Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 10
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10 JECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 20, 1930. OECATUR HERAIn Secretary Business Problem "No, I don't boUov* w« can tench him. C«l»n»l." C OLONIEL Symington n l w a y u cum ml softly when he felt inovud In profanity In tlia presence o( Ittdlo*. Ho did no now. It was 1) It tar moment. Uil* r CRUSH t Ion lh«t ttu mult un Insult from mi timploj'vt tit unfit ho r company unit t« otumtml of. the Mutlsf action FIJI a brief apace h* wiut IH tht) election ol Tunnl- COLONEL j. Randolph Sy rninpion, president nnd owner of n single qualifying share of ttock ol the MUlf-lle Bijou Rftll- rone! ntrollecl into the main waiting room n[ the Morgan City Onion Slntion tVint April morning vslth (i »iiK I" Itto hPiiil »id ' dividend on Mi \(fi. AllHml In «['((- brlm of hln *|;Mlnllv nindi- »lr»w hftt, hi* lull ti'iK-l lljjiiii' hnO the true mvlnit of Htlck »nd uliUl* prn- "·""· TM ·" v --",;""',, " Hftimml him u miuthcrn K«ntl*mnn r a l officers?" onrno finally. of Impoi tuiic-i-. A red. rum-bud In tho Moll Id wdnkkd h«r high white Itipol of lilc font l««t ""' »l«Kl« 'now In deep thought, touch of -(Wii- i" hi" 1 d" 11 *" *' }n 'J' "In nbuut n month, I believe." ihe foi t h n whltiwwt!* ( if hlii muntiu'ru* ippited, nnd tiin 1i.n« hair Ihnt Khlrnmi'tcd! Th)1 pM11( j, ldnt ( hi,ught ho noted ft Kpnfly liolow hln hat brim h« unpin | y^^ ooklnitati In hisr voloo nnd h» h»vp piiiHf-d for » '"iri tr lm " "'*' threw her a uluup glance of tuspi- y«fir« ! Hon. It couldn't bo tliat tfh* ftp- A( tlni i-ln»r cmmU'i h« "t"llTM 1 httovud ol the fellow's actlunu; Ihnt to fill hi* utmi tmd t iwhadK'u *'hor HympMthy wna n'lth tho man ehouiy idMiLlnil w i t h the yoiittK wo-iwhu had beon rwla to h«r employer. m»n who dr-rvcd him T1»u Olvitol Slowly ho i^nehed for a match and Mtartml lowtird lh* nlcvntot- Hint wiw nn he pormlltod his giwe to follow to curry him to the rltthth floor, th» liusy drift of wnoke toward the . his open window ha wondorsd If by any hanee hlf cdpable sucrtttary couW tmvtt any Interi'dt In the station- miiittor It hupponed at thn n leva In r th« Incident whkh. wiw t" the t-ntlru trntdti nrriiiitf'i the Middle Hilou Ki»Hi-wwl. fur It I -ri»e Mortfun Jlty Terminal Co. » IK no light nmttor to ruff to tlu l( ' m " a corpointlon made up of the torml- por 6T ft Southwn nilliwid pii«*llonl. mil end* of thn woven railroad* uneven If hi* rftllrwid is Unlcct nuiongi taring Morgan City. Its property tn- tho ithort \\nva o( tho South. cludBs tho union station und the yurd tracks which like Riant spider v.ebd It'll In fever ft) Uli actions out of ttto city. Management of tho sta- lutiy la vented In a general who In elected at tho an Hdl In hftnd bo «tMl whllu elovfttor filled with n bovy of tng (tli'la. clerlia In rtl- own office "Jld* room («' you. Cun'l." the pilot bwimtiil. l« car, lattlc*. jitww room fo' Uo Cun'l." Tho prosidwnt ww« uboui to the cur when tho nwnt-lns ' Htotlontntiater Cononflnor) him m Up, Jlra." tl'* 1 unlfui'iugil otflcKil . ho pulloil ('H tkkot It nuiil tnoetliiK by th* votex of tho n oxuelltlv*,i whotio railronrtl thw tvrinlnnl. In the wlx yenra Its o iff n attention six gene ml ;OIH had held office, each for ciMhflfe m«n did not ohoo«e to run for n Kocond term may never te tuM. Truth of tho matter IH there to bo «onKldernble pel(II- In cttnncctlon with tho Uw car «hM ; upwar floated » hot ourjw wul .,., ' l , proml-Mi thfti « o« ta n « ni -ni wl would imy for », iy other tm(WU Cii hlii *- jtruntiinl R certain button on I us |i'or M(iinn yoarj) t"" 1 ' tl ° lui(1 )Hlun | (t romdn« that buttiTi whwn hu wtvntud' nnythlriK donii, tl wn* «'' ·» l«il 1 ' smooth from ti»u, "MlHH Molllv,' 1 h« bugitri without hla iiatial wornlnft KM* ting, "t wlnh you'd (HsmlitH thut li«tHHl*nl tltx ol n HtftHonmtiMtftr -whnfg hlii numv, fonwirinon?" "Nut Mr. Conwmion." tho yound wj(niiu pusatd u nut VUUH hitnil thrttuKh lw bi'bbtal brown hfttr, "you cixn't inunn him, Colifi*l!t' "1 l." ho unn|ip«d. "lie wn» rudo lo itio wKl I tlwlr* you dl»mln» " "Rut, Cotonol," Molli* (ihjaotwt, "w« citn't dlnehur^o Mr. Concannun. H«'» employod by tho TermlnM Coniiiony, by Mr, fUhlmrk." "S!(n(l for Vlshlmek." hu "VVo cun't d» that tilthcr. M r back IH out of town, on ttN vacation." "Tlion fur wlutuMir In aotliitt hi His plitcr," ho Huld liupiLtkntly. "Mr, Conciinnon IH netlnx KUO»I«I tniituiKiT hlmiielf." Molll« m\M. Colonel Symlnnton thought hu dt- tccti'd n touch of trlumpli fTi *h «HTtury'n ti'nci. It mud" him (u- rloiw "Whal, that uncouth imrmjn del- \n« IIH ffonorul unuuiKiT of thlu tiln- tlonl" ho eyed her ivi:uunlnicly. "Wo rucolnxl A tuillcn tn thnt «f feet" "And wu can't five him. or hftvo It ilonw?" "he 1 crli'd in ilbtnny. bftwpcn Hi* two fnctlons TnftnB up oich of thru* icx«r»\Hv«B nnit known if-ipnctlvnly uti thu North crowd und th« South crowd. The North crowd, fighting and ogether for tho ouina r«»«Bn«. Tlio South group, KUiiiltdoiw and truffle hungry, court- uoiwly knlfod »ft«l» other In nnd out of nitu!tm. Not uAilntf for tho north Ktuup for flenlluujntiil renaoiiH thoy riotlod th«m with ttiolr Ihreo vote* on tlio flrnt Monday of each May, Tb* (tovunth, unl deciding, vote wan cnet «aoh your toy Colo no) Symington, of tho Middle Bijou road, it mnn of ttU-rLlng tlmrftctwv, on* i»ho would not atlKn htmeulf with cither **e- tlun. Tlio anlmotlty «listing botwMtt Uit two gnnipii ore«t«d * protty el tun- lion tar tha prtildont of the M. XI Bond, Back Irt 1018, nfter ti certain trnfflo undai'HUntllng had baen agroed UIKHI, ho votid for thv flr«t tlmo with tho North crowd. Tnw ho would not publicly as»oclat« with In tho Colo net'n «atut« mind and nodal affairs had noth- intr in i-ommon. At the following «lw;tlon, a your lator, he ourprlaed somo of hi* brother txccatlvM by voting with tho South jrroup. In pnH#!fiK It may bo remarked thait ho uxactnd from tho South crowd, M h« htid /rom tho other, B «U««.bl« «lvviiik of dlv«rtol freight nnO pus- nciiBer traffic (or thia conrtOTy. With tho new traffic, plu« Hotuo of tht old biKlnosd front the North, which In domo unfathomable manner h* continued to hold, the M. B. Road made n ii pi on did showing, Thus It will be aoen that the Nit- u I* lion an It emitted uptllad the dtf- furenco botwoen starvation and opu- lont'o for tho M. B. lino, and the Col- on*l wan wonl to chuckle and tell hlnuelf that If the two silly factions could afford to fight oach other at the coat of much profitable traffic, Ilia wu» not the railroad to put an embargo on their offerings. Bos Idea, Ihli bartering of hl« vote to the highest bidder-lie would have cursed bitterly At such a crude term ·-rendered It unnecownry for him to maintain an expensive traffic department. Anil now, his dignity outraged by the immillntf thoiightlcsHnoUB of Station master Concannon, and not a little bit disappointed at Mottle's attitude In the matter, he set about to Imperil future dlvidunds to (fain Dome private revenue. Fur sever* I day a he hail been spunk in |f sharply to Mollie and ro- ettlnn his words us soon as they had boen uttered. Not that sho didn't deaurre ahurp wordti for )i«r (ullute to hulp him think of a plan! to trot rid of Concannon. I Then the plan came to him unaided, and ho chuckled and ulapped hit) 1 knee In tMtftht. i "I'm going to ulnot a genural mun- agwr today." he paused »t Mollle'a deuk to say, "one with a tain In a enough to fire thnt nrroRant fellow, Concannon, Mollie vmlled prettily, "I wish you success. Co Ion* I," the remarked ."but 1 don't believe It can be done," "Well, you've some thlnjta to learn about railroading," he gave her a (utherly smile. "Just wall and see." The annual meeting moved with tlie precision of a well-oiled machine When the order of business reached thftt of selecting a general manager, Colonel Symington utood up and announced he had something to aay "I'vo been a good fclllow for six yetir*." he glanced into a group of questioning faces. "I've played a disinterested part In the factional bickering which you gentlemen aeem to enjoy so-" "Disinterested, my eye!" snorted ibson of the North group. "You've only held us up nnd made us like It" "Tut, tut, Mr. Gibson," the Colonel frowned. "I've only cnsl my ballot when you gentlemen were hop«lessly deadlocked. Haven't I elected your mnn on three occasions*" "You surely have, Colonel." Mitrnh, of the other faction, shouted, "So, now It's--" "And I've itlio elected your mun the same number of times; huven't I, Mr. MuishT" he Interrupted. "Yes, but-" "Then 1 think the time baa arrived for you gentlemen to reciprocate, to join with me and elect my tnun," lie umlloit. "But, Colonel," cried Marsh, "it's our turn, and we're ready to-"Pardon me, Ml. Marsh,' the Col- m«l struck a haughty pose, "but am 1 to tie considered an outsider in tills terminal arrangement? If I tim, I shall withdraw my Iralnn from thlu stftUwi, tt might Interest you to know that I have acquired at) in- crest (n the propary u.1 Center street, With slight alterations lo the main building there, and a little trackage, X could convert thai Kite Into a moat serviceable station for paoaenger trains," There was a moment's silence, Ihen the executives formed whal la known in football terminology its u huddle. Colonel Symington alrode to an opened window and appeurwd to be wholly absorbed in the activities of the busy terminal yard, "He can't be permitted to withdraw from the terminal," HOtnovne whispered huskily, "thut uptown-Jo- cation would hurt all of us," Ton minuleH. Half an hour. Then Martth called to the Colonel. "If we clecl your man, will you agrea to stay in the terminal ar- langemcnl?" "Certainly, uir," the colon*I replied, "that Is to aay, if you gentlemen will mnk» the election unanimous." "All right," Matsri said, "nominate your mnn " With tho dignity of onu about to name a candidate for the highest rfflce In the land, Colonel Symington offered the name of At, TJ, Cav- unnugh for the position of genera) manager of Morgan City's Terminal Co, Without enthusiasm the voles wore cast nnd Cavunntigh was declared elected, Colonel Symington reached for a telephone instrument rml gave a number "Come down to room ,120, at once, please," ho Instructed. Tho railway officials out in expectant alienee until the door opened to admit Colonel Symington'!! spcretiry, "Gentlemen," the colonel bowed first to hla colleagues antl then lo the young woman, "I take pleasure In Introducing Miss Mollie U, Cnva- nullffh, whom you hav« so wisely und eo rcepntly elected gone ml mannBor of Iho Terminal company." For N brief moment thfc was nn awkward nilencc All eyes* worn upon Mollie -who hud Joliml her employer -where ho stood nt the end ef the table. Sno s\vpjt the group of surprised men with an embarrassed look and til^glpd nervously. "You don't mean you've elected me?" sho questioned, "I'm not In the habit of durlng board meetings," Colonel Symington reminded her Bevorcly. Mr. Marsh rose gallantly to tho oc- iHioti. "I believe our uutlon here thin morning," hu bewail, "makes women's rights practically unnnlmous. 1 move we give this younff wontan a vote of confidence--by otuiiJinjr up." The men scrambled to thvlr fuet. Molllfl Htuod (luehed and umlllng. A lltllo more dignity, Miss Mol- llo," ho whlupered untrrlly. "This ID no oceuslon for levity." "It IH for me," Mho {filled, "when I reniumbor you told me you were going to elect a man to fire Jim--or, Mr, Concannon." During the Interim following her t lection and the atwunilng of office In May, Colonel Symington's triumphant bearing slowly gave way to an ilr of appi'ehonMlve aurprlHit. Misclv- Inga came within a foctnight following Hhe board HI feting. Far In thn fuco of increasing 1 traffic throughout the South his puwnger and tonnage sheets indicated u mniked decline In revenues, The president nf the Middle Bijou railway could not unduratniKl how suoh a condition could exfut; he wan certain there muflt bo nomc frightful error In the accounting. The auditor dime and verified his report; moreover ho verified the prooidont'H worst auMptciont: a In railway linns worn sending their traffic via routes other] than the Middle bijou , When Colonol Symington Haw the the situation In all of Its ugliness he curried feelingly und curtly ordered Marih und Gibson and the rent of the presidents of half a dozen Tall- roads to report nt his office nt once When they fulled to upittftr he cursed pitoously and Btovmcd his way to their offices. "The harvest duys arc over, Col- onol," Marsh grinned. "You know jou can't eat your tonnage and have it too " "I said, nil', what do you mean?" "I mt-an -HIM! you know IIH well as I- that in tho pnut we gave you Ihnt tniffic for er~a con side ration. We didn't get your vote this year, so wo owe you nothing. Perhaps Another year--* 1 ' "I gad, ulr, J'tt pull out of th» tormina.!!" the Colonel shoutod, "No, you won't do that, Colonel," Manh's Inct no tie nod "You nov^r go hack on a promise " Colonel Symineton drew lilmnclf from hla chuir. "Very well, air," he rtmarked oold- ly, "I'll stay In as, 1 promlaed, but mark my words, Mrirsh J'H find n to bring you nnd your hand of icalawagH to your knew* In my vat* office." Ta the nix railway executives wh were punishing the Colonel for hit olMtinacy tho Hit nation WB.N quit-' nmuulnb'. 13ut for Uie unhappy jii'es Idont o( the ImpoverlHhnd line the future wan something hitter tfi con trmpttile. (Cuncludml Tomurrow), LAUGHS FKOM IJFE CHICAGO--William Lillls, ,tt,'(:tl 23, ha» applied tn the Cook county officials for u. life tcnn^ in )»D. In this way he hopes tn cKCiipu lh SangaterH who are u f f c v ^ i l m , MEEIDAN, Minn.- "Ari Imlittttuut citizen" requested Mayor Owen to stop the crowing of roosters In tho city llmltu In the wee hours. "I want something done about It, )je- fcrably a city ordlnttncc," ho wrote. BALTIMORE -Jones M, Smith,, : -M p. rn. to 3 p, m, und 4 p. m. to'but you udd'ini nw)t rivnij;, tM .torney and priihlbltlon Jifc'ent, wiirtlT p. nt, T!i! ilanger periodx nrvlywr k\t,flltr\g hrarl IK not forced to resign from the Gam run ] from 11 n. m. to noon anO 9 p m. 'to lh» world. You nr! ktwtyi i IDta (lanimn, u national legal f r n - i t o 10:30 l. m. "o m»kn )(rum's for otb*r«, tcrnlty. It uceniH he induced aome) | In nettling Influences are pmdlij. 'V 01 " 1 *tfn MMO of humor fraternity bralhers of the Onilcioii|t fi ,| f f J r thl« date nnd tb*r» may bit [*.""** y °" '" ttn * of "** lil T -' ' to luike him to n waloort. n rcnrrangemont in the affair* or (n- TM ' oor **v*niurwi you will bt i from'** lt " |) * Iltv ' h " ait ' Tou " :for love and you WHAT TtHJAV MliANh Til V . I . ,- ,),,, . n.;t "J.IBIIA" ipunri in hind to the If October 30th In your birthday, flilelltlw of othtr*. Von nre itontlM hf b»*t hour* for you on thin rtalc' ( b* treated ttmuily tnil n »r« from S a, m. to 9 a. m., from by in*ny who «hoiild h* ynur 1 »n) ^....^ K » 4 » »%, M». *" .^ .,«.., v .*. a rvnrran^nmenL in me aiiarr* which WHS inter riii1i!rl on lnforrtia-|( p r t f s t of your life, Wnrnlng* lion ho furnixhod, Thu Omleronla ninccre frlnnd, about da rhnntcr wniildn'l. nln.ud for It. lu.hi^u «,Y.,, *HA n A UHA«W **t*i~j ctiiftcr wouldn't stand (or It WASHINGTON, Pu.--rudio which you did not know ixUted, W* Sw- ten, and tuks prtonuilon*. Uort WNBO of WOHhington wan off The child born on thin Ociouer I the air two days following thu amip- *)ih will have a hind, quiet and of a 100-foot radio must t)rr«'pieaiMnI nature, »llhou«h a «omo-' toet thick, after n family of wood-, what imitative ono. U will havr » pcchcrtt drilled n holit thrauRh tii« ip ro «ilc*) mind, and will be « plori-' ccdrtr pole. It IH believed-the ,| flr . It will br .strongly aUrnftoti. , i,l e ' towtirdd home, family and frkndw, ( ""'*" *-""*'?· nnd will novisr «ever the tiro which Sj Mar*liall J«w*lt, ;bjnd It to them genera) and minlxur to : , Yoti have i-ourage, a flercp »lnc»r-' S 'Alexander T. McOlll, chinttlhr ,lly, n elf or and vIvM Intellect, nn4 * of New J*rm*y, ii«ep humanity. You do not boll)*'' 4 -John E. Tiiwbridgit, whining nnd ulnglng c'nu*:d by tension of the antenna wires the birds lo believe the p( full of worms. EXHAUSTED MEK INTEREST, 'llks of lifp. You stc the [between self-di-nlal and Krlfxi)re(i- slon, for you willing to pay in , full for the fulfilment of your ambit Ion H -no nmlter wh»( t h r priet- )noy bi. You are not a bargain ihunti'r -you ure ft tri-awite hunter, M j'f" 'Copyright, A.V.tOUIA'N Sytidlcki* , Her Hiwt»nil~Uut why iihouli) »· tnovuf Von wore pcrftciiy 4cll(btn) wiUi IMi neighborhood wlwn wt capM tbfn a yeuf ago. Mm. Cl)»ttcr»n)--I know I run, but I'm tlrrd of taHUng ibovt tht TOUI* (rfJ n^k-libors lur n whol,; y*ar , which von lru«t li) moet you ! It.ilf w«y Hnrd work ID the tw'rii f l «cranl)l» jnntldotf to worry and like mwit buoy'R" 1 »»t»ethlnit Ml i|H*ojjle, you are not it worrkr. ' You ure op'-n niln(!*t| and (ry l « i Jim fair and ui stti nil i«ldes of a' 1 tines! ion, You are not a "buck pa*r,. 'er" titMl you do not try to put on jot her pcoplc'n should or« n blnnv' ithrit you joursclf should hfur. Ton 'many (imcit. you arc willing ti t«- 'iume the burdens of utliArn, ou( of «it (2) NtTiLmiiiit iPitpi^ni with a u tn* Kit Home f u n , f.D Sera in I.!.- ctttliiK wltb an I IM K':l it'inif dlfilomfitie erchllectur*. ft) S-THmbl" opn*r with tn I and net nn exUnet Ani«r1c«n. (I!) bramble ralllnir with an o nnd K'| » j'ili» never nenrd from th* POP Why Does He Need Hair Oil) By J. Millu Watt THE CHAP WHO SAID -* VOU CANT GET A QUART- -OUT OF A PINT POT NEVER MAD - HAIR OL I-EAU }N MIS . SUITCASE..' ff- (bt, Tbt B*OSyndk*t*,I«e.) /0-20 TAILSPIN TOMMY Skeeter'g Pride Does a "Humpty By Glenn Chaffin and Hal Forreit WOULDYOU FELLOWS LIKE 1 TO ENTER- ANY OF THE RACES? JUST FORTH e FUN OF THE 1 , HIMOjOF COURSE. 1 OR DO SOME EXHIBITION srimr SORPY,MR BYRNES, OURCONTRACrS AS AtPMAtl. PILOTS FORB\D'US DOING , ANY OF THAT KIND 'OF FLYING (MILU6AN, HOWEVER IS AUTHORIZED TO FLYTHe THREE- POINT THIRTY IN THE SAFETY. «p» PLANE CONTEST! gL-. 746 VES.YES,OF COURSE! I'M SURE THAI" WILL BE INTERESTING! f BUT HOW ABOur SURELY! BE GLAD TO! A S A MATTER OF FACT I'D LIKE TOTX) SOME FLYING BUT THAT'S WILLING TO ACT AS A JUDGE OF SOME OF THE WCES- IF YOU CAN'T FLY FOR THANHS VERY MUC?H,BOYS' HERE IS YOUR CAR! THE DRIVER AND CAR ARE AT . SERVICE WHILE HERE.' YOU ARE OFFICIAL GUESTS! THAT'S FINE OF YOUt SEE "YOU WHArt A MATTTC WITH THAF BIRD? DOES HE THINK m A PIKER? t'LL SHOW HIM SOME TRICKS TMAT OPPICIAL, GUESTS' Sherlock Holmes Suspect Taken By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Ai Hi* ttito ip»d toward J Ktafl'* Pytwd, H«lmtit«ldm*Mh*rd»Wi "A? w*g* blow en tht httd from Mmt h»*vy w*w«n htd 13UI StrlUr," h* wli "On tht tklqh w*t · (0119, «lttn cvt. Th* tr*in*r mutt htv d«fm4«d hltn»tl vlaoroudy, W*Hon, btttiit* in hit Itft htnd h* bttcf t limit InH* covtrtd with bt»«d In W» riqW '( t* dttplj i red and bitch tttvt '*Tht m · i d tdilh Buttf, r«ecqnii*d th* vtttt hiving b«»ft won Hi* pracidlnq *v*nin9 by rinnqir who hid vitttid thi it*Wtil So dtd Hunter, th* J ttibli boy, who w« tin* th* viilter. whltt ttindlnq »* window, hid druggid hit curri*d lfiutt«n, th*. "hMpictor Gftgory promptly (ewd *nd «rrMt*d th* nun upon whom nnplclon niKjrill^ f*l|, Rhfey Slmpwi, H* hid tqu*nd*r*d * («rluM en thi turf, «M BOW Hv*d by doing * litri* g*nt**l boolmittn« in th* London ip*rt tng ebbt H* h*d b*h «f liv* Ihouiind p**4t tqritt* ' Silv*r Gilt*, A «Utt *, K, Mmir Cm* Bwo Hwttr M Ult «* Ml wpMf., H It itviffiMM, Wihw, tU Hw' hmfr «* Ik* VNC WIGC BEDTIME ^.By HOWARD One* upon a tlnw ihyUill, thi .j*d very fo flly** hollow Ntumi Bhlg up the ttepa , wttft hit pawe on U*, thinking to helj ly Wunty, due ted with hit blK. bushy i bruih. "WhAt't the mat Mr, LonffeBrt as h W»d MW the iqulr "What It «.il the e "Well, t guoaa yo Unels Wljglly, If y digging; up all the In th« ground i" ch "And liking the: Johnnie. "He't a II Mffer than we ari to do anything to could," "Wa could bile I · little 'cause he's BIlllD. "Or w« could tli ttlli," added his I "Dtar me! Thli Mid Uncle Wiggll tbe porch, "You E taking away the n "Yet," ant we red thia it the time f lathor the hkkorj b«t«hnuu that fal Th«re are to ma ·wry th«m Into OOUM at once, so In MM tround, put J«d cttvct them u ·tck and dig up t "But wt'll neve ^m" chattered J« w»t little fccy ^t «n w« rlo, Uncle \ "Show rue the pi tn* nutk," *Hid tht With Johnnie a »g on thead Uncl *· tquitreti to ar JJoodt where p;rc HttJf thl» clenrlng · AOUM; a house Tle Httle boy II *w Johnnie, polo nil, "Bo'« cut doors *W«| fill lite. "Ho little boy, and w Wtyod around In t J«. .lohnny and Mot. until h« now_\vcii, , ss r "0h. y«» hftdld! ifTM n» ronnl a jWWhk an i t ha Wjv got t() do ·%· « right!" t want · might t h. he, , Mi pit Ulk (Itei ·WSPAPER

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