The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS; MONDAY, JULY 16, 1923 Suburban Day Special On side at 10 o'clock Suburban Day FcrndcLl Coffee, lb. 31c <!f)c vnlue—Fermiell Steel Cut Coffee P. & G. Soap Chops, 2 for 41c Large pneknges — Value 25c each Orde QUra Carrots Tom.itocs Early Celery Beetn Cticu mbcro New Potatoes DressocJ Frlrs Br.L>r Tenderloin Leo °f Lnmb Choice Venl Vral Liver Ro .ist Pork and Beef News Over Southwestern Kansas J WIDEN NEWTON AVENUE WITH VIEW TO PAVING DEMENTED VET TRIES TO LEAP tnOM WINDOW Dodge City Man Makes T\vo Efforts at Self Destruction During Sanity Hearing. Podge City, July 18—John Courtney of South DorlRO, 27 years old, n World war veteran, while In thep rebate judge's office atirndlng an ex- for a chnutauqna which la backed by the buniiiL 'SH men and club women of the city find as Hits comes right ufter the ndverllscd time for the cowboy Bhtrw, the business men wish tholr trade territory lo know which attraction they care for. DODGE AUXILIARY TO ENTERTAIN ONE VET • Dodge City, July 16—A disabled sol­ di or of Ihe military homo near Iwoav- j on worth will Ins ontortaiued for two animation m to Uia sanity, attempted , w ,, r , k3 ny lho local unit of the Ameri- BliJf! Plums CI .-ir.klK'rrles Peaches Watermelons Cantetoupo Apricots Phone 1500 "THE rF.RNDELL STORH" 7 S. Main GROCEPLViMARKt 'I 0 New He-id fo K '<;• •n;tli. .i ill'. 1l ;iS 1 »'•<-! 1 I'i^i-:. K im:: i, mi c i >u n i y ChsU".'* l.t wit., h-i* 1 M -,-:, ii to KilK'NiiU! V- v.'iiit is \ L ;y lii. • Kingman Farm, it; iKivid I'iukerton 1 r'tlpOl iMtk'llfiOJLt of f.inn an-! will till,-*.. Mr. John WalUw. fii-u'ii'" 1 , h:m movrd -ai-' for his mother to jump frnm nMhinl utory wliulovv to tho. ntmont walk below. Sheriff Convorth intorTorred just as ha WMH disappearing ovor tho window Bill and atono coping; later Courtney nth>nipt<-d tho jump again but was frustrated. ('mirtn oy haw been afflicted for a uinii!h or &o and boHevea that tho world Is against h1m nn(t Is trying to piv»- him BOino kind of dope. It Is thought that rest and treatment will ro^tovo hly mind. THINKS FROGS AUGUR WELL FOR SOUTHWEST Boy Ol!\i of Blood Poisonlnn. T.».«Uf t'ii:, .'.ilv Hi —Aiiimin flmit\ Hi.. \-: VIM: „;A -am of Mr, mid Mrs. Wil! fitrith ,1! I Iit-:«• at th« hospital of p.: i .n: i; ,Ht- in ,i (.-"ri- oii:; r-u M s• li£:i.jt v. .en iii'.nicin here a i !,!•,) > it'll. Jl(.|.'.. Ii..|.J out for Meade. July 16.—At tho present time will bo found In Manila county millions of frogs from the size of a gr .iiti of corn lo an Inch In length. Sonhorod all over tha cultivated land and In tho grass and pastures, wherever you go tho ground Is literally covered with butraehlans. And the iiues- J iinn in asked, whero did the.y all corner* ifroiu? Old-timers say this is unmiy- ! i;ili;;hle evidence of a wet Hummer and 'ihr.i innumerable frogs invariably pre! civil w »t periods. Should the frog | ; augury hold good wo can expect file bi!;!',i ,Tt maize, knfir and corn crop in | ihc history of Meade county as there I l :i a !:ir ,;e aercago of thosegrains in this ^"Ctio'i of country. can Auxiliary. Ho will he entertained in tho homos* of the legion people here". The Auxiliary has linked I ho horns to send ;; certain boy who has said at different. times that the Dodge Cltyj unit sends tho best cookies, nicest gifts, atid best Christmas boxes to the homo. He lias expressed the desire- tu come to-western Kansas to work in the harvest fields, but phyeictuns wili not. allow him to do so, Tho auxiliary units of. the state entertain tho soldiers from tho homo every summer, and tho boys eagerly look forward to these times. Recently the unit at Hayes had two blind soldiers as their fiuests who had not beon out of the homo since they returned from Franco at tho close of tho war. The local unit Is raining money to pay th© car faro of tho soldior by selling ice cream cones at the ball fcamos, and hope to havo enough money to send for hint tho first of Attguac. GREAT BEND SEWAGE SYSTEM NOT WORKING City Commission Calls in Hutchinson Engineer to Advise - on a Remedy, Oreat Ilend, July 16.—P. J. Ruckel h AS 'boon called Into consultation with the monibers of tho city commission as to conditions of Great Bond's sew- ago system ami ho reported it -was not functioning. The septic lank Is not flowing and tho sewage Is toninK backed Into tlio pipes for B.000 feet In tho nmlns. -Mr. Huekal Is a member of the Ruckel Euslti-eering Company of Hutchinson. The state board of health -was called in by some of tho citizens, the back-up from tho septic tank reaching some of the private homes. Numerous repairs are made each year to the system but it is always (Unsatisfactory. The commission therefore decided to Eel expert advlco and go to the ro,ot of the matter. Newton, July 16.—Work of wklon- lns Kansas nvenuo with n possible view towards, paving the highway was started hero this week. The county anil city officials !tro working together In tho Improvement work. The widening of tho streets moans tho removal of trees and hedge. Although there Is no definite plan to pave Kajisas avenue now, officials said today that, when hard surface ronda were built In this county Kansas nvenuo would ho tho first, and the widening' of the road now would put it in fine shape for that work •when tho right time arrived. 'Included in the county's building program on federal aid funds next year Is a how brMge for Kansas avenue, one to replace, the preBont structure known us Putnam bridge, Specf-' flcatlona for tho proposed bridge meet those required for hard surfaco road bridges, so that project will also bo another step toward a paved Kansas avenue. CHARGE LYONS FIRM VARIES ITS PRICES THEY'RE FOR CHAUTAUQUA. hl.i Xr ant ii fwm U oil .•ho still rotting lijmrtii.--^ ills In Elkhart Commercial Club Not Favor of Counter Attraction. Kilih.-irt, .Inly 10.--Tho Elkhart Comin< r. -;J citth has sent out notices to ih- r.n-t thai the club Is not harking a fmvhuy reunion there tho latter part ui' ti;e month BBssreBBssBaksasaEsa :onomies You'll Be Surprised ! Lynns, July 16.—John M. Bass, a Kovurnment attorney of Chicago is hero iuvr»stigatiug somo complaints, again^t the (J. M. Slodd Wholesale Mi-rcantJIe company which has Us main offices hero. According to C. At. Slodd, rn^infiser of the concern, the complaints eon lend that tho concern sells certain nu-rch- an<iise to c -nti customer at a greater charge than it. does to another — In other wonis discriminates against cor. tain (".'UHtoiiiera. Tin* officials of tho concern ou- i know! oil CM true in minor uur -s • The town in preparing j and amouiiU and givo for example '_ i that thfir" prio* on lirown Mule and ] Prince Albert tobacco U one per cent j less in Texan than It iri In Nebraslia- j Thoy say that the rtifferuneu is three: rifllis o ;i^ one cent p':"'' pound and that lhni>! are lefjiimate rcafc'onsi for It. j Mr. Klodd says his only liope is that I ) L i.'f-'.nl entausiemcnts develop the j complaint will hi; made to read that this lOiK'L-rn it; .sailing too cheaply in j Texas rather than too high, in | Nebraska since it would he more i pleasiint to be proseciH'-tt for f?elli!iK at | too low a figuix' than for profiteering. LIGHTNING DESTROYS LARGE FARM HOUSE Meade, July 10.—Tho largo eight- room house on the C. M. Ufttes farm seven miles northeast of Meado was struck by lightning Saturday and burned to tho ground. Mr. Gates was sleeping In the house at tho time and was awakened by a heavy crash of lightning which evidently struck the roof of tho building and he being drowsy was soon fast asleep, but was suddenly aroused by smoke and flames and barely had tlmo to escape ^as the whole,upper part of the honso was on lire. The building was partly covered by Insurance to the amount of $1,000. None of tho outside buildings was damaged. Are yon Insured? If not, better «fee the Kinltel agency. '•• -•' o S and 10 Rolla Paper out Clothes B.isk«t fine Toilet ,98{ Use El Vamjilro Pac!>a[jea for Fly Killer, 4 C -J O FARMER IS CHARGED WITH ROBBING Governor Fruit Jar Rubbers, 12 In package Fly Swatter long 24-inches G Big Values In Aluminum \ Wart 1 , each for I !3c White Cup and Saucer i (} _ for ISC Gold Band Cup and OOn Saucer LL\j Hot Weather Days Turk- 1Q n Ish Bath Towels liJb SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY | CopoJjir.d, Kan.. July 1C—John j Glasgow, a fanner living north of j l.'opeland. is in custody of tlray county atithoritk'rt in connection with the j rubbery of tho saf<* at tho Alexander I store l \rvi) night of July ti when ! about $M' !u cash and about $(j £j in ! cliet/Us v ;<re taken. County Attorney j W. Hondtiro, who in hero with | Sheriff Anderson on busln <:>e3, said this* afternoon that important developments in the case may bo expected within tho uaxl few days, Clas-gow in the hea*l of quite a fanMly, having ohildreiu that are adults, lie was talitn into'custody at Crocus burg following investigations by Mr. Titndure and was roturuod to tho Cimurroa jail Thursday night. HUGOTON TO MARK NEW CALIFORNIA CUT-OFF Utigoton, July 1C.—Hugoton is already TiutkLng plans to thoroughly mark the California Cut Off road through Stevens comity, materials l'or ttio stencils having been secured. Work will start at once making the markers and the.y will bo put up as •soon us completed. ' x Moscow 13 to mark Its part of the roud and word'has been received from otii'-r towns along the routo.that slsns wili be put up at an early d.'it'\ Already tourists are bet'.in.'ii:!,; to use the. Cutoff enroute from the east to California. RIVERSIDE PARK. B'lg'gest Crowd of the Season. Milton Schuster and his excellent musical comedy opened for return engagement at Riverside Part; yesterday and played to record 'breaking attendance, to say that 'Schuster's show pleased is putting It -too mildly. Milton Schuster himself is a funny little fellow kept t'ho audience laughing at all times. He Is very ably assisted by Pat Daley a big Jovial fellow and between the two of iliem they had tho •people convulsed with laughter. One of the real hits of the show was tho Frisco quartet and It seemed as though tho folks could, never get enough of their singing as they responded to encore after encore. Tha singing and dancing specialty of Hudy and Jessie Winter was also deserving of fiio well earned applause which they received, they aro 'both very good dancers. Misaij Beirlah ilayes sang a -utry ibcautlful selection, she has a very beautiful voice far superior to any that are usually heard v-ilh a popular priced attraction. Others deserving of special mention are Miss OracleiAVaseon a cute 'little .Miss and Miss Trixlo Saul. Schuster has always given ua a real s-how but he has outdone himself this time. lOvery one last uig-ht was of the opinion that this was the bopt show that ha has ever brought to Hutchinson. During the week the prices have been cut to ten and thirty cents with a free ladies night on Thursday nilu with an entire change of program and children under fifteen years of age will be admitted free on Saturday night. COASTER WAGONS i For the Boys and Girls. In Stock—Rubber and Steel Tires in All Sizes Priced $5.00 to $11.50 It's a Pleasure to Show You. t HOSKINS & YOUNG Phone 375Z HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FKONT KANK. 'Furnace) 22 First West PREACHER GIVES BRIDE "PATERNAL" KISS; NAVY OFFICER GIVES HIM BAD RKAT1NU Is a Policewoman. Cleveland: Mrs. Mary E. Seaton gave up a lucrative position as a hook- keeper to accept the appointment us policewoman in Cleveland. Hotter have your Ford overhauled now. \V r e use genuine Kord parts and employ expert Ford mechanics—21- Jiours-a-day service. Phono oil. Hag- laml-Kings-loy Motor Co. 16-lt BEAUTY'S DREAMS OF MOVIE CAREER ARE BLASTED BY ORPORTATION ORDER the metises saving COME TO THE BIG SALE-wc want you to arrange ri^ht now to come to our store for tho big cv~nt—Everybody's Bargain Festival. DON'T tylISS IT!! There will bo pleasant Burprh-es all over the store and our new stocks of fresh, seasonable merchandise will be priced at ftsute3 that will make buying u real pleasure. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED when you sec the wonderful bargains we have selected for you, GO remember the date and be here EARLY I THE WAY DEPARTMENT STORE 111 S. Main 5th Door South Ave. A Free Baloons to the Kiddies LIBERAL MAN LIKES SOUTHWEST KANSAS Liberal. July 10—Mr. and Mrs. John W. Baughmau and son, itobert, havo returned from California, having mad a the trip in seven days. Mr. Baughman says It soems good to be back in Southwest Kansas and his many friends will he glad to know that ho added the information ho was "back to etay." Mr. Baughman nays this Is the fifth time he has gono to California, with a view to locating, but he has come back every time and finds this the be.*t country to live in. lie reports roads In fairly good condition all the way, finding them best In Arizona, lu some places rathVr rough roads ivero encountered, but the, trip was made without difficulty. It isn't so important 'that you call a spado a spade as It is that you uso a siade.—Atchison Globe. A small payment down and 25c A WEEK Buys an Electric Iron Phone us and wa will deliver United Water, Gas £ Electric Co. Phono 780 Boston, July 16.—Sluco the "way Oreater Doston Federation of Church- Hiss Gladys Westbf. New York.—Somewhere on the broad expanse of the Atlantic, homeward ibournl to ISnglaud, is a mere slip of a 'girl, dainty—but despondent. Por dho is taking Jjac-k with her blasted hopes, shattered dreams and •wounded s>rlde. Gladys West^y la her name and eighteen IB her ago. Perhaps as she gazes over the rail of the Beigenlttnd into tho M-ua waters of the Atlantic she sees therein a picture of what might have been hut was not so to be. Tor it IWSB the girl's amibition to see her name emlbiazoned. in those glittering electric •which. «.anro made Broadway the "Great ' WWte Way" and (proclaim tho success of those named in becoming idols of tho great army of film fans. Sha soes, perhaps, the -vision of her goal, almost within her grasp, when suddenly long and relentless .arms strike out and drag it hoyond reaofc Tha goal, In this case, -was a lucrative tllm contract, tho reward of days and •weeks put in as an extra on the film loU. . * TtHkhands typified tho immigration' tutftoruiw at nan*. Mand;',: <::,; JUlss. Wcst-by cumo to America ori- glnaly to marry a man many years her senior who—it is a Strang coincidence —was tn the immigration service. Sho changed her mind and found a. livelihood as an art model and an extra girl on tho Jam iots. '' Then came, a time When things looked dull. An artist tor -srhom eha-foad posed camo to her rescue' and offered her temporary quarters la his studio. She accepted. ' And lier acceptance blighted her chance of success Just at *ia moment that a tendered contract made her opportunity soem brightest. A -warrant of deportation had been Issued on allegations that (Miss Westby might become a yuhlle.. charge after immigration authorities had investigated the Tftport that she was lodging at the apartment of the artist. , She appealed, but tho appeal was rejected. And then as (be most famous skyline in the world faded into the fcori- ton over the stern of tho (Dc&genland so faded an eighteen-year-old beauty's dream of tame aijd fortune In. tha ipovte'*-" '..! ".'' . '" fMAK.; 1 .. • i'.' back when" days that featured Adam and Eve and tlte serpent in their llttio skit in the Garden of 13den, triangles have come and gone with varying results to husbunds, wives and third parties. The latest Bensation haB been staged here. It was in three acts: I, The Parental Kiss, II, The Thrashing. / III, Tin Resignation.. Tlmo: The. present. Characters were: Anglo No. 1—Lieut. Wesley M. Hague, U. S. N. Angle No. 2 — Mrs. "WelBey M. Hague, bride of eight weeks. Angle No-.-3—Tho Rev. G. L. Paine, author of tho "parental" kiss and assistant pastor of fashionable Christ church. In the opening scene of tho drama Lieutenant Ilagno bids his bride of eight weeks a fond adiou when duly calls him to Baltimore. The Rev, Paine calls lo console her in her loneliness. An auto ride. Then a "paternal" kiss—not on the fair brow but oa the fairer Hps. Tha husband returns. Mrs. Hague informs him of tho pastor's generosity in giving her the "paternal" smack. But Lieutenant Hague falls to seo whore tho "paternal" part of,it comes In. Here the Brene shifts lp the office, of Paine, at that time secretary of tho Paiuo at his desk, Hague standing before him. Then action, plenty of It. Flying fists and mora flying fists. Paino is badly battered. Tho final act finds l'aine before a meeting of the board of directors of the federation. His resignation has been accepted. Tnin« denies that, his resignation Indicates that he ibelieveil he did wronir, but says ho took the action lest the federation bo embarrassed. MEXICAN CONVICTED ON A WHITESLAVE CHARGE MI'.o Castro, n Mexican was sentenced to one to five years in the stato penitentiary by Judge Vance in the Syracuse court this last.wcelt. Castro uas convicted on a white slavery count, having brought a Hutchinson, Ireuo Williams to Syracuse and lived several months with ber. Castro was also booked on the charge of breaking seals on the Santa Fo freight cars hut this chargo was dismissed from lack erf evidence. -Women arc PMjihibttcd from being legal witnesses to documents in Bet gium. --T"+ - The countenance i, more eloquent than the toHffUe.— Lavater. Music Is Essential f Outfit B ~' WUJroU Styl. ni. -will Sl< monthly.. Outfit F $ NEW V lctrola Outfits at Jenkins* Outfit A Tlotrol. styl. ton, with I dtrabl.-lsc. tJn vi 0 . if "«»'*ao f»our .ol.o- „ tlon)i |lt „», H ..P. t» monlhtr ... T 13 " Outfit B %fr KtwOw (roar .»l.o- SI auwtUr ... *109 Outfit C ^MStMa TtoInU (port- , f 59 Li JENKINS 9 ] »< (4 ||Sf •m N. Main «. «. F. HUI.LANO, Mar., Hulohlifson, K«n. J 1

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