The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 23
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 23

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 23
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T1IB HRAZOSPOKT FACTS, Prwpwt, T«M, Sunday, Dumber S, 1971, Section I, Houses lor Silt 102 PROPERTY SERVICES M »*tl IK. 1 bt, («M| **ll • KICK - i>t< «•». I •«. } H. f«< CJLtH. 1'IM*. MOMCiilr.t «f«ulu4 Ititn IOU11 ttt^ Illti fit** inn MHf *«Mc >.«.« lit lt|i llM/H *«>'*** •«»»..(« lil I rtofiovmtt tout . I H1I,. 1 t, Iix INTERCITY Housa (or Sale 102 & (yuntry Mul «,»»«, D. i v«««»*i»*.n i ti.ii » fart H«fcl i«l | It. | tn»< i* M, ««M t « ivu k.*M 1(4)1 Itl.lll- ir 4 1« nil IH !»-.» l», >!»,, » II MI I I t »««* «.Mt>»t»r A4)M<«I <*•« »•/ | CIM» >.».!»»• A ih>i ti In 1H I £t*4 r«">i MM tfctilfcvO ti*$M* ».- I «*, I III. i<*v lf~l I ll 4 K*- 1 * »»«»* fr*» I • •. I*** IMk II til <•**.>, UI H «w » <»lf liHU *.!«** M, ! t| • <*•! I for Sale 105 AO«O0kUYI«i «N<* it" »«,tt w Oyiltr titrt l)t« M ill »«*«. Ill M H,KH><t t» •' «« K«M<I •><Kt M»ri. Mitt MM. OiW« t»«*,.,1, III MM . r it IIMI r «c*iTr, in Mr *««kV|»« Tt»l M'« CtH »w*>4, »* IMH fm.Mi MM • I »C*(I t«l« Ol OMr !•»» K MH ftftf«tf, >» kl|t Urn, Ik, . uimt I t AC»M - »Mt .« IM Cw.l... *irt ft*4 »-ta ptvt|.fct, I* MfcrllH dtp &M4 k*ml«»**) lull ?. nt IIWl Mr i ****• yft<« »-t*< t'*u RAICt QUOIIO UfOH IUOUE1T « 11 tt{J~n t t Vvt * t t i fc It !•* -H f . H/-1 *.:,„.>*>(- t *.*.-. *.*•**.» ('.»« * t VI* 1 ;* 1, » «»•»"» f trt 1^ 1 9>M *»i(A« H-wi *.**VAj«*,^ '.I * *»lf « X f *t.l uv, S.s iui HH1 \H\\OOl) r\* n »-* I "A II 4fW *•! **lf r V "•if <•'»»» fc« I kfe »»t*n ii« ir. f-t-M *-*<*•< I" i mu A r * t; ;(|*<PM i Do men like i ports Mobile Homes for Sale 125 11*71 HANK HKI'O AM, I I. [UN MMltll.K SIHI SIIJK FIHK DKIT. hosted the Ilramrta County Kiremt-n's AAWJCiatton mwiing ar^J dirmt-f Wednesday night About 2WI cfwrily drcmen gatJx-red at I'iil's J'faciM/nSurfsidc toc-njf/) a .seaside dinner of *)ir imp a rid (nh. arxl to hrar !r* laiefcl dcvflopttn;nl!> in t**»~ Wit!**' 1 Rtvwt Ptoptfty 'f« Sate 102A. ftcteage lot Sale 105 Real Estate Wanted 106 READY CASH !rwstment Property 110 ROWLAND REALTY 297-6543 1,1 F A-' t I « : ; ,1, r t , » t (M-- •<» • • • ' i •' i 1 ' . *, »t «, „.- ,. i«.*f* ( »V)«« * i 'inm :..- r!.,«,, ;.ti-^ * i i ttiu ;,.,.i,,,**, i,,,-i A. »i I,DI !„. v,,.f,, '„! , L,t, t iV |: fc fAI ;...-" r ../<, w« j> ti M KWY FRON1AGE. * \ f 1 1 -» t*« i *. PHONE 297 3474 SA1 KM HKM.TOHS III Ns| i | i,| \| 17V M'lItU ! KuMI v OHO MOBILE HOMES SALES Deceased man's kin are sought f HKKI'OKT - Kreeport Kum-ral Home is trying to iucaU- tht- relatives of John : , NAitiuel Vaughn, whaM; body ? thi'S Kave lx-<rn holding for alniLAt two *«-iii Vaughn »a» found dead al hi4 home at 7J! MapJi.- S! ui Km-jxrt His death was rjk-d a* dm- to Kr<.t-j*ir! pxwic'' have tried utMorT<-!>sf'jlh \r> locate his rt-Utr.i-v in Klorida Vaughn W;IH lorn in Onltr Hill. Mondj (>t. S-rp'. 12 1S1C IU- wa"i w<.riir^ h*T*' ir<aily as .'i ihnnipef 4 ALL NEW 1972 MODEL 13! f::s rt.-li!n<r* i» .}>>:ed to cal! the F r«-port I't-hcc Ix-p! or !!i<- f'rct-}x.»rt Kuwral Home I'aul Hesrrf of South J.-itk JoufU who. in 1781. fxii.' 40 uiik-*. in the nsph', to "*arn Tivorna! .lefferson. then ;•'.)-, IT nor of Nsrijima. of the u!,j«; : - iiriush atUtck OP. i'lit !:!;s'.'tid. was !i.( l':m! Ur-.r-r procedures and new insurance benefits. This was the first time the group has met a! Surfside The Surfside department is just beginning iLi second year since organization. The group was also hosted b> the Surfside Women's Auxiliary I/ranch of UV: department. Being answer man for price controls rough f .KKKVSBOIlf). \;.<:. Al' V,>,at was u like for the Internal Hi-venue Service wfx-n PrcMdtr.l Nixrxi assigned it tho job as ;uis»IT mar. for his w JKC jnd [jrict? controls" 1 "It wat hV»> wilt-uric ;c!!i.';.j> Ji:(- to go in and quarterback the liallmxjrt Colts " Mid Hard;, Krrji. an IKS public relations man Kir/ was standing m she IVnuphorw complex of the IKS office rtiXTr !.-t', MTVKC ri'firrx-r.i.-it.'vi-s TSf{'s< were answering hundreds o! teii-phtmt- calls over toll-fre* lines from North Ciroliman.4 '*f*j were ojufuMtl about the controls A drj7<ti IS!','* on shift worked furiously to answer complex irxjuine* ;iU.u; a huge RI/. <-rr..T.ent program that no one with the IH.S km** vi.-ry rnuct; ;it.«>u; a few weeks ago. It so' (o she [rjinl white we just had to tell them we didn't k'i-jw tin- answer." ^aid om- of !!* TSK's, Uiis McGec. "But -*i- vi.' UtT; told r.iy to <V, t>i;i! anymore We tell them we don't legak Lob Iw Sale 103 L LAND OCATORS 237-3494 .-,,,, ..I.,.. «*, 3 fc « V *• t I IN<i (,ill(tai> Krittw ^,1 111^ Irt •». M~ « * • C I »'»«••> -t 1< f., •** . VlM^it* 4<«{! I .,.,->! ( * s» 'H . 4 A « «. I * c * ,»«» '< I. *-. *• ht.*. f,. Hj,.!^, t, 4«n^-i S'»w« *«.*« .,,^. .,&,,^ ^.,i.f *. ' -. • |. H I » k ' • H w i }}•, * ; *.(,<» «4'?tl *r*1 '»^,«l I CH ,« f» "l *» H« ¥»tot: ..«•».,«!. «.,...* .,( r' f'< ; t.l'A M^* Wi'.'C *(•«*( SI i<«t I ..-, ! -,.. V,,,.Tw,«s B«tler Homes 297-2418 il Hrniwll ', ' < A a: 4 f : t t i * w 1*?l KOHS-M.K Phone233-5271 Mobile Homes !w Sale 125 "' • t« t * « I •« f • I <" ,», < »,-..», HIM »» > i L. 4«c 3i'. i in •"• > , ',. a*« o« • JM .»• i ,»,„.- <i.|.. «.•.«! * ' » UI rt 11 M J • I »OOO M C, 0.1 »,!,.!, I U> llfr? Mllt¥. *h< .1-. ""' ' t'.namplr i»,u M*-*'... > »« : • ittnt ^ fJ>i»» t A Christmas si uli f \rr\ tiu'hil •,J t,..* »*!.*• -.1 pK >M • J i > -r-- t V*i * ^ * Ii : (J. t4-p^« «*»T.HK LER COACH Gift? * *«•' -* 1 " ' *• CO, i J / i WKAH ,V .SAlli I; MAKK HAI'JMKH '« H.I :tl r>f<v«< lit W« 4 H Mt " titlK'i 1 isJ> HI HH HIM II !*«l»l ) At ll«(1|. If Ml II M U An«ifl«« •«!! II »M <«» II *-»!<>»» I I! Al nli<f,»l l<] *M U Alerter* l»lt I1.*M t4(ft II O*»6w> I' *C HIM M II Oji-tV! )>»vt «n ««.i*c< IX.M U lic«.»'!Ckifr«i'« y*nth M> H .(tn*f lilt., dtri !*< >rt )J1 lifrl ii in i«*i v«*tt«i u«<n )l Aixnttt H|«c «f« W'li» V'"» It M»i 111 MX Vin*..p«t U) »0 k«(kv le Uhr t< VHA2ORI* - WaoActf I8*l|l«. II 1*6 Business Property for Sate 104 AIMOII J «t'rt ii/il «fl«ti itattHttt ».tl|ijll »l 1U *na ))) 1 Kilh home ItiKMl Itt.tM *»C IU >U1 niln * «nliM«! REGAL HOMES, INC. j ANGLETON 849-8801 I Yi:\itt i usi in i ; lll-iriubi-r I.Mr havi' 21) ni'W unit> and 4 UM-d unils llul u r ha v i- )tol In muve Iliesr uii- all bund luimr liullirv \uu cun bi 1 IIHIIK! "( Tulirl)) >i>u nul - we will |u\ fut tlir liiM Iwu iiiunlli> i nil in tlir I "I ul yuui limit i' Ullll Mill ttivi' Mill rf |1UO gill ll'llifilUll' tu till' ".Ion-of tuur rhuUr. Thr lu*l |uv:iii'iii i> not due uiilil .1 Jiiu.ii\ 1J. 1ST. 1 Vow U tlir ilianir tu Inn .1 t.u Hi i luuiii 1 K' I •< U'llrr rbuli'r and X''l brUn vrnii'i 1 |)l»> "BONUS FOR BUYING" tV,n:p!riy:,j- *r.:,(::<: ar.'.wcr to a caller, she turned in her chair, «;d s.-iid 7>M-r-- .s jusl sf> much ll makes you fee! kind of stupid '*t«-n \ou c.i:i i. ar.swer jhnr (fji-^df/tis sometimes You can hear ihilt, c.'iUcH.-fij; over the [rione iike ttK-j're saying. 'Well, what >J,i' |Ktv'ii--d a Irtfid n f.»r aDottif-r call v.,.<. ——, IKS .'.!rs Mc<;«-c (.'an I help von pica'*''' L'h-huh Yea. I see. •—" j W«Te thc-s in t-i'iivt U-f ( ,r. Auf; ;2' 1 Sir. .in n.c have someiwe IJU i fron; rr v if-cfimcalbrarKh call you back I'm sorrv. We'll try [o TVn- tivlinical dvistoc ar-swfrs queitnm.s the TSK's can't handle If the teciirncal division can't answer them, they go to the rt-tfiorwi office in Atlanta ar-d if !hi>> can't tx- handk-d' there, they go to Washir^ton "You nnfin sa> (his is \i',.c <;cn< •:•.'. MrXor* or some big cor- i. Uiuugh. going into operation with a program without it.s usual (wo years or s<-. of planning, ^aid ("arrol! Coofx-r. head tfie <<rivr.siNjn.i office Thr wage a.'id price cimtmls caisghl Ctoper as much by sur(.rise .!•• it did the public because of '.lie secrecy in which the progran. was developed, to snsurv no orn- could raise prices t«-(ore !h<- fri-r'71' started Aug !i "We .<ilv foiuidi>u'. a few tii\s adi-r the frii'/r that we would .'•• handling i! " he said 'Hi-ally, it's workir.g pretty well.' C'ooper sjid. managing a vr.'ik s;i,iir. ii,.-,Mi3»-j •<!,£ •>» <,,!r.j,ln,ii:i>ii3 GAAC recalls 6.6 million cars UKTHtilT Al' General engine mounts constitutes a Motors Corp announced sjfetv -related defect" Saturday that it is adv ising the lUit the company added- "It owners of more than 66 i«, apfvirent that as a result of million Chevrolels to take uv pii!)!u-itv which has been them to di-alers for in- given to the engine mount stallation al company expense issue, then- is a great deal of of restraints to offs<'t possible misinformation and misun- engine mc*unl failure derstanding on the part of The recall believed to be Chevrolet owners which we the largest in auto industry are anxious to eliminate as history affects owners of M«.m as possible." approximately 6.SB.WO 1965 d . through !%. regular-sue ^.- ^.^ fl| a. J Nov as as w ell {^^^ ^^ fa> . ^ ^ . . , , , . part of February restraints and certain light trrnKs ^ .^^ wQuW The company $a ,d onl> Q( ^ jnc vehicle with \8 engmes are { ^ t , noum (al , involved, adding that this excludes all Chevelles. Corvettes and six-cylinder models The National Highway- Traffic Safely Administration last October adv ised owners of all 1%5 I96S Chevrolet, AXGLKTu.N - A candy- Novas. Chevelles and sale by the Charles Dixon Camarus to have the front American Legion Post engine mounts inspected Auxiliary No 2-U will begin The NUTS A said reports of Monday. Dec. 6. with the engine mount failures had Madison candies selling for Jl. been received from about iOD Members of the Auxiliary' owners, and many of them contributed to the VA Hospital involved loss of control of the t;ifl Sno p m Houston Monday, vehicle with donated gifts. Those About two weeks ago. making the trip were Bob and consumer advocate Kalph j une white. Louise Senna, Nader accused the federal Bertie and Mary' Pool, and agency of "callous disregard Jt>an E aslw img. for the safety of the owners ||j and passengers" in its "Creator's Star" ,_ handling of Die reports of The Star cf David is some; fgLvilusivi'ih-alri w ciiampion. ihi-N»Uou'» NoJ Seller.j=q defective aigiive mourns. At times called the "Creator's the same lime, he accused Star" because its six points General Motors of 'corporate represent the sis days of cre- irresponiibiliiy" in not f 1 "* 1 - The star is (armed by equilateral triangles. they are GM sid "doen r Woven ^ nd «««»«»«« OM said u doe* not a.»re. lmposed w ^ other thai any poienual problem the points in the opposite direction. SUN. 2-5,M t Trailer Lob for Rent Mobile Homes for Sale 'I 00 DOWN CHRISTMAS SPECIAL . ; ».<x1i..,n\ : lull lulhs : : t«-drmini. I 1 ; .' : I. ntu.un uilh lu> Mobile Homes PAY STATE FEES ONLY Kelley's Mobile Homes l(ra>u>purt SAVE $3000 $ 310 DOWN * * * * 3 BEDROOMS • 2 FULL BATHS i »hccri. Urge bay f appliance*, including window),. cu»lom 1.-U monthly I«>IIIMU» al lluS-'S. ANGLETON MOBILE HOMES 4 Post Auxiliary has candy sale 1 YOU ASK FOR IT il NO DOWN PAYMENT-REPOSSESSIONS ! US' A \ LOANS FAST • CHKAl'KST IMUChs | jg -HKST CONSTHl I WONDERLAND MOBILE HOME SALES iSU KM M»4 UUchcwk Utt-SUJ J moving to correct the def eel. l *° equaera ranges. i n a tuiior i« itw \'HTS4 Sometimes they are inter- iflcidt,m to u* use oJ

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