Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 21
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 21

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 21
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL DAYTIME SPCCIALS S:tOHBO MAM NMQ Drama based on MM criset of * slngfe-ptrent temHy who ' towiwyi io the mountsmt to begin • hew Nta. Start Dine Merrill and Sylvia Sidney. fcSOSHOW MM. ILL'S MM. UFE ADVENTURES When the Bin family i» Invited to a father / ion scout picnic, everyone , It •nthuslMtic except young Bin. of course, who Is no longer • scout. Start Peter Scolarl ("Newhart"). hi Mereo. BflOSHOW LOUE ANDERSON AT THE QUTHRE Louie Anderson performs his ttind-up routine at the Quthrie hi Minne- apolit. where he got hit Mart prior to juccess In films, television and big-name comedy clubs. In ttereo. 18:30 MAX JUST ANOTHER MrgStNQ MO Ian Parker reports on the grueling ordeal an Ottawa family went through In an attempt to find their ton who disappeared en route to Colorado. MO SHOW MM. SIX'S REAL UFE AD- vCNTlt*sU Vrntft In4 RHI f AflWy It IfWltftu Io a father I ton scout picnic, everyone It enthusiastic except young Bill, of course, who la no longer • scout. Stars Peter Scolarl ("Newhart"). hi stereo. 4:00 HBO IMAM RMQ Drama bated on the crises of a single-parent family who foumeya to the mountains to begin a new . We. Start Dine Merrill and Sytvkf Sidney. 6:80 HBO LSADPOOT PhWp McKeon and Peter Barton Mar hi the story of the tragedy that foNowa when a teen-ager gets his Ural car.g OAVTME CWLDREN'S SNOWS 7:JO HBO PRAOOLS ROCK Uncle Me,I gives (lotto t present supposedly from outer space, hi Mereo. g 6:30 (MSN WALT DISNEY PRESENTS A teen-age beach bum's pM pelican at. tracta a growing number of tourists. 10:300 KOB> VOYAGE OF THE MM The MUni It beached and the captahi't life Is jeopardized; a look at the U.S. Army Environmental Reteerch Laba. (R) g fcOO OWN NOS MCORPORATEO The Kids tutor Stacy's African classmate in English. 2:30 DON KBS OP OEQRASSI STREET A chain letter and a series of mithapt may jinx Billy's hockey game. DAYTME SPORTS 8:16 HBO GREATEST SPORTS UPSETS Clips from eleven ol sports' greatest upsets, including the U.S. hockey team'a Olympic victories hi 1960 and 1860; the 1986 NCAA basketball final; the Jets 1969 Super Bowl victory end Men o' Wer's loss hi 1918. 6:30 ESPN SPORTSCENTER 0:00 ESPN SPORTSLOOK 6:30 ESPN SURFER MAQAZHE 640 ESPN HYDROPLANE RACING Spirit of Detroit Trophy Race. (R) 1040 ESPN CFL FOOTBALL Toronto Argo- nsuta st Calgary Stempedera (Taped) 1*00 ESPN AUTO RACMG Barber Seeb Series, from Portland, Ore. (R) 12:30 ESPN WORLD OF SPORTS 1:00 ESPN AWA aiAMPtOHSJBP WRE8- TUNQ SflO ESPN SPORTSLOOK 4:30 WON BASEBALL Chicago Cuba at Pittsburgh Phetet (Live) OF SCHOLASTIC SPORTS 4:36 WTBS BASEBALL San Diego Pedres at AtlaMa Braves (Live) 6:00 ESPN tauirWt Danny Medina vt. Joae Garcia, mtemetionel 9-BaN Championship, from Atlantic City, N.J. (Taped) DAYTJME MOVES 6.OOSHOW "The Longshot" (1886) Tim Conway, Jack Weaton. Four hapless gembters become involved hi a race-fixing scheme.'PG-13' 6:100 MCTV ."Danger On Wheels" (1938) Richard Arten, Andy Devine. A rece ear driver gala suspended from the track after testing out a new type of motor. 6:30 DUN "The LMIIe Shepherd Of Kingdom Come" (1861) Jhnmie Rodger*. Luana Patten. A youth from the hWs ol Kentucky champions the Yankee cause during the CivM Wer. SHOW "Treasure Island" (1972) Orson WeMes, Kim BurfleM. Based on the novel by Robert Louie Stevenson. A young boy with a secret map Jokis Long John SHver end hie pirate crew to scout the sea* lor ship* laden wMh valuable cargo. 'G' MAX "Stale Fair" (1946) Jeanne Grain, • Dana Andrews, Rodgsrs and Hammerstein provided the score lor this second fHm version of the story of an Iowa farm family who finds love, fun and adventure during Ha week at the annual stale lair. 7&WTBS "Bom To Be Sold" (1981) Lynda Carter. Harold GouM. A dMer- mined social wuffcsf sett out to prove that an "legal baby-setting operation exists In her crty. feOOHBO "Looker" (1961) Albert Flnney, James Cobum. The mysterious deaths of DfteiUiifUi irtoowai iflvoiWu in i tww lover* Using project suddenly catts suspicion on their plattie surgeon, hi stereo. 'PG' 8:30 MAX "Breaking Away" (1979) Dennis Christopher. Pent Dooley. A bicycle enthusiast hi a email college town spends his post-high school summer trying to tort out hit plena for the future while training for the two biggest races til hie Hte. 'PG' g 9:30 OWN "Alts Girl. Kelly" (1987) Beau Bridges, Billy Corcoran. A guide dog makes s very special impression on those whose lives the enriches, g HBO "A View To A KHI" (1865) Roger Moore, Tenys Roberts. British sgent James Bond attempts to thwart an Indus- IrlsKst's plans to become ciar of the computer industry, hi Mereo. 'PG' g 10*00 KBHK "A Summer Place" (1868) , Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee. Two young lovera on a aummer vacation hi Maine become victims of the double standard ol morality practiced by their parents. SHOW "Hot MUNons"( 1988) Peter Usti- nov, Maggie Smith. An ex-con embeiiler aesumes the identity ol a noted computer genius as part ol an elaborate scheme to make off with vsM •mounte of a large corporation's money. 'G' IfMSWraS "The Power" (1968) George Mammon, Suzanne Pieenette. A mysterious power attempts to control the minds of the scientists hi a epece laboratory. 10:30 MAX "Iron Eegte" (1888) Louie Gossett Jr., Jaeon Qedrick. The teen-age eon ol a fighter pilot end a retired Air Force colonel take drastic action to rescue the boy's lather from hie Middle Eastern captors, m Mereo. 'PG-13' g t MO HBO "A Flash Of Green" (1964) Ed Herrie, Blelr Brown, hi 1961, a Florida journalist laces a moral dHemma when e politician solicits him to dig up dhl on en- vlronmentaliets the! are thwarting hie am- brtlons. SHOW "Meek" (1885) Cher, Sem Elliott. Besed on the true story of Rocky Dennis, s 16-year-old whose optimistic outlook on Hie it undimmed by a rare cranial bone disease. 'PG-13'g 1:000 KTVU "Warlords Of Atlantis" (1978) Doug McClure. Cyd Chariate. After en accident el sea, members of a scientific expedition accidentally land in the long-tost underwater city of Atlantis. 0 KCU "Hotline" (1962) Lynda Carter. Steve Forrest. An aspiring artist working aa a crisis center phone counselor Is threatened by a psychotic caller. tflO HBO "Sweet Dreams" (1986) Jessica Lange. Ed Harris. Marital pttlallt parallel Patty Clhie's rise Io brilliance hi the world of country muste hi the late 1960s end early 1960s, hi Mereo. 'PG-13' g SHOW . "Detective School Dropoute" (1966) David Landsberg. Lorin Dreytuae. A penniless private eye teaches a detective-novel iunkie the tricks of the trade while on a complicated caae that brings them to Haly. In stereo. 'PG' MAX "Turtle Diary" (1986) Ben Kingsley, Glenda Jackson. The uneventful lives of two ordinary people take a turn for the better after they discover a shared Inter- eat hi aea turtles, hi atereo. 'PG' g SflODMN "Dot And Keeto" (1986) Animated. A young girl facet eH aorta ol perils alter something she eata reduces her to the tlie of en Insect. 4:00 SHOW "Treeture Island" (1972) Orson WeNee. Kim BurHeM. Baaed on the novel by Robert Louie Stevenson. A young boy wHh a secret map loins Long John SHver end Ms pirate crew to scout the eeaa lor ehlpa laden with valuable cargo. 'G' MAX "The Benfter Gang" (1964) Andrew McCarthy. Charlie Fields. Faced with the threat of separation, five orphans leeve en institution and struggle to stsy together. 'G' 6:300 MCTV "Tanan And The Trappers" (1966) Gordon Scott, Eve Brent. Tanan prevents trappers from taking both animals and precious gems from a loaf city. MAX "Lilac Dream" (Wi Susan Almgren, Deck Rambo. An e.;<ertlalng executive's vacation la compile 'led by a budding relationship with en amnealac aha discovered lying unconscious on the beach. EVEMNQ •00 0 KTVU BOSOM BUXXES ~)KPtX0KQONEWS MACNEIL / LEHRER the rodeo circuit. '0' DfSC.BOVSH WOMEN A look at how Soviet women are MM subjected to male . NICK MY THREE SONS HBO MOVIE "Absolute Beginners" (1986) Eddie O'Connell, Petty Kensit. Against the colorful and violent backdrop of London m 1858, an aspiring young photographer loses his girlfriend to the heed of a fashion house. In stereo. 'PG- MOVIE "An American In Paris" (1951) Gene Kelly. Leslie Caron. The mu- • sic of George and Irs Gershwin underscores this Oscsr-winnlng tale of an artist caught between two women in postwar Paris. 6:30 • KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Muriel's divorced college Irlend arrives for e visit and propositions Henry. • KBHKQOODTME8 MCKANNSOTHERN 7:000 KTVU M'A'S'H ) KRON WHEEL OP FORTUNE g KPDt CSS NEWS tKQO ABC NEWS g I KOEO MOHTLY BUSINESS REPORT E KICU FALL GUY IKTXLWKRPMCMCMNATI I KSHK HAPPY DAYS I MCTV HELLO AUSTRIA / HELLO VI\ A study of Arctic caribou, the cohoe salmon of /Masks, and griiity bears on the Yukon's McNeil MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? MAX LEGENDARY LAMS A tribute to '60s and 70s rock with Lesley Gore, Ronnie Spector, Mary WeMs and more, featuring "My Guy," "Tonight's the Night" and "I'm Sorry." Alao appeering Grace Slick, Clarence demons end Belinda Cerllsle. m stereo. 7:16 WTBS MOVB "Fort Worth" (1951) Randolph Scott, David Brian. A gunallng- er-lumed-newtpaperman finds that his prowess.with e six-shooter is still more effective then words m deeling with law- trying to tort out hit plant for the ft.ure while training for the two biggett rices of hit me. 'PG' g 8:30 • KOO HEAD OF THE CLAM Char lie't Introduced to the world ol personal computers. (R) g • KQED RAPE! THE BOUNDARIES OF FEAR Thlt exploration of how the fear ol rape has constricted women's lives includes a look at its effects on personal decisions and ways some women are attempting to cope with this frightening spectre, g 0MCTVFISHMG WON TALES FROM THE DARK8IDE A down-on-his-luck artist's (Robert Forster) wishes mysteriously come true. (R) E8PNSPORT8CENTER DISN MOVIE "The Boy Who Could Fly' (1986) Jsy Underwood, Lucy Deaklns. Friendship develops between a teenager coping with lamily problems arid her neighbor, a boy who hss never spoken and seems to live In a world of his own. •PG' g DISC LOST KMQDOM8 A profile of Tuan- ku Ja'Far, businessman, Sultan and future king of Malaysia. SHOW HARD KNOCKS When Nick is offered a lob wHh the Meple County troopers. Gower Invites Terry to he his new partner, hi atereo. •*00KTVU AS TB4E OOEO BY: HOLLYWOOD LI • raCUKNUHTRDER •KTXLSTARTRBK •KSHK FACTS OF LIFE ESPN PSA BOWUNQ Greater Buffalo Open, from Cheektowaga, N.Y. (Live) MSN MOVK "The Great American Cowboy" (1974) Narrated by Joel McCrea. Veteran rodeo elar Larry Mahan meets compMHIoA In the form of newcomer Phil Lyne hi this Oscar-winning view ol life on 7:800 KTVU THE LAST DAYS OF MARILYN MONROE Beted on more then three yesrs of reeesrch, this documentary explores the mysterious circumstsnces surrounding the ectress't death In 1862. 0 KRON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Howard Heateman ("Heed of the Class"); Dolph Lundgren, Mar of the upcoming movie "Masters of the Universe." In stereo. 0 KPDt EVEMNQ MAOAZME Festured: a look at the current popularity of TV shoppptng; the ultra limo, the ultimate in limousines. « KOO HOLLYWOOD SQUARES KQED WU>. WU> WORLD OF ANIMALS 0 KTXL BARNEY MLLER 0 KBHK NEWLYWED GAME 0MCTVftTERNATIONAL WON NEWS ONC M THE WLO WITH HARRY BUTLER A visit to the Tesmsnlen mountains. MCKMONKEES 0:000 KRON MQHWAY TO HEAVEN In stereo. (R)g 0 KPDt NEW MsXE HAMMER A funny money cese leads Hammer to an attractive woman who's alto a compulsive gambler. (R) 0 KOO PERFECT STRANGERS After they win a trip to Lea Vegaa, Larry feara that Batki win catch gambling fever. (R) 0 KQED EXPRESS "Takeover" 0 MCU MOVaT "The Survival Of Dene" (1979) Melissa Sue Anderson, Robert CerradhM. After moving to a different elate loHowhig the divorce of her par- ante, e teen-ager finds her values challenged by her effluent, enti-aocial new cleasmatee. 0 KTXL MOV* "Rio Loco" (1971) John Wayne, Jennifer O'Neill. An ex-Civil Wer colonel rids e Texss town of carpel- baggers. 0 KBHK MOV* "Private School" (1983) Phoebe Catea. Betsy Russell. Teen-aged boys visit the all-girl Cher- ryvekt Academy for some fun and adventure. 0MCTVLOOWNOEA8T WON BM NEWS ESPN MSBS THE PQA TOUR DISN BEST OF OUST AND HARRIET DISC ARTHUR C. CLARKE'S WORLD OF STRANGE POWERS Topics: haunted houses, apparitions and ghosts. MCK I SPY HBO MOV* "Used Cars" (1980) Kurt Russell, Jack Warden. After the owner ol a bankrupt used car lot dies, hie employees try lo cover up his demise to prevent his wealthy car-dealer brother from inheriting the bustaest.'R' SHOW BROTISBM Joe and Donald witness a gangland shooting hi front of the Point Alter end seek police protection. Quett stare: John Ashlon and Lenny Gamer. In Mereo. g MAX MOVB "Breaking Away" (1979) Dennis Christopher, Paul Dooley. A bicycle enthusiast hi a amaH college town spends his post-high school summer KRON MOHT COURT Mtc leaves Ouon Le after becoming depressed ovor their finenclal problems. (R) • KPIX MAGNUM, P.I. Magnum's plans for a romantic weekend with Cynthia Farrell go awry when he gets embroiled In a macabre case. (R) • KOO MACGYVER Alter seversl brushes with death, adventurous MacGyver decides to resign from the Foundation. (R) Q O KQED WMQS OVER WATER An over view of neval aviation, Its role In America's foreign policy and history, from Assistant Navy Secretary Theodore Roosevelt's efforts to create a naval superpower to the technological sophistication of today's aircraft carrier. (R) 0 MCTV MOVE "Dark Hour" (1936) Hedda Hopper, E.E. Clive. A peir of private eyes with different crime-solving methods join forces to solve a murder. WON TWILIGHT ZONE WTBS MOVIE "Speedway" (1968) Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra. A stock car driver discovers he owes the IRS a large amount of money in beck texes. ESPNSPORTSLOOK DISC CHRISTIANS The development ol Methodism. MCK DONNA REED SHOW MOVE "Detective School Dropouts" (1966) David Landsberg, Lorin Dreyfuss. A penniless prlvete eye tench- es a detective-novel junkie the tricks of the trede while on a complicated case that brings them to Italy. In stereo. 'PQ' 9:300 KRON GLORY DAYS Comedy. Two blue-coller workers are nervous about attending their upcoming high- school reunion. Sters John Kepelos and Mike Hagerty. In stereo. WON MOVIE "Sheens" (1984) Tanya Roberts, Ted Wess. An American TV producer tails in love with a jungle queen out to etop en educated native prince from usurping the throne of an African kingdom. Bated on the comic-book heroine. ESPN FMHMQ: BEST OF BCL DANCE MCKMWTERED tOflO • KTVU O lOCU • KTXL NEWS • KRON ST. ELSEWHERE While Fitcus recovers from e bullet wound, his father (Bill Dana) pays him a viait. (R) g • KPIX EQUALIZER A judge asks a woman lor sexual favors AS pert of an agreement to reduce her husbend's drug-possession sentence. (R) • KOO HOTEL Peter't torn between Chrittine and hit dying ex-wife; the fraternity that Dave once belonged to is cited in e brutal hazing incident. (R) g • KSHK ALICE ESPN PLY FISHMG WITH JOE HUM DISC LAST CHANCE Filmed al the Na tional Zoo, a look at the world's most un ' usual end endsngered species MCK MY THREE SONS HBO 1ST A TEN: GOING FOfi BROKE The third installment in the series on tho California Bulls and owner Diar.e Barrow Parker (O.J. Simpson) Is promoted tu Bulls' general manager, Yinessa's agent pushes for a million dollar contract. Coach Ernie Oenardo suiters Iro--. bur' nout. In stereo, g MAX CRAZY ABOUT THE MOVIES: MAR •-YN MONROE « BEYOND THE LE'iEND The private side ol Marilyn Monroe i<seen through film clips, television loot age and interviews with director J-ishua Logan, actors Don Murray. F ober Mitchum, Celeste Holm and Susan berg. 10:16 DISN MOVIE "Alia Girl, Ke.V U96?, Beau Bridges, Billy Corcoran. A }uid>. dog makes a very special impre sion o< those whose lives she enriches g 10:300 KOEO THE SMBAD VOYM.t- H> plorer and maritime historian Tim S verm travels the world's longest trade 'ouie from Oman to Chins In a replies of s century-old veasel. • KICU MN NEWS • KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA ESPN TOM MANN OUTDOORS DISC CRY OF THE MURKX* A study ol the muriqui monkey's social behavior. MCKANNSOTHERN HBO VKMLANTE: RIGHT OR WRONG ,.n examination of the Increasing I/end o! v, gilantiam in the United States and the consequences lor society, g SHOW LOUE ANDERSON AT THE GUTHRC Louie Anderson performs his stsnd-up routine at the Guthrie in Minne apolis, where he got his start prioi I' success in films, television and big-name comedy clubs. In stereo. 10.36 O MCTV MOVIE "Public Cowbo>. No. I" (1937) Gene A'jlry. William Fa< num. Modern-day cattle rustlers use a ra dio. airplanes and refrigerator trucks t: expedite their ic h emes 11:000 KTVU QD KTXL LATE SHOW n stereo. S KRON 0 KPIX 0 KGO Nl-WS KICUKOJAK KBHK BENSON ESPN WKeMER'S .CIRCLE HORSE RAC MQ MAQAZME DISC CAMERA GOES TO WAR How b;,' tlefield photographers have changed people's outlook on war. MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? MAX MOVIE "Iron Eagle" (1986) Louis Gossetl Jr., Jason Qedrick. The teen age son of a lighter pilot and a retired An Force colonel take drastic action to res cue the boy's Isther from his Middk Eastern captors. In stereo. 'PG-13'g 11:16 WTBS MOVIE "Good Neighbor Sam (1964) Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneidei An advertising man finds himself posm.; as his wiKs friend's husband to help he< collect an inheritance. 11:300 KRON TONIGHT SHOW Host Johnny Carson. In stereo. 0 KPIX ASK DR. RUTH g • KGOMGHTLINEg 0 KQED MYSTERY! "Adventures o' Sherlock Holmes" Holmes must solvt- the theft of a top-secret treaty before it; disappearance threatens world peaco (R)g 0KBHKKUNQFU WON LAVERNE18MRLEY ESPN SPORTSCENTER DISC PORTRAITS OF POWER "Mac The Long Maich To Power" MCKMONKEES HBO MOVE "The Glitter Dome" (1984) James Garner, John Lilhgow. Two vete> an Los Angeles police detectives mvesti gate the murder ol a movie studio head, fighting burnout while unraveling the mystery involving Hollywood's seamy under ground.g Con Originating Channel An •HI AA ,.,.,.,.,.,., w 4J version Chart TIA . Cable o "»1 43 45 67 •••" .A 51 A~i £ M/A IM/M 00 £i _ KI/A 1 A

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