Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 20
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 20

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 20
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-SUNDAY, AUGUST?, 1M7 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Monday 8:00 0 KTVU BOSOM BUBOES • KT "• I KPIX 0 KQO NEWS MACNEIL / L6HRER S KICU KMQHT RIDER KTXL STAR TREK KBHK FACTS OF LIFE ESPN SURFER MAGAZINE MSN MOVE "Johnny Tremain" (19S7) Hal Stalmaster, Luana Patten. With his hopes of becoming a silversmith dashed following an accident, a young man In 18th-century Boston becomes involved in Ihe struggle for American independence. DISC CHRISTIANS The development ol Methodism. MCK MY THREE SONS SHOW MOVE "I Confess" (1953) Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A prieM honors the sanctity ol Ihe confessional when he stands trial lor a murder committed by one of his psrishioners. MAX MOVE "Back To The Future" (1985) Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd. A teen-ager experiences a severe case of culture stack when a scientist's, time machine sends him beck 30 years and places him face to face with the teens who will become his parents. In stereo. 'PG' g 6:300 KTVU TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Sere believes that Monroe needs a sex surrogate to overcome his problems. 0 KBHK GOOD TMES ESPN VOLLEYBALL Pro Beach Competition, Irom Hermoaa Beach, Calif. (Taped) MCKANNSOTHERN 7:00 0 KTVU MAGNUM. P.I. 1 KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g KPIX CBS NEWS I KQO ABC NEWS g, I KQED MQHTLY BUSINESS REPORT I KICU FALL GUY ) KTXL WKRP M CINCINNATI ) KBHK HAPPY DAYS _) MCTV INTERNATIONAL DMC LAST CHANCE Filmed at the National Zoo, a look at the world's most unusual and endangered species. MCK CAR 84. WHERE ARE YOU? 7.20 WTBS MOVE "Godzille Vs. The Sea Watanbe. OodtHls and Mothra save a village enslaved by a sea monster. DMNDTV 7:30 fj KRON •NTEMTAMMENT TOMOHT Actor Jeff Bridges: a tour of Alaska (Part t of 2). In stereo. • KPIX EVENING MAGAZINE Featured: game show celebrity. Vanns White talks about her career and personal life. 8 KOO HOLLYWOOD SQUARES KQED WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS O KTXL MOVIE "The Black Stallion" (1979) Kelly Reno. Mickey Rooney. Based on Waller Farley's "Black Stallion" books. After being rescued from the island on which they were shipwrecked together, a boy and a horse become involved in the race of the centu- B KBHK NEWLYWED GAME 0 MCTV SWEDEN TODAY WONNEWS ESPN SKATEBOARD Pro Championship, Irom Hunlington Beach, Calif. (Taped) MSN DANGER BAY Grant, J.L. and Jonah enter a fund-raising Bathtub Race to benefit the Aquarium, g DISC CRY OF THE MUMOU A study of the murlqui monkey's social behavior. MCKMONKEES HBO FRAQQLE ROCK Alter Red hep- pens upon a magnificent fairy-tale world, she brings s dragon bsck home as a souvenir, hi stereo, g 8:00 SJ KTVU WE LOVE LUCY Three episodes from "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" which starred Lucille Ball and Deal Arnai: "Lucy Wine a Racehorse' with Harry James and Betty Qrable; "Lucy Wants a Career" with Paul Douglas; and "Lucy Hunts Uranium" with Fred MacMurray. Host: Ann Jillian. O KRON ALF ALF convinces Willie to travel to the mountains to cut down a real Christmas tree. In stereo. (R) • KPIX KATE I ALL* Allie falls head over heels in love with a former football S yer. (R)g KQO ABC PLOT g KQED EVENING AT POPS Maestro John Williams and the Pops Orchestra are joined by soprano Leontyne Price, who performs Gershwin and Puccini: the King's Singers ("The Barber of Seville"); -eftd enfertelner Bemedette Peters with a Harold Arten tribute, hi stereo. • MCU MOVE "Up The Creek" (1904: Tffn Metheeon, Jennifer Runyon. Four cottage students try to bring some glory to their school by competing In a raft race against a team of ruthless rivals. • KBHK MOVE "Private School" (1983) Phoebe Gates. Betsy Russell. Teen-aged boys visit the all-girl Cherryvale Academy for some lun and adventure. 0 MCTV MEDIA ARTS * WON MNNEWS •ESPN SURFING Highlights of the 1988 Stubbies Pro Championship, from Oceanside, Calif. MSN ADVENTURES OF OZZE AND HARRIET MSC LIVING TOMORROW A study of technological transportation developments. Including anti-lock brakes, optical rubber, roHareraft, and wheelchair cars. MCK I SPY HBO WELCOME HOME ENCORE PART • Highlights from the July 4. 1987, concert celebration honoring Vietnam veterans, from Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. In stereo, g SHOW MOVE "Breaking Away" (1979) Dennis Chrtstophe , Paul Dootey. A bicycle enthusiast In i small coHego town spends his post-high school aummer trying to sort out hie plans for the future while training lor the two biggest races of his Me. 'PQ' MAX MOVE "48 MRS." (1982) Nick Node, Eddie Murphy. An unorthodox police detective teama with a temporarily released convict to find two fugitive murderers. 'R' 8:300 KRON VALERE Willie and Mark go out on a double date chauffeured by their older brother David. In stereo. (R) • KPIX MY SISTER SAM Sam volunteers to menage Patti's campaign lor class treasurer. (R) g WON TALES FROM THE DARKSDE A self-sacrificing woman disrupts her family lite when she starts performing mire ctos.(R) ' ESPN SPORT8CENTER MSN MOVE "These Thousand Hills" (1959) Don Murray. Richard Egan. A chain of events bring a now-prosperous lw nnntei rt lavish flhdfc m uunivci wnn inv potHtdn hi nto. DMC LAND OF THE DRAGON A v)*H to Punakha, a valley In Bhutan known for its mUd climate and troplcalplants. 3:80 WTBS NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER Australia's Sydney to Hobart Yacht R.SCB; the Taung child skull discovered In South Africs (9:25); sea turtles on the shoreline of Costa Rica (9:50); Solomon CMe Salbull. chief conservator of Ngorongoro National Park, who balances hunting and conservation (10:15); Mohawk Indians who are steelworkers on Msnhsttan'a skyscrapers (10:45). g*»O KRON MOVE "The Lonely Lsdy" (1983) Pis Zsdora, Lloyd Bochner. On a televised swards program.'a successful screenwriter tells the shocking story ol how she reached fame. In stereo, g 0 KPIX NEWHART The Loudons hire a substitute maid after Stephanie injures hertoe.(R)g 0 KOO INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL OLYMPICS OPEMNO CKREMONES Appearances by the U.S. Navy Band, Whitney Houston, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Qrlford highlight coverage of opening-ceremony event* at the seventh International Summer Special Olympic Games, from Notre Dame Stadium In South Bend, M. (Taped) g « KOEO SI SEARCH OF THE TROJAN u* The validity of the storyteller's ancient art in accurately preserving Information Is examined through modern-day examples In Ireland and Turkish Armenia. 0 MCTV MOVE "Little Red Schoolhouse" (1936) Frank CogMan Jr.. Dickie Moore. After being rebuked by his schoolmaster, a boy runs away, and becomes involved with criminate. WON TWUGHT ZONE E8PN8PORTSLOOK DMC DISAPPEARS WORLD A highway being cut through the Mehmacy's territory threatens their wsy of life. NICK DONNA REED 8:300 KPIX DESMMNQ WOMEN Charlene's date for New Year's Eve could be a dangerous prison escapee. (R) WON MOVE "Cat People" (1982) Naa- tassla Kmski, Malcolm McDowell. A young woman disbelieves the legend aha is told snout Herself: that kitmUicy wHI cause her to change Into a panther, and that She can only revert to human form after she has kWed. . ESPN PSA SEMOflS BOWLING Kessler Touring Pro Doubles, from Green Bay, Wis. (R) MCK MISTER ED HBO MOVIE "The Check Is In The Mail" (1986) Brian Dennehy, Anne Archer. When credit problems threaten to drive a California pharmacist end Ms family over the brink, he stages his own form of rebellion. 'R' IftOO • KTVU 0 WCU • KTXL NEWS • KPIX CAGNEY ft LACEY An armed- robbery gang targets Alcoholics Anonymous and AI-Anon meetings. (R) g • KQED HOLLYWOOD The scandalous Fatty Arbuckle murder Jrial forces producers to clean up their Industry. •JKBHKAUCE OMC WILD REPUQE A close-up of the dwtndimg buffalo of_Arltona. MCK MY THREE BOMS SHOW MOVE "The Trip To Bountiful" (1985) QeraMine Page, John Heard. An Oacar for Best Actress went to screenwriter Horton Foote's story of an •Marty Texas woman who seeks to recapture • piece of her past by returning to her hometown on* last time. W g MAX MOVE "Police Academy 3: Back hi Training" (1988) Stave Outtenberg, Sub- be Smith. When a budget out forces the stale to close one of two prominent police academies, both schools take steps to make sure theirs is the one that sur- vives.'PQ'g 10«DISIIDISI8rrqiANNBLPREVEW 10*60 MCTV MOVE "Minesweeper" (1943) Richard Arten, Jean Parker. An Annapolis graduate discharged lor gambling rejoins the Navy and helps uncover a new type of Japanese mine that would endanger American ships. 10:80 • KICU MN NEWS • KBHK THATS MY MAMA DUN MOVC "Topper Returns" (1941) Roland Young. Joan BtondeN. Topper becomes involved In helping the ghost ol a murdered woman find her killer. DISC M8ECT UPE OP THE NORTH The butterfly's metamorphosis, eating habits and the reason for color. Tuesday EVEMNQ 6:00 O KRON 0 KPIX 0 KQO NEWS O KOED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEW8HOUR 0NCUKMGHTRIDER ~ • KTXL STAR TREK 0 KBHK FACTS OF LIFE . ESPN TOP RANK BOXING "Terrible Tim" Witherepoon vs. Mark'Wills in a heavy- . weight bout scheduled for 10 rounds, from Atlantic City, N.J. (Live) DMN MOVE "The Fourth Wish" (1976) Robert Battles, John MeMon/The father of a terminally ill boy tries to make hl» son's last months as fulfilling as possible. OMC TEN GREEN BOTTLES The question of who discovered alcohol distillation is probed. • MCK MY THREE SONS. HBO MOVE "Red Dawn" (1984) Patrick Swsyie, C. Thomas Howell. When Communist paratroopers invade a small U.S. town and begin to slaughter its inhabitants, a group of high school students desperately tights back. 'PG-13'g SHOW NEW YORK CITY TOO FAR FROM TAMPA .BLUES A boy discovers the importance of self-determination in his own life. MAX MOVE "Nothing In Common" (1986) Tom Hanks, Jackie CUeason. A Chicago advertising ag> cy executive is forced to. re-evaluate nis relationship with his parents when they separate after 36 years of marriage. 'PG' g 8:30 BJ KBHK QOOD TMES DMCCHANQMQ WORLDS A look at how Chile is developing ita resources and reestablishing internstionsl links. MCKANNSOTHERN 7:00 O KRON WHEEL OP FORTUNE g -» KPIX CSS NEWS i KQO ABC NEWS g IKOED MOHTLY BUSINESS REPORT I KICU FALL GUY I KTXL WKRP M CINCINNATI I KBHK HAPPY DAYS I MCTV •SPECTACULAR DEL MES i AMMALS OP THE GREAT NORTHWEST Close-'up photography captures the activities of snakes, scorpions and spiders. MCK CAR 84. WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW BIBB.LEY DUVALL'S TALL TALES AND LEGENDS "Pecos Bid. King ol the Cowboys" Sieve Qutlenberg plays the legendary figure who transformed Texas into a rough-and-tumble •'tale; Rebecca Da Mornay and Martin MuH also star. In stereo, g 7:18 WTB8 MOVE "The Long Ships" (1964)' Richard Widmark. Sidney Poitier. A Vikim) falls in love while searching for the Golden Bell of St. James. 7:30 e KRON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT A tour of Alaska (Part 2 of 2). In stereo. • KPIX EVEMNQ MAGAZINE Featured: meet 37-year-old Candace Smith who is committed to a complete body makeover through exercise and plastic surgery'. 8 KQO HOLLYWOOD SQUARES ' KQED WILD, WID WORLD OF AM- MALS • KTXL BARNEY MUER _) KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WON NEWS DISC WORLD ALIVE A study ol the un-- derwater marine We on a coral archipelago In the south Atlantic. MCKMONKEES 8:000 KRON MATLOCK Mstlock defends a woman accused of killing her photographer boss. In stereo. (R) 0 KPIX BOON * SMON Ths Simons search lor a surfer believed to have died 20 years ago. (R) 0 KQO WHO'S THE BOSS* Mona's first iob after graduating Irom college Is an undercover role in a shoe store known lor sge discrimination. In stereo. (R) g O KQED AMERICAN MASTERS "Unknown Chaplin • Hidden Treasures: Part III of HI" Previously unseen film clips of Chaplin including home movies, films made for his own amusement, abandoned projects, and outtakes Irom "City Lights" and "Modern Times." g 0 KICU MOVE "Summer Fantasy" (1984) Julienne Phillips, Ted Shackel- lord. A 17-year-old girl becomes the first female lifeguard on a Southern California beach where she experiences the beginning of womanhood. 0 KTXL MOVE "Death Hum" (1981) Charles Branson. Lee Marvin.. In the 1930s, a Mountie and a frontier trapper wage an old battle as civiHialion encroaches on the Canadian wilderness. 0 KBHK MOVE "Ths Jerk" (1979) Steve Martin, Bemadetle Patera. An incredibly stupid young man, the white stepson ol black sharecroppers, makea a fortune with a biiarre invention. 0 MCTV MEDIA ARTS WON MNNEWS IMNADVSWTUIVSOFOZZKANDHAR- DISC QUESTOR8 Modern glues that are strong enough for use on planes and cars. MCK I SPY HBO GREATEST SPORTS UPSETS Clips Irom eleven of sports' greateat upsets, including the U.S. hockey team'a Olympic victories in I960 and 1980; the 1985 NCAA basketball final; the Jets 1989 Super Bowl victory and Man o' War's loss in 1919. SHOW MOVE "Psycho-HI" (1986) Anthony Perkins, Diana Scarwjd. Aa he ore- • pares to re-open the infamous Batea Hotel, Norman la troubled by a persistent reporter, potential romance vrtth a would- be nun and, ol course, Mother. In stereo. MAX MOVE "Where Are The Children?" (1986) JiH Clayburgh, Max GaH. An incident in her recent past brings suspicion upon s Massachusetts woman when her two children from a second marriage are kidnapped. 'R' g 8:300 KTVU MOVE "T.J. Hooker" (1982) William Shalner, Adrian Zmed. A streetwise former detective returns to the beat of a street cop to protect the cltitens ol his city. 0 KQO QROWMQ PAMS The husband of one of Jason's clients is a womanizing newspaper editor who offers Maggie a dream job. (R)g WON TALES FROM THE DARKSBE A little girl foresees the death of family members andfrieflde. (R) ESPN BPORTSCENTER OWN MOVE "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" (1964) Howard Keel. Jane Powell. Alter their eldeat brother brings home a bride, the six remaining siblings take a cue Irom a story they'd heard and kidnap some women of their own. 'G' DISC CHINA IN CHANGE Yehudi Menuhin examinee the importance of muaic and dance in Chinese history. 9:000 KAON MOVE "Beverly Hills Madam" (1988) Faye Dunaway, Louie Jourdan. The head of a prostitution house that caters to the worid'a most powerful men finds her lucrative empire jeopard- iiod by her girls' personal crises, m stereo. (R)g 0 KPIX HOUSTON KMQHTS A serial killer turns the tables on Detectives Lundy and La Flamma by shadowing Joey's every move. (R) 0 KOO MOONUGHTMO David's wacky brotherpsys a visit. (R) g 0 KQBDNOVA WHMn the rain loreals of Borneo, scientists live in trees among the orangutans to study these human-like apes in their natural habitat. (R) g 0 MCTV MOVE "Mr. Moto'a Last Warning" (1939) Peter Lorre, George Sandi era. With Mr. Moto trapped in a diving bell, a group ol conspirators ptol to blow up the Suet Canal. WON TWUQHT ZONE E8PN8PORTSLOOK OMC THE HUTTENTE8 • TO CARE AND NOT TO CAPE The history of the Hutter- Hes. Russian Immigrants who came to America to find religious freedom. MCK DONNA REED HBO MOVE "Critters" (1988) Dee Wallace Stone, Scott Grimes. Fugitive aliens with ravenous appetites eat their way through a Kansas farming town while interstellar bowMy hunters attempt to track them down. TG-'.3' 9:30 WON MOVE "The Stone KWer" (1973) Charles Branson, Martin Balaam. An underworld kingpin trains Vietnamese veterans to eliminate Ms enemies. ESPN BEST OF SCHOLASTIC SPORTS MCKMMTERBD 8:38 SHOW CELESWTY CLOSE-UP 10*0 0 KTVU0 KICU 0 KTXL NEWS . 0 KPtX MQHT HEAT Debut In. prime time. O'Brien suspects an off-duty officer ia responsible for a drug stakeout gone 0 U KGO SPENSER: FOR MRE Rita regrets having introduced Spenser to an attractive client. (H)g 0 KQED SOUTH AMERICAN JOURNEY How the South American Catholic Church is threatened by Mormon missionaries and the dilemma facing priests who must choose to support the needs of the poor or the political regime In power, hi stereo. 0KBHKAUCE WTBS MOVE "Msyeriing" (1988) Omar Sharif, Catherine Oeneuve. Austria'a Crown Prince la involved In a love affair which enda in tragedy. ESPN SURFER MAGAZME DISC OTTO "Zoo Gorilla" Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo ia the setting for a look at the behavior of epes in captivity. MCK MY THREE SONS SHOW PAPER CHAW Problems arise after Rita and Hart spend a night together. MAX MOVE "RoHover"Tl9ei) Jane Fonda, Kris KristoHerson.A former movie star who took over the chairmanship ol her late husband's corporation and a high-powered financial expert become involved in a disastrous deal with Arab investors. 'R' 10:30 0KKU8M NEWS 0KBHKTHArSMYMAMA 0 MCTV MOVE "Dual Alibi" (1947) Herbert Lorn. Pt-ylKs Dixey. A pair ol twin tightrope stare have Me deadly misfortune of bur, loving the same girl, and each ia eauaHy determined to win her. ESPN SURFING Stubbles Pro Championship, from Oceanside, Cattf. (R) DMN MOVE "The Prisoner Of Shark Island" (1936) Warner Baxter, Gloria Stuart. The unsuspecting physician who treated John WUkes Booth for s broken leg Is condemned to spend the remain-. der ol his Ufe behind bars. MCKANNSOTHERN HBO CARLY M CONCERT: COMING AROUND AQAM Grammy Award-winning singer / songwriter Carty Simon performs classic hits along with selections from her album "Coming Around Again" from Martha's Vineyard, m stereo. 11:000 KTVU 0 KTXL LATE SHOW In stereo. t KRON 0KPK0 KQO NEWS KQEO ••NOVATION A look at the advanced electronic technology that haa become a routine part of theatrical productions, focusing on "Starlight Ex- nCUKOJAK DMC ANTHONY BUMESS ON OK LAWRENCE Novelist Anthony Burgess gives hie appraisal of the English writer. MCK CAR 84. WHERE ARE YOUt SHOW MOVE "Scarecrow" (1973) Gene Hackinan, Al Psctno. A gruff ex-con and an ex-aeaman in aearch of the wife he had deserted six yeara before share a aeries of adventures while traveling across America. 'R' 11:300 KRON TOMQHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: actress Al- lyes Beasley, musician Midori, In stereo. •BKPfXASKDR.RUTHg • KQOMQHTUNSa 0 KQEO TONY BROWN'S discussion of issues facing Mack men and women and ultimately, the family. 0KBHKKUNQPU WON LAVE*** tSHRLBY ESPN SPORTSCBNTER HBO MOVE "Cease Firs" (1986) Don Johnuon, Lisa Blount. Psychological problems plague a Vietnam veteran's personal and professional We •• he trie* to readjust to his surroundings upon re- luming home.'R' _ I T.J. HOOKER In Chicago, Hooker teams up with a wisecracking detective to neb a powerful drug dealer. (R) 0 KOO TALES OP THE UMXPECTEO • KQEO NON-PICTION TBLEVMtON A

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