Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 9, 1971 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1971
Page 19
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B-8 Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, January 9, 1071 Jacoby Top view of television on bridge By OSWALD & JAMES JACOBY (D) AA1042 9 4K.T632 *A97 TPEST EAST A 75.1 A 9 1TAJ86 VK10953 4Q1054 «H87 + QJ54 SOUTH 4KQJ86 V 742 4A None vulnerable West North East Sonlh .1 «• Pass 1 A Pass 2 A Pass 3 4> Pass 4* Pass 4 N.T. Pass HV Pass 6 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— A 5 By CLARKK WILLIAMSON Both "Mannix" and "Adam 12" arc rated "superb" by TOP Vir-:\V voters today in today's ballot result. Heel Skelton, whom NBC snatched after he was dropped by f'F?S, labors unrlor a "poor" which seems to endorse NRf's currnnl intent to abandon the veteran comic sometime in March. Daytime "World 'Adam 12' superb Here is a hand bid by Peler Fender and Granl Ba/e (o a very fine slam in I he blue ribbon pairs. It illustrates both good partnership bidding and good dummy play. Peter's three-club bid was their start toward slam. Grant did not know if Peter was trying for game or slam. He had a good spade raise and in addition held a singeton heart. His four-dub bid showed both these things and enabled Peter to go into Blackwood and finally contract for six. West made his best lead, a low trump. Peter took stock of dummy and decided to try to ruff two hearts and also set up dummy's fifth diamond' to give him one club discard. Of course there was an easy club discard available on the diamond king. He won the spade in his hand and cashed the ace of diamonds. Then he Jed a heart. West won the ace and led on a second trump. Peter won this in his own hand also and now was in fine crossruffing position since all his trumps were high. He raffed a heart in dummy, a diamond in his hand, his last heart with dummy's last trump and another diamond in his hand. This left him with only one trump. Enough to pull West's last one. At the same time he discarded a club from dummy. Then he cashed his king of clubs and claimed the last three tricks with dummy's • ace of clubs and king-jack of diamonds. Like most expert bridge. Nothing sensational. .lust getting the most out of the cards. The ^JiddinR has been: West North East South a* IV 24 3'uss 2V Pass 3* Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5V Pasa •> You, South, hold: AK6 VA97 4KQ4 *AQJ32 What do you do now? A—Bid live no-trump. If partner shows no kiiiRs you will pass al six clubs. It he shows one king bid the grand shun. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding hus Rone: One spado by West, double by your partner, pass by East. You hold: 48743 VJ98G *K1043 +7 What do you do? Answer Monday Law for today Q. Is it true that the stain gives each released prisoner only a suit of clothes and cab fare to the nearest town? A. Not exactly. The prison's Parole and Pardon Hoard provides the paroled prisoner with "suitable" clothing and determines, on the basis of individual need, the amount of money to be granted. The maximum amount is $50. The Board decides if this money is to be paid the former prisoner in installments. The Board also procures transportation of the prisoner to bis or her sponsor. —Illinois State Bar Assn. Telegraph want ads work wonders! TV MM* KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4. KSD (NBC) 5, KETC 9, KPLR 11, KDNL 31 SATUKDAY KVKNING 6:00—4 5 News II Wilburn Brothers HO Movie (C) fi;311-2 Let r Make a Deal <1 Mission Impossible o Andy Williams 11 Porter Wagner 7:00-2 N-wlywed Came 11 Nashville Music 7:;ii)~2 Lawrence Welk t My Three Sons 5 Adam-12 II Buck Owens 8:00-^1 Arnie r> Movie {(J) II Bill Anderson :10 Movie 8:10-2 Most Deadly Game 4 Mary Tyler Moore 11 Ian Tyson 9:00-<I Mannix 11 Hi!! Fields 9:')0-2 Movie (C) 10:00—4 5 News lifl Movie 1():;)0—4 Movie (C) 5 Movie (C) 11 Wrestling 11:3ft—11 Roller Derby 11:50-2 News '.2:05—2 Movie 12:25-4 Dick Keefc 12:30-5 Playboy 11 News 1:30-5 Weather 1:4fl—2 News/Sporls/neligion 1 :. r ), r )—4 News/Relegion Sunday January 10 C:45—4 Religion/News 7:00-4 P.S. 4 5 Gospel Jubilee Jl III Happening With Oa!; Ridge Boys 7:20—2 Thought for Today 7:25—2 Nevvsbreak 7:30—2 Pattern for Living 4 Camera Three 5 Lester Family ]J Songs of Faith 8:011—2 Message of Rabbi 4 Sunday Morning 5 America Sings I) Cartoons 30 Wonderania 8:15—2 The Answer 5 This is the Life 8:30—4 Faith of Our Fathers K:45-2 Sacred Heart 9:00-2 Catholic Mass 4 Lamtip Unto My Feet 5 Inter Church Association of Metropolitan SI. Louis 11 Samson 9:30- 4 Look Up and Live 5 Hot Dog 11 Skippy 9:45—2 Davey & Goliath 10:00—2 Hullwinkle -I Church is You fj Jumbo II Roller Derby 10:30—2 Discovery 4 Way of Life r > Corky's Colorama U:OB-2 Smolu-y Hear 4 l''iu:e I he Nation 11 Wrestling .'!() Aslroboy 11:MO—2 .1 tinny Quest 4 Town &• Country !') M:'('( The Press :i() Spiderman Noon—2 Chatanooga Cats 4 News Maker H lilaek Kxperienei: II Joint Wayne Theater 311 Cartoons 12:30-2 Lone Hanger •1 SPKCIAL: NIU, lloc- l<ey 5 College Show 1:00-2 SPECIAL: NBA Has- kelball 5 SPKCIAL: The I'railo :i() Oral Itoberls I:3U—30 Revival Fires 2:00-i) SI'MCIAL: Basketball 11 Charlie Chan Theater 30 Days of Discovery 2:30-30 Kathryn Kulilmai'i 3:OU-4 SI'KCIAL: Stanley Cii]) Highlights 30 Movie (C) Man seutencud in dopv cast 1 TACOMA, WcsJi. (AP) — Ronald A. Young, 20, of Elgin, ill., was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for smuggling JieroJn and opium from Vietnam. Young was among 11 servicemen sentenced on the charges by U.S. District Court. 3:1.")—2 American Spoilsman 3:30-4 SPKtlAI, : (Hen Campbell Open C-nlf Tournament II Wagon Train •1:110—2 Movie (C) 5 SPF.CIAI,: Projection 71 5:00—4 News II I Spy 30 Man from UNCLE 5::m—•! .1 News !) Pathfinders SUNDAY I;VI;NING fi.t/'l—2 Young Rebels 4 Lassie .1 Perspective 9 Cultures and Continent <• 11 The Saint 30 Movie (C) 6:30—1 llogan's Heroes 5 Walt Disney 9 Making Things Grow 7:00-2 4 S 1' I<; C I A L : Super Comedy Howl 9 Kukla, Fran and Ollie 11 Daktari 7:30—5 Bill Cosby !) The World We Live In 8:00—2 Movie (C) 4 GliMi Campbell 5 B'Mian/a !) Masterpiece Theater II Movie 3(1 Movie 9:00—4 Honeymooners 5 Bui(i Ones !) Fa.'ifare 9:30—11 Perry Mason 10:110-2 Movie (C) 4 5 News 10:30—4 Movie (C) 5 Johnny ('arson 9 Thats'Life 11 Movie (C) 30 David Sussldnd 11:00-9 Berkley High Choir 12:00-5 News 12:lS—5 Insight II News 12:20—4 Movie 12:30—2 Issues it Answers 12:45-5 Weather 1:30—2 News/Sports/Religion 2:00—4 News/Religion Apart" and F'nblic Service's "Knkla. r'ran. and Ollir" are termorl "awful" by voters: Mannix, CMS, N.i.f>. .superb. An'am 12. NBC, 78.8, si.perb. :(0 l,o:-t in Space 5:0(1—2 Daniel Boone 4 o News !) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood II Leave it to Beaver 5:30—4 ;> News !) Wluif's New II I Love Lucy 30 Barman MONDAY l,\ ENING ft:(Hi—2 I :} News !) Campus Showcase II Dick Van Dyke I'O Ministers fi:30-2 SIMXIAL: The Undersea World of Jacques Cousleau •1 Gnnsmoke 5 Red Skelton 9 Aulo Mechanics 11 Truth or Consequer ce.s .10 Flying Nun 7:(l(l-.j Kuwan & Martin's Laugh-In 9 World Press II Big Valley 30 Wild Wild West 7:30—2 Silent Force 4 Here's Lucy 8:00—2 Movie (C) 4 May berry 5 Movie (C) 9 Realities II Wagon Train .'!() Movie 8:30—4 Doris Day 9:00—4 Carol Burnett 9 Book Beat 11 Perry Mason 9:30—9 Bridge with Jean Cox 10:00-2 4 :5 News 9 Pathfinders II Alfred Hitchcock 30 Movie 10:30—2 Movie (C) 4 Merv Griffin 5 Johnny Carson 9 Computer and the CBS News Hour. fiO.5, fair. Doris Day Show, CBS, G7.8, fair. lied Skellon, NBC, fifi.7, fair. Julia, NBC. r/U, poor. World Press Keview, PBS, S4.2, poor. Newlywed Game, ABC, 51.7, poor. A World Apart, ABC, 45.5, awful. Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, PBS, 36.7, awful. KKADKRS SPKAK MANNIX is one "private eye" who seems lo gel a physical drubbing every single week. It may make the (Clip this portion and mail promptly to: TOP VIEW BALLOT 37B, ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH. Ill E. Broadway, Alton, Illinois fi20n2.) HOW DO YOU KATK TIIKSK TV SPECIALS? Circle only one opinion on each line: HOI? HOPE SPECIALS Awful • Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Awful - Poor - Fail- - Good - Superb - Not seen I OKD'S THEATRE SPECIAL Awltil - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen MISS TEEN AGE AMERICA Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen DICK VAN DYKE/BILL COSBY SPECIAL Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen BING CROSBY SPECIAL Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen JOHNNY CARSON SPECIAL Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen GENE KELLY SPECIAL Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen PETULA CLARK SPECIAL Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen GEORGE PLIMPTON SPECIAL Awful - Poor - Fair - Good - Superb - Not seen Circle your age bracket: Under 21: 21-49 50 or over. plot more engrossing (it certainly is worthwhile), but. who says we have seen the end of violence on TV? — Lawrence Walker, Omaha, Ncbr. ADAM 12 is our favorilc, which means my husband and entire family, including grandchild who will give up any trip or movie to be home Saturday night for it. — Annie .1. Ward, Gainesville, Fla. RED SKELTON obviously was taken by NHC and placed alongside "Gunsmoke" to lure viewers away from CBS that hour. Can't believe such tactic could work. Anway, I thought NBC is trying to drop most oldster shows in favor of younger viewers' fare. — Jeffrey Otis, Filchburg, Mass. \Vn Servo the Finest BAR B QUE Kilis— Chicken — Beef — t'ork Served Noon to 10 p.m. Wrilniisdii.Y thru Sunday (Clnscil Momlav-Ttiesclny) Mind of Man 11 Movie 10:45—2 News 11:00-9 Parkway West Concert Choir 12:00-2 Dick Cavetl 4 Movie 5 News 12:10—11 Sea Hunt 12:30—5 Black Experience 12:40—11 News/Devotional 1:00-5 Weather l::iO—2 News/Sports/Religion 2:00—4 News/Religion SUNDAY DINNER IN OUH NEW DINING ROOM Bring The FAMILY! Open: ~ p.m. Sunday 5:80 p.m Mon-Fri. DORRiE'S HOME CAFE (ill K. BUOAUWAY The Telegraph cannot always publish last-minute changes made by the television stations. Monday January 11 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:110—4 Sunrise Semester (i:30—2 Thought, for Today 4 P.S 4 5 Focus Your World 0:35—2 Farm Report (i:4t;—2 Newsbreak (1:45—2 Lolie Ranger 7:011—4 CBS News 5 Today 7:15—2 Fury 8:00—4 Capi. Kangaroo 8:15—2 Romper Room 9:00—2 Movie (C) 4 Lucy Show 5 Dinah's Place 9:15—30 Financial Observer 9:2!)—5 NBC News 9:30—4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Concentration 1(1:00—4 Family Affair 5 Sale of Century 11 Man Trap 10:30-4 Love of Life 5 Ilolyyw'd Squares 11 The Game Game 10:50—2 Fashions in Sewing 11:0(1-2 Bewitched 4 Win re the Heart Is f) Jeopardy 11 To Tell'the Truth 11:25-4 CBS News 11:30-2 A World Apart 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who What Where Came 12:00-2 All My Children 4 My Favorite Martian 12:311-2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 5 Talk—Danl'orUi II Galloping Gourmet 1:110—2 Newlywed Game 4 Love is a Many Spleh- dored Thing 5 Days of Our Lives 11 Movie 1:30—3 Dating Gam t > I Guiding Light 5 Tin; Doctors 2:0(1—2 General Hospital 4 Secret Storm 5 Another World — Bay City 2:30-2 One Life 'Co Live 4 Edge of Night 5 Bright Promises 3(1 Cartoons 3:00—2 Alovie (C) 4 dinner Pylc 5 Another World—Somerset 30 Little Castle 3:30—4 Mike Douglas 5 Movie Game 9 TV Typing II Flintstones 4:00—5 Virginia Graham 9 Sesame Street 11 Gilligan's Island 30 Ultiaman 4:30—11 Flipper MOVIES SATURDAY 6:00-30-"The Blue Lagoon" (1040) (C) .lean Simmons, D o n a 1 d Houston S:00—5—"Namu, the Killer Whale" (I!)-) (C) fl:30—2—"The V.I.P.'s" (I!)(i3) (C) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton 10:00— 30—"The Man Who Turned to Stone' 1 (1057) Charlotte Austin, Victor .lory 10:30— 4— "Pony Express" (1053) (C) Rhonda Fleming, Charllon I lesion 5—"The Bravados" (105H) (C) Joan Collins, Gregory Peck 12:05—2—"Fanfare for a Death Scene" (1903) Viveca Lindfors, Richard Kgan SUNDAY 3:00—30—"The Blue Lagoon" (1949) (C) Jean Simmons, 1) o n a 1 d Houston 4:011—2—"The V.I.P.'s" (19(i3) (C) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Bur- Ion (i:Ofl-:iO-"The (inns of Ft. Petticoat" (1957) (C) Kathryu Grant, Audit' Murphy 8:00-2 - "Never Too Late" (1905 (C) Maureen O'Sullivan, Connie Slovens II — "Elmer the Great" (1933) Joe K. Brown, Preston Foster 30 — "The Great Sinner" (1949) Ava G a r d n e r , Gregory Peck 10:00-2—"In Like Flint" (19G7) (C) James Coburn, Lee .1. Cobb 10:30 — 4 — "Verbolen" (1958) Susan Cummings, James Best. 11 — "Kiss Kiss, Kill, Kill" (1%) (C) Bran Harris, Tony Kendell MONDAY 9:00—2—"Forty Pounds of Trouble" (19G3) (C) Tony Curtis, Phil Silvers 1:00 — 11 — "Rainbow Island" (1944) Dorothy Lamour, Eddie Bracken 3:00—2—"Lover Come Back" (1962) (C) Doris Day, Rock Hudson 8:00 — 2 — "Fathom" (19(i7) (C) Racquel Welch, Tony Franciosa 5—"Conspiracy to Kill" (1970 (C) 'Robert Conrad, William Conrad 30—"Look in any Window" (1901) Ruth Roman, Paul Anka 10:00—30—"Face of Fire" (1959) James Whitmore, Cameron Mitchell 10:30-2—"Picnic" (195B) (C) Kim Novak, William Holdeii II — "Pickup on South Street" (1953) Richard Widmark, Richard Kiley 12:00-4—"King of (he Roaring Twenties" (l!)(il) David Janssen, Mickey Ronoey BRING THE FAMILY for SUNDAY DINNER PORT ROOM DANCING TONIGHT "HEMPPOTTER COMBO" FORKEYVILLE LOUNGE KdstcrburK Koatl \V'i; Serve Die Kincsl MID-AMERICA THEATRES BEL*AIR HWY.66&111 Open fi;30 Heaters! • NOW thru SUN, • CLINT ,i. TliLLY liASTWOOD * SAVALAS "Kelly's Heroes" . (GP) Plus: JONATHAN 1'KID "House of Dark Shadows" (GP) No. 3 TONITK "Stranger In Town" (GP) CAPRI DID ST.IOUIS RD. Open 6:30 Start 7:00 • NOW thru SUN, • Portable Electric Chair! "Traveling Executioner" (R) PLUS KIM DARBY—JAMES COCO "Strawberry Statement" (R) No. 3 Tonite "The Green Slime" (G) RESTAURANT FLAMINGO MOTEL 501 E. Broadway 462-0643 FOSTERBURG ROAD ALTON, IUINOIS VK ATI IKING: ^ FRIED CHICKEN •fc STKAKS + GKNUIMO ITALIAN FOODS ^ SKA FOODS I'll. >162-4<i20 For Carry-Out Orders > OI'ION DAILY AT 5 P.M. SUNDAY 12 NOON (Closed Mondays) Restaurant Open Sunday BETTENDORF MARKETS HOBO DANCE WOOD RIVER MOOSE LODGE SAT.. JAN. 9 8 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Music by JOE TROSLEY & DUNAV'S TAMBURITZANS Members A. (iui'sls Invited — $1.00 per Couple Donation * Hobo Stew •£• Prixes For Most Original Hobo Costumes A LBV at HT MBERT • 466-9747 or 466-fifi'7 (Daytime) Wliy Not SKATE This Wfkeml? SAT.- SOCK HOP, after regular skate session. in p.m. to midnight. SUN.- Skulc continuously 2 p.m. to » t).m. TUr.S.: I-amMv night, $2.00 admission for whole family. These ratings apply to RELEASED after NOV. 1 THIS In ads Indicates the film WM submitted and approved und«t tfle Motion Picture Code Ol Self-Regulation ALL AGES ADMITTED Genera) Audience* B ALL AGES ADMITTED Parental Guidance Suggested MOVIE RATINGS RESTRICTED v ( *f jwv 'MmmmHm^ SEAL Un<1 * r '* '•«l" ir » l •««•"»• SRAl- paByin9 p aren t or AdvM NO ONI UNDER 17 ADK41TW FOREIGN-IMPORT Not Rated By The Motion Picture Code NOT RATED This picture was released prior to Nov. I, 1968 and thus wai not rated by th» Motion Picture Cod* of Self-Regulation. Printed as a public lervloe br ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH ***** IMID-AMERICA THEATRES CZZZZZ2 I"THEU.S. * HELD OVER 2WD WEEK/ CUSTOMS BUREAU ,-; BARRED IT /^-^^ AS OBSCENE! «vV READERS FOUND IT ; SHOCKING AND v SCANDALOUS! AND NOW, FOR ANYONE OVER 17, IT IS A MOVIE!" —TIMED (X) / 1 •v i —TIME MAGAZINE WBAMOUM nCTUBES PRESEN1S HENRY MILLER'S ISUiMe « Vfopic OfCai\cef iRIPTORN MVIDBAUIH PHIL BROWN tlllNBURSIYN IAM13CAUWAN IWRENCl UGMRES lICAMEO THEATRE 1622 WASHINGTON DIAL 465-7032 ALTON'S FINEST Open Dally 0:30 Shown 7 & 0 p.m. Sun. Open 1:30—Shown' 2, 4, 6, 8 (GP) RT. Ill, ROMM 2S4-674C Nightly at 7:30 Sunday Mat. at 3:00 "RATION""PATTON" JHOc0UES£AVt,AiTO« TONIGHT & SUNDAY! Opens at 6:30 — Electric In Car Heaters. Shown at ff:30 & 9:20 <G) Wt o AKt. YOU J O All I NU; • II- YOU Hflvt IMF. WIN FREE 2 FOR I PASS FUTURE MOVIE AT LAST" A NEW K\ND OF HOKROR MOVIE MONSTEK COME HEAL? Cfe/M §? T SCREEN! AOWEMCE-ABWKJSIIUS '«£sr NOT 3-D-real monsters ALIVE! in the audience „ ... _ ^ .MOVIEor |\«i iV WEIRD vwaos TEENAGE PSYCHO MEETS k AND KO«4_ V-J^TW I>L MONSTCRS INVADE YOUR CAR/i s£±Sa. , WHO'tL CHICKEN OUT FIRST --BOYS OR &IRJL9?.! ELS/ LEARN IF YOUR BOV FRIEND CAN TAKE if/1 CIVIC MEMORIAL AIRPORT RESTAURANT OPEN DAILY FROM 7 A.M. 'TIL 10 P.M. Civic Mumorlul Alrpurl, IJelliiillo—Dhil 25B-a502 Special, Sun., Jan. 10th CHICKEN & DUMPLSNGS With All the Trimmings Ch»icc of VrgiMiibles, Siilud, Hot Rolls & Hutter Don't l-'oruei Our Catfish Every I-TUIuy Nile EVERY WEDNESDAY NITE 'A1MIM STY1.I PLUS "RFVII '<£ UCf IL O Shown at 8:05 (G) IMP THIS COUPON GOOD MONDAY ONLY 36c OFF-REGULAR DINNER 8 I'o. Uiii'Kftl, Mu&luHl I'nCitui-s (iravy, Cole Sluw, Hut Biscuit* lieu. $1.25 Value ............. frid AVAILABLE AT ALL 3 LOCATIONS SAVE MORE! CLOSED ON MONDAY OUR CHICKEN DINNERS ARE WORTH GROWING ABOUT Our Menus Include Steak Spaghetti Shrimp Ravioli Chicken Lobster Tails I Ol'KN "SI) NilAY | AT NOON I Mid-Town DINING ROOM 7th and Central, Alton, Illinois Ends Thurs! Open Today & Sunday 12:30—Shown 1:15 3:15 5:15 7:15 9:15 Featuring (GP) OPEN MONDAY 6:30-SHOWN 7:15, 9:15

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