The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1973 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 13
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'SOUNDER' rises above sadness of hard times ft<r ROIIKtlTA DANSBY *' moviB i »»d corojwsstoiwi*. All of worth h»v* t*«n uwd to describe a tniiy different typ* of film that will l* 0|»ning »t the Uke It Thursday for a wwk'» nin, A siwak preview of "Sounder" was staged U»t mouth and Uwatre-ownw John Huctol »W that Braiosportrn who saw It then and othm who haw **n it elsewhere hav* added their vrfy favorable comments to the prabe the film has been accorded nationwide Several ministers who saw it then were amonft those well impressed with the movie about a black sharecropper ramilv in the Deep South during the Depression era. To the young people of today, who may only have »een the ruins of the rows of sharecropper shacks visible along highways in the Deep South, some aspects of life as decided In "Sounder" may *eem NOMINATIONS for Academy Aw««fe in tatcgone* brought nationwtdc iUfentton !<i '"Sounder." j •siury of how a biack family rvsc above atftcrutv during tin- IX-prrssjon to survive idith hope- and diRruly tn a M.-OH; from the film, Paul Winfk-M, left, a shirrcrtpftr, , and hi* iw. Kevin Hooka, and their dog. Sounder, sj> prehecsivel.v await the approaching jht-riii The film, which also stars Cicely TNistin. opens Thurwdbv at iftr Lake 11. Do-it-yourself TV ANAHEIM, C»uf. (AP) Lurking behind the murky title of public access ts a budding revolution in do-it- yourself television on Ihe cable systems. From New York City to Orianda, FU., to Bakersfteid. Calif, people are going into cable television studtoc to produce their own shows or borrow portable video equipment to record documents ries and entertainment. Controversies are already developing over how free and open it should be and how it should be funded The Federal Communications Commission last year ordered that in the lop 100 markets the cable systems should make one channel available free for public access. Programs have ranged from reasoned discussions of community issues to amateur musical recitals to — on occasion — anything goes. including a graphic demonstration of a folk remedy for hemorrhoids, William Bresnan, president of TeJePrompTcr Corp and oui-goug chairman of the National Cable Te!evm<m Association »htch a meeting at the Convention Center here, said "Access cr«le* 4 reaf paradox. "We see many advantages to giving the pubuc true access to a commuiucalicra medium for the first time But the present rules don't really lend themselves well to true access "The cable operators are responsible We are liable for slander. We are ordered by the FCC not to alknr obscenities and at (he sjmc lime ordered not to censor." A housewife with four children, Verdi Swatm. ru/a the &akersAeld channel and mans a storefront center She holds weekly rap sessions on public access and leaches the amateur producers to operate the video equipment. Bresnan said be supports a proposal that public access be funded by a 2 per cent levy on the gross revenues of the cable systems FRIDAY, JUNE 22nd 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM BARBARA CUWSON AND THE NASHVIUf BEATS BARBARA CUWSON "OM In A ArtBl for Stop Rotor* ToM. WESTERN DANCE i SHOW ANGUTON FAIRGROUNDS PR£ TrttETS 150 ON SAU NOW AT AU Doe Uke Jaekson woman commentnl on Ihe wav ihe family members had to *alk atnwat everywhere and that tlti* wiu the aweplwl means of getting about a far cry from today's need for a car to go a miple of blocks to a nture For the main BrftiMportm who may have themselves lived or at foul irjvrlnl ihmigh Louisiana, the stttmg Jar "Sounder" may be a familiar we The filming »«» done is the Clmluo, U area, jiwt a *h»rt dulance northeast of Baton Rouge The Oourthotwe m Clmtun v*a* »twl tor ihe trial scene*, tmt <uilhenlid() tutu cj.rrmt even further a real life juttge and cvurt clerk ttere playit^g thoeu? rwit-s. tu*> Ajvothcr part Mr IVrkita •- wa.i playnl by TwMy Airhart. Haton ttuuge attorney who «•»* t»vcf the state'* at.«l*uint attorney general Itw hltle »wi« in (he black family wtx*« story *%Sour*J«r" telto wa« « local child M were all of Ihe Khool ihlktren p(<rtur«<d I'Uvrri in a tuM-tull game ami a rtturvh t-twiRrt^iilKiri were «*l«-tKl k»-*lly itw Add to (hi* the ekl country t)lu*n of It* bUt'k nun in America, *u»« by Taj M4hal. » rock Wuwi UK* 1*1 jiogter wbo matte hi* film debut Hi "Soumkr," d«(uiln»t wm* ag*<J overall* 4(»J a tMltrrnl hat. twfore t«ktit|| up hu guitar (ur hii rule The film (wtw, t>y th« way. refer* to th* JarttiJj d«n{ 4 gjeai t ««cj hound, ptayt-il by Swampy, a combination r««i t>ww 6Kw twk Sw««- may »ay "Siawiler" w a w>d fih)> *i»l ihere't no denying that it Islti * rw.mbmiiiejf »tcr> o< the family'* timtfyitti but it rtwM (or atKnr u-drnu to dK^ciuty There's also a ijuM btn«tl of humor with Ihe ! you cto*# to a fatHrr *h» dr.*« »Kdl he 'had la" lo (etui iu» family . * wife *nd iiurfher, *ho*e r««0urc«<t!l<w*i ami (rfiytM-al ttrtntgth are t*»«l t» keep ti«r f*m«ly Uktatt. and a boy *h*i« family tt«* aiv »*»«•< It.'i who »*<ri that h« Ki» 4 r !o you Wtiifr e»*c« ytiu «e* film, Freegwrt, Tr«a«. VVexIflMda* . Junt- 10, 1973 '**£* It » a film (heil ?uu tm Ule ihc ljf:,Uj Uii irt Hi*iW it* all {.v^.'k </ iJi ijf'w AS i tUm'» ytvinfrf |l(jt*rt tt IUi(ti«i pt-'i ll » 4taO«l( wbdl Kl.jto* busRuIM t^ i,M iU Ui* « | ttjti t* *t J » a till I ii) (t m . 4 ill .« Hi) c 4U« « »--JO'tt» Uit« 4 s. 1 , SI- Refreshing COCA. COL *>:. MS 60Z. 8TU. CT.M. DEPOSIT BATHROOM ISSUES Charcoal Iriqvoti Toaiato Saact Ftor NoUci Pbcappk Juice ",* 35* fs»-i;i> 5*<f «<t Disposable Diapers '?» I It Whole Tomatoes ":.; 22' Mil jOOp MM s,.;» 5 ».<.»; J 1 !«'»;« i t Apri<»l •reiervet vr 43* i»tjc * t * t Strawaorry Prttervtt : '«^ 4f TOMATOES 4 . Mormolode It'i'JIO » 37* CUroi •loa«a 3S* •attermili liscaHs 10' MJt'M.tK*! '* rt •'•I'-lt'S ROLL PXC. ir ii;i mj i MI FROZIN FOOD Oraafe Juice ^/ 43' Sliied Strawberries 3 ^ M Dbaers - 39* A HI : < «A« ihl i 1 mm i •a§s ^tif* «v $5* Drive Detergent -77' Trosi loft UI 7S' t(»L«.iI«« ««(>irtgr ;jjt| t i,' 't«t»if» *•*-*' »iv t»UUJ-t Preach Dressaif , 4 U 55' j. W. Coffee .A IS' PecoH Pie lO^IIOK «»'31.t « |Fonlhook Limas |5« «»'31.t ««»«(!., CAilf SNCUIS mit.'>i*tt< o*i»-;< CHM Drops -.•; ^ 23* 3 Mataotoori Dart 43 ( TO* I Sweet Pecs I TOT r»OJI fOTATOil Fries SHEET CREAK ICE CREAM '*!)«• Cucumk»«rs Okra Broccoli Uimons tJ»«4I Cherries -• 59' /•tin Com •• Hie Coh S ^ 5f« rttlo Juicy Peaches . 49' i »n* gin Cantaloupes •» 39' •I* c*er Seedless Cropes » 79* FRESH RIP! AVOCADOES 3 FOR >|00 FRESH HONEY DEW MELON EACH 49* ASSORTED FLAVOHS |HALF GAL. RMO. CTN. FRESH FRUITS A VEGETABLES WHIR! NATURE GROWS THE FINEST^ WEIN6ARTEN BUYS THE BEST. LOW PRICES ON HOME AND FAMILY NEEDS! MUIAIU tourc* PHOTO PROCESSING SPECIAL' ANY 12 €0101 MINT lIFOSOtIS rilNfli 4 DIVIIOPID 97 PORCELAIN Cookware SET HEG. i t« •ITU THIS COUPON (NO FOREIGN FILM) EKPIW5 A-24-73 voFi^ap^F aanaw^a>a^aja7^ajaj Stock Pot REG. 4 12 UT. • 70T,EMAM€L RiC. f3.« *PAC«ftTTC09Mf* »3.» o-ai-o Sponaos COLOHAMA TKKSS Panty Has* • Uf«l MMtlt * ALL »l»t *9*ll»Vi( amc PEACHES Gangland slayings launch massive manhunt *» C.M ***** «»*.-»*,. »», it* *MMW )4I * Mtwt m, SWf ..,., '.*il) ID |,u lutkr II* (i,J hie ' m> t" man »m) may ui h«* uf giwttg unrw '*/u/ " 10 turn tew a* tn hsi«-f *J "x N A'VfOMM » Af S8 t (!•»«,*:- j*s<* (>„««„. kf»»ii in fcv , ' Hf- S! tit Al *<* ?»,, y*» tt.« » rt)tft«x<jiit ••»ti«(«uB Hir vt htt "ii*Mtii l^tjt^ r+latut* **»•*• Imirt latxawt »n ?wri Aidutw< IJ.S ru ^a)• , I*. 1*71, t »»h I w f)th*r» Mexican *uihor(tie» toW of «*jt)ng 97 ktlogrtinK of cocatiw ami heroin worth W> milliw». fj»rr«*c» Movped Nov. 10 to * irwfc twiMffng to th* Ouadslaiar* pri*r*i director »hkfi w*» w*d to iftio *h<? prwon ornipoand, Ft>Ho*iait ihe Hit j A«J >:ij.V(j funs 'A.|/sf*« » i!| t j«t'...-,,U ;fj ?,*^h hftfldk t«J f/f {*•«;(:*• ,.-.f',-fff,M»f« hit firral in M«lew. ao«hnr»J«* My he M M w «Afti/Ji!Kjri called "The l>ms", <te*cribed by one federal »|ent *» ih^ UrgMi nurluHer of hard K*rcrtlc» in ^<nua, and Ar>j»nM» Hire »*<^<»c«) <W ludi «Jtim«t«« of (he r, although tlury »dmi» the Knmp dealt In ahotewl* , at a fugitive, isiorwof th*UwJirf ihe original Dons fa ttmttn .-!( lit itttivtS -vixe 4 JMiaw w . f*Ji4t*- *'• V?/. 1 -: ejk- 5 e^.l.^a't^S < 5*U? the *»^ru»'«*r*j!«t«- »<.<mi *«fft««tj *» li f*iiUfc*i ami u>r TlfK UKA//>&l>OHt FACTS uuc&itt c*fjj, w ,, H. S , U' »,<- t*ft*« «l e»«*J> J'*' Pirrpuri. Tr»«»,M wbini4j»%, Jut«- J«. 1*71 l'»jr ISA uih*r* Arc (Sex), ff«r are in prfton. ow; w a fu0!tv* no afftJ»*t(ti «1ih C«rra*c» and aw*h«r h "cool,™ or no m 'CHAMPION BREAD to** i *. FRESH CELERY IWIV f FRESH lectorinesl * »• vi •« PANTY HOSE BEICE, TAHTONE. TAUPE. NAVY. Oft CINMAHON TKADMO STAMPS DO COST MONEY ... •s^PBW^Pvl';; l9aWIW Blm Bill IS Dragnet out for cousins in drug war B) JOHN LtMPKIN SHOULDER STEAK t-tt STOtt OPfN DAILY 9 0411, til 9 pjn. (MONDAY thru SATURDAY OPEN SUNDAY 9 ajn. till 7 p.m. r. rp,t« i:* <j«»t> TV«H * «»-*.» Ph.HT TMdMlT K!'.*£**M' • /COOKED PICNIC it. Kit ^•v^ia^ av^^ ^ CHIPS • iV^BW^ •^^••WV^ LOTION REG. 11 23 W01. SIZE SHOULDER ROAST SA.S' A.NTOMO. Te» - T»o coucuai »re ?«TJ Jua«it* tc Ihti cross- On* ihe uttslj mxjght by US iJ!-!<.«Ti» tJfUthl Tb* heawBia* gniifaw tn «i«xa Cccsn "Tb* OkJ iUs " Cirrauco, D, Ttho it «<rr;.^ed in U »b<v** airtotict u.'MK a wvotftd tr. a csterc*! txtufglt tMR h*.* }oC"ja«ri 00 co itnc* firt c<f fcs.-) ifd oedernorld Ground Beef ^ SLICED BACON i i ;»i.i;t "t«i'ii nil K>i> tttti ioitoa loir^V 1 .. 12* CborketteSteoV ' 99' 'Soioied S«'.to«e Kit c«i)JO t* Jama Ctmutco *nd «a.» ige&l IfiW Tbe ^WM th»l SitSS erf Aufutte "Mr BJS" o< Mexko connection. had dealt in . or "*bit*"* heroin, C»rr»«x>'» operation* have been limited to Mexican or "brown" heroin, federal and local investigator* say. fite» other people. Carrasco doesn't have the Mrofr faire about biro," t»ys a custocu agent here »ho ti kokiaig tor both. There a mm* UBt among local mvettigatori that Carrueo has Sinloy on a re-recge ial-the ume 1st ohich reputetfiy has included five gangland figure* riirnicj!*rf here tn the past lfar«e azd orn^h»lf rooatha One B«ur Oaaaty iheriffs ir.vMiigiior. Li Alfred C'jrr»ofi, luggesu thai Santoy and Carrwo) "w«iJd like lo catch each «her." Sicioy't Ink wtth the now decimated orzar.iutioo of Aitgytit* Rioon) goes back to IV71 wbtc. M cc* oi Hughes' irib it. Santoy was lo Luoea "The Frvachman" Sana, a Record diitrscl of L" S -Wencic M)-»., "I (ices'". i »sjt<«lj' r&wf ! Sic!o> I'm r*x lo Saoaldkr toaster* 1; i t *xt*K * ^i iuf--| f *>K A *>f * r» t« r -r bflba Cat 'V*'M' :; ,tt •aaca $tfk' : *U" : -» 1 Caach loail" 11 "'* 11 -••» 1* f Sliced lacoa «<• 1" t (. <*»«'« t|*f<» i;.i; ».nii m» tax « ...«!» •' ;» '•it »; f» Stow Mtat <; " ( -« | - ,> P* SlUorf locoa ^ 95* fc.l i»-?KM ^|*it;ff * W I M*k» MJ ' r *-**! * !•»?»»?» ; ,i »"« t '.- ^' ci«!»r or. _^*ar See irul tn [ >«c J o< l»jj year but <fad otA. Mintsnn t!» CMS IxxwJ M< ts fairK«J as itiirrii c«Ht Usent - YOGURT ** I * *.* » v-*l •if&t %.*»•«' Co<*1oil Skrkap < «ri »**f» rtiattkat t«if f »W Fbattkat Ali'toVf Woaiori Cotta«t Uttie ' laacli Moats V FAIMil MOWN CHEESES •AIIIV TtUTi Orange Twirls « 59 ( CoMee'Coke > 49 ( >»..' Supper Cakes » 73 l C *C\ t.-i 111 Supper Cakes <* 73 ( Haiaourqer Baas 33' j i j»«•t r f »« : > x :;.. «•»( ;,» Ciaaa«oa Sweet lolls^,49* w^l hcrwrs A ne» bcexl on oof- uurter .T^iJxc. Aciiin tvu t»i CVXXYftj l> Jx»s!oj a <r*ugft!, be jlfco ill h*\* lo p»J coc-hiU •Million tioiJiri Jxsn<i in nNks. To, , «h«r« he ti under indjct-twra or. i i.n:u££iuxg 24 tvus the I'niinj .SU!« ii a Spam The federal Bureau of Narcotics and Daogeroos Drugs. IB an official pobliotsan. draws a direct Une from Ricord Ihrougt heu'.erjnu Jean Paul Aagek«j and WUlutn Perrw to Sara. Ricord has been Knienccd la prooo in the United Suit* inrf the other thi-«r ra«i are m >atl m Franc*, *a)i the BNDD Accordusg lo ihe Custocos agent. Sam Uvtd in a Saa motei for several m 1*71. i&jtoLamiag a profile bu; permitting the iU;«t tflduigeoce of locil gambkng Ubies Thr agent sa>s Satu ever.!uaO> Wl San Antonio to oprraic oui oi Spam, but <i»d ant forgo hu rvUucmhtp with was who Santoy mrt all Use time in ijyi U* agent. THE WORRY QINrC Diabetic's brain must rule stomach . Dbaer lolls *t'tt • 39' LB 39' f *t> »li M(«T S* JH v »H f 7«' Silted ••!•!•• -. I" »" siict'j c*y (m :."»$' MEAT POT PIES OSCAI HIYit f Mil HOOUCTS it ti t »^fit.*» u c; it u * ' *«VMM !• «. It ,-> • IV ' £"S«tC *»»U 07 It o« to M»I w. ii .» • c* Mtr IMAIM t a: ii « • t» tn. wi> »*M>t*t i: w r, n • t*<ct u< W*T U SI li «l • tCHo Ml UK .: cr t) « <»||M I W I! 4-* • »i * < «L..»; I c; f, '.t» i as, i! «t • «««-;- n, i«, t ;.* u >» • •e «u » or i; t» • u;.t.« »» Mi« t u u, lEfcf :MIC«F.N -I TURKEt B> I.KOHGE H fR-A.NK. Ph.D.. M.O. t'.VSK X i.TT Umcr G . aged J» ts a dabvitc Dr Cr*iw h<- began, "I rvcxntiy tlevtrkipevi i 4cvtre in- i\Ms<iC Ifi Rl) Tt|jltt lLtl!4 >'or i (inv<r is kv^td i» U I nviglu lt»* that leg, NO* the (iycicj* ha\e »imol me not to Ukf my duly • *aihm> feet ev«r> nsgta ami also put on UI VBKTtC PSYCHOLOGY Man> $vsJ inil» •* iih sfaabete* thirik it is a s4ur on (heir v irilay lo t** Itet siiA! i Us our vnnah r,u»M of us nur.uJictuxv: impJv insUm to b«rti up in vat \urm«.U> raug« SO ta> 40Z. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE WITH THESE SPECIAL I ^^W^^^* TALC l»fcC. LiHOM, OK PEACH *5i 02. REG. SIZE LOTION OK 401. SUE COLORS ^^^i^B» -^^ ^^ W^V LIQUID REG, II.)? j UOI. SIZE ACRYUC YARN £i*y i *»< »•» BLADES INJECTOK 01SPOF II DOOILt EDGE EA ' OIJP. OF 10 401. SKEIN *>Jt p^urc^i mir»cukiusJI> is "tri^jifered' to secrete ,.™,» vuuiin aflrr »e MI.ur torniuce ihe output when the sugar tevrj i» normal U>o'i> (•.inr.uit'S t2ke% pl^ce TJivti. isiAnj pi^incfu ceih in our scalp •ipfwmulv . io' jxuni" uur hair black at bro*« or red.»(ormerlv V »r UTSW tu si*>» numy gray hairv and even turn snowy Ji»nw t* (rue U our pancr«4*, (« «« nwy cow secrete only 50 urn!» at tiiiuim *tx.T<.ij in youth «e might prodwe IA> uuU. t*riar lu 1K£2, »hcii Urs Banlia|t aad EUwt ducovervd uvudia, ihe dubrltoi lu J lo rt-jy on ri^sd dtetu^ to it ay <dive. And i( the> were *e\ere 4u5jetw». thV> vekkxn jurvncJ v«rj «g l*r Andrew t' l\)'s thewy iil oiiK'or uuw itdiiutted by our •Jtliii^ caivvvr rvwnirvh tAperti. *lso *tattt> Ih4l in ywah most ul u» oUu (if oJuwii ctaMjgh anli viiicer hurtnutic la (veveut the •.vli^imvtu ^ eanew cells Bu: fcj tutdili,- agi. uiitcy ct » wes'l MXTettag tssuugb <rf thai jjitt cAiwvr twouwtc i»bxh he t«j«« CitrcaJbai. so %« 4^0 ixd lo tap an out»Mk wurve of Carvaleo, a* (rum hum Wtwd. i><iU.ttc» U£>UJll> hive rutt U>» ou their internal prttfkMloo d .iiwlm, »u they "burro*" a daily yuuwie "shot" vta iierdk, to keep tlvcu Uuoti iu^*r t«ve) lu itut W to 120 ncfmil rii^t. U, hu*e\«. they i^atft; their thuu ol uiiulut tor orftl lther«p>t, ttMftr bbwd *ugar 4>u6k*, trehk* « uwy ruo MO tu

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