The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 6, 1971 · Page 35
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 35

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 35
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TOP VIEW Ogden Standard-Examiner, Wednesday, October 6, 1971 llD By Cl2ftRKE:WILlilAMSON ' have the . right to oppose CBS-TV', -probably decided automobile and leaded gasoline viewers '.had'.been held "cap- ads on TV just as anti-cigarette tive" long enough by their people had a right to their say. prisoner._of war farce. "Hogan's Heroes," but the show's 'fans only want more of such pleasant captivation. Their voting in; our TV Spotlight on the program's regular cast gives "superb" ratings to both Bob Crane, as Hogan,-and Werner Klemperer, as KUnlC Only-one of.the per- formers'ends up with a "fair" rating." 'Viewers' committal to these old actor friends is proven b y their " "couldn't-care-less rating for-the guest performers on the show. "Just give us. our old friends, the regulars," viewers-indicate: Bob Crane (Hogan), 83;8. superb., Werner. Klemperer (Klink), 78.3, superb. John'Banner (Schultz), 73.8. So "if I'm a Christian Scientist haven't I a right 'for equal time to protest medication ; ads? Audi why not orotestini? — ., — ------ — derwear? And so cluttering' up TV? • - ' ! TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS : 6:30 (NBC)— A private investigator reacts in a fit of rage I good. Larry good.:. Hovis (Carter), 70.0, good. Richard Dawson 67.5, good. Robert Clary (LeBeau), 68.8, (Newkirk), Kenneth Washington (Baker), 66.3, fair. Guests on-show, 52.5, poor. READERS SPEAK Hogan's Heroes: From- Mrs. B. Hiner, Omaha, Nebr,: One of my favorites. Sure will miss it; there are so few shows for those who dislike sports. Hope it can return ;". . From J. Gile, North Haven," Conn.: This show was wonderful fun at first, but they finally-got-so.-out of new good ideas-it began to seem as if we were watching reruns. Today's Beefbox: From XUUdV-o j_»&tAi^v*x- •* ****** —•-- «" »«-iw — — Crane, Old Westbury, N.Y.: An War of the Worlds." ' -4 . - . .. 1 1 J^. CIA—.— «««. t* Alt A H absurd- : court decision now holds that anti-pollution experts might Robinson. REDEYE Women ' Libbers only-for-men" : .un- when a woman he has beeni|- PAL£FAC£S T1M6 OF Ifrl? YEAR ^,^,,^, TMP..OTMSR, THINtSS THSY've WORKED. OUT FOR L' ' "~ ' lo-& LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE hired to follow refuses to be blackmailed in the NBC Mystery Movie in ..color titled "Death Lends a-Hand." ... 7 (CBS)—Scott Marlowe, Jack Kruschen and Stefanie Powers j are guests in the segment of ai young woman with a heart ail- 1 , ment who defies Dr. Joe_Gan- r non's warning against having a child and becomes pregnant. (Color) ' ' • . I 8 (NBC) — "The Changing I Scene" in color is a critical look, at welfare. Title is "Utah on $2| a Day." -" •' 8 (CBS)—Wednesday Nigh.t| Theatre in' color will feature] "Blindfolded." Rock Hudson and Guy Stockwell starJn the full-length movie of a New York psychiatrist who gets involved in a tug of war for the mind of a scientist between two opposing governments. Lit, ABNCR •y At CAPP DOTTY 2'JFORD TUMI POPULAR SERIES ; 8 (ABC)—Popular series "The Smith Family" in '.color" stars Henry Fonda in his role as a| small town police officer/ To-i night he befriends an alcoholic. 8:30 (NBC)—Wednesday Night R. at the Movies in color is "The. » «.*, V^ t+.l\f i i -" -»*-—• Stars are Gene Barry, Ann TAFFY-I'M IN THE MOOD FOR A COUNTRY BREAKFAST THIS MORN INS '[ , COUNTRY \ .BREAKFAST; } y'KNOW' HAM AND. EGGS POTATOES AMP •ORANGE JUICE we f to-e. THE WORRY CLINIC (Clip this portion and mail promptly to: TOP VIEW BALLOT 452,. Ogden Standard-Examiner,. Ogden, Utah.) ' TV BEEFBOX MUSTTV BECOME A SOAPBOX FOR OPPONENTS OF ALL ADS? , : Circle only one choice: - ' • 1. Yes, free TV air time for opponents of all ads should be available. . 2. Opponents of TV commercials should be given equal time at equal rates to voice their objections. 3 Let government agencies (Federal Trade Commission or Federal Communications Commission) ban ads deemed harmful. Ad opponents could present their arguments to FTC or FCC and let them decide. 4. Individual TV stations should be free to accept or reject ads as they see fit. Viewer complaints to FTC or FCC can indicate to these agencies whether stations' operating licenses should be renewed. 5 Other differing opinion (specify): Circle your age bracket: Under 21; 21-49; 50 or over. LANCELOT • /CtftfMOl KNOCK I Off THAT u WHININS/ 9 .WU'rTHINK.MS w=> MAKINS -rue Surgeon Learns KeytaSuccess By DR- GEORGE W. CRANE Dr. Ben, aged 51, is a despondent dental surgeon. "Dr. Crane," he began, "I taught for several years at dental college but ever since launching into -private practice, over $10,000 of unpaid bills tiiat *• his patients had owed hinV;^' Since he was a superb dental surgeon at the operative chair, I didn't need to deal with that^. asnect of successful practice.. So I probed into his social "I can perform as good activities and found lhat he was--' dentistry as any of my j not only an introvertive scientist colleagues, yet they run circles at the chair - ^--. - • But his hobbies also were. those that didn't get him. into..... contact with people in his area. And he wore a poker face ^ with somewhat of a sourpu$s.v expression. I have barely.made a living. around me in thair volume of patients. Why?" A physician, dental surgeon, i lawyer or other professional | man usually must be -versatile in all '3 branches of our "free atifofnT-ioA" cvcfpm tn cnrpppd. TELEVISION PROGRAMS ACCURACY of television schedule is the responsibility of the station/The following is printed exactly as submitted to the Ogden Standard-Examiner. CHANNEL O KUTV (NBC) CHANNEL Q KCPX (ABC) CHANNEL 0 KSL (CBS) EDUCATIONAL iV STATIONS 7 KUID. J«lt Uk«; • KOIT. OjiUn: 11_XBTU. T,tf J! ICWCS. °fOn " "7:30 O Today Show* 0 Corner Pyle* 8:00 0 Dinah's Place* 0 The Lucy Show" 8:30 n Concentration* 0 Cartoons and Morning News* 0 Family Affair* 9:00 fj Sale of the Century* O Petticoat Junction* 0 Romper Room* 9:25 0 Channel 5 News* 9-30 O Hollywood Squares* O That Girl* 0 Love of Life* 10:00 B Jeopardy* O Bewitched* 0 'Where the Heart Is* 10:25 PI CBS News* 10:30 O The Who, What, Or Where Game* O Password* 0 Search for Tomorrow* 10:55 O Carolyn Dunn Show* 11:00 O All My Children 0 Midday* 11:30 O Three On A Match* O Let's Make a Deal* 0 As the World Turns* 12:00 0 Days of Our Lives* O Newlywed Game* 0 Love is a Many Splendored Thing* 12:30 R The Doctors* CJ Dating Game* 0 Guiding Light* 1:00 O Another World— O General Hospital* 0 Secret Storm* 1:30 O One Life to Live* 0 Edge of Night* 2:00 'O Jackpot Movie, "One Desire"* with Rock Hudson, Anne Baxter O Mike Douglas and Dialing for Dollars* 0 Big Money Movies, "It Happens Every Thursday" with Loretta Young, . John Forsythe' 3:30 O Bugs Bunny* 3:55 0 Spotlight Five* 4:00 O What's My Line* O Daniel Boone* 0 Big Valley* 4:30 O I Dream of, Jeannie* 4:58 O Dialing for Dollars* 5:00 0 The Scene Today—I* O Five O'Clock Report* g Dragnet* ' NBC Nightly News* 0 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite* ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN enterprise" system to succeed. So I coaxed him into placing,a w 1 Dr Ben thus is a good big mirror behind his telephone, "manufacturer" of modernjso when a prospective patient^ scientific dentistry. 'would call, he could first look at His colleagues thus admit that I his own sourpuss reflection and he is tops as a dental surgeon. Iforce a grin upon his lips foefo/e.„. But that's only one-third of his|he even said "Hello. .-•• requirement for success. And I had him practice saying He must also know how to!"Hello," till he would rise to a ' •Denotes Color EVENING WEDNESDAY, OCT. < 6:00 d Scene Today—in* O Truth or Consequences* 0 Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 6:30 '0 -NBC Mystery Movie* Q Room 222* i0 Primus* 7:00 Cl Bewitched* 0 Medical Center* 7:30 O Courtship of Eddie's Father* " 8:00 <& The Changing Scene* fH The Smith Family* 0 Wednesday Night Theater, "Blindfold"* with Rock Hudson, Guy Stockwell 8-30 O KUTV Wednesday Night at the Movies, "The War of the Worlds" with • Gene Barry, Ann Robinson Q Shirley's World* 9:00 O The Man and the •'City* ' 10:00*FI Scene Tonight* •Q Perry Mason 0 Channel 5 Eyewitness News 10:30 £1 The Tonight Show* 10:40 0 Wednesday Night ' Theater, "The Private Lives of Adam and Eve"* with Mickey Rooney, Mamie Van Doren 11:00 Cl llth Hour News* 11:30 El Dick Cavett Show* 12:00 *> Man to Woman* 12-05 'O The Late Show, "The Long Voyage ' .Home"* with John Wayne, Ian Hunter THURSDAY, OCT. 7 • MORNING 8:00 0 Sunrise Semester* 5:55 0 Farm Report* 6-15 O Understanding Our . World* 6:20 O Guideposts 6:25 Cl ; Farm Report 6:30 O Viewers Digest 0~ CBS "News* 6:45 'O"The Morning Scene* 7:00 0 Today Show* O Fireman Frank Show* g Beverly Hillbillies' TV2 Morning Report* Y/ON'TYOU TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE POINS; LATER, MAN, LATER! DONT SWEATST.OKKf? _ OSCAR ...MEtVUSURE ^OH. MVSOSH MR. BOOM GOT BACK. ._ . 70 THATMOCVIAN /ABOUT HIM SCe/V£ALL RIGHT? 'merchandise" his dental skills. This involves deft j s a 1 e s m a n ship and tactful "Human Relations." Alas, Dr. Ben rated very low in his H-R -(Human Relations) , a doctor or lawyer must also "collect," for credit higher note on the "o" sound, for this makes your greeting far , snore cordial. Dr. Ben also liked to putter around in his flower garden, but flowers can't "talk up" a dental •: surgeon in the community. -'.-'•.So he began working with Boy''. Scouts, offering expert advice.;. I strategy I Finally, • niust 3iso ^wi(^^i-) • iv/i. *.»-«—-- ————i - — u ' I is the 3rd aspect of America's! on First Aid, etc. ifamous "free enterprise"! The result: His gross,-. • system i collected income jumped 55 per'• And Dr. Ben confessed he had cent the next 6 months I •-"'•;• THE JACKSON TWINS •y DICK BROOKSJ AT TIMES I ACTUALLY FELT LIKE I EW WHAT I W/4S TALMNG ABOUT/ JILL W«S RIGHT ON, A1B. JACKSON .' SHE SURE JUICED UP C.C. GEATCH IS PRESIPENT OF NATIONAL MICKEY FINN •y LANK UONARD DID YOU SEE RAYKER BEAT UP THE BOX VERY. NOPE.' BUT HE WOULPNTHAVE DONE IT A SECOND TIME IN FRONT OF ME/ I GRABBED HIM—AND SHOOK HIM UP PRETTY GOOD —AMD j - DIDN'T LET HIM 1H HERE ' FOR AT LEAST A MONTH! A WILL YOU REPEAT ALL THIS TO-THE DISTRICT ATTORMEV? YEP—LIKE I SAID, MURK IS A, REAL BUMMER/ 'BUT I'D SURE LIKE TO KNOW WHERE HE'S CETTIN' ALL THAT DOUGHl JOE PALOOKA ty HAM FISHER FOURTH POVW, FORA FIRSTDO\WFORFAIRMOUNTM/UTAFTt' ;.. ON THE CLIFFVILLE 29 YARPLINE... MIJ71?LE...SO WE'LL CK099 THEM LIP.^ " 10-S THEY'RE NOT SOIN THEMIPPLE... HAS TH' BAU. BUGS BUNNY NEA 34 H.un B.ily Ntwi, Jf«rH. Music KSL—mo 24 Houra Oiilr Ntwi, Music, Ipirti KVOG- T 14«0 J:40 «.m. to 12 Midniftit NlVtt, Music. Sporti KSVN—730 (-45 i.m.-J:4J p.m. Niwi, Muitc, Sport! KANN-1WO *«.».. t»*:<5p • Mm. Muilt INDEPENDENT RADIO STATIONS KBUH—«00 t:4S «.m.-3:4S p.m. Hi-MelitY Mufic KCPX—1350 Mtwi, Music 24 Hours C.ily Niws. Mu'-ir KBOC FM—101.» 7 i.m. t* MUnliht ANSWERSvAcross—1. DOtL, 3. JAR, 5. MEDAL, 6. PONY, S^SHtlTTEfc 10."DINOSAUR. Down — 1. DIVING 'BOARD, 2/£pi-ilPOP, 4. -AW1,' '5. MINK. 7. VULTURE. 8.'TRAP, THIS ONE COULDN'T HURT A Ft PORTABLE Enjoy the playoffs and series on your «wnTV.

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