Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 9
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DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 20, 1930. [EN CLUB TUESDAY DECATUR HERALD CHILDREN : :DRESS an O f Mr* , *·* on m» 8t ' Mr.. John Sann,, about India. 7^ r the October toil heir favorite Jtjfy, LYNOH CATION Hlare »nd ^*« * IIS WKKK [-light, t auto* fit, even [cooling, ! around Irons. Ifctimt, in the went* aticr what M $1.00 for e purchase n Beauty" jit the rat* |r old iron one of 3;ue trona i then $1-00 -ight ?catur tWC CO. llatn 81. riuo SMOF tl way Bt, roicco. St. AIM* POBAT10N leery Parent Wants His Child Jo Bejerfect Be An Example and Don't Try Force, Advises Angclo Patn By I'Al'UI P AKK'VTfci anil leiirhvrit Iwnjf to (iducfttti chltdrun Into tjdlnK Iho wrfcct m«r. !lrt(l P^'wl wutmm. Ev»ry mlatnlio thn i hlhl m«k«B l u tint In the f t i l t h f u l loving honrt d( die hovfriw "I'll II. Mvcrytbhis tlmt good, thing t h u t lovily. I" Mloto the e' 1 "' dim Ami "till (toy turn «*liUi tad do tlevil. Thaw Is "" Infinite l'»» I"" 1 . renp hi* own nonu tt d I' fur him. Tlu't-fl it no wiiy by whloh the tiOft of Icnehcro, ttto most on- lightcni'd !iiu'iits fan imt anything Into thti mini or n child. Ulxamplc, liMlrnctlnn, ear*. ho c.'in bftlfjw but nnlw-i the child ucai»t« whut mnl- «r (ill the n"*l»'y ( I1(1 ''«('*? WliMl if tint ftrrrvllvm? (* tin training them no uttntly rtMloiW* Arn w« no (winpU'luly holp- lot? Theft' 1« a gixrtip of children wlio hace boon bfiiit Idto t!i« world Thl-i RKIII|I rmtft bo (jatli- Inlti mwcliil tiehonl*, apodal lM. find l«pt them until they ihow IndlrntlonM ot nelr control and wl[ iruldiuirr. rr, hrOniM* thuy show no wwh jinwtn, lifkl ilwro to tin; tfirmp of rhlldrcft lionlihy, effective he .,.,,_ Wa cttn fttildo find direct them In inch i» wny tix to fimtcu In them a toip dwlro. Iho (fiTMt dwilro to bo (tiwti to lin f l n u fiooplc. 81nw I'hon flow Tho ben v/ny In itd tlmi I* to b« ·hot tin? would hiwn the children bf. Tlmt t t whore irtont *f us (nil. IVo would lend) children to be un- «l(lnh imil W) tfo out find (Ifiht for t!it 1n«t ounce nf tiiiMuricp tlmt we flMtn ni rtiiff. Wo tfneh Htnm to bn lionet nml ilfvlly wo pr A varied to, m\«, color Iho Htory, willfully. We wjulrl h(ive lh''in ImUHtiUtun nrut m. In Ihi'U' (in itncu, noon* iwltrr itnfl fiilnni Iho ttllfr whrpii" f u r n l l v ctulowrtl cllh r l f t i M (irul f u t i l i t y . Wft ons wiiy nnd IK-r nnntlici'. ivin't Try Foiw Wi'i'iinnol tn/x'ti i child MI» bv forrc. We r-nntiut K'VO him Kit plw l i l m icnfJifti-df:' 1 . Wfl cull- nut clvi- h t m power refnrii ltd cnn iil n -tlni'lc cnMt [o \\\» titnture h« rrwrt ()i"ilrii In dn co Wt* ('tin oi'Niln ttint tl(".!u- lv ninldiii; It appear Iwdy. IVi- run inutte Uie ohlltl dB- im ci'[ici mvi liMiiity unit *Prcnll¥ t.y ihM')nt; htm the worthl. nf the IP flmnictot'tntl("* In our oirn (liillv live,' HFRAI.D PATTERN hllti ,..,,,,.,, lOB-t ninltvji iijj Doiiuuriiuy · flat w canton crop*, satin, ehlf- «n vciivdt, (ifci'KttUn, ote, A print «r«*olW color nmy be ehosoii In the jw brown, Kroon or wine uhndw. cir "tek. i;ow!- 'rajminB tins J*. M, M, ,|o n n ( j ^j, Slao 15 ,enulre«' *l nrOa of sj. )n( , h ,,,ntorlcil *..fc'"~* -"'i-i'-'". or H(tmp«, for ^ twtUin, wnio pUlnly your addroiiit anil Btylo number. to »tn(o sUu wanted, r our new fall and winter book, containing - adults _;..._ tr»n»f*r j. Price liook with mall WOMEN WEAR FURS TODAY ON EVERY OCCASION Fresfc Air Is The Very Heart Of Life Itself * Without Plenty of It, Our Minds and Bodies Cannot work Todty wtmtn w«nr fun on every occulon. Th* businoss or fa trimmed with far, there w« fur and far trimmed co»« for tporti WMF, while evcninf wrtpn of velvet are lavishly decked with thU most becoming of trimming*. Sketched m some fun from Letong'* collection of fall-winter model*, Left, ihtrt jacket of worn with broadcloth drew; next ihoutder capo in brown caracul wont with cloth tult or coat; third, detwhaltlo short jacket of broadtail worn with velvet gowftj right, deep *hwl collar of fltth. DO PLANTS YEARN FOR RICH SOIL AS_ PEOPLE DO? Hy llUTji CAM1C110N 1*|\AV (tladloliw tiki wotidors thlR ITIyont tind this IH thti flrut time I could do anything with thorn," a«ld my Ilowoi' lovlnp frlond, "What mn(li tho dltrefflnce*" "Well, I movod thorn (rum ono I'td to nnothui'," "No, ftbout thu Htitiio but tlio tlrst tied wau vi-i-y rich ourth. I had It hoiivtty fortlHTOd. And tho olhor v.-nn Juit ordinal y oarth nnd they bkumortici] wundei fully. Tlioy ran to folluyo In tlio olhor. Coma and soo thnm, thoy arc still blossoming." Bo vjv wont tind anvr thuiti and U) I lookwl tit th'jli 1 t h r i f t y blewsomlng I made the Inevitable comparison. You iihoulrl thlntt that thn rSnhor Wii'tli w«nlil m«ki flowttr.H bloom moro. lint tiPimri-nHy there are pUtntM hruwod hy It. Jurt o» Ihcro m o pr^iilB with whom po forty, --or slinll wo mthw Hay ordltinry earth, -iiftroos butter than rlchcit. ffixlrcinn ]«v«rty of coiirMti Is a hmsih, cnial "(ill. Only the very inro'it riitturra run hlwisom In spite 0( It, Jurtl tm there iiro only u few Unworn thut can find u fogthold In wtnd or |;ruv«l or in thd roclty cruvl(;(!t of iho mountain sltlu. (Yet th« Alpine climber hnows how lovely «omo of those flowers can bo). Hut we ull know theru »r* m»ny itntur«* thnt blossom betttr In ordinary earth than In the highly fertil- ised noli o( wnnlth. Mitkoi Veoplc Unhappy Thero nro people whom wealth mukos ftrroftsnt and hard, who los* tho common touch and the human aympathy. And one. cannot do that without n lessening power to he happy oniwalf. Thoro ore people who item to grow grnedy ns they Ret mort money. Instead or giowlng more ffonorous HH they have more power to fClvn grow loos so. Their own wnntn multiply faster thnn their nuttr.* nnd tho margin tor giving becomes IOKH ins tend of greater. No, the richest soli Is not always thi bestt for plants or for people. Ono wonders if, In splto of this, plants long for It us nrdently as pflopto do. Tomorrow-- 1»*opl« Wo Make lit Xwm Woroe Than W« Ar«. Kansas City Pastor Opens First Nazarene Revival Rov. A. a, London nf KnnsnH City, Mo,. o)ionnd revival Borvlces Sunday In first Naiornn* church. Ho la assisted by Mr* London ftnrt their son and daughter In law, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnakell London, The aorvlcea are bolng sponsored by tho Sunday Hohool ar.d tho N. Y. P, S. Kev. Mr. London lifts been iircaldont of some ot Out Kngutrcnc collCKes, nnd tnught for 20 yMirs In Naziirenu schoota, fllK (iiibjoct tonight will be "Cftunei of Crime Amonff Youths," Other subjects (Uirlnp the week uro to ho "Why Boya nre Not In Sunday School," and "Causes that Led to the Hick man Crime." to many person* have been dloappolntod In being unable to »ee th« Mark Symong picture In the Art Institute. Otto Spaeth, Ita owner, has granted pcrmlealou for It to remain here over Wednesday, The painting, the famous "Were you there when they crucified my Lord," may be ntien today from 2 to S, Tuesday from B to S and from T to 9, and Wednesday 2-6 tind 7-9, Ono thousand peruona visited the Art Institute yesterday In four hours) time, from 2 to 8. and George Rjiub gave eight gallery talks Instead of tho u«unl one, Only 760 of the 1,000 were able to gut up to th* registration book to slfrn their names. Stttw Jlocflrd for Day Never before In the history of the Art Institute huve HO many persons vtsttad nn exhibit In any one day, The picture wag loaned to Decatur only for t» wook, but when Iho cir- cuiDBtitnccs were, explained over long distance Sunday to Otto Spaeth In fit, Lou In, he said It mipht remain.far three inoro rtuys. He is anxious to have It shown also In St. Louts. Not only wns the one-day recoid broken In the Art Institute ycatcr- doy, but UK crowds have been see- Ing the picture all week. Last Sunday 300 wcro there and that was considered »n excellent number, On one of the weekdays the book showed JIB vtiltora, and on another there A Burprlso pwrty and chttrlvarl M«IO jtlvcn by rrlonds of Mr. and Mrs. Otlo Sohwalhn Saturday night on their 2th wedding anniversary. Rev.'W. F. Obormeyer made « short tulh to the gathering, _ Record Set When 1,990 See Symons Picture Sunday; To Remain 3 Days wore BO. Attendance was much high or than usual every day. The picture I* interesting not only Doealur persons but thoou in other cities. When the weary attendant* had time to examine the registration book In the evening, -they found that guenti had signed It from Chicago Joliot, 3prlnfi/loiJ, St Louis J'toria, Atwood and other places. One Interesting fact revealed by a study of the book la that a great many men are Boeing Tho picture and that a number of Catholic nuns have been In also. Walt Outaldu So dense ww the crowd at timea on Sunday that thoy stood outside the door waiting for the jam to lea sen so they might tnlcr. Traffic regulations had to be established In side the building, the visitors entei ing by one door, followed a dcflnlti path around the gullotlea, withou time to stop for long, and leaving by the rear door. Traffic tangle formed and were unravelled a) afternoon In the driveway, In spit of the fact that moat persona re mom !erod to enter by tho south gat and leave by the cast one, When the picture la taken Oown finally on Wednesday evening, ttv Art Institute will be closed for th' rest of the week while the French collection from the College Art asso elation la put In place. WIFE PRESERVERS When cloning etnob to be piled lesve ·bout *n inch of iheKwi lop loboU.Thu* you CM gate the whole carrot without mt[ W leafing your Ihuaib md fingew, Former Insurance Agent Of Decatur Almost Blind James M. Cowan, district agent for the Northwestern Life Inaurace Co., with offices in Aurora is almost totally blind, accorllntf to a statement printed In a recent issue of an Insurnnce publication. Concerning hla affliction the publication tells nothing more, but briefly com men U on tho fact that Mr. Cowan tor many years has been one of the outstanding agents In Illinois Mr. Cowan was fllstrlut agent for the Northwestern several years with offices in Decatur. Many persons will especially remember his Interest In boys and young men . Through his efforts the former residence of Dr. S, J. Bumstetvtl, Eldorado and Union streets, ly*' acquired as a club house for them and was known aa The Commons. Paving blocks ot rubber have been umd In Great Britain. Known and Sold The World Around r uttcara Preparadons MrnMnlm ofiiehuufly hM toniiid wuhini beuwllm CMImm ttmr for regular dail* toilet MM, CMI' -m ·Utt* k MMrt for tkla britatloM and CnOMU« MACON, ANTTOCH CHURCHES CONDUCT HOMECOMING SERVICES Two churches tn the Decatu: neighborhood h e l d homecoming services Sunday, with large congregations in each, They were the 1 con Methodist church, In Mocon and Antloch Christian church, two miles cast of Decatur. Many persons from here attended, as we I a* front other districts Both churches had basket dinners a noon. Macon church will have services during the wbek. to complete th' homecoming. Antloch church begm last Wednesday and ended Its celo bra Aon Sunday, Speakers In M a c o n Mathodls 1 church Included tho pastor, Rov. It J, Wrought on, Rev. Harris O, Beck f) IB trie t superintendent, and Rev, A Ray Grurmnon of First Methodls church, Decalur. Some of tho for mer pastors were there nlso ( spoke briefly, Music WAS furniahei by Mrs. Elmo Giles. Mrs. Mai-pare Bean, - Robert Schudel, ' T t o b e r Haupt of Decatur. and other per song. Speakers In Antloch Christian church Included Rev. Verne F Q£lttfby of East Park Bap tie church, Decalur; Rev, L, H. Hobbe of Lincoln; Rov, J_ C, Mulllns an:' Rev. W, B. Hoppcr'or Sullivan, Th Noiand brothers of Mncon sang li both churches. LAMES' COATS. Fur Trimmed, $1,25 and ALWAYS CALL *43S 241 N. Mfdn St. Any Plain Oarment, H.Ot FINE 14 ROOM HOUSE FOR SALE OR RENT No. 1324 W. Eldorado Opposite Fairriew Park 2Batha 2 Sleeping Porches Large Garage Apply to Any Realtor Th. MUttkin Trust Co, By JAS, W. BARTON, H, D. A 3 MOST of us bavo to live indoors a good part of trie year, I often wonder an people we do not give morn thought to our Indoor Ifo. We think about our food and 9*0 that the air tn home, office, or factory Is kept warm, but that U about aa far aa wo go, And yot It Is tho air wtt are breath- ng Indoor that practically ftovorns our whole life--physically, mentally and even morally. The bright sunlight Is kept out by curtains, blind a, or shutters as wall paper and carpets would otherwise won begin to fade, Keep Windows Upon Windows are not opened very much during cool weather because It does seem foolish to bo heating the outdoor air What happens? The air outdoors has thu benefit of the sun's rays upon it, and some of this outdoor air should be coming In all the time. P«r Decency nnd Hestlth Further the outdoor air has more moisture In K than the Indoor air, and this moist air IB needed for the comfort of the akin, nose, and throat The air In coot weather has natural ly less moisture In It thun during ihe warm weather, and the heat of the homo soon dries out the moisture from the air of tho home during th« cool weather, by pans of water or by use of the ipeciul receptacles that hang behind the radiators. And the other point U that the air should be Jtopt moving, should not be allowed to stagnate. Keep Air In Motion Bad air, or stale air reduces your desire for mental or physical work. The btg thing then for health is ·movtnif air, wHIch not only brlngf fresh pure air, hut hroalts up the en velop of bod air that surrounds your body when the air IB etlll, {Cpyrieht, 1830, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) BOUNCING BABY IS A PROBLEM TO MANY MOTHERS By MYHTL15 METER ELBBKD T HE bouncing baby lives Up to hla name. Ho wants to be up and down constantly and resent a any attempts to hold him tn one place Hardly a mother lives who haa no perspired tind worked to put a dla per on a baby struggling to got to tho other end of the bed, to stand on bis head, to turn over; In fact, to get into any position except the flat- on-the-back one. Mrs. A. B. A. finds her bnby un usually resentful ot any hind ot re stralnt and writes: "Why does my baby fuss so about being dressed o changed? He loves his bath but i it Just war every time I dress him He wot 11 months old and weigh 261 pounds. He has six teeth an la starting to walk.'' When dressing tho bnby It 1 helpful to Klva him some wtnsll ot joct In his hands to knep him oceu pled no he forgets that ho la beln forcibly hold in one position, HI own little shoes, a bait or a larg piece of paper to rattle, a chain o stout safety pins linked together, o large, wooden buttons strung on : stout cord are alt interesting to tli small child. If you keep any one o these fur use just at the time yo' are drifting or changing him, it wil come each time as A new toy an Its appeal will remain constant Start Self-Foodlng Self-feeding Is tho kind of acllv ity which will prevent the child's desire tn stand up in the high chat when being ted. We hava leaflet on cup feeding and spoon feeding ·which describe a usable i»ethot teaching the child how to operate those utensils. Either or both o those will bo helpful to you, or any OUVE Bf. YOONO JMAM HUUkln UniMnJty V*HE crisp, cold' ·weather, the dry 1 leavet scurrying before th* cut- Ing wind and blue hau in ,Ui« dr, sU tell that October Is almost over and Halloween will soon b* lure. That is a night when window tapping and wlerd sound*, gho*tly fl(- uret, wltl-'o-the-wisp MghtN, and all the re«t of the spooky thing* are la order, And along with thece com* the parties with Juit th* proper refreshment* for no one would think of acrvlng Ice cream and cak* or other every day refreshments. Thn parly may be simple or elaborate, and the guests in costume* or not, but the re- freshment» must be in keeping with the day. As Halloween comes at harvest time, the fruits and vegetables of that season have always been associated with it Pumpkin*, apples, grapea, elder and nuts, all jt»y *n mportant part in (olvlnff the refreshment problem. Children JJlte Parti** Children like U have parties at thin lime ot the year, and a nice way to plan one Is to invite the children to an early supper and have them coma in costume. Have the table set with one of the attractive paper tableclolho with pictures of wltcnes riding broom allcks and pumpkin facts. For the center piece 'have * My flat golden pumpkin mad* into basket and fill to over (lowing with fruits. At each child'* |luce have a tiny Uttle pumpkin face lantern with a candle In it Or make a funny man from black and yellow gumdrops atic net in front ot the place with a little place curd attached. For supper have: Menu for Children's ll»Uuw«*n Party Cream chicken In crou*tadfcs Mashed carrot* Cranberry Jelly Hot chocolate toddy Tiny whole wheat rolls Orange k» Small chocolate cak** CrouitMe* Tho croustades are mad* of stale bread and It Is best to vet the §*nJ- wlch bread «s It cuto to better advantage, Cut the bread In piece* Try one load of ERIE SOOT- LESS Funtace Lump at $4.75 per ton delivered and you will never born anything die. ERlfe BOOTLESS U mined only in the Moweaqua mine mt4 U iold only at the mine, We have no dealer*. Order from your truck driver or from th« mine, direct. No dirt, no rock, no toot; all heat. Moweaqna Coal Mining Go. Phone 103 Moweaqua, III. These Refreshments MightBeServed For Halloween Party For Children other mother who !· concerned these problems, When baby Is joyfully Intent on the Intricate process of loading a spoon and putting It Into his mouth, he can't possibly take time to stand up. The restless child Is the bored child, and being ted Boon becomes a lire «mw proceeding for most children. Tomorrow: "Bedtime Musi Be Con- Karly For Sm»ll ChlMren.7 ·bout 'three InehM thick, end with » ·bwp knife »cooji out th» wrtl Inildt, forming bwktt U«k« a mtxtur* of three eggt b«at«n ·lightly and mlMd with two cup* of milk. Add * pinch of Mil and one Ifwpoon of tu«mr. Dip e»ch trou««de In thl* wid fry in hot deep fat, until a golden brown, Do not dip until ready to put Into Uic tat or (hoy will gat *ott «n« wg- gy. Turn on you *r« cooking th*m, tn that they will cook on ill Hide*. When done, drain on tort paper »IKI nil with the hot mixture *nd nerve, Either the round or iqiun nandwlch bread can be uted, and Uie soft center part tthauld be ·avcd and drl«d for crumb*. HMhed Ouroin Uiwhed earroti are Juel * llttlt different from the sliced or cubed on**, and even grown up people )lk« them. Scrub the carrot* well and cook with their ·kin* on until thoroughly done. Pee) and put through tho potato i leer and mown with butter, unit, and a very little MUgftr, Mix well and reheat over the fire (f nee- The hot chocolate toddy 1* eatlly prepared and a general favorite with children. It ohould be aerved with a ipoonful of whipped cream oil top or a marahmanow. Now that It It poMlbte to get colored mmhmallowt, you could ut* n yellow on* for thli party. Whol« Wheat BoHf The whole wheat roll* can be made at homo, using any good parher faoiue roll recipe and aubitltutlng two-third* of whol* vrh«at flour tor th« white. Make the rolli In th« form of clover leaven and put them Into muffin pan« to rlM. Be aure to brush over the top wltti butter when you Uke them from the oven, ai this will *aften th't crust, and mart children like th* cotter crust. Ommge IM The or«ng« tee mint be frown quit* hard and snculd be colored with *ome of tho vegetable coloring*, or el« It will not look th* right col lor at night. In Nerving it, uie a regular tec «ream dipper nd put on t t^'ite with « paper dolly on It UBlew you are fortunate enough to have Homo Mach glaei plate*. On top put a black gum- DJULV MBMV IOMT ·Uw*4 aprtoota Mfc oakta Toatt, C«ttM Tw Splet dto Baked BtufM FWi fcatloped tonMtMl BalUn Nut n* drop with a tiny tlttU nr«g* «fw ·took OB lop ot It. Thli can b« 4«tt with atoothplek. Have ih* ehoooteU «ak» nude In a «htet ajid thtft out tot» KMll «quar«* or diamond ·lupod plMW and Ice all ov*r with dark cfiowlata icing. Sprlnhl* with OONM of Uu chocolate deoorettea while tho lotol *UI1 aoft, Onng* lew Pour cup* water Two CUM *ugar Two cupa orange Julc* Tht arated rind of one orange Onvfourth up lemon Juke, Hake a iyrup ot the iugar i«c water and boll for five mlnMtM, Cool and add th othwr IniroileMa. Add enough ortngo aolorinf dla. Mlv«d In hot water to nikko It i d«ap orange color, FrtoM with · mixture of ke and oolt In th» pro portion ot ono port ialt to throt fart* io*. Conduct First Services In Terr School Sunday Sunday irchool tervolH won conducted for the fir* Unto l» Tarr achool Sunday under th« nuiplo** ot the Preo H*thodlat church. Ughty person* attended, tervtee* will no held each Sunday afternoon at RESINOL"HEALED EVERY PIMPLE" MASQCTERAOIt C O S T U M E S MARKS AND HAKE-CFfl Haim E$»*ck Ptaen* Ulfl Writ«*Mi»Kfet rooth and f ·many k(iv*Tt o o * man I h»y* teat ft iml ·kto, Ilriti m «ki '*"' ir advMtiMnuttt for ;m«m anAatnt for i ·Uo Jar. b cltaret awi M'na*a f iHI roartmatfi ijrf haabA ·wry ptorl*; M»w I alwm a«a» a Jar on band, and am tfa M pan abac a ·««« *r^_ !**·*£ K*3£l What Price Health ? *· Stomach Disorders, Gas, Bloating;. Kidney, Liver Troubles; Constipation and Many Other Diseases Due to Auto-Intoxication, So many cases of Chronic disorder are now traced to intestinal putrefaction and the resultant auto-intoxication that it is almost impossible to conceive of any functional disorder that may not be caused by a g e r m - l a d e n intestinal tract. Decaying food masses when not quickly eliminated, pour a constant supply of poisons into the blood streams and a chain of dire results follow. You cannot expect to be permanently relieved of any chronic organic trouble as long as you continue to allow self-poisoning from the intestines to exist. On the other hand thousands have found glorious f reedomf rom a wide variety of disorders after Colonaid had rid them of intestinal putrefaction, auto-intoxication, gas, bloating, constipation and kindred ailments. Results Astonish Users Many tell us that they were utterly' amazed to find themselves rid of Indigestion, Constipation/ Headaches, Nervousness, Kid* ney.Liverand BladderTroubte and other chronic conditions after using this wonderful new food product Colonaid for only a short time. Colonaid is nature's own way of restoring normal, healthy elimination. It does what no drug can do. Make This Test Now Do not wait another day. Let this new scientific method end auto-intoxication, gas, bloating, co»» stipation and Idfr dred ailments for you as it has for , thousands. A booklet explaining the amazing results of using Colonaid may be obtained FREE at your druggist or direct from us. AtYourDrufttUtOr V -(Norwood Pharmaceutical Co.J- nrcmrwuru , M j[ 3041 W. 35TH STREET, CHICACO,*lLLlNOIS f J ^ I (

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