The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 16, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1914
Page 9
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Page Eight T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Thursday Evening, July 16, 1914, Bill Against Tuscola Near L Beer Parlors Tabled, j, ' Tuscola, July 16--The Tuscola city council met on Tuesday evening and paid the bills for the necessary expenses. There was a hill presented for S40 In favo- of Samuel B. Ervin in P.irl pavment for a bridge t h a t is used In getting to the Standard Oil company's plant on the west side of the Illinois Central railroad. It is claimed that the bridge -was put tip and paid for by the oil company and Mr. Ervin. Mr. K r v l n . as it now appears Is asking the c i t y to reimhhurse him for the amount he contributed toward the bridfte. It is claimed by the aldermen -who opposed the p a y m e n t of the bill that the briflse is a private a f f a i r for th- use of Mr. Ervin and the Standard Oil company; that it Is not located on a laid o u l street, and that the citv a u t h o r i t i e s were not consulted In any way at the time the bridge was put in. The bill was tabled. GO BACK ON MAYOR. Mayor McMasters haa an ordinance prepared and presented to prohibit the pool rooms and billiard halls of the c i t y from selling softd rinks It seems t h a t those places have established bars and are selling an enormous a m o u n t of noar beer and non-alcoholic drinks of one kind cr another, which the mavor has been actively t r y i n g to stop. The mayor says he had the word of at least would support the ordinance, but there tnree of the couneilmen that th**v would support the ordinance, but tnere was a unanimous vote to table it after )t had been read and he is at a loss to understand the action of those mem- BROTHER DIES IN KANSAS. Sirs. Mae C. Riner l e f t here Wednesday afternoon for Podge City, K a n . wfcere she was called by the death of h«r brother-in-law, G. M. Hoover. Th» wife of Mr. Hoover, -who was Mrs. R i n - er'c sister, was b u r i e d only last April, »tnce which time Mr. Hoover has been in poor health. He was president of the Btate Bank of Dodge City; -was one of the early settlers in that part of the state of Kansas, and had done much toward the buildine nn of the town. H» was slxty-eLx years old at the time of his death. FERSONAI.S. Mrs. E. T. McCarty returned on Tues- Hay evening from a three weeks stay In Washington, D. C , and other eastern cities. Mrs. W. W. Reeves left here Wednesday morning for a v i s i t w i t h h » r p a r - ents at Van Wert, Ohio. She was accompanied as far as ranville by Mr. Reeves. Carson H. Beane, of xecatur. formerly principal of the Tuscola high school was here between t r a i n s "Wednesdav. T. .T. Smith and. w l f * of Hammond were visiting relatives In Tu=coln Wednesday afternoon. Dr. W. C. Elaine was a business visitor in Decatur W e d n e s d n v morning. H. B. Morgan. Douglas c i r c u i t clerk, was looking after business affairs at Murdock on Wednesday. County Surveyor W. E Price was n Wednesday business visitor at "Newman. Mrs. M. E Robertson spent the da} "Wednesday visiting in Brnadlonds. Mr. and Mrs Parker of Villa Grove motored to Tuscola on Wednesday afternoon and boarded the southbound Frisco train for Albequerque. New Mexico. hall Friday and Saturday rights, July 17 and IS. The scene Is laid In Spain with two stage settings--a garden surrounding a Spanish castle, and a gypsy camp. Ten of the children take the parts of Spanish loids and ladles, fourteen, those of gypsies and the other titled members ol English and Spanish families. Special costumes of the Elizabethan period will be worn by the little tots. Twenty-nine song numbers will be presented and gypsy dances and tambourine drills will be pleasing features. This is entirely different f r o m any- t h i n g heretofore presented by home t a l e n t in Forsyth and grent interest is manifested in the production. Reserved seats are now on sale at the i n t e r u r b n n station. PERSONALS. Mit.s Elsie B i n n i o n of Bloornlngton \vas the guest of Miss Edna Benton Tuesday evening. .Mr". Frank Stewart and c h i l d r e n ret u r n e d to t h e i r home in Kansas Tues- d a y a f t e r visiting t h e f o r m e r ' s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G B. B u l t e r and other relatives for several week*. Dai id High of K v a n s \ Ille. I n d , i v i s i t i n g at t h e home of A. E. B u t t s fo several days. Safe Containing $150 is Not Touched. didn't touch the safe which had $150 and other valuables in it. TABERNACLE NOTES. Tuesday afternoon the revivalist and party and twelve car loads of "boosters" left Bethany at 12:30 and visited the following towns: Dalton City, Lake City, Lovington, Sullivan and Findlay, arriving back home about 6 o'clock. A quartet of ladies and one of men accompanied the party and a m e e t i n g was held at each point visited. The B e t h a n y orchestra also accompanied the party and played for the singers. There were about f i f t y in the party. Friday night, Woodmen night, the Bethany Concert band will give a sacred concert a half hour before services in the tabernacle. Wednesday was a day of fasting and praver. There were a n u m b e r of meet- i n g s held during the day and all the r h u r c h bells were rung each h o u r , c o m m e n c i n g with 6 a. m., and con- t i n u i n g each hour u n t i l the evening service. The "Boosters" among the children meet at 9:30 Wednesday, T h u r s d a y and Friday mornings. Enough money was raised last Sunday night for the Incidental expense's and the meeting will c o n t i n u e at least over ne^t week. A large crowd of men heard Rev F o i s ^ t h Sunday a f t e r n o o n and Mrs F o r s v t h preached to a large a u d i e n c e of w o m e n . One day n e \ t week has been spt aside for ^ I n d l a y day and a largo- n u m b e r of Findlay people are expected here. PERSONALS. Leafe' Beavers of Decatur, Is here \ i s l t n g h e r grandmother, Mrs. A r m strong. Tarl M c L a u g h l i n of D e c a t u r , spent TupFrtrt'. in Bethany. Dr. V a n n k i n is v i s i t i n g In New Y o r k for ten days "William Coleman of Watertown, came Tuesday for a visit with Rev. Coleman and f a m i l y . Bonnie Warren has returned a f t e r a visit with relatives at Sullivan. Ella Roney has been ill for several days. Eck Davis is » n t e r t a l n l n g his nephew from Marlon, Ind. Charles Ferris of Todd's Point, spent last week with Eugene Girarrt and f a m - ily. Felicia and Leafel G i r a r d spent several days this week w i t h t h e i r cousin?. Mr. and Mrs. T u r p l n , at T'urpin Station. L. W. Niles has a new Ford t o u r i n g car. R u t h Si.\, who has been v i s i t i n g In J a c k s o m ille a n d B l u f f s t h e past m o n t h , w i l l r e t u r n home F r l d a s . Mrs. Jack Tarlyle, who s u f f e r e d a s t r o k e of p a r a l y s i s some t i m e asro. is s t i l l in a bar! m n d i t i o n . She has no use of the l i m b tint was p a r a l y z e d . Mrs. Nora V a d a k i n l e f t S u n d a y for Waverly fo'- a visit. SHELA MO CLUB ENJOYS A PARTY Mli« o Mow- Frazee of this city. SN'AKE FOUND IN ELEVATOR. A very peculiar incident happened at the C. A. Davis elevator one day this week. A snake a b o u t three feet long was h a u l e d to the elevator in a load of orn by A S. Dill. As the corn was be- ng shelled, the snake was seen alive n the hopper but was afterwards ound by W. E Carsell In the cob bin ead, but the body of the snake was not mangled. LARGE CROWD AT CONCERT. The concert given by the Moweaqua h a n d on Tuesdav e'-enlng was attend- j ed bv a l a r g e a n d a p p r e c i a t i v e crowd, t h e streets In each directing being filled | w i t h automobiles and buggies. Aside | f r o m the concert given by the band, the h i e h school male qeartet sang several selections. HAS APPENDICITIS. Rolland Snell s u f f e r e d a severe attack of appendlrltts T u e s d a v evening, t h i s being the second one in the past few weeks He w a s taken to the hos- p i t a l in C h i c a g o Wednesday for an operation. PKRSOXALS. Miss Ina M o r t o n of A s s u m o t l o n is vis- i t i n g h r r sister, Mrs. A r t h u r Allison, this week. Mr. and Mrs James Beard are visiting r e l a t i v e s In J a c k s o n v i l l e , 111., this T\eek. P a u l R o l l i n s r e t u r n e r ! h o m e Tuesday o \ e n i n g f r o m a \ i s t t w i t h relatives In Inwa. MATHER DIES. Mrs Leslie Moss received word Tues- d a y e v e n i n g of t h e d e a t h of her moth- O. Mrs. Moss l e f t aTct Snyder Hoi enqun Girls. M o n e a q u a , J u l y Ifi.--Miss Margaret ? n \ d e r was h n s t e p s to the ?he!a Mo .-liib and A T'\v f r i e n d s on Tuesdiv aft r i n n o n . The a f t e r n o o n w a s spent i n p l n i n g R o n k . Miss Jess Housh w i n n i n g the f l r s i m-i7P The guests besides the memhr-] = if the Mllb, -were Miss Pearl P n w . i l ot S u l l i v a n , Mips Harriet *\], Kee of H-H LaKe City, U t a h , Miss 1 W e d n e s d a y m o r n i n g for her h o m e there. K i l i t h R a y n e f r n m CI-i'Msro, Mi" S h i s l e r j R u r a l f a r r i e r ? John W. Zeitz. Leslie f i o m A s h m n r e i n . Miss O l i v e P m i t h | M o s s a n d E d R e d d i n g a t t e n d e d t h e R . f i on Chi'-ki^'n. Okl.i., i n d Miss Dora F. P c o n v e n t i o n In Decatur last week If You Ever Expect To Own A Piano NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY We have a stock of over 35 new and used pianos and you can now buy from us at the lowest prices and on the easiest terms ever known in Decatur. FINE NEW MAHOGANY PIANOS $190 including stool, scarf, 10 music lessons, 20 sheets music and instruction book. 18 SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS at from $100 to $160 on easy terms. Some of them are almost like new. Remember, we own our Suffern Buildings and have no rents to pay. We have no salesmen on salaries. We play smash with high prices and terms. Don't fail to call and examine our pianos this week. Suffern Music House 2nd Floor Suffern Bldg., 351 N. Water. JTake Elevator. Bethany. July I f i -- T h e r e was c o n - siderable excite m r n t Mondav m or nine: ·when it was found the V a d a k i n d r u g store had been e n t e r e d d u r l n g r B u n d a night. W h a t rhan£fe. a m o u n t i n g : to about $10, ^\ as t a k e n out of the rash register. The b u r g l a r s l e f t the pennies. They also took the cigar -wheel and it was f o u n d . M o n d a y in one cf the ards. The burglar entered by way of the back door. He had got some tools out of t h e McCord b l a r k s m i t h shop and forced the rtoor, b r e a k i n g H off one hinge and smashing a panel. T'hev r u t a hole t h r o u g h the n e x t door and slipped the bar. Tt T^ t h o u g h t the r o b h p r y was done bv home talent. The t h f e f Scovill Specials BY SATURDAY NIGHT. i fine m-qtiart blue and white preserve k f t t l e . very best granite; spiri'ial Friday PRETTY OPERETTA AT FORSYTH HALL Kuy Children Take Fart In "The Pour teamed CIoTer." Forsyth, Jnly 16--An operetta 'The Fovr Leaved Clover" will be presented iy »bout forty children at the I. O. O. F. A Composite Of: Wise legal foundation Expert Engineering ";. Artistic Design Successful Business %^. Management The above features are exemplified 19 ^ THE PERPETUAL CARE CEMETERY Phone for Booklet. Either Phone 1028. ?3.f)0 set of 6 knives. 6 forks, silver plated. Special Friday $1.49 50c l-gallon glass water pitchers; special Friday 29c Dr. B. L. Maenithal Physician Dr. H. F. Armstrong Dentist Have opened their office at 245-249 N. Water St. Above Kaufman's Clothing Store. i ' ! \ a n u c d foot tul); special Friday 6-qt. bake or pudding pans; special Friday.. 15c Simplex ice cream freezers, steel. 2- quart size; C1 fiQ special Friday * * ·*·'* lOc ice tea or lemonade glasses: special Friday.. 7c 54.aO outing, one motion, flat folding sulkey. The handiest and most practical child's vehicle ever invented; spring seat rubber tires; CO AG special Friday **···» 81.50 imported family raie, weighs 24 Ibs. by ozs.; white enamel dial; special Friday lOc brown mugs, w i t h handle; special Friday 5c 15c soup platter; decorated; special Friday lOc ice cream plates; special Friday 5c 50 2lc 3-qt. covered gray granite 4 A« buckets; special Friday I V w 25c decorated cups and saucers; special Friday Scovill Co. July Clearance July Clearance July Clearance HSGEBHARTG* Prices Shoved Uncommonly Low On RESSES Our Second Floor Chief Makes An Unusually Good Buy in Beautiful Summer Dresses FT?F«m FftOM THE MANUFACTURERS COMES 300 BRAND NEW SUMMER WASH DRESSES FOR THIS SALE. THESE DRESSES ARE THE NEWEST THINGS IN SUMMER STYLES AND ARE WONDERFUL VALUES. THEY HAVE BEEN ASSORTED INTO THREE LOTS Aira PLACED ON SPECIAL SAM! FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT PRICEJ3 THAT SHOULD MOVE EVERY ONE OUT 300 Brand New Wash Dresses Less Than Half Goes on Sale Friday For the First Time LOT1 iValues up to $7.50 This lot consists of lawns and voiles in all the new Summer styles. They come in all colors and white, and have silk girdles. This lot sold regularly up to $7.50. Choice LOT 2 Values up to $10.00 Included in this lot are crepes, lawns and voiles, in all colors and white, in tunic and ruffled effects in all the newest Summer styles. Values up to $10.00. Choice LOTS Values up to $12.50 This lot includes China and Japanese silk dresses, also messalinei skirts with lace waists. They, come in tunic effects and are ruffled trimmed and are colors and white. $12.50 values, choice CLEARANCE OF ALL TRIMMED HATS Values Up to $12.50 Now to Be Closed Out at $3.50 Now comes the final clearance of Spring and Slimmer bats. We offer a good assortment of the latest models, beautifully trimmed for the late trade, at a price that should be very interesting. Choice of any trimmed hat, regardless of values or former selling price, ,,__ I SPECIAL TO Fifty $5.00 To $7.00 Hats CLOSE OUT Selected from our Spring and Summer stocks are about 50 good models which sold up to $7.00. to be closed out at once. These are excellent models and sold early in the season at ^.".00 to $7.00. Special Clearance price .1C c t U U U t UU 75c Big Two Days Parasol Sale $1.50 Ladies' Parasols 89c 300 ladies' pretty Summer parasols, all Summer shades including white; a nobby parasol at $1.50; this sale JULY CLEARANCE OF HOSIEEY AND UNDERWEAR Men's Pine Lisle Hose Ladies' White Silk Lisle Children's White Hose Hose 3 for $1.00 2 for 25C Men's fine lisle hose, in all colors including black, all sizes, will be sold this sale at 2 for Ladies' Union Suits 25c 600 ladies' fine union suits, sleeveless, low neck and loose knee, nicely trimmed, will be sold Friday and Saturday at ... Men's Union Suits 50c Men's union suits in athletic or balbriggan mesh, sleeveless and knee length or short sleeves and ankle length, Friday and Saturday ·ftw"~, t ' J v ' ,,,. T r~T 2 for 25c Ladies' fine white silk lisle hose. 600 pairs of children's white full fashioned a hose worth 50c; hose, all sizes, made of superior this sale Six:,' ^" '"""' or 3 for 11.00 quality yarn, on sale at 2 for. O i l JJV.1. 1V/J. 25c Children's Union Suits 25c Ladies 'Pine Vests 2 for 25c One case of children's union suits 800 ladies' fine vests with V that are made of excellent qual- neck or round neck, sleeveless ity yam well made, will be sold and nicely trimmed. This spe- at the special price of . . . . 25c cial on sale at 2 for. 25c 20% Discount on Chil dren's Parasols One lot of children's para* sols that sold up to $2.50 go during this sale at 20% DISCOUNT Embroidery Sale 25c Embroidery 19c 2,000 yards of fine corset cov« er embroidery, 18 inches widel and 18-inch swiss and cambric flouncing that sell at 25c, cart be bought, t Q^j this sale, at JL*7 V 50c and 75c Flouncings 39c Fine swiss and organdy flouncn ings, come 18-in. wide, 20 dif-i ferent patterns to select from that sell at 50c, , QQ/» this sale .... A ...............Ojt/JU EWSPAPERl

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