The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 8, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, July 8, 1859
Page 3
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BOOKS AND STATIONERY. DAILY NEW8J BUSINESS DIRECTORY ThefonowingLlstofBBslneuaoaiei and Manufac- curinf establ intuneats are • among the best and moist -rrnment in th«Irr««pecUr« lines ofJbullneii. ttenrj IViedecken & Co., : Wholesale and Retail ' ' J, M, UROSSMAN, ARCHITECT & SUPERINTENDENT, . 10 TODNG'S NEW BLOCK. Plans and Specifications for nil kinds of Buildings tirnlshed at short notice and on the most liberal terms. ISAAC KINOSUSY, «AS & STEAUl PEPB.F1TTEB, NO. £91 EAST WATER.BTREET, WEOLKEALI iKD EKTAIL OIJ.LIKII SAB AND 8TJEAM PIP^BS, 0A8, BTEAMiND WATER OOOKS, GLOBE AND CHECK YALV33, GDAGE COCKS, 4o., Always on bJind, a large assortment of GAS FI XT *J K E S Work done in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice and lowest prices. N. L,. GRISWOLO & GO., sinn. DULKBS r» . LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AKO CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, MASON STBEET, Opivositc the Walker House. - my£l- :: ' ' • • .-•' ,:-• • • . : '. : ' • P . W E IN B R E N N E R;, ' KAEUriOrrJEIK iKD EKALU IS ; BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, ; NO. 24 SEEING STREET, oppocltc American Roace ; " ' 1 -BLANK BOOK MANDFAGTUEERS, JKULERS * BOOKBlNDKftS/ Or Binders' Stock, Printing Ink and Flat Papers, always on hand in-large quantities. ASTIQDS Bnrnoia In the neatest style. No. S19 EAST WATER 8T.,KNEELAND'8 8*X)OE, »pr8 MILWAUKEE. ", COMPANIES. RAILROADS. KIT CARSONl ! X. I DP E3 AND ADVENTURES OP KIT GARSQISfy The Nest«r of the Rocky Mooiitains SEGUE IT Y! IS S '-'OS DWELLlNQ,8toreorMerch*ndl« Insured f If not, call Immediately and get them Insured In the following "Pint Class," old establlshe* Mid prompt paying Companies: , ^ETNA. INSURANCE 'COMPANY. Of Hartford, Connecticut, INCORPORATED IN it il 9 . -Cash Capital and Surplus.... ...,$1,657,920 08 HARTFORD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, - INCORPORATED IN 1*10. Oaeh Capital and Surplus,... .....9788,683 00 HOMtf INSURANCE-COMPANY, • " >• - Of New York Oity, ' Cash Capital and Surplus,'.". $1,017,990 40 HOWAKD INSURANCE COMPANY, " Of Hew Tork. INCORPORATED IN 1325. i Cash Capital and Snrpfea...........'-. '.. $8S8,«60 33 PHCENIX INSITRANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, : 1 ••'-•• Cash Capital and Surplus,,,............ 1*19,084 66 Rehback's Lead Pencils, ' ' ''" Snoe Storey WATER -STBEET, Boot & 'NO... 4(8- EAST i JOHN KEEPS always on hand good custom made Booti and Afl kinds of Ladles' and GenUemenV Boots and Shoes cade to order In tbelatest style and warranted tojlve satisfaction. 'P™ 5 JOHN RIGJB, -DKCGOIST, NO. 88 EAST, WATER STEEET, • Has Just received a full supply o [ Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, ofanufactured »t Cleveland, New fork. Tranipar<«d entirely by vessel, It comes in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates. I have permanent arrangements to Bell this brand of Glass hereafter. my2S * • ' JOHN RICK. ' Bar per B r o t hers, {Establish*!! in 1848J ' HOUSE ,BIGK, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL Painters, Glaziers & Paper-Hang-em, IMITATORS OP WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 ONEIBA STREET, A FEW OOOBSSASTOF THEXABKE1 BOUSS. ' JONES <£ WELITEHKAD General Land and -Insnranoe Agents NOTARIES PUBClO, .^.-c., OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets,'Keyrose'i Block, Hfth Ward. Will atte&d to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making oat of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed In onr hand will be promptly paid over. • , i. o. -lasts... ..... . .iy£3. . . . ...BOBKST SCHNCECJtEL & BRtWOTTO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Seal Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PPBLIO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. OFFICE — No. 4 Market Square, Opposite the Old Post- Office. : marST & CL.KAVKH, BOOKSEULEUS AND S'JTATlONEaS, : iVl East Water street, MUwavkte.\ • •nTEhave just received a full supply of thcae Oele- 'TT brated Pencils from the manufactory ofJ. J. Rehtaacb, In Regensbnrg, Bavaria. Tbey are carefully assorted, and each grade Is distinguished r y si popular brand. Particular attention Is called to tbe "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red glib) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (hexagon gilt.) All of vhlcb will be found superior to any other pencil In the market, ; ' Always on hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to^he Trade -proportioned to extent of [orders.- .. :- ,.•:-•, ... • '•• •• 'apr29 ALLIBONE'S DIOTIONARY OF AUTHORS, j A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, Utlna and at- ceasediSremtht Burliest Aasmnteto&« Middle qftheninettentn Century.- Containing TUrty-STumtand Eiographlti ^ and Literary Notices; uitA Forty '• Indexet pfSubjects. Price l&. '• | NDESPENSABLT necessary to all who Read, all who X Write, all Clergyman, ill Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific and Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISHED BY STRICKLAND & CO., BOOK & STATIONERV JOBBERS, 136 East Water ttrcct, MILWAUKEE, LAMAR CO., - INSURANCE Of NewTork, Ofvs Capital and_Surp,lus^...........:.J869,0«9 83 UKSOLUTK INSURANCE COMPANV, •'•'•• - : t Of New York City, •' . ': - 1 Cash Capital and Surplus,....,.. ......1246^889 68 CITY: -FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, , .Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus,.. .... ........ ..$308,231 48 I solicit business for .the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for . the future. Policies Issued without delay. : i ., . W. HENRST HOLLAND, Agent. JOBI Hotusn, Asst. - Northwest cor. Main and D. P. MABBIULL, Surveyor: i Wisconsin eU., Milwaukee. •ept5 , . • , ':•''• RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N /tHtnd after Monday, ApriUth.andnntll further no- Vir Uce» Passenger Train will leave Milwaukee from tha depot,foot of Second street, for Pew»ukee, Hartland, Piiie Lake, OconomoToe, Walotown, towell, tad Col- iuSbttsat4.W>p.m.,arrtvlnglnMllwaukeeat 11.25a.m. - Pajuengers arriving it Milwaukee by tlje Hflwaakee * ' -n .. M . J B,, or by BOM, on proceed to the labor* pjaoe*. < a Connection* are made at Watortown with stages for Late JU113, Jefferson, Waterloo, H»nob«tville, Son Fral- rife Cottage OroTe and Madison. ; Also at Columbus for:Lodi,MEriiB&c,AUego,Pall River, Leed'ji Corners, Hunden, Lowvflie, Dekora, York.Arllngton, Bristol and for- all polatt to tbe West and North* Wert.° ' f •Jfaaenireri arriving at the Junction from the above places make connections . h the Milwaukee t Hijili- elppl B. B., for Jsaerrtlle, Madtoon and .Prairie do Ohlen and at Milwaukee, with road! to;the South. Weft and North. ; ! UprS 8. 8., Superintendent. Kacine & Mississippi R. 1859. i-: ' . - -VIA- . .];;.•••.;!- ]••. jSIIOHIGrAN OENTJiiAL .. . Gf Western; (Canada!) Railway. n^RAINS leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Like J.- street Chicago, as follows: | . { • x • I>. OOJRSON, ATT OB M E Y AT JY A W HAS removed toJOmce, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner ot East Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. marf»-dSm ' JKO. L. DOB-UT... .....ElltOBT LETT. DORAN & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Off.ce—Empire Block, 221 Bast Water St., MH.WAHKEE,.... frnsyZg]--- • .WISCONSIN • -•• CAPITALISTS VgTTLL nnd at my office a Begister.'open to their In. v T spectlon of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. . ' Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find it to their Interest to file with me their applications or statements 0. 80HLET, , vlB OppositeJT>'>'«''° [From Tbeophlus Pariens, L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard University.] -' ' ' CiMBMDai:, Jan. 5, 1859. DriaBiE :— I hive had the first volume of yeur Dictionary for someday*, and have satisfied myself that yoar p an Is excellent, and that yon have carried it out with very great Industry and with good judgment.— The fullness and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and their works, are Indeed remarkable, To any one who desire the knowledge jour book purports to give— and what educated man does notf- It must be of great Interest asd value. <=•"»" RespectfulIy.Ac., : a . .., .I.K „ TH£OPHILDS PARKER. 8. Austin AUibone, Esq. [From 8. Irenieus Prime, D. D., Editor H. Y. Observer.] Niw TOES, Feb. S, 1859. UZXTLEKD :— The first volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have permed with astonishment ai.d delight. It Is just whatl have long desired td have, and have Sought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen, students, and all literary and Intelligent men, must wish to have just this work; and they will havelt, when they learn that It Is In the world., U deserves the most cordial reception, and I trust that the author and the publishers will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Yours truly,' . x _,„ ._„ S. IRENSICrs PRIME. Childs 4 Peterson. „ _ IDLI WILD, Jan. S9, 1859. MT DtiB But :— With better knowledee of your book from repeated feast* upon It, I am ashsrn-jd to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of la first rec !pt- Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable mztter'the "Dictionary of Authors" iceon to me tbe most captivating. The good taste, Industry, and skill of arrangement therein manifested cou United Stale* if*. &F.lii«.Co.. •^CAPITAL. i...;.'....^.;.;;..|100J)0000 80RPLTJB..., •.-.}..........;.. 29,%8 00 Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets, MILWAUKEE. ,...,...;. WISCONSIN. DIKTOTOES: ': . 1. A. Helfensteln, E. Sanderson,' Motel Eneelaml, < 8.8. Daggett, • Samuel Hale, Q. D-. Dousman, H. L. Palmer, : Edwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. , ' J. A. HKLFKN8TEIN, President. Q. D. DODSMAN, Vice PresldeBU W. T. PALMES, General Agent. 8.0. W*ar, Secretary. jUStf 8.8. DAOOITT, Treasurer. . H. L. PAUCEE, Attorney. . marlO MILWAUKEE CITY INSURANCE CO., i , OJTIOE: .; In IHUchell Building, lUlrblgan. •(. Uawiczzi, WaoaKin. QHAR1ERED CAPITAL, - - $200,000 (tash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. . . , '£. ToinrBmi, J. n. KKLLOOO, J. 8. HABKIB. DIEEOTOESr 0. D. Dins, 8.8. Ooxom, . J. HDICFEUT, J. H. OOBBIS, W. A. Puxnm, B.ESLIBUCHT, feeaeu V. HILL, JIB. UCBJUI, . . . . . , . CSAB. Gxtrana, C. COKSTOOI:, Oio. D E. TOWNSEND, President. A. L. WALKATH, Secretary. H.L. Piu»a, Attorney. f£T Kit and Marine Risks taken at current rates. ie24 _ • _ . _ __ MARINE AND FIRE INSTTRANOE. T HE undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire Risks on I'rodnce In store. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at at low rates u by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles t tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, novS ot office of H. t J.r. Hill. 4:OO A. BI.—DERTOIT *vvjujiiuw.i7aiiun,lBoji. • h-- • days ejcepted), asfriv* at DeUroTt6.00 i:'bl> A. ni.-^OnicnmATI KX)?RKS8. tfundays : excepted.) i Arrive it Indianapolis 4.-00 ii P. a.;Cincinnati &30P.M. ' 8:00 A. 3f.-LI&HTmNGKXPRESSaSond»ysex- / si " cepted,) arrives at|Detroit7:00>. H.; :' Suspension: Bridge • or. Buffalo 401 A. •; «.; Albany 3.-00 r. *.ji.NewTTork SKJO -• j i. ' . r. H.; Boiton 11 r.a. \ . r i S:OO f. 1H.-NILES ACCOMMODATION, j except JT ... Sunday. -, • j >'. f'i ! S:UU P. M.-NEW YORK AND BOSTON IrPRESS, -, (exceptSaturday.) • Arrive M'Detroit •: 7:15 A. ».; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo M • 430 r.'M.; Albany 4-00 i. n.j NevTork >; 10:00 A.x.j Boston fcOQK«; •'i ; 8:UO P. ni.-OINOINNATIANDLODIflVlLLBKX. ;'. • PRESS. (Except Saturday.)! Arrive at ij Cincinnati 8:00 i.M.;; ; LouisTllle too h r.H. '. i i r ' ' ' One train an Sunday at 8:00 r. x. i i , The 8:00 A. if. and 8:00 r. M. trails connect at Paris with the BuCalo t Lake Huron Bijlway, for Buffalo and all points east; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Sail- way, to Elngstin, Ogdensburg, Montreal, Quebec and all points In Canada East, NorUtern (Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. ' i ! " IS?" Baggage checHwl through. ; I ' Through tickets foi sale at the principal Railroad offices In the West, and at tbe general offleeucprner Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the TrempnvHouse, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street i ii R.NiRICE,flup't. H. J. Srixnao.Oen. Pass; Agt, { ; . : »pr!2 O P E W, T * ; » ATI S , 9 O' IWII, E 8. c 14 Mili* from Freeport.) , ; ONANDiJTSR MONUA.X. i>Ec. e, 1858, Trains wlllrnn as follows, vl»: • GOING WIST. Leave Racine for.Davis—Freight A Ace., : 8 i.«. Leave Racine for Belolt—Passenger, . 2 r. v. GOINO11AST. Leave Belolt lot Racine—Passenger, 7:dO A. «. Leav» Davis for Raclne^-Frelght It Acc^, S£0 A.». Pasaengin .by taking tbe ft. H. train on the Lake Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train to D*v!a; arriving at Davis at 8:30 P. *. Stage leaves Davis for Jreeport on arrival of train. 8^0 i. M. train from Davis connect* at Racine with afternoon- trains on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. &T freight forwarded with dispatch. dec8 ROBERT HABTUS, Buperuitendent. Pittiburgh, Fort Wayna|& Chicago RAIL ROAP. fflHIS new and direct Route now open to New York, JL Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Palls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Urbana', Zaneavllle, SteubenviUe, Newark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio*, Ptnn- sylvaoia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. Malting one Grand Unbroken R. R. Line BtrsruM OHIOAOO am TH» tiar. _fASS A3 LOW A3 ANT OTSSB SOOTS. ¥&* Those desiring to go by this Route will be particular and' enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyance of rechecklng their Ba Detroit <fc Mil. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland win take her place in line of the Detroit A Hllwan- kee Railway, on Monday, the llth March. Passengers wishing through tickets can be supplied 6n and after Monday next, at 230 East Water street j or at the office on the dock of tbe Detroit A Milwaukee Railway Co.— Dae notice of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route to all points Eail. • i : mart SUMMER ARRANO-EMENT. it .__ ....-- g_ ' iTIJIvraiikce & Iflissitisippi r*y* OJSANOK. AXO L.OT FOB SALE CHEAP. "fir\KE nndenlgncd will »ell his House mnd Lot, now JL occupied as a Tavcn by him, situated on Main it., Radne, Wisconsin, near tbe Steamboat L&ndng and the E. * SL B. R. Depot. The house Is located on the ' best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale 8to», which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to'make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the cnderslgned. ' . JOHN BAETH. Eaclne, January £5,1859. Jan2T-d6m Vessels for Sale. Schooner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D.. Newhall, 190 tuns. SCOTT Schooner Rugby, 16S tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TATLOB A JEffETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. JOKES, Mil »ukee, Wisconsin. ;~ feb25 ; t WOOD AND HAY YARD, - Q. H. LAMBEKTON H AS just opened, for the benefit of all who may become his Customers, a Market for WOOD "and HAT, at the N. E. Corner of West Water and Clj-bourn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett & Breed.) His Stock of Wood Is large, Dry and Hard,'(Out and Eplit or uncut.) ; His,Stock of Hay li of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GOOD ORDER. : .Each will be delivered to any part of tbe Oity on tbe SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. N. B.—Wood Fedlars, and tbose who ship Urge quantities of Hav will always find it to their advantage to buy of us. We will sell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on tbe street. • maylS '" G. H. LAMBERTON. Save first acknowledgment of the quisition. with. many sincere thanks for the prize I have In the book, I remain, my dear sir, ^Tours, faithfully, • - , • N. P. WILLIS. 8. Austin AUlbone, Esq.. may IB Insurance Co., OF PHfLADELPIIIA. AUTHORIZED OAHTAL, $500,000.' PAID TJP CAPITAL AND AB3ETT8, 877^55. ' Qfflct, Franklin £vi'.d{ng, A r o. 408 Waltivt tSrut, T HE subscriber has been appointed agent for] this Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Risks taken on as favorable lerms as other responslMt.""'. '"~~" ,_*.., ,»~s»«£-.M4AEi. «U1T£, Agent. .'"corner of East Water snd Boron streets, up i, over the Marine Bank. i . may29 SEW 5mi§MPHo£ V CA ' K ^^KS. j:!. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In tbe Sun Beam. . Fanny, the Bower Girl. Uncle Jack tbe Fault Killer. maylS For sale by TERRY t CLEAVER, 167 East Waterit. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY & GJLEAVERS, 1E7 EAST WATER STREET. T> AETH'8 Travels In Central Africa, 1 yol., abridged. JO Urtngston's Travels in Southern Africa, 1 vol. gher Christian Life. 6th series. SHIPPERS OF PKODUOK £»AN supply theBselves with Bills of Lading at •' 167 East Water street. BOOKS. O DE stock Is the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. • We can furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books u Issued from the Press. < J»n20 flTEICB^LND 4 00. School Books. have every School Book !n demand, and se them at wholessle or retalL • •"?•"« 8IBIOK1AHD tQO, GENTLEMEN'S PURNISH'G. KEKT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT>S. I 33 cs 00 Q V 0 iJ. RiUSSELL. D EFAULT havlngi been made In the condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December .1**., A. D. I85T,- executed by W.B. HIbbard and John S. Harris, and also in the condition of a certain vessel mortgage of the ssJaedate executed byiald Hlbbard and Harris to secure 'the payment of said note. Notice . Is hereby given to all parties interested that we shall erpose for sate and .sell on Tuesday, the ! 6th day of JOLT, A. D., jB^^• l at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of that , day, at the B^ng street bridge, In the city of Milwaukee, the Schooner Wiuiam H;. BiephensT .ter marts, bowsprits, sails, boat, anchor, o»ble«, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to satisfy the amount remalnlog due on ealdpote and together with tbe costi and expenses of sale. >• MOSES A. JAM SS. and . -j , ^ JOSEPH JAMES, v. , Morteagees. -._"•• ' • . I- ^ByW.W.Bex)W«,Agent. BCTIXB, BtnfTEioi: t COTTEIU, Attorneyi. ••*• • mayiiMtt . , , : LACROSSE|AND MILWAUKEE RAIL ROAD. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES Boo JanSO es, at low rates. STRICKLAND 4 CO. Stereoscopic Views. • W E have recrved a fine lot of Sterescoplc .Views embracing rlewi of Interesting localities In) RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KG YPT, NUBIA. QBZEOZ, ,lfPS£Sr, IBSLAIW, r<* ; 60 Also »large variety of new American Views, BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN QENEKAL. INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTEU OAK I iBE INS. rr»., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS !....|S41,5i6 93 NOUTH AMERICAN FIRE INS. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH AESET8..... i $854,860 OS WESTERN ITIASS. FIRE INS. CO., Of Plttsflcld, Mass. OAJH AS3LTT3.. $205,69941 CO.MVAV FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of Conway, Mass. CASH ASSETS.....^ tS63^Bl 47 nAiriPDEN FIRE INSURANCE CO,, 1 Springfield, Hu*. : CASH ASSETS.. IJ2C.OOO OIRARD FIRE INS. COiriPANY, Of Philadelphia. CASHABSErlS .....-$284,78878 J* W* Crafn. Agent, NO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, OP SIA1R8, . .' ' . ' Milwaukee, Wisconsin I! RAIL ROAD. ll THK SHORTEST AND MOST EXPEDITIONS BOCTEI !! T °: ;'!' ' :; j Lansing, La Ci-osse, Winona, Bead's Landing, j E^d Wing, '^BEScorr, ST, PAUL ^ND ST, AHTHONT. Chfingeof Time, Monday, April 4, 1859. IS.T TRAIN LEAVES JniUFAEKJEE ll.-OO A. IL, Arriving at Janesvllle 2:30 P, M.; Btadlson ;• 8:S5 P. Jlj Prairie dajCblenaXjg&Xfr - |j* " ""oilen on the arrival of the'S^O P. ^L Train. BD; TIIAIN LEAVES Ittll/SyACTREE I 6:00 P,. M., Arriving at Janvesvllle S3& P; M.; iladlion i- 10d»p. M. ; ; Ctr~ Pan- to all points on the Mississippi: Rlverlas low 4* any other Route. ! j ii WTLLIAif JERVIS. ' *p!6 GenT Sup^ulnUndent. TBAOfS LXA.VR DXPOT O2f fAJf BPHZlf ST. :i DAILY, AS fOLLOWS: 8AO r. Uc— Night Kxpreis, dally, Saturdays exceptedv C *0 A. K.— Morning Mall and, Express, dally, Sundays eiccptec. . -j '• ' With bat one changed cars to Pltubnrgh. assotaia uooiax TBXODOH To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, connecting directly with trains on the great Pennsylvania Central RaOroad,' to an eastern cities. Also, with Cleveland i Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara falls via New Tork Central and New York A Erie Rallroadl to New York and Boston. Persons going east will und this route by far the most desirable, both from the advantage In point of distance, variety and beauty of the* country through which the roads past, u well as the leas frequent changes of can and the annoyance of re-checking bagjige required by other routes. • : Facilities for the transportation of Freight add Live Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Rates as low as any other route, and' with equal dispatch. Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket offices In the West, and at Company's Office, No. 80 Dearborn street, opposite Tremoht House, Chicago, and at the office 01 the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. G. Leland JNO. J. HOUSTON, • General Freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W. BOSS, . General Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, Marsh 6,168!). mar6 FURNITURE- SALES NOTES, FOR ' i . • • EVSS 0??SEED IS THIS CITY, GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THE NEXT SIXTY JDAYS. THE STOCK 'IS , HEAVY, AND 'iTOST BS SOLD 218 and 220 East Water Street, aprS-dima. ' ' MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. MISOELLANEOUS. !Hilwankee * Chicago R. K. 1859. SUMMKR AKKANQEMKNT. Great United States Mail and Exprttf Saute. PT1HE only reliable and ALL.Eotm TO TEX EAST, SOUTH JL and No*TH-Wi3T, and the only Line making sura connections. Baggage checked through to principal points. On and »Rer JHONDAir, APB1L SJoth, 1859, Trains leave Depot, corner of Florida and Barclay its., as follows: 10:3O A. OT.—EXPRXS3 PJUUZSPU—arriving at Chl- • cago at 2:10 1. x. 3:16 P. HI.—Ezrusa Piyaxsara—arriving at Chicago at 6:15 r. H , and making; close connections with Evening Trains East and South West, and with the Eaclne and Mississippi Ballroai!, at Baclne Junction, for Ueloit and other stations on that Line. freight Train leaves at 6:80 A. M., arrives.8:00 f x. Freight forwarded with despatch, and at low rates. Passenger Trains leave Chicago for Milwaukee and the North West at 9:00 i. x., and 8:15 P. x., arriving here at 1250 T. x. and 12:15 A. M. apr24 JNO. T. MOODT, Master Transportation. LaCrosse & iTlii. Railroad. TTTE, the undersigned, having been appointed agents TT for the collection and delivery of freight for this company, beg to Inform merchants and others that an office (No. S Wisconsin street,) opened on the 1st of April, where orders can be left, and will receive prompt attention. Our authorized collectors will receipt goods at the warehouses of shippers. Information respecting Freight Uansportatlon on this line can oe had by application atthe office of Mr. A. FBEW, Agent.,_ ^^. Mvu«i,laotf. ' aprl CHANGE OF TJME- O aland after Monday, April 4th, trains on toe Mil- Yankee, Watertown * Baraboo ;Valley Railroad, will arrive In Milwaukee at 11:35 A. ui, and depart at arpi-d'tf B. 8. JdtBRILL, egp'u NOTICE. OPPIOZ OP BISHOP ft CO., LfOBOAGERS, I I* PosJiBSiosor Mu_ i Casciac- H. B., v ; Milwaukee, April 8,1M9. j O H and after April 8th, ISJ9, and until further oo- tlce, no person Is authorized to make punnajcs, or ccntract for materials forth* Milwaukee and Ciilca- go Ballroad without a written order from the nnderaljrn- ed. Bills will be paid monthly and accounts will not be continued with; any concern that neglecu to render monthly bills; • C. B. HALL, Oen'I Agt. Mortgagee. aprlt J. T. MOODT, Master of Transportation. DR. H. W. REDHEAD, VETERINARY SUHGEON, FORMERLY OPOLEVZLAND, 0., respectfully Informj the- the cltlienj ofMUwaukeethat, baling located In thli place, he intends practicing hu profession. All <ilK!ae3 to the Horse treated in a most scl- entitle style, anil general sat- facllon warraoted. In con. nectlon with his practica be will Prick and Dock Tails la the most approved style; and, to Rain the confldence of the public, ha refers to the following gentlemen, who bava employed Mr. Redhead many times professionally In the conne often years. We feel justified In saying (hat his practica i> superior to the general run of Veterinary ?nctloneers. <• JIIIWABU2. John C. Brodhrad, Wm. Jamison, Murray, Pryer i Co., CLITIUJD. Judge Wilson, Doct. H. A. Ackley, " Bishop, " M. L. Wright, " Kelly, " M.L, He-nit. " And-ews, " Resrier. " Vllden, Jno. Klrkland, u'cpre. cnioiao. James Kelly, "*m. Downac. DHY GOODS, &C. I8S9. SPHIM8 178 37,5 DBTHOIT. 0. Bradford. UX03B.1. N. A. Brown, James Poley. UV»T W. J. Gains, ] Qeer t Harrington, White t Newel, C. H. Seymour. Kzaaxaa or TH« aoxax aazinia's socrxr r. J.E. Curtis, WmTPatta, BUas Merchant, . Wm. K. Adams. 1 Office, Klrby's Livery BUble, Main street. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line! PLEASURE SAILING I O N and after 2d May next, parties will be carried by the swift and elegant Steamer* City of Cleveland and Cleveland, to Grand Haven, thence by trains to Grand Baplds and back at cheap excunlon fares, and time afforded to view the beautiful and romantic scenery on the Grand Elver around the City of Grand Rapids, with Its eitenslvs QTP3T7M B5B3, and other Interesting features. Fares (including rooms or berths) for parties of five— to Grand Haven anil back ............... $12,SO For parties of Qve to Grand Baplda and back — 10,75 Meals can be bad on board at fllty cents eacb. TIME. Parties can leave Milwaukee twice dally, in J bave tickets made valid to go and return any time wUhln one week. Hour* of Sailing 4 Banning of Trains. Leave Milwaukee ....... ..... .12:30 A. ». Leave Grand Haven ...... 3:45 r. n. Arrive at Grand Eapidj ..... 10:30 p. K. Leave Grand Rapida ......... 2:30 A. u. Leave Grand Haven ..... 6:30 i. ». Arrive at Milwaukee ......... 12:15 7. M. There is a new and coinfo^tabla hotel above and In the Hallway Depot at Grand Havea, where Ezounlon Parties (desiring to spend a few hours at Grand Haven, or on tbe Beach which Is quite close to KcotJ_ mu IIILWAUKSS WISCONSIN JB NOW receiving one of the largest and b, 3t jele,-, ay? k bV f aa Q ^ a rr e oT K ^ ~;,;;: The Latest Novelties W 9 are a etomjnej ^ve o., cusVu^er,'' THE LARGEST AMOUNT OP GOODS — roa Tnz— OF DESSS OUR €003)8 Sobe 'a- Qall), arilliants, J 0 ., IN OUR '8 'lie' PirU, White Goods & Liaen Department 1859. i FAVOEIT« BIlHtJJTBl } A; DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R i| (Now opened to Uke lllchlgan.) ! ' • ^t, A»D i | ' • ; fyeifl Lote-Pranirt firit-Ulati Sttamen, "City of Cleveland," & ' (Thoroughly refitted for 'this route.) raarSD MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry Crnodi THAT IMMENSE STOCK Of aprl Booksellers and Stationers, _•..•'. 181 Bast Water street. ;SIXTH WISCONSIN Fonaleat ' febl» ••..-•• REPORTS STRICKLAND 4 CO, 13i£ast Water itreet. i PIKE'S PEAK. ; A .NEW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Be- gJonsln Kansas, Just received by ." ; •, febl* STRICKLAND *00;, reMI> '. :•-. •••-• 124 East Water street. No. 1 8 7 EC si Water Street , MUST BE CLOSED OUT .A. *S? <O iXT C? £3 S BY THE ASSIGNEE, '' " —BO—''' -, •"-. ••' '• Great Bargains may be Expt ctcd, aprlT-dtf // . JOSEPH CABY/ Assignee. GOING Hall. tt(xe4-. •- •. Sap. Brtdfe, depart ....... 9^0 • 4 ' A. It. •Detroit, depart. .......... 1:00 •Oswego* arrive ........... 10:60 :l P. M. BUJoUns, arrive .......... 12:10 • I ' Grand'Baplds, arr.: ....... &10 •Urand Haven, arr ........ 6.-00 ._ ' *.»f. Mnwaukee, arrive. ...... .;; 2^1 4:20 f. *i; ISO 7:id A. 11 ' Hoon. 12.-00 P. M. urn 11:30 11. M. liSO S.-05 <kSO Noon. ,12.-00 GOING EAST UfOTED STATES MAKSHAI/N SAf.E The Fanners Loan* TrustCom 1 / P»ny, -; . - . . • . , , . '' The Milwaukee A Superior RaU'-' road Company, / ilwau Oity of Milwaukee, Joha8t«wart, . Johaim C. A. Allerdlngi Christian Hahm and / Gottfried Wootich./' ,*nd by. NOTICE.'THE HVSPECTOK OF FISH, ASlsrS'S'S,-^" 5 -° 0?nCU °' the -° itj of weights and brands ue performance of the duties of his office.. e«a5 B Act"It Is -made the duty^r aUp'rsons deallng^ln«sh to give notice to the Inspector to have *« * In the O. 8. DU- •trlct Court for the District of WUconsln. Iniquity, 1 N r,?"S na 5, c * ** d br T'rtn* of •> decree made by the District Oonrt of tbe United States, for the District Sf w £? OI ^<i n « h8lllnrteenUl day of March, W», In the above entlUed cause, I shall iell at Public Auction, fa TawdayTznd day of'August, 1859, MS o'clock In tSf S»^?°i2?i n ' 0 ^. Ule *ffS»'otna' Custom House, in the Oity of Milwaukee, all and stagular.lhe mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill if complaint^ iSd Ta ?f'5? dde ' eribedMI ' 1AU tt « following, present and in future to be acqmred,"real aid personal property and rear estate of the said defendanCthe Milwaukee and Superior Ballroad Company, that Is to lay, «U of the first division of the Railroad'of said Ballroad Com- Ullwaukeej depart.... •Grand Haven, dep... Grand;.; Rapids, arr.... St. Johpj, arrive.™ Owossoi arrive. t , •Detroit, arrive ' Bus. Bridge, arrive Mall upr's >.«. ... , 8KX) A.M. allied. Night Etpr-s. 1 Noon. 11:40 p.». 9:55 P. K." 8:SO 10:30 4. *. ( 1:15 :<t20 1859. 1 839. THE I¥ORTHERr« TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Season, run their well known and popular Line of First Glass Screw Steamers, Hegularly, between OGDKNSBUROH & OSVVKUO, AND; TUP. M'PER LAKES t Penning* Btml-WeeWy line between Ogdenaborgh and Onr ego, and Chicago, ' Milwaukee and Intermediate Ports, connecting at Ogdensburgh with the OGDES3BURGH X YKBMOST CENTRAL RAILROAD / . KOCTTE, Between Ogdenshurgh, Burlington, OouL-orJ, Manchester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boston, and at Oswego with the New O3«teg» Line of Thirty First Qau Canal Boats on the Enlarged Canal, between Otrwcj-oJTr J or> {Albany & IVcw York, : ^Oonnectlng also at Dunkirk with NEW' TOSiC AND ERIE RAILROAD, _ And formlnjfi Tri-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. m Colleges, Schools and other kindred Institutions, will be carried on very low terms, which can be had on application to the subscriber. StB~ Tickets can be had at Dock Office, or from Pursers cm board 3tetmers and W. K. MCIB, W. GRAHAM, General Superintendent, Dock Office, >r ^ a- ,11m _ Detroit. Mllwsukee. 4^oach and Saddlery • IN OUR and iHanijiia Room KS'^'SIS?.'** ^"S »«« *ju»« BARJSES BKOTHEKS NO. 6 ALBANY Would invita tie attention >nJ superior stock of BLOCK, of the trida to their large SADDLERY HARDWARE — AND— CARRIAGE TRIMMINGS BaJdlea, Collars, Patent and Enameled Leather, Enameled ClotM, ill qualities, Whips, Horso Corerj, Ply net*, ic. Carriage Spring, Ailes, • Malleable Iron, Ac., Bows, Felloes, Spokes, Sh*rta, Hubs, lc., Of, llie b«t Eutera Umber. 3OO S^<3.<a.l©;s., Just recEivtd from ona of the largest Eutera mina- factories, the quality and woritmanahip ocaurpasaed, to which ire would. InTtte special attention. Iczr Oar stoclc throaghont will be founj complete and offered at the lowest prices. BAE.VS3 BBOTHZ33, m»y23 Michigan it., opposite Newhill Home. 7»- f ^.^n^s:F 1 - 9 tuvj jj^o t (jjjj iaa(]r . m(Jnt af Hosiery. Gloves, Yan^e,- lrtmming.i, Srmn mj. uiaacf.- / PKIWTS, HO/OP JOBBINO D1PARTMIMT DSY GOODS A2TD Which if, ar» offcrlnj to lllirchanta CHEAP FOR Washing 100 FAMILIES H. SS. no. offer, For Jala, NOW CASH IT ~» •- ""' "' •Beftt-shmento—Hotel In Depot at Grand! Haven. Boat^Ul leave Milwaukee on Saturdays'at 8 K*t.— for Saturday Night's Express passenger* west, but 31. «. train;will »o»leave on Sundays. ; ;' i t ... Trains leave termini dally, Sundays exeepted. 1 r THE TELEX3BAPH LINE 1s uoi srncs. ^ . . ~' • open'fot PDBUO BB- JOHN Sinra, Inspector. ' SPKINQ ABKANGKMENT. «REAT NORTH-WESTERN OTITED STATES OTAIt, i EXPRESS m^'C ALL R * IL . TO LA CROSSE On the UPPER MISSISSIPPI BITER. On and after Monday, June 20th Two Through Erpresi Trains Dailv (SUNDAYS EXOBPTXD t ) JL.BAVE |MIL."WATJKKK FROM DEPOT FOOT OF OHESTKTJT STEMTT itJ6 roizowa: ' 7:25 A. Mi. and I:5O p.. M. Trains arrive at Milwaukee at. 9:86 A. M" AND 3^6 P. M. Close connections exe made at LaOrosse. Twice daily each way with the Jtt in* nesota Packet Company's New and Splendid iwnltcd States Mail Line > of Steamers to &- from St. Paul and intermediate points, ' Esf Piwengcn, by taking this note, srfll save 100 miles in distance and 18 hours Ume, from Chicago or HHlwantee to L* Crosse or St. Paul, over any other route. J MllwaukK. Jane IT, 185S. " / EDWIN II. GOODBICH, jel8 * Manager. -^tl-SL"T.T 'I!'-'- -' -T— - I ----- __ C. FFI6TEB & CO. Kanufactereri and Dealers in Eyan & JenkhiB, OpUNSEljLOKS. AT JJAW, w-ner Bait Water and Michigan, ete., XBwa^cee. James A Swain, OP THE LATE F1BM or i MAGIE & SWAIN, WILL remain at the old stand where he will be pleas- OHAHLES QUENTIN & CO. orrosldeno UNION • us lari Water itreet, Mil wmnkee, Wit. gjs-OMhpUd for Hld»,PtlU, WpOl, *0- WESTERN — AND— Wisconsin State Telegraph . Office, free Democrat £l<x&,M{lwauite. ' Connections with all Lines Wisconsin Btat* tines ran from Milwaukee to LaOrone, toad da Lac tod Waupon, on SaOroad £" ^«oft^Mllw»nlwe to Janerrtfler Madison, WttBtown MsayaHrle <ta Ohlen. Station* at all tai portant intermediate points. ' mayl*-dtf ,„ - —. :frbm the Oity of MUwiukeerto'the City of Green Bsjrlit said State of Wisconsin?« dS tanoe of one hundred and twenty miles, inelndlnp; the 1 right of way, and land occupied b> said first division o? «sJd road, (subject to the right, tlue or elmta,™ ueh tM said defendants Stewart, AUerdlng, Hahm Md Wootsch, or either of them, may have had- at the time of making said decree, to land apon which said Hall- roaaCompany nai located Uiway,and for whlchno compensation hu been made lo them,) together with thesnperstaiictareand trackthereon^andIII rail*and otter material, used thereon,.bridges, viaducts, c¥l- veru, fencei, equlpmenti, necessary depot groundi and blnldlngs thereon, belonging to .the said Railroad Oom- tany, and all Tolling stock, englaei, tenderi; eta. toolLmaterUli, machinery,,fixtures, and all otterper! •on" property: appertaining to said flnt dlvlslonof laid road, and all rights thereto, and IntereitatobsTao. quired by «ld defends«Hth» MUwauke* and Superior Kallroad Company, tog«Sier with the n^ne iadfunc- Uoni appertaining to toe laid first dlvlilon of HUdrosA J1S1 01 " 1 ! 01 ?* 1 " 1 tooome to "• ^^ levied toer^ from, and all corporate and other, franchises richta and privilege! of the«»ld Railroad Smpiny in or to or concernlnc the same." ~viuj.»ujr m or u Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wis.,Aprll 6,1B5» United States Marshal, DtaWc/oMr^ - n ' '•• OONNEOMONS. ; ; ' ;; AT llETBOIT-QBEAT WESTEEl^ RAILWAY for jMj~ points East-MIOHiaAN OINTHAL and jaCHJflArl SOUTHERN RAILROADS, i and CUm. LAND Line of Bteamen. • ; jT:- ATjJJRAND MAVEN-Wlth 4HUBON" 8t ** me y? r O^OAGO, *<^, *c. i ;• . N ; - f AT MIt%VA»JKEE— With the IMIBSiaSIPPL LA^KOSSB, OHIOASO, WATEBTOWU and HOBt CON BAILKOADS, for all Important polfat* West and Northweit.and on -Mlulijlppi River, andiwlthSteamers for Port* on Lake Michigan. • : ! = • : ; ' "' • " I j . i ' •' Passengers for Great Western Railway go on the Railway PitaT StxuttB, at-D. A M. B. Do?k, lekvlna; Dock atfcOO A.V7l25» Noon and Ti30 M.™' j ™ S HIGH? TRAINS hive SLEEPING CARS attached. The Compaoy'a TIme-Tablei can be bad' aiinr of Ihe Stations.; •; * : •?•:'.; .;! ' W. K. MliIH, Sen'lBqp'ti - WBTWJii * Poram, Ticket Agents, 280 East Water st WM<O ,* I = UI > ***ffto Agent at Comoany'4 J)ock. •! •»^T'wJ7TJ"li"*" u ** c ' ***»**.CU •^*f« T« CO* FiXM PBESS," win be forwarded from New Tork by an Exprui freight Train 0,0- VM Xtv, York <t Erie Sailroad, And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.! J, Mrxu, Agent M..T. Co, 177 Broadway, New Tork. J. L.-WAUO, Agent N. T. Co., 8 Ccentles Slip, New York. Caig. S. Tirrui, corner Cth and Ohesnut st., Phlla. Hov»T A CiAwrorn, Oswego N. T. S. D. Oiinwiu, Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. Cgjlfumtn, Cuwroan *Co., Cleveland, O.j Jons Hocrao, Agent N. T. Co., »s State st., Boston. A.Ccsmcur,AgentV. C. Line, 103 State it., Boston. J. P. CirciCT, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. T. G*o. PAUCXB, Agent,Ogdensburgh, N. T. L. J. HIGBT, Milwaukee, WIs., office LaOrosse 1 il. R. R. Depot. »*-. Offlce near M. * M. B.R. Depot. . N. B^-Shlppen are requested to see one of the above Agents before making contracts, as they are prepared to offer very low rates, and their 'connections with the OgdensDurgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the New York*Erie-Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marlS-dto-lastwlaw FAl^L. *OF 1858. GEORGE DYER & CO., 1 3G EAST WATER STREET, MIL WA UKSS, .................... WISCONSIN JUanvfactureri and Whole»aie and Retail Dealer t in COMPOUND the fabric one half tha loa The following prouoonce It th_ . Jlrs, Piraa Trras: M^. IT o *«*ti, street. W OULD respectfully annoonca to their old custom' ers, that they stiU continue to keep tha largest and best selected Stock of Goodj In their line to be found In the Stale, and will conduct their. business, as heretofore, with tha Intention of giYlag satisfaction, — To as many new customer* u may feel Inclined to give m a call, we would say one of our firm resides in New York, and we hay* facilities for th« purchase and manufacture of goods that can not be excelled. We ara at all times ready to take advantage of Eastern ilirieu, and hate been enabled to. reduce tha price of many kinds of goods, which we «>iall continue to sell at the lowest prices hi Western V^rkeU. We are constantly receiylng additions to pur jtoek, and will keep It jo complete as to be able at all timed to (111 or-IoT, for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trim- nu;. o. iruuk Makers' Stock, and will d«jo in a man- DC. i^ aauaiaction In respect to quality and prices. We also keep an assortment of Bent Stuff, Poles, Shafts, Felloes, gpokea, Hubs, lc., lo., and hare constantly on band, or will mue ucrder, any kind of Coach, Car rlage, Wagon or'Team Harness. Call anil see for yourselves. no , Carpenter, Jolaeraad fiontractor, r, » P.* Offices. June. 1858 j e » K < A* I>B. H. KNAPP. S' y " "^ be «on»nlt*d «t his room No id, House, Mllw»nkee, the oa eases, which he treats wlthnnprecedenSdiuceesV ««« c ^»aJo case. of diseasel, wkSh hTrebeS' nonnced Incurtble by toe medical faculty snchfjHerroni «d Women, BOUSES TO BENT. W E have several Brick and Frame Homes to ; rent .on;tevy reasonable terms. We have also for tale • rasi quantity of real ettate, conlstlng if Bonse», Lot?, Improved and unlmprovea "arms, School Lands. BOOTS. THE GENUINE ARTICLE MAHTTFACTUBJl) BY JOHN PHALEN, T HE only one authorJied to manufacture the abvoe named Boots, at 72"EAST WATER STREET. ThePhalen Boot U one of the most unique and elegant coverings for the feet that has ever been Invented. They are made of the best of stock and most finished workmanship, and. are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- Ions, Swelled Feet, Swelled Head, Rhuraatism, Gout, Bemember that the Sole Agent for these fast Invented Boots In this City. .Is to be found at 73 East Water su, where, also, may be found a general assortment of! BOOTS i SHOES, GAITERS, iC., For Gentleman and Ladles that (here h In this market 1 ajl manufactured under the. supervision of the snbscrl- ber, ' [mayZSl. JOHNPHALKN. Is., for the i mall rent of 160 and taxes. j iv ';.-. GBEQORt ft CO.; •: i - JMgastWtter street; SHEKIFF'S SALE. ! STATE OF WISCONSIN, ) • , ' Circuit Cpnrt, MUwaukee County, f ' . Meyer Shoyer, ) , r E i agfilnst f Judgment off Por»<^psnre and Sarah B. Weld and f *ale. , Colin H. farmer. J , ' r I N virtue of and pursuant to ft Judgment, rendered In .v-SS.S??T t 1.5'.- th . e .A^. T ? 0 f° u . Uea . «""«• dated onsumpaon • pepsy, Eemlttent £>iT In the diseases of Children, 4c. AU, the or aenwmber, that the Doctor does no. the twenty-eight day of Jlsy, 1S8B, 1 stall enose-fer sale and Sell at Public Anctionftt the Post-uSctTin the City of Milwaukee, on SatardaT T tii]) lOlit day of «epMm1ier f 18W. "t^e^oJr"f^ r-.».,of ihatd»y,the faHowlng describe^ inortg»ied premlses.far 19 much thereof u mar be necessary to ralseJheSmounlof said jadgmimt, interest, and coiU, together with the expense* of «*le,.to wit: T • "Thesolith twenty. {SO] feet of lot numbei nine I m, to bl»ek number alxty-fonr JMtia the I • Beven«ilTJWard,orthe01tyof MflwwKee.ln i theCbunqr of Milwaukee and State of Tftsctn- , Dated E^emr* Office, Mllwaoiee, June 6hi59. A. J. ( " Johu J!Iarquis, Architect. BLOOKl | Pic Nic & Pleasure Excorsionsi BROCK WAY'S Wi\E . .- . .. ! —OP— OMNIBUHSKS AND HAQKS. P ASTIES wishing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for _ • t? purpose of visiting the Gardens or for PiiNlc Parties, can be supplied with first class vehicles tfSthn shortest notice and -nfett reasonable terms. A line of Omlhussei will commence running on the 1st of June for forest Home, leaving Tan Cott's corner at ?A.X. and 8 r. M. the Omnibus for Wauwatosi leaves Tan, OoU's at 12 M.and 6 r. u. ,. , iiT^BOCKWAY, mav20-dlm '; foot of Mason street. SIQHT AN D tCEAKINQ RE M OVAL , P . B A Y L E Y . Has removed to ob old itand, ISO EAST WATER jSTREET, ^(Opposite J. 1?. BonettecC* Dry Geodt£tart,) And having made such addition! to hla^facllltlei for executing FINE IP 6 R T H A-I T S I 1 As to enab'e hhn to say to the publlo with confidence that he Is now prepared to furnish them with every desirable style of Picture known to the community, and at such Astounding'Low Prices as to defy competition; BIDDLB AND DWELLING HOUSES WAREHOUSES &c SST Jobbing and Sepalrs done with J. A, 3TTL23 0» for example, Daguer retypes lor Cis. FULL SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS For only $1,00 the first one, and COc for the Dupllontes OTE1AINEOTYPES, AIOBROOBAFHS Aid In fact every other style of Picture, at corresponding low prices. PHOTOCBAPHS, Hats, Caps and Straw (Jooda, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, EAST WATER S T K K K T. MILWAUKSB, ......... myjo ......... WISCONSIN. ' ATLANTIC CABLE FAi.1. ' I J. 8. HiitoJ SEFEEENCE3 ; Jen B. 8iuaii», W. • O.JOJPI. offriak Up, rvceivM this < ' •• HUSH I OR. F. A. CADWEL.L, Pornerly of Toronto, C. W., now of Chicago, HI., the eminent anisklllful operator on the : EYE AND EAR At No. S3 Randolph, comer of Dearborn street, Is workleg miracles In the way of restoring, LOST SIOBT AND SSABOfQ. Dpwardj of TWO HUNDRED havs been received by Dr. C. within the last four weeks, many of whom have been blind for month! and years, bave had .their sight .Colored in el&er OU or Water Color*, and Snlahed in I - the highest style of the ArtJ 1 THE 8TEE1.OTYPE, i A new and popular style of Picture, Color*! In OU, which far excels 14 Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of finish, any other Picture ever offered to the Publlo.— These Pictures have only to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money an r«spr otfullj solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old fitand, ' Jfo. 188 East Water itrtet, MUuaitlee, WlKOiu marl8-d«m '. W. ?. BA7LET, AitistJJ —AND— J1ATS .' nr^Vr? * th9rtlmM . "" lw» 119 Jail Style for 1369, on 7> < " U ' 7 * Co>> lua Beebe •* °°SATURDAY AUGUST 14TH — AT— 3>ff O . -1. 8 O East Water Street. B. TH300P. Steam to the Principal Towns In . !EHQLAHD AHD SCOTLAND roa ssa. The powerful Iron gteanuhlp* bnr OP Will sail from New or^ for Cork direct and thence -PATKNT Jas lamp. T HS publlo Is now favored with !io 3ZST, 8APS3T and most SCONOMICAL LKJHT aver produced, equal If not superior to tbe best Coal QMS. It Ui adapted to Cfcorcies, Sotel», Stores, Reading Rooma Private Dwellings, Railroad Cars,4o., ic. A trlsl svtii prove Its superiority over all Portable- Lights now in brilliant, economical, freo from what Is more, entirely aafe from ,ion. Apply at JOHN SoODiuVs/ 35 Wisconsin atreet, to B. W. ?ARNrjM, ' - Statec restored Instantly by delicate and dlfflvu& While others, *ha .bav* been fufferen from disease, bave been mlracaloumly cored by mild and gentle treatment. ' ...-..' • - / . ' . . . The best proof u to haw Dr. 0.'» serviaea are •»??«- ciated is.that ha Is dally receiving new patients from all parti of tbe country, and. dismissing, as cured, his early received eases. ..... - * No Fee U required for an examination or opinion.— Ho OKAMI for sendce»tha» ar«.n«« tuecaafA, a* wffl be stated when the patient Is received. Dr. OadweH's TfujtiteoatAeSar.andXyt to b«h«dproHaonap- plloiuon a» above. • fte* The OnT Of MANCS2STSB ana V160 will sail from B&XFAfiT and COKE to New Tork once a Month, Bate of Passage from New Tori, To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns lu IRELAND, ElOLAND ATO BCOTLAND: Cabin,.... ITS..... j' ____ ....;...... Third Cl ass.... JSO." &T Passenger* forwarded to Havre. An*'5' •menand Hamburg far »:6 In Cabin, »35 Third TO PARIS (in M hours from Liverpool,) Cabin sparluy st,, Oppoalto .Uaorlcaa B3EPa COHBTANTLT on bano%a larga en of Mahoganyi Black Walnut and otter Wood Coa". gether with JUk'a Metallc Burial Cases. "<«™»i" The office of the JoresS Home Cemetery ComDanviB at my place, where I have the piata of the grounds I si «wayi ready to aocompany patrons to tba Cema- I«y to^elect lote or plaoa for burial, and can be found nnmy placs of buslne»s day or night. Coffln Trim- angsof all klndj for sale. * ITT Srsad- . , Wlaconsin. . B--P«u««tri by"thliiln» avoid the rMtasxJ d««V of osj^at Ballfla and SU Johaa. , aajffl JUSTICE DOCKETS. M ASraAOTUam esprsjsly for ihM onrpose, out of am quauty paper. B. J3R3ST A. CO., . F05JR FOB SAL.K wlU «u OH.'ilAP. W^TH-I^. j^*- B^«-«'- i -«r-^-a ir^^^W . &&*r ^-* •«-»• -vffc- s—f«nM-.^ff-4, ty ~~a* •

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