The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 16, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1914
Page 10
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Thursday Evening, July 16, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R I l E V I E V V Page Nina m 2. m ·# 15 m i,GET H IT, GEI Shelbyville Liquor Ordinance Embarrasses Big Four. Shelbyville, July 16. -- Figuratively, th« Big Four Railroad company is "between the devil and the «ea" In Its relations with the city of Shelbyville and ihe breweries. The railroad company's predicament has Its rise in a little ordinance, couched In lesa! phraseology and such plain English that "he who runs may read," which was adopted by the city council at the regular monthly meeting of that body on the 4th of May. 1914. This ordinance makes It "unlawful for any express company, railroad company or other common carrier or for any person to bring Into or to deliver to any person within the city of Shelbyville any Intoxicating liquors," and provides a penalty of ?50 for every violation of this section. Naturally, this Interfered somewhat with the railroad company's freight business, and not desiring to ba made defendant in prosecutions bv the city of Shelbyville, the order went out to agents and trainmen not to accept shipments of liquor designed lor delivery in this city. This order applied both to intra and Interstate shipments. But now the company is getting a prod from the other side, for the breweries, deprived of the customary avenue through which they placed their goods in the hands of their Shelbyville customers, are threatening the railroad companv with prosecution for refusing to accept shipments for this city. The Bis Four company has communicated with local legal representatives, asking for a copy oE the ordinance In question and an opinion as to its validity, in an effort to determine whose behest it would better obey--the city's or the brewers.' If the ordinance Is constitutional and sound, the company hae a valid defense in any .prosecution that might be started by the breweries; tut if it is not, the company would have no legal defense and would be liable for damages in refusing to handle the liquor shipments billed to this point. RECITAL AT TOWER HILL. Miss Florence Leighty announces a recital to be given at the opera house in Tower Hill Thursday evening, by her music pupils and several assistants. The latter are Messrs. Lester and Elmer Cannon, Miss Wh'.tesell and Messrs. Maton and Leighty of Pana. Among: the puplle who will appear on the program, which la of two parts and considerable length, are Miss Huth Whitfield and William TVhlttield of Decatur, Verna Himes. Paulina Henry, Henry Capstick, Paul Blauth, Ruth Smiley, Leah Selby, Bernice Siddell. Irene Martin. Janece Johnson, Frederick Blauth, Xenia Foor. Gladys Roberts. Marie Martin. Florence Eiler, Ii ene "\Varren, Mary Christy, Howard Khofles, Julia, McLean, John Schuler, Audrey Teck. Lola Fitzer, Ruth Bare, Mali Campbell, Howard Rhodes, Ruth Foor and Mildred Galster. ONLY FORTY NUMBERS. Several special numbers of more than ordinary interest will be given on two pianos, eight hands, and others on two pianos, four hands, Ine recital opens at 8:15. There- are forty numbers on the program. NEW SIDEWALKS. The old brick sidewalks on Main, Walnut and North First streets, contiguous to the Main street school grounds, are at last to be replaced by new cement walks by order of the board of education. PAVING PROGRESSES. The stretch of inferior foundation on North First street, between Wood and Will streets, has been removed at considerable expense to the pavins contractors, File Alexander, and the new foundation was laid Tuesday. Within a short time ths brick will be laid in that block, which will complete the entire street from Morgan to Vine, a distance- of nine blocks. Long street Is open to the public, and the work of laying the foundation on JCorth Third is nearing completion. Part o£ the brick Is laid on that street. A few blocks on South First remain to be paved, but it looks aa though the contractors would complete the entire Job well within the time limit. William Henry Slier, a fourteen- year-old lad of Findlay, wa« taken to the- institution for feeble-minded children at Lincoln by Sheriff E. D. Crook Wednesday. The Ice cream festival, planned by officials of the Shelbyville Church baseball league for the purpose of replenishing a depleted treasury, was poorly patronized Tuesday night. METHODIST" PICNIC AT MONTICELLO Montlcello, July 16--The Methodist Sunday school picnic was teid at the city park today. A big dinner was served at noon. Attorney and Mrs. S. R. DIghton and daughter of Savannah, Ga., are visiting his mother. Mrs. Mary I. Dlghton and other relatives. Mrs. Charles H. Wright and children! returned Saturday from a visit In Chicago with her brother, L. J. Tinder and family. 200 TOTS ENTERTAINED. Dr. J. D. Knott entertained about 200 little folks at the city park Tuesday afternoon. All these had taken his remedy. He served fifteen gallons of ice cream in conee to them and all sure did have a good time. Dr. Knott expects to branch out with his remedy this next year. J. F. Hott and H J. Evans and families returned home Saturday from a motoring trip through Ohio. At the regular meeting of the board of education they made their levy for school purposes, J16.0M. David Wagoner of Oakley Loses Several Teeth. Oakley, July 16. -- David Wagoner is slowly recovering from his injuries which ne received Monday while threshing at George Garter's. He was helping with a team when the hame ring broke and the neck yoke struck him in the mouth, cutting his lips considerably and knocking several teeth loose. Edgar Hoots and family visited with Leu Blickensderfer of Moweaqua Sunday. A. T. Fiecus' nephew, Morris Flscus, of Indiana, is visiting with him at the present Several from here attended the band concert In Cerro Gordo Tuestlaj even- ng. The Swift Brothers will give a show n Oakley Friday evening, July 17. It will be held in the school yard. The Ice cream social held Thursday evening, July 9, was well attended. The amount taken in was about 556, the expenses being about f23. Repair work has been done on the lights and preaching services were conducted there Sunday evening. Mina Wheeler, Dorothy Nickey, Doris Doran and Anna Nickey spent Tuesday afternoon with Rheba. Fulk. The section foreman has recently moved Into the residence owned by William Day. MIKE WARREN BURIED AT ARTHUR Arthur, July 16.--The funeral of Mike Warren, the C. E. I. brakeman who was killed Monday, will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesday. Ths service will he conducted from the First Baptist church by Bev. S. T. Reynolds, ol Lebanon, Ind. The accident resulting In young Vv'arren's death occurred at Hudgens, the first station south of Marion. Details are meagre for the reason that no one saw It. It appears, however, that the brakeman was cutting the train in two and In Gome way after this had been done, the cars that had been cut off moved forward ana caught On Clothing and Furnishings for Friday and Saturday Men's blue work shirts, good value; special price.- ·'..... Suit Cases, special price 75c Men's Underwear--Porus knit and Balbriggan union suits, short and long ^?^f» sleeves; special price · tt v Men's Underwear--Separate garments in Poros Knit and Balbriggan; "j Q « special price JLOI/ Overalls--75c values, special price 48c; $1.00 Overalls, union made, special price. . . ' One lot of Men's Socks, special price, a pair One lot of Boys' knee trousers, good 1 Qtf* values; special price At/I/ 200 pair Men's Pants, $1.25 and Qf» $1,50 values; special price Oi/l/ STRAW HATS Boys' straw hats, sold for 25c, your choice, lOc. Men's straw hats: $2.00 values, special price 98c $1.50 values, special price -.-.- 69c 75c values, special price.-^ 39c Men's and Young Men's Shoes at a saving of -. ...... Men's suits, latest styles, finely made; a fine selection of new patterns, blue serges included, at special prices $4.95, ' j»10 QQ $7.25, $9.98 and. .«PA««t/O Wro between ths draw bars. The young mar.'s right side and hip were mashed to a pulp. He lived about an hour. BURIED AT ATWOOD. Mrs. Elnora Ida Holton, aged forty-five, died at her home in Kolcomo, Ind., on July II, of tuberculosis. The liody was brought back to Atwood and interred in the Mackrllle cemetery there Tuesday morning. A short f u n - eral service was conducted at the -v-e by Rev. Mr, Kest, pastor of the Christian church. She was the wife of William Holton, who~died several years ago. She leaves three children, Mrs. Vivian Busby and Harry and Calvin Holton, all of whom residents of Kokomo. STRUCK IN MOUTH BY NECKYOKE ORE ANA. iir» Florence Bpooner of Decatur IB vi=I t f n r ^Hh relatives here. Hrnrj* Seamon of- near Eochport, Mo is here v i s i t i n g T\lth hie parer.ts, llr. ard Mrs George Seamon, .1 C. Spooner was a Decatur visitor Frl- Mr__ anfl Mrr TVi.l'gn-^P.ilnfev of Clinton. are visiting with the former's father, C. P. Ramey. Mrs. Alta Corbett and two c h i l d r e n of Pana. are passing this week w i t h hpr father O. L Stewart. Mrs Mary Mendenhall passed Thursday in Decatur. n Dscatur. The Y. P. S C. E. of the Christian church eld a social at the home of Miss May Reid riday night s o r s o n y ernoo Mr. and Mrs Harrv Xem and daughter of near Mt. Zion. i ipited Sunday with the former's parents, Mr and Mrs. George Nein. Roror Pnrl children of Monti cello, Misses Mamie and Ora Webb returned Saturday from a visit with triends at Charleston, RECITAL AT TOWER HILL TONIGHT Pupil, of MUs Florence Leiehty In the Opera Hon*e. A recital -will be given In Tower Hill tonight at the opera house by the pu- pile of Miss Florence I/eighty, aselst- cd by Lester and Elmer Cannon, Miss Whitsell and Messrs. Maton and Lelgh- ty of Pana. Hiss Leighty took special work in music at the J. M. U. during the P^Bt year and since thtn has been teaching In Tower Hill. She now tag between forty and fifty pupils anil the recital promises to be an Interesting one. MRS, BEIDEL TELLS WOMEN How Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Kept Her in Health for 14 Years. INDISPENSABLE To A Perfect Breakfast " " Coffee It is the chief breakfast item in hundreds of homes in and near Decatur -- first in favor, even ahead of the revered ham and eggs. If you've never served Great Eastern Coffee, you're missing a real treat; you're missing the delicious, mellow flavor and full natural strength found in no other coffees. Among our various brands there is one that will suit you exactly--the ADMIRAL BLEND at 40c; SPECIAL BLEND at 35c; or SANTOS COFFEE at 3(lr; nnd then there is our DAILY SERVICE at inc. They're all f u l l s t r e n g t h -- the very BEST in their respective grades. It won't fake long to determine which of these you like beet. Let us send you a pound today. TEA COFFEE CO Bell 531. 262 N. Main St. Auto 1653. Shippensburg, Pa.--" It was several years ago that I started taking Lydia E. , Pinkharrrs Vegeta- t ble C o m p o u n d . ] then suffered terribly every month. My husband bought ma a bottle of it and it h e l p e d me right away. Then after my second child was born I had a female trouble v e r y badly and I used Lydia E. Pintham'g Vegetable Compound and in a short time was cured and have been in excellent health since. I always praise the Compound whenever I have an opportunity as I know it helped me and will help others. Lately I have given the Compound to my daughter and I wish all suffering women would take it and be convinced of its worth."--Mrs. JAMES A. BEIDEL, 113 N. Fenn Street, Shippensburg, Pa. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,made from native roots and herbs, contains no narcotic or harmful drugs, and to-day holds the record of being tho most successful remedy for female ills we know of, and thousands of voluntary testimonials on file in the Pinkham laboratory at Lynn, Mass., seem to prove this fact If you have the slightest doubt that Lydia E. Piokham's Vegeta- bleCompoundwillhelp you, write to Lydia E.PinUhamMedieineCo. (confidential) I/ynn, Mass., for advice. Your letter will be opened, read and answered by a woman, and held in strict confidence. P. A. strikes every time you fire up! Prince Albert smashes the big joy gong whether you jam it into a jimmy pipe or roll it into an acehigh makin's cigarette, the like of which you never got next to before. Pretty quick you forget about the chaff-brands and firebrands ! For P. A. is alt there --signed, sealed, delivered! Men everywhere smoke P. A. because it's a revelation--can't bite the tongue! The bite's cut out by a patented process. Hence, no tobacco can be like ·$$ :% v the national joy smoke Listen: You ca n never tell from where you're sitting how your picture's going to look. Nor can you tell how bully P. A. is until you fire up! It's a case of "show me." We've made a "show down" for millions of men everywhere. Got the nerve to put across a dime for a tidy red tin to find out something for what ails your smokappetite ? P. A. it told everywhere. Toppy red bags, Sc; tidy red tins, We; also handsome pound and half- pound humidors. R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. Winston-Salem, N. C 455 NORTH WATER ST. "The Money Saving Store" FEEEE BROMLEY We_Do_Vnlcanizing Exclusively Tires retread, blow outs, rim cuts, new beads, etc. Let us make your old tires as good as new at a small expense. We have the best equipped plant in the county and employ experienced wirkmen. All work guaranteed, mileage allowance. We invite inspection of our plant nnd the work we do. See our Una of tire accessories. FERRE BROMLEY VULCANIZING- WORKS AUTO 3««. 323 E. MAIN ST. BELL 826. United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IN MANY CITIES Decatur Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-seated Chronic Diseases of the Nerves, Blood, Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowls than any medical institute in the United States, as affidavits and testimonials front cured patients will prove. Open Wednesday only this month. iNEWSPAFERr iNEWSPAPEr

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