Shrine circus. Beatty says each one of his animals require about 18 pounds of meat a day which ig a good-sized item in itself^ and he is arranging through a local dealer to supply him for the balance of the time here. Beatty •--will appear at the Fair each afternoon and evening which will include Saturday afternoon. 1 G Llocfc Back to black. Bock to town and the formality of soft black suede shoes by Queen QoaHty. These "exquisites" reflect every lost-minute fashion trend. Their superior beauty fits right in with your footwear plans for fall. QUEEN DUALITY SHOES Tyrone to VP Including Deluxe First Floor Rear Qnyet SMART YARD FABRICS 54" WOOLENS Dress, Suit and Coat Weights. In plains, plaids and novelty weaves. All smartly styled. 75 5].oo to * PLAIDS - STRIPES -PRINTS of Medium Weight Spun Rayon. A colorful assortment — patterns for every occasion "39 inches wide. At only 45c MAIX FLOOR BLANKET VALUES Heavy Beacons Singles 70x80 Doubles 72x84 ea . Fleecy Cottons in solid colors. Singles Doubles 65c« $ 1 BASEMENT High grade qualities In plaids, stripes and novelty plains; Dress weights, 39" wide.- 69c DOLLAR-PAK! 68 MODESS SANITARY NAPKINS A new, convenient closet-shelf package, designed to save you money. MAIN FLOOR 6 Floort ~ 3 Ralconie* filled with Desirable Merchandise at Sensible Prices RLY'S Dependable For More Than Fifty Years EYE In Our Grocery You Will Find New Stock* of Candie*, Nuts and Canned Goods Phone 1344. We Deliver f SOIL CONSERVATiON-WHAT IT MEANS (Continued) This cannot be assailed arbitrarily or overcome by issuing orders. The orders have no force. And the farmer may be right in objecting to a given program of control on his land; the government specialists and the neighbors may be wrong. Seeking a democratic middle course through or around the obstacle, the Department of Agriculture suggested that the states pass in their legislatures, enabling acts establishing soil conservation districts for erosion control. A number of states, of which Maryland is one, now have passed such enabling acts, and a number of districts have been established A definite start has been made. As suming minor variations under the laws as adopted by the respective states, this is how the districts are former and how they operate: You are a farmer. A soil conservation district . law has been adopted in your state. You and your neighbors desire to organize for the purpose of pursuing a cooperative erosion-control program. New Labor Standards Throughout Nation Will Become Effective On October 24th WASHINGTON, Oct. 16.—Wage- hour officials predicted Sunday that American business would make the October 24 transition to new labor standards with much less confusion than accompanied changes a year ago when the act became p- erative. Whereas last year there were hundreds of thousands of inquiries concerning operation of the new law, the correspondence this year is numbered in mere thousands, it was said. "Now that the law has been in effect a year," one official explained, "most people know about it and it will be a lot less disjointing to the industrial machine." • On October 24, the 25-cent an hour minimum wage allowed under the Federal law rises to 30 cents and the maximum work week de- reases from'44 to 42 hours. October 24 is in the middle of a week and Elmer F. Andrews, administrator, has ruled that wages should be changed at midnight, October 23, while the hour provisions must become effective for the first full week after October 24. There has been every evidence, officials said, that American business men generally will comply Couple Found Dead In Tourist Cabin -SALISBURY, Md., Oct.'16 (£>).— Tames T. Zimmerman, 27, Seaford, Del., steel worker, and Grace Wil- eersori, 18, '• of Salisbury, were !ound d-ead Sunday in a tourist cabin on the Salisbury-Delmar road. State Policeman M. T. Bohler said !umes from an unlighted gas heater, turned on full, had asphyxiated .he couple.- -Bohler said Frank Zimmerman, brother of the dead man, discovered the bodies. James Zimmerman had been liv- ng here while working in Seaford. Police said his home was in Waynesboro, Va. SLIGHTLY INJURED G arm and Getrich, aged" four vears, 300 block Liberty street, was slightly injured Saturday evening when he ran into the side of an automobile operated by Carl K. Nigh, 200.block North Cannon avenue. Police said the little boy was playing ball. There were 32,400 deaths and 1,150,000 injuries in traffic accidents n the United States in 1938. with the law's provisions promptly. As one official put it, "the chiselers who think they can get away with it would try whether the minimum was 15 cents, 25 or 30." For protection against such wilful violations, the wage-hour division now has 250 employes in the field and will increase the number to 500 by spring. Up until June 30, the field staff never had numbered more than 106. As the new standards become effective, a check of enforcement for the act's first year reveals that 22,000 complaints have been made, chiefly by employes, relatives of employes and competing employers. Preliminary inquiries indicted about 11,000 vi- lations and of these about 5,600 have been sent to the field for further investigation. Reports from the field indicate that many of the violations were not wilful and employers already have made restitution to employes. NO ONE INJURED No one was injured Saturday evening in a triple automobile collision on North Potomac street between Charles and Broadway. The cars involved were operated by Donald B. Plott, Greencastle; Howard M. Smith, Chewsville and Thelma, H. Rider, Cumberland. A Simply Swell Meal for the Youngsters "-.'",.~1T'^.._..^".'! .. C7 Fresh-from-garden vegetables, vitamin crammed, kindle children's energy. And how they like its savory taste! Large 21V4 oz. 'can — serves 6 to 8. HURFF ^VEGETABLE 9fl SOUP 00114, ' ONLY I.Big porcelain eled nib. 2,GentIe, yet speedy washing action. 3.Exclusive sediment trap, cuts washing time. 4.No drip, gravity dram hose. 5.Safety wringer, singl wringer control. 7 SEE • IT'S MAYTAG quality and value- through and through. Now own A Maytag—the world's leading brand— at rock bottom price. You can get some washers for less, but remember—;&« is a genuine Maytag! Try it firs?—then decide. Very easy payments. DEALER TODAY SAVE WITH A MAYTAG ARRANGE FOR A FREE HOME TRIAL TODAY HAGERSTOWN MAYTAG CO. 106 S. Potomac Street Phone A0t THREE INJURED ROCHESTER, N. Y., Oct. 16—An airplane talcing off from Genesee Airport collided with an automobile Sunday, critically injuring three persons. Deputy Sheriff Merton Drumm said the pilot, George Ruthenberg, 24, failed to see the car as it moved across the field in the same direction as the ship. SERVICE PARALYZED MEXICO CITY, Oct 16 (ffj.—A strike of. power plant workers for increased wages paralyzed electrical service in parts of five southern states Sunday and threw an estimated 200,000 out of work. The three, companies involved are subsidiaries of Electric Bond and Share Corp. cms. MARKETS Hagerstown't Modern Food Shopping Center 118-120 WEST FRANKLIN ST. Parking Space Adjoining the Market J^Eat Like a King for ~"' Far Less Money Select your food here from the beit the world offers. Serve yourself and pocket the savlngt. TOASTED CORN FLAKES WHEAT or RICE PUFFS 14c DOLE'S C. & B. Tomato Juice 6 101/2- can PURE Fruit Preserves 2. #25* 4 4 4 4 Dole Crush. Pineapple 3 -US 25c Pure Tomato Catsup 2 It, 0 . 1 ISc Corned Beef Hash 2 £„". 27c Hurlock Tomatoes 4 «•„? 25c E-Tal-E Spaghetti 4 ^,.' 25c C&B Date-Nut Bread 2'". 23c Lord Balto. Dili or Sour PICKLES 2 jars 19C HEINZ KETCHUP 2 tots 35G 2 8-oz bots 25c heat-flo roasted WIN-CREST COFFEE bag 13C FRESHLY GROUND BEEF 2 25 C Skinless Frankfurts 19" Fresh Pork Spare Ribs Enjoy Either One With Our New, Long-Cut Sour Kront Armour's Star Sliced BACON 2 i/ 2 -lb pkgs Meaty Frtfh SCRAPPLE 2 - I9 e WHOLE NATURAL Apricots tall DEL MONTE Peaches No. 2/ 2 can 14 SOUR PITTED Cherries N0.2 cans, Aunt Jemima Pancake 2 X Z lOc New Pack Tomato Soup Shortening Pl £r; m " whlt * 4 3 10-oz cans. 19c 43c Sleigh Bell Assorted Shoestring Sweet «£sf Pickles quart bot p^ plutdep 9C 4 ;25c q ?r ISe 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 DEL MAIZ Niblets 12-oz cans CREAM PITCHER FREE With Purchase of 2 Pkg*. Corn KIX GREEN OIANT PEAS 2 17-02 9*7 C cans VEGETABLES & FRUIT Fancy Snow White CAULIFLOWER Fresh Tender BROCCOLI bch •h Asm Crisp Local SPINACH 3 10 noT,d. rop ORANGES doz Oven-Fresh Victor BREAD 23c GRAPEFRUIT " 6c Creamy Wisconsin CHEESE Sliced Loaf Ib 19 Main or Sugar* d nam or Migar*d tf Jlr A *»•• Do'Nuts doz 10 C 2 "- 25 PABST-ETT of Other Big Valve* Too Numerous to Lilt Htrm Trier* Effective rniH Wort. Hoslns. Oct. I8th, m». Qn.infity Rishti Rf^r

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