Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 19
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 19

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 19
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, AUGUST 2,1987- 3 (Continual from page 2) Clint Eastwood, Sondra Lock*. A deter• mined police officer attempts to survive • ••tup while delivering • key witness ••< • very uncooperative prostitute •• to a aymfksate trial.'R' MAX MOVIE 1 ' NOininQ tn Common" (1966) Tom Hinds', Jackie Gleaaon. A Chicago advertising agency executive la forced to re-evaluste his relationship with his parents when they separate altar 36 years ot marriage. 'PQ' a . 8:30 • KTVU • KTXL DUET Laura Is of- tended when Ban doesn't let her read his newly finished novel. In atereo. (R) • KQfO MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CmCUS "The Black Eagle," Alexander YahH goes on trial, "World Forum Presents," works of art go on strike, a bad case ot overacting, Viking marauders invade England. WOT DEMPSEY A MAKEPEACE An ex- girlfriend becomea the only link to finding a rejected lever turned murderer. WTtW JERRY PALWELL MOKMONKES8 MOM KTVU • KTXL MR. PRCBBCNT The preaa hopaa for a great story when Mag and Cynthia apeak out against administration policy. In stereo. (R) )MOVBJ'~ "Three On A Match" (Premiere) Patrick Caaaldy, David Hammings. Three unlikely compatriots band together to escape a' brutal Southern prison and take to the open road. In atereo. g • KQO MOVIE "Between Two Women" (1986) Farrah Fawcett, Colleen Dewhurst. A crippling atroke force* a woman to depend on the daughter-in-law she has antagoniied for more than a decade. (R)g • KOED MASTERPIECE THEATRE "The Jewel In the Crown" Before meeting Sarah at a maha'inee's party, Intelligence officer Guy Perron observes Ma). Merrlck Interrogating an Indian prisoner of war. (Part to 0)14) (R)g ESPN NFL YEARBOOK Featured: 'Highlights of the Kansas City Chiefs' 1986 season. DMC NEVER STAY M ONE PLACE A look at the problema facing the Aborigines that threaten their culture and way of lite. MCK 8.1. VIDEO mo MOVIE "Violets Are Blue" (1986) Slaay Spacek, Kevin Kline. A globe- hopping photoiournaliat returns to her hometown and rekindles a relationship wtth a former, now married, boyfriend. •PG-13'g tr.80 • KTVU • KTXL TRACEY UUMAN SNOW Sketches: A flirtatious woman abandons her beat friend hi a singles bar; dancers (Joaeph Matone, Hmton Battle, Tony Fields) perform in a golf pro a video; a preachoolaf a "normel abilities disappoint his overachlevlng parents. tn atereo. (R) • KPtX MOVIE "Into Thin Air" (1985) Ellen Buratyn, Robert Proaky. Baaed on the true story ot a (amity's desperate aearch for their 19-year-old son who inexplicably dlaappeara en route to Colorado from Canada. (R) g WON WHAT A COUNTRVI W IBS WORLD TOMORROW ESPN WATERSMMQ Highlights ol the 1986 International Tour, from Indianapolis. (R) MCK KEYS TO SUCCESS tftOO • KTVU • KTXL NEWS O KOED END OP EMPIRE The British declare war between Germany and India; Churchill's negotiations with Gandhi and Nehru lead to rebellion and violence. •JOCU THE NEUROP8YCHOLOQY OP WEIGHT CONTROL « KBHK KENNETH COPELAND MCTV UFESTYLE WON AT THE MOVIES Rex Reed, Bill Harris. Scheduled reviews: "The Living Daylights" (atara Timothy DaHon as James Bond); "The Loat Boya" (Jaaon Patrlc, Corey Halm, Jam! Gertt); "Back to the Beach" (Frankte Avaton, Annette WTB8JMMY8WAOQART DMN MOVE "My Fair Lady" (1964) Rex Harriaon, Audrey Hepburn. A British pro- lessor takes on the tesk of turning a Cockney flower girl into a lady In this Oscar-winning Screen version ol Lerner and Loewe's long-running Broadway show. Based on George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion." 'G' DMC CONQUEST A look at conquests being made In space. (Part 3 ot 3) MCK AD CONCEPTS SHOW MOVE "The Asslsi Underground" (1985) Ben Cross, James Mason.Fact- based story ol the efforts ol a group of Italian monasteries snd convents to help Jews escape Nazi persecution by giving them refuge during the last years ol World War II. 'PQ' MAX LEGENDARY LADES A tribute to '60s and '70s rock with Lesley Gore, Ronnie Specter, Mary Wells and more, featuring "My Guy," "Tonight's the Night" and "I'm Sorry." Also appearing Grace Slick, Clarence demons and Belinda Carlisle. In stereo. 10:30 • MCU MARILYN HRKEY: CRY FOR MMACLES « KTXL MN NEWS MCTV MOVE "High Voltage" (1929) Carole Lombard, William Boyd. The aparka fly when a power lineman embarks on s rocky romance with an assertive young woman. WON FAME_____ ESPN THM WEEK IN SPORTS HBO VKaXANTE: RMHT OR WRONG An examination of the Increasing trend of vi- gllsntiam in the United Statea and the for society, g • KQO NEWS KOED COMEDY TOMOHT t fOCU LEFT, RIGHT* CENTER KTXL MOVIE "Oxford Blues" (1984) Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy. Oxford University's traditions are tossed to the wind by a brash American teen-ager In pursuit of an elusive British cover girl. • KBHK WORLD TOMORROW WTBS CHRISTIAN CHILDREN'S FUND DISC LIVING TOMORROW A look at ways of controlling pollution, focusing on sodium-sulfur batteries, new oil filters and squish lip diesels. MCK MOVIE "Highpoint" (1984) Richard Hsrris, Christopher Plummer After simultaneously double-crossing the Mafia and Ihe CIA, an industrialist spirits away $10 million and is relentlessly pursued by both organizations. MAX MOVIE "Klute" (1971) Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland. A detective'a investigation into the disappearance ot a prominent businessman leads him to a Manhattan prostitute. 'R' 1 1:26 BJ KRON SPORTS FINAL 11:30 • KPIX NEWS « KOO SPORTS EXTRA KOED SNEAK PREVIEWS Hosts Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved look ai what's new at the moviea. In stereo. • KKU SAN JOSE TODAY • KBHK ONE ON ONE WON HERE COME THE BRDE8 Weekday* 7:00 •KTVU TOM AND JERRY > KRON TODAY (TUE. WED, FRO KPIX CM MOMEIQ NEWS (MON, THU) 8 KOO< KOEDTpUPEI YOGA WITH PATRICK PRMCIL- f KKU 700 CLUB KTXL POPIYE (MON. WED. FRO Btonlc Six (Tue, Thu) • KBHKHEATHCUFF WON MCREDtBLE HULK E8PNROLLERMAMA DMC WORLD ALIVE (MON) In The Wild With Kerry Butler (Tue) Harp Seal (Wed) Insect Life Of The North (Thu) Cry Of The MuriquUFri) HBO HENRY'S CAT I (MON) Seabert (Tue, Fri) Who Loves Amy Tonight? (Thu) SHOW JOEY AND REDHAWK (MON) Weird AI Yankovic: The Compleat AI (Fri) 7:06 WTBS MOVE 7:30 • KTVU 88.VERHAWK8 g • KPIX MORNMQ PROGRAM (MON, WED. THU) • KOED LUA8. YOGA AND YOU • KTXL THUNDERCATS g • KBHK MY LITTLE PONY 'N' FRIENDS • MCTV JUNE CAM MILLER DMC PAOFKS OUTDOORS (MON) Camera (Tue) Land Of The Dragon (Wed) Lost Kingdoms (Thu) China In Change (Fri) HBO FRAQGLE ROCK SHOW THE AMAZMQ COSMIC AWARENESS OF DUFFY MOON (MON) 7:48 DMN DTV (TUE) 8*0 • KTVU THUNDERCATS g • KOED CAPTAM KANGAROO (R) • MCU ROBERT TBJON • KTXL HE-MAN AND MASTERS OP •^^B IMMUKMMK nfllMVEnaC • KBHK 8HB-RA: PRMCE88 OF POW- • MCTV ALIVE WONWALTONS ESPN HORSE RACMQ (MON) Truck And Tractor Pull (Tue) Hydroplane Racing (Wad) Table Tennis (Thu) Drag Racing (Fri) DMN DR. BEUSS' ORMCH QRMCHE8 THE CAT M THE HAT (TUE) Alexander Baxter (Fri) DMC TEN GREEN BOTTLES (MON) Soviet Women (Tue) Disappearing World (Wed) Trek About (Thu) (aland Wildlife (Fri) HBO MOVE 8HOWMOVEOHU.FRI) MAX MOVE (TUE. THU) 8:06 DMN EDMON TWINS (MON) Wind In The Widows (Thu) 8:30 • KTVU OHOSTBUSTERS ~) KOED MMTER ROGERS (R) KTXL I LOVE LUCY KBHK MSPECTOR GADGET _ MCTV CONNE MARTM8ON (MON) American Baby (Tue) Freeh Ideaa (Wed. Fri) How To (Thu) DMN WALT DMNEY PRESENTS DMC CHANGMG WORLDS (MON) SHOW ZERK THE JERK (MON) Paper Chase (Tue) Mr. Bill's Reel Lite Adventures (Wed) MAX MOVE (MON. WED. FRO fcOOB KTVU I LOVE LUCY -| KRON BALE OF THE CENTURY KPIX HOUR MAQAZME KQO A.M. SAN FRANCMCO KOED SESAME STREET (R) g MCU NEWS KTXL DUKES OF HAZZARD KBHK BRADY BUNCH MCTVFtTFORUFE ^NUTTLE HOUSE ON THE FRAME . ESPN AEROBICS (MON-WED) GoH (Thu. Fri) DMN MOVE (THU) DMC CAMERA GOES TO WAR (MON) Before Mickey Mouse (Tue) Anthony Burgess On D.H. Lawrence (Wed) Women Of Courage (Thu) Iceberg Alley (Fri) SHOW WEMD AL YANKOVIC: THE COM- PLEAT AL (MON) Louie Anderson At The Guthrle (Wed) (MS WTBS PERRY MASON MO • KTVU BEWITCHED • KRON 81.000,000 CHANCE OF A UFETME • KKU CAN YOU BE THMNER? (MON) Love Your Skin (Tue) Look At Me Now (Wed.Thu)MuHitrlm(Fri) BJKBHKI DREAM OF JEANNE • MCTV JkVBIV 8WAQQART ESPN QETTMQ PIT (MON-WED) DMN ADVENTURES OP OZZE AND HARRET (MON. TUE. PRO Movie (Wed) DMC PORTRAITS OF POWER (MON) HBO MOVE (WED-FRO MAX THM WEEK INDOORS (TUE) 10:00 •KTVU EIGHT IS ENOUGH • KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE I KPIX PEOPLE ARE TALKING I KQO WHO'S THE BOSS? (R) I i KOED READING RAMBOW ! IKICU LOST M SPACE I I KTXL LOVE BOAT i I KBHK SHOW MOVE I MCTV PROPHECY COUNTDOWN ON) Truth For Today (Tue) Inspirational (Wed) Choices We Face With Ralph Martin (Thu) Robert M. Taylor (Fri) WON NEWS ESPN HORSE SHOW JUMPING (MON) Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremonies (Tue) CFL Football (Wed) DMN MOVE (MON. TUE. PRO DMC NEW TECH TUBS (MON) Perepec- tive (Tue) Towards 2000 (Wed) Breakthroughs (ThuT Computer Graphics (Fri) •.u»u MttSvaMaUKBn •fJwVA nPJVffWBaW HBO MOVE (TUE) MAX MOVE (MON. TUE. THU) 1046 WTB8 MOVE 10:80 • KRON SCRABBLE « KQO BAROAM HUNTERS KOED VACATION VOEO (MON. FRO OWL / TV (Tue, Thu) Voyage Of The Mind (Wad) • MCTV UFESTYLE (MON) Wedding Magazine (Wed) Sweden Today (Thu) Espectacular Del Mas (Fri) DMC QUESTORS (MON) O.E.D. (Tue) Truine Brain (Wed) Arthur C. Clarke's World Of Strange Powers (Thu) HBO MOVE (MON) MAX MOVE (WED. PRO 11:00 • KTVU DIVORCE COURT • KRON MAN-CONTRA HEARINGS (MON. THU) Super Password (Tue. Wed, • KPIX YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (MON, WED. THU) Iran-Contra Hearings (Tue, Fri) I KRON MDOAY (TUE. WED. FRO KOOLOVMQ KOED VEGETABLE SOUP KBHK FANTASY MLAND (WED, THU) MCTV NTERNATONAL (WED. THU) Movie (Fri) ' WON PHYLLIS ESPN AUTO RACMQ (MON) SpeedWorld (Thu) DMN DISNEY CHANNEL PREVEW (MON) Here's Boomer (Fri) DMC NEW EXPLORERS (WED) MCK ADVENTURES OP THE LITTLE KOALA (MON-WED) Little Prince (Thu, Fri) SHOW MAX MOVE (MON) 11:36 WTBS WOMANWATCH (PRO 11:46 DMN DTV (WED) AFTERNOON 12:00 •KTVU 2 AT NOON O KRON SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL (TUE, WED. FRO ~l KPIX NEWS (MON. WED. THU) JKOOALLMYCHLDREN I KOED MMTER ROGERS (R) ) KKU HERE'S LUCY t KTXL ANDY QRFFITH JKBHKCHPS _) MCTV MTERNATIONAL (MON) Looking Eaat (Tue) German Newa (Wed) Hello Auatria / Hello Vienna (Thu) WON WELCOME BACK. KOTTER ESPN LPBA BOWLING (MON) Australian Rulea Football (Tue) Auto Racing (Wed) DMN DUMBO'S ORCUS DMC SECRETS OP THE COAST (MON). Lsndscapea (Tue) Wild Refuge (Wed) Wildlife Cinema (Thu) Animals Ol The Great Northwest (Fri) MCK STAR TREK HBO MOVE SHOW MOVE (TUE-FRO MAX MOVE (TUE. THU) 1246 WTBS TOM . JERRY AND PREND8 12-.300 KRON DATMQ QAME (TUE. WED. ^°IX BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL _. WED. THU) KOED TODAY'S SPECIAL _ MCU LOVE YOUR BKM (MON. FRO MuHHrim (Tue, Thu) Today's Kitchen S ad) KTXL DKK VAN DYKE MCTV BPAM... SPAM (MON) Media Arts (Tue) International (Wed. Thu) WON BUGS BUNNY ESPN WORLD OP SPORTS (WED) DMN WELCOME TO POOH CORNER DMC ABNAN - THE NATIVE PEOPLE OF (MON) Along Nature's Routes To Care (Wed) Chriatlana (Thu) Nature Of Things (Fri) MCK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION 1:06 WTBS PLMT8TONE8 1:30 • KOED PERKM8 FAMILY (TUE) Getting To Know Me (Wed) Real Adventures 01 Sherlock Jones And Proctor Watson (Thu) O MCTV HOW TO (MON, TUE) American Baby (Fri) WON 8MURF8' ADVENTURES DMN DONALD DUCK PRESENTS MCKLAS8E HBO MOVE (MON. TUE) Uncenaored Channela II: TV Around The World With George Plimpton (Fri) SHOW MOVE (MON. TUE) MAX MOVE (MON) 1:36 WTBS FUNT8TONE8 2:00 • KRON SANTA BARBARA • KPIX QUDMQ LIGHT • KQO GENERAL HOSPITAL O KOED NEWTON'S APPLE (MON. WED) Profiles Of Nature (Tue) Wild America (Thu) KnowZone (Fri) • KTXL MARY TYLER MOORE (MON, WED-FRO Can You Be Thinner? (Tue) O KBHK WEEKDAY (MON-WED) El Amanecer (Thu) Black Renaissance (Fri) O MCTV SPECIALS (MON, TUE) Media Arts (Wed-Fri) WON G.I. JOE ESPN SPEEDWORLD (TUE) Truck And Tractor Pull (Wed) DMN KRW INCORPORATED (MON, WED, FRO A Special Gift (Tua) Dear Lovey Hart, I Am Deaperate (Thu) DMC CATTLE DRIVE (MON) In The Splendor Of The Moghul (Tue) Island Wildlife (Wed) Deaf Moaalc (Thu) Hands (Fri) MCK DENNM THE MENACE HBO MOVE (WED-FRO SHOW MOVE (WED, FRO The Biko Inquest (Thu) MAX ORIGINAL MAX TALKMQ HEADROOM SHOW (TUB) Movie (Wed-Fri) MM WTM ADOAMB PAMK.Y 2:309 KOED BAY IT WITH 8MM (MON- THUTRalnbow'a End (Fri) t KTXL PMK PANTHER KBHKM.A.8.K.g WON TRANSFORMERS 3:06 WTBS DOWN TO EARTH (MON-WED, FRO 3:30 • KTVU 8MURF8' ADVENTURES • KOED SQUARE ONE TELEVISION • KRU DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH g • KTXL WOODY WOODPECKER • KBHKJET80N8 WQNJEFFERSON8 ESPN PLY FtSHMQ WITH JOE HUMPHREYS (MON) Fishing (Tue) Inside The PGA Tour (Wed) Winner's Circle Horse Hacing Magazine (Thu) Running And Racing (Fri) DMNZORRO(FRO DMC PORTRAITS OF POWER (FRI) MCK MCK ROCKS: VIDEO TO GO HBO HENRY'S CAT I (MON) SHOW ZERK THE JERK (MON) Mr. Bill's Real Lite Adventures (Wed) MAX MOVE (FRO 3:36 WTBS NEW LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (MON) Leave It To Beaver (Tue, Wed, Fri) SHOW WHO SPOOKED RODNEY? (TUE) 4:00 • KTVU TRANSFORMERS 8 KRON LOVE CONNECTION KPIX HAWAII FIVE-0 (MON-THU) News (Fri) I KOO DONAHUE KOED TODAY'S SPECIAL KICU BIONtC WOMAN KTXL O KBHK BRADY BUNCH MCTV SPECIALS (WED-FRI) WON BENSON E8PN8PORTSCENTER DMN CMDERELLA (FRO DMC DIARY OF A MAA8AI VILLAGE (MON) Ark On The Move (Tue) Rubicapra (Wed) Beneath The Keel (Thu) Capability Brown (Fri) MCK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION HBO MOVE (MON) Mystery At Fire Island (Tue) Braaa Ring (Wed) Who Loves Amy Tonight? (Thu) The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (Fri) SHOW JOEY AND REDHAWK (MON) Movie (Tue-Thu) The House At 12 Rose Street (Fri) MAX MOVE (WED. THU) 4:06 WTBS 8ANFORD AND SON (MON- WED. FRO 4:30 • KTVU Q.I. JOE • KRON JEOPARDY! ( • KQO RYAN'S HOPE J KOEDITS YOUR WORLD (MON) Va cation Video (Tue, Thu) Draw Along (Wed) Acroaa Cultures (Fri) • MCU SIX MLUON DOLLAR MAN •KTXLOUMCY • MCTV UFESTYLE (TUE) Sewing With Nancy (Wed) American Baby (Thu) MMMt M4ODA ESPN TABLE TENM8 (TUE) Inaide The PGA Tour (Thu) Soccer (Fri) DMC RUB4CAPRA (MON) Capability Brown (Tue) Ark On The Move (Wed) Diary Ol A Maaaai Village (Thu) Beneath The Keel (Fri) MCK TODAY'S SPECIAL ^ HBO CARLY M CONCERT: COMING AROUND AOAM (PRO 11:30 • KTVU THE JUDGE (Tue) Free Climb (Wed) In The Wild With Harry Butler (Thu) World Alive (Fri) MCK TURKEY TELEVISION MAX JUST ANOTHER MM8MQ KID (WED) Movie (Fri) 1:000 KTVU MOVE (MON-THU) We Love Lucy (Fri) • KRON ANOTHER WORLD (TUE, WED, PRO • KPIX AS THE WORLD TURNS (MON, WED. THU) • KQO ONE UPE TO LIVE • KOED TERRY FOX: I HAD A DREAM MOW Vacation Video (Tue-Thu) Wond- erWorka (Fri) • KKU MOVE • KTXL PALL GUY • KBHK DUKES OF HAZZARD • MCTV UFESTYLE (WED, THU) How To (Fri) WON OHOSTBUSTERS ESPN AWA CHAMPIONS! IP WRESTLING (TUE, WED) GoH (Thu. Fri) DMN MCKEY MOUSE CLUB DMC TREK ABOUT (MON) ArclKS IV (Tua) The Hutterilea • To Care And Not ESPN TRUCK AND TRACTOR PULL (MON) DMN THE HAYBURNER8 (MON) Kids Of DeGraaal Street (Wed) All About Dogs (Fri) DMC LAKELAND ROCK (MON) Camera (Thu) MCK DOUBLE DARE MAX MOVE (TUE) 2:36 WTBS MONSTERS (MON-WED, FRI) Baseball (Thu) 3.00 • KTVU DENNM THE MENACE i KRON DAYS OF OUR LIVES KPIX PRICE IS RIGHT KOO OPRAH WMFREY KOED 3-2-1 CONTACT g KtCU VOLTRON, DEFENDER OF THE UMVERSE (MON-THU) Photon (Fri) t KTXL BUGS BUNNY KBHK8COOBYDOO WON GOOD T*E8 E8PN8PORT8LOOK DMN MOVE (MON-THU) Mouaeterplece Theater (Fri) DMC WRONG NOTE (MON) Iceberg Alley (Tue) Women Ol Courage (Wed) Anthony Burgess On D.H. Lawrence (Thu) Camera Goes To War (Fri) MCKMONKEE8 HBO CARLY M CONCERT: COMING AROUND AGAIN (TUE) MAX MOVE (MON) i KOED MMTER ROGERS (R) KTXL LEAVE IT TO BEAVER KBHK BRADY BUNCH WON BASEBALL ESPN NFL SUPERSTARS (MON) Fishing: Best Ol Bill Dance (Tue) Best Ol Scholastic Sports America (Wed) SpeedWeek (Thu) Magic /ears In Sports (Fri) DtSN MOUSETERPECE THEATER (MON- THU) DISC NEW EXPLORERS (TUE) MCK 8PARTAKUS AND THE SUN BENEATH THE SEA HBO SURVIVAL (THU) SHOW MOVE (MON) MAX MOVE (MON, TUE) 4:36 WTBS HONEYMOONER8 (MON, FRI) Baseball (Tue. Wed) 6:00 • KTVU THREE'S COMPANY « KRON LIVE AT 6 KPIX PEOPLE'S COURT (MON-THU) Baseball (Fri) • KGO NEWS • KOED SESAME STREET (R) g • KICU VEGAS • KTXL FACTS OF LIFE • KBHK WHAT'S HAPPENMQII S MCTV 8BELME SPORTS (MON) Sports (Tue) American Baby (Wed) Outdoor Trail (Thu) Travel (Fri) «<i "I

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