Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 13, 1897 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1897
Page 9
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ai!*«s?<! f>? Mr*. B. It. 4§;«M e f"i ^«i5*="'^ ?fvV ' JS^fij* «*}>!•' " St>;> * !"''r£"F». *1* J , \f i*-^i.' •• • tut , f !* rt f,-- ;.*} " j : - ' J , •* '• i * - j » * t -,» flosfef' f>!?sfrlf»f 5* In fnlt blast. Tbe frnit tw^i dre f sjoteltifl in their - -White robefl «f blossoms, and ft drive ttttimgh the ewnntry at the present t!s»a !s » beautiful sight, Georgia is Jttdt recovering the measles, Wfe ws?e l» error in regards to J, Belief tmvint the erysipelas; it proved to b« a case of rae««M~a very aneom- tnon occurrence for ft person of hie age. Mies Daisy Pond heard the jubilee *lngeT8 at Morrison Wednesday night. Hopewall school closes June 4 with «ppropriat0 exercises and a picnic. McEirath school closes June ft. ' Pat Jd Matthew, Jr., was at his farm Wednesday, We are glad to .see Mr. Matthew looking BO well after his long illness. v " Mrs, Clara Boyer spent one after* ooon the past week with Mrs. Sarah Birduali. May 10. • West Spience Ridge. A little rain would help the small grain. Nathan Bush sold a fine lot of cattle •to shippers last. week. The bridge on the west plnsraor toad is being repaired and repainted. Willlatn Miller washed to find the «xact number of, stars the other evening and so took a headef from hie wheel. He didn't say. whether he obtained the information sought or, not. Mrs.N. J. Bush and. Mlsa Laura "Wilson, of Pralrleville; Mies Annie Holland and Mrs. John Early, of Ster- .ling, were wilcome visitors at our 'school Thursday and Friday. ' r Mi8d EllB) Eborflole received her "teacher's certlflcate.from our fluperln- tendent the_^othjBr^day.^_]. Miss Ella^ - passed the required grade some time ,ago, but must needs wait until her ' seventeenth birthday. Ella Is a ' pupil • -of West'Science' Bidge. Miss Hax teacher. Fred Hessllng and'wife; of Sterling, •„ "were the guests of Mr. and Mrs; j 35manuel Landls Sunday. . .. Emauel Landls lost a valuable cow _ftu9^ nronlp - " ' «Oww WCvA* , ,•','•• - •' '- Mr. and Mre. Fry, of East Science Kidge, visited at D. M. Ebersole's Sunday. . •.'•-••• .'• • ' •-.' j.. " , Malvern. f ', . . -.•-..*, ''/ Mr. and Mrs. Dan Long vislled . .*0hatlie Long in Uatlck a week ago Sunday.". ' •.;-'•••;•'•'.'• :-. 'hV:''" : .;\ "•'»'. ' -Mr. and -Mrs.-Amos Grater and •daughter, Gertie, of Sterling, attended Punkard church here Sunday., ^ Mr. and Mrs. S. S.>Boyer, of. Prairie- - Mr. and Mrs. William Howe went to 1 ' "Coieta last Saturday' and attended Mrs. , Feriton'sfuneral' \j ''__ - ' ; : •'••('•-. r / Mrs. S. A. Wells was a visitor at Mr. and Mrs. K J, Lyons -spent a r \ -day at Scribner's recently., , Elsie Hayes entertained her niece last week, taking her home Friday. Mf. Walzer, of Sterling, traded for >aome of Scribner's ponies last week. He will be after them'tomorrow. 'T.'A. Scribner was in Sterling last ' Tveefc, ,He has traded for some prop- f t \ \-erty in Bqck'Falls. . , * ' j 1 !*- - Mra. S. A. Wells will visit her cousin, I * / Mra. Scbumaker, of Sterling this week. Liu ' , Mejdames Horning and Scribner had ',,£, r * lively time with a kicking horse Sat' ,«rday, They were driving a team home j,v r - "from town, when one of the animals V ' began to kick, breaking loose from the fe.' v -twiggy. The lB4ies succeeded in hltcb- sng it up again, when it renewed its ••obstreperouenesa with/ even more enthusiasm than before, ; It kicked,over the pole and rolled down a bank under . 4 the othe? horse. Mr. Fielding • and ;, three other's happened along in time to * prevent any other trouble and the la» <diea were taken home in Mr. Fielding's fcuggy, drawn ;by Pan Long's team. v The ladies'were very badly scared. %i iff, tf# !->'. "» ' «' >» Mre, Pierce and Mrs.vT. W. Talbott . called on relatives in° .Rock Falls last ; Amy Yandrew returned to her home. 4a Sterling Tuesday, after a pleasant •visit wltb relatives here. • Frank and John Morgaridge, of Gait, oa Como friends Thursday even- O'Brien spent .Wednesday end Thursday iu Gait at the home of her heE, M«. Kilroy. , e Y, M. C. A, young men of Ster^ flng held services in the church Sun 4«y eyenlog. There was a good at - tipdaoce and it was enjoyed by all,, eg- j geoially the muelo by Mr. Leo Philips.' ' Bam Cobecour shot a white pelican onday evening, wbJwh , measured f$et from tip to tip of its wiugo, Steveae, th^ two-year-old ^jswjtt of T, D» ^vens, i» quite ili again, • Mrs. fleath aad aon, Fraak, of M1I- ' |adfeviUe» vieited tbe iady's parents, t, pud Mrs. Olds last weefc, , James parr is ^spected to re; 7 |W8i$eOo«(MJ soon, after a two yearr $r|h Corolioa, Her maay will bf delightMl to see her, , in Mrs. Talhofc ancl POD, Hatrf , friends in Woodeide Sunday. Mrs. Howard la in Clyde, at th© home of her daughter, «ho is very ill. Mrs. Card, of Dhtoo, who hss been Visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cohenour, returned to her home last week. Her toother accompanied her for a short visit. ' Mr. and Mrs. Geidaer, of Rock Falls, called at 6. 8. Partridge's Thursday. E, 0. Whitman and wife called at the hom§ of J. H. Vandenburg In Gait, Saturday. « • , O Mr. D. Lament is rapidly convalescing. :"'•'•• May 11. South Gencsce. The merry "chick" of the' corn planter again comes to our ears. Jack Gleason, who 'was assisting Will Harrison on his farm, fell from a plow Which he was using and sustained Injuries which will prevent him from continuing his occupation, Misses Louise, Emma and Mr, Frank Mayberry were the guests of Joseph Harrison and family Sunday. Our hustling Road Commissioner, Mike Sheehan, was around Monday serving notices on the poll tax payers of our town. Daniel Meyers and wife, of Sterling, spent Sunday at James Slddle's. J. E. Taylor spent Sunday with Arthur Sherwood In Coleta, Elmer Wink and family spent Sunday with Mr. Wink's brother, Wesley, and family* , , • Ed Jones and family were Sunday visitors at Lew Eeeoher's. May 10. Moutmorency. Sunday School. Be sure you bring your lesson manual, Miss Mabel Christie is spending this week with her aunt, Mrs. Pomeroy lilpley, in West Montmorency. Mr. aiyi Mrs. Will Chllds received a visit from Mr. and Mrs. E. F. McCracken and daughter, Hettie, and Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Halstead last Sunday. A, L._ Titus and family spent last Sunday in Harmon, the guests of J. B. Titus and wife. ; • Becker Otteh has had a relapse rand Is again ill. , , ,, ,•-,. . Mrs. Samuel Compton la improving from a severe sore throat and cold on her lungs. She has been a sufferer for the past two weeks. : - ' Mr. and Mrs. Hoaton and Bons, Clinton ^ and Homer, wenVto Tampico last S4nda.y to visit Mr. and Mrs. • Owen 'ickens. ' • The Montmorency Sunday School: is beginning to plan for the observance of Children'fl Day. A committee on arrangements will bo named next Sunday, -- W. <!• T. U. Notes. . / • • , The Loyal Temperance Legion will meet next Sunday after Sunday School. "In Wayne county, a W. C. T. U. has enforced the law in regard to illegal liquor selling to the extent of landing a man in jail." ...'•'• "In Martlnsvllle, Clark county, .111., no druggist takes out a government license for the sale of alcohol, because of the strict enforcemant of law by the persistent' effort-Of the! W.'C, T. U, who did not hesitate to prosecute three iyears in succession."V '„ ; '.".V';v : .The same county has another Union which has stopped all illegal selling of intoxicants in a ap-license village by enforcing existing laws. "Within five yeara the W. 0. T. U. has driven every saloon out of three counties in Illinois and by ' continued education, agitation and, distribution of literature, kept,them out." .,, "In a sparsely settled wheat-growing section in attempt was made to have a'saloon, Miss Maggie Eaton, the County President, took her horse and carriage and, with another white rlbboner. drove fifty-five miles in one day^openlng forty-five gates; the next day she took another woman and drove forty-five ; miles and operted thirty gates, making one hundred 'miles.: in two days and the opening and closing of seventy-five gates, 'But the county was saved from having a saloon by the aignaturea of votera isbefltsflsted, Yee, the, woods are full of euoh W, 0. T, II. wpmea and the practical results they bring abqutare un-ngmbered and often unknown,"—Union Signal, Farmers are getting along nicely with the work of corn planting., vChere are. great prospects of fruit this year. Many of the trees] are a mass of bloom. Enoch Beede la suffering greatly from sciatic rheumatism. It seems to affect him in every part of hie body, William Ruuk was somewhat better on Buoday. He w&j weaker'' than he had been, but very much tftors quiet. John Wolfwipergw fods out to his farm on Sunday, his first visit {hwe since his severe sickness, AH were glad toe«se Jiim. W) there will he, fta «nU$rtaia- l fcbB Liifewan cfeurch id We§t tet-the purpose of helpiog to r' v 'in oe t nf thst rtfpnrtm^nt So theW. C, T. r. The meeting will be the IT, B. church at There will bs two cohVenf.Son9, Sunday School and Young People's Society of Christian, Endeavor ,and a Children's meeting? at JSast Jordan church In the near future. At the 'regular meeting of the Jordan W. C. T. U. last Thursday evening there were more that a hundred in attendance, a fine program was carried out, after which sandwiches, cake and ice cream were served. There is a part of ft column in the STAHDAKD called the Directory, that the W: 0. T. U. women ought to be conversant with If they are thinking of voting In the near future. Orcouree, the women did not vote for any of tL ose officers, but when they do vote they should know for whom they voted. Miss Emily C. Zlgler will teach the Center school next year.. No reduction In wages. So far as^weknow the other schools have not engaged their teachers. Thieves broke into the Talbott school house between Friday evening and Monday morning, taking some small things. One of the doors was not properly fastened. " . Several will go to Prophetstown next week to attend" the W, C, T. U. convention. .... ,;•' • Mrs. Huff is expecting a friend from California next week to visit her. . ' Hannah and Maggie Hackett took the teacher's examination last week- Mr. Johnson found the work so good that he could not but wonder if those girls had had access to his questions. He said there are many applicants who .|fluld jaQLeven copy the Work without making more miBtakes than they : nia3e. Last week an account of the death of Mr. J. G. Westervelt came, which we are sure many will be glad to read, John Gerry Westefvelt passed away on Wednesday, August 5th. He suffered a paralytic • stroke about three weeks prior to his death from which he never recovered. He was born in the town of Poughkeepsle on Sept. 30, 1814, near Spackeakill. He , was one of the early pioneers to the West, whither he went In 1843. He located in Wisconsin, near where Fond du Lao city now stands. - He married Miser Mary Tomp- fclns, who lived bat a short time. He followed farming awhile, and then sold out and engaged in the. .grocery business In different places In Wisconsin and Illinois. His last place of business was at Varna, Marshall county, 111., where he Was burned put in 1892. He then, returned jto Salt Point, Dutch- 'ess' county,"- where he" resided at the time of his death. ; He. was known by his associates wherever found as hon -eBtrand-upright-in-bie-dealinggr-and ever ready to lend a helping hand in time of trouble or embarrassment. . He leaves surviving him two brothers and two sisters, whose combined ages would be 331 yeara: Mrs. Maria Van -Wagnerand-Mlss Cathline- Wester velt- of Salt Point, Casper Westervelt, of East Park, and P. Henry Westervelt, of Empire, Wls. : . ' ; ' :. : -: ' Gait. •'',..•-•.- \ House cleaning is now* the order .of the day. •' ' ' ' i Mr. and Mrs. George McCallister, of Sterling, visited at George Burch'a Sunday. '•''• ,•'.•' : - ••-.- • .' •• '••' ',' Miss Margaret Willsey spent Sunday with her patents. . : : Mr. and Mrs. Ed Myer spent Satur; day. with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Landhere, of Bound Grove. . Mr .'and Mrs, ; Henry Buyers spent Sunday with ' their parents, Mr. and Mrs; John Buyers. , ; » Ed Robinson came home last Thursday to spend' a few 1 days. Lewis Wetzell is erecting a new bam. John Hendrlcks is doing tha work.- -: • : ; '-•• : : .':';' :. : '- ";, : Mrs. Fred Ohms Is ill of pneumonia. The King's Daughters meet -with Mrs. Frank Hall next Wednesday. Lloyd Hall and Vernon Fink spent Sunday with their parents. .May ,11. .' ' •'•;•. >'..'••*' .-;'• . ; /: ',[' Proplietstown. C, H. Aldrich, of Tampico, was! in town i Wednesday. • .'.'.. B'. I. Dickinson ppept Wednesday eyeutug in Savanna. • ; ' Mre. W. E. Tuller'and daughter, Jennie, were guests of Sterling fdenda Hii- day./- 1 '.,:', v'.--:. v ,' .-, _'.;•-. • ••-.: ;.••.-... • ., MiasKate Adams is visiting friends in Bocnelle and Aurom, , Mre. Ida Post, of Chicago, ie visiting her parents, Mr, aad Mra.E. B.Conner. Messrs. Will and EdEiseie were via- itora from Sterling Thursday. Fred Glas8bur.n and wife, of Tampico, spent several days of last week witjt Mr, and Mra, Harry Richmond. Mesars/ Frank , Stewart and Ralph Wiley, of Tampico, spent Saturday in this place. Mr, un4 Mra. H, Aldrich aod Natalie- Wilbur, of Sterling.attended the recital in Sbole's Hall Friday evening. Roebrt Molutyro will deliver a lecture oa, "Buttoned up People," iu the Methodist church Friday evening, May 21. Tke Propbetstowu graduating class consists of three this year, .Tbia Js the st cl*ss ww gwdufettog from this sebool— &m to adding fe The grsdastfe* «*6.Hiiss tt<~~i 'it? i nf ri»Uf >- ifc • .Id'i" S in Hh^l Mrs, F f Wends in J?roh?!ie and Itockford Thursday. Mrs. F. E. Ilocheleau and daughter, JPfaea, of Berwin, are visiting relatives In town. In Rock Falls at 3 ojclock Tuesday occurred the marriage of Miss Emma Sturtevant to Mr. V. H. Gibson, of Sti Louis. Those present from Penrock and this vicinity were, Mr. aad Mrs. Burt Bturlevant, Mr. and Mre. Charlfa Sturtev&rit, Mr. H. A. Sturtevant and daughter, Keene, Mr. and Mrs, Pan Cuahlng; f May 10. ,','••; .--, - 13nst Science Kldjjo. Cornplantlngls all the go this week, James Evans la repairing his house. He will paint lt"some time in the future. '..'.• •'•-.. Jacob Landls returned from a visit with friends in New York, last week. . Most farmers are planting but Anson Brauer Is harveatlng corn. Mrs. John Lankls Is still very serl' busly 111. . Cora Ebersofe, who Is 111 with the pneutnonia.ts repotted to be much better. . : -' •. -.'..,:' The East Science Illdge school was closed last Friday afternoon with appropriate exercises. The work of eight months is ended and now the children can lay aside their books and enjoy a long vacation. Quite a number of people gathered to listen to the closing ex- ercisee.which were very well rendered. Samuel Elgin invited all the cyclists of Sterling to come out to hU creamery Thursday evening. The chief enjoyment of the evening will be drinking buttermilk. Mr. Elgin will be well supplied with the fluid. . , . ^MlsjJ)BjTiej3bjjnnM,Q ^ and Mr, Louer, of'Polo, were visiting with {he 'family, of Lev! Snavely last Sunday. Mr.- Louer is one of the reporters of the semi-weekly .Visitor In Nature has nW burst forth with all her glory. The fruit trees look like large, magnificent rose .bushes giving forth such sweet fragrance that it greatly refreshes one to inhale it. When one'passea through the fruit orchard and sees the beautiful sight be cannot help but feel thankful to Him .who made them. • ' , Tampico. •B. E. Wheelock has been engaged as Principal of the school at Lyndon for the coming year. Mr. Wheelock Is a Worthy and ve'ry- hard working young man and we predict will give satisfaction. We congratulate both I occupied the School district and Mr.: .Wheelock. Mr. and Mrs. Pelos Craddock, of Pundee, Miss., returned last. Friday and 'are visiting with their .relatives and friends. "The Highway.' Commissioners have purchased a new road grader—the In? diana reversible—at an expense of ' ' '' '''' " PavidSlye has purchased the Tampico House of Mrs. J. -F. MoNaugh- ton, .*•'. -.'•>••'. •:,• : ••.••'.,•:.. H. P. Putnam, who has been sick for the past two weeks, left Saturday evening on the ,5 o'clock train for Knoxvllle, Iowa. He was accompanied by his .wife, father and W. 0. Stil- aon, the latter having the care. of him on the journey. 1 . ' '.. ; _.'...-'.::• A. B. Case, of Prophetstown, was in Tampico Tuesday. J. J. Bleitz procures his .meat now frpm Clinton, Jade believes in keeping good goods and says he can give better satisfaction purchasing meat of the packing houses than he can to purchase of the farmer. • Tampico is wrestling with' the electric light problem. L. W. Sheldon, of Rock Falls, was in Tampicoilast Saturday, Frank Stewart has the foundation of his bouse completed and carpenters are at work framing the structure. •''•', Mrs. Julia Brace, who was alok week, is reported much improved., Pr.' A". C, Smith, of Sterling, arrived in Tampico Tuesday mornlng.and.with a specialist from Chicago and Dr. P, A* Llllle, performed an operation on L, J, Kendall for hernia. At present the patient is doing well. v Gardenplain. Mr. and Mrs. J. E, Sands, of Sterling, visited Mra, Sands'son, Mr. E. Marcy, and wife a few days last week. Miae Laura Long, of Fulton, visited relatives at the comer recently. Mlsa Lucy Eaton, who baa been confined to her home for several months with illness, is able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs, F. Startzman drove to Clinton Saturday to spend the day. Mrs, Stover, of Fulton, visited her daughter, Mrs. A. J. Stowell, a few- days tixis week, Mlsa Etta George, of Clinton, visited frleods here recently. Mr. ftud Mrs. E. Marcy went to Lyndon Saturday to visit their brother aad uiilyj retujrijlag Sunday evening. f Miss Lucy .Baton vpeot Tuesday ia , Barker is very low at to borne in aJ>«9<lft}<H wifh Mr, sod Mrs, Msrcj this M!w €J*rk, of Mor?ii»0j}, gppnt Moo day Sid To-day with Mrs. W)lU*tt Montgomety, returning bdme Wefinss . Miss Belle Eatrta weat to Lyona ' ' ' . J. E. Wadaworth fiaftde a bn»ltfess trip to Falton the first of the week. Mrs. William Mohtgbinery {« visiting f rfends In Morrison! • Tuesday, May 25, a crowd of people interested In the welfare of the cemetery at Hickory Grove, will assemble at the church for a picnic end afterwards will concentrate their energies on the'cemetery grounds with a view of beautifying them. Thursday, May 20, the Band of Helpers of the Christian church will give a lawn sociable on J. H. Becker's residence grounds. Ice cream and cake will be the main features of the evening. A May pole winding will be witnessed during the evening;,a good program has been prepared. : Mr. and Mrs. Bey, Noah Gar wick, and Mr.and Mrs. Cyrus Bushman drove over to Grand de Tour Saturday afternoon to attend a musical program that evening. They returned Monday.' , J. 0. Klngsbury has sold his stock of dry goods and groceries to S. S. Boyer, of Prairlevllle. Mr. Boyer took possession Monday and an invoice has been, taken' since, It Is thought that the stock will remain at the old stand in Coieta to be sold. • An account of the funeral of the late Mrs. Catherine Fentonmay be found elsewhere in this paper, ,. The .carpenters are bard at work building William Meakins'house. ' ^dOksGrsEflUghTiand--^^Charles—Rlglin wheeled it to Polo Sunday for the pleasure of it. • ' • . Mlsa Lulu Bender Is visiting with her brother, Otto Bender,and wife in Free* port thin week. ' ' 1 Bev. C. Bender attended to business at New Bedford Saturday. Last Thursday the Band of Helpers met at the home of Mrs. Albert Beed and spent the day sewing rags. Pavid Slick, who found what be thought to be a meteor, recently, has since been told, by one who should know, that his was a petrified specimen of a sea animal. It is worth aome money to him, so he says.; ,",';. ; 'The boys are preparing to playlbase ball this summer. A better organization than the previous ones will be formed. • , Bev. J. H. Grimes, of Forrestoh.ably the- pulpit 'in -the Badlcal U. B. church last Sunday morning during the;absence of Bev. C. Bender. A crowd attended the baptizing at Rock.Creek last Sunday afternoon. For the Sunday School Convention to be held at the Liberal Ut: B. church ,in Coieta, May 23, 1897. "- - , ' At 0:30 O'clock. : . . Bong. ,....„., ...... ,.. .......... .......;..... Prayer.,..,... <., ....... ..Ilev. W.T. Itlclmrdson One-half hour talk on the Sunday School Lesson . ..... . ............. , '..T, P. Overholser, Sterling Song ..... ........ ...i., ..;...,......... ...... i Topic: "What methods can be employed to obtain punctuality at Hunday School?" ..... Discussion opened by,. ...... ..A. I). Stanley Followed 1 by J. 0. MUroy, B.'S. Lawrence, WesleyWine Song. ............ ...... .. ..... ...;..v. ....:..,. Benediction.,...'. .............. ...Eev. C. Bender Afternoon SeMlou et 3:00 O'clock. Song ..... ...„.,.,..,...,...,.... ..... ......... Prayer...-. .. .......... ....... ...Bev. NiGarwIck Bone... ....................... .;...........;.. Topic: "What ,|s Teaching in the Sunday Schopl?". ........... .......... ....,....:.. Discussion opened by ...,...,..., :j. 1. PeugU ,' Followed by Frank Koyer, 0. U. Bushman, Dr. G, R. Proctor, •,-•.,* Song.,, ____ ........ ..... . ... ...... Male Quartette Topic; -'What relation has the Sunday School to the Church and .vlee versa?",.... .... .... Discussion opened by.,.;. ..... ..W.I). Deets 1 Followed by S. O. Crora, J>. N. Thorp, Mrs. -J.Glflrow. ; .,..',•.. Song... .......,...-..-.',....., ..... , Congregation Benediction . . . , ; ..... .'.;.,,., . . ' ; .......... ... • livening Session at S:OO F. M. .. Prayer..., .... ..., ......-,..,. ,.., Eev, C, Bcuder Praise and Song Service, Conducted by...., ... ..... ...................... ....J. B.Feuton Exercises by Pupils of Primary Classes of tha Town. ' ; , ' Bong.'...^ — ........ ......... ....Male Quartette '. Benediction. Kow t» tlie Time ta Oet a Home, , , 'TheChicago'^ North-Western EMI. way has just publiahed a newspaper called the North-Western Home-Seeker giving facts about the great State, of South Dakota'and the advantages it poaseesea for the, pursuits of agriculture, dairying and cattle raising. Lands can be had at present upoo moat favorable term's, and there is every indication of large immigration into the State this season. Correspondence la solicited from Intending settler*, and a copy of the paper will be mailed f pee upon application tc$W. B. Kiuskera, 22 Fifth aveuu6 4 Chio8go, 111. icuivlaaa via. C.B. & Q. B.l£ Co April 3 and 30, May 4 and 1$, the C. B. & Q. R. B. will sail titikets at Oils lowest firet-clsaa fare for the rouud t?ip, ploa 82,00 to poiata ia the uofthwest acii mjuth. Fet iaformfttioa sad C. B, & Q, tfcfs dlnraond? «*r» got, *tM I «?1J1 te s t how. f hurt tfa c*rt*?n IMty »«*«*talus In tlsfls? psttnj winter rales fa3i, which are very the "ws&sfs paifls roaring iBOBBtains ia'great tottentft, WMa fains ar? over, ftad the waters frottt tftft •mountains have ceased to flow, £&*?§' srarch ths beds of th« totffeats *a* find plenty ot diamoads. In ajso therp are plenty "to the mountains, but the heat of the la so great that It Is scarcely possfttW to gp thither, nor Is there tbea ft of water to be found. MoreOTefi those mountains great seFpfcnte are to a marvelous degree, besides Tertaln, and this owing to fhe heat. The serpents are &lso the venomous In existence, BO that arty going there ruas fearful risk, for hava been destroyed by these evil tiles. ; ' . . Now'among these-mountains are certain great and deep' vall^yr, the bottom of which thete Is no Wherefore the men who go in of the dlatnondB take with them piece* of flesh, as lean aa they can get,' ^ese they cast into the bottom of valley. Now there are numbers of white- eagles that haunt those mountains anA feed upon the, serpents. Wnett the ekf? ', les see the meat tfyrown down thej^ pounce upon It, and carry It up to Bom* * rocky hill-top, where they begla ta rend It • But there are men ou r tb« watch, andnii soon as,they eee thftt the eagles have settled, thejr-falsa ti • loud shouting to drive them away. An*. when the eagles are thus' frljhtenea away the men recover the pieces of, , meat and find'them full of diamonds which have stufck to th«f meat down itt * the bottom. >For the abundance of diamonds down there In the depths of th* valleys la astonishing,,'but nobody call , get down,, and If one could, it would life only afcohcejtatonred bjftho B9C-f3^ penis which are so rife there. •There Is also another way of getting the diamonds. The people go to th«, • nests of these white eagles, of wlilclx ,. there are many, and find plenty of diamonds which the birds have carried off with the meat that was cast Into the valleys. .And whe,n the eagles themselves are taken diamonds are found-in. their stomachs. • , • . ,, , • t So now I have told you three different ways In which 'these stones aid found. No ojther country.but this kingdom of Mutfili produces them, l?ut therts they are found both abundantly and ot large size. Those that are 'brought to pur part of the world are only there*•fuse, as It were, of the flner and Ifyrgar, stqnes. For the flower of the diamonds : and other large gems, as well • aa thaa largest pearls,- are all carried- to N t$», Great Khan and other kings and prlnceg of 'those regions; ia truth, they possess all ihe great treasures of -world.—-—— •-:—, r~~ , t Social Position and SeH-Support. : ."But whajt pi my social'position?"'la J- the cry of the woman^who Is obliged to , It frankly of some one who can furnish , her a more or less satisfactory answer, 1 or she may only ask It'of herself in secret in a wondering, pathetic toay. The woman wtoo wishes to keep her poclaf position in spite of her calling can do so provided her character is sufficiently strong 'to keep her from the errors, prompted by sensitiveness, and provided that she will not allow-her new d,tx- tlps to xjause her to forget the mental attitude of those in the social swim. She must keep In touch wlfch the Interests of those whose Interests were once hers. She must carry herself .with' eudi dignity, as to compel "recognition from all with whom she is thrown In coa-t, t,act. .Forceful, Intelligent women « of courage and ability are admired independently of their -worldly positions, and If there Is any situation la life where refinement and ^character count for their full value it' is^the position , which the self-rsupportlng woman,, bt former prosperity elects' to flll,~The Illustrated American. The Social IJon lu tjxe Are the offigers of our niiUtia Intend-, ed to adorn drawing-rooms or to serve their country? If the state under whose laws they hold, office designs them lor 1 the role of social ornaments* then the 1 methods of Gen. Peach, of the Massachusetts militia, are quite fitting, ajul any one aspiring to the rank of an v<)f- ftcer in the state militia should he' expected to pasa u strict examination faf to. pedigree, pocial standing and th« nature of bis oaily calling." If, however, the flrst requirement of a ralUtla officer is that he be qualified for the service of the state, (jhen to draw a' social line in the matter of promotions JB to insult American inanb,o«d> IuV vldious class distinctions ar& Jn^va4I4g almost every sphere. of our professed democratic life. As a rule, there,la nothing to be done about It. Bui, militia service is ijntbe hftadejji! people, ,1*1; them eeo to it that Si n6t,corrupted by ,favaritjpn'or culated by snobbery.—The H|uatrated American. • , * "H Miss Edith, you do not dr@am many sordini meu wou!4 such an iaaocfiftt, trwtt are, jiust ior her juoaey, But 1 the Jaau who wins yoxi T»iij for your owa sweet m&» aleue. Mies J§0itt,«~-"tadeed, he It's my as jmtB»~q)rlH» in, py A,

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