Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 9, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1898
Page 4
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MELVIN, STEELE JOHNSON, EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 9, 1898. r WARHORSES. their Great Intelligence Hiul Martial Spirit When the Battle la On. "It is remarkable how quickly horses adapt themselves to the mili- lary service," said an old soldier. "Every artilleryman knows that they learn the bugle calls and the evolutions quicker than tho men, as n rule. They OOH acquire a uniform gait, which is about the same as what we call the route step 01 the usual marching step. If the horses did not acquire the saiuo gait as the infantry, there would he varying distances between the different arms of the service--that is, between tho infantry ami the cavalry, artillery and the commanders and theii escorts. In tlio drills iu the artillery service the horses will preserve theii alignment as well as the infantry rank. "I shall always remember one illustration of this trait which I notec at 11 very exciting and critical moment of 'a battlo during our civi! .·wnr. In order to save- some of 0111 infantry from being surrounded anc" captured the commander of 0110 oi our batteries quickly mounted the cannoneers on the guns and put tho whole battery at a dead galloj: across a stretch of meadow about half a mile wide. I was quito accustomed to such sights, but when that dashing company was half w across the field I noticed tlio inspiring array and for a moment was lost in rapt admiration of tho magnificent picture. "Every driver was plying whip and spur, the great guns were rocking and thundering over the ground, and'every horse, recking with foam and full of animation and excitement, was straining" every muscle as he galloped forward,yet a straig line diawn along in trout would have touched the uo?.'g of t h o load horses iu i'routot thetix yui.fc. That was an artillery charge, one of the moFt thrilling sights in the evolutions of war. "It is surprising bow quickly horses learn the bugle call. Let tbo first note of tlio feed or water call be sounded, and instantly there will be n stamping, kicking and neighing among the horses. Once, during a terrible night" storm in camp, our · horses were seized with snch terror that those of nearly every battery broke loose and scattered about. The next morning there was a wild rush among the artillerymen to cap, ture horses for use. All was excitement, and the horses refused to be caught. An officer ordered the bugler to give the feed call. Horses from every direction came dashing in to that battery, and tho rush was eo great that it was with difficulty the men could get out of the way of the eager horses. "When it comes to a battle, a horse seems to know everything that is going on and the reason for it all and does his duty nobly. Ho enters into the spirit of a battle like n human being. ' He shows no fear of death, no sign of being overcome by" panic in all the wild tumult of the battle's roar."--New York Sun. LIFE I N CANTON. FRENCH HUMOR. M. Francisqne Sarcey and Big Grotesque Effigy In the Carnival. . It is often said tbat Frenchmen lack humor and dread ridicule, but M. Fraii- " cisque Sarcey has given an example of that humorous good sense which defies mockery. At carnival timo in Paris it is customary to exhibit on tho bonlo- ^ vards grotesque effigies of well known public men. A modest stranger called on M.-Sarcey to tell him tbat his imago was to figure in the procession. ' · "Verygood,"saidM. Sarcey. "What · can I do for you?" - "Well, if you would be so kind as to lend us some of your veritable garments, they would make the likeness all the , stronger." "No doubt," responded tho critic blandly. "In that cupboard you will 'find several hats." "Oh, tho veritable hat will not do! You sec, your head--I mean tho head of the effigy--is enormous.'' ·"Tresbien. Take a coat, then." Dressed in tho veritable coat, tho Sarcey dummy was an immense) success. It eccmecl so strange to literary Paris, however, for a man. to aid and abet tho caricature of himself that M. Sarcey has volunteered an explanation, which 1 is a delicious bit of humor. "Lamnr- "-tine," he remarks, "would not have consented to lend his coat for such 'a purpose. Ho was a poet with a sensitive eouL So was Victor Hugo. But what ·would you? Wo cannot all be Laniai- tines and Hugos. Why should we poor journalists, who have no feelings to epeak of, deuy ourselves to tho popnlaco when we can contribute to thcir hauu- less amusement? Besides, they may not always think it worth thoir whilo to ndtice 'die · '/"An agreeable trifler came to mo tho other ;dayand asked my permission for the use of my name in a burlesque. I gave it cheerfully. 'This may be tho last time,' said he. 'What do you mean?' I asked. 'Well, you aro goiug . out of date, and next year you may not be worth a laugh 1' "--Exchange. Lying as a Dbeaw. "The liar is a much abused person, " , . said a well known loaal physician to a reporter last week. ' 'The liar is not al- 1 , ways to blame, and if · you have any friends who are addicted to false repre- '. eentation of things advise them to coii- eult their doctors.' There is hopo for at least one class of liars. Medicine and medical methods aro applicable to those who suddenly develop au abhorrence for the truth and lio on all occasions, even though the truth might better suit their purpose. This has come to be thought of only as a species of dementia that' is oft times successfully treated. "Tho malicious liar is a difficult problem, for ho knows that ho is telling a lie and . there is 110 hope for him. But there are lots of people who just lio naturally, without knowing what they are saying or why they say it. The in. dividual often has nothing whatever to accomplish by lying, but does so just as some people stutter. But, as I said before, he should not be blamed and frowned upon. His mind is unhealthy and his nervous system is out of order. Rest, tonic and good nursing often restore these people to their normal self, and then the love of rectitude returns, and ! they are effectually cored of a very cm- i "-- WasJtimrton Post. | Iho People ami tlio Customs of a Fame Chinubu City. There are Europeans .it Canton, but they livo iu. a settlement outside the uativo city. Their influence, like their of abode, is merely upon .lio out ermost edge of the community. ' Our ideals of civilization have not touchet the people. They are today as thej have btou for centuries past. The; sneer at our institutions and consider themselves in every way superior to thi white " barbarian." Casual visitors to the crowded city visit the various points of interest by means of sedan chairs. They are accompanied by a uativ guide, -\vho conscientiously goes through a long catalogue of things, woiidorfu or horrible, iu English, which is fluent ly spoken but imperfectly understood by those to whom it is addressed. The guide is very attentive to those in his care, very polite in his manners, ant ol'teu possessed of a fair amount of hu mor. The streets of the city are of a pattern of immemorial antiquity. None is more tliau ton feet wide. The houses lean in from the base and almost meet overhead, shutting out all but the liar rawest strip of daylight Signboards ;:re hung perpendicularly outside ever; house. They are elaborately carved ark gayly decorated with abundance of golc leaf and scarlet or black lacquer. The mystic looking symbols inform the cm! ous that one particular shop is "Prosper cd by Heaven," another has "Never Ending Good Luck," while yet another is "The Market of Golden Profits"--the said profits, be it known, going into th pocket of the dealer. Among the most interesting sights o: this unchangeable city are the pawn shops. They are often great, square solid granite structures, which lool more like old border keeps than thi residences of accommodating "uncles ' Tlio pawnshop fulfills a double pur pose. It advances money at an interes varying from 20 to 8G per cent, and i stores in safety within its massive walls those articles of finery and adommen which are only required at special time; and seasons. On the flat roofs of these citadels are piles of stones 'and jars ol vitriol, ready to repel any attack tha may bo made by thieves, .whoso methods of plunder are less refined than those o: the pawnbrokers. In the jade stone market we nice with tho Chinese parallel to the western diamond. Tho best stones are very valuable and are brought from Turkestan, the ouly place in the world where mines of this stone are worked. Every well to do Chinaman wears a ring, brooch or bracelet of jade, 'and the poor, who aro unable to purchase the real article, wear ornaments of glass, which aro colored ill imitation of tho more expensive jade. Shaggy dogs with coal black tongues aro disposed of in another market. Fried rat and boiled frog, not to mention fricasseed puppy, tempt the hungry into tho native restaurant. The local "medicine man," adhering to tho prescriptions ol his ancestors, makes pills and potions, of which tlio chief ingredients are was, dccrs' horns, petrified bones, petrified crabs, snakes, scales of the armadillo, tigers' bones aud lime. When the medicines do not euro, they kill, and whether tho patient lives or dies he does 60 knowing that at any rate no hated foreigner has had anything to do with the strength or quality of his ruedical diet --European Magazine, London. SHEATHING A SHIP. Composition Metal Now Largely Deed. V.'"ork Quickly and Handsomely Done Yachts built of wood are sheathed with copper, and so aro many tugboats. Merchant ships ore sometimes sheathed with copper, but nowadays the material most commonly used, is a composition metal which in appearance resembles brass. It does not wear so long as copper, but it costs less. The composition metal comes in sheets about 3 feet by 1 foot 4 inches. They are fastened, on tho ship with nails of the same material Sometimes tho sheathing is nailed directly on to tho hull of tho ship. Sometimes it is nailed over another sheathing of felt, which helps to preserve tb.9 calking in the seams. "When tho ship has been placed ia a drydock or raised- out of water on a floating doclt, the old metal is stripped oil', aud if she is to have a felt sheathing tho bottom of tho ship is first painted with a coat of pitch, and the sheets of- felt are laid upon that, and then tho sheets of metal aro nailed on over them. Tho work is done very rapidly and at tho sanio time with great nicety. Every nail head is sunk so that it is flush with tho plate. If the hand were passed over tho sheathing anywhere, it would bo found smooth. If tho nail heads were permitted to project, they would of corn-so interfere with tho speed of the vessel. Soveuty-fivo men can sheathe an 1, SOO ton ship iu two days. The cost of sheathing such a ship with composition metal over felt, including material, dock charges, labor and everything, would be about §4,000, or a little less, and such a sheathing would last about two long voyages.--New York Sun. A bum Subsolllng. As subsoiliug ia simply loosening the lower soil under tha farrow it is dono by a plow of a special kind following directly after the ordinary plow.' The so called "boll tongue" plow is as good nn implement for the purpose as any other and costs only a trifle. Indeed, it may bo made by any blacksmith if it is not eubily procured at the implement dealer's. That any one may have one made Tho Country Gentleman, the source of these items on subsoiling, gives tho accompanying drawing. The plow is drawn by one horee following IV ® '-PLOW FOB SUBSOILTNO. in the furrow. It breaks the soil five or inches deep, which ia quite sufficient for the first plowing. This authority says it is to be especially noted as a caution that subsoiling is not tho turning of tho lower soil over on to tho surface. This would bo a disastrous operation. It is simply the breaking up of the undersoil beneath the old furrow bottom, BO as to expose it in tho action of tho air, and at times to assist in the drainage of the land of surplus water, at tbo Game time making it more retentive of actual moisture, by increasing its porosity and absorbing surfaces by breaking ifc into fragments. Her Face on the Plates. A new industry, first put forward under the patronage of Mrs. John Jacob Astor, has blossomed forth. This rich young woman, one of the most prominent and beautiful of Now York's fashionable matrons, has had her own face painted with most exquisite art on six very choice Sevres plates that aro only used for her smallest and most select luncheon parties. The plates show Mrs. Astor in evening dress, tailor dress, reception gown, skating lure, in a delicate summer muslin and in her bridal gown. CURE ALL YOUR PAINS WITH Pain-Killer. A Medicine Chost in Itself. Simple, Safe and Quick Cure for iCRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS, COLDS, RHEUMATISM, | NEURALGIA. H 25 and 5O cent Bottles. k BEWARE OF IMITATIONS- H BUY ONLY THE GENUINE. y PERRY DAVIS' K I PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7JLBERT C. TOWERS. ATTOKKKY-AT-I.A W Denton. Maryland T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, I INN I l . M l TC1 M. NO1H..1'.:, LAND SURVEYOR, Dcnlon, Un Work doiio in any part of the county a sliort notice. Charges very reasonable /~iSC A R CLARK. A ttortLC3'-iit-T.,:i\r, UEMTON, M A I 5 Y 1 . A N I Collections and all professional buMiic: promptly ntlRiiilcil to. TTmLWlES* EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAV/, Will practice also in Caroline 1 , . and Kent county. TV]" AI.KX. I1UTSOX, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTOX, ItlAKYr,AM Will practice is the comts of Carol in niid adjaccnt'comitics. '|1 PLINY FISHER, ATTOKNEl'-AT-LA If, DENTON, Mn All business entrusted to my care \vi receive prompt attention. Collection c claims-a specinlty. TJARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, M A K Y L A X l ) Close attention will be given 10 nil busi ness entrusted to my care. PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, Reference Denlon National Ilniik. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box SS. Dcrjtotj, \Vttlsellproper1yin Caroline , or any o the adjoining counties. HCNttY K. LEWIS. WILLAKD K. Wi:ST LEWIS WEST, A TTORNEYS-A T-LA W DENTON, MD. Will prRctice in the Courts ol On-*!in Taltotand Queen Anne countin=. DR. USOCH Gi;oRer, UK. I', it. 1'itiii n GEOUGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists DENTOX, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enocl George, Main Street. JAMES S W A N N , REPRESENTING The Best Life Fire Insurance, DEKTON, MARYLAND. WM. II. DEWKKSB. K R K D K. OWKNS DEWEESE OWENS, Attorfl*ys-at-Law, DENTON, MD. Office in tho Court IJouse. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled :im prompt attention given to all business en trusted to us. "Will practice in tho Slate and Fedora lourt. "\VM. H. DBWKKSE, State's Attorney foi Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . DENTON, MD. Has had ten years' experience in the cities of "Wilmington, Philadelphia and Ne\\ York, and is now ready to make contracts, ind guarantees skillful work, fair prices ind entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, :DEHTLSTS: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, MARM.AND "Will prantice at Preston on lUondays Denton on Tuesdays; FcdcrnlsburR, sec ond and fourth Thursdays; Eiist New Market, lirstand third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gas administer' ed. DR. ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, \ Twenly-five years' cvpcriciice. Specialist in Diseases of Women jonly. Private Sanitarium of high [repute. Alitohitc privacy nflbrd- ed. Female Regulative Pills $2.00 ,^^.r,,,- per box. 'Advice by mail. i603 HST BALTIMORE STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Chlldreii consult me IAJTILLIAM E. GKEENLEY'S BARBER SHOP, Stewart Building, next door Brick Hotel) First-class furniture and appliances, and competent wcrlcmen insures satisfactory "crviee-to fill customers. Popular prices. CJ. BARRIES, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH WRSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shall constantly keep on hand a full nssortment of Iron and Steel for all kinds if Farm and "Wagon Work. I can furnish you nil sizes of new wheels and axles, ind best classes of horse-shoes nt short no- ice. I guarantee all material nnd work at lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite'Livery Sln- le. Give mo n trial. JOHN J. BARNES. B. KINNAMON, Money to Loan, §15,000 to lonn on mortgage in sums of 1,000 or more. Any legal business nt- ondcd to. Apply to WILMER EMORY, Attorney at Law, North Fayotte Sts. Baltimore, Md. A f u l l l i n o of fresh conCoctioiicr a l w a y s o n h a n d , a t REASONABLE PRICES. ETC I -\\-IfjL I I A V U A XTC'E 1GH5 Gl^AiVI ME IX SEASON. Ladies 1 ami c h i l d r e n ' s solicited, H u d tlic clfildren especially looked nl'tcr. Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. Also a f u l l l i n e of CIGARS AND TOBACCO ou liaud at The Old Bakery Grocerie5. T-TAVING lostodunl ray GiiOCKtt D E P A R T M E N T , I am now prep.-ir cd to supply my o u ^ t o m c r s and th p u b l i c g e n e r a l l y w i t h everything' ii t h a t l i n t ' , fresh i i i i d ol' i i i o l i e s t q u a l i t v . C n-nnnA i illl-VfS. anned j j'«»' N v t)fcs - Notion?, Ribbon? AMD Drey? Trirrjrrjii?^? My stock of tho latter is very com plcto, and my lady f r i e n d s w i l l cli well to call anil e x a m i n e my irood before g o i n g e!se\\ hove. Spool Silks Cotton, Gloves and Hosiery, and ii fact ii general Hue of Notions. Dro iu aud see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stow give us cjill. Ice Oeam w i l l also be serv in season. A n y q u n u t i t j ' for f a m i l y use w h e u desired. Q5F~Meali= at short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to _/an)«s ParK- WILL BE POUND A GOOD STOCK --OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., -- AT -J. M. BBA YEN'S HILLSBORO, MD. Stock of GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE You cau also find at the IGJIMBEIR WASRID Full supply of all kinds of Lumber Sawing and Planing done at short notice. Ceiling 1 , Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on hand. BUILDERS TAKEjTOTICE I H.VVE I'OR SALE AT DENTO1N BRIDGE 250,000 I CYPRESS CEDAR i* ' | DIFFERENT GRADES. $ 1'IUGES TO SUIT. 2. T. TOTGHINS0N. . W. 11MDDBK. -VV. F. M U K P H l REDDEN MURPHY, BKALKKS IN I'mST-CLASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS -- A N D -- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, D E N T O N . MARYLAND. Prices on all ^oods warranted to lie as low as those oflcrccl by city dealers. Mr. Murphy, n builder of long experience, will have charge of the practical work, and fttisfnction guaranteed in every particular frank C. Eolton. IS-St-i. Lee B. Bolton. BOLTON BROS. PAINTS, OILS AUD GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL Sf^ PAINTS, EUiiK, tbt Frplty S»f?SuarlQil, Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 118, 420, 122, 424 E. F5ATT ST., TREES ^PLANTS The leading varieties of.Ap- ple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cheries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale Dy A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLISTON, MD. A Pleased Customer is The Best Advertisement. A little molioy docs the business here, mill our iinsurpusod lint 1 of NEW GOODS is vcudy for your inspection. "Why look elsewhere when you can buy just what you wnnt in the way nf Men's, Boys' and Youth's Clothing, rlat=, Caps, Shoos, mid the most modern patterns iii Shirts, Collars and Neckwear at prices much LCHVKK THAN TIIR LOWEST. Wo ulso curry a full and complete l i n e of Ury tioixls in tho designs and colors, as well as a very large: assortment of Indies' Brass Skirts, which urc made of stylish and duinblc mati'riiil. We will begin tfiis season with Bargains. IVe will end this season with Bargains. "\VhiMi in nrnil of n i i v t i l i n g in our l i n o a cull w i l l C U I I V I I M o you. Y O U K S VOIt H.V THE BAL'ilMOHE BARAHf STORE, ^:, :EPro;p. 1UDGKI.Y, HI). 409 E.PRATT ST. * ^BALTIMORE. f SASH BLINDS G O O D CHEAP Cut this out for Future Reference Your H O K S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the year. We deal in al k i n d f , from the very best to the very clionp cst. 400 HEAD of Horses. Maves nn Mules, always on linnd. Visit us, it wil pay you. PRIVATE SALES EVERY DAY. cbeap. JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8,10,12,14 16 B, HIGH STREET Near Ualtimore St., one square from B«l limore Street bridge. BALTIMORE, MD ·PJMHT SOLD UNDER GUARANTEE. ACZDALOOBT LESS TEAK $1.25PEBGiI» W. E. BROWH, - - DBNTON, MD., SOI.K AGKXT. TO THE PUBLIC! I dosin; to inform my lricnls of Denton mid the public roundabout ibnt I will bo nt the store of ,STEW.\RT BROS., in DENTON EVERY TUESDAY, ·where I w i l l bo prepared to tiiko ·ordors foi 1 nil kinds of JEWEL!KY and to make icpairs. All work will rocoivo prompt attention, small repairs buing nnulo before leaving town. Orders left ·witli Stewart Bros, will be cure- fully iittcnded to. I thank you for past favors, and hope to receive n continuance of them. MOSES G-O^LJE THE JEWELER. JAMES T. MORRIS, (itlDGKr.Y, MD.) Iteli rirtt aJ Blacbnitt, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In sll branches of my business I guarantee satisfaction. In hoi'gssliocinsf I have the endorsement of best votcrinatians. JAMES T. 1IOKRIS. IS THE PLACE lVOW ISTHANEt TIME REED'S TO GET BARGAIN? Jfl HARNESS! Jf in need of a n y t h i n g in my line it will e to your advantage to examine what I lave to show before purclinsing elsewhere. My stock includes Dustcis, Sheets, Fly Sets, Ear Tips, Wliips, Harness as low as s7, Hand-made Harness to order, Collars, UrUllos, Axle and Harness Oil, Whip Sockets, Pads of nil kinds. repaired and cleaned nt W. S. REED. Don ton. Md. ihort notice. J. B, K, EMORY ^ CO (EMORY A NBAVITT.) --GENERAL-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STEEET, Carpets, Straw Mattings, Rugs, Oil Cloths, A N D FURNITURE o Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, Wheelwright mid Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; Carriage, Wagon, Curt and Plow Harness, Paints and Oils, Tinware, Harness and Shoe Leather, Wnshing Machines, Belt Lacing, and Steam Packing. TWELVE ftOQUSflL^D WITH «! I have a large stock of Burbod Wire Cable Wire Buckthorn and Ribbon Fencing, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN HAKVET, Burrsville, Md. UNDERTAKERSEMBALMERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS, DBNTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class -workmanship is guaranteed. SOFT COAL. The undersigned can supply farmers with GOOD GRADE SOFT COAL for wheat threshing, delivered at any station on the Queen Anne's Railroad, at pei* Ton. DEWE¥ BEWE SIITCE WE Uiive the best Carriages, Spindle ___ Dayton=, and :i lull line of Machinery and l'"arin Tn-plomcnts. Lowctt Price.-: an Everything! Good Sccoiul-Ilanil Carriages and Ituirgios from $1000 up. BEG-1T OS BOllNE COLUMBIA BINDEKS AUD MO \VERS sire at tho fniil,niil Imvc outhfittlcd a'l competitors, h a v i n g proved to be tin 1 lightest draft, tbo bast work, simplest in construction, tho strongest and best-braced binder over nnulo. Hence the victory I Columbia A Il-Stcel liny Hakes and Tedders arc constructed in a way that you have two new rakes for the price of one. Os-bornc Columbia Spring-Tooth and Disc lliirrovvs are the only ones made w i t h double levers. Don't forget that I am headquarters for nil lino* of Machinery, Oarr'Mjjc*, etc., at lowest priced TONS OK UINplitt TWINE. ANo have three sec uid-haml Deering Binders for sale cheap. Will guarantee them in every way to duIirAt-class work or no sale. Give me a call. , H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. J. O.' TAYLOR WITH J-, O, LEJIB FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, . Stewurtstown, Pa. East CamcLen. St. .: Traders' National B.inlc of U iltimoro; UW National Bank of Branch nt Stewartstown, P:i. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, and Vegetal)!.·$; Maryland Pcanhni and Sweet Potatoes. Wlieeler Transportation line DAILY STEAMERS FOR Gieat Choptank, Trappe and Tuckahoe Rivers. ANNE'S RAILROAD GO. s~ SCIIKUULK IN El'I-'ECT APRIL. 28,1S9S. HOUSE UHLER, DEKTON, MARYLAND. FOR SALE! In order to settle a ' co-partnership, we will sell our stock of general merchandise. This is one of the best stands in the county for business and the stock is in good condition. An elegant store room, sixty :eet long and locate:! on corner of Main street. Has a glass front. A first-class op- sortunity. Call at once. N. FLOWERS CO., Hillsboro, Md. On and after Mity 22d, 1898, steamers will leave Pier 5' Jjiglit Street "Wlmrf daily except Sundays at C p. in., for Oxford, Trnppc, Cambridge, Chancellor's, Secretary, Clark's, Choptank, Lloyd's, 'Dover Urictgc, Kingston, McCarty's, Ganey's, Todd's. "Towers', AVilliston, Tucknlioe Bridge, Keese's, Coward's, Covey's, Ilillsboro and Queen Anne. Arriving at Oxford the following morning in time for connection with the Delaware Chesapeake 1J. It., and at Cambridge with the Cambridge Seaford K. 11. Returning will leave Ilillsboro Mondays, Tact-days, Wednesdays, Thursdays, an:! Fridays at 10 .-·. in.; Covey's 10.30; Cou-ard's 11; "Williston 1 p. in.; Giiney's 1.30, McCarty's '-'; Kingston 2.1o; Dover Bridge 2.30;" Mcdford's (dioptank) 4; Clark's 4.15; Secretary, 5; Cambridge 7; Trappe 8.30 and Oxford 10, stopping al intermediate landings, arriving in Baltimore curly the following mornings. SUNDAY STKAMKR FOR UALTIVOUK. Ste.'imcr will leave for Baltimore on Sundays as follows: "Wayinan's, 4.SO a. m ; Covey's, 5 00; Coward's, o.lo; Williton, 0.30; Galley's, 0.I5; Kingston, 7.15; Dover Ui-idge, 7.30; Choptank, 8.00; Secretary, 9.30; Cambridge, 10.30; Trappe, 11.45; Oxford, 1.00 p. in , arriving in Ualtimore at 0.00 p. m., the same day. Freight received u n t i l 5.30 p.m.daily for all landings. . E. E. WHEELER, Agent, Pier 5 Light St., Baltimore. B. B. COHEE, Aeont at Williston. (Mer Riyer Steamboat Comp'y * *^-- ~~ Change of Schedule. . IBALTO.FERRYI Lcav P. M. 500 Ar'iv P. 31 7 4 5 Leave. P. M. 320 Arrive P. M. 6 10 BALTIMORE TO QUKEXST'N. Arrive A. SI. 1045 Leave. A. M. 800 A iv A.M, 1045 Lcnv A.M. 800 Railroad Division* The Steamer Greensboro (CAi'T. D. S. BKOCKWA.T, MASTKK,) Vill ply hetwcen GKEENSUOROTJttH and BALTIMOKE Weekly, touching at all landings between Greonsbor- ough and Denton. 'n and after July 4, steamer will leave for Btiltinio'ro every Monday 'HEIGHTS MODERATE, CAPACITY AMl'LE The patronage of our merchants and armcis solicited that this line may bo inde n success. Pull information by in- uiring of GEORGE F. DILL, AOV:NT, D.S BROCK WAY. MASTKR, Greensborough, Md. Or HA11RY A. ROE, AGENT, Denton, Md. Large granaries always ready to rc- oive grain. · Beginning .Tune 1st, 1897, the steamer Em nut A. Ford, will leave Cliestcrtown at 7.00 a. in., daily, except Sunday, stop- pine at Kolph's, Booker's, Quaker Nock, and Qnconstown. Leave Queenstown at 8 '15 a. m., arriving in Ualtimore about 11.15. Returning, leave Ualtiniore°at 3.15 p. m., arriving at Queenstown nt 0.45, and Chustcrtown at 7.30. Steamer U. S. Ford will liavo Ccntro- ville daily, except Sunday, at 7.00 n. m., stopping at-tandings on Corsica river, Bogle's, Jackson Creek, and Kent Island, mid arriving in Baltimore at 11.00 a. m. Returning, leave Ualtimore at 3.30 p. in., arriving nt Ccntroville at 7.30 p. in. Steamer Rratiludo will leave Rock Hall daily, except Sunday, at 8.00 a. m., arriving in Baltimore at 10.15. Returning, leave Baltimore at-1.00 p. m., arriving at Rock Hall at U.lo. GKO. WAiih*lKi,D, President, J. E. TAYLOK, General Agent Lcav p. at 0 2 5 f 631 f G38 f 6 4 4 AC 01 663 f 6 55 659 f 7 0 2 7 0 7 7 16 723 f 7 2 7 f 7 31 737 t 7 ·!·! f 7 4 7 f 7 6 5 7 5t» f 8 OC 8 11 f S 1 9 f 8 2 2 f 8 2 U 830 P.M. Leave A. M. 835 f 8 4!J 852 901 n ia 9 1C 922 9 2 0 f 9 3 5 955 10 Co f 1010 f 10 10 B102G f 1041 f 1048 f 1054 ell 15 f l l 24 11 30 f l l 38 11 41 f i t 45 11 50 A.M. STATIONS. Qitcenstown Ulooniingdale Wye Mills Wiiloughby D C June. Queen Anne Hillsboro Downcs Tuckahoe Dentou Fobbs Hickman Adamsvillo Elanchard Greenwood Owens Banning Deputy · Ellendale Wolfe Milton Whitesboro, Drawbridge. Burton, ' Lewes. Arrive A. 31 755 f 7 5 0 f 743 f 7 3 7 A 7 20 727 f 7 2 5 721 . f 7 1 9 712 701 654 f 6 5 0 f f 4 G (540 f C 3 2 f 623 f G 2 4 618 f G O G G O O f 5 5 2 f 5 4 9 f 5 4 5 540 A. M. Arrv. P. M. 600 f 5 6 1 542, 535. 523" 521 5 IK f 5 1$ 505 450 439 f 4 3 3 f 4 2 8 :420 f 3 5 7 f 3 6 3 f 3 4 9 343 f 3 3 0 320 f 3 1 2 . 309. f305. 300. P.M. CONNECTIONS. "A" connects «t D. C. Junction for points on the Delaware Chcsapenke Railway--Enstou and Oxford. "U" connects ut Greenwood "with Delaware Division of tho Philadelphia, Wil- miugton Baltimore liailrond. "C" connects nt Ellendnlc with tho Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Railroad POK Georgetown. Sunday only, boat leaves Baltimore nt O.OOn. m., and Queenstown at 5.30 n. m. and 4.30 p. in. Douglass House REHOBOTHCITY, DEL OPEN JUNE IOth. This Hotel is situated 100 feet from ocean front, and one-fourth of a milo from Rehoboth Bay, in the roar. Goad Bathing, Gunning, Fishing it Boating. Special rates for June aud September. Free Hack. Ear attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. I. W. TROXKL, C. C. WALLKK, Gen. Manager. Gen. Fr't Pass. Agl. Is your Home, Furniture, Grain, Li?e Stock, or otter Property Insiir- . ed Against Loss by FIREORLIGHTNINGP If not, if you will apply to one of the OF DOVER, DEL you can obtain insurance at low rates. The- Company U Mutual, and you will only pay what the insurance costs, as any amount in ExcessofCst f fllte Returned in Dividends, or at termination of policy. WM. DENNY, Secretary. R. PLUM HER, Agent, Greensboro.. J. B. FLETCHER. " Preston.

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