The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 3
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• MONDAY, JULY 16, • 1923* THE; HUTCHINSON NEWS. Phoenix hpie to match.' Have yon noticed our window*? July Clearance Sale COMPLETE FIRST ROUND OF PLAY BEGINNING TOMORROW MORNING AND LASTING FOR TWO WEEKS, this July clearance sale will be the best Clearance Sale froth the standpoint of SAVING MONEY FOR THE CUSTOMER that we have ever put on. Eight Remain in Handicap Championship Tournament on Municipal Course. on Men's, Women's and Children's seasonable' merchandise. Genuine bargains for every member of the family. Come in and see them. $8.95 Slippers at... ,7~$5.95 $7.95 Slippers at $5.30 $5.95 Slippers at..... $3.97 ALL SHORT LINES ARE PLACED ON BARGAIN TABLES, $2.98 and $3.98, IRRESPECTIVE OF FIRST PRICE. We close at 5 o'clock except Saturday. Tho-first round of Tho Carey Parle Golf Club Handicap Championship wits completed with tho followln*,i)layers winners of their matches In the first flight; Kenneth Chase, Tom Hogan, IJcn Lamibornl A. H. TutHe, C. B. <Kr- wfty, Boh Hostutler, K. W. C. Smith, and J. W. Donovan, (Pairings for the second round of the first fHght aro a"s follows: ' Hcli-. Hde. i Kenneth Chaao 10 v.=s. Tom HoRan 28 Ben Lamborn 10 v». A. VI. Tuttlo 22 C H. Urway 21 vn, Holt HosUutlor 14 : F. \V. C. Smith 13 v.». .1. W. Donovan 20 | Tho losers of their first matches ! dropdown Into the Consolation Flight and are paired as follows: «Ido. iWol Jos. Gn(Mliia?Uer\2r» va. Wilbur NidioUi in , A. \V. Tultln 2S vs. ("'. 11. McKlnney 14 Bob Milliard 13 vs. On. Allison ' 20 , O. J,. Eakln 28 v .i. Frank Holdrun It. I AH matches must he played by G P. 1 M., Sunday July 1!2, and cards duly { slgnod and dnpoaiteil In the box at the : grounds. .Players are ruqi^ested to call 1 at Young's Shoe Store and get th'olr | cards showing holes on which handl- i caps apply. I There is still another flight for the losers of their matches this week. The lour to losto their matches In the first flight and the four to loso their matchos in the Consolation Flight will drop down into tho Solaoe Flight. MARCH OF THE FILM STRUCK # ¥ ¥ # # * ¥ * # # No Discouraging Sweet Young Things WALTER CLARK TO BE ORDAINED AS MINISTER Special Services to be Held Tonight at First Presbyterian. Church. AUGUST ICE FOR OUTDOOR SKATING St. Louis Carnival Offers Lure to Great Fashion Pageant. Big An ice carnival outdoors In. August fit St. Louis is one of the attractions offered by this aggressive city to visitors during the fashion Pageant August 8 to 25. For the fourth year St. Louis is showing sister cities a model modern campaign of municipal and business promotion. St. Louis the most historic of western outlets for merchandise Is most modern in methods of municipal publicity. Co-operating under direction of the Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis merchants have Blocked wide lines of merchandise systematically, and now herald far •and wide inducements for tributary •population to come to a big market. To distribute tho merchandise as-. neurbled In St. Louis lSOO package-] cars aro routed out every night. The ' "big fashion, pageant will 'be held in the. Municipal Open-Air Theater. This •will scat 10,000 so that not only may visiting merchants see the latest creations In garments, millinery, footwoar, furs and accessories, but are expected to bring' their families. necessary permission from Dora's par: cuts that she could marry. I Then the judge asked for his permission frum his parents and Rupert was surprised.' He had not made his home with his parents since a llttio chap and had taken care of himself so Ion;; he didn't think that a necessary thing to ask anyone. But the judge did. j So a long distance message was 1 put In for his mother, who happened ! to live in Kingman, who gave"It. But ! Iliipcrt and Dora were all off Of Friday the 13th as a wedding day and put it off until Saturday. OREGON DEMOCRAT (JETS POSITION ON U. S. SHIP BOARI FRIDAY, 13TH, NOT GOOD WEDDD1NG DAY, FINDS Don't attempt to tell Rupert Donaho that there is nothing .in the superstition that'Friday the 13th ia au unlucky day. x Donaho picked this'day for his wod- tting day and jytth his 'bride to be, Miss Dora .Tones went to Lyons to be married. He told the Judge ho was 20 and. Dora, 18 and presented the Alt'y. Bert E. Hanev. Bert E. Haney, Oregon attorney and prominent Democrat, has succeeded former Senator George E. Chamhor- luln on the U. S. shipping board. Chamborlain resigned to practice law In Washington, D. C. Walter L. Clark will be ordained a minister of the Presbyterian church at special services tu be held tonight. Tho new pastor is a graduate of Kutehlnson high school, the College of Emporia, and Union Theological Seminary, New York, with a S. T. B. dogroe. lie has also completed tho required number of hours work for a Jlasler of Arts degree from Columbia University, fNew York. The ordination service will be hold In tho First Presbyterian church this evening at 8 o'clock. Rov. Duncan U. MacLcnnun, pastor of the First Presbyterian church is tho Acting Moderator for Lamed Presbytery In this called meeting and will preside at the service. Tho Program: Preludn, I'urs! fn 1 Wa K"Qr (.IcorKo h:. Turner, Orqunist Invocation Uuv. 1). (i, ihn-l.cnnan Hymn 377. "Soldiery ot CluUi, Arise" IteadinR of S'Tlptmo.,. .11 ('oritiUdunK i lii'v. William K. .SL*olo, p.istur of Uio Irwin Mem-jrht! l-'luiieb. Hutchinson l'raytrr. . .. ltuv. )>. C. Smith, JHilidiinson Hymn ;!fil, "Lord, .Speak to Me" Bi'Vmon lt«?v. 1). U. Miu'L^nnan OrUlllutloii r'rayer Jtcv. tftc;lo Solo, "My Task" ...Arnold Mr.*. tU'fujj*' Turner. .Soin'anu Charge to Minister It.-v. M. .1. ('rn.-k.M-. 11, O. l'aMor of Fir.n I'resliyterian Uhmvh, f'ralt. Kansas Hymn 4!>G, "A L'harfii; to Ket-ii 1 Have" Henedletlon Kev. Waller U Clark TEN TO FACEIUDGE ON SPEEDING CHARGE Motorcycle Officers Make Big Clean-up Over Week End, Blotter Shows. Ten men. who could not restrain themselves to driving within the speed limit over the weekend, will face Police Judge W. H. S. Benedict at police court this a-EteVnooii charged with' speeding Among those whoaro charged with that form of law. breaking are E. M. Jordon, R. It. 4, John Smith, city, T. B. Danforth, Newton, Raymond Will H. Hays has raised $120,000 from tho leading'motion picture pro-, ducors to help tho National Board of : the Y. W, C. A. multiply five times i over tho housing accommodations at Hollywood for fllm-smittcn girls who rro marching on tho movie metropolis this summer In unprecedented numbers. This announcement was made by Mrs. Kdward M. Townsoud, chairman of tha business division of the National Board of tho Y. W. C A'. Mrs. John D": Rockefeller, Jr., is a member of tho National Board that is In Immediate charge of tho work of providing safe surroundings for the girl battalions that aro reaching Hollywood. Many Are Stranded. Girls without professional experience have almost no chance of getting Into a studio today, but they aro reported to be quitting work and school by tho hundreds and starting for Hollywood seeking funic and a million a year. Some have their fares homo. Some are stranded. The Y. W. C. A. Is interested in the Hollywood -Studio Club, which is something between an employment agency and a roundhouse. It turns many girls around and starts them back to tho places from which they came. It helps to find the occasional place .iu the films that Is open for young women with the proper equipment, it places others in positions of .various kinds. Quarters for Twenty Girls Now. The Y. W. C. A.'s Hollywood quarters at present care for twenty girls at a timfc and.the surplus aro sent to different boarding houses co-operating with the Hollywood studio Club. New accommodations will make it possible to care for 100 at ono time. Tho girls are usually boused for two weeks, so.. that the new accommodations of. the Y, "W. C. A. will have a capacltx of, roughly, 1.S.O00 film struck girls a year. Not a few o( the girls who have been gnosis at tho Hollywood Studio Glub have been put into tho films, and many have found pusltlons In tho business organizations of producing companies, but. the legion of candidates is rather overwhelmig. Many noted film stars belong to the local organization of tho club. Mnrv Pickford, -Mrs. Cecil B. de MUle, Mrs. William C. do Mille and Mrs. Jesse La;iky are members of I he directing committee. Daniel Frohman, Mrs. Charles Kay, Mrs. 'Sessue llaya- kawa, Kthel Clayton atid Mine. Nazimova are actively interested in it- Louise Huff was the first president of tho club, and Marjory Daw, Lois Lee and Vlsnna Knowltou were once movie struck gli-ls who were sheltered at the club while trying to break iu. Tells- of Hollywood March. A vivid picture of the. march on Hollywood and the effort to shelter and safeguard the many who are disappointed nnd stranded Is told as follows by 'Mrs. Edward M. Townsend of tho National Board of the Y. W. C. A. "In a comfortable looking white Colonial mansion set among green palm trees and -bathed In the dazzling sunshine of hollywood, a wh-olosome, jolly young woman is opening a stack ot morning mall. 'Please reserve a room for mo,' she roads. 'Every ono says that 1 would make a wonderful movie actress.' A shadow crosses the face of tho jolly young woman. Each day brings a dozen such letters. "Miss Marjorlo Williams, hostess of the Hollywood. Studio Club, makes it her duty to reply at once. 'Stay where you are. Hollywood has no opportunities for.untralned girls." And And in ten cases out of twelve the answer comes back: 'I'm coming anyway.' "And so the roads to Hollywood aro lltorally lined with movie mad children, walking to save railroad, faro, sublimely confident that a pretty face, If tho thing don't go, do goods always figure there is chance to unload it onto the city.—Atchison Globo_ Mowory, K. R. 4, Fred Hicks, 025 Ave nue F east, Konrad Beck, 1024 South Main, Jesse Jones, 423 Liberty, Fred Lnmphlu, 823 Park St. Joe Socha. 714 Avenue G east, and Clarence M-owr- Ing, 213 Sixteenth west. J. H. -Shlrkey and Frank Smith of Tulsa, and also Peter Cliff of Arcad, Calif, were arrested charged with being drunk and drinking. . Paul Osboru of 20S Avenue F west GERMANY AND HER ALLIES LAUNCH RIVAL LEAGUE a slight gift for amateur dramatics, or in some cases mil bins fujthcr than a blind adoration tor some popular screen star will bo sufficient to open the doors ot the great motion picture studios. "Once there, thoy must be cared tor. Hollywood Is a placo of residences, with few available hotels. Opportunities for work outside tho studios aro negligible and dreams are a poor substitute for three meals a day and a place to sleep. "It was becauso of the very obvious need for such an undertaking that the National Board of the Younj' Woman's \ Christian Assoclatlouh in 1010 organized the Hollywood Studio Club as a demonstration of what could he done to make life more nearly normal for the young screen actresses who have yet to 'arrlvo'. as well as to care for tho transient victims of movie madness until they ran bo returned to their homes or diverted to some other line of work. Campaign a Success. "That the demonstration has proved a success beyond sill queslion Is shown, 1 believe, by the w'holohoart.ed support of the motion picture Industry in the club's campaign for a new ?ir>0,. 000 building, undertaken with the hearty approval of Will H. Hays, president of the Motion Picture -Producers and Distributors of America. Mr. Hays, to whom tho national board appealed for advice as to the club's future, not only announced that he would back any effort of the board for tho extension of the club's service to tho Hollywood girls, but proceeded to make, good his word. Ho has been able to pledge his association's resources In an effort to furnish ?120,000, a large part ot which already has been raised through the Hollywood studios. In this ho'hacked the producers beaded by Charles Christie. "Last fall Mr. Hays visited Hollywood, studied the club, Its standing and how it was serving the community. Ho became convinced of its necessity from a sociological viewpoint. The residence community ot Hollywood has likewise shown its belief in the work of the club by raising $31,000 toward the fund in a ten day campaign. Plans for tho new building, .with accommodations for 100 rest-: | dents Instead of 20, will enable the club to operate on a self-supporting \ basis. Building will be begun imme -ii dlately on completion of the fund of ? x i "Many girls go to Hollywood, de- j spite discouragement from the indus- ; try and the ciub, who are obviously ; unfitted to act for the screen. These | tho club director steers into other- lines of work. Occasionally there Is a , clerical vacancy with one of the, pro : ducing companies. j Find Different Vocations. i "One girl learned hair dressing anil [ now specializes in coiffurc-s for the j lessor women stars. Another has turned nurse girl for the children of a motion, picture actress anil Is con-; tinning her schooling iu tin. 1 evenings. | Often there Is nothing to do but to show the girl that the best, thing Is ; to return home. And this is done so , tactfully by the director that much of tho seemingly Inevitable heartbreak is j avoided. - ! "The most cordial relations have i existed from the beginning between i tho club and the studios, -and when , Mr. Hays remarked at a luncheon last j spring that ho considered the club 'Exhibit A' In his plans for the welfare j of those working In the motion picture Industry I feel that he was, In ! a measure, expressing In words what ! theproducers themselves have so often expressed in other ways. I think j they feel that tho club Is doing a val- ; liable piece of work in removing from | the public mind unpleasant impressions, frequently ill-founded, of the llfo led by the young actresses of Hollywood." was arrested charged with reckless driving and Barney Smith of 17% Second west was picked up on a vagrancy charge. Oscar Young, who was arrested Saturday charged with speeding, was fined $5 and costs in police court. score was 8 to G. Tho batteries, Cunningham, Johnson, Hart, Hays and Lyman; Turon, Qulnn and Kiuley. New Shipment of Fine Summer Ties $1.00 .Silk Foulards arc the popular Summer Tics—this new shipment has the most beautiful assortment of colors—• ties small knot a mil flowing end—also a fine assortment of Silk and Wool and Knit Tics. SorirtulSraiirtffilothri) Kansas Gas cGomparoj Install These In Your Kitchen and Forget Trouble turn of the Lmam R L -J Vf 'WI imacuifc a choice <>/ -ri rwaf come'lifti ei-cn licub /ei any of oitn tceldng OT Kikmr, A Successful Combination That Means Utmost Satisfaction It's the Lorain Oven Heat Regulator that helps make ihe Clark-Jewel Ranjje popular. It controls oven perfectly. Home canning unusually successful, the way. Inquire at our store. so tesnperatures is easy and Clark-Jewel Kansas ^ano Acrobatic School. Now York: Ittiinllniv. i'a., linn ciuht schools'for'llio training of acrobats. THE COURT TO DECIDE ' ABOUT COUNTERFEITING Is it a Violation of Law for a Man to Make Canadian Counterfeit Money Here? Washington, July 16.—The supreme) court has been anked to decide whoth- 1 or tho counterfeiting In this country of Canadian aceurities can bo punished under the penal code. The nuoa- tion was before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals for solution, but that court found it so perplexing that It called upon the highest court for Instructions. Isadore I.uviaeh was convicted in tha. Federal District Court for eastern Michigan, of counterfeiting Canadian oxeiso stamps, and wus sentenced to five years in Leavenworth. While serving tho sentence he applied to the FederakDistrict Court of Kansas for a writ of habeas corpus, which ordered his discharge on tho Ki'ouud that the offence for which he had been convicted did not constituto a violation of any law ot the United Slates. | The warden of the penitentiary, whilo holding Luvlsch In confinement, took the ease to the Federal Court of Appeals for that .circuit, which suspended further proceedings until tho Supreme Court could consider and jjasa upon tho question. 3'h e International ^deration lenders In conference, a) Conn* ,on Bernstorff, (2} Prelate Gieaswln. <* lount Anponyi. At exij:«ine UfI La Viscounts (iladatone of England. ,Tha International Federation or JLaague of/Natlonc So«lotios, called an "all-euibiaclng" league by iu »»on- sora, recently met in Vienna. The leaders iu tha rival loagua aro (>or- uiany and her allies Iu the World war. Count von Bernatorff, forum; am'biu- sudor to the U. S., la. one of GeV niupy'a delegates to the federation which ''"rifi'ijtfi M*ltl»h raareiento- ^Ivas, _ ; - - . ;• Better have your Ford overhauled now. We use genuine Ford parts and employ expert Ford mechanics—24- hours-a-day service. Phone B9. Ilag- land-KlngBley Motor Co. 10-lt Turon, 8; Cunningham, 6. . Turon, July 16.—Turon defeated Cunningham here yoatsrdajr (by hat- tine three-pitch erg hard: Tha'final RIVERS PAR THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE Milton Schuster ' Musical* Comedy Co. THE BEST EVER Ask Anyone ThM Attended Yesterday BARGAIN PRICES 10c and 30c 1,000 Seats at 10c BE A BOOSTER FOR SCHUSTER "Fair Food Prices For Threshers" 12i-lbs. Pure Cane Sugar for $1.00 On OHcrs of $5.00 or Over For Grocerlea or (/.cats Olhc i Flour. 48-lb. Sack Guaranteed Flour tor $1.35 110 lbs. New Cabbage for 25c ; 10 lbs. Quick Cooking Navy Bearsa for $1.00 15 lbs. Fancy Head Rice for $1.00 50c Grade Ice Tea Blend fcr 35c 10c Grade Red Jar Rubbers for OPc 25c Grade Fancy Cookiea, lh 15c Crackers, fresh from the ovsn 10c Can Pork and Beans for • ^ 15c Can Oval Sardines (while they last) for. . . 10c No. 10 Can Solid Pack Apricots (Wednesday Only) 44c No. 10 Can Peaches for 49c • No. 10 Can Bartlett Pears ~ 59c Delivered Free of Charrje. Meats 09c Phone 2293 27-10 ar.d Get Your GcoJa -S18 Norf|> -Corner B Groceries and C. O. MAMMEL, General Main JJ t I THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week

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