Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 2, 1959 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1959
Page 7
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n««t i»t 1101 ftMf faff 163 for Qualified Man «f Woman To »srvlc<> and collect from rs In tn1« area. Vn to ?:l27.,'i p«r fnonth poaslMt. Full or part _ serviceable car, 12 hour* a week and $n92.,iO to Sin'5.00 ca«lt required. Must be able lo begin lmm*aiatH.v. Write, giving particular*, to National AffR. & Dfatrlimtln* Company, 6846 Milton, Dallas 0, Kr«e Kstmates & Insured 510.8, OillPxple - MO 4-7222 ^j ±_f. f-f-jf-f-f. *• &- *-#- ». Jt-»~fcJJ«**JU>^ 40A Hauling Metin§ 40A 41 Transfer I Roy; Krtft—2U3 K. TukS 4*815f ChifiTeafe .. 41 Adult* __. ^ ___ FrftHCll, 4-6193. 'KMT; 111"() JsnhlwMl, nice M* ivItli ftaraire. MO 4- ta li'pfl unity, 'mien up payments. Hmtvll iwrtaWc t.V *20 1 I'scrl \Vextln|thou*« automatic All Metal Cfttjtnet Phone MO 4'MDS. *..».*> -. 96 U«fufftlih§di ApaHfmanH KEDKCORATEb 4 foolil dupl** ftpart- t. 2 bills paid. AdlHs^only. No FOR SALE: "a-bSdrtTliti bflck. «d $1400 touliy. Ni\v KHA commitment. MO 6-35'OS. ^_ FOR SAbB: my home, large 2 b«l- roort with basement, Service porch. $8,fiOn. $7,051. I-MI.A. loan. L. N. Atchhison. Kelly Aptf. Phone MO 4-SSfl.i after H'M week days. pets. I-'Oll SAL.E: $800 equity In my :i hed- rooiti home. Washer and dryer In- 1029 SAM?: HiliD CARK: Ke«*Anahlo hourly anil dally rate*. R.'.y)»rviii(erl play, fenced yard. MO 5-40S!). 13A BuiSfttiff Services 13A-42 Painfing, fixpert floor waxing and window cleaning In your home of business. MO 4-H235. A-l Window Cleaners. INCOME TAX Returns. .Accurate~and fast service. J. O. Watson, 1032 Prairie Dflve. MO 5*3093. 15 InstrueHd* IS ., PCMOOli at horn* lr k ipar* llm«. N&w te*t» furnished. Din- loma awafdic' Lo-f? monthly pay- menu. American Schocl. Dept. P. N?. fio* 07* A>*ftHllr. f<»»»«. COMPLETE toODErtN" help. Your child needs to Improve his school Work. Contact Elmer Stlmson, Ed- Councilor. 3tfO 4-4127. '$2.65 to $7.65 Hour * Become an INCOME TAX spec- ftlist. Amazing income. Simpliti- ^d training. If you wish to have ». life long profession and can study one hour dally at home, we want to send you the facts and aptitude test FREE. No obligation. Mall today to Western States Extension College, Dept. P-4 415V4 N. Tyler, Dallas 8, Texas. NAMfi Age ,, Address ••••••i*********'*** 17 Cosmetics . H " 9 '^fl POlf Papering:, painting, textonlng o! any type call MO G-.~>391. Free e«- tlmntes. iitike Fcnnell. 43A Carpet Service 43A 56% Discount en Ilujf cleaning. 9xl2*s *B. All carptts cleaned, work 'guaranteed. MO 4-8381. O. W. Fields. , ,. _.. . __^j___ FOR SAM?: 2 house* With Ifi lots: 69A VacuuM Gteanerf 69A , rrtoojrusrujrnjjhed jip.rt^nt u TV j _^^^^^M^^__ o'r J Fr«rif-i* to I>efoM then South lo Monterrey Addition. Tom Dunham IA bulldlh* nlrely finished three bcrlroom homes wth garage* tor $!),450 about $230 down and ?fil a month. NBAFlM' NhW S bedroom on N. Wells, built by Highland Homes and nlcf-ly finished throughput, large 3V, HOOM unfm-nUhetl duplex. Pri- ] vntp ;baUl. Call VI 8r2«.',2. 71* E. New and Used Pianos 47 Plowing^ Yard Wofk^^47 Complete yard 4siab:!ahn?int. Roto- tilling, aod cutting, Seen. Top soil. MO 9-9U2». Leroy Thornbutg JfAriD "and" uar3en notary "Tll'.'ig, leveling, geedlng and sooulng. Fue CBt[mate3._ Ted _Lewjg.__ MO 4-CiilU. Varrl -and' garden plowing, post holes levelling, roto - tilling. J. Alvln " 71 nOTOTlLblNO (larilen.1 ft yards nlco Kord tr.ictor work. Call 4-m'l. I'aUl r r._l-:d\varils. KOIl , l ?At^K~Turkfy fertilizer for your yard. MO 4-SH04 or MO 4-84GS. ^-~~* '—"*"* ."-.-..yr-i*--**^: VIRQILE'S millet?: stock BRUCE NURSERY j^t scrvj ° 8 sml most complete nursery Wilson Piano S.llon , ; "' ^ 1271 W;lli,»or MO 4 C.571 ,5. 3 Blk*. fntt Ql Hiqhtnrt<l Hntpilnl .MUSICAL INSTRUMfNTS 4 AKOS ----- ORGANS: Bicycles 71 Klnsmill. $iT~ J £ufrlitll§d . 97 KOR lACARK: 3-liedroom furnished houaf. Close to school and church. Big fi-.ncetl-ln yard. 529 X. Hohart. .\fp n-,j743 or MO 4-4353. , _ FOIt RBNT: 2-room modern furnished 521 __ OR RK.Vt 1 : 2 room nicely furnished I house. Bills pair). C09 N. Frost, MO 4-7S52. i CI/KAN 3 ronm furnished house, Wlls psld. T, V. antenna, adults, Cnll _4-j7_-l6_ after 3:H3 p.m. 71^ X. Gray. Pf)ll 'HUNT: n new 3 room modern furnished liouse. 347 P. Hobart. MO ______ _______ 2 II'IOAI moffern house, water pal<!.| Jar,. mi per mnntlv. 413 »S", Nelson. MO1 _________ Fb7T~KKNT: 3 room furnished house In rear, itO'J E. Francis, couple only. Mf> 4-4IIIS. 48 Trees and Shrubbery 48 co BIKE SHOP of part* one day 98 Unfurnished Hduitft 98 »^.^v^^».^ ^».^^».>^i^j»>.».^«* .>~J>~* ^*^» ^ ^ ; 2-RKDKOOM brick, 624 Powell. $125; month. U P. Hanford. 7H B. Fred-1 75 281. PU. GF2, Alanrced. Texas. . _— r ,FKKE f>0 Ibs. All-tn-ona Krumhles Trimmed. .Complete jihrub witll cnch booking of 100 Spring . care. Yards roto-tllled, levelod, etc. W. 11. Mitchell. __MO \-3167. Ever Greenr., Shrubs, Kose Bushes BUTLkR NURSERY Chicks. James Feed Store r,22 S. Cuylrr „,„ , ..„„ FOli UKN'f: tfnfurnlslied 2-bedroom I'M MO 4-3420 i _ho».«e._g^_nwlglil. 160. MO 4-2523. 5-iVooM unfurnished house, (tarape anil service pon-ii. Plumbed for Mtitomatic washer. Inquire at 417 _UOHC. ___.._ sTl'JOM House, 41J X. Elmmer. Call _Aniarlllo. IMl_ r >-949f>_after__5j3n. 3~lf'»)M UTifiirnlsliP'l modern hous^ cl yard, 318 S. Somervllle. MO "STUDIO OlRti" products now available. MO 4-7093, after 5:00 p.m. 18 Beauty Shops 18 HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON Operator Imo Gene Owens Vork. MO •4-4171. 912 Alcock. CHEZ NELIVH Boauty Shop. Cold waves J6.50 and up. Noll Everett, manager. 101S S. Sumner. MO a-jjOii. VIOLETS BEAUTY Shop where hall •tftyjlnff la an art. For those who /bare, 1017 K. Foster, MO^ 4-7191. SAV)?"TIMK with a lovely sott easy to do Permanent .Special. Ju.50. City 17 49 Cess Pools Tanks CKSSPOOfjS and Septic Tanks cleaned. C. lj. Castecl. 1403 S. Barnes. MO 4-4030. 49A Pest Control 49A BO.STO.V Screw Tall. Cocker puppies. Visit The Aquarium, 2314 Alcock. ALL PKST In the home controlled for as low as J2.00 a bedroom. A. J. S. Pest Control. MO 4-424S. 50 Building Supplies 50 **"PANHANDI.'E LUMBER co, Al-'-IED PAINT 420 W. Foster MO 4-GSS1 83 Farm Equipment 83 ijIcCORMICK Farm Equipment Store, for Internsitlonul parts nnd equip- nicn_t. Price Uoad. MO 4-740(i. tm SALK liFTt. Aero_mot"or wiml- mlll, good condition. 5-5037. NUT; \K\VLV decorated 2 bedroom house near Lam«r School. On payment. MO 4-2932. 4 UOOM unfurnished house, Plumbed for .lutomntlo washer, carpeted. MO kltcheft with hlrch cablentp, washer nnd dryer conrteftionF, *le conditioner Installed on roef. big garage. Price reduced to $1200 down and assume loan. Imrnedtate possession. LAIU1K 10 room house .Irt Eraser Add. Suitable for large family or a* a two family residence, excellent condition. 3 BEDROOM with garage on 100 foot lot on Clarendon Highway. *98nn $2.'>oo down artd assume Gl loan. JGO a month. LAIUJK 3 bedcoom near lilgh school. Will re-pnlnt outside and reflnlsh betlrooms to suit buyer. $11.300, $10, 6,10 loan commitment. LAROK ,t bedroom In good condition Close In. Big living room carpeted dnlng: room iitllty room, garage. Top eomltlon. $10,800. 2 BKDIIOOM home near Lamnr School gnrage, fenced vard, immediate po.«- pesslon. Assume. 4% loan, payments only ?47 month. $72000. 3 BEDROOM home on Hamilton, Hi liath*. year round air conditioning $11.000 JI3.300 loan commitment. 2 BKDROOM brick In Cole Addition on Clarendon Highway. Living room anrt dining room carpeted, utility room, double garage, 100 ft. fenced lot. Only $10,000. LAKOE 2 bedroom on Hamilton, liew- !f reflnlMied Inside and out, utility room, garage. $11,500, assume FHA loan. We Sell, Trade Or Buy QUENTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor Sis Hughes Bldg. MO 4-2523 (iloria Blanton—MO 3-!>r,73 Veltna Lewter— MO 9-?sr,s Helen Keller MO 4-7186 .7im Dailey—Kes. MO =-3294 Bob Smith Res. Phone MO 4-H50 Quentin Williams — Res. .V5034 house with ,1- room rental. $1,00(1 down. Will handle hfllftnee. 233 X. Snmrier._tjQJ : 5j<j. HAVJE Jff-** s-bedrbolii brifik "hom«. Will trade ft>f late model clefln Chevrolet or F.rd that I.* clear for down payment. Call MO 4-3291, White House Lumber Co, hflck; sa- taire, carpeted, fenced hack yard. »i 4,ooo. $500 will handle. FHA loan. 813 T . Pptt-ell St. MO 4>8876. EXTRA LAndE wly condition. $4,500. * room house and garage, newly decorated, excellent ition. $4,500. Suitable term* to W* Need i A. S-ftSdraom Ulltlrtg* GRE£ & CO. R6alt6fi Office MO 4-3367 Combs -Worlfty Bldg. i"»ii',*Jt"i-i Veaf 106 j ^mn&f£ni$ . _ _ / 10i 120 Au!»W9bi(it Pet Sate 1U FOft ttBNT Irta «ft SASH PAID POft CARS 112 Farmi) ftaneHii Oeo N'eef. Jr.—MO fi-5200 pale Thut— MO 4-8604 B. E. FERREUL AGENCY 15S N. Frost MO 4-4111 Of MO 4*7553 C5. E. Tlnnln MO 9-0518 BEDnoOM home, 611 Ca r r, small oftfih paynrent ft. good t*rm« on bal- BEDROOM and garage, H4 baths, carpeted, willlstoti, near Junior High A Ward School. rOR ROOM Duplex, with double garage '• North Wells, reafsonable «**h payment, good term* on balance. No loan expense. dOOD A Bedroom,- Attached garage, fenced yard. North Starkweather. $1,500 will handle. GOOD 3 bedroom home attached garage, near' Horace Mann School. F.H.A. and Conventional Loans We- need listing* oh good 2 and 3 bedroom homes. _ BOOTH-PAYRICK "Real Estate sedan. Dep*ndabl* Neel Rd. FOR SALE 6f Trade f6r P&mp*. . . erty: ICU-acre farm, Wneeler Courtly, see Oliver ."mas or call MO 0-9,ii! After <!:00 and Sunday _HO_^5tJi^_ -TSECTION Ranch in Donl*y county. 2 mile* from hiway 2S7. Excellent improvment*. Farm 2oO acres. 82V4 acre, cotton alotment. 58 ac. alfalfa. 20 ac. Perrlvell! sedan, 25 ac, blue panic ftrasd, large barn, residence o room masonary, modern, *ater with B well* and -windmill*, gravel pits, steady pay, price £55 per acre. Immediate posselloh, For s«le by S. K, Roach, Groom, Texas Phone 3721. *^*»».*.»^ **•»•**»**»*•> 114 Trailer H0ui«i 114 2 MKpiNKJM-unfurnished house, at- larhed garage, fenced yard, ilesl r Hl>le neighborhood. Inquire at 201 X. Faulkner. ToFlleol Estote For Sole 103; 84 Office. Store tquipma«t 84 ~\~~Z~~£'^ —n nrTTf^ J. E. Rice Real Estate North Crest- Call DR. FIXIT Today RF.NT late-model typewriter, adding machine or calculator by day, week or month. Tri-CIty Office Machines MC' 5-5HO. ' 712 N. Somerville MO 4-2301 COLD \VAVF,8 Jo.i VOGUE. BEAUTY SHOP 73» E, tramnbell MO 4-fit51 < 21 Mole Help Wanted 21 . WIIJj YOU Study one hour dn!1y_f«ir npport unit v tti enr $»'.*!'> to .??.ii.1 sn hour? ICxHmliiH. acl rluvslflcatioii Laundry 63 22 Female Help Wanted 22 FKM/iLK IIELr'; \VniitP(l: OpeninK for l«dv 25 tir ^O* hrMlilr- work, even- liiK .jihlft. AuuU' In .ocrson. Caldwi-ll ' IDEAL STEAM LAUNDRY JN'C. Family bundles Individually waslird. Wpt wash. Kough dry. Family finish. 321 E. Atch l«n 11 ._MO_4-43:tl. \VAsTnr.\O 'Jc Ib. IrorTlnif $1.25 doxen mixed piece?. Curtains a specialty. 3-BEDROOM Gl HOMES $273.58 Total Movp-1n Cost .97 MO 4-S503_ H"0"M"E9 BY KENT or Rale: mobile Jcoiit trailers, Post Office Trailer 8*le», 123 S Bftliard. MO 4-31.0J. NEW ANL USKD TRAILERS BAnk Rates 6FST TKAILER SALES W. Highway 80 Pil. MO 4-8260 WILL THADJ3 37 foot Spartan trailer for 2 bedroom home In north east or north part rf city, MO 4-3498 or 207 E. Brown. 2-BEDUOOM trailer .house 420 Pitts. Phone MO 4-4909. for sale. DUROHOME6 Col. Dick Bayle_ss,_Mp 4-S8j4J_ R. A, M'ACK Real Estate Ll»t!ng« Appraelited FOH SALE, 2 Bedroom Rambler trailer House, J1676. MO 4-2M2. >00 E. Bf0»n jit. FOR SAL.B er"" _MO Trada: 1033 _.. . Ktandard shift. Very 4 dr. Sedan, clean, practically new tirej. win trade for Chevrolet or Ford U'to" pick-Up" 40S N. Sotnervllle Dftef 4:30 p.m. ^_i_^___j FOR SALE 1650 moder % .ton Ford pick-up In very good condition MO 5.55flO . 2.100.._H«tnllton_ _; r ___ iw _ J » KISSEE "FORD GOMfJ'ANY Tour authorized Ford Dealer. Also Servicing all Chrysler Product*. 701 W. Brown . MO 4-8404 Pay M6 6-3332 evening 9-9693 C. H. MUNDY, Realtor 105 N. Wynne MO 4-a W. M. LANk BEAUTY 715 W. Foster Ph. 4-3641 or 9-9504 A. L. Patrick. Ansoclate, MO S-408Q —CONSTRUCTION START60— fieieet Yeur Horn* Today $8250—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes With attached garage, 60xl31-ft. Lot*. In the new Kelster Addition Dunham Const. Co. Go out S. Barnen to McCutlough Kant to Site MO 5-3332 Dnv, MO !'-!>S93 NHes R. A. MACK $61 86A ' .siroot. il7r,o down. —-" "• '"2 RKURO'iM ?nd esrxg*. Huff road SPKCIAL Price, on f^ed snd baby ;"" 'lo«n. riiirk^. SPO »« before you buy aM !KnU KENT: 4 b»dr'^m. 2 h»tbi, at- .«nvi-. rimy County Feed. 854 \V. | talbrM garage. N, Wells. ?100.00 per; Fnsler. | nionth. j W Monthly Not only rlsrht for your budret — but located rirht for your family I In Pampa.'* most desirable IhliiK area! HOMES OPEN DAILY I. S. JAMESON, Real Estate 109 N. Faulkner MO 5-5331 For Sale: Nice lot. T.'i-ft. front, , r ,0n ft. long—just oul.'idft city limits. Price } 2.100. • For Snip: .120 acre* Improved farm, 220 nrre? In cultivation, 100 acres in grass, 13"> acres In wheat, 85 acres to ho. put. In row crop, gas well '.i royalty (?OPP, >.i crop Kn?<s. Jl.'in per acre. $2n.<)00 down, good terras. fOMMKKC'IAF. lots on Price lload. " <;ooil buy! 100 ft. Corner lot. Good tcrm.«. on N. Holiart Ht. 104 Formi for Rent 104 PRIVATE Space for 3 trailer houses. Plenty or room, all bills paid. $30 a i month. Outside of city limits, MO 4-271B. _l 1949 CHEVROLET H ton OjCk-up, Deluxe cab, radio and heater, 15 Inch wheels. See it 1192 PralrU Dr. MO 4-6635. __ , _ , 1950 CHBVFtOLBT, 4-dOO,.. Radio A heater. $173.00 S*e after 5:00 p.m. week days. 1919 Coffee^ . For Sale: Lark fi. ____ or trade 1959 Studeba.ker, TRA1L.KR repairing and towing service. T. Davis Trailer Court No, 1. Bll Fuller. ' FOR 8AL.B: 37 foot Spartan Trailer, excellent condition, $2500. See at 207 E. Brown or Call 4-3498. 116 Auto Repair Garage* 116 HUKILL, & SON Bear Front End and Service 315 W. Foster J5°, n ?J*?-A:- 6 i.y If You Can't Stop, Don't Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Brake and Winch Bervlce : W. A. "BILLr" JONKS Auto Engine Rebuilder 1518 Alcock MO 5-4621 PAMPA Radiator Shou. Radiators gas tanks and hot water tank? repaired. 311 U. lirown, MO 5-4551. 117 Body Shops 117 FORD'S BODY SHOP Car Paln»ln«—Body Work 111 N. Pros' MO 4-4619 ___._ wTLlTSACRiFICE e"qulty"ln '50 Chevrolet. Impala Convertible. Call MO S-4248 before 5:00 p.m. or 4-2243, FOR SALS Of trade-. Equity in 1958 Lincoln. MO 9-9S08. __ ___^__ SALE: "" FOR Country *1795. 1957 Sedan. Ford 6-pa«senger 118 8. Faulkner, 124 Tires, Accessories 124 120 Automobiles For Sole 120 SALE or trade tcr older car: 55 Olds Super 4-door. loaded. J1345. Seo at B16 N. ^omejn-Ille_Hfter 6 p.m. cii'ybB JONAS' —Authorized 115 X. Ward ..._ MOTOR CO. Rambler Dealer— MO i,-510« I K'AVF, buyers for farm lan'l In Carson, Armstrong, Donley, and Gray Counties. List rith me for quick S". K. ROACH. Realtor!. Groom, Texas, P.O. Boi 148, Phone 3721 REX ROSE Service, Body, P»rU. Trim Shop 121 N. B*J[U£d MO 4-6877 Ci~t?r"MBAD Dsea Cars * Oarage. We buy, sell and service all maxes. Trailers and Uw bars for rent 313 E. Brown. MO 4-4761. REBUILT MOTORS Let Ward's, Pampa's headquarteri for guaranteed motors, r»plac» yours tt'Jay. Completely rebuilt to exacting specifications. New parts used in all vital spots. Pre.tost<»d and 100% rlsht when you get It. Models to fit all rar?. 10% down and balance in 18 months Expert Installation Montgomery Ward 817 North Cuvler M0_4j-3251 Ouaranteed~L f p^ T iref. All"sU»» and prices- over 2000 m BtocV. good «el- electlon nf truck tlres.'TTall Tire Co 700 W. Foster. MO 4-35:1. 125 .Boats & Accessories 125 BOAT REPAIRING, Marine Supplies. (':!.«<•?• Boat Shop. S. E. of City MO _4_-l"o> _. FOR SALE: Boat and trailer, with controls $24"-. 118 S. Faulkner. 89 WANTED: LORD! or letter-si?.e fire- t^ntral he»t. At-; tached earag*. 11,450 down. | N. Banks: HiO.VIN'f! Wanted ?1.35 a do/en WA~\TKI»: li-oninp to do in my hmiui 1 S1.2. r i PIT mix'.'l I|II/.PII. in- $1.00 i'i'-l<- i i-i| up nnd dullvcrnd. I'honn 4-27-SC. l^iio J-:. Fost.:f. of all kind.--. Call MO !»-Dtin. "~frrrMTHr^ • 2 BKDRHO.M brick, attached rarag*. luriiuuiE ........ h<sat ji2,200. Sleeping Rom* 92 t __ U()Xli?N". V\'T)rk^*"or inure IIDIII-M |i«-rl ,,. WfTh. Cho«i.«f» yintr own bourn. For | O A A Interview write Hox VNX, i'/o I'HUI- Rug Cleaning 63A SAVK MOX'KV nc bour il-iily for r.ent our ItiiK .Shampoo machlim ami; >ppornuiitv t.i t-.-irn n'.lir, to tl.i;:, nn i do your own. it's so ;uul you - v ' • •• ' -lr> it quickly and salV-ly. Low rental wTiTiT'Ydri" siiiTfv "hour'.' Kxamiie nil rlnssifl<-a(Um !•"'.( Sr.KKI' Hfiom." In privntn home. ;:n:i N. \Ve*t. Imiulre COS W. Francis. Aid -i-:uj:!. F(H: KKN'T: 5 furnlMlii'd lii'droom." In m-i\au' lu<me. men preferred. Ifin'i Mfiry F.llen. t.'all MO 4-».i21 after 6 95 Furnished Apartments 95 WANTKf)"; "ftawleiKh dealer for l'"rt , no b "MarDONALD FL'RNlTtTll-: CO. i —. . —• nf Pampa and Carson County. A [jjj s. Cuyier MO 4-6321 ! 2-COOM furnished apiiriment. privnti goo<l di-al for a huMler. I'ontai-t II. _ r _ r ^. J ^^^^ r ..„.,-, - — ^—^^ | |,ath Hills ntiM |.'l"'l K. l-'redi'i-if C. \Vilkin. l.'SSS'.j \V. \VilU.«, or wrlto \V. T. f;awl<>it:l\ Cn,. In- Sma Station Rni 2117. Memphis 'IViMi. IJ'Hii. 6 I1«vs » week. Jl per hour. \',.\\ c 66 Upholstery, Repair 66 Brummett's Upholstery Alcock _Pml M<"i 4-7."<l FTiriNlTUiVifl liclmifeT NICK .'! BKDROOM rock, all carpeted, attached garage. N. Russell »1MOO. . N. Sumner: t UKDHOOM. large attached rpntnil heat, carpeted living room $13,200. Chestnut Nice 3 bedroom. 1'i baths, nice carpeting, central heat, fenced yard, $2n,iiOO. FOR SALE or Trade: Will take S or 4-room house on new 2 or 3-bedroom home Henry St. N. Starkweather Lars* "-bedroom and garag*, fenc- i. "iiu»ick jnn'in'nrroiKX. x. Frost. m:.n down g*ir«ge apartment, , nj.;iif;oiVM nitar-hed sarage, r!o.«e iiTFnislTet~i)iils \\-1|,[,'T.v'k'i: late mml"! rar as down • nd up j .\ili!.*_Jl n ._-._-;_ —-" •-'-"•• -. .ftHlNlTUlxiS Repaired — Uphol«tcie<l. .," ij|; ; i;nVriT\['Tiii'd"f'ni iurni'slied. b'ills \\-fi t TVK'l' late model rar as flown \VOMKV SKW en.iy rend< -cut wrap Jotiesy's New and Used Furniture..;" ,V '..,„!., ^t Toms Place. !U2 K. j i>,i\ m cm i>n large. 1 bedroom North Around uprons honif. Karn JJii.ISi |f» g. Cuyier. MO 4-6S1S. j j.-^dp,.',,. ! <i i 'i!-k«i>aUi>'r. do/.eri, siiare time. Writ* Arc urste f ^-*~^~^~ „„„.,^ *.*• ~~ j-.-^ ~ —~.^-.— i . \\~~~i 1—T" ~Trt~""efTT~~f'HTf 15I'li''l\ .1 hi-droom aid den attached Mfgrs., '•^ P J > ^ 0 _ rl - New ^l21 U-- ^^ - 68 Household Good$ 68 ""{ill ', -nr's'j'". IMHh ; K»raire, all carpets urn! rtrape-^'N 23 Male & Female Help 23 ~~~™nJwr^^^ 23 Male & Female Help 23 FINISH Hlffh School or (frade school «t honn'. spare tlmr. Hooks fur- nl«hcri, diploma awarded. Write Columbia Schools, Hox IM4, Anuirlllo. ,1 _j _^ ^| ^ j~ j~^m~^- 1— w m-.m -r-f -f ^~ f~ f •*" *~ -" — 30 Sewing 30 . ...odcrn eff|.-i,.,icv iipartment, ^ P(: " ( , ( ",.Vl modern K. Bl ..nou B»v.r»l II..H'rofrlo-.ratnr. Rlrh Plan """' l '"" 1 ' " S N ' l'"''vian<;e. |VIi''K '^ bedroom on Wllllston. Several used, refrigerator.. Rich P-an. 3 .^ ^ -~ r ^.^ r'baihTt r .V. antenna. |' ,, H ths all carpets and_drajne? bills paid. "' 'and BELTS BUTTTONS. Button holes, Alterations. Scott Sew Shop, 1420 Market. MO 4-72:0. y.ON'OGRAMINO OF ____ ____ . all type.', rom- niorical rates, work guaranteed Mrs. C!ny Crosslanrt, 2105 N. Banks MO «i.ni93. ______ UOTUU.,1': RRKHTKn cults made Into jingle, only $10.00. Perfofi fit. fine tailoring. Guara^Ueed. C'lleH Clean- »rs. McLean Texav. __ 31 Appliance Repair 31 CLARK'iPwASHEn SRHVICE, will repair, rent or Hell Automatic washers. 1121 Ke«J Road. MO 4-S176. 34 Radio Lab 34 A TELKV1SION repulr »ervh c on anv m«k« or iiiuilvl. 1') to '!.','"„ »avil)|jH on tuiies nnd |iurt». Anti-n- nan i .\iiri-.i.-i linn nic mo ot- I.,-.iuii- ,. .. »,,, -,.sr,7« .' • ••, "•• ful If you use. Mill- Lustre for rlciin- ' -^. V_ f ^_:HL'_-.-.'-'il^. — ~~ r \ l.ed,no _t!i*- i:».'i"J?_"."'l«-«.C£: 2 1l: V l | lM Tv"'H!f t o«na"funuVh'ed "Mo I - ni ±^-. TEXAS FURNITURE ~~ liai<1 1V 1 " lUu!m furnwh * d> ~ 110 North Cuyier hv owner; Kqulty In -' liedriinin home. Low monthly pay- 41D Pitts. STO 4-S1S3. pal. _|. :;7I<!. MO 4-4(i23 ,\n"'IC" LA I",' !K II 'rooii: iiparttiKMit gnr- i()iiji I'sod Freezers, Kiuir.iiiteed. I n\f, iirlx.ile bath, idults only. 61,", Hawkln's-Sliafer Appllaiu-f-H. SIS W. ' I-:. KiiiRxmlll. Ml' 4-27nl. Foster. .MO|jii"41. Newton Furniture Store 509 W. Foster DON'S USED FURNITURE \Ve Buy & Sell Used Furnlturw 3 KiiOM"".Modern furnished apartment. Hills paid. Mo R month. Inquire Mc.. . .... i Adams _faff. Whi'e pe*r 'fetas^ -.-TTiT-rr^l-.-T,-^-— i 2-ROOM" nicely furnished, antenna, 120 W. Foster Phone MO 4-4t'>33 Whittingron's Furn. Mart "Low Prl'-es .Iiipi r>nn't Happen— They Are Made" 105 S. Cu y I er Ph ,__M O_5 • 312J CL"i ; ^\TrAN"Cl ; : SALK "("in" u'obil "»s«rl T\" HPI.S. Some .si-ts huve new plc- lure tulif. All sfclN un> sold on a Miuiriuitei-ii basin, ronvi'iiient bud- K»;t t«nus, B, F. Goodrich Store 11)3 S. Cuyier _ MO 4-S131 KI.KCTI'.IC CUitlivs tlrsi'f. $4U.'.i;i. 1'aul iij N. I!IIHHH||. .MO 4--fi8'M. soft"ivHte'r, bils jiuid, adults. 112 N. .Sonier\ lilt'. " H O O M f i ir"nT« h~« d apartment, private bath. Inguire F.13 N. Cuyier. MO 3- 3 lld'.iSJ Hull furnished, carpeted, TV Antenna, tub liath, for couple only. 401 X. Well*. MO n-«T.l!(. All Types of Monograming Including ommercial Call or see Mrs. Clay Crossland 3105 X. Bank* MO 9-MBS ,,a« Installed. Fan! ami rellnblf. ! — -.-. ,,_,,,,., .-,- r>k n-i-i mr- •nm« paymenli. Moiit B otuery Ward! McLAUGHLIN FURNITURE "fS5rtESvisioN " ^ S; - 1 " v! " r ---- —-• H - i -"--- fLti< - !i V. SoinervlIU _ J'liune Mi'>4_-35ll UNIT ED TELEVISIONT Jloban M" r>-55o2' 2 i','«»l' I'stil auloni.iUr \va»li*r>i. i)nr 1 ' • • 1 11 j i *• IM11 M (*, * 11.' .^.i SHELBY J. RUFF F!T!\i'n'i:io norciiT & sor.n f.l.' S. i 'uvler -Mi) '•- '^ _. ___ __ For'nVilabTe TV iiervice Call QKNE <«c PON'S TV HKUVH'K Mt \V. Foster _ I'll. MO 4^1X1 Antenna Service. New and Useil An- Unnai for sale. 1117 Varnon Drive.. • MOjMIO'n, fJn-irge Wlnt. 'fUwkini Radio & TV Lab 117 I. BluntM MO 4-J1M ~~ t:iiiir:iMieed, Firj'-tone . ( 'u\ le-i . 69 Miscellaneous For Sole 69 36 Appliancei 36 TV APPLIANCE & SERVICE 308 8. Cuyier A1O 4-47J9 Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We rent most anything" 120 N. Samcrvill* MO 4-2331 /, WHAT'S INSIDE THE NEW NORGE 11 TV APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER 308 S, Cuyier Farop* MO 4-4149 DE6 MOORE TIN SHOP Air Conditioning—Payne Heat i JJrt W. KlnstmlU Phone MO 4-27Jl ! + *rfff' 38 •« •ff Poper Hanging 38 PAINTING and Paper H»nglnir. All >| work *u»ra.ntee<l. Phone MO 5-5201. j F. B- Dy«r. 600 N. DwigUt. I 39 Painting 39 FBKK E»tim»t(f» on dci'oratlnjr iM'e.i . papering, painting, taping, ti-xton- I IHK. etc. MO 4-631T or MO 4-i.ViS. i FOR SALE Z12 N. Houston coiitaiiilng S loom* tmcl l/aih, furnUh«d; S rouiiik bath, reoro* t»th i. ivhvj ij £. C »> tA'u Vki , Total t*'ii*l incvime at prt,iJ«it> JiiO u'J iiiiiiitlii> J Xlcd v»c»in JS'xHu' l u t ii, Contact George Oliver Homlm Independent Executor of Luther »««<on EiUt» flj M. H«u»t»»— MO YOUR NEW FORD DEALER KISSEE FORD CO. We Also Service Chrysler Products 701 West Brown REMEMBER OUR PHONE NUMBER! MOhawk 4-8404 GOT IT? MOhawk 4-8404 TEX EVANS BUICK CO. BUICK BONUS BONANZA 1959 LICENSE SALES TAX TITLE FEE SAFETY INSPECTION ALL THESE EXTRAS WITH EVERY NEW 1959 BUICK NEW 1959 OPEL b BETTER BUY USED CAR BUYS BUY THE CAR: GET THE BONUS! 87 CHEVROLET BEL AfK 4 rtod gild*. $1695 $1295 lire*. 2 \nt\9 57 CHEVROLET BKL AIR 4 'loot- r.uli.'. tip $1895 \ hi '. t \V tint. A rcAl (i»41 61 BUICK SPECIAL radio, heater, dynoflo. power brake* and >tt«,inf 1 tone paint, white wall ilre». factory $2095 $1295 (6 FORD FAIRLAM: J door. HT radio. h«at«r, ford- o-m»tlc. power brake* & »t««r- Ing 2 tont paint Whltt wall PONT14O Door SW5 Radio. li«at»r, Hydra-nmtlc. 1- tone paint. n«w tire* .» Bl UK Century H.jiri TOP r:.» ' nifiotK 2-'^>nt S5 KOKO FAIHI-ANK 5 d^or H.T radio. b«ater over- dri\e. 2 ton* p»int. white wall tires. 65 Bl'ICK Sl'PER 1 <ioo r H T r»dte. hea'*r iiyn- oflo, power *tt«ring. J \O'-n paint Sfl Bl'ICK BOAOMASTER 4 dr.or. radio. h«at'-r Jvnoflo, poNVAr brakt>8 and #teertnK. I tone paint. While wall i:r»«. M KOKD CRESTLINE 4 door, rndiii. beai*-r overdrive. 51 heater, \'-l $1095 $1295 $1295 $695 .M Bl'ICK SPECIAL 2 door H. T rafyo lieait- O'io 5S FORD 4 DOOR RaH-". «»«tir, Ford ss nr Super 4 rtinr, bftMr 5S FORD t DOOR V-s rail:'--, htatrr t. 51 Bl ICK Sl'PER Kaaio. heater 447 International 8-4 Ton Pick-Up $595 $495 ic r dv.-i- $495 $345 $395 $295 $110 GET A BETTER BUY! BUY A BETTER CAR ! AND TfX [VANS BUYSYOUR 1959 TAGS SEE TEX EVANS BUICK Co. MO 4-4677123 N. GRAY KITE* 4KD SI NOW* MO WHY? WHY? WHY? HAVE PEOPLE INVESTED OVER '3,500,000 IN HIGHLAND HOMES Jarvis-Snne Addition HERE'S WHY! I S Bedr<v>m Brirk Trimmed Homes ( You can Tick Tour Own Color, Interior and Exterior i Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets with Formica Cabinet Tops lift rJwood Floors Central Heating I^trge Closet* Trimmed out Oarage \Va»her Dryer Spare MAXIMUM FHA LOANS '400°° DOWN Plus Closing Costs SALES OFFICE Open Doily AI Our MODEL HOME 2100 N, Dv/ight MO 5*541.0 Worley Bldg. MO 4-3U2

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