The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 18, 1916 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
Page 8
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THE CHILLICCTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, SATURDAY, NOV. 18, 1916. Sixty Years the Standard WOULD ORGANIZE A MMNAZIUM CLUB BAKING POWDm Hade from cream of tartar derived from grapes. MO ALUM TOMMY DIXON" Of KAXS COMIJTC MONDAY. CITY where they have been attending t h e , a n n u a l meeting of- the Western Ice Manufacturers' Association ns Essie Billmgsley of Wheel ing- vioite dher sitser, Mr=, R. K i Chittick ot this city last weeic. Mr. and Mrs. James Crandell ol Cameron will a r r i v e tonight to be ihe gue. la ot relatives here Sunday Mass Claudine S u m m e r t o n and Miss Corrine Barton of Brookneld spent the week end with Miss Louise 1 Loney. Mrs. J U. Mitchell will r e t u r n tom o r r o w f r o m a two weeks' visit w i t h -_r brother, Charles Wimmer, and T o m m j Dixon of Kansas City i = f a m i l y m Chicago. V expected to come to Chilkcotlie -VIon Mesdames Kice, Allen, Ibherwood, | da 3" acd look over the CJ «" with d Surface and Guy Stone atended the' " ew ° E organizing a gymnasium Mum Show at Wheeling today, going | c l u b ' Mr - Dixon's Chillicothe inend=;' overland in cars have persuaded him to come here SOCIETY AND CLUBS The M o n d a y club will moeL Miss Knapp N o v e m b e r 20th Mrs. Frank Rensch v. ill^be hostess- to the Alpha club next T u e t t l a s . Many Chillicolliean Are Kavorabl to the Proposition -- Second i-'loor Mubunic lluilduig an Ide.U IMace Mrs. VS. tain the G at teinoon "\Y. Hdgerton will e n t e i S. T c l u b next Tuesday * PERSONAL AND LOCAL Mrs. Ira Graham and little daughter returned today from Galesbtirg, 111., where she had been visiting relatives and friends j Among those who will witness the Missouri-Kansas Thanksgiving game Mrs. A R Coburn and Mr=i M i l e " E l l i o t t will e n t e r t a i n irieucls n e x t Saturday a f t e r n o o n , Nov. 23, at Hie h o m e ot the latter. ED ON WARING FRONTS Clj-YIM V f C T O K f C S THE SKKBSANS (.V ::E- CE.VT P i G H T I X G . 'out/ins. Ciiiinlci' That Botli the Fi' Havo SniVered AVilli lite Report , L f j i i l Sci-bs lily Uiiilucl 1»rris.l Paris, Nov. IS--The allied advance Monastir continues. Th next M o n d a y attemoon and make an e f f o r t to organize i club. The second floor ot the Ma- j Tanner w i l l be the le.-vdov sonic Temple building has been m e n - tioned as a suitable place 1'or the gymnasium. The club w o u l d be opeu to boys and girls, young men and -*\ i t h M i s at Lawrence, Kas , this year are Ere' women and the older people who car- will Gladieux and Elmer Axon I ed / o r tnis *%*·· It is Mr. Dixpn's intention, 11 the proposition is a go, to organize a toot The Wesleyan Bible Class will meer , F r e n c h olhcial statement t o d j y creelit- v i t h Mrs Kester, on West Clay St . I ef t the Sei'bian troops in this t h e a h j ; Mrs. J. B ] 0 i Wclr W itb c a p t u r i n g S O B meters 01 I trenches, Irom the T e u t o n i c defenders [ , ' D d w i t h t a k i n g t h e B. T. Clark returned today from St. Joseph. Mrs. George Dimmitt of Wheeling was shopping in the city yesterday. Mrs. B. J. Meek went to Meadville today for a visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. B. T. Clark and son, Betram, are visiting relatives and friends in Kansas City. ' Mrs. John Goff and Mrs. A. R. Bowman went to Wheeling to attend i in the flower show today. Wm. Coburn and son Glenn of near Avalon made a business trip to Chillicothe today. Robert Bishop of near Avalon Miss Duffey, who has been head trimmer at the P. W. Hartman store this tall, has completed her w o i k and went to St. Louis yesterday, Mrs. J. "P. Heger, who has been critically ill at her home on We-st Calhoun street lor the past two week^, was greatly iai7roved today. Mrs. C. E. Surface ot Kansas C i t v The Study clubs will meet on next v~edno c day a s t o l l o v v s : XIX club J. II D a i r . Culture clti'i W. J. G u u b y . and Soro=ds Samuel Sheets. Mrs Mis Mrs John M i l b a u k was hostess 1o h e i g h t 12] 2 , 1 n o i t h w e t ot Iven w i t h bloody l o b b - i es to the Bulgaria and G e r m a n s j (II.V I ' n i t e i l Tress.I I L o n d o n , Nov. 18.--Further B n t - j ibh advances northeast of B e a u m o n - | thaniel and n o r t h w a r d of B e a u c o u r t I . a Harper magazine story. F r i e n d s j ported the continuance of heavy shell ball and basket ball team from a m o n g i P E. O's y e t b e i d a y w j t h Mrs \ V m | ^ c i e r e u o i t t d by Gen. Hang (odi.v. the members. Chillicothe at present | Hamby leading. She gave a review J The British c o m m a n d e r in chiel n has no gymnasium and if one w o u l d be opened and conducted properly, which Mr Dixon assures his C h i l l i - j G a l l a i i n and Mrs Thompson oi' Elv- cothe t r i e n d s it will be done. It wo'ti'd | p n s t o n , 111 and Miss H n r x t h a l l were be a great thing lor the city. The! guests The hostess served a delic- of Mrs. Ed, Moss--Mrs. Osliorne is the guest of Misses Anna Mary Broaddus, North "Washington St. 'Air. Surface will arriye \Vediies- day to join his wife. Among those who are a t t e n d i n g the chrysanthemum show at Wheel- ti | gymnasium would be equipped with icui luncheon all the latest paraphernalia and t h e ' --. little fellows would receive as much ' Mrs. Irvin A l l e n e n t e r t a i n e d f u e u d s attention as the older ones Friday afternoon f o r 'Mrs C'. E. Sur. "TUe movement is not started for lace of Kansas City. T w e l v e latlies the purpose o£ p r o m o t i n g prize were included, w i t h a "woi k.b.isliet" are Misses Laura Bird, Mary ing directed against Beaucoun, Ham P! and Hebuterae. To the n o r t h vi Ypres he detailed a suceesstnl raid by l o i c e b on G e r m a n redouljts where, in a n u m b e r ot prisoners and a ma. chine gun were captured. ^ient the week end visiting friends »nd relatives in this city. Joe Snare of Kansas City is spending: a. few days with his brother, Frank Snare, at the flew _j; s _G ; _Gladieux and W. _X. _WU.ey wlll return tonight from Kansas C i t y ' Berlin, Nov. I S -- S a n g u i n a r y re- pnlbe of the Serbians and French a i - . well as t h e i r I tacl.b on the plains of M o n a b i i r a n d ; Miller- Mesdames Charles Abell 1 IjeneEt of the people who care to j needle w o r k . In the c o n t e s t , Mi--s| t 1 " 3 rc-capturo oi a m o u n t a i n s u m m i t , | John Cover and Claude Cover. indulge in this sport." , A n n a E r o a d d u s was iucces,,ful j n d | wrested from the Germans by th» f g h t s , " Mr. Dixon said, "tout for the [contest for d i v e r s i o n , a Yisit the big Rexall OneCent Sale at Clark's Pharmacy Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Take advantage of this sale for holiday gifts. 15-3 Apples For Sale. _ Good, G.anp and Ben Davis apples at Dr. Campbell's farm. Sprayed fruit. nOdwtf There will bo shower baths which j was presented with h a n d k e r c h i e f s "or I Serbians recently was reported in to. o members could use at their pleas-1 ber skill. A two-course l u n c h e o n day's war office statemenl. | the u r e and all the conveniences of LI 1 was served. gymnasium club. If the proposition goes thru and Mrs. Dixon w r ill move to city. Mr. this, EMPIRE Steam Heated I I I . j LIVE STOCK mm: (!)· U n i t e d I'rt-i Mrs Karl Ttirsh e n l c r t a i n e d Fortnightly clul) yesterday -\\itt i following guests- Mesdames 'Myronj Hi^gins, Leo Hirsh. Charles A r l h - i ; l n c l ^""^ ari.llery n u d a n d Hitter o f ' Pittshurg The club favor, a pair ol hand-flpcorated guest towels, was awarded to Mrs Clyde Stewart The guest f a v o r t o Mrs. Myron Higgins, h a n d k e r c h i e f ^ n v Uiiil-il S'r.'ss.) I h e ' B o r 'in, Nov. 17.--The repulse ot t l ) e ' a Br ' l;ls ' 1 i n f a n t r y attack, precced- ed by artillery fire near Beaucourt duals along both 'ban'k» ot the Somnie, was del a iled in toda-y's official statement. How's This? v offer One H u n d r e d Dollars Kansas City, Nov. IS.--Cattle re-1 A b u f f e t luncheon was served between ceipts 4 0 0 ; market steady S i c c r i l t h o $5.75 to $11.60; cows and heilersi ;amcs G R A C E C U N A R D F R A N C I S F O R D IN THE NINTH EPISODE OF "Peg 0' The Ring" AND-- ··· DOROTHY PHILLIPS and LON CHANEY In a Bed Feather Photoplay The Place Beyond the Winds A powerful clrania in Five Acts. Adapted from the Novel oi' Same Name. S T O C K T O N ' S O R C H E S T R A Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. PRICES 5 and 1O Cent* COMING MONDAY--NORMA TALMAGE in a great Trian ~". gle... Play,... "MARTHA'S VIND[CATION" JOE JACKSON. Bis? Time Comedian, in a Kevstone Comedy. "GYPSY. JO"' VI.75 to !t10; stockers and feeders 55.25 to ? 7 . 7 5 ; calves ?6 50 to §.1L Hog leceipts 2 , 0 0 0 ; market steady I to lOc lower Bulk of sales $0 40 to J 9 . S 5 ; heavy $ 9 7 5 t o i f U . 9 0 ; medium $9.60 t 0 3 9 J 3 3 ; light ?9 40 to $9.75. Sheep 5 0 0 ; market steady. Lambs $10.75 to .?H 50; ewes 5 6 . 7 5 to ? 7 . 7 5 ; stockers and feeders ?5 50 to $10.25. JProauce Market. Furnished by HenderiiOn Son Produce Co., 801 L,ocust street, Catl- licothe. Mo.: SPRINGS 15 ! /2 HENS 14 COX 10 DUX 12 |GEESE 11 TURKEYS 20 EGGS 30 BUTTER FAT 3J Mrs Wm T S n g l e h j r d t y o u n g ward for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be cincd by I-Iall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's C a t a r r h Medicine has been t a k ^ n bv catarrh s u f f e r e r s for the be- women f r i e n d s tins a f t e r n o o n | P^*-t ( J i i i iv-Iivu years, and has c o m e k n o w n as the most reliable in h o n o r of her sister, Miss C r a w f o r d . r , m p ( , ) r f o r c . u ,, rrh . IIaU . s C a t arrh There were eisht tables of B r i d g e , i j i e d j c m e acts t h r o u g h the Blood on Misses H u r x t h a l , B o i s f o r d and B r a d - i t h e M u c o u s hurfaoes, expelling the shaw being out oE ( o w n auests Lit- i Poison f r o m the Blood and healing , ' the d i j tie Miss V i r g i n i a E o t s f o r d ass ! =le 1 j.rettily T f r i e d chicken l u n c h e o n ivas perved at 5 o'clock. A very dainty boudoir cap in crochet and lace was bebtowect upon the winner. Miss Craw-ford will be with her sister and Mr. Ens;1chardl this winter. eased poi tions After you have t.Tkcn Hall's Catarrh M e d i c i n e for a short time you w i l l s?e a g r e a t i m p r o v e m e n t in y o u r g e n e r a l health Start taking Hall's Catarrh M e d i c i n e at once and get rid f ren of c a t a r r h . S p nd for testimonials, F. J. CHEXDY CO., Toledo, O. Remember the King's Daughters i Bazaar next Thursday alternoon at The New York Store Is showing an unusual collection of L A D I E S D R E S S E S in "botli clotlis and silks. There are 152 Dresses in the stock ropresentiji: newest and best models of the season. ·the All of the higher priced Dresses -will be sharp-cut in price beginning tomorrow. $25 .OO will give you ch oice of our finest gmvns that sold at $35.00 An exceptional opportunity to purchase our showpieces at much under 'value. Splendid selections are also shown at $19.50, $17.50 $15.00, $9.75, $7.50 and $5.00. In everv group you will find some dresses that are marked down from hia,iier prices and ever garment shown is splendid value. This collection offers an unusual variety of beautiful gowns, most attractively priced. The McVey-Barclay D. G. Co. Other current events-THE SALE O? THE SALE OF COATS. LADIES SUITS. CL-CTH and ...VELOUR DOLLES * ROGERS. Dealers in Hides, TaJJow, Wool, Furs, Eeebivax and IPeOfchers. J. N HETERS...;* SON, MGS Wanted'all" Furs 1 can buy. 'Market in line with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1. . . . 24c No. 2 23c Partly Cured Hides 2 i y 2 the home of Mrs. 13 .1 ohnsou, corner 3rd and Cherry Thev will have all kinds ot fancy work, a p r o n s E C I A L UIT SALE -At the- X Farmers Store 1 lot Women's and Misses Suits worth up to $12.50, your choice only $5.00., We want you to see them. An other lot Suits marked down to$l 1.50 Third lot of Suits marked at $14.75. The hest WOOLTEX Suits will all go in this sale at $19.75, worth up to $30.00. Some Big Bargains in Women's and Misses Coa;s. 100 Boys' Suits on sale Monday and alhweek, only $1.50, worth up to $4.50 Come in each day of sale. Special bargains- in most all departments ' A · ; ?: -^W^- ' We Save You Moaey Botts-Minteer D. G. Co. Leaders Lozv Prices yet OOTTBT ABOUT ITfTS Foley Cathartic Tabiets are j u s t a plain, h o n o r t oM-fashioned physic. They act promptly and effectively on the bowe's wfuboul pain, griping or nauses Ther keep the stomach and caps a n d home-made candies sweet, the live- active, anu the for sale. A hot lunch will be serv_ bowels regular. They banish biliou- r . . I ness, sick headacu'is, sour stomach, ed Admission loc. Everybody in- j ; 1;f iige?Lion vited. 18-3 THEATRICAL. Sole, e-'erywhere. Your Friends and Relatives will appreciate a Photo of you Xmas morning ONE COZEN' PHOTOS MAKES 12 FINE XMAS PRESENTS YOU GST THEM AT The WaHon Studio -TLME NORTH SIDE SQUARE IS SHORT YOU BETTER HUKRY- Green Hides. . 2tc Bulls ' and Glues ............. 17c Deacons .......... $1.50 t o $2 00 Skunks ................ 25c to 50c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2, full mane and tail ............ $8.00 Pony Hides ................ $ 4 0 0 No. 1 Tallow ............. . ..... 9c No. 2 Tallow .................. Sc THE PTONHTKR PRODUCE! BUYERS OF crntJjicoTHis. SWTFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. j HENS j SPRINGS j COCKS I TURKEYS DUCKS GEESE P S. BUTTER EGGS BUTTER FAT Xorman Talmiuio Monday. One of the besL p j i o t o p l a \ s of Lhe comi.iK week is promised at the Empire Theatre M o n d a y night when Norma Talmage « ill be seen in ' M a r t h a ' ^ Vindication," a Triangle p r o d u c t i o n One of those 1 tinny Keystone comedies will als 0 be shown. 14. 15 10 20 12 11 28 30 36 THE HTTKT OUT OP HER BACK Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscumbia, Ala , writes: "I was down with my bacic so I could not stand up more thas half the time. Foley Kidney Pills took all of the hurt out. "Rheu matic pains, swollen ankles, backache, stiff joints and 'sleep disturbing bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble Sold everywhere. Xcvt AVeek'h Picture Pl-d' The fans of the moving p i c t u r e attractions will have an u n u s u a l good selection to chooie f r o m in the of iering at the Ma'jestic Theatre thi; coming week. Monday will be a circus five reel feature, produced by the incomparable P a r a m o u n t c o m p a n y , offerms "The Clown" with. Victor 'Moore and Florence Dagtnar featured. Tuesday, the emotional aitiste supreme. P a u l i n o Frederick, in "The World's Great Snare " On \Vednesday, Billie Burke, will be presented m the filth n u m b e r oi the Gloria's "Romance series of pictures. j Thursday the super-feature picture I production, the l e u o w n e d success, "Under Cover" will have its showing. The prices 'tor this attraction will bn advanced. The stars m this elabor ate production will be Hazel Dawn and Owen Mooie. Saturday's picture will prcsenl House Peteis in an exciting railroad picture, enttled "The Rail Rider." TONIGHT FINAL PRESENTATION OF The Great Griffith Comedy Go. IN NEW AND SENSATIONAL PROGRAM OF MYSTERY AND FUN SHOW STARTS AT 8:15 ADULTS, 25c; CHILD 15c C O M I N G The name--Doan'si inspires confidence--Doan's Kidney Pills for kidney ills. Doan's Ointment for skin itching. Doan's Eegulets for a mild laxative. Sold at all drug stores. IHSTAX S1AIJKS F i K S T TALK TO 3IAKK nK.MOCKATS DRY Hy T-itiU-tl I'rcNs.} Indianapolis, Ind., Xov I S -- ' T h e Democratic party cannot aiford to be Luried in a ' d r u n k a r d ' s grave, but t h a t is what will happen unless we take a stand on the right side ot the prohibition question." / This was the opening shot by William Jennings Bryan in his f o u r year campaign to make the democratic party dry. He addressed 2 . 0 0 0 Indian L ipolis democrats this afternoon C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O ^H S T Q R ! A Anyone desiring to buy good drv upland wood, $4.00 per cord, phoney; you have something to dispose of 494 or 1SF15 s.m.-w. 'it gets quick results. Use the Constitution Want column MONDAY, NUV i20th--VICTUli MOORE... and.. FLOR. ... ENCB D A G M A K i u - ' T l l E CLONYX"--Paramount. TUESDAY, Nov. :2J,st--PAULINE FREDERICK in "THE ^YOELD'S CHEAT SNAKE"--Paramount. . \YEONESDAY, Nos-. 22d-- BTLLIE BURKE iu the 5th Number of "GLORIA'S ROMANCE." SUPER-FEATURE ATTRACTION THURSDAY, Nov. 23d-- DANIEL FSOHMAN Presents * OWEN MOORE and HAZEL DAWN IN' A P I C T U R I Z A T I O N OF THE DRAMATIC SENSATION "Under Cover" A Cinema Attraction of Excitement, Mystery, Surprise Love and Laughter, Tluit is yet not without its tear. NEWSPAPER!

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